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Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Will Pay 'A Heavy Price' After Gaza Attacks - Iran Warns by Originalsly: 7:34am

What is this one saying

Didn't you say Israel doesn't talk much?.... and attack only if provoked? I can say the same about Boko Haram. I can see as far as you are concerned.... like the US ... Israel can do no wrong. Whatever action they take... it is for a reason ... a justifiable reason whether or not you know of it.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Will Pay 'A Heavy Price' After Gaza Attacks - Iran Warns by Originalsly: 7:16am

Are you a Boko Haram Imagine your comparisim.! Is Boko Haram a nation with sovereign rights? How can you compare! Let me lecture your brain a little... Boko Haram are just terrorist group,. No law no convention and no acceptability anywhere in the world. They are just terrorists. Here down south Boko Haram has no chance of survival, they can only survive among ignorant people in the north. Here down south both christian and Muslim and others would join hands to destroy them unlike in the north. So you have no point there! Boko Haram is a social malaise pure and simple.

The comparison is not about who or what they are ... it is about their action. They both do not talk much ..... they both attack and kill innocent civilians including children. If you want labels... one is a terrorist group... the other a terrorist nation .... both terrorists.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Supporters Request Sack Of Labour Party Social Media Handler by Originalsly: 6:31am

Who is your choice for President then?

So you had to ask... huh?! As I see it ... we are presented with three evils ... and I will choose the least of the three.... Obi... and hope for the best. My reasoning ... the two major parties are the same ... one big Old Boys Club... career politicians focused on their remaining in office and how they can continue to share the national cake. The economy... national development... infrastructure development and the plight of the masses ....education... health and security .... none is of any interest to them. That's their track record and no change in sight. We see how they switch parties ... the blind hail them... cannot see they are simply changing their position to get a better seat at the same table... a seat closer to the cake. The Old Boys Club need to be broken up and voting Obi will do that ... a change is needed... for better or for worse.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Wins GOLD In 4×100 Women's Relay At The Commonwealth Games by Originalsly: 3:07am
This should be FP.....express. Mods??.... as soon as you wake.

These women..... the best representing Nigeria period. Focus in the world of athletics will now turn to Nigeria. These women .... will be hot topic internationally.... until 2024 Summer Olympics .... Jamaica vs Nigeria ... who will be the favorite in the 4×100 Relay?

I just hope the FG arrange a big Welcome Home for them ... give them all the support they need and honor them with some significant gift to encourage them and inspire others.

hmmmmm .... and to those who be preaching Nigerian women women are useless... this is a hard pill to swallow.
Foreign Affairs / Re: The Forgotten War Of 1971: The Naval Chess Battle Were Russia Stunned US And UK by Originalsly: 2:42am
Hmmm.... US sending the biggest and most advanced carrier to protect its citizens in Bangladesh is what they told the world.... but had a secret agenda along with their accomplice the UK. Nothing has changed.... same two doing the same .... but yet soo many of us swallow whatever they say.

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Crime / Re: Ebonyi: Man Caught Raping His Neighbour's 12-Year-Old Mentally Unstable Daughter by Originalsly: 1:57am

That picture was fresh because e be like hin prick never thaw finish before photographer snap am.

Wahala. E say girl wan help peel hin cassava. Chei, Chineke! grin

Shows that he was all pumped up on something ..... he had planned for her. Any normal man would fall immediately. He is a pedophile... they need to investigate who else was raped. Seems like Police Don exist in that area.

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Crime / Re: NAF Kills Faca-Faca, Masterminds Of Buhari’s Convoy Attack by Originalsly: 1:46am
Hmmmm..... they were killed in an airstrike by a team of the Nigeria Air Force when they raided the terrorist hangout in the village....

How does this work?... striking from the air and raiding on land at the same time? ... killing all the cows but not all the terrorists? The leader killed in an airstrike.... but body recovered and buried? What was fired in the airstrip?

The more you look the less you see.
Politics / Re: Politicians Recruiting Cultists, Ex-convicts To Cause Trouble In Rivers – Wike by Originalsly: 1:32am
I'm just hoping in the next election local youths would not lay back and watch thugs overrun voting stations... but continue from where some began last election.... get together and attack the thugs ... but this time not let them get off lightly. I'm sure in places where the thugs were attacked... no politician will be able to find thugs to go there . Locals need to rise up and send a message... come anyhow get treated anyhow.
Travel / Re: Three Feared Dead In Delta As Car Rams Into Cows by Originalsly: 1:17am

Is it proper for cows to lay on a tarred road ? Expressway to be precise.

