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Religion / Re: Commotion In RCCG Single Dating Group (Read Chat) by lebete3000: 12:09pm On May 29, 2022
I knew it would get to this. So many predator 'brothers' like myself in the group.
My only pain be say I neva sample enough 'sisters' before everything cast.

Anyway, na to repackage and use new formats.

We are Redeemers
United in lust love
Jesus is for us
We shall conquer!

grin grin wink

So those babes dey gree fvck before marriage. That's great oh
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Joins Labour Party, To Contest For President by lebete3000: 8:42pm On May 27, 2022
Why not go back to APGA atleast they better than labour party

He has probably burnt bridges there, same way he's burnt this one in PDP...
Business / Re: Addmoney Loan Goes Wrong by lebete3000: 4:39pm On May 26, 2022
grin grin grin

Loan App is the latest cashout for guys way sabi. I know of a guy that borrowed money from 6 loan apps close to ₦100k

Quick check gave him ₦35k
Sokoloan gave him ₦16k to pay ₦21k
Aje Loan gave him ₦17k to ₦23k
EasiMoni gave him ₦16k to pay ₦21k800
Lcredit gave him ₦16k to pay ₦20k
Then 9cash and Hicash gave him ₦9k to pay ₦15k each.
He collected all there Money run. He said he will go to his bank and change both his ATM cards and block his account from auto debit.

They don call him tire. That's what he was telling me yesterday.
I am not in Nigeria, and don't have either NIN or Voters card, I would have followed his Tutorial on loan apps and cashout myself grin grin

Abeg how me sef fit block my account from auto-debit?

Fear dey catch me sey these guys fit try something fishy with my bank oh...
Politics / Re: Senator Ben Murray-Bruce Spotted With Kwankwaso (Photos) by lebete3000: 11:36am On May 26, 2022

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Politics / Re: Pictures From Tinubu’s Visit To Nasarawa by lebete3000: 6:53am On May 21, 2022
Baba is looking absolutely presidential

Why the governor no comot hin chair give am like that twàt in the bandit infested state?
Romance / Re: I Can't Swim Because Of The Size Of My Manhood by lebete3000: 5:53am On May 21, 2022
Op, you were created without any mistakes!
You should learn to accept and love yourself the way you are. What truly matters is what you think of yourself and not what others have to say about you!

I am a slim fulani girl and I have been attacked for being too slim but guess what? Coming from two slim parents and having a functioning brain, I have learned to love and adore myself - that includes my body, regardless of what others have to say.

If it makes it any better, why don't you wear two swimming pants instead of one?

Swimming is so much fun!
I used two weeks (daily) to learn how to swim.

It exercises your whole body and leaves you exhausted enough to have a great night's sleep.

Have fun and learn to accept yourself the way you are!

Tall, classy and nice...

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Celebrities / Re: Zubby Michael Steals A Peek At Nancy Isime's Hips In Her Sexy Outfit by lebete3000: 5:37am On May 21, 2022
If you are a lady and you think it wise to dress anyhow in public, I owe you no apology or shyness. I will look anyhow with my 2 eyes.

To Nancy, you were overacting in your role as Kemi in blood sisters. Too fake.

Modified- Go and read about Method acting. A good actor should act and it feels like you were just going about your normal life. Oblivious of the camera and crew. She was almost like she dey do stage play or skit.

Shut your mouth, she tried in that movie!
Crime / Re: Lagos Police PRO Reacts To Viral Video Of Policewoman Crying For Help by lebete3000: 11:20pm On May 19, 2022


''Kidnapping anyone, especially a law enforcement officer on duty, is a felony. This man is already a suspect''- Lagos Police PRO speaks on viral video of female officer begging for help as driver zooms off with her in his car


My response to this is simply the video of that man laughing and saying "God av mercy apan as" cheesy cheesy cheesy
Celebrities / Re: I “Settled” The Whole Airport — DaBaby Laments As He Leaves Nigeria (Video) by lebete3000: 6:57pm On May 19, 2022
Na our thing!
"show me joy" dey our blood

And commercial greetings too cheesy
Politics / Re: NNPP: Kwankwaso Hands Over Kano Central Senatorial Form To Shekarau by lebete3000: 11:52pm On May 18, 2022
NNPP will split the northern votes, I see a Christian southern president in 2023. PDP should give it to the south east

If it comes to that level, North would rather rally behind Tinubu than give it to some pig fvckers. Not the word "to some pig fvckers" before you run along reporting me to the mods like a little Arrow as I didn't mention any names...

