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Travel / Re: Stuck Abroad While Mother Is Dying In Nigeria . Dark Side Of Japa by OmonnakOdapig: 11:53am On Sep 19, 2023
There are many Nigerians in the same Uk who got work permit to work as auditors, nurses, tech , doctors,HR etc directly from Nigeria. There is post graduate work permit of 2 years for students who graduated. Many that could not get job after studies settled for care work 5 years work permit. All these categories listed above can travel to Nigeria at will.

Only people who cant leave are illegal immigrants whose visas have expired. Some of them could not come home for their own weddings talkless of burial. Abeg what is the big deal there now Person wey stay country illegally doesn’t have a choice na. This topic no follow.

OP is encouraging illlegal.immigration.
And violation of visa terms and overstaying visa.
Normal legal.immigrant .person on .minimum wage should be able to Exit and reenter the country; take permission from work and afford $1000-$1800 for to and fro ticket. Once in 5years at least. If to just show face for house. I know people who go home every 3years. Precaution is not to exit country for more than 90days/3mo in a year if sb is still temporary status and not yet with green card.
Travel / Re: Stuck Abroad While Mother Is Dying In Nigeria . Dark Side Of Japa by OmonnakOdapig: 11:45am On Sep 19, 2023

am talking expired papers, or illegitimately , or you havent found your foot and dont have 10000 pounds for ticket and airbnb and funeral arrangement
there are millions of people in this category. they are human beings too and deserve to be showcased
One could leave the UK and travel out to wherever one wants if you enter into the country legitimately.
If you have the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) as a student, worker or a dependant, you could enter and go out so far you have your money for flight and informed your school or took permission from your place of work

Music/Radio / Re: Sanwo-olu Mourns Mohbad's Death, Invites DSS To Join Probe by OmonnakOdapig: 11:39am On Sep 19, 2023
Go to cute_julls on Instagram you'll see it clearly there

Private page private gossip page unlike Gistlover or news blog instablog. Sent the private page cute_julls or whatever friend request on ig almost a year ago. Up till now, refused to accept my request . Heard sometimes cute julls page dey hot pass gistlover.
Music/Radio / Re: Sanwo-olu Mourns Mohbad's Death, Invites DSS To Join Probe by OmonnakOdapig: 11:36am On Sep 19, 2023
Without Autopsy to certify medical cause of death, & instead hurrying to bury the dead, the case is dead end already.
Lag police publicist said the corpse can be exhumed for autopsy sha.

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Celebrities / Re: Olamide Cheated On His Wife With A Presenter, Maria - Temmie by OmonnakOdapig: 4:59pm On Sep 18, 2023

.. while she went on a dick 🍆riding spree in the music industry and all the while failing to put together at least seven recognisable hit tracks like her mates are doing?

The girl is just a foolish ingrate!

Celebrities / Re: Olamide Cheated On His Wife With A Presenter, Maria - Temmie by OmonnakOdapig: 4:54pm On Sep 18, 2023
But Maria Okan CEO of M.A.L.I.C.E Malice cosmetics has since successfully birthed Olamide's baby.
While she must be aplauded for not comitting murder and carrying out abortion, one cant help but wonder what the olosho british citizwn was doing with Olamide in the first place, knowing fully welll he a married man.


Politics / Re: US Panel Terminates Gbajabiamila's Law License For Stealing Money - Gazette by OmonnakOdapig: 4:05pm On Sep 18, 2023
The man has made money in politics than he'll ever make practicing law in the US.

Celebrities / Re: Mohbad's Death: Thecuteabiola To Reconcile His Father And Mother After 15years by OmonnakOdapig: 10:23am On Sep 18, 2023
Celestial pastors are mostly irresponsible Maybe God is dealing with them for their sins
...For All have sinned and fallen short og the glory of God.
All mortals shall taste death. Death is price we all must pay. Rip Mohbad. The law will surely catch up with whichever gang is responsible for this if their hands no clean and justice will be served. May God grant the family fortitude to bear the loss.
Celebrities / Re: Mohbad's Death: Thecuteabiola To Reconcile His Father And Mother After 15years by OmonnakOdapig: 1:08am On Sep 18, 2023

I was told they are Muslim so they have to bury according to Islamic laws. Don't blame the man. This matter will be difficult to judge cos he was not assassinated....
Mohbad's Dad is a pastor. Pastor of cele church in lagos. They are not muslims. Mohbad is pastor's child
Politics / Re: FFK Blames Peter Obi & Obidients For Obasanjo's Disrespecting Of Yoruba Monarchs by OmonnakOdapig: 7:54pm On Sep 16, 2023
Peter Obi you do this one .