Hmmm.... good question. Let me try to find out why the cows have no home training..... and if they didn't know it was an Expressway.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Supporters Request Sack Of Labour Party Social Media Handler by Originalsly: 1:14am

I have made this same arguments countless times. The greatest leaders find, nurture and make other great leaders.

No one can doubt the credentials of Asiwaju in this regard. He is the greatest at identifying and using the most talented Nigerians to the glory of Nigeria.

In contrast I have asked Obi fans to show me just a single prominent leader alive today Obi can take credit for mentoring and promoting to public glory and the benefit of pertinent stakeholders.

Obi is at best a local government chairman indulged too far.

From my observations ... the last sentence I agree with 100% .... Obi is best as a local government chairman. Is like a man that runs his local supermarket very well doesn't mean he can run a country well.

On great leaders... that's a different story... we are just looking for a good leader period. Great leaders earn their status by how well they lead .... and not about making other great leaders. As in if I ask to name three great leaders ... and the great leaders they made.... this would be more than head scratching to answer.

On Asiwaju .... it takes more than credentials. He is.... and he was are not the same. Next World Cup Football .... should the Super Eagles be lead by Kanu? After all .... no one can doubt his credentials in his regard. We have to take the present and have a lot more foresight rather than hindsight . Should Asiwaju lose his mind today ... God forbid .... his credentials will remain the same. Should we go ahead to vote him in as President? ... since he has the best credentials? Of all that he may have achieved... that was in the past. Presently he does not have the physical nor mental health to be President... and looking ahead... it will be worsening.... his condition is terminal. I would wonder why didn't he step aside and allow one of the young great leaders he made to run for the Presidency.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Will Pay 'A Heavy Price' After Gaza Attacks - Iran Warns by Originalsly: 12:40am

Israel don't make noise and they don't react if not provoke. Every action has consequences

What was the provocation that they were reacting to? Would you say the same about Boko Haram? .... they don't make noise. When they attack a village ... burn down houses and kill innocent civilians including children do you say the same?
Travel / Re: Asaba To Maiduguri Via Abuja By Road (live Update). by Originalsly: 1:08pm On Aug 07

What grabbed your attention

Some leggggs!
Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Supporters Request Sack Of Labour Party Social Media Handler by Originalsly: 1:07pm On Aug 07

Obi no dey pay shishi, don't you know. It's a major flaw to his character and a big no for Nigerian economy. i don't think he has a PA or spokesperson and so forth. He'll rather find some riffraff to do the job for free or cheap, or do it himself. His mentality is that croaked and archaic.

Someone posted about Obi recently ... referring to his governing Anambra....that he is one to be in control of everything and not used to delegating people. I'm seeing what he was saying. And yes... seems like he just picked a friend or ehmmm ..... riff raff as PA person. What can we expect if elected?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Will Pay 'A Heavy Price' After Gaza Attacks - Iran Warns by Originalsly: 12:30pm On Aug 07

Iran will pay a heavy price too! Pigs

Why are they pigs? ...let us see if you can use your own brain to explain what your mouth is saying. Too many pekple.are brainwashed and don't even know.

@ topic. This is the hypocrisy people talk about ... should a rocket from Gaza hit one Israeli house and kill one child.... a UN meeting will be called ... we wouldn't hear the end of the slaughter of children ... and the need to bomb Gaza and take fresh sanctions against Iran.
Travel / Re: Three Feared Dead In Delta As Car Rams Into Cows by Originalsly: 12:25pm On Aug 07

Herdsmen need to know grasses don't grow on expressway, making me wonder what those cows are looking for on a tarred road.

Now imagine three souls are gone just like that.

R.I.P to them though :


Didn't it occur to you that the cows were crossing or laying on the road? Maybe the driver had your mentality .... speeding along and saw the cows but told himself..... hmmm .... look like cows but what would they be looking for on this tarred road?... it must be my eyes are playing tricks on me.... and kept on speeding crashing into the cows.

Crashed into cows on the highway... driver to be blamed. Cows just would not come out of nowhere ... they wouldn't like suddenly dash out of the bushes.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Supporters Request Sack Of Labour Party Social Media Handler by Originalsly: 12:15pm On Aug 07

Shut up, the labour party don't play politics of deceit and lies like APC and Tinubu fake bishops

The Nasarawa rally was massive enough to convince anyone that the Obi/Datti movement is no child's play, the videos are there for all to watch.
I wonder why the labour party social media handler posted additional pictures that has nothing to do with Obi rally in Nasarawa..

