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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Nottingham Forest Vs Manchester United (2 - 1) On 30th December 2023 by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 8:26pm On Dec 30, 2023
Arsenal do gragra for Liverpool West Ham used their hammer to break their head in their own backyard.
Man U the same thing, but Nothingham Forest is whooping their white butt at home.
They only show their strength when playing Liverpool. Mumu clubs

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Politics / Re: Tinubu, Akpabio, Others To Attend PISE-P Unveiling In Abia by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 9:56am On Dec 28, 2023

Boastful chest beating as usual!
I am not Igbo by tribe but by their blood flows in my veins cus my grandma is from Imo state.
I am Rivers. You don't need to agree or disagree with me. The Igbos is the missing link. The magic that will transition this country into greatness. Your envies won't allow you to admit it.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu, Akpabio, Others To Attend PISE-P Unveiling In Abia by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 9:52am On Dec 28, 2023
Obasanjo brought Igbo's closer to himself during his Presidency
Yar'adua brought Igbo's closer to himself during his Presidency
GEJ surrounded himself with Igbo's during his Presidency
Buhari isolated Igbo's and his govt failed completely
Tinubu is threading the same path as Buhari and his govt is already failing before our very eyes.
The first Igbo Chief of Army staff under GEJ dealt ruthlessly with terrorists to the extent that the same Northerners suffering terrorism today opposed him and threatened to drag him to the Hagues.

The more you isolate Igbo's from your govt., the more you fail as a President.
The Igbo tribe is blessed with unique talents that Nigeria have failed to harness. It's not their fault, it's God's gift to them.
General Azubuike Nhejirika.
That man gave boko haram a run for their money. If he wasn't sabotaged, insecurity would have been a thing of the past by now. Igbo is the only catalyst that can pilot this country to it's lost glory and a greater heights.

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Religion / Re: Six Churches That Don’t Celebrate Christmas And Why by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 9:15pm On Dec 25, 2023

Lols, na so.

U guys and Jehovah's witnesses always like to claim Wise.😏

Jehovah Witness will say Man cannot rule themselves and doesn't like to vote in Elections BUT
If Govt bring Palliatives or Job Empowerment, Dem dey Rush am ehn. 😄😄
Who no like better thing.
Of course man cannot govern himself that's why there is no peace in the world today. The devil is always interfering in the affairs of man. That's the reason. We're living in the devil's world where people drink iniquity like water.

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Religion / Re: Six Churches That Don’t Celebrate Christmas And Why by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 9:11pm On Dec 25, 2023
Jehovah witness that says only 440,000 people will go to heaven. Who cares if they don't celebrate Christmas?
Deeper Life than banned it's members from watching television, do they watch television now? I remember how our Deeper Life neighbor in the 90s would sneak into our house to watch football and wrestling. grin grin

As for others, the look like breakaway from Jehovah Witness and Deeper Life that's why they share same doctrine.

Na dem sabi.

Merry Christmas to everyone
You know nothing. Purge yourself from fake doctrine and witness the renewal of your being in Christ Jesus.. Nobody is saying you shouldn't celebrate the birthday of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, but saying he was born on the 25th of December when it wasn't written in the bible. Jesus Christ was born in the month of October. That's why you people mark His death and resurrection in April every year instead of June.
Since he was born in the month of October, he lived for 33 and halve age, His 33rd birthday was October. 6 months later he was killed . When you count six months from October you will arrive at April. If it was in December, it will be in June. Do you mark his death and resurrection in June? Your answer is as good as mine.
No what you celebrate and purge yourself from ungodly activities. Anything that doesn't bring glory to God Almighty will be burned. Those celebrating Christmas are honouring the devil and will receive the devil's rewards.

