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Politics / Re: Becareful What You Type Here Nairaland Is Been Watch by OneTemplate: 8:08pm
OP is being sensationalist. DSS do not have the spread, manpower or even interest to monitor everyone and anyone because even the most toxic talk could be coming from someone without the affilition, background, opportunity or means to do anything more than talk.

DSS always track people of interest with the affiliation, history and motivation to be dangerous. DSS are interested in people who are about that life. Those kind of people are not on Nairaland and will never be.
Politics / Re: June 12 Protests: Calm In South-East As South-West Boils by OneTemplate: 4:05pm

Where's the boil in SW?

Exactly. When many speak here, I am convinced that most posters are not in Nigeria or at least nowhere near the States and people they love obsessing about.
Politics / Re: Jack Dorsey Tweets Nigerian Flag (Photo) by OneTemplate: 7:53am
stupid people and stupid analysis.

Nigeria does not need twitter.

Twitter needs Nigeria.

Don't mind the usual confused hacks and slaves of everything imported and/or Western.

No be so dem take dey use imported religion dey kill, rob and defraud each other?

Abeg how many Nigerians are on Twitter and how many do not even know of it? Which of our major problem does Twitter solve?

When Buhari said Nigerian youths are lazy, he did not lie or malign our youths wrongly. They want to die over Twitter ban yet convening siege on the NASS to enforce constitution review, that will impact their lives positively, is not a priority for them.

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Politics / Re: Jack Dorsey Tweets Nigerian Flag (Photo) by OneTemplate: 7:30am

You're talking nonsense

Twitter is bigger than that failure you called your president , Buhari.

Today is June 12 and Twitter s only showing Nigerians that they are strongly behind the Nigerian people .

Lol. Only to you because you're part of the brainless and 'herded' indomie generation. Hate Buhari all you want but don't demean his status insinuating twitter, a glorified blog, is bigger than the democratically elected leader of the biggest black nation on Earth and of 210 million people.

Twitter and that pompous nerd that runs it can never be "bigger" than the leaders of the smallest nations in Africa, for those who understand what leadership of a people is, talk less of Buhari.

It is people like you who would proclaim Kim Kardashian greater than all Nigerian women.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Came To Lagos And Tinubu Went Into Hiding.. by OneTemplate: 1:11pm On Jun 11
A loser is Fighting the terrorist Fulani??
A loser is making the region safe for their parents and siblings??
A loser is who makes terrorists recall all their "herdsmen" brothers??

You are irredeemably shallow...

Let me let you into an obvious secret Lagos is the NEXT ILORIN ...and that will be achieved in less than 20yrs time..

As for IGBO in Lagos...try and rob their shops again ...please try and do that ...forget play play...

you are a bleating sheep believing itself to be a LION....when time come ...you'll understand.

You are an A level loser with the brain of a sloth..... wink wink wink wink wink wink

Your but is hurting from too many unlubricated shafting from other Nigerians. Go and treat your pain somewhere else.

Only more pain awaits on the road you're travelling down here.
Politics / Re: Buhari Came To Lagos And Tinubu Went Into Hiding.. by OneTemplate: 1:07pm On Jun 11
Op, where is dis bad bele going to take you?

Igbo went from being admired and respected in Western Nigeria to what today?

You guys do not know when to stop digging. If you have better friends outside Yorubaland, let us know where.

Don't mind them. Yorubas "hate" them yet SW Nigeria is their most prosperous home in the world outside ala Igbo itself. Confused people.

The thoughtless, senseless and totally unjustifiable behavior of this OP is the reason Igbos are hated worldwide.
Politics / Re: Buhari Came To Lagos And Tinubu Went Into Hiding.. by OneTemplate: 1:01pm On Jun 11

Damage control.Lolz

Mega loooollz. You lot have no shame. Who is engaging in damage limitation if not you lot Buhari openly insulted with the popular and factual opinion that leads many to believe you guys are insincere jokers.

Did Buhari not mock your Biafra noise as hopeless with the put down that you lot are everywhere while hypocritically disturbing everyone with noise of wanting your own nation when you cannot even stay in ala Igbo?

It is Tinubu's absence at Buhari's reception that is now suddenly news of the year for you delusional people not the many home truth Buhari told you including the revelation that the people of the SS have distanced themselves from your Biafra by force 'attache'. Jokers.
Politics / Re: Buhari Came To Lagos And Tinubu Went Into Hiding.. by OneTemplate: 12:56pm On Jun 11
You are desperately trying to "flip the narrative" Tinubu was ignored and Buhari nailed his Political aspirations by saying ....

...........................................THAT ZONING IN DEAD IN APC................

