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Sports / Re: Kaka: Romelu Lukaku Is The No 1 Striker In The World by mayorkun101(m): 6:32pm On Sep 16
mtcheeeeeeew undecided

kaka dey smoke Oshogbo weed

If i may speak , osogbo weed is not bad lipsrsealed[color=#000000][/color]
Politics / Re: See Veteran Actor Chiwetalu Agu In Biafra Flag.(pics) by mayorkun101(m): 3:15pm On Sep 16

Biafrans pioneered Nollywood. If you are less than 28 years old, you will not know this fact.

Big A$$ LIE

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Crime / Re: Slay Queen Busted After Sending Fake Transfer oF N65,000 To A Vendor by mayorkun101(m): 4:50pm On Sep 13
A slay queen has been traced to her home, by her vendor friend after sending her a fake transfer of 65k.

Looks like the culprit has been into this game of fake transfer for a long time now, she was also pleading with the vendor lady not to raise her voice.

Dear vendors, please be careful when receiving bank transfers from people.


Na slay queen mad pass grin.. Theiving b!tch.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Women’s Rights Protesters Beaten By Taliban Members In Kabul by mayorkun101(m): 5:27pm On Sep 06

You should look for your fool among your folks at home. Islam urges us to be just in whatever we do even to does who are against our faith. Where did I support the Taliban on any of their errors?

Just bring one evidence where I supported them?

I will bring two but i no need back and forth sh!t with you . my folks better yours sha but he no go far i free you.
Phones / Re: Sound Bars, Home Theatre Or JBL: Which Is Better? by mayorkun101(m): 8:08pm On Sep 05

What of clip 3?

Clip wont be as loud as the others i mentioned
Sports / Re: Agbonlahor: Harry Kane Is Better Than Cristiano Ronaldo by mayorkun101(m): 1:19pm On Sep 05

If you judge by trophies then you are indirectly mean the likes of Dominic Solanke, Giroud, Gabriel Jesus are better than Kane.

Let him win trophy first.

Just like saying Kanu nwanko won more accolades than Okoocha therefore he is better

Bro kanu was a very good player in his time . na okocha sabi wetin do am even if him good like giran .
Pets / Re: How Pure Is This Boer Boel I Need Answers Please by mayorkun101(m): 12:58pm On Sep 05
This dog is dangerously underfed . you have to help it to reach full potential if not people will keep comparing him to a local dog or mix .. By the way its not the purest but if you take good care of it ,you will have a great dog on your hands
Sports / Re: Inside The N13bn Mansion Cristiano Ronaldo Will Be Staying At Manchester (Photo) by mayorkun101(m): 11:48am On Sep 05
He's white no one saying he's old

But if na black man now....them go dey study him face.

Yeah but its black players that give room for such things.. I think black athletes don't do enough. I won't be surprised if mbappe is nowhere to be found by 31.


Religion / Re: Is Speaking In Tongues Trainable Or A Gift? by mayorkun101(m): 11:40am On Sep 05
See everywhere done burst bro . my first year in school i knew a guy that spoke in (false) tongues lol.. I laugh anytime he does it then, this guy now na yahoo boy and till today when i trip or make a mistake I'm like skalabuushhhh ( one or the guy's favorite word from the tongues thing) . its a gift and can't be learned . even my dad dey try am but i know he's not gifted


Phones / Re: I'm Playing My Best Yet I'm Still Losing In PES by mayorkun101(m): 11:35am On Sep 05

Thank you for your offering your point of view in a civil manner. Unlike the human being below you.

1. PvP online is scripted. Career/master league mode can be scripted.

2. I never said that I lose "alot". I'm rated at 1300+ on PES Mobile. I wouldn't have gotten there if I lose alot.

3. I am not an idiot. I first discovered scripting in 2019 and I have been researching it for the better part of a year plus now. I wouldn't put out such information if I wasn't sure of it.

Here's a leaked transcript from the DDA files as posted on Reddit.

Taken from the dynamic difficulty paper:

...Some other non-limiting examples of features of the video game that can be modified, which may or may not be detectable by the user can include providing extra speed to an in-game character, improving throwing accuracy of an in-game character, improving the distance or height that the in-game character can jump, adjusting the responsiveness of controls , and the like. In some cases, the adjustments may additionally or alternatively include reducing the ability of an in-game character rather than improving the ability of the in-game character. For example, the in-game character may be made faster, but have less shooting accuracy.”

