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Celebrities / 5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Breast Cancer- Experts. by nairaroot1: 7:40am On Oct 03, 2015
Breast cancer is the most prevalent form of the disease in women globally. WHO estimates around 508,000 women die each year from the disease
Dr Laura Esserman from UC San Francisco reveals 5 things to know. It's not just one disease and one size fits all treatment doesn't work

Breast cancer is the most prevalent form of the disease plaguing women across both the developing and developed world

It is estimated around 508,000 women die each year from the disease, according to the World Health Organisation.

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE REPORT [url][/url]http://www.nairaroot.com/5-things-to-know-about-breast-cancer/#.Vg94IciL3IU

Celebrities / Man Killed 10, Wounded 7 In Oregon, Aiming To Gain ‘limelight’. by nairaroot1: 10:48pm On Oct 02, 2015
Chris Harper-Mercer, 26, has been
identified as the gunman at Umpqua
Community College in Roseburg
He was shot in a gunfight with police
and had four guns on him during his
attack – three pistols and one rifle –
as well as body armor

According to his profile on a dating
site, Harper-Mercer is ‘mixed race,’ a
‘conservative Republican,’ ‘not
religious,’ and ‘lives with his parents’
He killed 10 and wounded at least
seven, and just three days.......


url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/chris-harper-mercer-killed-10-wounded-7/#.Vg75rDNw0e9

Celebrities / Shocking!! Humans To Be Having Sex With Robots By Next Decade.-pix by nairaroot1: 5:29pm On Oct 01, 2015
ROBOTS already build our cars, clean
our houses and make our food – but
soon they will be jumping into BED
with many of us.

It may seem like the plot of a
raunchy sci-fi movie, but the
popularity of sex androids is already
on the rise, with manufacturers
offering life-like, moving dolls for
“private fun”.

And futurologist Dr Ian Pearson has
now predicted that the specialised
robots will start to appear in ordinary
homes in the next decade, as randy
humans look for hassle-free love.
In a report produced for an online sex
shop, he says: “Some people will
enthusiastically embrace relationship-
free robot sex as soon as they can
afford one — as early as 2025..


[url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/humans-willbe-having-sex-with-robots-by-next-decade/#.Vg1cfjNw0e9

Celebrities / President Mugabe Tells The UN Assembly That 'Zimbabweans Are Not Gays’. by nairaroot1: 12:14pm On Oct 01, 2015
LGBT rights is something that several countries in the world, including India, are trying to wrap their heads around. While in India, the Supreme Court and government have refused to decriminalise homosexuality, there are some other countries where gay rights are looked at with far more contempt.

That Zimbabwe has one of the worst LGBT rights records in well known, but it was made clearer when the country’s president Robert Mugabe used the platform of the UN to express his disgust towards homosexuality.
Robert Mugabe speaks at the UN. AFP

Robert Mugabe speaks at the UN. AFP

Speaking at the UN General Assembly, the 91-year-old Mugabe criticised Western countries for trying to impose ‘new rights’ on other countries where it did not go well with the norms.

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE STORY [url][/url]http://www.nairaroot.com/mugabe-says-we-are-not-gays/#.Vg0UVMiL3IU

Celebrities / Bizarre! Girl Stripped Completely Naked Outdoor,because She Wanted Iphone 6s-pix by nairaroot1: 6:57am On Oct 01, 2015
People have been known to go to extreme lengths to get their hands on the latest Apple product iPhone 6s – but this could be a little bit too far

People are usually desperate to get their hands on the latest Apple product iPhone 6s.

But it could be argued that this woman has gone to extreme lengths in an attempt to secure herself an iPhone 6s .

After reportedly failing to persuade her boyfriend to buy her the latest gadget, the woman, who was caught on camera in a shopping centre....

CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PICTURES AND COMPLETE THE REPORT:[url][/url]http://www.nairaroot.com/bizarre-girl-wanted-her-boyfriend-to-buy-her-iphone-6s-and-went-completely-naked/#.VgzKW8iL3IU

Celebrities / Omg!!!rare Genetic Deformity Renders Boy With Tubes Instead Of Nose. - PHOTOS by nairaroot1: 6:39am On Oct 01, 2015
The parents of a baby born with two tubes growing out of his face instead of a nose have been told by doctors that he is doing well and will soon

look completely normal.

