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Crime / Re: An Elderly Woman Advised Me To Start Doing Yahoo Yahoo by MayorOlohLo1(m): 2:03pm On Sep 22, 2021
My case is similar to yours, except that this lady is around her late 30s or early 40s.

I'm a freelancer, which means I can work from anywhere.

I work mostly from my bedroom. Always at home.

They assumed I was doing Yahoo.

This lady started encouraging me, telling me that I would keep pressing button.

She even said that someone she knew picked 50M recently.

I was blunt to tell her that I'm a freelance writer, and never in my life would I support scams.

I told her, without batting an eye lid, that scam is the last thing that I'll do, cause I have felt the pain of being scammed.

I told her, and I walked away like a boss. I don't need to do any shady business to make money when I have one of the most sophisticated brains in the world.

Peace out.
Please sir, engage me in this freelancing
Sports / Re: Conor Mcgregor & Machine Gun Kelly Fight At MTV Music Video Awards (Pix, Video) by MayorOlohLo1(m): 3:19pm On Sep 14, 2021

Bury Eminem. Bro Do you Know that MGK is no longer a rapper anymore and he is now into Rock music.

Eminem buried him in Killshot. Rap Devil was a surface rap while Killshot intelligently and scathingly attacked MGK, P Diddy, Iggy Azaela and everything related with MGK. Eminem told him that one call to interscope and he will make him swayze. Swayze actually is a movie in which the main character disappeared from existence as a ghost. You know what, Eminem went on to fulfill his promise. MGK rap career ended. He later stated that the diss was bad business for him. He is now into rock

Eminem is not who to pick and at 49 he is really still good
He buried Ja rule career, buried MGK, Buried Nick Cannon (was that guy even a rapper) and gave the world 5O cent, Kendrick Lamar, Jon Bellion and lots more.

however to be honest, Eminem is done for now. he should retire. at least he tried. it is because of him the word "Stan" is now in the English dictionary courtsey of his song Stan 2000.

He also hols the record for the fastest, second Fastest, and third fastest rap in history; Godzilla, Majesty and Rap God respectively.
Eminem the undisputed GOAT
Family / Re: She Is Pushing Me , My Wife Called Me A Vegetable - Read My Story by MayorOlohLo1(m): 6:24pm On Sep 01, 2021
I like to think us humans as the animal we are, I think you should also adopt that thought pattern, because we're truly animals, imagine a lioness trespassing by attacking a full grown and proud lion, the aftermath will either be the end of her life or lethal injuries sustained. Try to be a man, a king, a god.
Romance / Re: I Conquered Rape Yesterday..i Was Almost Framed(pics) by MayorOlohLo1(m): 1:36am On Aug 31, 2021
funny enough, I didn't receive a single pm or dm from nairaland ladies,guys Don too yab dem for here so seems they respect themselves now...

Ps:: a nairalander saw me when I took those pics this morning, I came out now and was about to go get some things, I just hear, chairman, so you be nairalander?
I just hail am back.. I already know we have nairalanders in this estate
Chairmo sapa wen dey hook me for here right now no be play, see say this message wen i dey type na 1:35am for midnight, na hungry no gree make i sleep. Make you try show ur boy small love
2417473163 Zenith bank
God bless.
Sports / 20 Years In Jail Or Being In Jail Till Arsenal Win The UCL?? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 11:58pm On Jul 13, 2021
With the aftermath of Arsenal's 2 - 1 preseason loss to Hibernian, a below average scottish side, I thought, how bad are Arsenal right now as a football club?

Whilst at it, a very hilarious question crossed my mind, it goes thus;
Say you're a convicted criminal, and then you're given the option of serving a twenty years jail term or staying in jail until Arsenal win the UEFA Champions league.

What is it going to be fellas?
Celebrities / Re: Habeeb Uthman: Obama DMW Buried (Photos) by MayorOlohLo1(m): 10:51pm On Jun 30, 2021
Less than 72 hours ago , he was chopping life in lekki scheme 1 with some of the hottest girls in lekki, VGC and Chevron drive. Now look at where he's gonna be buried. It's a wake up call, you came to this world with nothing and you're definitely going back with nothing.
This is one of the most powerful comments of all time on nairaland
Sports / Re: Leo Messi's Teammates Celebrate His 34th Birthday With Song And Presents (Video) by MayorOlohLo1(m): 8:48pm On Jun 24, 2021
Happy birthday to the Picasso, Lawrence sanders, Da Vinci and Einstein of football.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Professional Writer Needed by MayorOlohLo1(m): 1:46pm On Apr 05, 2021
Business / Re: Which Online Business Has Made You Money This Period? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 1:30pm On Apr 02, 2021
grin cheesy Glad to know you have kept the flag flying grin
please sir teach me about this TwentyXpro as you have generously taught this young lady
Romance / Re: ..,. by MayorOlohLo1(m): 10:03am On Feb 24, 2021
Bro this thing wen dey do u na chronic Jedi jedi (pile) the thing don do me maa sef before. make sure say u use better Agbo Jedi Jedi wen go make u shit the whole pile comot for ur body system. Afterwards come us better aphrodisiac, local wan oo. u go see miracle

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Romance / Re: Mention That Nairaland Moniker You Would Love To Meet In Person by MayorOlohLo1(m): 11:44pm On May 16, 2020
The great Ubunja. The intelligent Martinez39s And the legend NwaAmaikpe.


