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Politics / Re: Illiteracy Rate In Nigeria Is Up To 70% - Vc by MkenyaMatata(m): 12:51pm On Jan 06
While Kenya's LITERACY rate stood @ 82.9% in 2022! No Wonder firm belief in stupid witchcraft is so rampant in Nigeria.
Giant of Africa my foot!( No offence intended)

Crime / Re: Fire Razes Residence Of Man Caught With Human Parts In Ibadan (Photos) by MkenyaMatata(m): 6:27am On Nov 01, 2023
I am not exactly sure what is more dissapointing, between the decapitation and the manner which Nigerians here are taking the matter so casualy and lightly. Are you guys really serious over there? What kind of lifestyle is this? Your country is a big blemish on the motherland and the entire human race. Giant of Africa my foot!

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Crime / Re: After Killing 5 Girls, Yahoo Boys Realize Money Ritual Does Not Work- Confession by MkenyaMatata(m): 11:19pm On Aug 22, 2023
Crime / Re: After Killing 5 Girls, Yahoo Boys Realize Money Ritual Does Not Work- Confession by MkenyaMatata(m): 11:18pm On Aug 22, 2023
I can't believe I just read this crap, in this century! So ashamed right now to be associated with you so called 'fellow' Africans. How can any human being with a functional brain support such senseless killings, in the name of such a non-existant stupid reason, as money ritual? W T F is wrong with you people? No wonder the literacy rate of your godforsaken country Nigeria is in the 60s(%). Even the so called 'village people' in my country Kenya or even 'little' Lesotho down south are more educated and civilised than the avarage Nigerian. What a shame!
Celebrities / Re: Cook-A-Thon: Kenyan Cook, Maliha Mohammed, Surpasses Hilda Baci’s Record by MkenyaMatata(m): 6:04am On Aug 16, 2023
Celebrities / Re: Cook-A-Thon: Kenyan Cook, Maliha Mohammed, Surpasses Hilda Baci’s Record by MkenyaMatata(m): 5:52am On Aug 16, 2023
Is GWR even aware of her attempt?
Aware? Chef Mahila has been holding this record for 4 years, since 2019, when she previously broke it. She is no novice when it comes to GWR and cooking, she is no slay queen either. She is actually a talented and celebrated proffesional chef in the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa.

She broke the Guiness World Record in 2019(previously 68Hrs held by an American), after preparing 400 different types of dishes in just under 3 days nonstop(72Hrs).

Crime / Re: SA Police Invaded The Home Of Nigerians 'Awe' & 'Baba', Seized Drugs by MkenyaMatata(m): 11:17pm On May 25, 2023
sorry to ask, are you a Kenyan?
Yea I am, PROUDLY Kenyan. Why do you ask?
Crime / Re: SA Police Invaded The Home Of Nigerians 'Awe' & 'Baba', Seized Drugs by MkenyaMatata(m): 11:00pm On May 25, 2023
please leave the law abiding and innocent nigerians alone, don't take law into your hands, let the authorities handle everything.

Am sorry to say, that it is already past that point, in Kenya. Even the vibrant Kenyan Civil Society, NGO's and Human Rights Groups, that sometimes seem to side even with captured Alshabaab terrorists, our country's most profilic enemies, don't bother speaking up for Nigerians any more.

It has build this culture of 'open season' against any Nigerian in all our security outfits Immigration, KPS(Police Service), DCI, Prisons, even the KWS(Wildlife Service). Only the ordinary Kenyan citizen has kept it hands free so far, because by default most Kenyans are law abiding by nature. Otherwise it would be going the South African way at the moment.
Crime / Re: SA Police Invaded The Home Of Nigerians 'Awe' & 'Baba', Seized Drugs by MkenyaMatata(m): 10:45pm On May 25, 2023
There's literally nothing civilized about you people..look how much you murder each other for organs in your own country and you have the audacity to call people from other countries 'animals?' Look at how you even defecate in public, the UAE even banned because you don't know how to behave in saner climes.
Nigerians and their criminality literally killed the Pan-Africanist in me. It's not like am even biased against anything Nigerian. Most Kenyans naturally like West Africans and their rich culture, traditional attires, music and stuff like that. The conduct of the so called 'human beings' behind that culture though(read Nigerians), very very hard to swallow.

