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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Writing Job (remote) Opportunity - Longterm And Fulltime Only by Nairalandboyfri: 10:35pm On May 28
What is your rate per word?

That's the most important information, but you did not include it.
Romance / Re: Please Help Me. I'm Having Thoughts Of Killing People by Nairalandboyfri: 3:26pm On May 14
Inbox me let’s help u for spiritual work but eee no be for free
You are a bloody scammer sir.
Romance / Re: Please Help Me. I'm Having Thoughts Of Killing People by Nairalandboyfri: 3:24pm On May 14
This is a serious case of demon possession. It's passed the stage of infestation.
Right now, you need to both conduct self deliverance for yourself and also renew your mind with the word of God.

Listen to Joshua selman's mystery of deliverance part 1 -4.
Search for it on naijasermons.com

Finally, pray, fast, meditate on God's word.

Quit violent movies or movies where bloodshed occurs.
Pray against fear. The more you think you are likely to do it, the more the spirit of fear pummels your mind till you give up and comit it.

You are not a murder. Surrender your life to Christ , if you haven't done so.
Religion / Re: My Experience At Christ Embassy With Chris Oyakhilome’s Son, Daysman Oyakhilome by Nairalandboyfri: 1:24pm On May 09
I see the priorities of Western media is to tarnish the image of Nigerian preachers.
Indirectly leading to a distrust in God.

I won't ask what they would they gain from it. They want every nation to be as godless as theirs.
Romance / Re: I Lost My Kid Pray For Me Please by Nairalandboyfri: 10:35am On May 07

Horrible things has happened to me things I won't be able to say before I drown in my own tears and sorrows.


I lost my only kid recently after everything I decided to leave everything for God. But its a wound to me.


But how can human be so weaked and heartless like this how can someone steal my phone especially this time that I am battling with depression due to the lost of my baby?


They know my conditions but why?
My phone is the only companion now especially the pictures and the videos of my child.
Also music and motivational speeches.
You can related to the memories.


But any disappointment from God is a blessing.
How is 2024 for you?

Hello Dorcas, Sorry for your Loss.
If you need anyone to talk to, to drown the pain, I'm here.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Get Free $10 On Readon DAO App by Nairalandboyfri: 7:49am On Apr 04
Have withdrawn to my binance,so don't say what you don't know.

That's the first thing you should have posted.

Proof! Proof ends all doubt. Instead of saying you've withdrawn, post proof of withdrawal from this same app.
Politics / Re: Most Disliked Nations By Counties ( Stats) by Nairalandboyfri: 4:06pm On Mar 28
This is false to me.
Many Nigerians are a fan of Russia.
I'd say America is most disliked in Nigeria .
Also in the case of South Africa, it can't be Russia. They are both in the same BRICS union.
But South Africa has regularly voiced out their displeasure with Israel. The occupation of Palestine reminds the South Africans of Apartheid.
Israel is most hated in South africa

Zambians don't hate South Africa.
Their relationship is a more of a tease relationship like Nigeria has with Ghana.

Saudi Arabia doesn't hate Israel as much as they hate Iran.
And Saudi Arabia is most hated in Yemen.

Most of these figures are falsified.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need Your Urgent Advise by Nairalandboyfri: 8:56am On Mar 18
Dear Nairalanders, please I need your advice on this. A CEO of a foreign company (still growing), agreed with me that if I can work for free for 2 days, I will be employed full time. She gave me a project for her online school, which is to study four of her courses and set quizzes suitable for the courses. Note that the courses have no quizzes.

This project was meant to take me more than a week. When I started and submitted the first quiz questions for one of the courses,she said he project will be used as an trial to know if I will work full time. Initially what we agreed was to work free for two days before resuming full time. When I was done with all the courses, she condemned some quiz questions, however, she said some were good and will be used. The project was completed in four days as I worked day and night.

After some days, I contacted her again to know the update if I would start working or something, she said she is still discussing with her staff that she will revert on it. Two days after, she came up with another project, this time I have to finalize and upload the quiz questions on another site and she offered 50€, which I declined. She said this will determine if I will be working as a full time staff (same thing she said before the first project). I negotiated for100€ which she refused. Later I decided to do it her terms.

She told me it's too late that she would be uploading it herself. So I requested that since it's my quiz questions she will be uploading and since I won't be working with her as a permanent staff, it is proper she compensates me for the project. I said it is not proper for her to sell her courses online with my project without paying me for it. She then said she has decided not to use it since I am requesting for compensation. When I reported to the site provider via email, she then offered to pay $30, but wants me to resend mail to the Provider apologizing to her.