Concerning the useless JUNE12 Protest you want to embark on....its strictly a Yoruba event and anybody that wants to rope in 5%'s will be shot mercilessly by the army and police you encourage to kill people from SE.

You talk about complexity from IGBOs??...You guys are really shallow...

Vocally speaking who is against IGBOs having their Nation....its Yoruba!!!!

iGBO even support "Oduduwa Republic" ..but because you have been structured to be dependent on Government handouts ...you cant use your energy to make a "private wealth"

BIAFRA will be realised ....forget all your tantrums and make believe foolishness...

IGBO people have opened our eyes and i appreciate dem totally...

GO and lick Tinubu's Buttt-crack so that Oluremi Tinubu will tell you to stop coiming to her husbands house to BEG!! angry angry angry angry

Lol. Worthless and empty chest beater. When even 10% of the minimum 10 million Igbos living in the SW move back to ala Igbo then I can take your Biafra talk seriously. Loser.
Politics / Re: Buhari Came To Lagos And Tinubu Went Into Hiding.. by OneTemplate: 12:51pm On Jun 11

They lack Tact needed in Nigerian politics

Even before 24 hours FG had issued a disclaimer


Indeed. That in itself speaks volumes. Instructive that everyone, most especially Igbos, worry and panic when Tinubu is not talking.
Politics / Re: Buhari Came To Lagos And Tinubu Went Into Hiding.. by OneTemplate: 12:41pm On Jun 11

Alhaji Jagaban tackled Abacha and won, tackled OBJ and won, he tackled Jonathan chasing him out of AsoRock

Keep calm and watch the Buhari / Tinubu 2023 game unfold

Lol. Igbos suck at politics. That's why they are Nigeria's biggest and most disgraceful political losers despite being one of the biggest four ethnic groups in our Nation.

The only thing they are good at is hating on others and that's why they do it harder and better than everyone else. Sadly, hating on others gets you nowhere in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Buhari Came To Lagos And Tinubu Went Into Hiding.. by OneTemplate: 12:37pm On Jun 11
You guys are really shallow...

Do you know that Akeredolu that is even working against Fulani incursion in the Southwest was an ATIKU candidate when Atiku decamped to APC??

Do you know that Tinubu's Candidate lost to Akeredolu in the Primaries??

Do you know that in terms of National Spread that Atiku is more Balanced than the regional Imp that zombies like you believe to be the NEXT AWOLOWO??

You can and will Never understand the context of what is about hitting you zombies and your Principal.

If dem born Tinubu well ...let him activate that dirty SWAGA Movement again...and you will understand how ruthless...Fulani are to their



You're really in severe pain. The most severe of pain in fact. Yorubas Must have really dealt with you in your personal life. Lol.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Came To Lagos And Tinubu Went Into Hiding.. by OneTemplate: 12:34pm On Jun 11
Lol. Igbos and their huge inferiority complex plus wannabe obsession towards the Yorubas.

If Tinubu was there then same poster will have started a thread to say "Tinubu worshipping his Fulani master in Lagos".

You guys need the intervention of God in your confused and hateful lives.

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Politics / Re: PMB In Lagos: Police Blocked Oba's Chiefs, Granted Tinubu Daughter Guests Access by OneTemplate: 7:32am On Jun 11
it's because of people like you that Nigeria is still the way it is... People like you disgust me so much!!!!

Lol. Feeling is mutual. It is actually people like you, not me, who have ensured Nigeria is what it is today.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Hands Over 180 Vehicles, 6 Troop Carriers, Other Equipment To Police by OneTemplate: 9:09pm On Jun 10
Instead of empowering Amotekun with 5000 units of AK 47 and bags of bullets, he still dey dash police
Ask police to account for this vehicles by thus time next year , u go surprised

You IPOBians and Biafrans only know to cause trouble with your ignorance and lack of education.

Why don't you find out the type of firearm Amotekun, a support force for the NPF, is legally empowered to carry before making ignorant noise.


Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Hands Over 180 Vehicles, 6 Troop Carriers, Other Equipment To Police by OneTemplate: 9:05pm On Jun 10

You sabi Jare ... First they ban Twitter to avoid it trending and now handing over of police equipment to show force.....watch and see how Twitter will work after June 12 and nothing happens

Lol. You paranoid people no go kill person sha. When Sanwo Olu announced the 5 year Lagos agricultural road map some weeks back, what was that in response to if not the need to boost Lagos food sufficiency?

Maybe this is just a measure to improve security from a State that has never been a slave of the FG and has not followed the indolent 'Abuja begging bowl' template of the rest of Nigeria since Tinubu took over in 1999.