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Religion / Re: Six Churches That Don’t Celebrate Christmas And Why by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 8:59pm On Dec 25, 2023
Check Out Six Churches That Don’t Celebrate Christmas And Reasons

Source: https://9newsng.com/check-out-six-churches-that-dont-celebrate-christmas-and-reasons/
OP correct your assay. GKS is never a part of Jehovah's witness neither was the founder part of Jehovah's witness. Take note. She was founder in 1934 in Lagos and it began to spread to other parts of the country and to the rest of the world. The headquarters is in Warri Delta state. We do not share so many things with the so called Jehovah's witness. Take note.
Religion / Re: Six Churches That Don’t Celebrate Christmas And Why by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 8:55pm On Dec 25, 2023

Jehovah Witness, GKS or Seven day Adventist Followers who are Civil servants
do NOT Refuse Christmas package from the Govt or their company during December every Year. sad sad

Who Dem dey deceive? 😏😕
Why should I refuse it. I am GKS and I will collect whatever package you tagged Christmas package. It's my right as an employee. Your celebration no concern me.

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Properties / Re: Enugu State Government Demolishes Properties Encroaching On Road Allowance by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 7:08pm On Dec 22, 2023
Romance / Re: Kano: Bleak Xmas For Contributors As Lady Sends Man Abroad With Their Money by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 6:55pm On Dec 22, 2023
Politics / Re: Port Harcourt Refinery Recommences Operation (Video) by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 10:55am On Dec 21, 2023
Good one
Crime / Re: New Female Tenants Kidnaps 4 Children From Different Parents In Umuahia by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 8:58am On Dec 18, 2023
May they be found alive May Jehovah make those ritualists mad and fight themselves for those innocent kids.
They're looking for what they will offer as sacrifices to renew their strength. May they never make it to next year. Including you, that is a ritualist reading my comment.
Evil being!!

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Politics / Re: Sim Fubara, A "1st Class Student" (Photo) by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 8:34pm On Dec 16, 2023
Good for him. While Wike is a first class Tout. We the true Ikwerreans have since dashed him to Agbado munchers and Ronu people.

He should allow us to focus on how to carry our beloved state to the promise land. He should get out and get lost. Idiotic greedy bastard.

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Politics / Re: How Jonathan Stopped First-class Travel Among Ministers In 2012; Ex-minister by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 9:04am On Dec 16, 2023
Good one from GEJ.
If some stupid tribalistic Nigerians weren't deceived by the evil party APC, we wouldn't have been here today. APC is demonic. They can to steal, kill and destroy.
Now , the masses are suffering.


Science/Technology / Re: The Sun Just Erupted With Its Most Powerful Solar Flare In 6 YEARS by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 8:42am On Dec 16, 2023
Every corner, Every nation, Every continent! The Signs of the End are Everywhere!!

Everything JESUS CHRIST gave to us as signs to His coming have happened and continues to happen.


There is no More Time.
Take your relationship with GOD very serious.
Run to JESUS CHRIST and Make HIM the LORD and SAVIOUR of your soul...

Now is the ACCEPTABLE TIME. The next moment could be too late.
That's not literally mr Righteousness. The sun represent the political class, the moon there represent Religion and the star represent Commerce

And all these signs are fulfilling right before our eyes. All should come to God now and be saved. God himself said,
Isaiah 45:22 Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.
Romance / Re: Lady Tearfully Begs Fiance After She Went To Camp In A Hotel With A Man (Video) by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 8:09pm On Dec 11, 2023
What she did was bad sha
Both of them have some talking and healing to do
Which talking to do. Kick her bitchy asss out for good. A hoe is always a hoe.
Food / Re: What I Bought From Market With 10k by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 2:28pm On Dec 11, 2023
thats the price now
Nope. He's right
Travel / Re: U.S F-16 Fighter Jet Crashes Into Yellow Sea During Training (Photos) by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 8:45am On Dec 11, 2023
I smell sabotage from Putin gang members

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Romance / Re: Stop Marrying Girls That Are Hungry - Daddy Freeze (video) by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 3:35pm On Dec 09, 2023

Lol... Life is not fair my brother and yes i will eat my cake and still have it by marrying a virgin girl♂️

Most women are damaged, yet they still raise their standard regardless!!!

