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Business / Re: Irene Chiamaka Nwachukwu Slays 3 Months After Welcoming Son by nanauju(f): 5:17pm On Aug 22, 2018
Naso this one take turn celeb
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NPOWER: An Open Letter To Afolabi Imoukhuede. by nanauju(f): 5:01pm On Aug 22, 2018
I think it's OK to advocate for permanency, because it appalling to even think that they will eject over 200k youths out of the scheme to become jobless, with many starting from point zero.
Me I'd advise the op to start looking for job opportunities around no matter how small, and use the little u saved from Npower to start a side hustle, just in case ur letter falls on deaf ears. You should know this by now


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Vacancy For Client Representative In Port Harcourt by nanauju(f): 4:35pm On Aug 22, 2018
So agbero wey smart fit apply abi

Romance / Re: Why I Will Never Visit A Man In His House Again by nanauju(f): 3:25pm On Aug 22, 2018

You couldn't scream cause people were around? Did you even read the mess you just typed? When do you want to scream? When no one is around to help?

One would think that people being around is enough weapon for you.

Next time you want to cook up stories for your blog, be a little smart with it and stop making women look stupid.

Don't mind the blogger. I stopped reading when I saw that

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Romance / Re: American Lady Cancels Wedding After Discovering Fiancé Watches Porn by nanauju(f): 2:43am On Aug 22, 2018
I pray they both heal from this.
Sometimes it's not the main problem that hurts, it the initial lie we tell those we claim to love, hiding the truth that hurts. It hurts when they get to find the truth elsewhere.

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Romance / Re: Woman Gets Married For The First Time At 60 Years (photo) by nanauju(f): 8:17pm On Aug 21, 2018
Love story
Romance / Re: Ladies What Would U Do If U Find Urself In A Room Like This by nanauju(f): 8:16pm On Aug 21, 2018
lwkmd. what kind of fvckery is this

See moniker na.
How many years ban did he give u

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Romance / Re: Most Women Still Get It Wrong by nanauju(f): 8:05pm On Aug 21, 2018
cool cool
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UBA Aptitude Test: What To Expect? by nanauju(f): 7:25pm On Aug 21, 2018
churock sorry to deviate pls how did u apply


That's the link to apply for UBA.
Sorry I sent you pm, want to ask you some questions about access bank sha. U went through with their recruitment right?
Family / Re: I Want To Expose My Wife And Her Colleague In A Bank, They Are Having Affair by nanauju(f): 3:38pm On Aug 19, 2018

Aunty, speak for yourself and stop your satanic generalisation.

Which aunty.. That person is a man hiding under a woman's moniker. If you read all through 'his' post, you will just understand that what he writes aren't what average women will even reason let alone type

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Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 3:14pm On Aug 19, 2018

Hmmm....after reading this...it is clear what mode she was in!...cook?....that kind word be taboo!...and some here still wondering why she been looking for ehmmm.....thunder!

Nice write up!....cracked me up! But you adventurous. ...who knows....maybe guy been baiting you...you visit...next thing we be reading Nairalander Missing.

Any more adventures??...do share. Waiting. ...impatiently.

Haha.. I sure will jare. At least I know people like you are willing to hear

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Romance / Re: Lady Shares How A Guy Turned Down A Female Cashier At A Mart by nanauju(f): 11:45am On Aug 19, 2018
The babe was probably not set enough


Education / Re: DISCLAIMER - Babcock University's Official Statement On A Story By Alaba Ajibola by nanauju(f): 11:25am On Aug 19, 2018

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Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 10:02am On Aug 19, 2018
indecent dresser with principles good morning.

Shut up fool

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Romance / Re: Woman Destroys Her Boyfriend's N150M Mercedes-Benz For Cheating On Her (Photos) by nanauju(f): 2:29am On Aug 19, 2018
The car suppose get insurance na
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Access Bank Graduate Recruitment Programme 2018 by nanauju(f): 10:44pm On Aug 18, 2018
I have been contacted.my test centre is Abuja. Pls am 26 years, will i be considered In any Way? I have a masters degree, would dat be an added advantage or disadvantage

If it's front line u applied for, you're good to go then. If it's graduate trainee, I think that one is 24 years max
Crime / Re: 14-year-old Housemaid Who Murdered Her Madam In Benin, Edo Speaks by nanauju(f): 10:19pm On Aug 18, 2018

She is underaged , she cant go to prison.