Abókis ain't as simple as you think...
Politics / Re: Ahmed Idris: ASUU Queried Accountant-General’s Source Of Wealth Last Year by lebete3000: 11:34pm On May 18, 2022
•Says AGF was warming up for Kano seat of govt


Make Khaki boys come back abeg, make Nigeria kuku dabaru...
Education / Re: Condition Of Murtala Ramat Mohammed College, Yola Hostel by lebete3000: 1:43am On May 18, 2022
I love this kind school because there senior girls will be very cheap to fuc.k

Walahi you get am ba? Miss my days in Jimeta. Hausa pussy cheap and e sweet as e dey hold bura well well. tongue
Politics / Re: Soldiers Kill 4 IPOB/ESN Members In Imo State (Photos) by lebete3000: 12:08am On May 17, 2022

It will do a lot of good to always read and not assume, don't make yourself look stu.pid just for clout, you no need am.

If you are beret of knowledge, ask, not fooling your village ppl...

Beret indeed. Even English no fit you.

You go soon collect, no worry.
Politics / Re: Soldiers Kill 4 IPOB/ESN Members In Imo State (Photos) by lebete3000: 11:35pm On May 16, 2022
Lol... IPOB and soldiers are like regular customers... Their fight no dey finish.


I sell quality men Oxford leather shoes
Material... 100% leather

Pls check out the thread for more information and photos


You geh mind wan sell OK shoe for 25k. You wan collect abi?
Politics / Re: Claim That Sokoto Enacted Death Penalty Law For Blasphemy Is False by lebete3000: 11:23pm On May 16, 2022
wawa matiachi . ba ka che an sa shari'a ah sokoto ? even in zamfara. it is only some places Sharia law is active. not everywhere.

E be like sey you wan collect abi?
You go collect wotowoto...
Foreign Affairs / Re: Your Plans To Join NATO Grave Mistake – Russia Warns Finland, Sweden by lebete3000: 9:47pm On May 16, 2022

Make Nigeria sef join NATO.....

Una won collect abi?

You go collect wotowoto...
Politics / Re: Saraki Becomes The First Presidential Aspirant To Publish A Policy Document by lebete3000: 6:13pm On May 16, 2022
Frontline PDP Presidential Aspirant, Dr. Bukola Saraki unveiled a policy document for his first four years in office over the weekend.

Dr Saraki, whose campaign theme is #FixNigeria released a 53-page detailed plan titled “My Social Contract with Nigerians”. In it, he focused on the 5 pillars of growth. Economy, the Rule of Law, Fiscal Federalism, Security and National Planning.

On the Economy, he plans to tackle sky rocket inflation rate, achieve exchange rate stability by moving to a market determined single rate regime, de-link Nigeria’s revenue base from Oil dependency, Fuel subsidy removal and increase the tax base.

According to the document, Youth unemployment, a big problem for the Nigerian economy will be tackled by creating a great environment for local businesses, investing heavily in infrastructure, creating priority industries with immediate focus for investments.

On Security, the document plans to invest highly in the Federal Police while allowing states to Also Police themselves, improve the capacity of the Nigerian army for a multi thronged approach in the war against terrorism, with more focus on effective, incisive targeted surgical strikes.

The document rounds up with a detailed plan for Restructuring, Judicial reforms and improving the rule of law to make Nigeria a sustainable, peaceful democracy and other plans for National planning and good Governance.


If not because these politicians are just plain foolish, why would someone as disgraced as this not hide jeje and use his ill-gotten money to become someone like Dangote.

Imagine this fool continuing to think he'll win anything in this country.

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Education / Re: Security Alert For Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri by lebete3000: 6:11pm On May 16, 2022
Kai. NE Dan arewa ne . born and brought up here. sokoto is not a Sharia state. you can argue from now till your phone battery off.