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by OmonnakOdapig: 9:32pm On Sep 15, 2023
[quote author=twosquare post=125812296]"
Most recent #BTC    target at $26.800 perfectly hit in a matter of few hours ✅

At the same time the liquidity pool that was mentioned in the last two weeks is getting bigger and bigger. Big enough to become a legit target for market makers. For that, keep in mind that $28.600 is the next possible target for market makers

The amount of profits market makers gonna do when hitting $28.600 is the same amount of profit they do when they dump it to $23.5k region.

Market is still very bearsih, dont get distracted by those liquidity grabs. If market allows to visit $28.600, I am going to add more shorts into my 30 - 31k short entry position

Still in big short from 31-30k !

Watch out, FOMC in five days
Bookmarked! cool
Food / Re: This Is The Milk I Bought For #89,500 For My Children. by OmonnakOdapig: 9:25pm On Sep 15, 2023
Ontop milk 13pages grin if to say milo add am na 50pages we for dey see

Pure witchcraft. Untop milk again! I never fit read election tribunal thread of 5pages finish na over 20pagez of milk l wan read begin comment. Rubbish.
Politics / Re: 'It’s Too Late For Atiku To Use Chicago University Records Against Me', Tinubu by OmonnakOdapig: 8:42pm On Aug 26, 2023
Politics / Re: Tinubu Has 2 Chicago University Certificates Signed By Different People - Atiku by OmonnakOdapig: 8:40pm On Aug 26, 2023

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Education / Re: Mmesoma Ejikeme Opens Up After JAMB Accused Her Of Forging JAMB Result by OmonnakOdapig: 7:11am On Jul 04, 2023
would you move on if this was done to you or your child Bro no dey talk things like that, let Dem be sued and also tender a written apology to the girl and her family
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by OmonnakOdapig: 9:07pm On Jul 03, 2023
"As traders, we are always a work in progress.

The moment you think you've made it, is the moment you get slapped.

Then the market gives you yet another lesson

Always be learning."


*Just don't get wiped out in the process.
Family / Re: Baby Found Alive On Mum’s Back 24hrs After Bandits Shot Her Dead (pix) by OmonnakOdapig: 5:37pm On Jul 03, 2023

I doubt that the Army is made up of 90% Muslims.

Unless you have proof.
Agriculture / Re: How Can I Grow My Plantain And Banana Trees Faster? (Photos) by OmonnakOdapig: 12:31pm On Jul 03, 2023
Religion / Re: Pastor Runcie Mike Dies Hours After Preaching At A Burial by OmonnakOdapig: 12:07am On Jul 03, 2023
Just checked the lady’s wall. Eka Nyin Facebook. She was Born with congenital heart problems, & died of heart complications 36yo after an unsuccessful open heart surgery . Being Born withHeart disease nor be beans . Saw the video of the pastor weeping at her burial. Very touching! But l honestly doubt the pastor, commited suicide as it’s spreading on social media, crying more than bereaved parents of the young lady born with heart problems.

I believe that man was killed/murdered and the body was hunged at the said suicide place, not him commiting the suicide. He had so much going on for him. His growing church, two beautiful kids & his young wife. It is either he was killed or manipulated. Police needs to investigate thoroughly.

Food / Re: See The Perfect Alternative To Fresh Tomatoes. (pictures) by OmonnakOdapig: 11:19pm On Jul 01, 2023
Since fresh tomatoes have become scarce and quite expensive these days, and Sunday rice is a must for most homes, palm nut stew should be the perfect alternative to tomato stew.
It's quite cheap.
One derica measure is sold for about 500N, buy just two measures, and your pot will be filled and running over. cheesy

So, aside palm nuts, what other alternative(s) can you suggest?
Aside tomato stew, what else can you eat with your white rice?

