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Politics / Re: UN, USA, Atiku Condemn Borno Bombing, Tinubu Vows To Crush Terrorism by Kelvinofficial: 11:53am On Jul 01
US, UN will condemn but they can’t sell us weapons to deal with these terrorists, even with our own money. Bunch of hypocrites actively involved in both sides of the war.
Politics / Re: Food Imports Hit ₦‎3 Trillion Over Flooding, Insecurity – CBN by Kelvinofficial: 7:24am On May 21
Cordoso is one clueless IMF lackey.

Emefiele realized that by supporting Farmers and providing subsidized fertilizer and other farm input to farmers, food prices will come down. Yes, their were corruption in the scheme but at least he was able to sustain and support local production of stuffs. He was able to tame inflation and also keep the exchange rate within manageable limits, without banning crypto or the likes. He supported Bihari’s infrastructural drive, cuz if not for Buhari’s hard stance on infrastructure, our economy would’ve been worse today. Yet Nigerians lampooned him. We deserve Cordoso and the whole IMF lackeys including Wale and Tinubu. Cuz how can you tell btwn good and evil without experiencing the both sides?

God help us all 🇳🇬

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Oba Of Benin Celebrates Return Of Looted Artefacts From Germany (Video) by Kelvinofficial: 1:32pm On May 19
Business / Re: FG May Approve Exxonmobil’s $1.28 Billion Asset Sale To Seplat In Two Weeks by Kelvinofficial: 7:31pm On May 04
Nigerians complaining about these IOCs leaving are really myopic. At least now indigenous companies are taking over, which means retained revenue. The most important question we should be asking is if these indigenous companies have the technical expertise and financial chest to take over these oil wells!

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Politics / Re: Again, Dangote Crashes Diesel, Aviation Fuel Prices To ₦‎940, ₦‎980 Respectively by Kelvinofficial: 3:28pm On Apr 23
Dangote is about to shake up the West Africa gasoline supply chains and logistics, even up to Europe for good. For decades, the west have actively and cruelly prevented Nigeria and Africa as a whole to be independent economically, financially, even morally. Forget about all their yapping about democracy and human rights. Nigeria is literally about to wean the Europe off West Africa’s gasoline market worth over $17billion annually.

God bless Aliko Dangote
God bless HE Bola Ahmed Tinubu
God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬


Politics / Re: Nigeria To Become Africa’s Fourth Largest Economy In 2024 – IMF by Kelvinofficial: 2:47pm On Apr 22
Who still takes the IMF and the WB serious anyway ?
Education / Re: Faith Omodon, Missing Delta Student 'Spotted In Her Boyfriend’s Residence' by Kelvinofficial: 9:08am On Apr 20
People underestimate what a good dick can do!
Health / Re: Wife Pours Architect Onyelowe Dandison Hot Water For Taming Their Daughter by Kelvinofficial: 10:14am On Mar 20
It’s obvious he is not the father of the girl.
Sports / Re: Recent Photos Of Tanya Okpala By Governor Soludo by Kelvinofficial: 9:11am On Mar 01
Photo ops
Travel / Re: I Want To Relocate To Gabon. Advice Me. I’m A Teacher by Kelvinofficial: 3:39pm On Feb 26
Godspeed ⚡️⚡️


Politics / Re: Wale Edun's Plans To Improve The Nigerian Economy by Kelvinofficial: 11:19am On Feb 24
Many people might not agree due to herd mentality but the truth is Emefiele was a better CBN governor and had a better understanding of our local economy. What was needed was consistency. This guy brought Nigeria out of recession 2 good times…and also excellently navigated Nigeria out of the Covid 19 crises. Both instances where global Financial crises that dealt with global economies and not just Nigeria. He enacted many policies to boast the economy while making sure that Local content is paramount. But what we have now in the person of Edun , and cardoso are IMF/WB puppets hell bent on applying textbook economics on Nigeria. From their press conferences you can tell they don’t really have a reality check of what’s going on in the grassroots levels.

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Business / Re: Totalenergies To Exit Nigerian Onshore Oil Business by Kelvinofficial: 11:06am On Feb 10
Multinationals leaving our country is an advantage for the country, because now they will have to sell the entire business to Local players.

These IOC’s are evil! They pillage the environment without a care in the world. They have been drilling oil for decades and sending almost all of it to the European market, then turn around and also hoard the forex accrued from the Govt, then repatriate all of that Forex to their respective countries.

At least with local players, their is a chance of continuous investments on the upstream oil and gas industry, and Forex will be retained in-country. Which means more Local millionaires and billionaires created, more revenue for the Govt. More local jobs created.

