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Politics / Re: Three Important Questions To Pro-subsidy Removal People! by opensesame: 9:34pm On Jan 09, 2012
Very valid points!! Where are the pro-subsidy people? Speak out now? Una don hide? smiley
Music/Radio / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? by opensesame: 12:56pm On Jul 31, 2009
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 11:38am On Jul 31, 2009
Hey people. Whoa, haven't been here in what, nine years?
Big ups to all the folks that have been keeping it down here.
We're almost there now aren't we?
And to all the hopefuls, i bet a lot of people have said it time and time that HIS will will be done. Maybe not Edjeba 2009 but something real special! Trust HIM!


Wel, dat should'nt be a priority but begin to think of how many lives u can touch, for who knows if u are going to Shell just for a time like this for some people.
True, true!!


has everyone taken passports photos?
I'm thinking everybody except . . . you!! Com'on it can't be that bad, be brave!! lol
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 2:11pm On Jul 10, 2009
Whoa, osina wata. . . here at last! cos all that automated countdown thingy doesnt really count. Finally u said something else.
Good to have u back bro. Get well soon!! and yeah, who are the IPS peeps??
hey douecho, bro, tnx for keepin the countdown goin on. Dont mind us and our absenteeism, we're with u in spirit, bro.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 2:21pm On Jul 06, 2009
Whaooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shocked shocked shocked
Where have I been
Edoblakky I am soooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you!!!!
To think that you could have given up hope, thinkin the waitin list was just an easy way to ease you out, but you kept the hope alive. May His name be glorified. Whao!! This is a testimony!
Congrats man.
@hopefuls. . . this goes to show that NOTHING is impossible with God, so keep the hope alive!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 7:59pm On Jun 27, 2009
Hey babake, yeah the house is soooo empty. I actually expected it you know.
I jus hope the next batch will take advantage of it.
Anyways, concerning Resumption, I guess it all depends on how far you're comin from and how ur comin', as in land or air. But I guess it would be ideal to come a day b4 so ur rested on resumption. . . that said, i think u can resume anytime on that day as no exact time was mentioned.
aight, folks. ciao
Celebrities / Re: Michael Jackson Died: Cardiac Arrest by opensesame: 11:30am On Jun 26, 2009
For the first time in almost a decade, I was teary eyed  cry cry cry

Words can not begin to describe how I feel.

Michael had his shortcomings, but he was also arguably the greatest artiste that ever lived!

We should celebrate his life, achievements and amazing influence on millions of people!

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 5:25pm On Jun 24, 2009

[size=20pt]is it ok to still be attending interviews for jobs you're probably not interested in when other people who dont yet have a job could have gained from the opportunity?[/size]
Oh I geddit. Thereby apparently 'depriving' other people that don't even have one. Well, I guess Life's not fair, is it?
At the same time it still goes back to my eggs and baskets thingy. . . some people will like to be on the safe side and secure an alternative basket a.k.a Plan B (even if it is less appealing than A) just in case some unexplainable ish happens to A. catch my drift?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 4:48pm On Jun 24, 2009

Thanks all .I am really preparing for the interview especially the CAR but can someone please clarif:,If i am successful in the interview and the SRD after that am i also going to do the SITP? Secondly who has an idea on the duration of the entire process from the interview to the offer letter date?
1) On SITP, like douecho said, no you will not. SITP is for technical graduate trainees.
2) On the duration of the entire process. . . hopefully yours will be different, but we did our test in may/june last year and we are going to be resuming in August this year. Bottomline, keep yourself busy while the process goes on (school, work anything). Just my 2 cents sha. Goodluck
Music/Radio / Re: Reuben Abati Vs Banky W: A Must Read! by opensesame: 12:06pm On Jun 24, 2009
Okay at the risk of repeating what everyone has already said, I drop my 2 cents

To Abati: I haven't been this disappointed in anyone in a LONG time. I mean, Reuben is a really smart guy who makes sense most of the time and he was someone I used to boast about as being one of the few intelligent minds, along with People like Pat Utomi. So I was SHOCKED at his numerous goofs in his ill-researched piece. So shocked, I was almost willing to believe someone else wrote it for him, or something like that.

While he had a few salient points (like the lyrical emptiness of most songs these days, lewd nature of music videos, miming on stage, sole dependence on computers for beats rather than acoustic sound) which he obviously didnt pass across as a kind advice to the younger folks, but rather an outright rebuke, most of the rest of his article was just plain, with due respect, CRAP! (e.g bias for the origin of the name Nigeria, hatred of 'Naija', Stage names, Lagi mo (how cud he??), amongst MANY others). What was he thinking??
Truth is I respect him so much, I am willing to give him some time to offer an apology or something . Quick!

