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Crime / Re: Loan App Wants To Ruin My Career by Moyosoreola(m): 3:03pm On Sep 14

Bro you're possibly an slowpoke, for calling me a thief.
Do you know me?
Do I know you?
Thank God we meet here on nairaland land.... You lack manner and guess! You are working for the useless financial institution.

You'll regrets calling me a thief, poverty stricken human like you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Cormart Nigeria Limited Newest Openings by Moyosoreola(m): 3:51pm On Sep 09
Good day guys,

The purpose of posting this on Nairaland was because I go my first and second Job through this lovely platform.
The Job I am currently doing is my 3rd after NYSC and was gotten from the connection obtained whilst on the second job.

TGI group (14+ other company under it) is a wonderful coy that I think will enhance your career growth if you join.

I am current with this group and I think I should give back to the society.
Check the attached for information.

Long live Nairaland.
Deadline is 15 Oct.2021

Best regards.

Crime / Re: Whatsapp Scam Alert by Moyosoreola(m): 4:25pm On Aug 24
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria Customs Recruitment 2019. How To Apply. 3,200 Officers To Be Recruited by Moyosoreola(m): 1:10pm On May 09, 2020
This is my 1st post on this thread since 18th of April, 2019. I also did the NCS test and am also expecting a +ve results.

FYI my NCS digit is with one senior custom boss in Abj as well as one serving senator from my state. Irrespective of how the pendulum ball swing its still a win win. If pendulum even cut, I will continue with my 9 to 5 in Lekki. � � �

Now listen, going forward if I hear any unnecessary pim from noise makers, especially those irrelevant write-ups.

As one of the threads lead silent captain I will personally remove you from the thread as well as employment list of NCS.

Always ensure you don't put your 100% or even upto 60% of your expectations on this NCS recruitment as the pendulum can cut at any stage or even swing to the direction of the Almighty cabals. So chillax.

Thanks for reading. �. �. �
NCS thread captain
Orimigbale walai

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Crime / Re: Kidnapper: I Have Kidnnaped About 50,killed About 10 On Abuja-kaduna Highway by Moyosoreola(m): 7:23pm On Sep 13, 2019
Story.... Why making noise about this arrest? He is a member of the tribe in Aso Rock!

They will still release him to continue his mayhem. No member of the ruling tribe can ever be punished for crimes of killing other lesser Nigerians

.... And you too would have claimed you made a sensible comment today......

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Crime / Re: Kidnapper: I Have Kidnnaped About 50,killed About 10 On Abuja-kaduna Highway by Moyosoreola(m): 7:20pm On Sep 13, 2019
Crime / South Africa Attack On Nigerians. What Nigerians And Government Should Do??? by Moyosoreola(m): 5:04pm On Sep 04, 2019
Look @this picture... A supposedly SA police officer laughing while a fellow black man is being set ablaze. � Buttressing this picture with the statement of the SA deputy police officer that "....foreigners have taken over their major cities thriving, hence we wouldn't take it anymore.... " �. Couple with series of condemn-able atrocities being perpetuated against fellow blacks in their useless country.

These made me conclude, that an average black South African is a psychopath that needs urgent medical attention. He or she is afraid of him/herself. And the spirit of apartheid really need to be removed from their useless mentally derailed, criminally empty brains.

Nigerian should not tread their lines by killing them or destroying their properties, we should teach the South Africans with our actions how to be morally responsible with fellow humans and remind them the urgent need for brain checks to re-evaluate their mental stability as humans. �

Nigeria government should sanction their businesses in Nigeria �� , and re-establish our people in their fatherland after repatriating them from South Africa.

South Africa government has got about 1.3trillion to loose and their already dead economy will further go south. � shocked Remember they will sell their businesses cheaper to Nigerians in Nigeria� shocked ... Ghana must go era is a case study.