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Crime / Re: SA Police Invaded The Home Of Nigerians 'Awe' & 'Baba', Seized Drugs by MkenyaMatata(m): 8:13pm On May 25, 2023
So sad how Nigerians are their own worst enemies, when it comes to soiling Nigeria's image abroad. Here in Kenya, thousands of Nigerians are suffering behind bars. Most of them for no reason at all, other than holding the Nigerian passport.

It's not even a joke anymore, that the general populace in Kenya does not trust even 'legitimate' Nigerians. Who are honest immigrants, earning clean honest livelihoods.
Like other numerous nationalities who have made Kenya their home for decades, escaping turmoil and war in their homelands. The Congolese, Rwandese, Burudians even the Somalians are decent and hardworking too and our peaceful neighbours the Tanzanians and Ugandans not forgetting the best of them all, 'model immigrants', the South Sudanese. Only the Nigerians are singled out and it can't be just be just for discriminatory reasons.

Most landlords in Kenya now specifically bar Nigerians from renting units in their premises. Citing that they are bad for business because they come with alot of unnecessary 'wahala' and too much attention from the security forces, to the chagrin of other peaceful tenants.
Politics / Re: Jos Residents Turn Labour Party Presidential Rally Into Street Carnival by MkenyaMatata(m): 4:31pm On Jan 20, 2023
Politics / Re: Jos Residents Turn Labour Party Presidential Rally Into Street Carnival by MkenyaMatata(m): 4:22pm On Jan 20, 2023
Tinubu is already a failure in the coming election.
Let's see how the agbado jadi jadi Remi tinubu will become first lady grin.
Ihordspy, Oyin44, Moh247, Batified2023, seunmsg, all of una must be ruled by Obi cheesy grin
grin grin grin You guys just don't know the joy I get, seeing so called OBI-dients using this meme of our former president Mwai Kibaki. May his soul rest in peace. This man was the best president Kenya has ever had. He brought so much hope for Kenyans, after clinching the presidency from KANU's grip. KANU(Kenya African National Union was the party that drowned Kenya under former president Moi's Dictatorship for a record 24 years! He won by a landslide while in a wheelchair, after a near fatal accident, a few weeks to the elections. It was a poetic, historic, euphoric and unforgettable day for many Kenyans, when he was finally sworn in as the third president of the republic.

He thereafter literally outperformed, for the ten years(two terms) he was president and Kenya is still reaping the fruits of his vision for the country. Africa is surely watching this Nigerian epic story unfold. All the best in your upcoming elections, dear brothers from another mother.


Romance / Re: Kenyan Men Have An Average Of 7 Sexual Partners — New Survey by MkenyaMatata(m): 3:32pm On Jan 19, 2023
I am a Kenyan man, I can verify that it is indeed true. One for each day of the week! Good is good .....all the time. grin

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Crime / Re: Judge Kills Wife, Rapes Corpse In Front Of Their Kids, Hangs Himself In Church by MkenyaMatata(m): 11:46am On Dec 11, 2022
I knew it...if its not Zimbabwe, it would be Kenya. Those are the places where weird stuffs in marriages happen in Africa grin
Like seriously? What is more weird than chopping your kids, wives, brothers, sisters' heads and body parts all in the name of rituals and witchcraft? That s#it has never ever happened in Kenya nor Zimbabwe, since time immemorial.

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Politics / Re: What Seyi Tinubu Did When He Met President Muhammad Buhari (Picture) by MkenyaMatata(m): 10:35am On Dec 11, 2022

Sure it is.