The baby boy, who has been named Angelito - meaning little angel or cherub - was born at the hospital of Caleta, in the city of Chimbote, in the

west Peruvian province of Santa.

The boy's mother Lorena Rodriguez Zavaleta, 20, and...

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE REPORT AND SEE MORE PICTURES:[url][/url]http://www.nairaroot.com/patau-syndrome-renders-boy-with-no-nose/#.VgzGUciL3IU

Celebrities / Woman Turns Monster After Booobs Job- GRAPHIC WARNING by nairaroot1: 11:13pm On Sep 30, 2015
Christine Nguyen, 27, had surgery to go from a B cup to C cup in 2013. Her eczema soon flared up - due to a reaction to the silicone, she claims
Her skin was so red and flaky she quit her job and couldn't eat or have sex

Has now been cured by hydrotherapy treatment at a spa in France

A woman's eczema became so severe she struggled to move, eat or have sex - and she claims it was triggered by having a boob job.

Christine Nguyen had to quit her job as an aesthetician and start claiming disability benefit after the eczema she developed as a child took a sudden and dramatic turn for the worse.

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE STORY WITH MORE PHOTOS[url][/url]http://www.nairaroot.com/boobs-job-triggered-eczema-in-woman/#.VgxcXciL3IU

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Celebrities / Heroic Sikh Defies Strict Religious Rules By Removing Turban, Why?? -PX by nairaroot1: 12:52pm On Sep 30, 2015
The four youngsters had entered the
canal for a religious ceremony.
Another Sikh man, Kanwaljit Singh,
also helped rescue the youths
A heroic Sikh man has broken a strict
religious protocol by removing his
turban to help save four youths from
drowning in a canal.

Inderpal Singh jumped to help the
boys, taking off his turban,
unravelling it and throwing it out as a
life line, after spotting the teenagers
struggling to keep their heads above
the gushing water in a canal at Sular
Ghaat, in the Punjab region of
northern India.

Mobile phone footage shows the
dramatic moment Mr Singh leapt to
action from where he was sitting......


[url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/sikh-defies-rules-by-removing-turban-to-rescue-teens/#.VgvI4TNw0e9

Celebrities / Boys Falls From 9TH Floor Rooftop To His Death, Trying To Take Extreme Selfie-px by nairaroot1: 11:16pm On Sep 29, 2015
The 17-year-old wanted to take a photo of himself 'falling' off the rooftop of a nine-storey building, according to local media reports

A schoolboy has fallen to his death after trying to take an 'extreme selfie' on a ninth-floor rooftop with his friend.

The 17-year-old student apparently climbed to the top of a building in Vologda, Russia, with a companion one evening last week with the intention of creating a photo of himself dangling off the towering structure.

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE STORY WITH PICTURES [url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/boy-falls-from-ninth-floor-trying-to-take-selfie/#.VgsNc8iL3IU

Celebrities / Researcher Warns:later Menopause Could Raise Breast Cancer By 6% by nairaroot1: 5:41pm On Sep 29, 2015
It is thought that the delay increases
the woman’s exposure to oestrogen.
Researchers warn that later women
should check for early warning signs.
Breast cancer is the most common
form of the disease in Britain. Study
could produce test to tell when a
woman will go through menopause
Women who go through a later
menopause are at a greater risk of
breast cancer, British scientists have

Each year past the age of 50 raises
the odds of the disease by 6 per
cent, they say.

It is thought that the delay increases
the amount of time a woman is
exposed to oestrogen, a sex hormone
known to fuel tumours.


[url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/later-menopuase-could-raise-the-risk-of-breast-cancer/#.Vgq8GzNw0e9

Celebrities / Re: OMG!! Viral Scariest Humans I Dare Anyone Has Ever Seen Before-warning GRAPHICS by nairaroot1: 5:22pm On Sep 29, 2015
Which colour of graphic and scary??, all I see are goats living in shadows

Dare if you've seen a thing like this and if you won't run without looking back if she stretches out to you for a warm hug.
Celebrities / Former FIFA Vice-president Jack Warner Banned For Life From Football. by nairaroot1: 2:14pm On Sep 29, 2015
Fifa: Jack Warner banned for life from football activities

Former Fifa vice-president Jack Warner has been banned from football for life.

