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Crime / Re: Police Rescue Godwin Kwanga Kidnapped Benue University Lecturer After Gun Battle by Okikaneseokwu: 3:27pm On Sep 03, 2021
Nigerian police bullet always good at giving criminals injury and killing unharmed civilians.
Politics / Re: Simon Ekpa Threatens Joe Igbokwe With Death by Okikaneseokwu: 2:03pm On Aug 18, 2021
And u fail to make reference where Joe Igbokwe said,he rather die than MNK to come out.Now Simon Ekpa is taking his words back to him because MNK will definitely be out.U evil infested mind is now putting it as if he's making threat to his life.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: There Is Not Going To Be Any Trial - Alloy Ejimako by Okikaneseokwu: 11:25am On Jul 18, 2021

Terrorists have no such right. Their lives are opened to be terminated at a button, kidnapped and destroyed at a moment's notice.

Being a foreigner is not an immunity from the consequence of your actions.
God will judge u all,so self determination is now a crime?
If u still have an iota of conscience left, tell me the offense of Nnamdi Kanu to label him a terrorist.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: There Is Not Going To Be Any Trial - Alloy Ejimako by Okikaneseokwu: 11:20am On Jul 18, 2021

Under the new evidence act, evidence gotten through illegal means can now be endured in court as long as the evidence is relevant.

Hence Nnamdi Kanu been back whether illegally or legally doesn't matter as long as he is back.

The Supreme Court said in cases where personal liberty and National Security clashes, National Security takes the lead in cases of National Security, your personal right as a person doesn't matter.

And what is the United Nations stand on extraordinary rendition, ur local and international law which should be supreme?
Politics / Re: IPOB: We Didn't Attack Imo Police Headquaters, Correctional Centre by Okikaneseokwu: 5:27pm On Apr 05, 2021
Only fools and people will low IQ will believe this

IPOB is the only terrorist group in the south east. I can swear to anything that they did this.
I can feel ur pain
Politics / Re: I Will Submit Myself To Hague – Nnamdi Kanu by Okikaneseokwu: 1:49pm On Mar 24, 2021
Nnamdi kanu, the best way to start a war that will spark division of Nigeria is by coming down to Nigeria and sacrificing your own life for your people. Your assassination will make me personally pick up arms and slaughter every Fulani man on the street and the war will begin in that manner. Some messiah's don't live to enjoy the freedom they fight for her people.
U are the very one that deserves death for wishing the Messiah death when He that sent him never says so.For this comment, u shall not live to enjoy the good of Biafra .

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Politics / Re: 200 Gunmen Camped In Abia By APC To Unleash Mayhem - Gov. Ikpeazu Raises Alarm by Okikaneseokwu: 1:15pm On Mar 24, 2021
So APC are the sponsors of the unknown gunmen? They will stop at nothing but to expose themselves grin
Politics / Re: Police Arrest Perpetrators Of Abayi Police Station Attack by Okikaneseokwu: 8:49am On Feb 25, 2021
Hoodlums numbering about 200 attacking a police station? Tufiakwa Nigeria .
Crime / Re: 4 Suspected Kidnappers Killed In Calabar, Victim Rescued (Graphic Photo) by Okikaneseokwu: 7:58pm On Feb 20, 2021
Heavily armed men.But what u recovered from them is 3 local pistols and three live cattrages. Zoo media, so shambolic.
Politics / Re: Air Strikes In Orlu: "They Have Finally Brought The War Upon Us" - IPOB by Okikaneseokwu: 10:50pm On Feb 18, 2021
Absolutly true my brother, going into war with Nigeria soldiers is a hen engaging a kyt in fight, the kyt will start killing the chickens instead of fighting their mother(hen), earsterners need to let the goverment knw that they are not ready for any war and if ipob want war, then the Nigeria army have to face ipob and make sure the don't kill any other person except ipob members.
This is what we have been begging them, they know where we are in the bushes, they should leave the city and engage our gallant men in the bush

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Politics / Re: Soldiers Dancing Over Removal Of Buratai As Chief Of Army Staff (Video) by Okikaneseokwu: 10:36pm On Jan 27, 2021

Well he still has his security detail (9 Soldiers) attached to him whether he's the COAS or not. All retired service chiefs do.

9 soldiers against how many people?
Zoo people with their thinking sef.