Nairaland / General / Re: Soldier: The Python We Killed At Front Line Today by MayorOlohLo1(m): 11:22pm On May 07, 2020
You don't have to stereotype because your friend dated a wrong person. Whatever she passed through had nothing to do with dating a soldier; Being bad or good has nothing to do with one's job.
All salute to thee for this speech my gallant officer.

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Romance / Re: What Has Love Made You Do That Annoys You Anytime You Remember? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 12:15pm On May 04, 2020
Though she's my crush then, but I love her so so much.

She was schooling in ado, it was around 2010... I travelled from Lagos to Ado just to see her. Bought provisions (milk, bread, 5alive,soaps,bounvita etc).

I got to her hostel around 2am because there's a heavy traffic. I almost fainted when I met a guy at her place at that time putting on just boxer, she later introduced the guy as her boyfriend. Both of them slept on the bed while she gave me mat to sleep on. I couldn't sleep because I could hear them fvcking.

The following morning, she prepared the bread, milk and bounvita I bought with my money for her boyfriend. Oboy, I don suffer.


Romance / Re: How I Ruined My First Kiss. Never Do This When Kissing A Girl by MayorOlohLo1(m): 2:39pm On Apr 21, 2020
Only wimps kiss, tell her to turn her yansh and give her doggy style.
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Betrayed Someone? Share Your Experience by MayorOlohLo1(m): 2:34pm On Apr 21, 2020
No never, i'm of the most loyal, noble and honorable of the homosapien specie. I've never betrayed anyone.
Romance / Re: Who Are The Prettiest & Sexiest Nigerian Girls You've Seen On Instagram? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 11:02am On Apr 21, 2020
This gorgeous lady appeared on my homepage recently and I could stop scrolling through her page. What a masterpiece of sexiness.
Wow! just the way i like it.
Sports / Re: David Beckham insists Messi is level above Ronaldo. by MayorOlohLo1(m): 10:34pm On Apr 19, 2020
Lemme tell a quick story about how my grandfatha who is nearly 80 years old became a Messi fan, this happened last week.
My grandfatha being an old football aficionado always follows the sport closely on radio and on the internet (He has a Tab), i'm sure if he was much younga we'll even go to view centres togetha to watch football. The Media being so powerful in deceit made the old man somehow find himself stan Ronaldo and dislike Messi without actually watchin them play, actin on what he reads on the net and hears on the radio (Most OAP's are ronaldo stans). Knowin i am a Barca fan, the old man always teases me about Cris being Superior to Leo, i'll just laugh and say "Dont worry i'll show u a clip of both players, you'll judge"
So lastweek i downloaded Messi and Ronaldo Tour de force, and invited him to watch with me on our TV. I played Messi first and i tell U, my grandpa repented, he couldn't believe what he saw, when the video was over i was about to play Cr7's but then he said "No, repeat.who is Cr7?"


Sports / Re: David Beckham insists Messi is level above Ronaldo. by MayorOlohLo1(m): 10:07pm On Apr 19, 2020
I am not a fan of Spanish football! But if I want to test the level of sentiment of an individual, I ask him messi and Ronaldo who is a better footballer? I don't care about their successes or achievements cause it is relative and dependent on a lot of factors, if you choose Rinaldo, then I judge you as a biased and sentimental individual. It is not about theory or opinion, or who fine pass or give charity pass! Brother, if na football for leg, no footballer in the world can boldly choose Rinaldo, Messi is a class ahead of Ronaldo, though Ronaldo is more motivated and has more drive, but .messi is a magician,an enigma, master of the game, as the curtains draws on both of the world most combative footballers, I have got nothing for respect for both of them,for what they have achieved in the game
Haha i like the way u think, i feel the exact same way. Forget the stats, laurels and awards, just look plainly at footballing qualites.
Your eyes wont deceive U. Messi.


