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Celebrities / Re: Nancy Isime Buys A New Mercedes Benz. by Lordpeckxy(m): 9:40am On Jul 13
I can vouch for Nancy.
This is a product of hard smart work.

Cliptocurrency crew stay away
Wetn you know say u dey vouch for...
Let me just keep quiet.
Congrats to her.
Education / Re: Peace Ufuoma Who Rocked 'Aggressive Malpractice' Shirt Lands In Trouble by Lordpeckxy(m): 9:21am On Jul 13
So if I inscribe on my shirt that I am a terrorist, You will catch me and blame me for all the terrorist attack the country has been suffering from.

When I was graduating(signing out) I saw so many inscriptions, death to all lecturers wey wan furk b4 I pass, Invigilator no dey See Me...

While some are true, some are actually fun.
Truth be told, she wasn't caught doing any malpractice.

They have no grounds to hold her.

Just get a good lawyer girl.

You will walk away freely.

But all in all, you mah 4 just shut up graduate your thing, why put your self in a ridiculous position.
Phones / Re: What Is The Most Used Application On Your Phone? by Lordpeckxy(m): 12:53pm On Jul 09
Light Reader 100%
Programming / Re: How To Hack Your Girlfriend's Whatsapp And Fb Account by Lordpeckxy(m): 10:48am On Jun 28
It's not difficult when you have the orientation
Programming / Re: Bitcoin/investment Website For Sale by Lordpeckxy(m): 10:21am On Jun 28
More info
Programming / Re: Laravel Nairaland Corner -- Post Any Laravel Code Issues, Get Solution For FREE by Lordpeckxy(m): 10:15am On Jun 28
I need a PhP Developer to work alongside on a site Asap.
Programming / Re: 8 Yrs FACEBOOK Acc. 4 Sell. by Lordpeckxy(m): 9:59am On Jun 28
I was thinking how will this transaction be made

U show me the account
I check it
I pay Ur price

U japa

Or u give me details

I change the login
And japa

Take the transaction to whatsapp, create a group encomprisig the seller, the buyer and escrow service.

The buyer transfers money to the escrow, the seller gives buyer the logins, the buyer checks it out, both approves of the transaction, the escrow transfers money to the seller. Case closed
Romance / Re: The Hypocrisy In The Nigerian Sex Industry! by Lordpeckxy(m): 7:26pm On Jun 27
I wanted to say something ••• but I just decided to mind my business.
Romance / Re: My Experience With A Hookuup Girl Last Night - Read by Lordpeckxy(m): 6:36pm On Jun 27
OK we done hear, e go Mek sense if u share the girl number or your guy wey be love-vendor.
Phones / Re: Which Is Your Favorite Among These Air Pods? by Lordpeckxy(m): 6:31pm On Jun 27
I don't know about the rest, but am using Airpod Pro, and it's quite durable, I done even wash am inside my jean, and e still dey work, although not as loud as before.

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Education / Re: Pls Guys What Is The Full Meaning Of 'op' by Lordpeckxy(m): 6:22pm On Jun 27
E get 1 place where dem dey serve fresh pepper soup. We dey call the place Order Point aka OP
Literature / Re: Which Books Can I Read that Will Positively Influence My Life? by Lordpeckxy(m): 2:53pm On Jun 09
Depends on what you want to achieve in life.
Let me give you a brief list:
Riches within your reach - Robert Collier
The law of success - Napoleon Hill
As a man thinketh - James Allen
The science of been great - Wallace D. Wattles
The secret of the ages - Robert Collier
The game of life and how to play it - Florence Scovel Shinn
The Power of your subconscious mind - Joseph Murphy
Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

Just a few

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Crime / Re: Feds Recover More Than $2 Million In Ransomware Payments From Colonial Pipeline by Lordpeckxy(m): 1:26pm On Jun 08
What an ill written news, how did they track the money paid to the hackers, if so, where are the supposed arrestted Criminals.
The Government is just trying to cajole the public that they have everything under control, mean while, they don't.

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Crime / Meet The Most Dangerous and Wealthiest Criminal Alive. by Lordpeckxy(m): 1:09pm On Jun 08
Dawood Ibrahim is the leader of a crime ring known as D-Company. You probably have never heard of Dawood OR D-Company. And that's kind of insane because D-Company is considered one of the most violent criminal organizations in the world. The syndicate has been linked to extortion, gun running, murder, and counterfeiting, among other heinous crimes.

He is currently wanted on charges of drug trafficking, terrorism, murder, extortion, money laundering, targeted killing, and more. He makes El Chapo look like a boy scout.

