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Computers / Re: How To Know If Your Laptop Is Refurbish by Octopus3000: 1:51pm On Apr 28, 2022
Laptops tend to have a fairly short lifespan relative to conventional computers. They can become obsolete within weeks of release. Laptops are difficult to upgrade or repair and are prone to gradual degradation with "fatal" results by their very nature. Once a laptop has been damaged, repairs are usually slightly cheaper than buying a new model. These unpleasant prognoses apply to laptops and most other electronic devices, resulting in enormous amounts of electronic waste each year. When I broke my MacBook, I thought it was the end. It wouldn't turn on, and the screen was completely shattered. My friend advised me to go to the nearest repair service, hoping they would take it for parts. But I was lucky, the guys replaced the screen, and it worked. I was insanely surprised.
Education / Re: What You Need To Know About Pest Control by Octopus3000: 1:55pm On Apr 18, 2022
Summer is a favorite time not only for people but also for insects. At this time of year, pests most often storm apartments - mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and sometimes even bedbugs and fleas appear in the house. To control certain insects, I have called in specialists https://ajverminatorpestcontrol.com/wasp-pest-control-sunderland/. They use powerful poisoning agents that stop the insects. At the same time, these insecticides do not affect humans and do not harm pets.
Gaming / Re: We Can Help You Shop Video Game & Video Game Accessories On Amazon by Octopus3000: 1:03am On Feb 02, 2022
How safe is it to use this service? To be honest, I don't use services that offer help with buying that much. But due to the crisis and the global pandemic, it is complicated to buy a new PlayStation 5 since the new console is often unavailable. Maybe I can buy a new console using your service? Can anyone share their impressions after using ishop-worldwide? As a last resort, I can probably wait until the new console goes on sale. A couple of days ago, I bought myself a new FIFA 2022 through a quality store cdkeysforgames.com . Therefore, I doubt that I will have time to be bored. Does anyone want to play the latest FIFA 2022 with me?
Science/Technology / Re: I Need An App That Will Reduce Picture Image Size On My Android Phone. by Octopus3000: 2:50am On Dec 22, 2021
Try searching for a similar app in google market. As far as I know, there are a lot of applications that reduce the size of photos, so I don't see any point in recommending a specific application. But have you ever wondered how websites like Imgur or Instagram, for example, manage to store an incredible amount of images in real-time? Although this question is much more challenging to answer than it seems, the performance of these services directly depends on Image Optimisation. I learned this in this article https://www.sitecentre.com.au/blog/image-optimisation-is-it-worth-it. And in my opinion, it's incredible.
Family / Re: Fulfilling Your Life Purpose With Numerology by Octopus3000: 9:01am On Apr 17, 2021
Numerology? Utter stupidity, I never believed it!
Business / Re: Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 15 by Octopus3000: 1:12pm On Jan 26, 2021
Betting is really a very interesting type of earnings, but you will never be able to determine the exact outcome of the event. Also, it's very hard to predict which team will win, so I don't like to bet. I much prefer the online casinos directory , which allows me to earn relatively large amounts of money. Many of my friends, on my advice, also use this service to make money. If gambling is your main income, then you should definitely try this service, I am sure that you will not regret it. Good luck and have a nice day!
Family / Re: Discussing Female Circumcision by Octopus3000: 1:59pm On Jan 11, 2021
To be honest, I really don't understand why female circumcision is needed. I can relatively understand what it is about male circumcision, but the fact that someone does female circumcision just blows my mind. Does anyone remember why this circumcision is necessary? If not, then read on wikipedia. Now, almost every parent does it just because everyone does it. I think that this is stupid and all parents should think about what their child will think about it in the future. Maybe he doesn't want to be circumcised. Now there are a huge number of operations related to the genitals and he can choose absolutely any when he grows up. He just needs a little time.
I had an almost similar situation but it had ended not as well as yours
Sports / Re: Help, I Think I'm Addicted To Sports Betting by Octopus3000: 7:31pm On Jan 06, 2021
Have you ever thought about trying something different? If you haven't had any luck in betting lately, then you should stop for a while. If you can't live without excitement, then use other games of chance. For example, do you know what online slots are? If not, then go here . You can play a few free games, it will distract you. Of course, the best solution for you would be to take a full break from gambling for a long time, but I'm sure you can't do that. Well, I hope you can get your money back, since 70,000 is really a very large amount. Where did you even get it from? Sports betting? If so, I should consider changing jobs...
I don't think he can forget about betting so easily...
Business / Re: Problem Gambling Therapy by Octopus3000: 10:42am On Dec 29, 2020

Hello! I have been gambling for 10 years now. During this period of time, I acquired the appropriate skills and acquired enough experience in this area to make gambling a means of passive earning. I constantly play in online casinos at brazino777.com , I also place bets with very profitable coefficients and play bingo. Besides the fact that I am very experienced in this field, I am very lucky and I am not going to stop there. I am planning to participate in official poker tournaments and hope to have a successful career. Never be discouraged by big losses, I'm sure you will get lucky someday!