Well scripting is not out of the question sure but from a gamer point of view its fun to be challenged, don't you think.
Phones / Re: Facebook Apologizes After Its AI Put ‘primates’ Label On Video About Black Men by mayorkun101(m): 9:22am On Sep 05
Racist white man create racist AI , mtcheww cliche ...
Phones / Re: I'm Playing My Best Yet I'm Still Losing In PES by mayorkun101(m): 9:20am On Sep 05
This is a nice write up but when it comes to football games in player vs player mode its all about you and your skills. That can't be scripted , i hardly get beaten in PES cause its my favorite and I'm the one playing the game ... If you're losing too often then sharpen your skills on player selection and formation ... Scripting is only done with player vs computer games but even that can be changed if you're good enough ...
Phones / Re: Sound Bars, Home Theatre Or JBL: Which Is Better? by mayorkun101(m): 9:10am On Sep 05
My budget is 70k(i can add more)

I'm more interested in sound quality than type of sound system. By the way there's usually light here

So please I'm asking the general house, which will you prefer? Sounds bars, home theater or JBL?
If you have steady electricity in your hood then get a HOMEFLOWER home theater but if not get a JBL charge 4 or JBL extreme 4 you wont be disappointed ..

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Crime / Re: 11-year-old Girl Raped And Impregnated By Aunt’s Husband In Benue (photo) by mayorkun101(m): 9:04am On Sep 05
Find the paedophile and jail him for a very long time.

Life sentence straight up aswear. Imagine molesting a kid since she was 3 , that's devilish man .... Only God knows what's up in naija these days.

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Celebrities / Re: Comedian Nedu: DNA Result Exposed Uzoamaka Ohiri, My Ex Wife's Cheating by mayorkun101(m): 8:15am On Sep 05
Literally a DogAss b!tch mtchewww . women like this one here don't deserve the life they have.


Sports / Re: Mario Mandzukic Retires From Football by mayorkun101(m): 8:09am On Sep 05
Juventus of Mandzukic was formidable, until a Fake Goat entered there, Juventus started struggling to qualify for Champions league.

The Seria A that they Dominated for 9years.

TaPinaldo is nothing but a media Goat.

Must you display foolishness . like say barca no struggle qualify or mbappe no drop hatrick against your original goat for him own backyard or alphonse Davis no hold all your speedy legs the previous CL season mtchewww better calm down
Celebrities / Re: Hamila Abubakar Blasts Kpokpogri, Tells Him To Get Off Her Page by mayorkun101(m): 8:03am On Sep 05
I just showed my landlord this news and he said that I shouldn't worry about paying house rent in his house again.

He even added his daughter as an incentive..

Op, thanks for this great news angry

Omo meself dey village this news jus5 made me qualify for the throne and next governor of my state. Thank jah grin

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Women’s Rights Protesters Beaten By Taliban Members In Kabul by mayorkun101(m): 7:59am On Sep 05
And one nairaland fool calling himself @antichristian was saying all sort of rubbish to support these jihadist as if him and them makes the rules to govern afghanistan..meanwhile Beating up activists is the smallest thing these guy can do, lol them never even start to comot heads. May God keep the helpless people in afghanistan safe


Crime / Re: Rapist Caught Defiling A Four Years Old Girl by mayorkun101(m): 4:43pm On Sep 03
I recommend death penalty for adult rapists and life sentences for younger sex offenders . this way small sense go enter their mind. Raping a four year old is demonic and its only capital punishment that can cleanse his soul .

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Sports / Re: Solskjaer Warned Ronaldo Won’t Play Every Game For Man United by mayorkun101(m): 3:03pm On Sep 03

.online for me is to catch fun n dts my way of relieving my stress during a days hustle...I pity for frustrated few like u dt do take comments here serious bcoz I dnt do such..
its better u fix up ur life n address d reason for ur frustration n bitterness than placing it on my cr7 comment bcoz i dnt gv a fk about wat u think or how u reason....weekend is here...happy weekend pal

Well premier league is not so easy to dominate, so resting a aged player is nothing new and my guy you seem frustrated true


