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Business / Re: If I Give You 1M As Capital, Can You Deliver 200k Monthly? by nwachukwu9(m): 4:45pm On May 22
I can deliver #400000 monthly
Business / Re: Pls Help:how Do I Convert Airtime To Cash? by nwachukwu9(m): 8:50pm On May 09

How do we go about it?
be careful of scam. Their trick is offering you a price which is above the market price to entice you to send the card,at the end of the day you would not get payment and you would loose your card.

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Politics / Re: Online Presidential Poll For LP,PDP And APC Here On Nairaland by nwachukwu9(m): 6:38pm On Dec 24, 2022


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Abuja Jobs Here by nwachukwu9(m): 10:39pm On Oct 22, 2022

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Jobs/Vacancies / Life Be Nice by nwachukwu9(m): 10:38pm On Oct 22, 2022
Life is totally nice. Thank God
Business / Life Be Nice by nwachukwu9(m): 10:26pm On Oct 22, 2022
I great all, I would like to share with you what is eating into me of recent. Am a graduate of industrial chemistry, I finished my national youth service july 2022. I managed to save money during my service year with the intention of relocating to Abuja to find a better life. I have been applying for different works here in Abuja without luck,I have applied for more than 150 jobs both on indeed and jobber man yet no one worked out. The money I saved during my service year, I used it to rent accommodation and feeding, this money is finishing and yet no work. I pray that God Almighty would send a helper that would direct me to an open legitimate job that pays at least 50k. I can work as an office assistant, graduate trainee, teacher,or any legitimate job or business that can pay at least 50k. God bless the person that would direct me to a good job. You would never lack in your life. You can reach me on my signature. I can also do Government work if you know anyone available.
Health / Re: Who Needs A Heart, Kidney Or Any Human Vital Organs I Wish To Donate Mine by nwachukwu9(m): 10:30pm On Oct 10, 2022

He's still denying that he's not a scammer.
good for him

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need A Job Please.help A Brother by nwachukwu9(m): 11:15pm On Aug 18, 2022
I need a job, I studied industrial chemistry currently in Abuja
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Let's Work Together To Make The Money by nwachukwu9(m): 10:22pm On Jul 17, 2022
Good Day Guys.
I'm new here, and I don't regret knowing Nairaland.

I'm happy I can reach an audience.
Now, I've been going through a rough phrase in my life now, things has been so hard for me, and I'm getting tired of life already.

I've been depressed and contemplating suicide, I'm just so confused and tired of this country.

I am 17 years old, and I just finished my secondary school education.
I was raised my a single Mom, and have four sisters.
Now I feel like it's time to face the harsh world, not like things has ever been easy, since I came of age, I've always worked and struggle to get whatever I have now.
My Mom is ageing and I think, it's time I face my responsibility as the only son.

I have worked in different places and I've done different things all my life, just to survive.
I have a skill, which is Barbing. it has helped me a lot during my schooling.

I've worked for different people in different barbers shop.
But it has all resulted to nothing.

I think the best way, is to get my own shop, and run it myself.
But for me to get that, I need to plan for it.

Now I need an investor...
Someone to work with,
Someone who can afford to set up a Barbing Saloon Complex.
I will work for you, you just have to open the Barbing Saloon, and you will be getting your weekly payment from me

I believe with my experience, it will work out fine.
There's money in Barbing Saloon, and I promise you my dedication
where is your location?
Religion / Re: TB Joshua: SCOAN Worshippers Celebrate Founder’s First Memorial, Legacies. by nwachukwu9(m): 4:30pm On Jun 06, 2022
Continue resting God's general, I believe you fought a good fight and finished strong. I benefited from the grace of God in the life of Prophet TB joshua through healing and deliverance