To Banky W: whoa man! I don't know what to say. Wherever you are, I duff my hat to you. This is a classic case of convert from critic to fan! Truth is when Banky first came out with 'ebutte meta' I was so disappointed. I thought, wot a waste of a great voice and talent. Then he came out with capable and his album and he was winning me over. Now, with this reply, it's official. I'm a FAN!!
Articulate, objective, respectful and on point! Plus, i like the fact that he admits this music era isn't perfect and needs true advise and not outright blasting. I'm truly impressed man, really!

Now what we should do is take all the criticisms, insults and rebukes and pick out the aspects we really need to work on.
That will make us a better generation!
Peace out!

PS. Like someone said, this should make the front page
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 9:57am On Jun 24, 2009

no body wan answer how far with doing other intervews?
Okay, Os- sorry, douecho, wink I'll be a good samaritan and respond to this. Dont know of anyone but if it's true, i guess some people follow the eggs and baskets theory to the last, dont they?


osinawata, say something b4 we forget that ure a human being and mistake you for a countdown script on nairaland,
Okay, I so second this! Dude say som'n already. I mean, I'm half expecting to see some Robot at Edjeba say "Hi, My name is osina wata. . . COUNTDOWN TO 2009 SITP over in 3, 2, 1. . ." grin


@ Godeagle while not overflogging the issue, I'm sure that those of us who were given offers, and those to come, were/are not necessarily the best, neither were/are we the smartest. Its just God's placement relative to His timing for each and everyone of us. He sure has a placement for you some where that just suits His purpose for you or His timing for shell is yet to come. Either way, do not waiver in your faith in Him. I admire your courage. Pls keep in touch. We love you.
You said it all!!!
@God eagle. . . I wish you all the best bro!!

@vicade. . . congrats on the invite. PLEASE take it seriously. If ur successful, next will be the SRD. Most of us here for SITP did a test, then the SRD so we prolly can't help u much wif 1st hand experience on wot 2 expect at the interviews, but nkenke helped out a lot. Plus, a lil research on your own, u should do jus fyn. Goodluck.

I think I should also use this opportunity to encourage the next 'generation' of Shell folks to use this thread to share info as it is almost inevitable that we (SITP 2009) will eventually be hardly around here (as is already manifesting). Just keep the thread alive, aight? wink

@ douecho, aguyemd, osina wata, nkenke, babake, otr, Jisola et al how are preparations na?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 2:37pm On Jun 19, 2009
Hey people, How's it going? How are preparations. Me? I'm still at work. Gotta give them a month's notice. Hopefully, I can take my leave within the notice period and have a well deserved (yes, deserved) rest!  smiley

About the Niger-Delta crises, yeah I get worried too sometimes. But then I immediately wave it off knowing that everything WILL work out fine. Now, it's not very likely that Shell will cancel SITP because oil installations are being destroyed, because even though this is on a relatively larger scale, oil installations have always been sabotaged and SITP has never been disrupted by them. Shell estate Edjeba is in Warri city which is pretty secure. It's likely though, that field practice will be minimal or zilch. So, besides that, we have nothing to worry about. It will work out fine.

But, whichever way, it's important that we continue to pray for peace in this country and for a quick resolution of these crises in a way that leaves everyone relatively happy (except, of course the criminals who have hijacked the struggle). Because it's only in peace that There can be development in the Niger-Delta and more environmental friendly production of oil for Shell and more profit for Shell and more salaries for us!  cool tongue

Seriously though, we really should keep praying and have faith that it will turn out right.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 3:49pm On Jun 16, 2009
@nkenke. . . thanks for the info man. I fink that jus abt answers a lot of questions.


opensesame , hmmmmmm (male ofcourse) probably tall and i suspect igbo
cheesy hmm interestin'. male of course. . . probably tall. . . hmm. . . maybe igbo. Nice try man. NOT!!


---- pls lets fill in the blank spaces

Jus thinkin, wont it be better to fill in the blank spaces at Edjeba? wot do y'all think?

@osina wata. . . I'm absolutely lovin ur countdown bro! keep it up
Music/Radio / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? by opensesame: 5:44pm On Jun 12, 2009
I say a Little Prayer - Aretha Franklin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 5:18pm On Jun 12, 2009
cheesy cheesy CONGRATULATIONS PEOPLE!!! cheesy cheesy
This is such great news!!!
Yeah, I just checked my e-mail, got it too!!
PS. Where's Jisola? Report here at once!! cheesy
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 1:36pm On Jun 12, 2009
@ offer letter hopefuls. . . expect urs soon as well.