The 72-year-old Trinidadian is the former head of Caribbean and North and Central American football (Concacaf), but quit Fifa in 2011.

He is fighting extradition to the US on corruption charges and denies accepting millions of dollars in bribes.

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE STORY [url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/jack-warner-banned-for-life/#.VgqObMiL3IU

Celebrities / OMG!! Viral Scariest Humans I Dare Anyone Has Ever Seen Before-warning GRAPHICS by nairaroot1: 2:05pm On Sep 29, 2015
Walk on the wild side: Horns, extreme piercings and leopard inkings take centre stage at Ecuador tattoo convention

Visitors take body modification and tattoos to the next level at the Quito Tattoo Convention in Ecuador
The convention was attended by several 'big names', including Vampire Woman and The Chequered Man

Fans of tattoos and extreme body modification descended on the capital of Ecuador this weekend for the annual Quito Tattoo Convention.

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE STORY AND VIEW MORE PHOTOS [url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/extreme-body-modification-never-seen-before/#.VgqMfciL3IU

Celebrities / Festival From Hell Left Thousands Stranded And Many Sexually Abused-px by nairaroot1: 7:37am On Sep 29, 2015
Organizers offered refunds to Sunday’s ticketholders due to bad weather. But those who tried to leave after Saturday night’s last set left stranded. Rain hampered parking fields, shuttle bus system and pick-up locations. Those who weren’t camping on-site were left with no food, water or shelter

They were forced to walk for miles to find alternative transport or sleep on wet, muddy grass and on the side of the roads

Thousands of festival-goers were left stranded at TomorrowWorld and forced to sleep on top of cars and on wet and muddy grass.

Organizers of the event offered refunds for Sunday’s ticketholders as the bad weather made the last day of the three-day electronic dance music festival inaccessible.

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE STORY WITH PICS [url][/url]http://www.nairaroot.com/tomorrowworld-festival-goers-were-left-stranded/#.VgoxT8iL3IU

Celebrities / 7 Unbelievably Sea Images That Will Wow You - PHOTOS by nairaroot1: 12:53pm On Sep 25, 2015
HAVE you ever paddled in the sea
and wondered what might be lurking
under the water?

You probably should – given that
almost three quarters of the earth is
underwater, sea levels are rising and
scientists have no idea what life is
like at the deepest point 11km down.
If the aquatic unknown terrifies you,
you’re not alone as there’s even a
name for the sea willies:

Here are seven real shots to make
you think twice before going for a

1. Those teeth! This frilled shark will
give you nightmares


[url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/7-sea-images-that-will-marvel-you/#.VgUyxDNw0e9

Celebrities / 10 Unbelievably Pencil Drawings - PHOTOS by nairaroot1: 9:37am On Sep 24, 2015
You won’t believe that these mind-
blowingly realistic images are
illustrations, not photographs…

The first time you go through this list,
you’ll almost certainly be convinced
that the images are photographs. But
we assure you, they’re not. Each and
every one is hand drawn.

This gorgeous collection of
illustrations is a celebration of 20
super-talented pencil artists from all
around the world. Enjoy!


[url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/10-unbelievably-pencil-drawings/#.VgOzdDNw0e9

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Celebrities / UK Police Tracked 29 British Stolen Cars Worth More Than £1million To Uganda-pix by nairaroot1: 4:46am On Sep 23, 2015
Police tracking a Lexus people carrier tracked the luxury vehicle to Uganda. Once there, the officers were shocked to find it among other stolen cars

Stolen British vehicles worth £1million were found in several warehouses . They are likely to represent just a fraction of the cars smuggled out the UK . There is a demand for luxury right-hand-drive cars in Uganda, where locals still drive on the left as part of the British colonial legacy

Detectives tracing a Lexus stolen from London have ended up tracking it to Uganda - where it was found alongside a fleet of British cars worth more than £1 million.

The £50,000 SUV was fitted with a state-of-the-art tracking device, which activated as soon as it was taken from outside a property in west London.