But when it comes to men, all of you will begin reason him matter.

#NO virginity
#NO relationship/marriage⚠️
Romance / Re: Stop Marrying Girls That Are Hungry - Daddy Freeze (video) by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 12:56pm On Dec 09, 2023

Haven't you heard🙄

Men and women are not the same thing and cannot be compared⚠️
They both offer different qualities to the home, that's why i don't argue with feminists(damaged women) who are always comparing themselves with men.

A man's value lies in his future,
*if he's healthy and can make babies.
*If he has the financial capabilities to Carter for a home.
*If he can protect his woman and children from all harms way.

Once a man can offer this three values, he's fit to begin a family of his own regardless of his PAST♂️

But with women, it's a different ball game🎯
A woman's value is in her PAST, we all know that a damaged woman can hardly make a good home and it's of no good to any man.

* A non virgin would likely cheat with her EX or some other man when given the opportunity.
* A non virgin would likely can't bond with one man(her husband), especially those with high body counts, this is already a known fact.
*A non virgin would likely be a torn on her husband's flesh due to past heart breaks and experiences. Etc
The points are endless⚠️

So back to your question my brother.... Are you a virgin?? NO i am not🚫

But that doesn't mean i will settle down with a damaged woman, i have been with so many ladies my brother and yes i have been played and cheated on, i have really given my best to non virgins(damaged women) untill i realized that i deserve better for myself and my children💯

I have raised my standards in ladies, and i will teach my sons too🙄
As t tbe bolded is what I want. No be this long epistle you typed. A respect your opinion. I only wanted you to give me a straight answer.
Omo the only thing I will advise you is to avoid women with numerous body counts. If a decent non virgin come, marry am. Others will marry the once you deflowered.
You can't eat your cake and still have it.
Such is life. Good luck
Romance / Re: Stop Marrying Girls That Are Hungry - Daddy Freeze (video) by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 10:27am On Dec 09, 2023

They're virgins everywhere bro... It only takes a guy with an eagle eye to spot them♂️

I have met two this year alone.... One said she's not ready for a relationship while the other said i should give her time to think about it since last month🙄

I have continued my search regardless their answer ⚠️

One day I'm positive that i will meet my WOMAN✅✅
But I have a question for you bro
Ars you a virgin? 😏
Romance / Re: Stop Marrying Girls That Are Hungry - Daddy Freeze (video) by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 7:02am On Dec 09, 2023
Let's not mix broke with poor sha. The simple test you can use to tell the difference is her outlook. Hungry girls are externally looking (vanity over modesty) , while broke girls are inwardly looking (modest over vanity). A generalization sha.

So hungry girls need wealth and a wealthy man to further amplify their vanity, oppress their enemies and glow in the spotlight. They can't make money themselves, they need your money to shine.

A broke girl is circumstancial, her brokeness didn't affect her character at all, and will save 40k from the 50k you gave her to plait her hair. She may even have a job of 40k monthly while saving 5k.

So you may avoid hungry girls, since it's a mentality thing, but if she is broke, which is a temporary unavailability of material stuff, she can still make a good wife.

And that goes for men too.
Good point.
Romance / Re: Stop Marrying Girls That Are Hungry - Daddy Freeze (video) by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 6:58am On Dec 09, 2023

Add virginity too bro♂️

I have stopped that nonsense a long time ago... Apart from girls i just have fun with, i will never officially date or marry a broke girl or a non virgin ❌❌❌

I want the BEST for my children💯

As they're looking for rich guys I'm looking for a virgin and financially stable lady... So whenever we jam ourselves we will settle down 😆😆😆
At the bolded. Them you're not ready to marry now. Which virgin remain again.
Even the urgly ones have been ducked.
Family / Re: Looking After Inlaws Is Not A Man Responsibility - Reno Omokri by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 4:16pm On Dec 08, 2023
This idiot should get out. You have lost your relevance.

Gold digger. Living off hardworking women.


