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Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 10:53am On Aug 12, 2018
Donroxyll no mind am cheesy. Very shallow thinking he got. There is really no need in me engaging him, before he go cari frustration put for my body.

Meanwhile as for that 'man behind me', nigga was only moved by what was 'behind me' jor cheesy
Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 10:30am On Aug 12, 2018
u hav a funny personality aftèrall.
As a psychologist, I tink ur a lil too quick in decision making.
A little bit of bitterness n negative minded.
Poor in human relations n not so intelligent.
Work on these my dear. Cheers

Naso cheesy


Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 10:24am On Aug 12, 2018
did u suggest those places to him n he refused to go with you? U concluded too fast.
N again, it seems u became interested in him because of wat he does n his achievements he told u abt.
He saw a slay queen n he became a slay king immediately.

Funny enough the guy suggested bar, you're the only person here saying Eatery. It's such a shame you couldn't read past the 'slay queen' spice of the story in drawing your conclusions


Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 10:18am On Aug 12, 2018
u said u both kept chatting b4 the date, dats communication n u shud av bn able to discern his kind of person from his chats n response to ur questions. About going to his house, u still wud av ended up there anyway, the eatery outin will not stop his evil plot if he had any. Remember the story of the son of ex deputy gov of ondo who used his gf of many years for rituals?
I am not saying u shudnt be careful wit guys but have ready made questions to reveal people's personality to some extent.
I bliv the guy was not totally funny like u trying to make us bliv, I think u didn't handle the situation maturely.
Good morning and happy sunday

For what it's worth, I can't go to a guy's house on a first date. And stop trying to play the maturity card here, it makes you look like you don't have a superior argument. Hope you will go to church though cool

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Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 10:01am On Aug 12, 2018
U r the funny character here.
U like him enuf to eat food from eatry but not the food u will cook at home together.
U r just playing to the gallery young lady.
What if eateries don't exist?
Think outside the box next time.
U just may have lost a good homely guy.

U try well well u hear. I should go to the house of someone I've barely had communication with. My dear wisdom is profitable to direct o. This ur advice sha is not helpful. Abi u think food is my problem. If we can't meet in public in public on our very first date, please let me be. Thanks though

Btw, eatery isn't the only place that is public. Cinema, fun park or even bar is. There are some things you should know by now cool


Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 9:58am On Aug 12, 2018

You are a funny lady, but be careful with strangers.

I understand you.. I really do.. But I think everyone who met and got acquainted once met as strangers, even the social media ones. There's no bad thing meeting in a very public place, which I stand for. But if again you mean we should probably have chatted longer to know each other, instead of how short ours was, I still understand you, and I thank you for your concern


Crime / Re: Has Anyone Found This Guy? by nanauju(f): 3:17am On Aug 12, 2018
He will be found and brought back alive in Jesus' name. Amen
Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 3:12am On Aug 12, 2018
My sister! shocked Thunderstorm must locate his third nut grin

See foolishness shocked cook I don believe disgrin

Let me help you cry small ooo cry


My dear.. grin that guy is not well cheesy
Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 3:06am On Aug 12, 2018
Come here and complete this story.

Romance / Re: Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 2:53am On Aug 12, 2018
So I got to my destination o, came down from bus, starting wondering how to get to the main bustop because the place the driver stopped was quite far.. U know how all these danfo drivers behave. They're all crazy in this Lagos cheesy. As I was asking driver for directions, 'man behind me' quickly rushed up to me and offered to show me as he was headed for the bustop as well. I said OK fine....
We've not even started walking oga has started talking. He say he likes what he sees and that he's interested in me. He told me what he's into, and he's single, infact, this man gave me a full gist of his life(I no know if na lie sha) in our less than 5mins walk. He even offered to give me a treat that evening, but I had to decline only because say time don go ni on.
Long story short we exchanged numbers, he looked really matured, fresh, speaks well... Hmm.. and I was like 'what the heck', let's just check this one out.
This man called and always check up on me, and we finally agreed to meet on Saturday wen we're both less busy. He kept making mouth about the different hangout spots he knew in the area.. Oshey Mr barman cheesy. He called me again on Friday to reconfirm our 'date', I say no shaking.
Come and see how I planned my day na. I washed my clothes and cleaned the house. Then afterwards, Slay queen on fleek, oshaprapra cheesy, I quickly checked that my wig was still on fleek, I rushed downstairs to the salon girl 'Aunty Ruka' in front of my house. Told her to quickly give me pedicure and manicure treatment. I was still contemplating whether I should fix lashes self. Money no dey money no dey, we sha must look good tongue
As aunty Ruka was doing her thing, I got a message from 'man behind me' that he's all set to see me and I was like 'me too baby'.. Lol. He said let him quickly rush off to the market to get some things, I said take your time, while gently reminding him of our hangout
Some minutes later this man texted me on, say him Don buy foodstuffs, that when am I coming, that I will come to his house and cook cry. What?! Eskimi sir, did I hear double ni?! I fess tell Aunty Ruka to stop first.. Yeee aye mi on.. See me see gbese.
Till now I did not even bother to reply him. Thank God I did not save his number. Chai my God, all I kept thinking about is aunty Ruka' s money. The yeye man later texted me again o, that he has finished cooking and he even made smoothie, that I missed alot o. Edakun where is thunder when you need it ehn?



