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Health / Re: Lagos Govt bans sale, Use & distribution of take-away Packs, Single-use Plastics by lobiologs(m): 6:24pm On Jan 21
With this logic then the good it is doing is way more than the harm


Hard drugs is also some people major source of income does that mean it mustn't be ban ?

As long as the harm it is causing to the general population and environment is more than the good, then it deserve to be ban without any warning or time frame or what's the timeframe for ? so the dealers can have more time to dispose it and cause more pollution ?

Many people survive on dealing with so many illegal things like drugs, fake goods etc does that mean the government should let them continue causing damage and continue to tolerate it because it is some people source of income and they may not survive otherwise ? even Okada that has been banned in Lagos recently is a major source of income for a lot of people too.

Politics / Re: CBN Extends Deadline For Old Naira Notes To February 10 by lobiologs(m): 12:39pm On Jan 29, 2023
Make them no extend am na, people that don't have sense. But why do I also feel like they knew they were gonna extend it from the beginning

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Literature / Re: Mention Book(s) You Read That Shape Your Life!!! by lobiologs(m): 11:33am On Sep 06, 2019
I think it is time to start trading these books not for the self help, because nobody knows me better than j know myself but for the research of it all
Politics / Re: Pre-Graduation Dinner Of Ajijola, Ajimobi's Daughter [Photos] by lobiologs(m): 12:18pm On Jul 22, 2019
I know people would say this is hating but I can't be happy for any child of a prominent government official who's doing good because they didn't do it woth their father's hard earned money but with the money gotten from the masses and through loans that jeopardize our future. I'm sorry but no.


Family / Re: I Told My Husband That I Cheated On Him. Now He Wants A Divorce. by lobiologs(m): 10:43am On May 22, 2019
I don't think the next thing to do is blame yourself, the mistake has been made, he has made his decision and it is time to make yours with respect to what's best for your kids. Go to work, leave that other guy alone, he is out of the picture.
You'll hurt for a little while but trust me, in about 2-3months you'll be almost fine and you'll start seeing things more clearly.
And I take it that you are beautiful so get back on track and who knows, even your husband might jist come back to you.
Family / Re: Help! My Fiancee Is Always Picking Fights For Me... by lobiologs(m): 1:28pm On Jan 12, 2018
We've been together for a year plus now and it's a regular occurrence, she's always starting shi* with other guys, other times with other girls then I have to deal with thier men. Whenever we go clubbing, hanging out in a lounge, shopping at the mall, attending weeding ceremonies, infact the last confrontation was right in a cinema hall... it's quite embarrassing. (she seems to only behave at church)..
I've tried to keep her in check and curb her running mouth in these instances but it never works, and whenever she runs her mouth like this at other guys for minutes on end, it’s only ends one way: With her manning up …and expecting me to clobber the other guy for her, ultimately I get into physical confrontations and fights with these guys to diffend her and ultimately my ego.

Most people think It's my inability to control her but step in my shoes and you'll see the only thing I haven't done is hit her (physically), she's too damn stubborn (in this particular area). This is the only issue we have tho, every other thing is quite great. I've always thought she'll change with time but no. No significant improvement whatsoever. Don't know, could it be psychogenic? She was born and raised in the UK tho based in Nigeria now.

NB: *It's an arranged marriage.

So I really need your advice guys (I'd appreciate matured inputs pls from experienced folks).. Cos

Don't need a woman to go around picking fights for me. i gotta find a way to clip this the instant it starts, or figure out a way to stop this bad behavior once and for all...

Edited: Guys forgot to mention - her dad is a Brigadier General
From a friend.
Lalasticlala let's help a brother.

dude don't tell me this is the girl that was shouting at some dude during the jumanji movie at icm last week, if she's the one then damn, you got your hands full fam.

i'm sure you tried talking to her and all but what about this approach, next time she feels like raising her voice, why don't you raise your voice first and act like a sisi in front of her, maybe, just maybe if she feels embarrassed she would start seeing the faults in her ways, and if that doesn't work as a last resort, then don't go to public places with her anymore........... angry angry angry angry angry


TV/Movies / Re: Marvel Or DC Movies, Which Do You Prefer? by lobiologs(m): 5:58pm On Nov 26, 2017
None smiley

Both are over hyped over budgeted movies filled with unrealistic effects.

You want realistic effects then go to a science fair or a magic show, but please don't yab the movies that came to be because of super heroes we grew up loving due to the fact that the realistic heroes have all died out...

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Crime / Re: Why YABATECH Graduate Committed Suicide (Photos) by lobiologs(m): 8:10am On Nov 16, 2017
Leaving the house for days because he is chastised ? That’s not normal behavior ! That’s what his sister said he normally did .