God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬
Business / Re: CBN Moves Against Banks For Hoarding $5billion by Kelvinofficial: 5:24pm On Feb 02
Signs of a Financially weakened state. You can’t really blame the bank for their positions. Same government(CBN) that’s about to recapitalize Nigerian banks is also telling those banks to sell down their forex reserves?? Please somebody should make it make it sense. I still maintained that Emefiele was the best governor. These guy pulled us out of recession 2times, during the global financial crisis and also during the covid19 era without the Dollar putting the Naira on chokehold. Meffy invested massively in BIP, injected dollars into local manufacturing and also help Aliko source cheap dollar. These were against the CBN laws(proxy IMF/WB laws) but he knew that long term, this was the way to go. Now compare that to what Cordoso is doing
Phones / Re: From ₦‎7.05 Billion To ₦‎2.3 Billion: How Globacom Resolved Dispute With MTN by Kelvinofficial: 5:24pm On Feb 02
What is really happening to Globacom as a company is their refusal to list on the NGX, because listing on the Nigerian bourse will ensure financial transparency, which will require that they publish their annual balance sheet and how much dividends are been paid to shareholders. But they don’t have that willpower, because of the level of mismanagements going on in that company.
Science/Technology / Re: Moon Is Shrinking, And Researchers Reveal Reasons by Kelvinofficial: 12:07pm On Feb 02
Whatever that means to earthlings ??
Business / Re: French Firm, Canal+ Group, Offers To Buy Multichoice For $1.69bn by Kelvinofficial: 11:51am On Feb 02
Multi choice is a pan African media behemoth, but France, a well known economic saboteur to most African states wants to acquire the company through Canal+, to gain total media control and control the narratives of what and how happening all over Africa are portrayed.

I for one will like a Nigerian media company or any other African media company to be in charge of what’s going on, in the African continent.

Any other thing is French toast of Smokescreen and propaganda, served with chill wine of neocolonialism.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this is just the glaring truth!

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Business / Re: 1978 Naira Exchange Rate With Dollar by Kelvinofficial: 6:04pm On Feb 01
Structural Adjustment program during the tenure of IBB contributed massively to the round tripping that’s still going on in the country’s financial market
Politics / Re: ECOWAS Exit: Niger Republic Importers May Dump Nigerian Ports — Agents by Kelvinofficial: 10:01am On Feb 01
Politics / Re: How Emefiele Warned Naira Would Tumble In Floated FX Regime In 2019 by Kelvinofficial: 12:19pm On Jan 30

See this one

To float the naira
Nigeria must have a sound manufacturing base and a diversified Economy

You can't just wake up and float naira

What good Economic indices/pedigree do you have to float the currency?

Even powerful Asian Economies with sound Economic indices still guide there exchange rate

Look at China
They still devalued there Yuan to make there products price competitive in the global Markets

If the Chinese Government allowed floating
The Yuan will be closer to the dollar and Euros in value which will affect there manufacturing strategy

Most of you come online to talk anyhow

Those presently handling our monetary policies are bereft of what to do

Emefiele minus the corruption that he allowed himself to get into manged Naira better

No matter how we want to look at it, Long term, Nigeria needs people with balls, people that can take the fall, people like Emefiele that can take some risks. People that knows the importance of localization of economy and import substitution. We need to take outside the box approach. We don’t need people like IMF and the WB feeding us Stale economic jackshit, and Nigerians buying their textbook economy BS!

Funny thing, is Nigerians will come online with so much confidence like they can even defend their hypothesis relative to the reality on ground. We need our reality checked!


Foreign Affairs / Re: We Are Ready For 'negotiation' With Mali, Burkina Faso & Niger - ECOWAS by Kelvinofficial: 7:25pm On Jan 28
The leadership of Nigeria in the subregion is increasingly been threatened both by internal factors and external factor beyond our power. It’s going to take wisdom and power projection to get things in order again in West Africa. West Africa have to recognize Nigeria as the power that be, either by coercion or diplomacy or even by force if we have to! West Africa is our backyard. Any other thing is noise.

Nigeria 🇳🇬 have to get her house in order first. We can win this game in the long run only if we can achieve self sufficiency in most things we consume, and export massively to these countries. Fund our local companies doing well here to establish in these countries. Then create one currency for the west African subregion. We can do it, EAC are doing it. Until then let’s keep focusing on things that really don’t matter 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Plans To Station Nuclear Weapons In UK As Threat Of WW3 With Russia Increases by Kelvinofficial: 12:25pm On Jan 28
The US is all about destruction of lives and properties. They don’t care about religion they don’t care about skin colour, and they really don’t care about us! Every other thing they spew on the internet and Live TVs are propaganda upon propagandas. These bloodsuckers are ready to print trillions of dollars to go to war because of course 🤷🏻‍♀️ their currency is the world reserve currency. China on the other hand have been investing trillions in infrastructure and human development all over the world and are ready to do more once it aligns with the belt and road initiative. The US 🇺🇸 and the global west is overrated fr!!