I declined her offer and told her to keep it all, that i am no longer interested and I have decided to move on. What's your advice. Is it wrong requesting for compensation since she will use my project to make money, though she is now saying she won't make use of it, which I still doubt because it was same project I would have uploaded if I had accepted the offer and she stated when I submitted it that she will use it.

You were used. Next time, request to use an escrow or a middle man. You started on her terms and without a proper negotiation.
You'll get another one. Do not worry.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Remote Jobs For Sit-at-home Moms by Nairalandboyfri: 8:52am On Mar 18
Please state the type of remote jobs your company is offering. Don't make people go through the stress of saving your number, contacting you only to find out they aren't interested in doing the job or can't even do it at all.


Family / Re: Please Does My Sister Have A Point Here by Nairalandboyfri: 6:32am On Mar 12

How? Am I going to defraud her or do anything that will implicate her?

Tell me exactly what point she has?

The purpose of linking your NIN to your number is for the purpose of identification. You might not have ulterior motives but if your phone were to be stolen?

What if someone hacks your account and everything is traced back to her?


Family / Re: Please Does My Sister Have A Point Here by Nairalandboyfri: 5:43am On Mar 12
Yes she has a point.


Politics / Re: Hausa - Warning To Northern Nigeria. by Nairalandboyfri: 9:24pm On Feb 23
I learnt something today 👍

You're welcome. Check out our website.

Politics / Re: Hausa - Warning To Northern Nigeria. by Nairalandboyfri: 4:50pm On Feb 23
Funny how no other European speaks Italian despite being colonized for more than 500 years

Latin. The language of Rome was latin not Italian, and yeah, Italian, Romanian, French, Spanish and Portuguese have Latin as their parent language.

And English also uses the Latin Alphabet so, indirectly, they still speak a form of Latin

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian man, Emeka Nelson built a power generator that runs on just water by Nairalandboyfri: 6:31am On Feb 05

Say what you know. What's the man's name? You can't generate energy with water alone. It's against all the laws of science

Against all the LAWS?
The first set of vehicles in human history were driven using steam engines.. Steam engines used WATER.

And dude up there is not the first to build a generator that runs on water.

Everything is possible in the world of science. You just need to know the secret.
Science/Technology / Re: Japanese Scientists Record Plants "Talking" To Each Other by Nairalandboyfri: 10:54am On Jan 31
This na rubbish abeg. As dem dey talk to demselves now, weytin we wan use am do? these people have a way of wasting funds.
Such a little mind you have.

I love the research.
Romance / Re: How Do I Stop This Nonsense??? by Nairalandboyfri: 9:00am On Jan 10
Make phone recordings of her voice when she starts such nuances. That might be the only thing that will save you from accusations of sexual assault when the time comes.
Crime / Re: Graphic Photos. Woman Dehumanized In Afghanistan For Allegedly Burning Koran by Nairalandboyfri: 8:53am On Jan 10
Stop copying news from propaganda bots!

Anyone familiar with twitter knows that, Azzat Alsalem is a propaganda machine!

The fact that you defend this shows, you've lost every trickle of humanity in you.

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Family / Re: NNPCL Gifts ₦200k Petrol Voucher To Lady Who Wakes Early To Cook For Her Husband by Nairalandboyfri: 6:05am On Jan 07

And you are happy about it, do you know what lack of proper sleep does to the body,I will pardon your ignorance, cause I see African marriages where the woman has to be a semi slave for the marriage to work.

If 4:50am (virtually 5am is too early to wake up for the day), then I suspect laziness.

If one sleeps by 11pm (many sleep earlier than that) and wakes by 5am, and you think they haven't slept enough, I suspect laziness .

This isn't sleep deprivation, going by your definition.

Too much sleep on the other hand causes back ache, and mental laziness..

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Family / Re: NNPCL Gifts ₦200k Petrol Voucher To Lady Who Wakes Early To Cook For Her Husband by Nairalandboyfri: 6:01am On Jan 07
The story of Debbie & the 2 spoons:

A social media user Mumzee Debbie had made a post about her husband's female colleague who brought 2 spoons to work.

She faced a lot of backlash from some users who bashed her for springing off bed whilst the man snores away, and married to a man who had no fridge or good mattress and lives in one room.

