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Health / Re: COVID-19 Update For July 30 2021 In Nigeria by Originalsly: 4:48am

What happened to those always shouting scamdemic? Haven’t on Nairaland for sometime. They used to crowd a thread like this

It is a scamdemic. They post numbers ... you swallow the numbers without chewing. Like I been saying .... the case numbers will keep rising to create fear that the Delta strain is spreading. Then the death number will begin to increase to let people believe it is deadly. Then what will people do?.... demand the vaccine... the vaccine that can't give immunity to the strain of virus it was developed for ... let alone a mutated strain. The aim of the scamdemic is to get everybody in the world chipped vaccinated.
Eight people died ... is no way on earth they can ever name them .. the same way they can never name the mysterious Italian ... the man that brought COVID-19 to Nigeria... the man that was tested positive for COVID-19 at the airport before test kits were developed. No doubt ... COVID19 is a virus ... but nowhere as contagious nor deadly as they're making it out to be. This is used as a means to an end .... to justify chipping vaccination.


Crime / Re: Woman Arrested For Beating Daughter To Death In Ogun (Photo) by Originalsly: 1:58am
Hmmm..... beat her daughter to death with a bottle. Really?.... so many bloggers need to be beaten.
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Stages Massive ‘taiwan Invasion’ Drills(Pix, Video) by Originalsly: 9:52am On Jul 30

Please stop using information thst was used to clarify if UFO exists or not to make a point.

I'm glad I could join discussion on here now after being granted leave.

Truth be told, there is no way China can match U.S. in terms of military power, U.S. I more of offensive force while China is more of defensive.

Beside China live using propaganda to make a point, and can't risk the fall out of war.
If their hope of defeating U.S. is based on their atomic bomb, then they do get wipe out pretty sooner than later.

When it comes to using conventional weaponry, China is no where close to U.S. they are just being lousy and bully to their small neighbours.

Bro .... look at what is happening on ground and you can get a good idea who is afraid of who. When US takes it military into what it claims to be international waters and China claims it is their territory.... why is it that the US doesn't stand its ground but always backs out when confronted by China's military? When has China or Russia ever backed off in modern times in any confrontation? China said Taiwan is theirs ... which foreign military has entered Taiwan to prove otherwise? Why not? This is 2021 ... not the 1900's.

Chinese fighter jet backing off US jet. Photo taken from US jet.

Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: Abba Kyari Flew To Dubai To Spend Good Time With Ramon Abbas - FBI by Originalsly: 1:11pm On Jul 29
Hmmm..... it's only a matter if time for Kyari. He leaves Nigeria he will be snatched by the FBI ... they already have the goods on him.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Falling Boulders Kill 9 Tourists In India Landslide (Pic, Video) by Originalsly: 12:26pm On Jul 29

Northern India is the location of the Himalayas Mountain Range where you find many of the tallest Mountains in the world like Everest, Annapurna I, and K2.
Landslides are quite common in such areas. It's unfortunate the tourists were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The boulded is more than enough to keep me far away from that area.
Politics / Re: Abba Kyari Speaks On Hushpuppi's Allegations by Originalsly: 11:27am On Jul 29

Decompol Kyari! There is a grey area to Ur statement. Why would your office be a point of pick up for bought goods?

For your sanity n reputation avoid associating with people with questionable wealth. Good Nigerians appreciate your good works.

It was better for him to remain silent. The clothes supplier is Hush's friend.... Hush sent money to the guy for 5 sets of clothes ... why didn't Hush arrange to have them picked up at his friend?... why at the station? Clothes came to Kyari at the station ... from Hush?... whom he doesn't know? If he receives clothes for Hush ... what else does he receive? ... now they should investigate if his station was a hub for drug trafficking. He just opened a can of worms.

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Business / Re: The 9-Year-Old Girl & Her Mother Watched Ebeano Supermarket Fire (Video) by Originalsly: 3:42pm On Jul 28

Take a look at that clip, that girl is really mischievous. She does not look like someone sent. She does not look all that innocent. A little child sent on such a thing will be nervous. That girl was so confident in that act. She also made sure that the fire really started before leaving the shop. She must be an evil child.

Then, according to ur speculation, you are thinking that the mother sent her and showed her the line where lighters are displayed. If this is correct, the CCTV would've shown that. I believe the investigating team must have critically watched the CCTV footage backwards at least a month before the incidence to see if they can get any evidence to prove that someone brought the girl to that shop to show her where to commit the crime.