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE STORY WITH THE PICTURES OF OTHER CARS [url][/url]http://www.nairaroot.com/uk-detectives-traced-stolen-cars-to-uganda/#.VgIgIMiL3IU

Celebrities / Almost 80 People Died In Multiple Bomb Blasts In Monguno, Borno State-pic by nairaroot1: 4:35am On Sep 23, 2015
At least 80 people were killed and about 150 injured in multiple bomb attacks in northeastern Nigeria's Borno state on Sunday evening, police and witnesses said on Monday.

The state is the birthplace of the insurgency waged by Boko Haram and has been the focus of attacks by suspected members of the militant Islamist group that have killed more than 800 people since President Muhammadu Buhari took office on May 29.

Three bomb blasts in the state capital Maiduguri around 7:30 p.m. (1830 GMT) left at least 54 people dead and 90 injured. Around two hours later, two bombs exploded at a checkpoint some 135 km away at a market in the town of Monguno.

Locals residents and a hospital source said that attack killed 27 people and injured 62 others.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks but they bore the hallmarks of the jihadi sect, which has been trying to carve out a state in the northeast of Africa's most populous country since 2009.

"A suspected Boko Haram suicide bomber detonated IEDs (improvised explosive devices) at a mosque in Ajilari and some insurgents also threw IEDs at a viewing centre," Victor Isuku, a police spokesman in Maiduguri, said of the first attacks.

"Total casualty figure is now 54," he said.

A Nigerian army spokesman said on Sunday that three bombs had gone off.

Local residents said a suicide bomber hit a market at Monguno, killing at least 27 people.

SOURCE: -- The Herald


Celebrities / Re: Lingerie Model Born Without Lower Limbs Says ‘I Don’t Need Legs To Feel Sexy-pix by nairaroot1: 1:45am On Sep 23, 2015
she's making so much money than what an able bodied person could make, $1,000 a day. Wow. Thanks to her situation.
Celebrities / Lingerie Model Born Without Lower Limbs Says ‘I Don’t Need Legs To Feel Sexy-pix by nairaroot1: 8:25pm On Sep 22, 2015
'I don't need legs to feel sexy': Meet the 23-year-old woman born without lower limbs who says she makes a living as a lingerie model

Kanya Sesser, of Los Angeles, says she earns more than $1,000-a-day as an underwear model

The beauty, who was born without legs and abandoned at just one week old, is seen posing in racy photos that display her disability

She is also a huge athlete and is currently training for the 2018 Paralympics in South Korea

A 23-year-old woman Kanya Sesser who was born without legs is defying odds and reportedly earning more than $1,000-a-day working as a lingerie model.

Kanya Sesser, of Los Angeles, is breaking through the boundaries of the modelling industry by posing in racy bras and underwear in revealing photos that display her disability.


Celebrities / ISIS Defectors Laments Why Many Fighters Are Leaving The Terror Group-warning PX by nairaroot1: 5:00pm On Sep 22, 2015
Dozens of ISIS defectors have told of how would-be jihadis are lining up to leave the terror group, a new report reveals.

The 58 deserters - 51 men and seven women - claimed ISIS followers have grown tired of the bloody executions, special treatment given to foreigners, and the broken promises of money and glory.

Among them are a jihadi bride whose husband was murdered by his fellow fighters, an Indonesian man who spent more time reading the Koran than fighting against 'infidels' and an Indian convert who was made to scrub toilets in Syria.

Almost two-thirds of these defections took place this year and that number is growing, the report's authors claim.

The landmark report by The International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR), who analysed interviews with defectors since January 2014, shatters the group's self-proclaimed image of an Islamic 'utopia'.

In a sign of ISIS's global recruitment strategy, defectors came from 17 different countries - with two from Britain.
Many of them were appalled at the senseless executions of innocent people. They claimed ISIS fanatics killed hostages 'at random', tortured villagers who lived under their command and even executed its own fighters.

The former bodyguard of ruthless ISIS commander, Saddam Jamal, revealed how the extremist forced a mother and father to watch as he murdered their children.