Family / Re: Man Of The HOUSE: Is This Also Part Of The Job? by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 4:15pm On Dec 08, 2023
Business / Re: Innoson Group Now Has Seven Industries by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 4:15pm On Dec 06, 2023
That's because some ladies have some bad spirits inside of them from various men thay had sex with. Oloshos own are the worst. So when you back them inside your car, they evil spirit begins to disturb the peace of your car. The same goes to loose men. They begins to retrogress.
Romance / Re: Bride Stands On A Bench While Dancing With Tall Groom On Their Wedding (Video) by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 2:36pm On Dec 05, 2023
May God bless their union
Jennifer. Don't you think marriage is honourable in all. The bed undefiled??
So when are you planning ypurs?
Health / Re: LUTH Reacts To Reported Shutdown Of Its Wards by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 7:43pm On Dec 02, 2023
Romance / Re: What Is One Thing You Regret Doing This Year? by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 8:03am On Dec 02, 2023
Damnnn niggar

Nothing to Regret man
You should be regretting you don't know how to cook just the way you love keyboarding and bombing.

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Crime / Re: Have You Ever Seen Or Experienced Sexual Harassment Before? by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 8:28am On Nov 30, 2023
Insults don't move me, hit me with facts, then I'll be moved.

And these redpill men really need to make sure to flush out their redpill from their system in time so that they can still settle down when the time still allows them.

From what I heard, the man in question used to have a good job, but each time his mother advised him to settle down, he'd talk of how he didn't want any woman in his life and since he had money, he could sleep with any woman of choice and move on... In the end he lost everything and now his only companion is alcohol... He used to mock women at every chance he'd get, but now he's desperate to even have a conversation with a woman to a point that he'd even harass other men's women.

But unfortunately for him, no woman wants anything to do with him... It was his mother who narrated everything to us.
Oh I get it. Thanks for your feedback. I wish you joy and endless peace in your upcoming wedding. May the Lord keep you both. Congrats in advance.
Crime / Re: Have You Ever Seen Or Experienced Sexual Harassment Before? by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 8:29pm On Nov 29, 2023
So now I'm stupid?🤣🤣🤣

From being illiterate to stupid... LMAO!!!... This is very funny...🤣🤣🤣

Talk about a redpiller trying to fight for his fellow fallen redpiller.

Oops!!! I'm sorry, excuse my stupidity..😝😝😝
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Abeg calm down. I just like the way you replied him. And I also love the level of your understanding. Not really taking offense from the insult. Keep it up sis.
Though I am not a redpiller. I like the other gender. Especially those with brains😋😋😋😋😋


Romance / Re: Should I Be Bothered About This Statement By my Girlfriend by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 3:53pm On Nov 29, 2023

And na community rod Una dey carry waka upandan...
So sad too...
It doesn't change anything except those who indulge in it can contract infections. Although not all ladies but many. Sex is meant to be enjoyed not just for procreation. How can I enjoy a woman with saged pussy. That's just my point. Thanks for your understanding.
Romance / Re: Should I Be Bothered About This Statement By my Girlfriend by OBIDIENTNAIJA: 9:26am On Nov 29, 2023

Lol... Typical African men mentality...
Always ready to judge and crucify others(women), when they themselves have a cupboard full of Skeltons...
Why should you ask a woman about her previous sex life? Why?
Are you a virgin?
Is that what you consider before concluding that a person is of good character??
No wonder most of you end up regretting your marriage at the end of your lives after "Managing" the marriage..
And u call yourself "Modern" as opposed to my "Archaic" life...

You're not wise one bit. Multiple body counts as a woman have adverse effects on your anatomy. Just like your moniker, the pussy becomes wide like angle 360. Huge hole that can't retain anything again. Me once I found your pussy is angle 360, I will dumb your dumb the East West road you call pussy ASAP.

A man can have 500 body counts and it won't change anything. But it will surely have adverse effects on a woman. That's what we are trying to say.
Na why many of una see single today.
Wide pussies everywhere like well.
So sad

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