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Politics / Re: Abba Kyari's Arrest, Extradition: FBI Agents Meet Nigeria's Police IGP by Kelvinhunta: 3:38pm On Jul 30
And MNK was taken to Supreme court b4 his extradition? Let's just watch and see
Extradition is not as straightforward as it sounds. It will involve the court up to the Supreme Court to determine if the offence is worth the suspect, as a citizen of Nigeria, being extradited to face criminal trial in another country.

In Abba Kyari case, I am sure he will, as last resort, argue that crimes of agreeing to receive bribe money for his team and the arising criminal breach of trust were committed in Nigeria. In addition, he will argue that none of the amounts were paid into his personal accounts. I am sure his numerous wealthy friends would be brainstorming by now on choice of SAN or SANS to engage to handle his case.

Long way ahead but whatever happens, Abba Kyari is already down and in tatters. Smh
Politics / Re: Soludo’s Fate Uncertain As Court Declares Umeoji APGA Candidate by Kelvinhunta: 8:54am On Jul 29
U that is frontward how many Professors have u voted for ? Politics has nothing to do with ur title otherwise we won't have d current President. What has Soludo done for d Anambra people or better still his Isiofia villagers? Absolutely nothing! The major road that linked his village to other parts of Anambra is over damaged yet he with all his connections and abilities to make Anambra Dubai couldn't figure out a way to attract FG to do something about it, not even d state govt but he wants to turn Anambra to Dubai and u are here telling me to believe that crap
Nigerians no Sabi anything at all

Backward Bush people!

How can u even think of denying a Prof the chance of becoming the governor of your state?
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Kelvinhunta: 4:04pm On May 08
Almost Brand new hisense fridge for urgent sales at give away Price 75k. Call/WhatsApp 07033981956 . started using it this year
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Real Madrid UCL (2 -0) On 5th May 2021 by Kelvinhunta: 8:37pm On May 06
Remember what happened the last time we met! This rematch will be bomb. This game will prove this is Chelsea's best season

Lollllll. ,
England has been conquered

Europe is next, your overrated underperforming group of expensive small boys can't stop that
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Real Madrid UCL (2 -0) On 5th May 2021 by Kelvinhunta: 10:40pm On May 05
Make sure you don't cry that night. They trophy is for Chelsea

Nightmares awaits you on that night........... The Cityzens have spoken

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Real Madrid UCL (2 -0) On 5th May 2021 by Kelvinhunta: 10:38pm On May 05
You people said same before this game but now you are humbled. Study Chelsea this season and their champions league season then spot the similarities. Chelsea to win the final
Well alot of Chelsea fans do not even reason well. Their support becloud reality. That man city team will beat all of the team in that champions league except Bayern which may go either way. Guardiola knows that he can't win all the cup in England so he gambled with the fa to win his league and champions league matches. Chelsea may even win the Saturday match but the finals on may 29 mbanu. You won't even see ball talkless to score. That match will be so boring and one-sided.
Congrats to man city for their first champions league cup in advance. They deserve it.


Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Kelvinhunta: 2:22pm On May 05
Search it on or Konga.com. It's called executive table for a reason and its imported also consider the frequent dollar movements

Sorry for that, but how can one table be over 200k ,the table na gold ?

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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Kelvinhunta: 8:18am On May 05
What's d kva and price
Okayama gen good condition
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Kelvinhunta: 8:16am On May 05
If this can do then WhatsApp me on 07039020519 let's negotiate
Please am in need of an office table... Small size.
Location: Lagos

Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Kelvinhunta: 8:11am On May 05
No need for the insult. The table is brand new as I haven't fixed it for once. You can check the price it's currently SolD for over 200k.i bought it 2 to set up a new office but finally used one

Just only 1 table 150k at a clearance thread ?, u dey mad


Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by Kelvinhunta: 6:05pm On May 04
Brand new Executive Foreign office table at
150k WhatsApp/call/SMS 07039020519

Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed: Kidnapping, Banditry Not Federal Offences In Nigeria by Kelvinhunta: 5:01pm On May 04
Celebrities / Re: Women Not Created For Men – Seun Kuti by Kelvinhunta: 7:57pm On May 03
Exactly my question. Weed has truly turned him into a professor of women mythology. Genesis said after creating man God sees d loneliness Adam is experiencing and made a woman for him so Y tell me that women are not made for men? So I should believe weed instead of bible Abi? People should get me wrong if they want but think of it, why do women always gather sympathy for bad things but if same happens to a guy, every one turns blind eye. I don't support rape but let's assume it happened to a guy, would the news still be everywhere by now or would it be a forgotten issue by now? Who can tell me update about that young guy sexually molested sometimes ago in deeper life boarding school? D matter died a natural death? Would it have been so if it's a girl thats been involved?
why were they created
Family / Re: Divorcees, What's Your Experience Like? by Kelvinhunta: 7:34pm On May 03
Depending on what u want for your kids. Depending if she is a good mother. Alot of things r involved even d type of marriage u had has a role to play EG if u did registry wedding it's more difficult that someone who did just traditional wedding. Also d reason of d breakup EG if she is interested in a guy already, she may not be interested in taking d kids as she plans to remarry and have more kids. U taking custody of d kids will restrict ur movements as u can't keep late-night again. Alot of factors. If u get money and she is lazy then she will like to milk u by regularly requesting for children upkeep money and using it on irresponsible lifestyle

Actually, I am almost done with the process. It's just the kids thing that's remaining for me. Can you shed more light on co-parenting, how does it work? What are the pros and cons of raising kids separately?

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Family / Re: Divorcees, What's Your Experience Like? by Kelvinhunta: 7:26pm On May 03
Yes. 4 beautiful kids
Do u have kids?

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Family / Re: Divorcees, What's Your Experience Like? by Kelvinhunta: 9:10pm On May 02
Not when your life is threatened
The bible said the only excusable reason for divorce is Adultery. Cant you guys visit a marriage counselor?

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Family / Re: Divorcees, What's Your Experience Like? by Kelvinhunta: 9:07pm On May 02
I have passed through it, it's nothing that you can't handle! Marriage is the best option but when life is threatened, divorce is only the wise option. Depending on if you have kids, plans about coparenteing the kids. Babes go de run for u ooo. So think wella

I think we have passed that stage dear. Just preparing for the aftermath. I really need people who have passed through the experience.
Politics / Re: Shooting At Douglas Owerri As Gunmen Try To Take Over Hausa Settlement by Kelvinhunta: 5:31pm On Apr 27
Let us all preach peace and not war. Nothing good comes with violence. All these can be peacefully sorted out if these people are really ESN. Please lets not promote violence, human life still has value

You will cry us a river before the end of today.

Your wish will be fulfilled but on the heads of those terrorists called Nigerian soldiers.

More fire power to the ESN.

No inch of Igbo land will be given to the terrorists.
Politics / Re: Ebonyi: Gunmen Kill 2 Soldiers, One Civilian At Checkpoint by Kelvinhunta: 2:41pm On Apr 27
I don't support violence but in all honesty, I don't see any point in ur post. What made you so sure that those gunmen are ESN? Ideology about ESN is that they fight killer criminals in d forest. Not fighting a particular tribe but d criminals within any tribe since government has turned a blind eye. Where I live there are many herdsmen with their cows yet no one has sent them parking or killed them because none of the is criminal, at least none that the people knows. You people are making it look as if people hate any tribe or any other tribe but it's not so. Anyway, I don't believe those gunmen are ESN, Maybe we should look at possibility of a drug cartel or something and government should do something really fast
Wat is all this rubbish na
Questions Igbos should ask themselves at this point
What did those Ipob guys said their aim Is? Protect igboland and ensure peace

What is the outcome since ESN was formed? Escalated bloodshed, insecurity, people fleeing their homes, apprehension everywhere.

Why is kanu still in UK instigating violence? Because he is afraid to come home for the fear of being killed

If he loves life then why is he pushing others to their death? because those obeying him reek of stupidity

Who stands to loose in all these things? IGBOS.

How? No peace, no conducive environment for commercial activities, no conducive environment for investors, Anarchy, kids will pull out of schools, massive suffering. Ariaria market will close up, onitsha market market, grounding of commercial activities

Wat of the politicians we think we are giving a hard time? They are enjoying themselves, they have houses overseas, money keep flowing even more into the face of unrest. An igbo adage says "Ala adi ghi mma bu uru ndi nze
How do northerner regions see this? They will be very happy that its not only their region is burning. U can't expect those who hate u to feel sad wen ur house is burning

Wat will happen in the long run? Innocent citizens will bear the brunt. Wen a region is in anarchy army will kill anybody they want and tag the person ESN and get away with it.. People will no longer be safe in their own homes, take a clue from borno state.