Picture source: Google. Instagram.

Not.a healthy alternative .

Tomatoes is Lycopene rich. Component helpful in reducing risk of certain cancers. Besides,
You cannot compare calories laced palm fruit about 500calories (2230kj)/ 100g to an 18g calories/ 100g tomatoes fruit.

Not to mention it is unhealthy saturated fats dense. 18g saturated fats in 100g . To avoid cardia pulmonary complications, FDA warns not to exceed eating saturated fats (SFA) above 20g in one day.
Our major fats source should be foods rich in healthy MUFA (mono UNSATURATED fats) & PUFA (poly UNSATURATED fats).

The modern diet is laced with overprocessed foods. By the time you chop one or two indomie join, one biscuit, some fried foods,( fried potatoes, fried plantain, fried fish, fried meat, etc), white bread & mayonnaise or margarine , your saturated fats & transfats intake would be over the rooftop.

High cholesterol: Regularly eating meals containing palm fruits /palm oil can increase levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL or "bad"wink cholesterol.

Eating excess saturated fat can increase low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels, or “bad” cholesterol.

High bad cholesterol leads to long-term liver scarring and immune cell dysfunction.
Health experts agree that people should limit saturated fat and replace them with more nutritious, healthier alternatives.

Too many overall calories
You cannot compare calories laced palm nut about 500calories (2230kj)/ 100g to an 18g calories/ 100g tomatoes fruit.
Calories is good for energy but Too many overall calories is dangerous. You need to watch your calories intake.

Excessive Extra calories are mainly stored in the form of triglycerides, which, when elevated, places your heart health at risk. As with other lipids, too many triglycerides accumulate in your arteries, increasing the risk of your arteries becoming hard, stiff and narrow -- a condition known as atherosclerosis. Stiffening of the artery wall increases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

2000calories intake per day is a well rounded number and most food plans are based on 2k calories intake. Although athletes/sports people may need a little bit more and sedentary lifestyle people who sit almost all day in office or watch lotta tv, may need less than 2k calories , say 1500calories diet plan.
Modern processed food diet is laced with excessive calories already. You will be surprised to see the calories content of just bread and biscuits.
Thus , palm fruits ( from palm tree (Elaeis guineensis tree africa or Elaeis oleifera tree South America) is not really a better healthy alternative for 🍅🍅tomatoes if you are mindful of your calories intake!.

Chai! Renewed shege don reach this level

People go come dey chop excess cholesterol. No be cardiac failure be that
shocked cool

Family / Re: Wife Of Ex-akwa Ibom Military Governor Evicts Step-children From Family House by OmonnakOdapig: 2:53pm On Jul 01, 2023
Hmmn, polygamous men and baby papas should see this


The late husband willed the house to all his 6 children but she evicted her step children thereby insulting the deceased will. Shouldn’t that bother you?


But it is your gender that is perpetrating the wickedness so rest!

@yahoo detector; @hopexter.
That’s the point. W.o.m.a.n na plenty wahala. Only devil can understand the height of wickedness, kanyammata, voodoo, evil & diabolism they can go to even just because of preeq & jealousy.

Na dem devil snake first speak to lure take get Adam.
Only one woman Delilah bring a great man Samson down. Their wickedness is unfathomable. Vagina people can be very wicked. Only one na plenty plenty wahala. So much wickedness . That’s the point. No need to pack plenty of them at once .

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Politics / Re: WAEC Fails To Tender Governor Sanwo-Olu’s Certificate Before Tribunal by OmonnakOdapig: 2:46pm On Jun 27, 2023
Science/Technology / Re: Helen Ugoeze Okereke Develops Electronics Controlled With Speech (Video) by OmonnakOdapig: 2:27pm On Jun 27, 2023
The same mindset you use to put down creativity is not applicable in the developed world.

The only practice you wouldn’t be inducted into by outside skills is probable medicine because human lives are involved.