@ prospective folks. . . after all said and done, two things are certain: 1) If He says you will still get in, you will! It may seem like a 1% chance, but there still is! 2) I guess it goes without saying that Other opportunities should be looked into. Something better is definitely out there. All the best, whichever way!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 12:51pm On Jun 12, 2009
Hey douecho congrats man!!!
Well, where I work, yahoo is down till, 5 p.m. so I can't say for now, but . . .
I just got a call from a courier guy telling me I had a mail from Shell and No one was at home to receive it. . . called my cousin to pick it up, so I guess I can only confirm that it is the Offer letter when I get home wink
Music/Radio / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? by opensesame: 9:51am On Jun 12, 2009
Fur Elise - Mozart
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 1:58pm On Jun 11, 2009
shocked shocked
Whoa! It's here at last sha!
@Osina wata. . . yeah, cud u please find out about the e-mail thing? hmmm Aug 1st.

@ EasyT. . . congrats, though I kno u wud have loved to start now, I think all things work together for good. . . smiley
Nairaland / General / Re: Why Do Guys Brag On The Number Of Beer Drinks The Can Take In A Beer Palour. by opensesame: 9:39am On Jun 11, 2009
@ Topic
It's Simple!!
Most guys have a need to validate their manhood so desperately, which they do by bragging about the number of bottles they can drink, number of girls they've 'conquered', they go home to their wives and hit them at the slightest provocation to prove that 'i am the man of the house', among many other things. You know that ad. . . Beer wey pass beer for man wey pass man tongue That's right, that's why.

I just have one teeny weeny lil' question though. . .

If you have to prove that you are a man by the number of bottles you drink, dont you think YOU need to question your MANHOOD?
Romance / Re: Can You Love Someone You Don't Trust? by opensesame: 9:17am On Jun 11, 2009
Okay guyz, thanks for your replies.

I think at this point I should make some definitions. . .
To me, True Love is Caring, Affection, Giving without necessarily expecting in return. . . basically, a strong positive feeling towards that person, always wanting the best for that person.
Now, Trust is having total confidence and reliance in someone's good qualities esp honor, truth, abilities, morality etc.

Question: How many people do you actually trust?
No, don't just answer, think about it first.
Now, how many people do you love?
ah! are we getting somewhere? Do you trust all the people you love?
Isn't True Love supposed to be unconditional?

Now, let's take a look at different 'kinds' of love and see how possible this can be.

God's Love. . . he Loves us unconditionally, and trust me, GOD DOESN"T TRUST US ALL!!. . . Okay, okay before you scream, 'hey hey that's God!!', let's take a look at the others.
A Mother's Love. . . Your mum may not have complete confidence in your character and other good qualities, but she still loves you any way i.e she can die for you, truly cares etc
A Spouse's Love. . . So, I love my wife so deeply and then one day, I find some strange text msgs, letters, hear some funny phone calls and begin to doubt her faithfullness, hence, I stop trusting her. Do I then stop loving her?? Just like that?
Aren't there people who TRULY LOVE love murderers, robbers etc. Didn't Bonnie deeply love Clyde? I really doubt she trusted him though.

Now, that i've laid what I think all out, what do you think now? I'd love to hear a contrary view, and please expatiate. Gracias.
Music/Radio / Re: Who is The Best Music Video Director In Nigeria? by opensesame: 8:18am On Jun 11, 2009
Okay, From the polls, it seems Jude Okoye is doing alright.
Now can anybody clarify whether he's the one who actually directs the Psquare videos (i.e all the Technical and creative stuff) or he's just a front?
Plus, anyone know why it's jus d 'P-square videos' he 'has' to his credit?
Romance / Can You Love Someone You Don't Trust? by opensesame: 8:14am On Jun 11, 2009
Okay, Before you jump at the answer, take some time to think about it.
First, define True Love (or at least what it means to you). . . then define Trust.

I'd love to start, cos I know wot my answer is, but I'd also love to hear ur views first (don't want mine to influence urs).
Music/Radio / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? by opensesame: 7:45am On Jun 11, 2009
Hurricane - Bob Dylan

Next - Crash, Boom, Bang - Roxette
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 2:27pm On Jun 10, 2009
First, welcome to the thread. . . i hope u enjoy it here.
Now, I was tempted to not reply your comments on the northern issue, but i just had to . .

1) What we are saying is simple, in the spirit of fairness, like you said, the adverts for SITP were widely publicised. Everybody heard about it. North, South, East and west. EVERYBODY was given an equal opportunity to apply. So we assume that the northerners applied and unfortunately didnt make the cut, because it was simply by MERIT! You can't blame anybody for that can you?

2) If Shell was going to consider 'regional recruitments', rather than solely merit, they should have known that from the get go. . . Simply put, I'll ask you. . . if you were dropped so that someone who didnt do as well as you in the tests, not to mention SRD, had to be put in the spirit of 'fairness' how would you feel??