Okay that's a bit too much, he must have developed something akin to pride along the way or maybe he's being getting such treatment since he was little and now that he is old enough to revolt that is the best he can do because he might not be able to face the person but he can leave for a few days.
Let's just say instead of him been chastised he should be given a way to reflect on what he did with no unnecessary extra shouts and what not
Crime / Re: Why YABATECH Graduate Committed Suicide (Photos) by lobiologs(m): 10:06am On Nov 14, 2017
I don’t think it was cause of the 50k he killed himself , it was because he was chastised and probably depressed as well . I know someone like that - when you chastise him he withdraws although this one doesn’t have depression - it’s some kind of misplaced pride !

You think a person has misplaced pride because he withdraws when chastised?
you want him to be happy he was scolded?
okay oh
Crime / Re: Why YABATECH Graduate Committed Suicide (Photos) by lobiologs(m): 9:47am On Nov 14, 2017
Navwa ooo. Someone that went to of of the most discriminated institution in Nigeria ( polytechnic), and still survived, the most challenging and one of the stressful institutions in Nigeria, yet survived, and one of the most financially burdened institutions , yet u survived, upon all the lecturers intimidations and illegal selling of handouts, you survived common, why will you be intimidated by just being bullied. Why will you kill your self because of 50k, that you can sign part of your salaries to clear while settling for leniency. Common, that is highest level of frustrated life. So disappointing.

My brother/sister, depression doesn't work like that, in school you have other students going through the same thing so it was easier to talk, but what happens when you are the only one who spoils not 1 but 2 of your company's property. take it from someone who spoil's things a lot and this has made me very careful and not collecting people's things or touching them sef, it's a burden thats starts building up little by little until it consumes you wit this Nigerian mentality of some village people who don't want you to be anything and nothing you put your hands on will come out good....

depression is a worse killer than many other diseases
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Reacts To Video Of RCCG Members Worshiping Chair Of Pastor Adeboye by lobiologs(m): 9:13am On Nov 09, 2017
You think this is bad, i heard some women waited for him to be done eating and went ahead to eat the remnants in his plate.

but i can't blame them, the country is hard and so everyone is trying to find a way to survive, just like how the descendants of Joseph were in the land of Egypt
Family / Re: The Wrong Perception Of African Women About Marriage. by lobiologs(m): 9:59am On Oct 13, 2017
stop inflicting your opinions on the world,telling them to grow out of their value system is taking their freedom of choice from them...it like me saying you must return back to hunting for foods with leave as your clothing

I understand what you mean, but i'm entitled to my opinion which is what i was trying to put out there, most of these scholars that we got our ways of life from were also stating things from their point of views.

But i also see my fault in trying to sway people from their own path and forcing them to see things my way, i also don't like it when people do that, which is why i don't like churches...

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Family / Re: The Wrong Perception Of African Women About Marriage. by lobiologs(m): 1:04pm On Oct 12, 2017
Actually its the whole country, we view marriage as the pinnacle of achievement and a good family means you are really successful in life.

that is bullcrap.

we all have diverse ways of viewing success and thats not what the nigerian system teaches, you have to make it and have a family so that people can accord you some level of respect oor you will be viewed as someone who is followed by some imaginary folks from back home.

this is a stage we have to outgrow as a country in general or else we wont grow past our other misconceptions about life and how it has to play out.

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Phones / Re: NCC Orders MTN, Glo & Airtel & Others To Extend 30-day Data Expiry Period by lobiologs(m): 7:54am On Sep 30, 2017
As if that helps in any way
Mehn data be finishing in days not months
Romance / Re: Playboy Founder, Hugh Hefner Dies At 91(Photos) by lobiologs(m): 11:28am On Sep 28, 2017
shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed

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Romance / Re: I Can't Believe My Fiancée Can Cheat On Me by lobiologs(m): 11:25am On Sep 19, 2017
Walk away bro just walk away
It hurts now but trust me, you'll become a full yoruba demon soon enough and know how the game is played in this modern times
you have your own life to live bro.....

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Religion / Re: Man Dumps Church For Praising Highest Tithers In The Last 3 Months by lobiologs(m): 1:54pm On Sep 11, 2017
Christians are not mandated to pay tithe. We are free in Christ and all our givings should be as the Spirit leads else we are empty professors.

Any church that is collecting tithe is not only robbing you but placing you under the curse of the law. It says for all who rely on the works of the law are under a curse, as it is written: "Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law." Galatians 3:10.

There are 613 laws that are to be kept to be right with God. No man kept these except Christ. And through His death we are free from the rule and condemnation of the law. If Christ has freed you from the Law why do you still entangle yourself with its yoke, bringing yourself under bondage and condemnation by obeying wicked men who only want to fleece you for their gain?