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE REPORT AND SEE MORE PICTURES:[url][/url]http://www.nairaroot.com/isis-defectors-revelas-why-fighters-are-leaving-the-group/#.VgF5t8iL3IU

Celebrities / Peru Vigilantes Becomes The Law. Dehumanizes Victims-graphic PIX. by nairaroot1: 4:24pm On Sep 22, 2015
‘Catch your Thief’ movement in Peru
caught on through Facebook pages.
More than 100 separate Facebook
groups have sprung up in recent
months. Punishments range from
being stripped naked to eating raw
chili peppers. Communities don’t
have faith in the police force to bring
justice to thieves

A Facebook campaign to dish out
vigilante justice in Peru has gone
viral – after hundreds of people
started posting pictures and videos
of themselves catching and punishing
petty criminals.

More and more fed-up Peruvians are
taking the law into their own hands
and recording their often humiliating
acts of retribution on their cameras
or mobile phones.


[url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/vigilantes-takes-justice-int0-their-hands/#.VgFiHDNw0e9

Celebrities / Hope You Wont Get Scared Reading About This Transsexual Tattoed Freak? pix by nairaroot1: 8:12pm On Sep 21, 2015
Skeletons in her closet! Transsexual freak show performer with BONES tattooed on her face is arrested on marijuana charges and poses for terrifying mugshot

Mara Paradox, 29, was busted on a marijuana possession charge in Lubbock, Texas, Sunday . Her mugshot shows Ms Paradox with a skull face tattoo and additional body art covering her forehead and neck.

Transsexual performance artist Mara Paradox has a few skeletons in her closet - and one on her face.

The 29-year-old Lubbock, Texas, resident, was picked up by police Sunday morning on a marijuana charge.

A booking photo taken after her arrest shows the woman with a skull face tattoo and additional body art covering her forehead and neck.

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE STORY WITH PICTURES[url][/url]http://www.nairaroot.com/mara-paradox-arrested-for-marijuana-poses-for-scary-mugshot/#.VgBWRsiL3IU

Celebrities / Model Hanged Herself For Fear She Might Be Given Out In Arrange Marriage-pix by nairaroot1: 3:51pm On Sep 21, 2015
Nadia Menaz, 24, had already married in an Islamic ceremony but the union was not recognised under English law and family did not approve of her husband, it was said A model Nadia Menaz was found hanged after fearing she was about to be forced into an arranged marriage by her devout Muslim parents, an inquest heard.

Nadia Menaz, 24, had already married in an Islamic ceremony but the union was not recognised under English law and family did not approve of her husband, it was said.

The mother of one was so troubled by her “very strained” relationship with her parents she suffered depression, cut her legs and
[url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/nadia-menaz-hanged-herself/#.VgAX_TNw0e9

Celebrities / List Of 7 Banned Things You Can’t Take To The USA- PIX by nairaroot1: 11:44am On Sep 21, 2015
Bringing back a souvenir is a great
way to remember your trip of a
lifetime, but if you’re traveling
abroad, you may want to pause
before you throw that trinket in your
suitcase. While many products you
purchase in other countries can be
brought back to America with no
problems, a handful of items are
going to cause raise a red flag when
you go through U.S. Customs. Some
items are banned outright, while
others require special permission to
bring home. Here are seven items
that travelers are forbidden from
bringing back to the United States.

1. Absinthe

The so-called green fairy is no longer
banned in the U.S., but that doesn’t
mean you can necessarily bring a
bottle back from your trip abroad.
Any absinthe you take through U.S.
customs must be “thujone-
free.” (Thujone, a chemical
component of wormwood, was once
thought to induce the hallucinations
that gave the drink its notorious
reputation.) In addition, “the term
‘absinthe’ cannot be the brand name;
the term ‘absinthe’ cannot stand
alone on the label; and the artwork
and/or graphics cannot project
images of hallucinogenic,
psychotropic or mind-altering
effects,” according to U.S. Customs
and Border Protection.

2. Items made of ivory

[url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/banned-things-you-cant-take-to-the-us/#.Vf_ZujNw0e9

Celebrities / Womb Transplants For Childless Women By Next Year, Says Surgeon. by nairaroot1: 5:36pm On Sep 20, 2015
Dr Mats Brännström, who carried out
the first such operation, wants to
extend the treatment to EU patients.

It could see the 6,000 UK women
born without wombs helped to have
children with the assistance of a
donor — normally their own mothers.
The NHS does not currently fund the
£40,000 surgery, although bosses
have said they might consider it in
the future.