Even if it was confirmed that someone sent her on this, just know it the the girl herself is naturally evil. The confidence in which she committed this evil can attest to that.

I hear you. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Some children are trained from small to carry out their parents instructions... right or wrong. Do you know there are parents that train their children to shoplift? I have seen that personally ... children as young as 4 years old.... so it wouldn't surprise me the least to learn a 9 year old can do what she did.... confidently ... on the instructions of her mother.... and I'm almost sure in her mind she thinks she deserves a medal for mission accomplished. I would not at all be surprised to learn that she undertook several other operations. If she is evil... then it is from the mother... again".... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Politics / Re: Moves To Recharge Shrinking Lake Chad Begin by Originalsly: 12:04pm On Jul 28

Too early to be dropping crap. What would you rather have them do? Leave it to dry up?
Everything you block heads must bring religious sentiments into it.

Why is it crap?... defend your statement. The lake is like a container .... there is nothing that can be done to the container to increase the water in it. The source of the water is what should be looked at. ... how to replenish the lake. Is there deforestation in the highlands?... is water in the upper parts of the river diverted? ... is it climate change which is natural? Why the need to spend on foreign consultants?... is this really rocket science?.. beyond us?
Crime / Re: Adebayo Kingsley Kills Rosemary Ifeoma, Rapes Her Corpse In Edo by Originalsly: 9:49am On Jul 28
Hmmm...... carnal knowledge of a mother of four.
Politics / Re: Bandits’ Informant Sets Himself Ablaze In Zamfara by Originalsly: 9:46am On Jul 28
Hmmm..... this particular suspect was isolated ... in a room ... a room with a Jerry can of petrol. Ok. A soldier entered the room ... a struggle for the rifle ... it had to be the victim got control of the rifle and decided not to shoot the soldier... but shot the Jerrycan. Fire broke out.. and the soldier jumped out of the room? ... but he didn't? ... and the entire building didn't go up in flames?
The guy was taken to a room and set on fire.
Business / Re: The 9-Year-Old Girl & Her Mother Watched Ebeano Supermarket Fire (Video) by Originalsly: 9:27am On Jul 28

And what will be the mother's motif?? You would have shared the baby into two unlike Solomon in the bible. Everything is not always what it seems. Kids can be really mischievous. I remember injecting my kid brother with water all in the name of acting doctor and patient when we were very little. Kids do really stupid things.

The mother's motive? If they get the girl to confess she was instructed by her mother only then we can learn the motive. But speculating ... if the mother/her sponsor is a vendor... and the supermarket is putting her out of business then her motive can be to eliminate the competition. What if she felt she was shortchanged by the supermarket ... as in buying a product that was defective/expired and the supermarket refused to have it exchanged or give refund? That can be a motive for her to hit back at the supermarket... and yes... some people are extreme like that. We can never know her motive unless she confesses. Most likely she used the girl because she is a minor.... and a minor will not face imprisonment.
And yes.... children do a lot of stuff... but this is totally different. If she was in the store... looking at different stuff ... came up to the lighters ... played with it or even deliberately started a fire.... this case would've been different.... it would've been on the child and not the mother. How can you explain the child never entered the store before... but headed full speed direct to the lighters ... started a fire and left? Spiritual?
Health / Re: COVID-19 Update For July 27 2021 In Nigeria by Originalsly: 4:35am On Jul 28
The numbers have to rise .... or how will people believe the Delta virus is ehmmm ... even more contagious?.... and deadly? Very soon ... the death number will take off. Still at Plan A.... scare the masses and theybwill volunteer to take the ehmmm...... 'vaccine'.
Business / Re: The 9-Year-Old Girl & Her Mother Watched Ebeano Supermarket Fire (Video) by Originalsly: 6:26pm On Jul 27

These guys have been trying really hard to rope in her mother in the crime. The mother is totally oblivious of what her daughter did if not they would have escaped from the scene.

The interrogation was very good. I strongly believe the mother is the mastermind. How would you explain... the girl never went into the supermarket ... but was interested in nothing ... and knew exactly where to go to locate lighters.... and how to use one. She set the fire... make sure it didn't fizzle out.... then left.... mission accomplished. I know they will make her confess off camera. She was already threatened with a hot slap if she didn't talk. Guess the mother told her not to. The mother was at the scene.... and left. I just hope the little girl is punished and if her mother is the mastermind... she should lose everything and thrown in prison. People need to bear consequences for their actons period.