10 Successful Companies started by Dropouts
Ford Automobiles


[b] Oga anybody on earth can sign up for 3months programming workshop and learn programming skills to build apps on google play store and apple store or develop games with programming, to put on google play store or apple store. Learning Programming doesnt make such an Engineer . Learning Programming to be putting apps and games on google play store does not make one Engineer. Little wonder we have many trashy apps on playstore and app store. NO professional body regulating Engineering practice in any country would license and induct you as Registered Engineer just cos you learn programming and releasing apps like beans and rice on app store. Highest you can offer your skills set in the black market and hope for a lucky break. For a start, Sb patronising your skills on the black market, would pay lesser wages than professionally obtainable for licensed certified engineers for a start, and the probability of abuse and Exploitation for cheap wages & cheap labour cannot be ruled out. Non licensed non inducted professionals can only hope for a lucky break and talented genius indeed get that lucky break. [/b] Any technical work done by such a person needs to be vetted by a professionally licensed engineer in the team, or licensed Technologist, or Technician or scientist in the team, who supervises the quality of technical work produced, to ensure it complies to ethical standards, because the company hiring cheap labour from the tech black market,would be the one to bear the professional risks and take the fall, should substandard products or technical work output not vetted by licensed professionals be churned out.

[b] Even any primary 6 child who has learnt programming skills can build an App or Game or even skype replica app or facebook replica app or TIKTOK replica app withslight differences & different modifications to put on google play store. Doesnt make such an Engineer. but if the app blow (am talking of millions of downloads from users all over the world), such an app or game can be considered very successful, just like the FLAPPY BIRD project seemingly funny stupid project that went viral on the apps store. If the APP blow, the person don hammer. Any successful project, would have big tech companies fighting themselves to purchase it for several billions. That does not still make the primary 6 child who launched the app an engineer. Gifted creative programmer? yes. highest he will be succesful billionaire programmer and universities can accord/confer on him honorary doctorates, honorary masters or honorary bachelors of Engineering or honorary doctorate of computer science. Any technical work done by such a person needs to be vetted by a professionally licensed engineer in the team, or licensed Technician, who supervises the quality of technical work produced, to ensure it complies to ethical standards. Any primary 6 child who signs up technical skills handiwork for electronics training, can build an inverter, and interprete electronics circuit board to control Light bulbs LED display. doesnt make such an engineer. [/b]

After it was launched on the app store,Whatsapp In January 2015, WhatsApp was the most internationally mainstream informing application with more than 600 million dynamic clients. In April 2015, WhatsApp came to 800 million dynamic users. In September 2015 the client base has grown up to 900 million.WhatsApp gained much popularity and the number of downloads kept increasing with 200 million users in February 2013 and crossed 1 billion downloads in February 2016. If after the whatsapp app was uploaded to playstore, users did not find it interesting, the app would still be there.

1. Whatsapp cofounder - JAN KOUN
computer programmer. He is co-founder and former CEO of WhatsApp, a mobile messaging app which was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for US$19.3 billion.
By the age of 18, Koum was already skilled in computer programming. He was a MATHS & COMPUTER SCIENCE UNDERGRADUATE at San Jose State University and simultaneously worked at Ernst & Young as a security tester.
He was still at San Jose State University when two weeks into his job at Yahoo, one of the company’s servers broke. Yahoo cofounder David Filo called his mobile for help. “I’m in class,” Koum answered discreetly. “What the Bleep are you doing in class?” Filo said. “Get your ass into the office.

Koum enrolled at college to study Math & Computer Science, He used to work odd-jobs to make ends meet, until he landed a job at E&Y as a security tester. On a work trip from E& Y to the Yahoo offices, he met Brian Acton, (later whatsapp cofounder) a Yahoo Engineer & Stanford university computer science Graduate and they struck a chord immediately.but he ONLY dropped out after David File, a Co-Founder at Yahoo, convinced him to work for him.

