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Sports / Re: World Cup Qualifier: Nigeria Vs Central African Republic 0 - 1 On 7th Oct 2021 by lindaayim(f): 6:55pm On Oct 07
Last time I checked them never pay Rohr for 8 months....someone correct me.


Travel / Re: My Country Of Birth Failed Me But The US Navy Saw Potentials In Me -Nigerian Man by lindaayim(f): 11:51pm On Oct 11, 2020
We Know your type....."Would it affect my chance on getting a visa?

I would appreciate any response. Thanks." Why you dey find visa to comot Nigeria? grin

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by lindaayim(f): 4:47pm On Sep 20, 2020
Please does anyone having previously issued us non immigrant visa try to travel recently....within the last 1 week to the usa....and was bared from boarding the flight by the airline? Was informed traveling from Nigeria is limited to us citizens, green card holders, spouses of both above and children.?
Travel / Re: Should Nigerians Retaliate The US Travel Ban By Boycotting American Companies? by lindaayim(f): 9:47am On Feb 01, 2020
Sai Trump�

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Religion / Re: Question: "How Can I Live A Holy Life?" by lindaayim(f): 9:34am On Nov 24, 2019
Stay off Nairaland.com

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Sports / Re: Algeria Vs Nigeria: AFCON Semi-Finals (2 - 1) Full Time by lindaayim(f): 8:07pm On Jul 14, 2019

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Travel / Re: U.S Based>> Choosing A Career Path In America<<< by lindaayim(f): 2:03pm On May 23, 2019
I don't know much about the economy and service sector in Illinois/Chicago..but where i live CA....there is great opportunities in different field. Most Nigerians here work in Medical field as Doctors, Nurses RN or LVN or CNA, Pharmacist, Nurse practitioner, Dental Hygienist, Psychiatric Technician, Medical laboratory technologist etc. You also have School district teachers, social workers, security officers, transit bus operators, food service technicians, police officers, city ticket officers, engineers working for govt firm like caltrans, realtors etc. What you do is you choice....but my 50 cent advice is if you typically want A job thats not so challenging to get, steady reliable income with flexible work hours and ample opportunity to make money via overtime or other jobs, you're likely to work as an RN, LVN, CNA OR PSYCHIATRIC TECHNICIAN...ITS YOUR CHOICE ...

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Travel / Re: BREAKING: US Suspends Visa Interview In Nigeria by lindaayim(f): 2:22am On May 15, 2019
Wow...this is no good news at all....know of a friend who felt her financial status changed for worse but the drop box enabled her renew.....frequently now she's worried she may be denied Visa
Health / Re: I'm Suspecting My Girlfriend Has Given Me HIV by lindaayim(f): 7:09pm On Apr 08, 2019
[quote author=BEANSANDBREAD00 post=77367657][/quote]
Travel / Re: Is Canada Really Worth It? Someone Please Educate Me by lindaayim(f): 5:03pm On Mar 28, 2019
Someone please educate me!!! [Mods, if you feel this thread is a distraction, you can kindly close it - No worries ]

Canada is very welcoming to Immigrants & allowed professionals to freely come in via the PR programme & become a citizen in 3 years.
Canadians want new Immigrants who are Doctors, Accountants & all other Professionals in their field but want them to do menial jobs.

Over the course of some months from deep research, I have found out that a lot of Nigerians who live their Bank work, Businesses etc travel over to Canada to either become Cab drivers or Security guards.

Knowing you have to pay for rent for a couple few months when you get there as a PR immigrant before eventually getting a job (IF you actually get). The money you take with you isn't actually enough in most cases.

Even after going to School for MSC, there is no guarantee that the Jobs are waiting for you. As there are a lot of immigrants Trooping in daily.
If you don’t do menial jobs, Drive Trucks, Cab Driving, Security Guards as the stories I have heard.

Is there any one here who actually made it easy & straight forward being in Canada without doing Unskilled jobs?

Please kindly indicate.
Reading your post i came up with some advice for you. Though i live in USA not Canada, the two countries are somehow similar
a. Not every new immigrant does menial Jobs. AT the same time a few are lucky to get jobs with qualifications from a foreign country like Nigeria.
b. Most employers especially in big cities look out for outstanding people to employ mostly with home (Canada in this case) experience and educational experiences. though not all.
c. Generally a smaller city or suburb may be easier to get skilled Jobs with a foreign degree if you can convince your employers about your experience and abilities compared to the mega cities where there is more competition
c. Where you live and who you live with determines how you integrate into a system. Some will tell you i started off as a cab driver, security guard or working in grocery store before going to school to become a doctor, nurse, engineer etc....so there is the tendency for you to follow such since their progression is convincing.
d. MSC may not necessarily give you a Job easily as you think. It has to be backed up with your ability and experience, mostly Canadian Experience.
e. You can live a decent life doing Menial Job but you don't want to do such for a long time.
My Opinion: It is easier to get a job if you school in Canada as compared to coming in with a foreign degree. A Few people with foreign degree who are lucky also get jobs. Think about it and draw your conclusions from my opinion if you wish.