*Modified *

She can only be taken to a juvenile home.

Due her age, there are many things a judge will consider... Like if she's a first time offender, whether the crime was premeditated and if she's remorseful.

There's nothing like juvenile home again in Nigeria, u can ask any prison warden u know. The underage stay in correction center(prison ) until they're up to 18 years, before the judge will then try them for that act they committed. Since it is the belief that it is when you're up to 18 years that you are accountable for your actions, therefore they will be in prison until they're 18 before trial.
And they're only 2 correction centers for children in Nigeria. One in ogun state, the other is up north. Can't remember the name. They are separated from the adults prisons so that they won't be corrupted. Because, previously, they were put together in same correction centres, but had separate blocks and better treatment in prison, but somehow got corrupted by adults, hence the total separation.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Access Bank Calling For Aptitude Test (entry-level) by nanauju(f): 10:14am On Aug 14, 2018

salary is 259k after training

This 259k is it after tax and other deductions?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dear 2017 Beneficiaries, If You Know You Already Have A Job, Resign NOW. by nanauju(f): 8:54am On Aug 13, 2018
you guys should stop all these blackmail and threats.

if jobs are available, do you think this Npower po.o will have applicants?

Don't mind them o..
Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 7:38am On Aug 13, 2018

The word 'MAY' as you have used accurately defines a function called PROBABILITY and not CERTAINTY. Hence, it 'MAY' as well be assumed that her choice among the variables, the options to the question that comes to a thinking mind, WHAT IF?!

And by choosing not to go to the house of a man she barely knows, 'MAY' as well have saved her from THE EVIL THAT SOME MEN DO.

*It's a wiser choice of option. What has she lost? NOTHING FOR SURE!!! ITS ALL PROBABILITY.

It's about playing safe until a level of TRUST. It's about listening to our inner voice, always communicating our TRUTH to us, which most ladies SADLY DON'T listen to that voice of reason and follow that gift called INTUITION, the feeling that "THIS IS LEADING TO SH!T OR BLISS" and to make a choice either to GET THE FVCK OUT or GET THE FVCK IN.

Only those few ladies who are HONEST to themselves, are not afraid to make the right decision as to the voice of reason that screams at them.

So many of you (ladies) are always in a hurry to bundle yourselves unto a man's arms without being patient enough to truely know these men, the moment these ladies get googley-eyed by the superficiality called 'MONEY', they by-pass their humanity by rejecting their inner voice and ending up getting their panties in a wad for not looking beyond the surface. Then, the song of bitterness and regret and then the painting of all men with the same brush after the have been stupified.


If this said man is truely interested in her, he will continue with his Persuasion and Patronage despite her declination to going to his house to cook for him. LEARN TO LIVE WITH PROBABILITIES, WHILE MAKING CHOICES THAT ARE FUNCTIONALLY WISE.

The probability of getting harmed in such a public place like a restaurant as compared to a stranger's den is far lower. LADIES SHOULD ALWAYS THINK MANY TIMES BEFORE THE ACT. PATHETIC HOW MOST ARE CARELESS ALL IN A BID FOR MATERIAL GAINS.

nanauju don't rule out romenna's probability. He 'MAY' really be a good homely guy. It's left to you to look outside the box of fantasy to REALITIES, else the hoax is on you.


Let me give you an insight. The best way to know a man is not by his TALKS but the way he TREATS people.

Thank you very much for this assertion. You were really unbiased in your examination having looked at the situation from all angle, and still letting us know that any action wasn't entirely wrong.
And also thank you for communicating your idea without resorting to abuse and immature speech just because of conflict in ideas and reasoning... You're what a true communicator is.
As for the man, I lost nothing. I didn't go and I'm still happy I didn't. He reached out to me again and still insisted on making a big deal of me not coming to house for the date, and how meeting people in house makes him connect more(whatever that means) with them.
If going to a man's house suits anyone or if a man is used to ladies coming to his for hangout especially on a first date, well that is not my principle, and I'm unapologetic about it

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 8 Salary Negotiation Mistakes To Avoid by nanauju(f): 10:23pm On Aug 12, 2018

is this all u'v got to say.....at least he contributed sth and a good number of ppl learnt from the article but no one learn anything good from ur ridiculous comment.

for your info, the op's topic made so much sense to me even here in Nigeria. I'm a health professional and the OP'S words were just like reflections of some of my negotiation experience....In other words, it applies to this part of the world as well....