The only other free texting service around at the time was BlackBerry’s BBM, but that only worked among BlackBerries. There was Google’s G-Talk and Skype, but WhatsApp was unique in that the login was your own phone number. Koum released WhatsApp 2.0 with a messaging component and watched his active users suddenly swell to 250,000

Henry ford signed up to learn technical handiwork.
In 1879, Ford left home to learn technical handiwork. Henry Ford worked as an APPRENTICE TRAINEE MACHINIST in Detroit, first with James F. Flower & Bros., and later with the Detroit Dry Dock Co. By 1882, when he returned to Dearborn to work on the family farm,he was already adept at operating the Westinghouse portable steam engine. He was later hired by Westinghouse to service & repair their steam engines. In 1885, Ford repaired an Otto engine, He was a gifted skilled trades mechanic, steam engine Repairer years before he started experimenting and built a four-cycle mode engine 1887 l with a one-inch bore and a three-inch stroke. In 1890, Ford started work on a two-cylinder engine.

The successful Model T of the Ford plant debuted on October 1, 1908, Sales passed 250,000 in 1914
Although Ford is often credited with the idea, contemporary sources indicate that the concept and development came from his employees Clarence Avery, Peter E. Martin, Charles E. Sorensen, and C. Harold Wills.

Apples cofounder doing electronics stuff with Steve jobs right from their high school, is
Stephen Gary Wozniak. He was Computer science and Engineering undergraduate student in University of California Berkeley. He dropped out of university in final year Computer Engineering.

According to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, he "never dropped out" out of the University of California, Berkeley — he "simply took a year off to earn money for [his] fourth year of school," and didn't return for more than a decade.

, Wozniak later bearned his bachelor's of science degree from Berkeley in 1986.

Co-founder of Apple Inc.
Wozniak is Apple I creator
Apple II co-creator and lead developer.

You forgot to mention that In February 1974, Jobs returned to his parents' home in Los Altos and began looking for a job. and was soon hired by Atari, Inc. in Los Gatos, California, as a computer technician thanks to Wozniak. Back in 1973, Steve Wozniak designed his own version of the classic video game Pong and gave its electronics board to Jobs. According to Wozniak, Atari only hired Jobs because he took the board down to the company, and they thought that he had built it himself but Wozniak was the one who built it and he was an indispensable brainbox at Apples. Wozniak is the one who completed the basic technical design of the Apple I computer and showed it to Jobs, who suggested that they sell it; Wozniak was at first skeptical of the idea but later agreed. Wozniak was an IDAN tech wizard who could technically do & undo with circuit boards PCB,Steve jobs had the marketing genius for eclectronic tech products that Woznak lacked. That is the Apple story.
Science/Technology / Re: Helen Ugoeze Okereke Develops Electronics Controlled With Speech (Video) by OmonnakOdapig: 10:21am On Jun 27, 2023

You don’t have to go to school to be a robotics engineer

You can be self trained in computer science

Arduinos, soldering, python language, motors, arms, power and voila!
Stop the fvcking misinformation and stop spreading ignorance.
Only in Nigeria 🇳🇬 you hear such nonsense. Nigeria jagajaga
Can you go to USA or UK 🇬🇧 or CANADA or Australia 🇦🇺 and start answering Engineer just because you are self trained in computer science, Arduinos, soldering, python language, motors, arms, power, FORTRAN, PASCAL, BASIC and programmable logic controllers? TRY AM

Now let me help your ignorance. Every country on earth 🌍 has a regulatory professional body which registers, certifies an intending professional has all the STANDARD ORGANIZATION qualifications necessary to practicing the profession in the country , Such a body can seize your license to practice your profession in the country if you go against ethical standards for that field in the country & deliver substandard work or other violations

◾️If you are not a licensed registered engineer 👷🏾‍♂️In the Uk 🇬🇧 or USA 🇺🇸 You cannot add engineer to ur title in the country and you are not allowed 🚫 to render engineering services within the country.
—-same if you are not a certified doctor in the country, you must get certified & registered afresh as a doctor there before you can render doctor services within the country. And the regulatory body certifying your fit to practice your profession in that country, ensures you meet all the fundamental qualifications necessary as laid down by standards regularly body for that particular profession before certifying you.

▪️ To officially add Welder or plumber to ur title in USA 🇺🇸 or Uk 🇬🇧 ; and practice as a skilled trade welder in the country; You must be tested and certified by the relevant skilled trades body in the country to ensure you really know the work to minimum standards required in the country and have all minimum professional qualifications necessary.

