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Religion / Re: Is MMM A Sin? by mira4u(f): 1:26am On Dec 07, 2016
[b]Mmm is a very big sin in Christianity because it is demonic and promoted by gongon, an infernal demon residing in the 6th princinth of hell.
This demon is a spoiler with 7 heads each in the shape of demonic animals. It was this very same demon that helped the principality called prince of Persia to hold the prayers of Daniel from reaching God for days. During the conquest of heaven when the integrity of the throne of jehovah was challenged, it was this demon that helped lucifer pin down jehovah on the ground and stole some of the ethereal essence from him making lucifer resistant to any attach from jehovah and restricting jehovahs power to the heavens and physical earth.
Lucifer is preparing for the final battle and is gathering resources and anybody that assist mmm succeed is just contributing to the battle against the almighty. Though I know that the age of jehovah is over and lucifer will defeat him and lock Christ in the bottomless pit, I still advise you people to stand with jehovah and stop mmm. In Jesus name I beg[/b]

What's this one saying? undecided
Family / Re: Moment Of Truth: Have You Ever Spied On Your Spouse's Phone? - Bamisepeters by mira4u(f): 11:35pm On Nov 25, 2016
undecided I don't spy. I just tell him to give me his phone let me glance through, not because I suspect him or something but I just like playing with his phone and he gives me readily cos we don't have anything to hide from each other. Why should I spy?

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Romance / Re: Nairalanders Wedding [joanana & Tman14] by mira4u(f): 11:20pm On Nov 25, 2016
Congrats guys!!! You are welcome on board. May God/Allah guide you as you sail through the hurdles of marriage. @joan n her boo
Family / Re: Reasons Why Women Walk Out Of A Marriage by mira4u(f): 6:16am On Nov 11, 2016


ugly bitcch

grin grin lol e still dey pain am. The heartbreak you experienced was epic. Pained nigga!!!

Family / Re: Reasons Why Women Walk Out Of A Marriage by mira4u(f): 6:39pm On Nov 10, 2016

Why are there so many filthy women nowadays?
Most of them are really low life pieces of
since they are without a doubt the
biggest cheaters today.

Low life Loser
women are everywhere now which is the
real reason why many of us Good men are
still Single now because of these filthy pigs.
And it is sad that many of us men had
been Cheated on at one time or another
since many of us really had this happened
to us at the time that we were married,
which it was a real shame that we Never
met the Right Woman from the very
beginning which many of us by now
would’ve been settled with a Good wife and
family just like the real Good old fashioned
women that were so much nicer and much
Easier to meet back then that really made
a Great wife at that time.
It is just too bad
that we weren’t born many years Earlier
which it would’ve saved us a lot of pain
and misery over the years.
relationship is a commitment not feeling...
all dose list above are just western formulated excuses for cheating hence all dis relationship woes

feminist should back off

Heart broken nigga!!!

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Events / Re: Why The Delta Bride Ran From The Wedding Reception - Close Friend by mira4u(f): 4:21pm On Nov 02, 2016
But wait o na the bridegroom be that wey resemble boy Alinco so? undecided see how e dry like stockfish
Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan Said Women Would Return To Kitchen Under PMB, Was She Right? by mira4u(f): 5:59am On Oct 16, 2016
What did they expect from a tribe who treats women as second hand humans, who relegates women to the bedroom and kitchen? It's no surprise.
Crime / Re: Kenya Man Rapes His 98-year-old Grandmother And Two-year-old Girl by mira4u(f): 5:44am On Oct 16, 2016
embarassed na curse
Family / Re: My Wife Is Too Proud To Apologise by mira4u(f): 8:53am On Oct 08, 2016

Mumu, keep deceiving your self, you think you know everything about men, including your husband. I know your type, your husbands marry secretly outside to seek the happiness they require while forming angel at home, many men have created two families outside because of your shallow thinking. It is easier for a man to have 2 separate wives and never possible for a woman to do same. Why not avoid that and submit to your husbands to avoid all these stories that has been leading to suicides. You compelled your husband to change and you think he's happy about that, continue, your husband's new wife is closer than you ever imagine tongue, i dey wait undecided

undecided the most stu..pid post ever. You just narrated the lifestyle of your family, unfortunately, you think all men are like men in your family including you, who has no regard for women, hence, made your women lose their dignity. Sorry to burst your burble okemkpi
Family / Re: My Wife Is Too Proud To Apologise by mira4u(f): 6:42am On Oct 07, 2016


We won't break apart. An concerning the nagging it's not what I can expect of me. My kind of nag has been that I've said I don't like this, she acknowledges and in some cases promises to adjust but doesn't. So I remind her when she does it again. At the 4th time, she may get a lecture. Lol. But I don't like it. I think that 1 or 2 times should be enough for someone to make adjustment. Or if you have a problem adjusting then say it and we have a discussion and arrive at a compromise.