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Hands Over 180 Vehicles, 6 Troop Carriers, Other Equipment To Police by OneTemplate: 8:16pm On Jun 10
no be only innoson inodugter...very useless pupil same inoson pmb direct senate and rep to use and there brother from same east come out in senate chamber and say mba

Don't mind them. Froth at the mouth like a mad dog because Lagos is not using Innoson yet remain hypocritically silent over how SE Governors have no interest in promoting the same Innoson that is their collective brand.

Charity never begins at home for Igbos. For them it is about hypocritically demanding from others what they themselves cannot give.


Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Hands Over 180 Vehicles, 6 Troop Carriers, Other Equipment To Police by OneTemplate: 8:09pm On Jun 10

cool, but does not make sense for states to fund a federal police which they can't control

That is not what is going on here. RRS is exclusive to Lagos and one of the unique parastatals, revamped under Tinubu and Fashola, keeping Lagos much safer than many other States in Nigeria.

Sanwo Olu funding RRS is self-beneficial for Lagos, rather than the NPF, because their operation aids better security of Lagos alone.

RRS is actually a small glimpse of how great a Lagos State independent police force could be.


Rapid Response Squad (RRS)
Rapid Response Squad (RRS): This is a section of the Lagos State Police Command set up to respond speedily to emergencies within Lagos State.

It was initially referred to as ‘Operation Sweep’ during the Buba Marwa military administration and later restructured and re-organized and renamed ‘Rapid Response Squad’ [RRS] by the Tinubu Administration.

The Squad was charged with onerous task of flushing crime out of every part of Lagos State. The RRS comprises of about two thousand officers. The Lagos State Security Trust Fund (LSSTF) equips the Rapid Response Squad (RRS), through the donations and contributions from Organizations and well-meaning individuals, to enhance its operational capability and the effectiveness of the men of RRS.

This is reflected in the thousands of motorbikes, patrol vehicles, helicopters, gunboats, ballistic helmets/bullet proof vests, rain coats/boots, etc provided for the RRS which has helped to significantly reduce the crime rate in the State. The LSSTF is the “unseen” face behind the RRS.
Politics / Re: PMB In Lagos: Police Blocked Oba's Chiefs, Granted Tinubu Daughter Guests Access by OneTemplate: 7:22pm On Jun 10


I just find them funny

Very funny people. In a self-destructive and emptily vainglorious way. They now need to ensure they get Biafra because Igbo political and social stock has now sunk as low as it was the period immediately after the Civil War.

Fulanis too are fcked. They will certainly need protection beyond the last day of Buhari as President.

2023, there will be no option but to call on the moderate and always reasonable Yorubas to save Nigeria from implosion, and keep her one, as was the case in 1999 with OBJ given a clear path to victory.

Igbos better stick with Kanu and ramp up their UGM and ESN lunacy so they get Biafra because they have now taken themselves 60 years backwards in Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: PMB In Lagos: Police Blocked Oba's Chiefs, Granted Tinubu Daughter Guests Access by OneTemplate: 7:15pm On Jun 10
Maybe the chiefs are not important anyway......

And Tinubu daughter, an Iyaloja of Lagos market, is important how if not for her father's name IPOBians were telling us yesterday, and after the Edo election, is now worth zilch in Nigeria? Lol. Haters can continue living in denial.


Politics / Re: PMB In Lagos: Police Blocked Oba's Chiefs, Granted Tinubu Daughter Guests Access by OneTemplate: 7:10pm On Jun 10


Everything that happens must be Tinubu's business according to ipob

Na Tinubu matter go kill them


Don't mind dumb IPOBians. They don't understand that being sane, reasonable and tolerant has it's own rewards. Day in and day out 24/7, it is to attack and hate on others.

Next minute they will be shouting "Igbo 2023 Presidency or Nigeria burns" when they have already put everyone off with their hateful, extremist, insulting and unreasonable disposition.

IMO, Igbos are done in Nigeria and they might as well go for broke to get Biafra.

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Politics / Re: PMB In Lagos: Police Blocked Oba's Chiefs, Granted Tinubu Daughter Guests Access by OneTemplate: 6:59pm On Jun 10
So Tinubu's daughter is Igbo?

Don't mind the confused and self-destructive IPOBian charlatans. Tell them Buhari made a Yoruba COAS they will say he is setting up Yorubas to fail and be disgraced.

Tell them Buhari passed up Yorubas for COAS and they will say the President is "looking down on the Yorubas".

That's how haters roll. Every news they will manipulate into a hate message because they never give hating a break. Sad people.