Does it make it functional?
What do you mean? Kenya is a very functional state, development wise and also in other aspects. It has great infrastructure and a booming economy that has been growing by an av. 7% per annum for the past few years. Stable currency, robust trade, steady/uninterrupted power supply 24/7, all year round. Cheap and available internet and a vibrant IT innovation scene. Above all true democracy, peace and respect for human life.
Politics / Re: What Seyi Tinubu Did When He Met President Muhammad Buhari (Picture) by MkenyaMatata(m): 10:13am On Dec 11, 2022

Kenya right?
Yeah Kenya, the most beautiful country in the world.
Politics / Re: What Seyi Tinubu Did When He Met President Muhammad Buhari (Picture) by MkenyaMatata(m): 7:58am On Dec 11, 2022
Very weird. Monarchs or not, traditions or otherwise in East Africa kneeling or prostrating for your fellow human being is akin to slavery. In Kenya even the 'hailing' that Nigerians love to overdo is seen as lowering your dignity and that of your people/community. We respect our elders to a fault, have special greetings and endearing titles for them but never put them above the dignity of others. Its every man for himself and God for us all around this parts.

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Romance / Re: Some Girls Are Now Shamelessly Into Hookup by MkenyaMatata(m): 11:29pm On Nov 12, 2022
Damn! No offence, but do Nigerian men have it this bad? All I can see is hair, fake horse hair that is at war with the irregular head shape. grin Plus what I can't see am sure it ain't there, ass and figure. That for 100,000 Kenyan shillings, hell no! Meeen, I trust my East African babes, God really blessed them with all the 'Delilah snares and traps' no. 8 figures, ass, hips, manners you name it.


Travel / Re: Virgin Atlantic Scraps Gendered Uniforms, Will Hand Out Pronoun( Pics) by MkenyaMatata(m): 6:12pm On Sep 30, 2022
Am glad that while they are digging further on their demented stance of spreading their twisted agendas, my country Kenya is moving further in the opposite direction. Kenya now has an evangelical president, Dr. William Samoei Arap Ruto and recently the KFCB(Kenya Film Classification Board) banned all LBGTQ+ content from airing in Kenya. Including movies, Tv. series and shows from streaming platforms. I pray that the entire African continent remains steadfast and does not bow to their pressure and allow this trend to take root.


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Crime / Re: Man's Penis Bitten Off For Stealing In Bakassi Peninsula (Graphic) by MkenyaMatata(m): 5:56am On Sep 30, 2022
WTF did I just watch! Demented shiet like this only happens in Nigeria, soiling Africa's image like its their birthright.
Food / Re: Lawyer, Monday Ubani Threatens Lawsuit Over Ponmo Ban by MkenyaMatata(m): 10:26am On Sep 22, 2022
I need to eat this ponmo stuff, seems very delicious. I have been very interested in tasting it for some time now. We are mad about meat in Kenya, escpecially goat meat and cow too but I haven't yet eaten skin. Nigerian food is sweet and exciting, why lie, but I don't really know where to get ponmo on the menu in Nairobi. Nigerians in Kenya help me out @Pavore9 and others, abeg please point me in the right ponmo direction. cheesy

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Politics / Re: Kenya Election And Lessons For Nigeria by MkenyaMatata(m): 1:21pm On Sep 07, 2022
Kenyans with 81% illiteracy were able to spread d message of hope why can't we Nigerians with 61% spread d obidient gospel very well
81% illiteracy in Kenya, are you mad? Kenya's LITERACY rate according to statistics by UNESCO is 81% meaning illiteracy is at a mere 19%. https://countryeconomy.com/demography/literacy-rate/kenya

The literacy rate in Nigeria is at 61% the remaining 39% are all illiterates, a whooping 76 million Nigerians who can neither read or write. That is akin to the entire population of Kenya plus 16 million people! https://tribuneonlineng.com/76-million-nigerian-adults-are-illiterates/
Politics / Re: How Atiku, Tinubu, Obidients Reacted To Kenyan Presidential Election Results by MkenyaMatata(m): 4:29pm On Aug 17, 2022
Prof. Wajackoya was in essence a joker from the word go. Every Kenyan, me included, knew he was trending online for all the wrong reasons. His main agenda revolved around his promise to legalize the use and trade of Marijuana, if successfully elected as president. He was promising that Kenya would tap into the export of Marijuana, just like tea and coffee, that are top foreign currency earners for Kenya. His dressing, in durags and stunners like a rapper, his Roots Party and slogan, 'tingiza mti'(shake the tree) in the end was just comic relief taken too far.