—-Now let me reiterate to u that Engineering STEM family , consists of Engineers/ Engineering technical managers at the top of the pyramid, followed by Technologists , then Technicians and at the bottom of the pyramid, artisans. Artisans have the lowest entry qualifications level & license level for any country on earth.and artisans are the lowest technical cadre.

Only the SCIENTIST researching and formulating new foundational principles of science like NEWTONS LAW OF MOTION, etc which the engineer and the technologist practicalize on to bring NEW INVENTIONS TO LIFE FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND, tops the engineer.
Artisans report to Technicians who report to Technologists who report to Engineers in any standard technical organisation. And their salaries are in that order

——l don’t know about USA professional body name.
In Nigeria 🇳🇬 for doctors 🩺 it is NMA . U must be certified by Nigeria doctors professional body & deemed qualified before u are licensed to practice .
——qualifications for “Technologist in Nigeria” & Technologist license, is in addition to the technical know how of playing with relevant machines, a minimum B. Tech degree in addition .
——-qualifications for Engineer in Nigeria & Engineering license is in addition to the technical know how of playing with relevant machines, a minimum B. Engineering degree in addition.

——-qualification for Technician in Nigeria & Technician license is in addition to the technical know how of playing with relevant machines. A minimum 3years course in accredited College of Technology (equivalent to College of education graduates Nce holders )

——◾️ Qualification for Artisan in Nigeria is just go to the road side or meet anybody when sabi the work or YouTube anywhere u fit LEARN THE WORK skills .

Learn the skills trade and get practical knowledge of playing around with machines.
Roadside mechanic; Roadside electrician, Roadside Auto-electrician, Self taught in computer science, Arduinos, soldering, python language, motors, arms, power, FORTRAN, PASCAL, BASIC and programmable logic controllers,etc all are in this group.

Artisans only need to demonstrate & prove that they sabi the work skills. Artisans are certified and licensed by skilled trade body in the the organized developed world. And if they violate minimum ethical standards , the artisan regulatory body can seize their license to practice.

The distinguishment among all the cadre levels of the engineering STEM family is clear cut in abroad organized countries.
Not Nigeria that every self taught artisan or roadside or YouTube taught artisan answers engineer carelessly.

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Education / Re: 10 Lessons Medical School Taught Me by OmonnakOdapig: 12:52pm On Jun 20, 2023
The greatest men the world has had didn't use up to 50% of their capabilities.

There's nowhere your mind cannot take u.
Health / Re: World Sickle Cell Day 2023 by OmonnakOdapig: 4:46pm On Jun 19, 2023
Good morning Sirs/Mas, I'm currently in a competition for the most likes on a comment on Instagram, and I humbly need the help of Nairalanders to help like my comment so I can win.

The link is;


Or you can kindly go to @get_fundall page on Instagram, and check for their pinned post, my comment is with the name (@ennieobanke) please Sirs/Mas, this will mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!

Education / Re: We Were Abandoned In Cyprus & Dropped Out Of School - Dancing Security Guards by OmonnakOdapig: 9:12pm On Jun 12, 2023

Make we dey indicate the Cyprus o. This is the illegally occupied so-called Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus which is the southern half of the Island is a much better much prosperous place than TRNC
Education / Re: We Were Abandoned In Cyprus & Dropped Out Of School - Dancing Security Guards by OmonnakOdapig: 9:01pm On Jun 12, 2023
The grass is not always greener on the other side.
Autos / Re: I Converted My Generator to LPG And Tested The Fuel Consumption/Cost by OmonnakOdapig: 8:58pm On Jun 12, 2023
Lpg are usually odorless and for safety reason it mixed with other gas like butane. The danger here is that if it is pure lng and their is leak the gas would disperse far away from the source, you may not know and an explosion can be triggered by an ignition several meters away.
Autos / Re: I Converted My Generator to LPG And Tested The Fuel Consumption/Cost by OmonnakOdapig: 8:55pm On Jun 12, 2023
There is a possibility of an explosion. I am not doing. I’ll feed my eyes then pass.

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