Romance / Very Funny Relationship Experience ManMen by nanauju(f): 2:15am On Aug 12, 2018
Some men are funny sha..haha. Read and laugh with me or probably bash me.. Your business jor tongue

So some days ago, I was going home from the ever beautiful and bustling ikeja, Lagos. It was late in the evening and around that time all the Lagos workers and business people usually troop out to go home. Different people everywhere, both the ones that are OK o and the ones that aren't. I was around that ikeja computer village area, and was just contemplating how I was going to get home.. Hmm.. Shey I should enter direct to my destination..or Shey make I break am down? Breaking down will save me money but not time, and I didn't really know how bad the traffic would be, as I didn't want to get home too late.
I decided to go for the direct bus. On getting there, I saw it was remaining just one person for the bus to be filled, oh how happy I was, not knowing that was going to be the beginning of my tears in that bus. First first, I saw like 2 'normal' size people and one very fat woman.. Chai embarassed. I eventually managed to squeeze myself in after the usual 'Abeg make una help me adjust', without really much effect.
There was a man sitting directly behind me who I only noticed after he shouted 'Yeee' I was like oga what is it, he said I should easy as my I was slightly sitting on him, naso I apologise. All through the journey I wasn't seated comfortably so the sitting position made my top to be coming up, my waist beads were showing, I was embarrassed, I had to consciously be bringing my top down, I even apologised to the 'man behind me', for the free show of waist cheesy

Brbb.. Will update soonest

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Romance / Re: Help, I’m Looking For This Lady by nanauju(f): 8:19pm On Aug 11, 2018
Nobody even asked him why he's looking for her


Romance / Re: Nigerian Man And His American Bride Wed With Tricycle In Yola, Adamawa (Photos) by nanauju(f): 8:16pm On Aug 11, 2018
They look so good together. Happy married life to them
Romance / Re: Someone Is Offering Me What I Always Wanted But.. by nanauju(f): 8:08pm On Aug 11, 2018
Broke ass nigga thinking of raising a baby.. Someone that is probably still doing 'mummy thank you'. You obviously don't have any idea of how to be independent. Btw you seem not to have any direction towards your future. I'd advise you get your priorities straight boy
Romance / Re: No Guy Can Stand This On A Female! (pic) by nanauju(f): 4:03pm On Aug 11, 2018
Stretch Marks Or What

No.. Lightning ⚡ cheesy


Romance / Re: No Guy Can Stand This On A Female! (pic) by nanauju(f): 4:02pm On Aug 11, 2018
Mtcheew that's what turn some guys on


Celebrities / Re: 'Charles Okocha Charges N700k Per Instagram Post' - Guy Claims by nanauju(f): 3:56pm On Aug 11, 2018
Hahaha 700k for advert ke.. How much e con use start up him business na


Crime / Re: Woman Sleeps With Her Son To Have A Child For Her Husband In Benue State by nanauju(f): 3:49pm On Aug 11, 2018

Who even wants to be related to drug dealers and baby factory products?

Be like say your sense don follow pen|s comot from ya puna

Cry me a river boy!
U too small for me to engage in online rant because they fit arrest me for child abuse.

C'mon boy, come eat lunch!

Politics / Re: My Bad Experience During Voter's Card Registration In Abuja by nanauju(f): 2:36pm On Aug 11, 2018

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Crime / Re: Woman Sleeps With Her Son To Have A Child For Her Husband In Benue State by nanauju(f): 1:20pm On Aug 11, 2018
Igbo amaka lost relatives dem embarassed

Which lost relatives?? Pls park well. Benue will never ever be related to igbos in any way.. Not in the past life, present or future. Never ever. Get ur facts right Afonja

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Politics / Re: Apc Members Reject Akpabio As Political Leader by nanauju(f): 8:13am On Aug 11, 2018

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Crime / Re: Corpse Of A Man Killed By His Brother-In-Law In Benue Tied On Okada (Photos) by nanauju(f): 8:12am On Aug 11, 2018
Romance / Re: My Boobs Has Been Heavy Lately by nanauju(f): 7:41am On Aug 11, 2018

speak for your man, because not every man like big boob

Op is a man.
Try to use your sense and pick out sarcasm next time OK
Politics / Re: Defections: APC Expresses Confidence In Dogara by nanauju(f): 9:54pm On Aug 10, 2018
??what a very long post. Who else didn't read all??

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Family / Re: Relationship Advice Needed by nanauju(f): 9:12pm On Aug 10, 2018
Oga sir, it's not all the advice here you will follow oo.. Use ya head. After all she had opened up to u,dont act too fast..
Business / Re: Lady Buys Umbrella That Has No Stopper, When She Returned It, This Happened by nanauju(f): 7:34pm On Aug 10, 2018
Twitter again.. Hmm


Romance / Re: My Boobs Has Been Heavy Lately by nanauju(f): 7:29pm On Aug 10, 2018
Wetin concern man with heavy boobs
Romance / Re: How Do Broke Guys Manage Relationship? by nanauju(f): 7:28pm On Aug 10, 2018
Romance / Re: Meet 'The Sexy Grand Pa' 45, Who Has 22 Kids With 21 Baby Mamas And A Grandkid by nanauju(f): 7:16pm On Aug 10, 2018


Romance / Re: Meet 'The Sexy Grand Pa' 45, Who Has 22 Kids With 21 Baby Mamas And A Grandkid by nanauju(f): 7:16pm On Aug 10, 2018
Romance / Re: Check Out This Beautiful Makeovers. What's Your Take On This? by nanauju(f): 4:34pm On Aug 10, 2018
Makeup artists should stop making the before pictures look more hedious(bad) than how it actually looks.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 200k Job In Enugu Or 200k In Lagos by nanauju(f): 2:49pm On Aug 10, 2018
Enugu is much better in terms of conserving your money and you know it is a city with an average cost of living. While lagos is good in terms of networking and great opportunities but with a high cost of living. Which means,in Enugu, your money would be valuable while in lagos...dude that 200k is trash undecided

200k trash? In Lagos??

Seems you're a very heavy spender
Someone saw himself through ICAN on a 102k job in this lagos. All it takes is discipline


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