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Politics / Re: Shehu Sani In Aba Prison In 1995 (Throwback Photos) by Malcolm101: 6:04pm On Jun 10, 2018
The positive point you should take from this post is the fact that Sen Sani started very early. Pushing for democracy. Something you can't even think in your wildest dreams.

What are doing aside hating on nairaland.

I have come to the conclusion that the prison cells are the surest way to power in Africa
Investment / Re: Ok by Malcolm101: 6:52am On Jun 10, 2018
No be only more calls. Don't you know road to bank?

If you genuinely have this collectrals and they are worth the money you are looking for, people around you would have given you the money. But since you couldn't outsource it in Abuja, it's not a risk worth taking here.

Guys please be careful o.


Travel / Re: Can One Be A Millionaire With Doing Menial Jobs In Germany? by Malcolm101: 11:00pm On Jun 09, 2018
Oh. Las Las you are interested. Meanwhile you were running your mouth like you know Jack.


Well, I don't think it's possible. My personal opinion though tongue...

Note it's part time job. Which kind of part time job will pay you 11€ an hour. I'm asking cause I'm also interested tongue...
Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by Malcolm101: 10:29pm On Jun 08, 2018

Please take am easy.

Las Las you will be alright.

I don't mean to be rude but before you use a word on someone please do check the meaning again. Do you know what it mean for someone to be selfish. Let me assume that it was a slip of hand.

So laying my concern and how I feel is now being selfish?

I contacted her while I was in Nigeria, she replied with Hi. I got her email address and sent her my concerns which she never replied back until when I contacted her again now in Australia she still said hi and I sent my concerns to her as someone that knows better and she didn't reply and you call it am selfish....

So I don't have right to express myself again Mr bellong... ?

Sports / Re: Super Eagles Players Train Ahead Of World Cup(photos) by Malcolm101: 5:07pm On Jun 08, 2018
This is the same bunch and unfit team that qualified this country for world cup from a group that has Algeria and Cameroon. A group you said they didn't have a chance in.

Nigerians are bunch of ungrateful fools. This country and it people do not deserve selfless service from anyone.

HonSuQMaDiQ you are a fool. I'm sure you are useless in real life.

bunch of unfits and misfits. Go and disgrace yourselves and come back biko.
Politics / Re: Offa Bank Robbery: Saraki Reacts To Being Implicated & Linked To The Robbery by Malcolm101: 11:12pm On Jun 03, 2018
This series of witch hunting carried out by Buhari's zombies is really deteriorating the image of the entire nation.

How can foreign investors trust Nigeria with their money after seeing this types of unfounded and laughable accusations in the news?

Well, I'm not surprised. It's Buhari's way. He tries as much as possible to leave the country in ruins before he vacate power.

The ' fuel Subsidy' as we all know today was started by IBB in order to enable Nigerians to afford fuel after Buhari ruined the nation while in office.

The problem of Nigeria today is that her people don't read. They do not know the history of the country or its leaders. Else, who will vote in a dullard like Buhari into office? He's definitely not the best or upright candidate the north can offer.


Politics / Re: Offa Bank Robbery: Saraki Reacts To Being Implicated & Linked To The Robbery by Malcolm101: 11:02pm On Jun 03, 2018
How can the police get so low in desperation to cripple all the political opponents of Buhari for heaven's sake?

How on earth will a senate president who can collude with some top shot callers to empty the treasury resort to robbing a bank?

How those that make any sense?

Does it mean that if any common criminal allege that Obasajo or Innoson is their sponsor, the police invite them via the media without extending a formal invitation for questioning?

Ah lord. This nation is in ruins.


Education / Re: 19-year-old Girl Who Graduated From University At 17 Lists Her Achievements by Malcolm101: 9:41am On Jun 03, 2018
I was born in the year 1988
Was done with secondary school in 2003

Go figure
Education / Re: 19-year-old Girl Who Graduated From University At 17 Lists Her Achievements by Malcolm101: 9:37am On Jun 03, 2018
What is there to argue about.?

I graduated from secondary school at 15. University at 19.

Its possible she wrote junior WAEC from JSS2, senior WAEC from SS2. Many followed this route.

Most of the foreign universities are 3 yrs sef.
Romance / Re: How To Identify Lesbian Ladies In Nigeria! by Malcolm101: 10:42pm On Jun 02, 2018
There's nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian.

The world has moved on... We have to move with it.

Countries like Norway and Sweden legalized it almost over 170 years ago. We are in no way better than them in all remification.