Engr. Rilwan

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria Customs Recruitment 2019. How To Apply. 3,200 Officers To Be Recruited by Moyosoreola(m): 6:01pm On Aug 22, 2019
Thank God I just saw....
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Store Keeper And Cleaner Needed by Moyosoreola(m): 2:24pm On Jul 22, 2019
Where is the location please @ the poster
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigeria Customs Recruitment 2019. How To Apply. 3,200 Officers To Be Recruited by Moyosoreola(m): 12:00pm On Jul 10, 2019
82 already and still counting.... cheesy
Politics / Re: Osun: Why Adeleke Can’t Get Certificate Now –INEC by Moyosoreola(m): 2:16pm On Mar 26, 2019
Senator Adeleke joyful mood after the tribunal confirmed him as the governor elect of Osun state


Watch well they are holding down that fool not to dance..... shocked shocked shocked

Injustice Peter Obiora (PdP) see what you caused
Politics / Re: Let Us Try Atiku Abi ? by Moyosoreola(m): 2:46pm On Jan 21, 2019
All these newbies politicians that are suppose to start as house of rep. members or senate out of greed and lack of deep thinking, all running for the office of the president of federal republic of Nigeria. Instead of them to form a coalition and wrestle power, they all wanted to be president at the same time. This mentality is what has made us to always have traffic on our various roads.

An average newbies presidential candidate cannot win his or her local government let alone 19 Northern states in Nigeria.

The only option so far is PMB he has started the good work let us let him finish.

We voted him in 2015 and we the majority of Nigerians will still vote him again.

I am a realist.

Next Level.
Politics / Let Us Try Atiku Abi ? by Moyosoreola(m): 12:36pm On Jan 21, 2019
#Let us try Atiku abi?

Buhari is never a perfect president i.e 100%, but atleast we can base on the fact that he is a responsible leader though with his own human weaknesses, his strength lies in his integrity as seen from his antecedent give him 60% and we have Prof. Osibanjo to balance him.

Buhari will never compromise our country for personal gain like the others. A single example was that he was incharge of allocating oil well but never allocated one to himself...to mention but 1.

Change is a gradual process and we cannot expect things to turn around in a givy. Time is needed to achieve any change in any aspect of life... Think about that.

Although not there yet, Atiku is never an alternative based on his antecedent, ask the real Obasanjo a co worker of his, though he would have helped to clear the air about Atiku's integrity but unfortunately now he is playing ball with the dollar party.

Should we now try Atiku?

Try him so that money will continue gotten missing from the treasury and nobody to hold.

Try him so that many Dasuki can rise again and treasury looted among cronies.

Try him so we can continue to suffer power outages, all contract money for project looted and nobody to hold responsible.

Try him so that NNPC will become things of the past the same way NEPA, Nig. AIRWAYS, NITEL, etc ended and at the end my kids and yours will have no pride asset to call theirs.

Try him so that corruption can be legalised and all the places will become jamboree filled with money abi? Guys let us hustle hard, no free money anywhere ooo.[Dreamers]

Guy, you better wait for Buhari, to enter in 2019 so we can have all criminals pay for their respective crime.

Athiefku, sarakill, etc all must go in 2019....Next level by the grace of God... Am so much believing you should too.

Engr. Rilwan M.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Vacancy Around Surulere by Moyosoreola(m): 5:34pm On Jan 16, 2019
please@ymstar if you see any other OND available job for female here is my mail abdulsalamajoke4real@gmail.com...Thanks
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Telcom Power Engineering Job...aug.18 by Moyosoreola(m): 2:12pm On Aug 29, 2018

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Telcom Power Engineering Job...aug.18 by Moyosoreola(m): 12:01pm On Aug 29, 2018
Jobs/Vacancies / Telcom Power Engineering Job...aug.18 by Moyosoreola(m): 10:06am On Aug 29, 2018

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Politics / Re: Saraki’s Impeachment: PDP Senators Keep Vigil At NASS by Moyosoreola(m): 10:08am On Aug 16, 2018
The reason why Saraki is afraid of being impeached is because of Karma...He came in through fraudulent means now he is afraid of being thrown out fraudulently...No rest for the wicked...lol

"Bukola Saraki, a former governor of Kwara State, has been elected the president of the eighth Senate.

Mr. Saraki of the All Progressives Congress, APC, defeated his party’s preferred candidate, Ahmed Lawan, to emerge the Senate president.

He was nominated by Sani Yerima and seconded by Dino Melaye.

He was elected unanimously by 57 senators present at the session.

The remaining 51 senators were at the International Conference Centre waiting for a truce meeting reportedly called by the leadership of the APC and President Muhammadu Buhari.

One senator, from Borno state, passed on shortly after he was elected.

Mr. Saraki has been sworn into office.

The election for the office of Senate Deputy President is still ongoing. Immediate past deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, is contesting against Ali Ndume from Borno State.