Sports / Re: David Beckham insists Messi is level above Ronaldo. by MayorOlohLo1(m): 9:49pm On Apr 19, 2020

No bro.... We aren't using only that. Pedro was just a lucky player both at Barca and chelses, there's no pivotal thing he did. Alexis me� grin

Ronaldo own is different coz he won individual awards at these clubs he's been bro... That's the difference
Fact is, if those guys could get "lucky" in the EPL with so much less talent than Leo (Messi 100X better), well then i think Messi would have destroyed the BPL.
Sports / Re: David Beckham insists Messi is level above Ronaldo. by MayorOlohLo1(m): 9:26pm On Apr 19, 2020

What individual award did those two clowns win in the EPL ??
None. But then they won collective trophies and scored many goals, i think that should be enough for u Ronaldo stans since that's the only criteria u use in comparing him with Messi. Lmao.
Sports / Re: David Beckham insists Messi is level above Ronaldo. by MayorOlohLo1(m): 9:17pm On Apr 19, 2020
That is his personal opinion.

Let Messi leave Spanish League and come and perform in Premier League let me see.

Lol Messi's errand boys, Pedro and Sanchez went to the premier league and owned it. This your logic is lame, motonous and old.


Romance / Re: What Made Your Last Relationship Dissolve by MayorOlohLo1(m): 6:06pm On Apr 17, 2020
She got admission into a higher institution. As per sharp man wen i be, i know say i no get girlfriend again, so i just bone am, i no call, i no text. She did the calling and texting for the first two weeks since she got into the Institution, Emi ika! i was unfazed, i know say dem real niggas never get her time for there ni. After two weeks, as expected, the babe lockup, no text, no call. I just laugh. Who wan date university student, except say person wan die young. Fastforward another two weeks, the babe post herself and some nigga looking all romantic with a very catchy and dissy caption, she come tag me join. Emi bado, i even help the babe like the post.
Brothas never make the mistake of dating a student, except u ma sef na student of the same school. Else u go just kill yoursef. This na babe wen dey promise me heaven on earth, say she no fit get anotha boyfriend lailai. Yinmu.

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Celebrities / Re: Who Is Your GOAT?? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 12:19pm On Apr 15, 2020
And that is the list of my GOAT's. Let us know yours.
Celebrities / Re: Who Is Your GOAT?? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 12:17pm On Apr 15, 2020
13. My GOAT African rapper. I would give this one to our very own homeboy M.I Abaga.
Celebrities / Re: Who Is Your GOAT?? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 12:13pm On Apr 15, 2020
12. My GOAT African footballer.
This would be distinguished in two.
Based on pure talent, skill and artistry, the GOAT would be Austin Jay Jay Okocha.
But then based on Laurels and impact, the Obvious GOAT would be Camerounian Samuel Eto'o.
Celebrities / Re: Who Is Your GOAT?? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 12:08pm On Apr 15, 2020
11. My GOAT African Actor.
The first woman on my list, surely controversial but i'll give it to her, perhaps sentimentally
Omotola Jalade Ekeinde.
Celebrities / Re: Who Is Your GOAT?? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 12:04pm On Apr 15, 2020
10. My GOAT African Musician.
Eyan abami (Mysterious Man), the Prophet, the Spiritual saxophonist,the legend himself, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. An icon of true African Music.
Celebrities / Re: Who Is Your GOAT?? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 11:53am On Apr 15, 2020
9. My GOAT African person.
The Iconic South African, Nelson Mandela. True greatness.
Celebrities / Re: Who Is Your GOAT?? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 11:29am On Apr 15, 2020
8. My GOAT Boxer.
I have only watched the man fight on Youtube, watched his videos severally and i can only conclude that Iron Mike Tyson is the greatest thing that ever happened to boxing. This guy literally won bouts before they even began. He was out to kill opponents, the aggression,the brute force of his punches. Man that guy was a beast.
Celebrities / Re: Who Is Your GOAT?? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 11:18am On Apr 15, 2020
7. My GOAT Dancer.
As i do not know much about dance and dancers, my greatest dancer would still go to Micheal jackson, from what i saw him do, i do not think anyone could better, outdo or even match his dance moves. I cant imagine anything better.
Celebrities / Re: Who Is Your GOAT?? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 11:13am On Apr 15, 2020
6. My GOAT Rapper.
A difficult choice to make between Eminem and Nas. As i want to pick Eminem i begin to hear Nas's infamous jay z diss Ether play in my head and if i'm about to choose Nas i begin to hear Eminems Award winning Song Stan play in my head. For me it's like telling to pick between Xavi and Iniesta. I cant make a choice,they are my two rap GOAT's, i leave it like that.
Celebrities / Re: Who Is Your GOAT?? by MayorOlohLo1(m): 11:02am On Apr 15, 2020
5. My GOAT Person.
Well since i do not consider our lord Jesus Christ a person or human being, i'll have to give it to the despot Adolph Hitler. Rumors say he had just one ball, but then that one single ball must have been a very large one.

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