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Politics / Re: PMB In Lagos: Police Blocked Oba's Chiefs, Granted Tinubu Daughter Guests Access by OneTemplate: 6:54pm On Jun 10
Nna mehnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Buhari steadily looking down on Yorubas.

Lol. You Igbos always moving the goalposts because you're all losers. Does Buhari no longer hate Tinubu and want to "jail him" and disgrace everyone affiliated with BAT as you IPOBians claim?

Now that preferential treatment is given to Tinubu's daughter, leaving you nothing to ejaculate to, you change the narrative to be about those refused access rather than Tinubu's own daughter who was granted VIP treatment.

Make una dey watch. If Tinubu is fit and healthy then he is the next President. Not because Buhari love him but because he is aware only Tinubu, or Osinbajo, will tick all boxes, for many reasons, regarding 2023 like OBJ did in 1999.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Naira Vs GHANAIAN CEDI Strength by OneTemplate: 9:35am On Jun 10

The point is that most of them don't even understand the issues and haven't been to Ghana in their lifetime

Indeed. I can understand that. What annoys me is how some self-hating Nigerians are always willing to ignorantly belittle Nigeria with false claim and then hand over advantages to those who despise us like some Ghanaians, South Africans etal.

When I see Ghanaians, South Africans, and many others with serious issues, insulting Nigerians online with ignorant claims I realize they are basically regurgitating false crap and lies we Nigerians ourselves have provided them with.

I like using real example to drive home points. South Africans will come here dissing Nigeria for crime and insecurity yet let us examine the factual reality most people are ignorant of which is that murder, rape and violent crime are through the roof in SA to the point 4 South Africa Cities are included in the list of the 50 cities of the world with the highest murder rate in the world.

Cape Town at number 8, Nelson Mandela Bay at 24, Durban at 35 and Johannesburg at 42 with not even a single Nigerian city on the list.

Should South Africans then be shading us because self-hating and ignorant Nigerians make us appear the worst and most worthless nation in the world?

See the list below for yourself. Nigeria may be broken but fixing her begins with everyone of us. If we cannot contribute to that then we should at least refrain from worsening the problem via attacking her falsely before the world.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Naira Vs GHANAIAN CEDI Strength by OneTemplate: 9:04am On Jun 10

take it easy nah..some of us are learning new things on this thread.

Trust me, some of us know each other here. That guy is a Ghanaian douchebag whose main mission here is to ridicule and belittle Nigeria and Nigerians constantly.

You don't talk to those kind politely. Same way you must be ready to fight terrorists or be killed by them simply because you cannot reason with them or use 'polite language' to win them over.

He has been a member here for years and his anti-nigerian stance never changes. Check his previous post if you don't believe me.
Politics / Re: Ijede Road: Baba Suwe, 454 Other Property Owners Get ₦2.2 Billion Compensation by OneTemplate: 8:55am On Jun 10

Where did Ambode say there was no continuity ? You Tinubu boys are something else ....Ambode did nothing wrong than fall out of favour with Tinubu ..Dazzol

Lol. The ignorant Igbo boy has spoken. Ambode fell out with all APC bigwigs and even as many as 80% of those he worked with because of his arrogant and dismissive "my way or the highway" style.

It was when incessant report of his actions became a sticking point, that Tinubu could no longer ignore, the decision was made for Ambode to go before open rebellion ensued.

Contrary to popular opinion, likely spread by you Igbos, Tinubu was not an antagonist of Ambode.

Same Ambode was a complete unknown Tinubu deployed all his influence to make Governor when Ambode had no chance of even becoming a Commissioner anywhere in Nigeria.

Tinubu just bowed to the treats and complaints from all corners against Ambode that was threatening to destabilize Lagos APC.

Look at the margin of defeat Ambode suffered in the primaries against Sanwo Olu to understand that Tinubu was not Ambode's main persecutor. Everyone wanted Ambode out and not Tinubu particularly.

You hateful Igbos should just refrain from commenting on SW matters because your hate-driven ignorance and mischief is annoying.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Naira Vs GHANAIAN CEDI Strength by OneTemplate: 6:37pm On Jun 09

It's a useless policy. It only window dressed the issue and hasn't helped Ghana in anyway. For example after chopping off four zeros from the money, the currency has began a gradual slide back and if the fundamental issues are not addressed, the woes will continue.

This is very true. In very simple terms, every nations economic strength is a direct exponent of how it produces enough goods and services (including highly specialized and technical skills) for use by her people and, even more desirably, a surplus that can be exported to other Nations.

That is all most people need to know about the economies of nations and how to quickly discern comparative strengths. In this regard, Nigeria is not the mate of Ghana at all with Lagos being the 6th biggest economy in Africa ahead of Ghana, Kenya and many others.