He is expected to win the race following a power sharing deal that had the minority but influential PDP back the new senate president, Bukola Saraki.''

karma na asshole tongue
Crime / Re: Woman Robbed And Raped In Lekki By Facebook Lover And Friends. Photo by Moyosoreola(m): 12:14pm On Aug 13, 2018
Politics / Educated Youths And Propaganda by Moyosoreola(m): 1:09pm On Jul 30, 2018
Good day all...But, still on the matter...

To begin with, what is propaganda?

"Propaganda: prɒpəˈɡandə /noun

information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

In other words propaganda also means a powerful weapon in war; it is used to dehumanize and create hatred toward a supposed enemy, either internal or external, by creating a false image in the mind of soldiers and citizens."

To begin with I need to state clearly that the problems we have in this country today is not only limited to our old, nepotistic, rapacious and haggardly thinking selfish leaders, but also, include the copy and paste young school goers popularly refer to as educated youths 'abi' young elites.

These group of educated young people are expected to be highly logical and rational when handling common views/issues, but instead are extremely illogical and irrational with their already toxic propagandist mindset. embarassed

Unfortunately, just like our illiterate and semi literate young counterpart, most supposedly educated youths do not verify facts from more than one source before making a general statement, and always draw flabbergasting conclusions on a media that is supposed to be social. This most of the time often lead to E-war among the young school goers, painting social media the color of anti-social. shocked

In conclusion, let us stop helping these selfish and careless political few use us to drive home their propaganda and politics of hate.
Let's not allow these political maggots to continue dividing us along the route of religion and ethnicity. Let us learn to see the truth and use fact to drive home our points always.

You have to note this, we will grow not as a country, if we don't stop selfishly analyzing general issues along the path of our political,religion,ethnic and tribal affiliate.

Let start seeing beyond our mind...Let not expect change from the government let us be the change.

' Ologbon oloye lomaye '... Only the wise will understand .

Engr. Moyor. cheesy
July 30,2018
Politics / Re: Our President Vs Them by Moyosoreola(m): 3:56pm On Jul 24, 2018
Does anybody know where sense can be donated for people??

Arindin copy and paste fool...better get schooled and face your future

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Politics / Re: Our President Vs Them by Moyosoreola(m): 3:55pm On Jul 24, 2018
OP you are 100% wrong. Pmb is scared of hunting them, Its not any judiciary system if its why was zalzazaky and Mutuh not released.

The 2 fools will not be released because despite all the evidence against them the nonsense judiciary still want them released.

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Politics / Our President Vs Them by Moyosoreola(m): 3:33pm On Jul 24, 2018
The real story...President vs Them

If you know, you know...Buhari hates corruption to the fullest even ICC testified to this. Most of the senators don't like this idea as they were mostly used to the PDP ghana must go method of national cake sharing formula, hence they felt victimised by the fight against corruption.

Even our nonsense judiciary is not helping matter as they often required 'red-handed' evidence for effective prosecution of this indicted big names, hence no jail often for the corrupt fools.

This corrupt politician were so used to the corrupt system of government that they took Buhari as their personal enemy. They even cried foul when their 'hit men' get apprehended and their various supposedly big names mentioned. Why will a senator say he/she is fighting for my interest if he/she owns 20 houses and 30 cars? Will such a person ever think selflessly?

They even arm some crooks to play the role of heardsmen and the 'Oloriburukus' have been playing it correctly with their guerrilla warfare tactics killing innocent Nigerians. And their sponsors inturn score political points as well as media black mailing of the government.

If they like let them decamp to whatever party, we Nigerians are wiser now we know what to do during the 2019 election. No senator can influence us to vote for his/her stupid candidates. Remember we pay them big from our hard earned salary and they are there fighting for their personal interest.
If you don't know, you don't know.


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Crime / Re: Suspected Boko Haram Members Allegedly Kidnap Eight Persons In Oyo by Moyosoreola(m): 1:44pm On Mar 16, 2018
Who concluded the perpetrators are Boko haram?
Always get your fact handy before posting shit
Romance / Re: The Beautiful Ones Are Underground by Moyosoreola(m): 1:45pm On Oct 10, 2017
dancing bastard for u OP

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NPower Alert: Device Processed & Processing by Moyosoreola(m): 2:05pm On Sep 13, 2017


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