President-elect Dr. William Samoei Arap Ruto had all cards stuck against him. His boss astonished everybody when he endorsed, campaigned and rallied the full force of his government behind Raila Odinga, the chronic loser. A leader from the opposition party, under the umbrella coalition Azimio la Umoja, who thought he finally had the presidency in sight. Baba, as he is fondly known even started dishing out cabinet position, before the elections.

Luckily Kenyans are not guillable and are always serious about all matters leadership and politics. The president-elect's coalition of parties, Kenya Kwanza, won all the positions(gubernatorial, senatorial, parliamentary even local county reps) in outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta's backyard. They even won the presidential vote, in the polling station that the president voted in, all the way in his ancestral hometown of Gatundu, Kiambu County/C. Kenya.
Jokes Etc / Re: What's The Reason Behind This Trending Meme (photo) by MkenyaMatata(m): 2:11pm On Aug 17, 2022
That was The WRC(World Rally Championship) Kenya Safari Rally 2022 undoubtedly the best rally in the world. It was epic as drivers from all over the world descended on Kenya to race off-road in the savannah, past epic landscapes, zebras, giraffes, lions and all types of world animals. I was present in Naivasha, aka Vasha the scenic town where all the fun happens during the Safari Rally. President Uhuru Kenyatta flagged off the rally himself at KICC in Nairobi City.

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Crime / Re: Man Stabbed To Death By His Wife’s Lesbian Lover In Anambra (Pictures) by MkenyaMatata(m): 11:29pm On Aug 10, 2022
Am not judging but what's with the snapping and posting pictures of dead bodies? Where is the African respect for the dead? You can't do that shit over here in East Africa. As in take out your phone or camera and snap a photo of the deceased. Whether at the hospital, mortuary or when mourners are paying their last respects. You can actually get beaten/lynched on the spot for just daring to do that.
First time I clearly saw a picture of a dead body on social media, or even in real life, was right here on Nairaland.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: #KenyaDecides2022: IEBC Records 56.17% Turnout, Even Before The Close Of Voting by MkenyaMatata(m): 10:46am On Aug 10, 2022
Ralia Odinga takes this...

Kenyatta favoured him...and with the manual voting accepted... possible rigging in his favour, if necessary, will be done.

It is what it is.
You can't rig via the voters register in Kenya, even the manual one. Tallying of results is done at the polling station level, all independent observers, media and party agents present to witness. Before the results are sent to the regional and national tallying centers, electorically not manually.

Furthermore the courts in Kenya are independent and partial. Presidential elections were nullified in the last general elections, because of unobseved procedures and protocols. Attempts at outright rigging is akin to suicide.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: #KenyaDecides2022: IEBC Records 56.17% Turnout, Even Before The Close Of Voting by MkenyaMatata(m): 10:33am On Aug 10, 2022
an election of 2 acient DINASOURS rodinga and keyaaataa
Kenyatta just completed his second term, he is not contesting. He was 56 years when he was sweared in as president for his first term in 2013. This election is between William Ruto(56) and the 'old man' Raila Odinga who is 77 years old(not doctored).


Foreign Affairs / Re: #KenyaDecides2022: IEBC Records 56.17% Turnout, Even Before The Close Of Voting by MkenyaMatata(m): 10:26am On Aug 10, 2022
Raila Odinga wey I Sabi na computer virus grin
The virus was named after the man. He is contesting to be president for a record fifth time. Thats the character of the man, very stubborn like the virus. His lesson to all of us is never give up, there is actually a 50-50 chance that he might just emerge victorious this time round.