Dawood Ibrahim was named a global terrorist by both India and the U.S. in 2003 for his role in the 1993 Bombay bombings, which were responsible for 257 deaths and more than 1,400 injuries. Reportedly, after planting the bombs that decimated parts of the city, he fled for Karachi, Pakistan. He might still be there. Or not. No one knows. Despite his absence, his D-Company still runs Mumbai.

D-Company pushes drugs, pimps out women, skims money from businesses, extorts Bollywood stars, and fixes the results of cricket games. Through D-Company, Ibrahim backs militants terrorizing Kashmir and northern Nigeria. And all of this comes from a man who is the son of a police officer!

There have long been whispers that he was directly have been linked to Osama bin Laden.

There's a $25 million reward for his capture. For a time he was #3 on the FBI's list of the world's 10 most wanted fugitives. Long story short, Dawood Ibrahim is a bad, bad, bad dude.

Dawood Ibrahim has been on the run for nearly three decades. His exact whereabouts are completely unknown.

I guess it's easy to evade capture when you've got a net worth of…


Where Did He Come From?
Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar was born in 1955 in Dongri –a poor neighborhood in central Mumbai which leans heavily Muslim in a city that is mostly Hindu. Dongri is tiny – just about the size of two soccer fields, but it is well known for the gangs that are born and simmer there.

Dawood and his brother Shabir did not follow in their law-abiding father's footsteps. Instead, they started stealing, robbing people, and committing fraud as children. When Dawood was 19, he mugged a courier for a well-known Indian crime lord named Haji Mastan. That caper earned Dawood $200,000. His father took him to the police chief, who unknowingly set Dawood on the trajectory that would make him the most feared crime lord in Southeast Asia. The chief told him that instead of taking the law into his own hands, he could do it with the law by his side. The aspiring gangster then launched a war against Haji Mastan.

In 1981, hitmen for Mastan cornered Dawood and his brother. Shabir was killed. Dawood got away. By 1984, Dawood had exacted revenge for his brother on those three hitmen, having them killed. Haji Mastan packed up his gang and left Mumbai. D-Company grew throughout the 1980s to become the biggest mafia in India.

The Biggest Mafia In India
In the 1990s the tides changed somewhat. Suddenly Dawood and his network of gangsters, drug dealers, and assassins were no longer working with the law by their side. Mobsters were gunned down by the police by the hundreds. In 1991, D-Company mobsters were locked in a gun battle with Mumbai's police on live TV. The following year, Dawood had one of his assassins execute a police officer in broad daylight.

The following year, 1993, the Bombay bombings occurred. Dawood and his D-Company had become a terrorist organization that brought the city of Mumbai and its 12 million residents to its knees.

Dawood was placed on the most-wanted lists of the FBI, Interpol, and other law enforcement agencies. Soon after the bombings Dawood left India for Pakistan.

A Billionaire Gangster In Hiding
Pakistan is likely giving Dawood refuge as a power play over India, its nearest neighbor. Pakistan and India are not exactly friendly allies.

Dawood isn't getting a free ride. At some point he allegedly paid for his protection by bailing out Pakistan's Central Bank with a huge cash infusion at a time of a banking crisis. He armed the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba in its battle to take control of Kashmir from India. Dawood has also lent money to Boko Haram, the notoriously violent terrorist group in northern Nigeria responsible for the death of more than 36,000 people since 2009.

Dawood is still inflicting violence in Mumbai from afar. Back in 2008, it is believed he smuggled members of the Lashkar into India to instigate a four-day siege of blasts and gunfire in Mumbai's prominent Taj Mahal hotel that killed 31 people.

These days, D-Company is focusing on gambling and fixing cricket games. D-company members have been found to be bribing star players and issuing threats to other players so that they will throw games. According to one report, in 2018 D-Company fixed the outcome of two-thirds of all the cricket games in the world.

Dawood Ibrahim has never been caught – and it seems very unlikely that he ever will be. Thanks to his nearly limitless financial resources, he has been called "the most dangerous man in the world."

source: https://www.celebritynetworth.com/articles/billionaire-news/meet-the-most-dangerous-evil-and-mega-rich-man-who-lives-in-hiding/

- Wikipedia

Image source: forbes.com

Religion / Re: Have You Ever Left Your Body Before? by Lordpeckxy(m): 4:45pm On May 28
The first time I attempted it was when I was In Js 2, had an accident while crossing, when I got better I took a course online on Spirit Self.
Yes you can travel fast while out of your body, but the things you see becomes less comprehensive.

Over the years I can't say I have mastered the act, but to a considerable length I can say with a deep level of concentration, I can effectively control it.

I try not to linger for 2 long,
Sometimes I fear I might not know how to regain consciousness.
1hour 1hour 30mins at most.

Because of that I have mastered my dream life, I can recall Dreams almost immediately am awake, and it also grants me the skill to know when am dreaming.