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Business / Re: Which Business Can I Start With 100m In Nigeria To Yield Massive Profit by nwachukwu9(m): 5:15pm On Apr 23, 2022
You can invest in pure water and table water manufacturing business
Business / Re: Advice Needed On Venturing Into Palm Oil & Vegetable Oil Business by nwachukwu9(m): 10:07am On Apr 02, 2022
God bless you for this post, I am also interested in going to palm oil business, please how do I buy directly from the manufacturer and what is the minimum quantity, and the price. I also want to know which state is the cheapest to buy from?
Business / Re: My Fellow Nairalanders I Need Your Help On Getting A Legit Airtime Epin Dealer by nwachukwu9(m): 6:22pm On Mar 28, 2022
Good day my fellow Nairalanders,
I am Aye by name, a student of the university of Calabar, I am in my 300level.
I want to start a business to support my myself, I have been thinking of starting recharge card printing business.
When I asked a friend, He told me how his brother was scammed thinking He is dealing with a legit Airtime epin dealer.
The story He told me discouraged me but
That is the business I love to do.
Please � do you know any legit epin dealer?
be careful of scammers parading themselves as E-pin dealers, make your research before making payments
Romance / Re: Am In Love With The Wrong Girl And Can't Help Myself Out. by nwachukwu9(m): 6:07pm On Mar 28, 2022

A mugu will always defend his fellow mugu. Dont quote me again.
I have no time for you, in real life, you may not even be up to my level, I don't have time for children play
Romance / Re: Am In Love With The Wrong Girl And Can't Help Myself Out. by nwachukwu9(m): 1:41pm On Mar 28, 2022
I think from all the bullcrap I've read about guys becoming simp this is the biggest simp I have ever seen, biggest mumu.
You give girl money to remove pikin wey your friend put inside and the girl still dey straff your friend. Na goat born you abi na human being?
the original poster did not insult your parents, take time and insult with love
Romance / Re: Do Women Hate Nice Guys by nwachukwu9(m): 2:00pm On Mar 20, 2022
No single female is responding, many girls are like that, More than 98% of ladies I have meet only accept favour but don't reciprocate favour, any time I turn them down, they are always quick to say I am greedy which I don't mind, because a person calling someone greedy has never done for me anything at all, it is someone you have done things for that refused to reciprocate that you should call greedy, making friends with female or being a female besty is one of the worst decision a man can take, because many of those relationship are parasitic in nature, stop wasting your time being friends with female, have you not heard of the statement that a male and female cannot just be friends, it is either their dating or nothing else.


Nairaland / General / Re: MEN!! This Is The Only Thing You Will Get For Being A NICE GUY!! (Photo) by nwachukwu9(m): 12:19pm On Mar 11, 2022
A good guy does not get what he deserves from a bad woman because bad women are drawn to bad men...so instead of becoming a bad man to get the most in a bad woman search for a good woman. Stop looking at yansh and bwest with thick pointy tits. Look for character. Look for virtue. Look for loyalty. Look for attitude. Look for godliness...and you will have peace of mind.
they best post I have read on nairaland through out this year, you spoke my mind, if you are a good guy stop getting attracted to bad girls, they would feed you with leftover and give you another man child, instead look for a good girl with like minds as yours


Business / Re: Supply Me Dangote Cement At Low Price by nwachukwu9(m): 3:46pm On Feb 25, 2022
Why not write a letter to dangote cement indicating your interest in being a major distributor, they would give you there terms and conditions
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Just Touched Down Lagos After Nysc. Where Do I Go From Here? by nwachukwu9(m): 10:54am On Feb 23, 2022
I just finished my nysc and I begged my friend to accommodate me for the time being pending when I secure a job. I just moved in on Saturday and I've been submitting CV to different employers. I feel useless staying at home whilst others go about their daily breads. Please if you have any link to any available job or you're a HR and your organization is in Ajah, I would be most grateful if you can link me up with a job.

Modified : I studied industrial technology(technical education) and in my past experience, I've taught in some schools as basic tech, maths or physics teacher. I have also worked as a store manager/office assistant in some non academic organizations
am currently a serving corp member, planning to come to Lagos to start life, although my parents are based in onitsha, but all my brother's who has served are doing nothing in onitsha, I would be done by June, I studied industrial chemistry, if you have any paying job from 30k and above I would do, even if it is teaching job. Please drop your contact
Business / Re: Suppliers Of Bitter Kola, Kola Nut, Ginger, Garlic Needed. by nwachukwu9(m): 1:09pm On Jan 27, 2022
I supply ginger, both dry and wet. Contact me via signature
Business / Re: A Loan Of 150k by nwachukwu9(m): 9:03am On Dec 28, 2021
Hello, Nairalanders. Please I am in need of a loan of 150k, someone should help me out please. I am ready to pay back with interest. I would like the repayment to be on monthly basis. Thanks in anticipation.
if you have good collateral I can lend you. You must be based in lokoja. My interest fee is 15% per month
Business / Re: Roommate Needed In Abuja by nwachukwu9(m): 1:46pm On Dec 10, 2021
A male Room mate is needed for a spacious one Room Self contain located at Apo Resettlement area Zone 'A' Abuja, FCT, serene environment with constant electricity and 24hrs water supply.