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Politics / Re: Kingsley Moghalu: Why Is Military In Orlu And Not Police? by Okikaneseokwu: 5:10pm On Jan 27, 2021

So ESN are civilians? Were they not set up to confront the zoo army any longer?
Tell ur zoo army to meet us at the forest, not our cities, it's as simple as that.


Politics / Re: Kingsley Moghalu: Why Is Military In Orlu And Not Police? by Okikaneseokwu: 5:08pm On Jan 27, 2021
This is one thing with the zoo military, they will leave those fighting them and focus on committing arson, exactly what they did during the war.ESN had made it clear that they are in the bushes, if u want to fight them, go to the bushes and stop harassing unarmed civilians u bunch of spineless ba...ards.
Watch ur so called soldier running for his life after being disarmed by the ESN


Politics / Re: Kingsley Moghalu: Why Is Military In Orlu And Not Police? by Okikaneseokwu: 5:01pm On Jan 27, 2021

Remember this your statement and big mouth oh. Soon you will start crying that Army is killing your people. You are threatening, running your mouth and boasting, when the army bring the fight to you, you will start calling UN, Hague, WHO, USA etc crying and your leaders will as always all run away at that time.
Tell ur army to come to the bush, that's all.That is where they will find what they are looking for.


Politics / Re: ISWAP Terrorists Seize Military Base In Borno by Okikaneseokwu: 10:32pm On Jan 16, 2021
AFP aligned with corrupt elements,people whose access to government wealth has been blocked and pathological haters of Buhari,have planted this fake news.
The government would ensure AFP pays for it's lies.

Politics / Re: Soldiers Destroy Boko Haram's Gun Trucks by Okikaneseokwu: 10:16pm On Jan 16, 2021

What do you want to do with the bodies of the terrorist?

You want eat am? undecided embarassed
Because they show u the bodies of ur soldiers when they kill them,so we want to see theirs.

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Family / Re: Wife Can't Tell Who Impregnated Her Between Her Husband & Her Father-In-Law by Okikaneseokwu: 5:09pm On Jan 16, 2021
God should end this world kiakia
Since you have made up ur mind for God to end the world, why not he end ur life first?
Mumu request.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Tweeted Through POTUS, Twitter Deleted Them Immediately by Okikaneseokwu: 11:43am On Jan 09, 2021

Hmmmmmmm this is deep!
That is the high level of HYPOCRISY going on in the world.

Like Twitter , Like CNN .........

No be small matter o

Baba Agbalagba,
Did you just say he has been officially impeached?
When did that happened?
We are listening to Madam Pelosi right now on cable saying the impeachment procedure will start on monday.

Happy New Year sir.
How dey go dey go?

2 seconds we sure say dem go ban the Mrs account too!

So make he no run come hide for some village in Ebonyi State abi?
So hilarious grin cheesy wink

Oh, last year.
We Gerrit now.
Trump wahala too much no be small.

It is good to know you are doing good and fine,
We are not expecting less.
Guess the lockdown sometimes ago caused more of the boredom.
Don't worry Baba, this year will be a better year.
From LA County to Oluyole,
North, East, West or South....no place like home.
Nigeria will be great in our lifetime.
God bless Nigeria.

By the way,
We no be Oga or Sir o,
We are simply WE!

All the best Chairman.
See you at the top.
Crime / Re: Man Ordered Soldiers To Beat Phone Repairer Who Cracked His Girlfriend's Phone by Okikaneseokwu: 11:04am On Jan 09, 2021
Man ordered soldiers, can only be heard in the zoo.Shameless people .
Business / Re: The Interior Of E-Money's Palatial House In Anambra (Pics & Video) by Okikaneseokwu: 9:59pm On Jan 08, 2021
Abeg, source of income?
Mining of skull from Oshogbo
Politics / Re: Okwy Onwuka: IPOB Coordinator Resigns, Vows To Fight IPOB by Okikaneseokwu: 8:10pm On Jan 07, 2021
Who so ever that gave this misleading headline, may evil never depart from ur household.And for the fools gallivanting round the post without reading the resignation letter, shame on u.Ur hatred for Biafra won't stop its emergence.We are more prepared and stronger than u could ever imagine .