Isn't Christ enough? Don't you trust the Spirit of Christ to lead you? Isn't Christ your righteousness, the reason you stand justified before God is it because you pay tithe (keep 1 of 613 laws)? or because you believe in Jesus Christ?

I don't know who you are but i can relate with this to a certain level.
good point bro/sis

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Religion / Re: Mbaka: "Igbos Will Lose More, No Hausa Or Yoruba Has Property In Igboland" by lobiologs(m): 1:46pm On Sep 05, 2017
I also believe the igbos do not know where they are headed.

Why fight a war you already know you will lose

Why follow a man who believes the buhari on TV is a robot or another man whos had surgery done so he could look like buhari.

If they really want to rule this country they have the power to all it takes is a litle bit of sense on their part, these people control the Nigerian economy from the inside while the hausa and yoruba control it from the outside, why not use the part of the economy they control and make the east a more beautiful place to live thus inviting more people to come duel over there and gradually grow bigger than Nigeria itself,they have the power to create and if they do it well, they wouldnt just be exporting to other parts of the country but also to other parts of the world (that's if their leaders stop being corrupt and allow things flow as it should).

at the end of it all, they wouldn't only have a biafra on their hands but also have the whole country in their pocket.

My 2kobo.....
Romance / Re: Every Rich Man Is Handsome by lobiologs(m): 1:22pm On Sep 05, 2017
Now for my 2kobo that no one asked for

Its good to seek out financial stability but nothing is written in stone under the heavens, it could as well fade away someday. If the rich man becomes poor tomorrow through some means that's uncontrollable on his part, doesn't that mean his ugliness would become noticeable and thus ending what sweet spot he had in that females heart.

Now don't get me wrong, i am not saying you should go for a broke ass fine boy either but you should also know what pleases you in a partner, "hard work and dedication or flamboyance and grooming".

just spare the rich ugly guy if you know later in the future when things don't work out well you won't be able to cope, be straight forward with your intentions "i'm with you because you can provide for me and my kids and your being hardworking is a turn on" this way when he comes short of any of these things he knows you leaving him is totally his fault, same goes for the men too, dont go playing around with girls just to get them laid, let them know from the 3rd date what you want.

My 2kobo and you can have yours too...
Car Talk / Re: OLX Donates Raincoats To LASTMA As A Token Of Their Appreciation (photos) by lobiologs(m): 3:56pm On Aug 24, 2017
all the lastma officials are like "we thought it was money they were going to share sef"
Romance / Re: My Neighbour's Wife Leaves The Door Open While Bathing by lobiologs(m): 4:56pm On Aug 21, 2017
My nigga please go ahead with your desire, next time she does that you should also take a bath with the door open and let's see who's better at the game (this is from a comical view point).... Now from a serious point of view, nigga ignore her like a politician ignoring the cry of the people...

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Celebrities / Re: The 10 Hottest Nollywood Actresses In Yoruba Movie Industry (Photos) by lobiologs(m): 1:33pm On Aug 17, 2017
The Yoruba movie industry has over the years produced many dynamic and glamorous ladies who keep us glued to our TV sets because of their sensuality, killer looks, and captivating charms that ooze around them.

Though some of them have been in the industry for a while, some however just started pulling their own strings. One thing they all have going for them is that they are hot and classy.

Nollyzone.com presents to you the women who are the hottest in the Yoruba movie sector.

1. Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe pitched her tent and has made a name for herself in the Yoruba film industry. Though not too tall to go for a beauty contest, but one thing that cannot be taken away from her is how sexy this baby faced beau can be. The fashion icon is without doubt one of the sexiest actresses in the Yoruba movie industry.

2. Biodun Okeowo

Biodun Okeowo is one of the sexiest actresses despite the fact that she is a mother of two kids. She is also popularly referred to as “Omo butty.” and has worked very hard to maintain her good standing in the industry.

3. Mide Martins

Mide Funmi, who is a Nigerian Yoruba actress and also a movie producer is one of the most sought after actresses in her industry. One of the reasons she is as popular is because her beauty is captivating while the other reason is she is genuinely good at what she does. Her fashion sense is also very commendable.

4. Liz Da Silva

Liz Da silva is one of Yoruba film industries finest actresses in terms of beauty and talent. She started acting in the year 2004 after being mentored by Nigerian Yoruba actress Iyabo Ojo and have since gone higher.

5. Olaitan Sugar

Beautiful Olaitan Ogungbile, a.k.a Sugar, is one of the new and hot actresses promising to rise to stardom soon. She is an actress and a producer. She got into the industry through Authentic School of Drama owned by Muyiwa Ademola.

6. Doris Simeon

Doris Simeon is a Yoruba actress from the state of Lagos in Nigeria. She is a mother to one child. Her beauty and excellence at work helps her remain of the best Yoruba actresses. Doris also doubles up a movie producer and T.V host. She has received awards such as best indigenous actress among others.