And British surgeons are awaiting
ethical approval and fund-raising


[url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/womb-transplants-for-childless-british-women/#.Vf7eyjNw0e9

Celebrities / Ubelieveable Pictures Of Babies That Looks Exactly Like Their Dolls-photos by nairaroot1: 8:05am On Sep 20, 2015
THESE kids certainly are walking, talking, living dolls — looking just like their favourite toys.

The snaps, from around the world, have become an internet hit. With some of the tots wearing outfits like their plastic doppelgangers, they’ve definitely been dolled up . . .

Kids aren't toys, but this lot seems to be doing it's darndest to look like their toys. It's not like these babies have to try hard, of course, since baby dolls were made to look like them. They look like twins!

CLICK HERE TO SEE SO MORE OF THOSE PICTURES [url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/pictures-of-baies-that-looks-like-their-dolls/#.Vf5acsiL3IV

Celebrities / Re: Man Threatened To Throw His Son 4m Balcony In Effort To Stop House Demolition by nairaroot1: 3:16pm On Sep 19, 2015
Never blame him, frustration can make a good man go mad. Just pray all the time never to find yourself in such dilemma, it could be worse.
Celebrities / Man Threatened To Throw His Son 4m Balcony In Effort To Stop House Demolition by nairaroot1: 2:53pm On Sep 19, 2015
Father threatened to throw his son
from a balcony in Shenzhen, China.
He used this to intimidate enforcers
who tried to demolish his illegal
home. Child was saved after SWAT
climbed the building and secured the

A man in Shenzhen, southern China,
has threatened to throw his five-year-
old son off a building.

The incident on September 17 came
about after local authorities planned
to pull down his illegal construction,
reported Huanqiu, an affiliate of
People’s Daily Online.

[url][/url] http://www.nairaroot.com/man-threatened-to-throw-his-son-down/#.Vf1l-jNw0e9

Celebrities / Absurd! Women Wait For Their Turn To Get Whipped For Committing Fornication-pics by nairaroot1: 6:52am On Sep 19, 2015
Whipped in front of a baying crowd, women wait their turn to be punished for having unmarried sex in only Indonesian province to implement Sharia law

Pictures show women with their heads bowed waiting to be publicly caned. Images show one woman kneeling down as she receives a blow to her back

A number of Islamic laws have been introduced in Aceh over recent years. Whipping is common in the province, but it is rare for women to be caned

A woman kneels and grimaces as she is lashed with a cane for having unmarried sex in an Indonesian province which is ruled under Sharia law in newly released photographs.

CLICK HERE COMPLETE THE STORY AND TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS [url][/url]http://www.nairaroot.com/sharia-law-women-whipped-in-public/#.Vfz3hsiL3IU

Celebrities / Imam Admonished Muslim Migrant To Breed Children With Europeans To Conqure Them by nairaroot1: 10:48pm On Sep 18, 2015
Sheikh Muhammad Ayed gave the speech at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem
He said Americans, Italians, Germans and French forced to take refugees
Claims Europe was only welcoming refugees as a source of labour

A top Iman has told Muslims to use the migrant crisis to breed with European citizens and 'conquer their countries'.

Sheikh Muhammad Ayed gave the speech at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem claiming Europe was only welcoming refugees as a new source of labour.

He said Europe was facing a demographic disaster and urged Muslims to have children with westerners so they could 'trample them underfoot, Allah willing.'

'Throughout Europe, all the hearts are enthused with hatred toward Muslims. They wish that we were dead, but they have lost their fertility, so they look for fertility in our midst,' Infowars reports.

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE REPORT:http://www.nairaroot.com/sheikh-tells-muslim-migrant-to-breed-children-with-europeans-in-other-to-conqure-them/#.VfyGTciL3IU

Celebrities / Re: Man Flees Hotel In Underwear After Lover Drugs Him And Cut Off Penis-warning PIX by nairaroot1: 2:01pm On Sep 17, 2015
I really don't know how people can cope with Chinese ladies, they're just too heartless and could go extra mile in vexing their anger. That was how one was kind kicking a toddler in the head and all over on YouTube sometimes ago. Same way one lady too squash the dick of a man she had an argument with in a park till the Man passed out and many more from that side of the world, I mean!!!!! Their ladies are Damm too violent.

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