Debbie Loveth will have none of it, she fought back valiantly much to the delight of many social media users who decided to surprise and encourage the mother of one. Debbie says she studied geology and her husband is a Mathematics teacher.

At the last count, Debbie has been gifted scholarships, pro bono legal service, furniture, a freezer, window blind, website, AC, free web designing classes, remote job, free couple session, shoes, one year health insurance, clothes, data analysis classes and over N3 million.


This is what our mums did everyday. It isn't new. However, the current generation thinks it is an abomination to honour their husbands.



Nairaland / General / Re: Which Platform Should I Migrate To? by Nairalandboyfri: 7:02pm On Jan 05
It’s no news that Nairaland of today isn’t the same as last month not to talk of years before.

Reddit bores me. It’s a huge base of knowledge, however the topics are American-centric. There are a lot of users and one’s opinion gets drowned in a sea of members.

StackOverflow looks promising. I’ll open an account after composing this.

4chan is not for me. Too many racists. The user interface is jumbled. I can never make sense of topics discussed.

Quora? It doesn’t appear exciting. It’s like going on a date with an intelligent fellow who has no hobbies.

Twitter makes no sense to me. I don’t know how it works nor do I want to learn. I’m considering Threads because Facebook will simplify the Twitter functionality to appeal to a mass audience.

A friend introduced me to YCombinator. Bleh.

I may just stick to regular blogs and build a community in them.

I need ideas.


Look it up.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Writing Job At Spiritualupbringing.com [earn Per Contribution] by Nairalandboyfri: 3:10pm On Jan 05
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Is Vistalog? by Nairalandboyfri: 8:54am On Jan 03
How is it free money when there is a registration fee?
It's nothing more than a glorified Ponzi scheme
Family / Re: A Nairalander Observed This Scary Image In My Photo Yesterday by Nairalandboyfri: 11:14am On Dec 27, 2023
Please your attention is needed here.. what could this be?

Post the original photo and the one he sent you, let's see..


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Writer Needed by Nairalandboyfri: 8:42am On Dec 27, 2023
I'm interested.

You can send me a direct message via my mail.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Freelance Writers Wanted by Nairalandboyfri: 7:07pm On Dec 21, 2023
Love Writing? Join Our Team!

We want you to join our team as a Content Writer specializing in crafting articles on relationships, travel, tech, religion and Letter writing

Your Role:

Write cool, well-researched articles on stuff like love, gadgets, trips, faith and letter writing.
Make sure your writing is awesome and connects with our readers.
Stick to deadlines and guidelines. But most importantly, have fun writing!

What We Need:

Experience writing about any of these things.
Good with words and can make complicated stuff easy to understand.
Write in English like a boss!
If you know a bit about SEO, that's a bonus.

We start at N1 per word. And if you're amazing, we'll pay even more!

How to Apply:
If you are interested kindly send a WhatsApp message to 08068025627 or to our email address; articlesng@gmail.com.

We're checking applications all the time, so don't wait too long to apply.

Come join us and let's make awesome content together!

#1/word is quite low.

#3.5/word even gets rejected.

I think you should up your pay range.

To your success!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free Guide To Learn Social Media Marketing & Earn Learning by Nairalandboyfri: 6:54pm On Dec 21, 2023
_*Secure Your Spot In The Mega Project To End Unemployment & Poverty For 1,000 Nigerian Youths In 2024!*_

Earn More Than ₦250,000 Monthly Learning How To Leverage Digital Technology Using AI and Social .

Learn Social Media Marketing Skills & Earn While Working To Apply What You Learn Instantly.

Learn how to use it to acquire high paying Job in the global market to earn in foreign currency of Your choose. Dollars or Pounds..

100% Completely Free! No Payment Is Required To Start Earning With Us.

Stop Struggling~ With Money To Meet Basic Needs_

Chat Up 0703*402*261 On WhatsApp.

Please check the WhatsApp number again. It isn't up to 11 digits.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Mysterious People You Have Met In Life. by Nairalandboyfri: 2:32pm On Dec 08, 2023

To be honest... Yes!
I'll give ourselves a 60% resemblance.

It's so surreal sometimes I feel emotional ( almost tearing up) when I think about that day.
I feel I could have done more, a photo or contact.

Skipped your mind.
Romance / Re: Pls How Do I Control My Emotion by Nairalandboyfri: 8:21pm On Dec 07, 2023
If you love her, then marry her first, then you can have all the sex you want.

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