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Travel / Re: What Comes To Your Mind When You Hear The Word United States Of America? by lindaayim(f): 4:25pm On Mar 20, 2019
Prosperous land

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Travel / Re: 34-miles Over The Ocean, China Set To Launch Worlds Longest Ocean Bridge(Photos) by lindaayim(f): 9:54pm On Feb 15, 2019
china is the current global super power, one day will be one day, Nigeria will become
been laughing all day @ china being global superpower...........please research meaning of superpower. thanks
Travel / Re: Catholics Sign Petition Against Statue Of ‘friendly’ Satan Taking Selfie In City by lindaayim(f): 6:04am On Feb 01, 2019
am i overthinking if i say whenever they want to represent satan its a dark colored person not white?
Travel / Re: Please Who Knows This University In Canada? by lindaayim(f): 5:10am On Jan 22, 2019
Simon Fraser University (SFU) is a public research university in British Columbia, Canada with campuses in Burnaby (Main Campus), Surrey, and Vancouver.
Travel / Re: Moving Abroad From Nigeria ? - The Untold Truth by lindaayim(f): 6:38am On Jan 11, 2019
I watched the video and can relate with the producer's message. I live in the USA and have seen/heard so many misconceptions about life in the USA. My submission is he (the producer) offered an opinion based on experiences having lived in UK for a while. Its left for people to listen or not to the advice..........but not discredit his submission on life abroad.


Travel / Re: Why Do Nigerians Think That They Can Only Make It Abroad? by lindaayim(f): 2:10am On Dec 10, 2018
Travel / Re: Why Do Nigerians Think That They Can Only Make It Abroad? by lindaayim(f): 2:09am On Dec 10, 2018
i agree with you life is better in terms of quality if you work hard and obey the law...and to cap it education
[quote author=politicalpastor post=73704790]Seriously. Am from de united states. The opportunities in America is enormous, the pay is good , unlike nigeria when you need a connection to get A petrol attendance or cleaning job. Life is better as illegal immigrants abroad than being a citizen in nigeria.

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Travel / Re: How Can I Send A Package From Nigeria To US. by lindaayim(f): 4:19am On Dec 01, 2018
Please I need a way to send some items to Chicago before Xmas. I couldn't get enough info on DHL site. I'll appreciate the help and suggestions.
You can use DHL, FEDEX or NIPOST service international shipping. NAHCO (National aviation handling company)at the airports might be able to help you. Finally not sure but ask if international airlines from Nigeria to USA have cargo services.
Travel / Re: Payment For Trolley At Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos by lindaayim(f): 10:04am On Nov 30, 2018
Dear nairalanders,

Why things are done differently in Nigeria? Of all airports I have been to, it is so embarrassing, only Nigeria's airports (Muritala Muhammad Airport in particular) collect money for trolley from customers arriving/departing the country. The most unfortunate part is, those guys in charge sometimes pretend they do not have change so that you can forfeit your remaining money. If you tell them you don't have money, they will even ask you to bring foreign currency...

It is very disheartening because foreigners are been asked to pay before they can take/use too. Imagine, what they will be saying about our country when they get to their place?

We call on the Federal Government to kindly see to this.

Please, let's keep sharing this till it gets to those in charge. Enough of all these international embarrassments in our airport.

Sir,,,, in Los Angeles airport if you are departing you pay $5 for a cart unless you take one already paid for by a user who no longer needs it. I don't know about arrivals but i believe same applies.

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Sports / Re: AWCON 2018: NFF Promise Super Falcons Huge Bonus To Beat South Africa by lindaayim(f): 10:00am On Nov 30, 2018
Ofcourse you can say that again. I hate injustice being melted out on the girls. They deserve better. But then what do you know about football?
Alot about football but not everything.......so you are saying giving the girls $10,000.00 is injustice? or just the general treatment of female footballers?
Sports / Re: AWCON 2018: NFF Promise Super Falcons Huge Bonus To Beat South Africa by lindaayim(f): 9:03am On Nov 30, 2018
Oga Picnic sharrap! They should be getting more than 10k. Afterall you'd use a trailer meant for cow to transport them when they arrive if they eventually win.
You sound like a hater look at your name.......
Travel / Re: Does A Us Citizen Issued A Green Card? Or Green Card Is Only For A Forigners? by lindaayim(f): 11:20am On Nov 20, 2018
does a us citizen issued a green card? or green card is only for a foreigners? please i need clarification urgently we are arguing something.