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Politics / Re: US Asks Tinubu To Implement #Endsars Reports, Prosecute Indicted Persons by Kelvinofficial: 11:05am On Jan 24
The Wests are overrated! It feels so good lots of Africans are beginning to see the west for what they really are. Thirst bloodsucking terrorists war mongers! All they care about is dressing nice in their bespoke suits and finding ways to undermine nations and upturn divine and natural laws that governs mother earth. It just feels so good knowing and seeing that the American dynasty is on a steady free fall decline!
Health / Re: What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Alcohol? by Kelvinofficial: 8:45am On Jan 23
The first bottle is for health, that’s the reason for the comment “to your health gentlemen, cheers” 🍻

The second bottle is for enjoyment, that’s why we rub our tummies while drinking!

The third bottle is for the road, wise men go home. “Good night gentlemen, gotta rise early to go to work”

The fourth bottle is for talking “you see, when Chimaroke was governor, men na we get this Enugu that time”, walahi, we drink sir”

The fifth bottle is for shouting, “my friend don’t tell me what I know, na we waka for Aso rock, who know you”?

The sixth bottle is for “call the police before this bastard go break person head” na so fight don’t start ooo!!

Abeg all of una, my fellow Beer palour citizen 🍻 , make we suffrey lalo the beer this washmorning because he who drinks and run away, lives to drink another morning!!


Business / Re: BUA CEO, Rabiu Samad Overtakes Adenuga As Nigeria’s Second Richest Person by Kelvinofficial: 8:32am On Jan 23
Nigeria should have more billionaires in the Africa Forbes list, but our low key billionaires don’t want to list their company shares on the NGX bourse. The advantages of listing on the NGX is enormous!
Politics / Re: No Half Measures, Tinubu, Sell Refineries - Punch Editorial Board by Kelvinofficial: 8:17am On Jan 23
If not for the inefficiency of the govt and the corruption plaguing NNPC, the government of the day should be the one in charge of these large industries. I keep saying it, that we should emulate China and follow their economic trajectory. But the west will tell you that govt shouldn’t be doing business, thereby giving multinationals and big corporations power over govt.


Family / Re: Am I Being Paranoid? Please Help Me by Kelvinofficial: 12:29pm On Jan 20
Don’t let your bullshit emotions stop your son from getting the life he deserves


Politics / Re: Border Closure: You Can No Longer Escape To Niger, Tinubu Tells Buhari by Kelvinofficial: 6:12pm On Jan 16
Politics / Re: We Will Have Diesel, Aviation Fuel In The Market This Month - Dangote Refinery by Kelvinofficial: 3:50pm On Jan 13
While some Nigerians are wishing the refinery badluck and hoping it wouldn’t refine oil, some very wise ones are positioning themselves and getting their funds ready to buy the refinery shares on the NGX because it will eventually list on the Nigeria Stock Exchange!

God bless Dangote
God bless Buhari
God bless Emefiele
God bless HE Bola Ahmed Tinubu
God bless the Federal Republic Nigeria 🇳🇬

God have mercy on us all!
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery Begins Operations by Kelvinofficial: 9:44pm On Jan 12
While some Nigerians are wishing the refinery badluck and hoping it wouldn’t refine oil, some very wise ones are positioning themselves and getting their funds ready to buy the refinery shares on the NGX because it will eventually list on the Nigeria Stock Exchange!

God bless Dangote
God bless Buhari
God bless Emefiele
God bless HE Bola Ahmed Tinubu
God bless the Federal Republic Nigeria 🇳🇬

God have mercy on us all!


Politics / Re: 15 Multinationals Exit Nigeria In Three Years – NECA by Kelvinofficial: 12:58pm On Jan 11
Yes, the economy is bad but What’s up with Nigerians crying blood about these MNC’s leaving? These corporate devils will come to your country with their financial and political power, and they will unsurp local players…make huge profits in your local currency convert it to dollars and repatriate all of it to their country without much corporate social services for the locals. Western MNCs are really overrated and them leaving is actually their loss. As they are leaving, the Asians are coming in their numbers and also more breathing space for our indigenous players in the industry.
Business / Re: UBA Crosses N1tn Market Capitalisation On NGX by Kelvinofficial: 9:00am On Jan 09
Good to know. Personally I can’t wait for Elumelu to be in the Africa Forbes billionaires list. He has paid his dues in full. For him I dedicate Grinding by Lil Wayne


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