Foreign Affairs / Re: #KenyaDecides2022: IEBC Records 56.17% Turnout, Even Before The Close Of Voting by MkenyaMatata(m): 10:11am On Aug 10, 2022
It's like you didn't vote??
Both Ralia and Ruto are key officers in the current government of Kenyatta
I voted very early in the morning yesterday. Do your research, Raila is not an officer of the GOK. He tried to swear himself in as president in the last general elections, after he was defeated but thereafter made peace with Uhuru Kenyatta. In what was famously known as 'The Handshake'. Raila Odinga is the official leader of the opposition even right now.

William Ruto is the Deputy President, even though they have not been seeing eye to eye with his boss Uhuru Kenyatta for some time now. The president dared him to resign, since as per the new Kenyan constitution 2010 he can't sack him without going through the parliament but Ruto refused categorically. Uhuru Kenyatta supported Raila's Odinga's bid for president, campaigned for him and left William Ruto, his deputy, hanging in the wind.


Foreign Affairs / Re: #KenyaDecides2022: IEBC Records 56.17% Turnout, Even Before The Close Of Voting by MkenyaMatata(m): 10:03am On Aug 10, 2022
Are you aware that all the “Official Riggings” which happened in the Nigerian General Elections of 2015 and 2019 were as a result of the Manual Accreditation??
(The manual accreditation errors of 2015 were even published online by the INEC themselves)
We do it very different here in Kenya, all voters were registered biometrically since the 2013 general election. Electronic voting is being done for the third time this year. The inclusion of the manual register in the polling stations was done so it can be a plan B, incase the electronic devices fail due to other factors like network etc.

Also even if you are a registered voter in Kenya you have to produce your national identification card at the polling station, before you can vote


Foreign Affairs / Re: #KenyaDecides2022: IEBC Records 56.17% Turnout, Even Before The Close Of Voting by MkenyaMatata(m): 9:50am On Aug 10, 2022
William Ruto
Results are being streamed live as the counting of votes continues. William Ruto, the current deputy president is giving Raila Odinga(opposition leader) a hard time. Which was unexpected since Raila Odinga had the backing of the president, Uhuru Kenyatta. Would you believe the president backed and campaign for the opposition leader, from an opposing party, to succeed him?

William Ruto's UDA Party has won seats in all levels County Assembly(MCA), Senatorial, Gubernatorial, National Assembly(M.P & Women Rep. in the president's home county. They have even won the total presidential vote in the polling station that Uhuru Kenyatta voted in yesterday. It's amazing!


Foreign Affairs / Re: #KenyaDecides2022: IEBC Records 56.17% Turnout, Even Before The Close Of Voting by MkenyaMatata(m): 9:31am On Aug 10, 2022
Major Take-aways:
1. The Kenyan IEBC allowed manual accreditation..
(That is, Manual Voting)..
That means, there are still “rooms” and loopholes for there to be “Official manipulations” of the results, even though they used “Electronic Transmission”.
Thus,, The Nigerian Election of 2023 is definitely going to be more transparent than whatever Kenyans did on the 9th of August, 2022.
2. The 56.17% Voters Turnout is something to be applauded.. Kenyan Voters showed enough Participation.
3. With the total population of Kenya projected to be around 53,771,298 as at 2020 (https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/kenya-population),, it means that only about 40-to-41% of the total population of Kenyans were the ones who registered to participate in the elections.
You are wrong about the manual part. Voting was entirely done electronically ie. KIMS kit for fingerprints. Manual accreditation was done for a few individual cases, where a voter couldn't be accredited via the KIMS kit. When errors occured in the kits or when there was unstable network, etc, the manual register was there as back up.

The turnout was also not satisfactory, might even be the lowest in Kenya's history. Out of 22 Million registered voters only 12 Million showed up at the polling stations. There was voter apathy amongst many of the youth, who didn't care to take part in the elections. Unlike the last general elections in 2017 where the youths showed up to the last man.

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