I believe we will get there sha. I've already made up my mind not to make a complain more than once.
You are only interested in her adjustment and not yours. Compromise in marriage is for both parties. It's not a one sided thing else it won't last. Take your time and ask her who she really thinks you are, if she opens up, you will discover what you also need to work on. Stop being a dictator. Listen to her suggestions sometimes. Overlook minor things. Don't complain too much. Then, all will fall in place. I keep telling people including my hubby that MARRIAGE REQUIRES EFFORT FROM BOTH HUSBAND AND WIFE, it's NEVER a One-sided thing. I thankGod my hubby now understands and has made huge adjustment just like I did, my home is more like heaven on earth now. WORK ON YOURSELF.

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Family / Re: My Wife Is Too Proud To Apologise by mira4u(f): 6:05am On Oct 07, 2016
. See them. Birds of a feather undecided
Family / Re: My Wife Is Too Proud To Apologise by mira4u(f): 6:04am On Oct 07, 2016
Bottomline is for a wife to make her husband happy. Op wants to be happily married and he truly deserves it.
undecided op deserves to be happy and wife doesn't deserve it huh!! Wife should make her husband happy while she stays unhappy cos of hubby huh!!! You try. Arrant rubbish!!!! You are just like the op. Tyrants and dictators at home who will never lead their home well yet want all their dictates to be obeyed accordingly. Arrant rubbish!!!!
Family / Re: My Wife Is Too Proud To Apologise by mira4u(f): 5:51am On Oct 07, 2016
undecided obeying you ke, she be your pikin? @mrk74 no offence ... You sound so much like a dictator. Always imposing your ideas on her and will not like to accept hers at any point in time. You are the one who needs serious adjustment on the way you exercise your headship, before you start complaining. If you exercise your headship in the right way, she'll do what pleases you even without much talk. Work on yourself. Read books, bible(if you are a Christian), etc so you can learn the best ways to exercise headship.

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Crime / Re: Mother Of 3 Jailed For Keeping 12-yr-old Sister As Slave (photo) by mira4u(f): 5:15am On Sep 30, 2016
Good move by the neighbors. This is an eye opener cos there are too many of such cases around us. Never knew such law exist.
Food / Re: Python Killed And Eaten In Okumagba, Warri (Photos) by mira4u(f): 11:08pm On Sep 29, 2016
Chai We eat everything. Why
Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan Sues EFCC For N200m by mira4u(f): 6:41pm On Sep 11, 2016
So people are very senseless hw can wife of one time Lecture , deputy governor, governor ,vice president ,president will not afford $15;ooo,ooo go check ur present vice president asset declaration hw much he have has lawyer n mere commissional

Tell the buffoons calling her names. That was a good move by mama peace. This fraudulent body called EFCC, buhari's tool has overstepped their boundary. Its high time somebody stood up against them.

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Romance / Re: My Supermarket Boyfriend Has Turned To Something Else (help) by mira4u(f): 6:07pm On Sep 11, 2016
Actually this is my first post on nairaland,I'm a comment reader and a post reader and I have observed how people do things here and I feel I should share my story,please don't criticise me or anything, I just need your help or advise,and please do read carefully to understand,and i am also sorry if i dont type this well,i'm not much of a writer.Thanks in advance

There's this guy I met at 3chub Ikeja,I actually went to ask if there was any standard rechargeable fan because i have been scammed alot by all these "fairly used" rechargeable fan,so i decided to buy a new one because they sell home appliances there,even though people say fairly used items are better which I chose to decline because this is 2016,and this buhari regime doesnt accomodate an extravagant spending.

I work in Lagos but I stay in mowe,and the electricity there isn't too good so that's why I'm getting the fan so even when the gen is off,i would have an alternative,so when I got to the store,the sales ambassadors offered me different brand rechargeable fan,but i later got a syinix rechargeable fan,because I was impressed with the number of months the warranty covers so I purchased it with my ATM card since I just came to inquire and not buy and I was cashless,I had to just use the POS *I'm only explaining all if these to give you a clearer understanding of the issue on floor*

After purchasing the fan,there was this guy that came to buy a gas cooker and we happened to meet and we both exchanged contacts with eachother and few months later we developed feelings and we had a relationship and we were doing the normal relationship vibe,until this week,he started acting up because I said no sex until marriage...he's a very nice person anyway,he helped me in so many ways(advices,financially,physically) but just because I said no sex until marriage,he's acting up already,although I have my reasons for abstaining until marriage anyway but my story is sad,and I don't know who to tell and I feel more comfortable telling people online because someone that knows me physically might not say the truth to me,because they don't want to hurt me,please I need matured comments even if it will hurt,just tell me

Although we aren't kids,but I'm just troubled because I love him a lot and I don't know what to do.