My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks
Nairaland / General / Re: 6 Points To Remember Prior To Working With A Plumber by Octopus3000: 9:40am On Dec 28, 2020
I totally agree with you. The guarantee of services is a very important part of any work, because in this way you can indirectly understand that the company is confident in its employees, as well as in what they do. If you want to learn more about this type of guarantee, then I advise you to read https://generalliabilityinsure.com/small-business/plumbing-insurance.html . Thanks to this article, I learned a lot of new and very useful information that was very useful to me. I think that if you are interested in this topic, then this site will definitely be useful for you. Good luck and have a nice day!
Programming / Re: How To Design An Ios App: The Ultimate Guide And Tips For Successful Mobile App by Octopus3000: 9:11pm On Dec 27, 2020
Wow, thanks for such a cool article. I was really interested in reading this!
Health / Re: Portable Water Purifier Filter For Good Health by Octopus3000: 8:17pm On Dec 03, 2020
Has anyone already ordered this filter? Can you share your feedback? My family and I recently moved to a new apartment and there is no water filter, so I am now looking for a great filter that I can install. I think the option presented in this topic is quite good, but I would like to hear feedback from other clients. I found this article https://www.thewindupspace.com/best-whole-house-water-filter-for-well-water/ and it seems to me that excellent water filters are presented here, but unfortunately I absolutely do not understand them, so I hope you can share the contacts of a plumber who can help me with this. Thanks in advance!
Properties / Re: Problems With Real Estate by Octopus3000: 5:52am On Nov 04, 2020
I never liked small apartments or houses. I have lived in such dwellings for quite a long time, so I can say with confidence that they have their drawbacks and there are a lot of them. The most obvious problem is free space. For a very long time I dreamed of a house with two floors and a garage, but I could afford it only after 30 years. I was really happy when I found a cool home at jprealestateexperts.com . Yes, housing bills are really much higher than in a small apartment, especially in winter, when it is necessary to constantly maintain the temperature in the house. It seems to me, first of all, everything depends on the capabilities of the person, as well as his desires and marital status. I live with my family, so we needed a big house. It seems to me that if I were alone, I might think about buying a small apartment.
Romance / Re: House Cleaning by Octopus3000: 7:18am On Oct 29, 2020
What is the price of your services? Do you accept payment at once for the whole house or for each square meter?
Computers / Re: Top 10 Best FPS Pc Games Of All Time by Octopus3000: 5:10am On Oct 29, 2020
It seems to me that cs go is much more popular than described in this top. Basically, modern FPS games are popular only for the first time after their release. Cs: Go has been the most popular game for eight years now, I think this is an excellent result. Recently a new game in this genre was released - valorant, but it was popular only for about the first two months, then it began to lose its popularity due to the fact that cheaters began to appear there. For some reason, cs go does not lose its popularity due to cheaters. CS: GO was one of the first games to introduce a system of cases and skins. It's very difficult to get some cool skin in the game itself, so I use services like https://itemherald.com to get a cool skin. I think cs go will not lose its popularity for many years to come!
Nairaland / General / Re: Understanding the Gens (Baby Boomer , Millinials and Doomers ) by Octopus3000: 12:48am On Oct 21, 2020
Yes, they are very conservative, religious and try to instill their old rules and norms in the younger generation. I understand that this is wrong, because the world is not at all what it was before, and we have to adapt to each change. As a child, my parents also tried to introduce me to their well-established rules and norms that they had in their youth, even now I sometimes hear their old-fashioned advice. Since my parents are old-fashioned, they always want to do something, and I spent hours searching the Internet for suitable senior hobbies. As a result, I found a great service that developed guides specifically for baby boomers on how to spend their free time, where to invest, and much more. Now they do not bother me with their advice and only do their own thing.
My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks
Sports / Re: English Premier League- Transfers And The 2019/2020 Season by Octopus3000: 11:57am On Oct 09, 2020
Oh, in fact, I do not like such stuffing of information because in the end it does not lead to any positive consequences. I am sure that you have already encountered this and in fact it is very unpleasant to receive false information, especially if it is about your favorite sport ... I personally find out all the news only through reliable sites like EPL transfer news. There you will find all the most important. I found out about this site quite recently and I am very glad that I came across it. This is a really cool site with a ton of useful articles and news. So if you are as much a sports fan as I am, then this site is definitely for you.

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Pets / Re: Where Can I Get A Dog Like This In Nigeria by Octopus3000: 5:38pm On Oct 06, 2020
Oh, I think that it is photoshop, there are no such huge dogs in nature. Of course there are big dogs, but to grow it, you need to spend a lot of money and to check of the biography of it. You need to feed it only with special food. I have Caucasian shepherd. It is bigger than my 7 old daughter. For it, we order only best limited ingredient dog food (https://thepethandbook.com/best-limited-ingredient-dog-food/), where are all necessary components for the growth of bones, hair and development of mental activity of the dog. Wish you good luck in looking for a best fluffy friend for you
Phones / Re: How Social Media Is Silently Ruining The Future by Octopus3000: 11:15am On Oct 05, 2020
Social networks are very important only as a communication tool but also as a tool for business promotion. Yes, I'm talking about digital marketing. Over time, you begin to understand how important it is to use digital marketing tools. At first, I did not believe in the power of digital marketing and the fact that it can somehow affect the development of the business, and only now I realized how important it is to work in this direction and use high-quality software. You can't do digital marketing without SaaS Lifetime Deals software. These guys are real professionals and I have been using their software for various purposes for a long time.