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Crime / Re: Six Out Of Ten Youths In Lagos Are Cultists – Police by Malcolm101: 4:10pm On Jun 02, 2018
This type of exaggerations is the reason why we have the kind of bad names we have around the world today.

Do this fool mean to say that out of every 10 million youths, that 6 million are cultist? What sort of fuckery is that? And he's still living in Lagos?

The Nigerian police is a joke. This old old fools still thinks they're in the 50s when you shay poo and the rest of the world won't hear. This daily malice of the Nation's largest portion of the population has to stop.

They call the youths lazy, fraudsters, now cultist? What next?

People in this part of the world do not know that word matters. They just open their mouth to yarn anyhow.
Crime / Re: Not Too Young To Run: LGBTQ Nigeria Reacts by Malcolm101: 11:31pm On May 31, 2018
Crime / Not Too Young To Run: LGBTQ Nigeria Reacts by Malcolm101: 11:29pm On May 31, 2018
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people organization of Nigeria has reacted to the recently 'Not too Young to Run' bill signed into law by President Buhari.

In a tweet shared on their official Twitter handle, the LGBT Nigeria called for the President to abolish the law prohibiting same sex marriage in Nigeria.

"The @NGRSenate and the @NGRPresident @MBuhari has one more wrong to right;



cc @bukolasaraki

#NotTooYoungToRun @Gidi_Traffic https:///3OPt2e421H"

Travel / Re: Thread For Nigerians In Other African Countries by Malcolm101: 10:20pm On May 31, 2018
They say show me your friends and I will tell you whom you are.

Well done sir.

You must know lot more of them. You will surely be a good asset for SARS.

African countries like Kenya abi

Yahoo boys from Benin city is taking over the city

7boys just left Benin to Kenya last week all in the name of yahoo

About 12 went to Ghana same last week

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Urged To Exit ICC by Malcolm101: 1:39pm On May 30, 2018
Exit from the ICC? Imagine this useless hausa people o.

They want to take us back to 1960. Fools.

Nigeria has never witnessed this level of abuse of human right abuses as seen under the current administration. And here they are... Trying to exit the ICC so that the army can go about doing the dirty job for Buhari so that the ICC won't be able to hold them accountable.

I weep for Nigeria.
Crime / Re: Doctor Fights Policeman Who Called Him An Armed Robber by Malcolm101: 10:16pm On May 28, 2018
Nigeria police na poo.

I was stopped by a police man. He asked me to identify myself, I did.

Showed him my ID card (I co-owne a popular entertainment news blog and I also own a firm that offers ICT solutions and Online music distribution and licensing here in Nigeria).

After looking at my ID, they said I am a suspect that any online business is fraudulent. I weak. That was their boss talking o.

I'm sure the idiot no know say the future is ICT. grin
They are just so gullible and ignorant at the same time.
Politics / Re: Murder Suspects Implicate Saraki, Kwara Governor, Others by Malcolm101: 10:01pm On May 25, 2018
Dear Gullible ode,

Do you think for a second that if there is a proof of a payment from Saraki himself to the alleged criminal, that Saraki will still be the Senate president as of today?

Do you think that Saraki would be so stupid to have left traces... Such as paying a criminal from his account (that is if at the end of the day the statement made by the criminal is true) ?

Why is it that most Nigerians especially the youths are so gullible?

thrash.does bank statement lie?
Literature / Re: Chimamanda Adichie Delivers Harvard Class Speech: Becomes The First African by Malcolm101: 9:44pm On May 25, 2018
Harvard University said that she is the first and you are some where at sango hating.

I'm sure that if it's up to you, you wouldn't even invite her to your compound meeting to deliver a speech.


I totally do not believe that she's the first African to deliver a speech at Harvard university. She's "chestbeating" boastful over nothing like her people are known for in Nigeria.

I've personally read about many african and Nigerian that has delivered a speech at harvard eg. Vice president Yemi Osinbanjo delivered a speech and a lecture years back. He wasn't acting like her.

You can lie o


Sports / Re: Super Eagles Training For World Cup (Photos) by Malcolm101: 6:35pm On May 23, 2018
Dear ode,

Yesterday's match was organized by Gotv /Dstv in partnership with La Liga. Tagged the Gotv Max cup.

Nigerian youths have to start reading more than just doing whatsapp or tweeting nonsense with their phones.