Ba Dan arewa ne.
Dan iska ne...
Shege banza...
Celebrities / Re: Osas Ighodaro Hugs And Hypes Kehinde Bankole Who Lost AMVCA Best Actress To Her by lebete3000: 11:26am On May 16, 2022
I know next year Kehind will win something.....her role in blood sisters na die.....she finished work there.....big congrats once again Osas you deserve your win

Oh so na she be the bad wife to the 1st son wey dem dey fvck anyhow for there?

She don really change oh, compared to October 1st. Be like she don dey use cream. Liked her better when she was dark, now couldn't even recognize her again sef...


Celebrities / Re: Erica's Outfit To AMVCA Reportedly Costs $794,000. Sparks Reactions (Photos) by lebete3000: 10:27am On May 16, 2022
They needed to get her trending and they did
Politics / Re: Nigeria Spends 86% Of Revenue On Debt Servicing, South Africa Pays 20% by lebete3000: 10:22am On May 16, 2022


So Naija get all these debts and them colonize us, yet some stupid loan applications no go gree me rest.

Abeg Mae dey flenjure dey go jarey...
Education / Re: Security Alert For Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri by lebete3000: 10:09am On May 16, 2022
I repeat. sokoto state Is not under Sharia law. not even zamfara state.

Haa, Southerners are actually more foolish than I thought.

Zamfara that was the first state to execute someone under the Sharia law.

It's too early in the morning for foolish talks abeg.
Education / Re: Security Alert For Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri by lebete3000: 10:08am On May 16, 2022
This is a very wrong mentality.
When these aboki come down to the south, nobody harasses them because of their religious beliefs, and even if they insult Jesus, no body touches them..
Why don't they keep the same energy up north?
As a Christian female, I would probably get lynched if I'm seen wearing a knee length skirt, while a Muslim female in the south is allowed to wear burka, which could possibly even carry bombs.
It's not right.
If they can't tolerate Christians over there, I don't see why we should tolerate them here.

They never said you should tolerate their people here in the South. The mistake people make is believing whatever you sow you should reap. When they see that Life is more complicated than that, they begin to have a mid-life crisis.

Behave the way you want to behave in the South, but don't expect or force others to behave like that in the North. They themselves are actually tired of this unity called Nigeria, their politicians that cash out on it are the ones still interested in keeping the contraption going.

They actually don't give 2fvcks about Nigeria or any Southerner. Split Nigeria today now and they'll happily leave.
Education / Re: Security Alert For Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri by lebete3000: 10:04am On May 16, 2022

Arrant Nonsense!
They are just Savages and Animals and one can see that the Violent Preachings of that their Pedophile Mohammed in the Quoran is what indoctrinates and incites them to Mob Attack.
Maybe you are also a head-slammer because you cant distinguish between a Fanatical Jihadist and someone who is Patriotic!

Northern Muslims are Terrorists, Simple.

You can go to Sokoto and go and un-indoctrinate them, since you be coconut head.
Education / Re: Security Alert For Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri by lebete3000: 1:46am On May 16, 2022
If christians don't stand together and kill off these idiots thretening them,their madness won't stop.
This time,Christians,Learn to fight back,fight bloody even.

There's nothing Christians have to fight for. The Bible itself itself in the new testament encourages us to die like chicknes in the hands of our oppressors.
Muslims have something to die for...

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Education / Re: Security Alert For Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri by lebete3000: 1:43am On May 16, 2022
who told you sokoto state is under Sharia law ?

Are you kidney me?

Education / Re: Security Alert For Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri by lebete3000: 12:49am On May 16, 2022
My own take is when you are in Rome you simply behave like a Roman.

You know there's Sharia in a particular area, yet you go there and be forming sophisticated, Porsche and woke.

You go just collect wotowoto...

Not everyone believes dialogue brings solution, and you can't force people to believe it does. They believe violence is the answer, so you that knows this, avoid them.

If e no work again, just comot their place and no go again.

Was working in Zamfara some years ago and I already saw some of these things about to happen, I simply Japa and leave their state for them.

Aboki no dey carry ANY of their tin play at all. Even their state hospitals sef, common begger go behave like sey hin money dey part of wetin dey take build am.

They're the most patroitic and loyal set of beings you can find out there, and are ready to kill and be killed for what they believe in.

Either behave yourselves around them or move, shikena...


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