I'm a loner right now sad

Babe, hold on to what you believe. Don't compromise it for any reason. If he really loves you he should respect that. Many men have waited till the wedding night at the request of their wife-to-be and more are still doing it. So what's the big deal with him? While my husband and I were still dating I told him same thing and he respected it till we got married.

To those shouting 'you accept financial help yet refused to have s..e..x with him' I want to ask, since when does financial assistance you give your wife-to-be became equivalent to s..e.x? Did she tell him she was a se..x hawker? Did he ever explain to her that the money he was giving her was in exchange for s..e..x, yet she continued to accept his financial assistance? Smh for generation of these days. Everything revolves around sex. That's why se..x has no value anymore in today's world like before. Twisted generation!!!!
Jokes Etc / Re: Imagine If A Nigerian Owned Facebook. This Is How He Would Introduce Himself by mira4u(f): 9:56pm On Sep 07, 2016
grin hilarious thread.
Jokes Etc / Re: Imagine If A Nigerian Owned Facebook. This Is How He Would Introduce Himself by mira4u(f): 9:50pm On Sep 07, 2016
Health / Re: Benefits Of Working Out: Seven Reasons Why You Should Start To Exercise by mira4u(f): 6:44pm On Sep 07, 2016
Yeah I need this. Been ignoring it lately.
Politics / Re: President Buhari With Jonathan After Council Of State Meeting (photos) by mira4u(f): 6:35pm On Sep 07, 2016
kiss that's my man......Jona Jona. Love him to bits

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Politics / Re: Rivers APC Demands Wike's Resignation by mira4u(f): 5:56pm On Sep 06, 2016
As if they have something better to offer.

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Politics / Re: Buhari On Stage With APC Governors In Edo State For Obaseki (Photos) by mira4u(f): 5:20pm On Sep 06, 2016
Only a fool will vote APC after they have failed the masses woefully.

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Crime / Re: Old Woman With Big Belly Humiliated For "Witchcraft" In Delta State. Photos by mira4u(f): 10:38pm On Aug 31, 2016

This is lame. Have u ever seen a mermaid or a dragon? Are they not in the dictionary?

You are the lame one. Cos you've not seen it does it mean it's not or was never existing? Yes I have seen a mermaid.
Crime / Re: Old Woman With Big Belly Humiliated For "Witchcraft" In Delta State. Photos by mira4u(f): 10:13pm On Aug 31, 2016
Religion strikes again. Look, witches don't exist. There are no witches. That's why accused witches never fly away. Nobody deserves this.

If witches don't exist there will be no such word in dictionary. Why is the word In dictionary? Will there be a word for something that doesn't exist? Think again.

Btw The treatment meted out on her was too harsh tho'.
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson Celebrates 5th Wedding Anniversary by mira4u(f): 10:18am On Aug 28, 2016
Wow so inspiring. cheesy think I'll use some of
Of these words to compose mine for my baby by December when we gonna celebrate our anniversary.

Happy wedding anniversary babe
Crime / Re: [new Post] Man Caught Red Handed Having S*x With 11-year-old Girl In Lagos (see) by mira4u(f): 8:37pm On Aug 24, 2016
This is becoming too rampant.
Crime / Re: Teenager Stabs Pregnant Girlfriend | Says The Idea Was From Google by mira4u(f): 8:31pm On Aug 24, 2016
A pity.
Celebrities / Re: Solid Earthquake In Italy Kills At Least 120 And Destroy Houses. by mira4u(f): 8:24pm On Aug 24, 2016
Terrible!! Seems the man in the second to the last pic is crying. Sad.
Religion / Re: Pastor E.A. Adeboye Of Rccg Speaks On Make-up, Jewellery, Wigs And Bleached Hair by mira4u(f): 8:13pm On Aug 24, 2016
His opinion. As far as it's not condemned in the bible, it's not a sin. Though the bible emphasized the need for us to be modest. Modest dressing, modest makeup is acceptable.
Celebrities / Re: Funke Akindele Celebrates Her 40th Birthday In London (Photos) by mira4u(f): 5:30pm On Aug 24, 2016

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