The apartment is new and the cost for one year is 450k to be split equally between the two occupants of the room.

If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested kindly call: 07081963065
I pay 50k for one room self contain in lokoja

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Family / Re: Married To Mum Of 2 But The Babies Dad Choose To Neglect Responsibilities. by nwachukwu9(m): 12:37pm On Jul 16, 2021
I don't usually comment, but if you want they other man to be sending money to your wife, Then you must not rule out they possiblity that they could be sleeping with each other, that you are in another relationship doesn't mean you don't have feeling for your ex husband

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Family / Re: Should Husband And Wife Have A Joint Account? by nwachukwu9(m): 8:55pm On Jul 10, 2021
They question you asked is relative, it means they answer can be yes or no depending on certain conditions.
For me personally I can't try it with my wife, reason is because
1) she may appear to be good, but when they test of time comes she is likely to fail, no need for giving satan a chance, remember to love everyone but trust no one. She may withdraw all they money in the account for high risk investment which may fail, and our money would sink, but what if we had separate account, I can use my account to lift her up again
2) She would know virtually every thing I do with my funds, and may discourage me from carrying out projects that would touch people lives.
3) She may not be putting anything into the account and still have they ability to withdraw everything and pull me down.
For me I can't try it, but I would always be a responsible husband and father

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Crime / Re: Killer Of Super TV CEO Recounts How She Killed Him by nwachukwu9(m): 6:59pm On Jun 26, 2021
Both the man and his girlfriend are guilty of commiting sin. She is guilty of Murder and the man is guilty of Adultery. Sin is sin, both of them would face they consequences. Sex is indeed a bait
Crime / Re: How I Stabbed Super Tv Ceo To Death, 21-year-old Unilag Student Speaks by nwachukwu9(m): 11:55am On Jun 26, 2021
My conscience tells me that this girl is not saying they Truth, who told you that they guy tried to attack her, I don't like one sided story, They deed has been done and dead men don't talk, so she can lay any accusations on the poor dead man
Romance / Re: He Wants To Turn Me To His Sex Slave Because I Owe Him. by nwachukwu9(m): 12:32pm On May 02, 2021
Some human are foolish. Sex is a bait that women use to pull men down. How can I pay you 10k for something some women are begging to give me for free, but because of God laws I can't do it. Let me tell you one thing that would shock you today, women love sex more than guys, I was dating a lady, and she always beg me for sex, but I always beg her to wait for us to get married

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Business / Re: I Have Airtime For Sale. by nwachukwu9(m): 10:37am On Apr 26, 2021
I have #5000 worth of airtime for sale. Indicate, if interested.
how do I buy
Business / Re: Adenike Arowolo (euro Money) And Peter Momoh Omodele Defrauded Me 390,000 by nwachukwu9(m): 10:45am On Apr 03, 2021
Please sir explain everything so that we can know how to help you fish out the criminals. Maybe some of us may come up with intelligent ideas, they said a problem shared is already half solved
Phones / Re: E Choke: Racksterli Website Down For Hours, What's Next? by nwachukwu9(m): 8:21pm On Mar 08, 2021
I always tell my students that ponzi scheme is not an option to make money
Romance / Re: Lady, 30, Dupes Lover N10m, Dumps Him For Another Man (pic) by nwachukwu9(m): 10:46am On Feb 24, 2021

Nigerian girls are useless all of them
if you are genuine about what you just typed now, God would one day lead you to the right lady who is not useless, it is true that you have been meeting useless ladies, but don't give up in being nice and useful, one day God would lead you to the right lady. Mark my words

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