I am suspecting sabotage

He posted a misleading photo..... why isn't he sacked immediately? Why be waiting for SM to campaign for his sacking? This is a big blow to the Party ..... damage control is already out of hand. One like me will be thinking can Obi really select competent people to govern the country?... would Obi choose Lai Mohammed as his guy? ... since deception seems not to worry him. If he can't take immediate action on this matter ... what will happen if elected President and his men are corrupt?... will he let them get away with it?.... like he is allowing his PR man now?... at a time when he is running for President and should be perfect in everything?....when he should be showing he has zero tolerance for incompetence? If he can't manage his small party where members look up to him ... how can he manage the government where most will try to bring him down ? Obi is showing weakness in his leadership skills.
Family / Re: Tattoo: Not Under My Roof — Ireland-Based Nigerian Mum Scolds Daughter (Video) by Originalsly: 11:52am On Aug 07

Since SARS was disband, the number of youths wearing Dreadlocks, Tattoo and Peircing of Nose, Lips and Earrings among the males have increased drastically.

What's the problem with dreadlocks? ... the natural hairstyle of an African? ... I really want to know.

@ topic... bottom line ....do as you please when not under her roof.... until then... I call the shots.
Travel / Re: Asaba To Maiduguri Via Abuja By Road (live Update). by Originalsly: 4:35am On Aug 07
Now in Auchi, passed Uromi by after nine this morning

Remember to buy plantains and ground nut when you pass uromi

Where exactly is the plantain location?..... the plantains are very big and I'm sure very good.... but something else grabbed all my attention ... can you help me find out more?
Crime / Re: Policeman Who Flogged A Man With A Cutlass Faces Trial by Originalsly: 3:34am On Aug 06
Hmmm.... the IGP has ordered the trial ....really? ... and all they years I thought someone had to be charged before going to trial
Religion / Re: Pastor Meets Native Doctor In His Shrine For A Charm For Her Church (Pix, Video) by Originalsly: 10:47am On Aug 05

Igbos just want to drag dis ministry into the mud sha......is it by force, all dis coz of money

Adeboye, kumuyi, oyedepo and olukoya of MFM, sam adeyemi, asimolowo of KICC and etc did not just start in a day and dis great men has taken d gospel to a whole new level

How long did they take to start? .... she is now starting. Do you know if they started just like her? ... or how they started? One day she may be great just like them.
Phones / Re: Starlink Cuts Price Of Start-up Kit For Nigerians To $99 by Originalsly: 10:34am On Aug 05

Who can confirm the bolded?

Confirmation that US customers pay $599 .... but can't confirm Nigerian customers will pay $99. Starlink is not at all popular in the US .... wayyy too expensive .... indefinite wait to receive the starter kit and service ... and the service is unreliable. If it is unreliable in the US .. while trying to get in the race with the competition.... what kind service would it give in Nigeria? The FG really doesn't are about its citizens to allow this company to operate in Nigeria.

Food / Re: See How To Make The Best And Tastiest Meat Pies At Home (photos,video) by Originalsly: 1:08am On Aug 05
Why would you want to shove this kind mouth watering finger licking meat pie in our face??...some women really love to torment men .... and scatter family. Imagine Emeka seeing this sumptuous in your face meat pie ... and reflecting on what his wife made with her own two hands and served him ... why would he not think she wants to poison him?... slowly? ... all because of what you posted.
Your presentation is very good!... but to be honest.. I have absolutely no interest in how to make it.... all my interest is in the eating ... and in ehmmm..... can we chat privately?... I want to find out something?

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Politics / Re: 6 Islamic Clerics Oppose Tinubu, Ask Muslims Not To Vote Him by Originalsly: 10:57am On Aug 04
How many Islamic clerics total?... only 6 with no major influence have something to say now. I'm almost sjre wayyy more will be saying vote Tinubu. As I see it .... the North will be told to vote Tinubu ... which would be the same as voting Shettima for President. Tinubu health is failing ... and if elected ... his health will deteriorate even faster .... naturally or man assisted ... and declared in poor health to govern. Who then takes over as President?
A vote for Tinubu is a vote for Shettima period.
Politics / Re: Alleged Organ Harvesting: Ekweremadu Returns To Court After 42 Days In Detention by Originalsly: 10:06am On Aug 04
He can kiss Nigeria goodbye. His wife on stringent bail conditions... UK can kiss her goodbye ....she's not returning to court. Nigeria sent a delegation to beg for the husband's release.... they will protect her ... same way they did Kyari. The doctor involved .... he just threw away his career ..... is likely to serve time in prison as an accomplice.... if a naturalized citizen.... his citizenship will likely be revoked .... and at the end of his prison term... detained and deported.