what is a green card? and who is issued one?
Green card a.k.a permanent resident card is for alien immigrants who are legal residents with hope of becoming citizens someday...
Travel / Re: ..Ton by lindaayim(f): 5:38am On Oct 15, 2018
Yes she's planning to do just that

l don't wanna talk about qualifications. You know how Nigerian certificates are seen over there.. l just want a menial, not-so-attractive job on which we can anchor my work visa.... Not like l don't have taste... l just wanna stoop to conquer...l have a degree in Business Administration
Well if she is planning on bringing you over i believe it's by marriage. In that case, she may have to visit you and then plan on fiance visa to marry in the USA F1 visa or if you both marry in Nigeria she has to file petition for spouse(you) of US citizen. As for applying to a job it may be very very difficult to get a low skill job applying from Nigeria. You have to have special skills to get jobs here as a foreigner. It could be in fields like science, medicine, arts, music, sports, exceptional talents, computers and the US employer has to prove no american can fill the position....
Travel / Re: ..Ton by lindaayim(f): 10:47pm On Oct 14, 2018
She's native American and we've been chatting for months.

it's no news that you can't get job in Nigeria unless you know persons in some higher places. l have a very nice degree from a reputable Nigerian university but this country is just scary!

shortly after we met, she put me in touch with a man who seems to know people all over the place. Yesterday, he sent me a U.S based link/lead of a company looking for work and told me to register and apply- of which l did religiously.. Funnily enough, l found out this morning that my access to the site had been denied. And l strongly suspect it's because of my nationality.

What other ways can this be done? Can find a job for me and guarantee she knows me. lt needn't be a white collar and you'd be surprised l won't mind working in a farm or mortuary...no be legal work

l have no intention whatsoever to hurt her. l just wanna better my lot..


what kind of advice do you need? are u trying to apply for jobs in USA from Nigeria? Exactly what specific qualifications would you be using to apply. is she planning on bringing you over?
Travel / Re: Family Relocation Abroad! Mature Advice /input Requested! by lindaayim(f): 8:50pm On Sep 29, 2018
USA if you can make it here. The immigration process is getting stricter due to alleged abuse of different visa category. But if you can get hold of a valid immigrant visa/green card, opportunities abound from teaching to engineering, business, trade (importing and exporting of cars and other good)........The weather here may be a little better than Canada.

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Travel / Re: Canada Or USA by lindaayim(f): 2:58am On Aug 09, 2018
Think of Tradeau or Trump? who can't you stand
Travel / Re: Is There An Order From US Authorities To Deny Nigerians Visas? by lindaayim(f): 1:29am On Aug 04, 2018
One day the youth will burn down the embassy.. Their just exploiting Nigerians...
Sir......burning down the embassy because of supposed refusal of visa is irresponsible and uncivilized. Remember travelling to the USA is not a right but perhaps a privilege just like no one is forced to pay visa fees. You may want to apply to other countries that issue visas "easily"

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Travel / Re: Is There An Order From US Authorities To Deny Nigerians Visas? by lindaayim(f): 11:45am On Aug 03, 2018

Hmmmmmmmmm sad. So invariably, the US is punishing genuine travelers because of the sins of Nigerians who have overstayed their visas in the US?
I dont think their intent is to punish....my opinion is to make the process so difficult so that people r discouraged from applying n probably filter through applicants for those with genuine cause....it is always hard to tell who is genuine...plus sometimes few bad tomatoes affects several good ones in a basket

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Travel / Re: Is There An Order From US Authorities To Deny Nigerians Visas? by lindaayim(f): 11:35am On Aug 03, 2018
I am asking this question with a heavy heart because a friend of mine told me his F1 visa application—as well as that of all intending students to the US—was denied this morning. He answered all the questions of the visa officer perfectly but he was still denied. He was aked if he is married and had kids, and he answered in the negative. Could his being single be a factor in the denial of his application? Or is there something else prompting the US embassy to deny Nigerians visas? I am really perplexed because my friend expended a lot of money to apply and gain admission to a US school. If the US doesnt want Nigerians to come to their country anymore, they can as well a formal and well publicized directive to that effect. The practice of swindling Nigerians of exorbitant visas fees must be deprecated and discouraged by the Nigerian Government.

According to my friend, all intending students for masters degree to the US were denied their visas this morning. Not even one was issued a visa. This is the height of visa discrimination and something must be done to remedy the situation. Nigerians cannot continue to waste their hard earned money to apply for visa that has already been denied by fiat of the authorities at the State Department(Foggy Bottom). We need clarity and honesty on this visa issue from US authorities. Enough is Enough. angry angry angry angry angry angry

Mods, do the needful, please.
i live in the US. I dont know what peoples intent are but just fyi many but not all Nigerians abuse visas by overstaying....go to atlanta n see how many nigerians are there on temp visa....

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Sports / Re: Super Eagles Train At Essentuki Ahead Of Iceland Clash(photos) by lindaayim(f): 8:02pm On Jun 21, 2018
Senegal will bring the cup home and not super chicken.
no be slavery n cotton plantation be this?
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Croatia: World Cup - 0 - 2 On 16th June 2018 by lindaayim(f): 9:44pm On Jun 16, 2018
Fifa should ban the African continent from the world cup. They are waste of space. Nonsense!
I agree with you....Give our slot to europe n South america....think about italy, netherlands or even turkey having our slot

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