Learn to appreciate little effort as well.....not just spewing out destructive criticisms.
thank you

Abeg free that guy.. You don't even owe him such constructive reply.. He's a lowlife who takes solace in abuses.. Mehn! I've never seen so much bitterness piled up in one person. It's well o
Religion / Re: $1k Seed: Kasali To Funke Adejumo "Judgement Is Coming On You Soon" by nanauju(f): 4:22pm On Aug 12, 2018
Religion is a scam. I watched coza pastor saying if God told him sowing seeds dont work he wud tell God he is wrong. Nonsense

Why would he say such na
Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 3:45pm On Aug 12, 2018
LOL, you took it out of my mouth, good response though

Hahaha cheesy
If you have that meme help me with it Abeg
Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 3:39pm On Aug 12, 2018
It’s a no-no on a first date, except he explicitly told the girl and she agreed. You don’t just pop that kind of surprise on a girl. If it were me, I’d think he has Evil intentions and what would it look like if a girl goes to the house of a man that she hardly knows? Some men don’t just have finesse.

The man doesn't even know how to go about what he wants..
At least he should even make efforts to impress the lady on a first time
Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 3:38pm On Aug 12, 2018
@Op,that was a good judgement call. Why would he expect you to come cook for him on a first date? Obviously he had plans. I don’t know what’s wrong with most of our men, the sweetest part of a relationship is the wooing stage, take her out, give her a good time, what’s wrong with that. Smh! Some guys got no game walahi

Abi oo
I still maintain that if we can't meet out on a first date.. Oyo na the man case cheesy
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Graduate Trainee Recruitment At Arcworld Oil And Gas Limited by nanauju(f): 1:45pm On Aug 12, 2018
The mail is bouncing back
Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 1:32pm On Aug 12, 2018
wink wink wink winkDamn , U know ... He never meant Business in the first place grin .... But when u mistakenly place it cheesy on his laps , he be like dafuq ... why not grin .... Maybe if he calm down, everything woulda worked his way cheesy ....
Going by ya preparation to kill the guy, seems u meant business ..... Why guys don't understand ladies Na ihm me no no ooo

Maybe I should have just put in more effort in playing hard to get sef... Na wetin fit some men
Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 1:30pm On Aug 12, 2018

Exactly! He was.

Although, according to the story, I blame the op and the man too. Who fixes a date without first agreeing mutually on where to go? Both of them clearly had different places in mind for the outing that the other didn't plan for (The man, his house. The op, an eatery perhaps). Which makes me wonder, what were they then "communicating" about all those while?

My dear I specifically told this man that we should hang out on that Saturday, he said no problem, that he even knew lots of hangout spots in area. My mind was fixed on us going out not knowing he had something else in mind. Maybe I gave in too quickly in agreeing to go out with him and that why he decided to change plan on to test the waters hehe

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Pls Who Knows Lead Concept by nanauju(f): 1:21pm On Aug 12, 2018
Aswear this thing looks like scam.. Na my opinion on.
First of all, they didn't indicate the position you applied for..
Secondly, which genuine firm takes so much time in explaining what they are into in an invitation mail sent to the candidate? It is usually left for the candidate to do the findings jor.. The coy mostly signs off with their signature.. Well anybody can do that, but why these ones no do am??
Thridly which provision are they making available for you.. Ur space in the gnld meeting ability.. Hmm

Well if you want to go and check it out, by all means do so that you will be the one to tell us if it's real or fake

All the best

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Romance / Re: No Guy Can Stand This On A Female! (pic) by nanauju(f): 11:36am On Aug 12, 2018
you can point me as an example my dear. I can even be an explanatory example.

Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 10:56am On Aug 12, 2018
Very funny I forgot to laugh

Since you’re and abolounjeku aka oshofree, come let me take you out. But you must be beautiful and boobsiefull

Your own problem is that you face a lot of rejections. Both online and offline cry
I can't help you dude sorry cheesy

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