Seriously that's the best of it all, When you know when dreaming.
Education / Re: Look At This Photo And Tell Who Comes To Your Mind Immediately (photo) by Lordpeckxy(m): 4:14pm On May 28
Yeah, mine was a girl, Jessica, she was my best friend back then in primary school, she relocated to another state, since then haven't heard from her.
In secondary, I had friends Mustapha, Joseph, Emeka and God's power.

Even in college it was Suleiman and Blessing(girl)
But it was just that.

We've gone our separate ways and truthfully I tend to forget people easily, it's one of my bad characters I don't have control over.

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Phones / Re: Telegram Founder Blasts Apple, Says Iphone Users Are Digital Slaves by Lordpeckxy(m): 12:30pm On May 20
It's true.
Although I use IPhone, am more of an Android person.
I develop apps for the both OS.
But over the years I have seen that IOS has found a way to capture their users, which you can call modern day slavery.
Not far from home, my cousin bro can't listen to music if it's not stream from Apple music


Romance / Re: How Many Of You Guys Have Dated A Girl That Looks Like This? by Lordpeckxy(m): 12:26pm On May 20
Let's be honest, you can say all you want about inner beauty, intelligence and good character, but at a very primal level, men care primarily about looks when picking women.

In fact women themselves judge a guy by the kind of girls he dates and they base their judgement on how the girl looks. If she looks beautiful, they rate him high.

Beauty is subjective yes, but there is a kind of girl almost every guy would admit is attractive. This women are at the top of the attractiveness scale. Among the qualities they have is facial beauty, good skin tone, good hip to waist ratio, curvy physique and lot body fat.

The image below represents this top tier level of beauty and only few men are able to date these sorts of women.

So my question is, how many of you Nairaland men have dated a girl that looks like this?

Beauty they say is in the eyes of the Beholder -
And yes, my girl is quite the beauty I envisioned.
Politics / Re: El-Rufai Attacks Governors Over Strike, NGF Mulls ₦380/Litre Fuel Price by Lordpeckxy(m): 12:19pm On May 20

He stole my 150k sir

Please I done have any prove... But they are witnesses
Confirmed one

He ran away ever since and is not even in town

Please just help me
Is that his name??
Politics / Re: El-Rufai Attacks Governors Over Strike, NGF Mulls ₦380/Litre Fuel Price by Lordpeckxy(m): 12:04pm On May 20

The person who stole my money
Confirm name:
- Desmond Agbor Ojong
Fidelity Bank -
How much did he steal??
What do you want to do about it?
Bring proof of theft.
Phones / Re: Iphone 12 Pro Max Price In Nigeria by Lordpeckxy(m): 8:00pm On Apr 12
I still love my 11....
Sports / Re: Ahmed Musa In Shock Move To Kano Pillars After Failing To Find Foreign Club by Lordpeckxy(m): 7:53pm On Apr 12
Him no scout well...
Romance / Re: “Someone To Marry Me Please,” A Woman Begs In The Streets by Lordpeckxy(m): 12:29pm On Apr 09
Isaiah 4:1 And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.

The Bible never lies.

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Jokes Etc / Re: Tell Us About Your April Fool Prank Today by Lordpeckxy(m): 10:44am On Apr 01
Still Indoor

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Education / Re: Easy Ways To Pass Your Courses... From A Bad Boy With A Good Result by Lordpeckxy(m): 4:05pm On Mar 28
Back then in school,
I was a Dance Artist, no show wey dey happen 4 skul wey dem no dey invite me, I dey rehearse constantly.
I dey always sleep 4 night.

one girl meet me ask me, "Precious, how you take dey do this thing, nah you dey attend every party, nah still the same you dey top department, Distinction from start to finish, how you take dey do am"
I laff, I look her come tell her
" It's called Time Management"
Politics / Re: Amaechi: Women Are More Intelligent Than Men by Lordpeckxy(m): 3:54pm On Mar 28
If God has contracted a woman to build the Ark...
Carry your talk go another place... I say it and I say it again, most Women are very dull.
It's like their mum button is always on active.
still waiting for the woman that can out think me, perhaps she can be my soul mate.
Cox like this like this, girls senselessness just dey everywhere.
Romance / Re: If Virginity Is The Pride Of A Woman, What Is The Pride Of A Man ? � by Lordpeckxy(m): 9:52am On Mar 27
The ability to provide
as stated in the bible

Genesis 3:17 And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;
Sports / Re: Ryan Crowley Tears Chest Muscle From Bone During Exercise (Disturbing Video) by Lordpeckxy(m): 9:45am On Mar 27
your body has limits.
when you try to build it more than it could go,
when you decide to go 3hours on top of her instead of your usual 30mins.

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