Wat Igbos should do? Stand vehemently and fight these ESN guys, stone them wherever u see them, let dem know they are not fighting for ur security.

As for herdsmen, we all arm ourselves ready to deal with them wen they come.
Sports / Re: Ed Woodward Has Resigned As Chairman Of Manchester United. by Kelvinhunta: 8:03pm On Apr 20
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: How The New European Super League Will Work by Kelvinhunta: 7:36am On Apr 20
Thanks for the analysis but u r indirectly indicating ur words. Those small clubs that don't qualify for Champions league, have they fold up? Besides the plans was not to stop other revenue sources of other clubs but to ad a source if income to big clubs which should be welcome
In my own understanding. I think uefa is fighting to protect the interests of the smaller clubs. Now imagine if the super leagues succeed, people won't have any interest watching other competition. This in turn will deny smaller clubs the opportunity to generate revenue, there by gradually killing them. Because they won't have the finance to buy good players, leaving them with just low and average players. Whilst on the other hand, the founding clubs of the super League will generate much revenue, giving them the finance to buy quality players. Now at the long, European football will now be just for the super league teams as no one will be watching other competition.

Just take for instance. Compare the number of people that watch Europa League to the number that watch champions league. And since champions league is open for all through qualifying, smaller teams that enter the group stage are giving huge amount of money. These are the funds that makes the smaller teams to stay afloat.

How many times have any of you guys watched the Belgian, Russian, Ukrainian, Austrian domestic league. Clubs from these countries don't generate much from fans outside their country. It's when they qualify for champions league that's when they have the opportunity of been in the light of fans world wide.

If the super League succeed in out rating champions league, smaller teams will suffer and at the long run, football will just be for the big clubs only.

Just my own opinion.
Religion / Re: Ada Jesus Suffers Stroke, Brought To Odumeje & Rita Edochie, They Rejected Her by Kelvinhunta: 10:52am On Apr 11
Yes a Christian is expected to forgive but it's wrong for u to force people to forgive. What ever the story is, you have to plead, plead, and also show truly that you r sorry for someone to forgive u that deep. When she was making fun of him no one was there to caution her but immediately she falls sick everyone turns to be a pastor to show how a Christian should be fast in forgiving people as if it's u that u will forgive faster. Worst is that most of all these people shouting forgive don't even know what she did.
Word of advice : b4 you cajole people or u support he that cajole people, make sure you know what u r doing as you are already making it difficult to forgive, do d right thing so u won't come back latter to quote bible
Finally, forgiveness or no forgiveness who on earth told you that Odumeje is d only one that heals? She can go to hospital or any other pastor to be healed so please leave d man alone. Hate him or like him, he remains the best.
False accusations is one thing God hates.

Ada use to falsely accuse just about anybody for Facebook likes and following. Worst is that she will turn around and falsely acuse people she dined with the previous night. I use to be shocked why she chose that lifestyle.

But then again, if Chi Marine; a local dibia can be fast in forgiving her, what then does Odumeje and Rita understand as being Christians?

This video depicts the sorry state of Nigerian Christianity. It is highly discouraging for anyone who wants to know the Christian God.

Whether she's suffering naturally as a human or as a result of a course is IRRELEVANT. Whether she will heal or not is not more important than a known dibia showing Christians the ways of Christ.

As painful as false accusations can be, I feel shame for the so called Nigerian Christians.
Politics / Re: Imo Attackers Are Members Of Ipob’s ESN –IGP by Kelvinhunta: 1:11pm On Apr 06
Guy E be like say u drink monkey tail this morning. Oya Na e go be, make e no be like say I follow u de drag

We are smart people. Infact the smartest people in Africa. The stats are there. Whatever we venture into must be for the betterment of our people whether good or bad adventure. We don't blow churches or attack our women and markets.

Example: During the EndSars...some people tried to loot Banks in Aba and other Eastern cities. Nnamdi Kanu came out and gave other that anyone found looting the banks must be lynched. He said: " are you looting the banks what did the banks did to you. If you attack the banks...and your brothers overseas send you money, where will you go and withdraw the money?