Health / Re: 10 Proven Health Benefits Of Turmeric by Octopus3000: 3:21pm On Oct 03, 2020
In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to health as one of its essential components. This is important considering how urgent people's health problems are. Thanks to the Internet, every follower of a healthy lifestyle can easily find a lot of recipes for the right dishes that are necessary in order to improve their empathy, and as a result, get more pleasure from eating. For example, it is important not to forget about vitamins, micro and macronutrients, useful acids , and all this a person does not always get from food in full quantities for his body. I was very concerned about my health so I decided to find more information and came across Starwest Botanicals a source of the best herbs and spices for health and Wellness. The products of this company really helped me feel better. I am sure that you will be delighted with the result!
Business / Re: Insufferable by Octopus3000: 12:10am On Sep 28, 2020
It seems to me that if next summer is even hotter, then I will leave to live at the North Pole ...
Phones / Re: Can Someone Recommend Good Offline Game For Me by Octopus3000: 3:33pm On Sep 27, 2020
Hi guys. Thanks for your opinions. Now I have to spend a very long time trying to play these games. Recently I only play star stable and this is what I am missing at the moment. This is a really very interesting game with a cool storyline, and by the way, I recently learned about one great method that will help you hack this toy and get more coins. Many people say that playing hacked games is not fun, but it's just nonsense. I'm so glad I came across this method of hacking star stable. This is really a very easy method and will definitely save you time and ease the development of the game.
Religion / Re: Meet Your Guardian Angels & See Them In The Mirror by Octopus3000: 3:31pm On Sep 27, 2020
I understand you perfectly and I was in this state after breaking up with my girlfriend. I was already ready to do anything to get her back, but then I realized that it was pointless and realized that I could no longer endure this pain. I decided to just leave everything and forget it. I understand that in words it sounds very easy, but in reality it is really very hard and painful, and I can tell you that there is no point in suffering and enduring this pain. You need to talk to your guardian angel and understand that he will do everything to protect you. I realized this only after talking to Jewel from https://www.jewelshealinggarden.com/how-i-finally-connected-with-my-guardian-angels-and-how-you-can-too/ and after sessions with her. She's a really amazing person.
Business / Re: Ask Questions About 3D Printing And How You Can Cash On This Latest Technology by Octopus3000: 3:27pm On Sep 27, 2020
Hello. Look, 3D printing is a very young field and at the moment you can make great money on it because there is a lot of profit there. But the problem is that it is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. This is really very difficult and in order to achieve success here you need to try hard ... I thought about this a few months ago, but the pandemic spoiled all my plans and unfortunately I could not do anything ... Now I started to study the volume of the 3d printing materials market and I learned a lot there. Over time, I realized that this needs to be continued and now I am actively studying this information ...
Agriculture / Re: The Dark Side Of Farming. by Octopus3000: 3:26pm On Sep 27, 2020
Farming is only one part of this hell smiley
Livestock raising is much more complicated and costly. I spent over $ 5,000 to start my own farm, and at first it was a huge profit for me, but over time, animal yields began to decline and I started to panic. I thought for a long time and consulted with the professionals in this field and they advised me to take a number of measures in order to increase the productivity of animals. In particular, I found a lot of information in the article about farms and the correct raising of animals. There I learned about [url=https://www.farmpally .com/ layers-management/]layer birds management[/url] and it gave a new impetus to the development of my farm!
Business / Re: How To Advertise Your Business Cheaply by Octopus3000: 12:29am On Sep 27, 2020
Well, I totally agree with you. Marketing is an important part of any business. Without marketing, the business will not be able to develop, and therefore will not be able to generate more income. Yes, marketing is important, but you shouldn't dwell on it alone. Any company, regardless of its field of activity, needs partners. Finding good partners is much more challenging than marketing. I was convinced of this myself when I was developing my business. Since I'm new to this, it was very difficult for me in the beginning. I had to ask for help from people who have had business for generations. It turned out that everything is much easier than I thought. It is enough to find the company database , from where you can select the necessary partners. Thanks to this advice, I was able to develop my business very well!
Fashion / Re: Post Your Tattoo Ideas And Tattooed Pictures On Your Body by Octopus3000: 10:51am On Sep 25, 2020
I had the same concerns a few years ago with finding a good tattoo- master. For so long I was eager to make a portrait on my arm professionally and found the best tattoo studio in India. I really appreciate their perseverance in their field as for me it poses a formidable challenge to make something artsy like they do. Amazingly how the master understands you from the word go. I've ended up planing the second tattoo already. So if you want a beautiful and high-quality tattoo, then I recommend this clinic to you.

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