I don't understand the need for yesterday's match though if the players going to Russia didn't play
Career / Re: Abba Kyari And His Children Pose In The Farm (Photos) by Malcolm101: 4:55pm On May 21, 2018

Politics / Re: Read This If You Are Among Those Criticizing The IGP Over Transmission Video by Malcolm101: 11:36am On May 21, 2018
This country is just filled with gullible young people.

There are posts that are merited (e.g pilot, medical doctor, IG of Police, President etc) and there are others that are gotten by favour (pastor, imam, Pop, father, mother etc)

The IG was criticised because he wasn't competent enough and not because he can't read words written on a paper. Obviously he can since he could repeatedly pronounce Transmission.

He was ought to put together a press team. Secretaries that would type whatever he wants to say at an event and not just have anything written and given to him. It's not a primary six English essay challenge.

If he couldn't read what was written maybe as a result of typos, he should have continued since it was what he wanted to say at the event. But he could not because he is dumb. So dumb.

If the video was doctored, please why haven't the police released the original one?

Why were the journalists instructed not to release the footage of the event?

Why is the journalist who leaked the video wanted by the police?

When would Nigerians have sense for God's sake?

There's a difference between being pathetic and being patriotic o.
Politics / Re: Murder Suspects Implicate Saraki, Kwara Governor, Others by Malcolm101: 11:13pm On May 18, 2018
Seems this is the new formula this days.

Get some low lives to write statements naming your political opponents as their sponsors. Invite them to the police, withdraw their aids if they've got any, arrest them then say they jumped from a moving vehicle.

This administration is just full of shit
Politics / Can You Make An Unqualified Man/woman Your Chief Pilot? by Malcolm101: 10:26pm On May 18, 2018
I asked this question because I see many Nigerians defending the blunder of the IG of Police few days ago.

There are positions that shouldn't be given to anyone who isn't qualified for it. For instance, can Buhari make some his chief pilot knowing fully well that there're other people far more qualified? No.

Why then did he appoint Idris whom clearly isn't qualified for the position?

If IG Idris couldn't read what his press sectary wrote on the paper.... A press statement which should have been written in line with what he intended to say at the event, how then can we trust him to do more tasking Jobs and decisions for the nation?

Instead of laughing about this, or defending him, it should serve as a wake up call for all of us. We deserve better. Way better.

Go get your PVC � I've got mine. Let's take a stand and change this things for better. The generation before us have failed. Would we fold our hands too?

This piece can't change nothing but I pray it sparks the fire for Change.


Crime / Re: PHOTOS: SARS Official Busted For Bribery Through Bank Transfers by Malcolm101: 11:09am On May 17, 2018
This country?
It's a lost course.

The police might come out to say that the bank transfer screenshot was doctored.

Or that the complainant is a criminal.

What do we expect from the Nigerian police? Their boss is not yet done with TRANSMISSION

Nonsense country
Politics / Re: Who Is Dr Alvan Ikoku And Why Is His Face On N10 Note? by Malcolm101: 3:50pm On May 12, 2018
Today's politicians do not care about good name anymore.

Give them the money and they will say black is white.

Despite all the atrocities Abacha committed, 5 major political parties endorsed him for president before his death.

Even though his loots are still repertraited, President Buhari till today maintains that Abacha didn't loot any money. Just because he was an accomplice.
Crime / Re: SARS Officials Accuse Man Of Being A Yahoo Boy In Rivers, Beat Him, Collect 150k by Malcolm101: 3:24pm On May 12, 2018
So computer programming is now a get rich quick?

What sort of dullards full this country abeg?

How did I find myself in this useless country?


I love your euphemism for yahoo-Yahoo,
"The most sought after computer programmer" who ditched Plant science because he wanted to get rich quick.

With those beards, tattooed arm and your hair, it seems SARS were not completely wrong with their accusations.

Only you, two times this year.
Check yourself man; thousands of young men own and drive decent cars everyday in PH and they don't get harassed.


Crime / Re: 56 Bandits Responsible For Kaduna Killings Arrested (photos) by Malcolm101: 12:31pm On May 11, 2018
Nigerian police are clowns.

Just because they arrested people with possibly illegal firearms, not minding if they are part of a bigger or unrelated issue at hand, they would simply label them the people responsible for kaduna killings while the wanted perpetrators cheers to their stupidity.

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Romance / Re: 9 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Agreeing To Unprotected Sex - Meme by Malcolm101: 1:32pm On May 08, 2018
Bottom line, have quality condom at home.

All this list no go come to mind when you start to suck the booby o.

Make it a habit of using Condom. If she say 'I like SKIN', tell her sey you no dey sell kpomo.


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