I'm still waiting to hear if the guy's kidney was a match .... if not ... what can they possibly say in defense?

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Car Talk / Re: Car Crashes Into Building In Lagos. One Dead, Another Injured by Originalsly: 9:52am On Aug 04
Headline says car crash .... details say bus crash.... but we move on.
Crime / Re: Police Rescue People From Jungle Justice On Eko Bridge (Photos). by Originalsly: 8:15pm On Aug 03

I am sure someone just raised an alarm and the bunch of idi0ts followed up on it. People no dey gree think nowadays.

Many here on NL .... only the headline and they spring into action on the keyboard ... no need for details.... case closed.
Politics / Re: Federal Executive Council Approves Badagry Port. by Originalsly: 6:39pm On Aug 03

....Nice initiative but what about the Mile 2- Badagry expressway that is already taking over 3 decades to complete

Or are we going to carry the container on our head

If completed tomorrow.... would the Badagry Expressway
greatly reduce traffic jams? If no ... what will happen when the Port is opened and heavy truck traffic is added to the mix? You may very well be right..... about fetching containers on head. Visionary leader indeed.
Food / Re: I Bought This Cheap Food For #800 Only Here In Lagos by Originalsly: 5:01pm On Aug 03
Hmmm.... OP did you really look at what you were eating??... if yes... I wish I had guts like you.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Man Jubilates As He Lands In Canada (Video) by Originalsly: 4:56pm On Aug 03
Hmmm.... this one set to embarrass Nigerians ... doesn't look like he will adapt any time soon ... 100% bushman ... see how he left all the walk ways to trample the lawn?.... only Heaven knows if he was dashing to a nearby bush to drop a 100% highly scented Nigeria originated #2.
Business / Re: ₦22 Million Stolen From Customer’s Car Parked Inside Access Bank In Kaduna by Originalsly: 9:41am On Aug 03
Why would someone just choose a random car ... in a guarded parking area ... smash the window and hope to find something if value in the car? If the car was trailed from bank to bank by someone with inside information... why would the person wait for the car to enter a guarded parking lot to carry out the robbery... in such a manner to bring attention to the guards? Since he told the guard he had money in the car I don't understand why his focus is not on the guard being arrested. Both he and the guard need to be seriously investigated.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: The Acclaimed "Messiah" Without The Credentials by Originalsly: 9:26am On Aug 03
Can't believe so many have quoted the epistle only to drop a dumb comment. When you can't find fault with the message attack the messenger..... this is what urchins do ... and this is what most have done ... urchins and don't even know.

@ topic. I do agree with some of his views and foreseeable problems in governing the country if elected President. No doubt... one should really think twice about voting one with such a history into office. But OP did not consider that he is one of three choices for President. Should he look at the other two under the same microscope ... the other two would be wayyyy worse. In dealing with the "insurgents " ... MASSOB ... no doubt... that was brutal ... unconstitutional and criminal. At the end of the day ... the insurgency was put in check. Should he be elected President ... would most Nigerians be happy should he use the same or similar high handed unconstitutional methods to put the current insurgency and banditry and kidnappings and mass murders of innocent citizens in check? He is likely to do so of elected. What are the other two contenders likely to do? They have no history on dealing with such matters that directly affect the daily lives of the masses ... and to date show very little concern if any at the lawlessness presently gripping the country. What are they likely to do if elected to office? Nothing.
Any yes..... Obi is a micro manager ... in control of all decision making from top to bottom.... like a dictator. If he did that as Governor ... why wouldn't he do same as President? ..and control the governors? It may be a good thing... for one ... the Governors will not be free to pocket monies intended for the people and development of the States.
Lastly.... we should always separate the message from the messenger.


Crime / Re: If You Want To Get Justice In Nigeria Just Have Money - Sandra Iheuwa by Originalsly: 2:05am On Aug 03
omo una Dey shock me!!!

As you Dey like if you had a company can you hire a person like BAT to run it

Nice question.... just don't be waiting for an answer.

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