So the war will come cos from all indications...the World powers are backing IPOB to fight for there freedom if they are damn serious about it. Then within 2 or 3 months the World powers will come in and conduct a referendum...that's the latest plan now. Donations are going on to buy weapons to face the Zoo army. 2021 no be 1966...the world don wise up now. And our Radio will be there to direct and report events. Gone are the days when our enemies report on our behalf and hide the truth.
Politics / Re: Imo Attackers Are Members Of Ipob’s ESN –IGP by Kelvinhunta: 12:04am On Apr 06
I hope this won't blow to another Boko Haram

Leave Ndi ara alone. Ha amaro ka anyi so kwado. Nnamdi Kanu always faulted Ojukwu for not sustaining the war through guerilla means. Like Eritrea and co did. These idiots fail to see the handwriting on the wall. Guerilla war is what we are looking for. IPOB and ESN is not connected with any thing outside the bushes. So they are deceiving themselves.
Politics / Re: Imo Attackers Are Members Of Ipob’s ESN –IGP by Kelvinhunta: 12:02am On Apr 06
I don't support d attack but Bros d right question is how did they know d weapons those people came with? ESN or no ESN, Me and u knows police always take to their heels once gunshots r heared so how come they had pen an paper to take inventory of d weapons they came with? My only concern is that d innocent citizens r d ones that's going to suffer it. D released prisoners will attack d citizens, police will equally arrest d innocent citizens
Ipob and their supporters can continue to deny that they are not the ones.

Reacting in the statement on Monday, the IGP said, “Preliminary investigations have revealed that the attackers, who came in their numbers with sophisticated weapons such as General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMGs), Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs), AK49 rifles, Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs), Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), are members of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)/Eastern Security Network (ESN).

The attempt by the attackers to gain access to the Police armoury at the Headquarters was totally and appropriately resisted by Police operatives on duty who repelled the attackers and prevented them from breaking-in and looting the armoury.

Where did they get these weapons?

Romance / Re: I Stopped Masturbating 7 Months Ago - Nigerian Lady Celebrates by Kelvinhunta: 11:52pm On Apr 05
It does alot. Compatibility is on zodiac, research on it to confirm

Zodiac sign doesn't have anything to do with your partner... Don't include unnecessary specifications
Romance / Re: I Stopped Masturbating 7 Months Ago - Nigerian Lady Celebrates by Kelvinhunta: 11:50pm On Apr 05
Exactly my point! Stopped Masturbation but have a partner which technically means not in marriage so in other words still fornicating so Tell me if sin no be sin again? He who sells his dog and bought monkey still has d same problem in his house
You stopped masturbation and continued with fornication.. wetin you gain apart from uncalled abortions and STDs..


Crime / Re: Imo State Police Headquarters attacked, Burned (Video) by Kelvinhunta: 3:17pm On Apr 05
Lol, that shows u don't understand my statement. Am not disputing if he said it or not, am only saying that saying it doesn't technically mean that they did it until proven. I know it's likely they did but 'technically' there is a small chance they r not[quote author=JohnBullMySon post=100505909][/quote]
Crime / Re: Imo State Police Headquarters attacked, Burned (Video) by Kelvinhunta: 11:13am On Apr 05
No sensible person responds to speculations as far as no one has openly claimed responsibility or no concrete evidence yet, then it's just mere speculation. That Mr A said he will kill Mr B and eventually Mr B dies, though Mr A is d prime suspect, that doesn't mean Mr A actually killed Mr B until Mr A confesses or enough evidence gotten

Has ESN and Kanu denied being responsible?
I just hope this doesn't snowball into something else.
Crime / Re: Imo State Police Headquarters attacked, Burned (Video) by Kelvinhunta: 7:39am On Apr 05
How are you sure that the ones they are freeing are the innocent ones? I hope u people will see d implications in all these

Because most of them never committed any crime but were just framed up and locked up for bail money.

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Crime / Re: Imo State Police Headquarters attacked, Burned (Video) by Kelvinhunta: 7:38am On Apr 05
I get ur point but it could still be a mere coincidence! You need concrete evidence to conclude that it's ESN

It wasn't random incidents now. Killing of policemen and burning of police stations started as soon as ESN was formed by Kanu and rejected by the authority. Haven't some of them arrested already? You guys just like to defend the indefensible.
ESN can't serve your best interests in the long run, the sooner you guys realised that, the better for you all.
Crime / Re: Imo State Police Headquarters attacked, Burned (Video) by Kelvinhunta: 7:35am On Apr 05
Easier said than done. Someone that have done only police work for years will just resign and start petty trading Abi? Are u even assured of ur safety as an ex police officer? No matter how bad u think police are but always remember there are good people in d police force, people that has sacrificed alot for the good of the country
Police u like your work pass your life if u die government knw send u. Check others that are dead did government do anytin dnt be a scape goat pull ur uniform and start something else

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