3) You said. . .


i believe in the spirit of fairness, we should stop making issues out of this

In all fairness to us, we had actually dropped it long ago before YOU brought it back up, thereby making an issue out of it  wink

Anyways, I really think we should just drop it here and forget about it. Like I once mentioned, Nobody, from the North, South, West or East can take ur place if God says its yours!!
Music/Radio / Re: When Will Nigerian Artistes Improve Their Stage Performances? by opensesame: 11:13am On Jun 10, 2009
Okay, I think I would like to state here that as much as a lot rests on the artiste to give a brilliant performance, most organizers of shows are also guilty. You find that they just dont put in anything into preparations. What with their crappy stages, horrble sound, poor lightning, zero creativity. . . all they are interested in is making money!  angry
So, as much as the onus lies on the artiste to make the best of a bad situation (or at least not make it worse), those organizers need to get their acts right!

PS. I've seen some MI shows and I have to commend him for not joinin the group of losers (lip-synchers). I dont kno about his stage presence though, but I notice he always has his instrumentals playing (and in some cases, plus the vocals of the featured artistes). Also he has mixes of his songs, which is a good thing. Not sayin he's perfect, but in this area, big ups to him!

@Bamsyle. . u crack me up dude!
Music/Radio / Re: When Will Nigerian Artistes Improve Their Stage Performances? by opensesame: 9:53am On Jun 10, 2009

@ Topic,
God bless poster. Amen!
Amen ooo. wink


Ain't you guyz missing something?
How about the noise they make on stage. The "hey yo hey yo" and "Mr D.J, "(10ce) sounds they make. And then bouncing round the stage with their home boyz or back ups (who make more noise into the mic) , trousers placed on knees.
Mr D. J finally finds the C.D, Artiste screams into mic ( crowd screams too);
Artiste losses voice on second line, and then uses scope to jump into the crowd in order to avoid singing into the mic,
At this point, i just tune off my T.V and make use of my DVD. Ish,
grin grin grin This got me ROLLING ON THE FLOOR. Moji, you're so funny.
Permit me to add the 'wave ur hands in the air' stunt. grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria - The Next Generation by opensesame: 1:54pm On Jun 09, 2009
Hey guyz.
Been a while. I have been around as always, but I dont really have inside info as such, so I usually dont have any updates, which we all so terribly need. Plus, I've been real busy @ work.
Fortunately, some guyz have been doin a FANTASTIC job with keepin d house updated and the thread alive. Big ups y'all.
This has proved to be a very long wait indeed, esp for folks still waitin for meds, but, hopefully it's comin to a close. I think we can agree that one thing is certain. . . The REGRET mails are OVER! So it's just a matter of time now.
Keep the hope alive, aight?

@ifnobeGod. . . tnx man. Wot's hapnin in ur zone now?
@all. . . See you at Edjeba.
Music/Radio / Re: Who is The Best Music Video Director In Nigeria? by opensesame: 1:19pm On Jun 03, 2009

Mark and Gwydion, the same hands responsible for his previous videos ‘Not the girl’ and ‘More’
They are tight!! The 'Not the girl' vid was fantastic!
Music/Radio / Re: Who is The Best Music Video Director In Nigeria? by opensesame: 8:32am On Jun 03, 2009
Whao! Looks lyk CP is takin it.
Does anyone kno who directs Darey's vids??
Music/Radio / Re: When Will Nigerian Artistes Improve Their Stage Performances? by opensesame: 8:12am On Jun 03, 2009

Two million raging hurricanes in a zillion thundering tornadoes . . . for the umpteenth time we ain't talking about live bands only . . . all we're saying is this - when it's stage performance, an artiste should and ought to sing with his raw voice . . . could be a band or instrumental . . . RAW VOICE!!!
My broda. . . I tire oooooo.


the thing is
people are too starstruck to give a hoot if they're getting a quality stage performance
as far as they've seen their idol. . . thats good enough


I agree - if you are not a good performer then just stick to be a recording artist
Exactly! Trust me, you wont get arrested for being a recording artiste.


Second time he came a year later- he brought his band - his entrance was good, he remixed many of his hits and sang a few new ones. Its seems he took all the criticisms
That's not too much to ask for, is it?
Music/Radio / Re: When Will Nigerian Artistes Improve Their Stage Performances? by opensesame: 3:51pm On Jun 02, 2009
Now, this was funny. . .

You can sell poop to some Nigerians if it's well packaged.

and this. . .

Yep . . . but right now, we're talkin' bout those who either fart (through their mouths of course) on those instrumentals . . . or lip-sync . . . it's daylight murder.
grin grin grin
Seriously though. We cant really tell what comes out of their mouths while their CDs blast. . . . prolly cursin all of us, like, shege, banza, danchukubanku. . . grin grin


I think you're missing the point. You don't have to bring a live band, but at least SING LIVE to your backing track.
*sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

Thank you so much audio and bamsyle. Some folks jus dont geddit!


Don't pay Nigerian tomfools no mind . . .
Yeah dude. I'ma have to take ur advice. Like I said, some folks dont (and will never ) geddit! wink

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