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Celebrities / Re: Fans Mob Zubby Michael At The Cinema During 'Omo Ghetto' Movie Premiere by Okikaneseokwu: 1:26pm On Dec 26, 2020
What dah fuk, who nose that nigarrr ?

Some men are complete disgrace to their mother... Who be zubby ?

That some fake shit... Dah dude with his fake watch, Cotonou cars, cheap sandals and fuked up political position that comes with stooping..

Those people really broke my heart...

Modified: I just discovered they are children ..... good Lord, i av wept for my country men few minutes back...

Well, stop idolizing these little men, they ain't even rich.... Trust me, they are rich online but check their bank account... Fucking $200,000 and below....

I used to think they are blessed until i started hanging out with them... They are fake... Everything about them... Poor Account to poor mentality...
Politics / Re: Throwback Photos From The Burial Of Aguiyi Ironsi In 1966 by Okikaneseokwu: 12:24pm On Dec 26, 2020
Ironsi, the pace setter of coup in Nigeria, the famous Igbo coup
Fulani keep rewriting history to fit ur stupidity


Celebrities / Re: Flavour Sings For His Sick Father (Video) by Okikaneseokwu: 12:34pm On Dec 24, 2020
He's killing him and buying him drugs...why on air conditioner for and old man.
And u are feeling the coldness from here, that's why u are certain that it's on.
Politics / Re: IPOB Dares South-East Governors For Rejecting ‘Eastern Security Network’ by Okikaneseokwu: 4:38pm On Dec 21, 2020
Where did you conduct the study to say it is the popular opinion of Igbos to want Biafra? Is it Ndigbo who fought a war we’ve learnt from or another tribe? So out of over 40 million Igbo, 1 million IPOB miscreants will decide our fate? You people are just deceiving yourselves. One thing is sure, IPOB will not last 5 years. When the head is cut off, the sheep will be scattered. The end of Nnamdi Kanu is near you can take that to the bank.

We can never allow a pschopath and his army of zombies destroy us a 2nd time. Chukwu nna ekwela ihe ojo. We’ll rather assist in ending him than follow him to that Golgotha.
U will rather assist in ending him right?
I lay a curse on u this day 21/12/2020, u shall never be alive to see Biafra, u will die a shameful death.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Celebrates His 78th Birthday Today by Okikaneseokwu: 10:21am On Dec 18, 2020
I don’t believe in fake news. Truth rules.
Quote Femi Adesina who posted it, not me
Politics / Re: President Buhari Celebrates His 78th Birthday Today by Okikaneseokwu: 10:44am On Dec 17, 2020
U forgot to add this one grin grin

Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: IPOB Security Outfit, Result Of Governors' Failure by Okikaneseokwu: 4:20pm On Dec 16, 2020
[quote author=wellmax post=97122794][/quote]
E pain am grin

Behold thy commander in chief grin grin

Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: IPOB Security Outfit, Result Of Governors' Failure by Okikaneseokwu: 12:22pm On Dec 16, 2020

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin So you now depend on Afenifere and SR to validate you.

I repeat, no outfit without legal backing will stand. Nobody is against you but yourself.

If you want to do a thing, do it legally or else it will be quashed, I just hope lives will not be unnecessary lost in the anarchy you are brewing.
This outfit was created specifically for people like u, and we are eagerly waiting for u to quash it.Is it Ur impotent soldiers that are begging for foreign aid to combat illiterate bokoharam that will quash us or when the time comes u beg for more support from the international community as usual.This is just a vigilante group ooo and u are panicking grin
What of when the soldiers are released.The zoo is in for a shock, even Ur presidency with no president knows this.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: IPOB Security Outfit, Result Of Governors' Failure by Okikaneseokwu: 12:14pm On Dec 16, 2020
Nwanne onye ekwetoro ekwetere ya!!


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: IPOB Security Outfit, Result Of Governors' Failure by Okikaneseokwu: 12:12pm On Dec 16, 2020

A secessionist will forever be celebrated? That will only happen in your dream. He was a coward, and will remain a coward!

FFK was banging his wife and he was made to be fanning them, that thought alone gave him heart attack!!

If only u know the true definition of secession. Ode.


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: IPOB Security Outfit, Result Of Governors' Failure by Okikaneseokwu: 12:11pm On Dec 16, 2020
we move bro
Ndia amaro ka anyi siri kwado


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