All the praises for Ghana is the usual 'window dressing' patronage of Ghana by a Western world that likes African nation to behave how they want blacks in Africa to behave i.e subservient and fawning towards the West.

The reality is that Nigeria has issues that good Governance can solve but it remains an African giant that can become a pride of the black race if led well.

Ghana does not have and can never have the endowment to ever become close to that and that is the truth deluded Ghanaians and self-hating Nigerians do not want to accept when they all begin belittling and insulting Nigeria ignorantly or ungraciously.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Naira Vs GHANAIAN CEDI Strength by OneTemplate: 6:02pm On Jun 09

I agree with that....but as a Nigerian living and working there...it's a good thing for me...I even pray Naira devalued more.....Let me hold enough Cedis then back to Naija to ball

Lol. Cost of everyday items and foodstuff in Ghana must be off-putting though. Was there not long ago and the difference to Nigeria, for costs of goods, is shocking.

The favorite saying of Ghanaians is "no money in the system Charlie" mainly because of the inability of earnings to cover even basic necessities yet deceptive Ghanaians Will come online deluding gullible Nigerians that their Country is Eldorado.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Naira Vs GHANAIAN CEDI Strength by OneTemplate: 4:43pm On Jun 09

Put it in mind that you're not changing Cedis to naira in bank but from local bureau de change and 1 Cedi is equal to 100 naira .....
Evaluate your point

I understand you. What I am saying is that Cedis weakness at home in Ghana indicates hyper-inflation. It is not a good thing at all.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Naira Vs GHANAIAN CEDI Strength by OneTemplate: 4:34pm On Jun 09

Yeah it can even purchase more than that.....Cedi is one of the currencies in the world that weak at home but strong abroad

What you write makes no economic or logical sense. You cannot spend twenty cedis in Nigeria or the UK.

You can only convert 20 Cedis to pounds and Naira to spend in the UK and Nigeria respectively. If 20 Cedis buy 4 cans of Maltin a a in Ghana and it's equivalent in Naira buys 14 cans of the same drink in Nigeria then your statement makes no sense because the value of a currency is fixed.

Impossible for the Cedi to have more value, if it is intrinsically weak at home in Ghana, by merely taking it abroad.

The strength of the Cedis, and its direct purchasing power, is an indicator of the strength of the Ghanaian economy and comaprative productivity.

If the cedi buys more abroad than it does in Ghana, when converted to foreign currency, this is indicated only of how expensive and weak the Ghanaian economy and how Ghana may be experiencing hyperinflation.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Naira Vs GHANAIAN CEDI Strength by OneTemplate: 4:24pm On Jun 09
To be fair I think the poster was asking to be educated not that he had a definitive position. From his later responses you can see he understands the issue better.

Wish most nairaland threads could be like this all the time. Cross examine and interrogate ideas not everytime degenerate to insults and name calling.

It was the glaring intended pun in his first post that shows he had a preconceived negative opinion of the Naira against a redenominated Ghanaian Cedis that actually has less value than our own Naira.

Gracious of you to think he wants to be educated but truth is that his ungracious words means he could be one of many who always want to compare Nigeria negatively to others to justify bashing her and proclaiming her worthless.

You yourself can interpret the parts in bold below to see if they fit with with a desire to be educated or more with an agenda to denigrate.

I then compared the cedi to the naira and its a big shame

Naira is 411 to a dollar , cedi is 4 to a dollar.

I remember when i was little sometime around 2004 we used to criticise the Ghanaian cedi. Cuz u would hear statements like 1 biscuit is worth 100000 cedis now how did they fix their currency and how can Nigeria fix theirs. Cuz its a big shame and the idiots in power are least concerned about it. They're more interested in twitter.

So what idea or clue can be used to reset the naira cuz them 2 no be mate.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Naira Vs GHANAIAN CEDI Strength by OneTemplate: 4:21pm On Jun 09
nice write up. Please I wanna know, can that 20 Ghana cedis purchase the same thing that N2000 can purchase here in Nigeria? I mean the same quality.

No. 2k Naira can buy 13 cans of Maltina or Malta at Shoprite in Nigeria, at 150 Naira per can, while 20cedis will get you 4 of 5 max cans of the same Maltina or Malta in Shoprite Ghana at 4-5 cedis per can.
Politics / Re: Northern Food And Cattle Dealers Threaten To Stop Food Supply Nationwide by OneTemplate: 4:15pm On Jun 09
Their first attempt at a food blockade, against the SW, flopped horribly and Northerner had to do an embarrassing U-turn.

Let's hope they're better prepared this time so they don't end up making a bigger fool of themselves.


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