Crime / Re: Bamidele Muraina Sentenced To US Prison For Unemployment & Tax Fraud by mayorkun101(m): 11:16am On Sep 03
I prefer IPOB terrorists Drug traffickers than Afonja Christian men Posing as a female on internet to defraud people

And are you not the fool lol
Foreign Affairs / Re: 2 Taliban Rape & Beat A Gay Man by mayorkun101(m): 5:28pm On Aug 31
Smelling what you won't eat is hypocrisy , i mean why have sex with him as punishment lol that's more stupid than beating a stone that tripped you grin
Family / Re: Man Beats His Wife, Breaks Her Lower Jaw, Damages Her Left Eye In Adamawa (Pix) by mayorkun101(m): 7:38pm On Aug 29
The man done madddd, Is she just holding the gbola for the first time ,he should have calmed down now even if na fight or maybe he thought the manhood is no more in safe hands grin
Health / Re: Nigerian Doctors: We Shed Tears Of Joy After Receiving First Pay In Saudi Arabia by mayorkun101(m): 9:35am On Aug 29
I understand how you feel broskis .. Me self the day i step foot out of this country ,I'm gon cry a lot cause I'm sure that will be the last time I'll cry embarassed embarassed
Sports / Re: Tokyo Paralympics 2020: Nigeria Gets Two More Medals In Powerlifting Event by mayorkun101(m): 8:27am On Aug 29
Sometimes, I wish we call just give a physically challenged man to lead us, experimenting if we can get it right.

Not like Buhari anyway

Buhari is physically , spiritually and mentally challenged ...
Celebrities / Re: My Market Is Expensive. I Can’t Date A Broke Man — Reality TV Star, Tacha by mayorkun101(m): 9:20pm On Aug 28

You've said it all, that was her mother's choice. So allow her(Tacha) to make her own choice.
I come in peace

Right grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: The Taliban Will Enjoy Killing Us': Gay Man Trapped In Afghanistan (Pix) by mayorkun101(m): 8:57pm On Aug 28
The thing about religion is that it tacitly encourages hating people who don't look like us or don't share the same beliefs as ours. Even Christianity that is purportedly all about love has some very hateful and backward ideas. Why hate gay people? They do not hurt or offend you in any way yet the amount of hate I have seen from the religious hypocrites to gay people is mind-boggling.

P.S. Not gay, just don't understand why I should worry myself about what consenting adults do to themselves that affects no one in any way.

Yeah sure all religion except buddhism has some element of hate but homosexuality should still be on debate cause to me its not normal and definitely a disorder...you see gay men trying to coerce young straight men into sex ..
Celebrities / Re: My Market Is Expensive. I Can’t Date A Broke Man — Reality TV Star, Tacha by mayorkun101(m): 8:38pm On Aug 28

Chai.. cheesy You sound so pained n bittered or are you one if the broke guys she's referring to??

Lol there's no doubt even tacha won't advise anybody to date her dad .. If its not she wont have to market her market with so much vexing nah ... But anyways she's just making it a fact that her mother was foolish for marrying her broke Dad.
Education / Re: Police Rescue Kidnapped KWASU 300L Student, Arrest 6 Suspects In Kwara (Pics) by mayorkun101(m): 8:33pm On Aug 28
Whoa damn and i thought this was a fake news when it happened .... Damn bastards , shoot those punks now ...
Education / Re: The First Black Man Admitted To Oklahoma University in 1948! by mayorkun101(m): 9:19am On Aug 26
As a black person never should you forget the pains and trynny of white men and their women... Even today they look at us with contempt and views us as filth ,you can tell yourself otherwise but its just the truth. My colour is my weapon and i will it wield like never b4 ....

Politics / Re: Crossdresser Arrested In Kogi State, Paraded (Pictures) by mayorkun101(m): 9:12am On Aug 26
This sh!t is getting out hand ... Nigeria has diverse religion and all of them can never support homosexuals .. Cross dressing should be against the law, these people do this for money but mislead many other ignorant pple to believe they are different ,if there's a strict sentence on that as a crime i doubt pple in Nigeria will ever try being a cross dresser or Gay ....
Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban To US: Don't Encourage Afghans To Leave, We Need Them by mayorkun101(m): 8:04pm On Aug 25
I’m not saying they are right, but they are not wrong either. They need the people.

If you don't shut up there i go come slap you till your ear comot mtchewwww nonsensical lil n!ggah

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