7. Ronke Odusanya

Ronke is one of the pretty faces rocking the Yoruba movie industry at the moment. ‘Flakky Ididowo,’ as she is fondly called, is one of the most sought-after and well endowed actresses in Nigeria.

8. Tayo Sobola

Popularly called Sotayo, this pretty actress started her as a model/video vixen before dabbling into acting and has since become a force to reckon with in the showbiz industry. Sotayo is one of the hottest and the most-talked about actress in the Yoruba movie industry and has featured in many movies and music videos.

9. Toyin Abraham

Toyin Aimakhu is an actress in the Yoruba film industry who has caught the attention of people because of her good looks and skillful acting. Her fashion sense is impressive as she always dresses well. Her bronze skin and curvaceous body compliments her great personality and smart mind.

10. Fathia Balogun

Fathia Balogun is another beautiful actress in the Yoruba movie genre. She launched into limelight through Wale Adenuga’s popular production, Super Story, Oh Father, Oh Daughter. Most producers use her pretty and ever young face to grace their movie jackets.


Education / Re: Jenifa's Diary English: A Project Topic In OAU (Photo) by lobiologs(m): 9:08am On Aug 17, 2017
Sigh! What has happened to our educational system?

For all those quoting me, my statement is not in reference to the thesis posted above, buh a general statement of the sorry state of our educational system. We definitely need a lot of quality science graduates now to help propel a boom in infrastructure development

What has happened to our educational system? (yes i am quoting you), this is the reason why our "educational system" hasn't changed in the last 50years when other countries are already making breakthroughs in different fields "there is a study about beyonce going on in a university in Britain, would you say our educational system is beetter than theirs or that we are smarter than they are". Sir please let people start thinking out of the box so that we may be able to improve as humans and not just keep dragging our old ways as jungle justice loving savages... thank you!!!!


Career / Re: My Boss May Be Hiding Something by lobiologs(m): 8:54am On Aug 17, 2017
@mynd44 i just read all his replies and i take back everything i just said...
Career / Re: My Boss May Be Hiding Something by lobiologs(m): 8:51am On Aug 17, 2017
@mynd44 i think the op isn't discriminating his or her boss but is only stating an observation, i know the nigerian motto of "mind your own freaking business" but if we stop questioning things how are we to grow as humans or animals with a higher level of intellect.
Literature / Re: Best Fictional Crime Detective Characters by lobiologs(m): 4:28pm On Aug 15, 2017
where did you put batman??
NYSC / Re: Female Corper Slays In Her NYSC Khaki Skirt (Photos) by lobiologs(m): 4:29pm On Aug 11, 2017
This one na tailor jare...
Religion / Re: Bishop Tom Samson Wears Military Outfit To Church (Photos) by lobiologs(m): 12:39pm On Aug 07, 2017
Why this boys wey dey borno no just dey pass at that exact moment, that limo no go reach pack all him parts after the beating...
Health / Re: Expert Reveals Dangers Of Unprotected Sex by lobiologs(m): 9:46am On Aug 01, 2017
let me guess, we should not get developed anymore because you dont want people to have sex with multiple partners, there are 7billion people on earth that means you have up to 2billion people to choose from, good luck picking one and staying faithful when you have about 50,000 peoplke with the same characteristics that you admire...
Politics / Re: Smoked Fish Seller Beaten To Coma In Benin By Obaseki Boys (Photos) by lobiologs(m): 5:38pm On Jul 20, 2017
A friend once asked me why i don't like talking about politics or the state of affairs in the country and after my reply he said, if you like talk or not, it will affect you too. now my reply was, why talk about issues i have no power whatsoever to change or affect positively. i cant waste my time with things like that, when Nigeria becomes a truly free state that is not ruled by the black mans need to be more powerful than his pairs and attaining such strength through any means necessary, then will i start talking about issues of the state.


Romance / Re: Former Gay Man Goes On Twitter To Search For Girlfriend by lobiologs(m): 12:54pm On Jul 18, 2017

Not true Sir. There are more men than women in the world as at Jan, 2017. If you insist otherwise, please provide verifiable links.

This is 2017...

that's why i said "now", and i am very sure there are more women than men in the world, you do not need verifiable links, just search for it on google.
Romance / Re: Former Gay Man Goes On Twitter To Search For Girlfriend by lobiologs(m): 11:25am On Jul 18, 2017

Population of women is more than men where?
Who started this talk sev... undecided

well according to the 2006 population census, there are 2million more men than women in nigeria but i dont think that would be the case today, we were 140million when that census was calculated and now we are 180million and im sure there are more women than men out there now.

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