Travel / Re: Lagos-Ibadan Expressway: FG Diverts Traffic 72hrs To Fix Flyover Beam by Originalsly: 6:03pm On Jul 27
Why couldn't it be done over the weekend when there is less traffic?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Builds Two New ‘Flying Kremlin’ Doomsday Planes (Pictures) by Originalsly: 3:26pm On Jul 27

Oga Russia has been in the news lately for nothing other than war threats

If my a rival comes to my doorstep with a gun ... and I warn him that should he enter my house I'll shoot him ... who is the "war monger"? And should the headlines be "Warmongering Landlord Threatens to Kill Rival"?

When you're listening to news ... chew before you swallow.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Builds Two New ‘Flying Kremlin’ Doomsday Planes (Pictures) by Originalsly: 5:42am On Jul 27

Russia's warmongering is now second to none

US has travelled allll.the way to Russia's doorsteps ... the Black Sea .... to carry out war games.... so explain how Russia is war mongering. As a man.... when you make a statement you must be able to defend it.
Crime / Re: Two Clubbers Killed In Kogi As Vigilante Group Raids Hotel (Graphic Photos) by Originalsly: 9:10am On Jul 26
"He urged the youths in the community not to take the law into their hand over the incident."

.... Wasn't the incident caused by the vigilantes taking the law into their hand? Funny guy.
Health / Re: Shortness Of Breathe by Originalsly: 4:09am On Jul 26

I can stand the pains she is going through when ever her breathe seizes for few seconds or nearly a minute

Did they rule out asthma?.... sounds like that to me and that's dead serious.
Health / Re: COVID-19 Update For July 24 2021 In Nigeria by Originalsly: 2:23am On Jul 26


Please read.

I read .....did you read?

a vaccine contains a weakened form or part of a virus/bacteria. If the shot doesn't.... then it is not a vaccine. Does any of the COVID-19 'vaccines ' contain weakened or any part of the virus? NO. So why call it a vaccine when they know by definition it is not?.... when they know by the COVID-19 'vaccine' cannot give anyone immunity from COVID19 ... the reason those who took the shot can be infected. Two years ago NL was all about the Illuminati ... now they are in effect and we can't recognize. One World Order is in effect.
Romance / Re: 15yrs Gap Too Much? by Originalsly: 12:13am On Jul 26
Hmmm...... 5 year age difference... no problem. You're 40 on paper ... look like 30 ... with matching maturity.

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Family / Re: Help! An Unwanted Pregnancy Is Ruining My Life. by Originalsly: 1:36pm On Jul 25

You are looking at this whole thing from a totally different angle.

The parents didn't bargain for this so they were taken unawares hence their impromptu decision on the matter. So naturally the first that would come to their mind is to ask the guy to marry the girl.

You don't expect them to reason straight at the moment or up to the point when the child will be born. So I don't see why you're bringing this up. Besides the op admitted he's responsible for the pregnancy.

No doubt.... most parents will first go for marriage (depending on the character of the guy) ... and one of the main reasons is to avoid shame. And yes ... first reactions would be almost all based on emotions ... no straight thinking. But they knew about the pregnancy before it showed .... which is before 4 months. Now she is about to put to bed .... 4 months later and they still not thinking straight? After giving birth... are you saying they may think straight and sit down with OP and be reasonable? They definitely aren't now.
On him saying it's his doesn't mean it is. How many husbands been saying the child is theirs only to find out yearssss later it wasn't? Him saying it's his doesn't mean it is. DNA is a must for him.
Family / Re: Help! An Unwanted Pregnancy Is Ruining My Life. by Originalsly: 7:16am On Jul 25

Why?? Hm...

Give me a reason why a parent /a pregnant person would want everything to to with the assumed baby father before birth but absolutely nothing after birth?
Health / Re: COVID-19 Update For July 24 2021 In Nigeria by Originalsly: 7:02am On Jul 25
The Delta Strain .... numbers must go up to bring in fear so people will either rush to get the vaccine ... or steps will be taken to ensure people must take the vaccine in order to live normal lives. The pandemic is a means to an end ... for everyone to have the vaccine ... a vaccine that does not give immunity from the virus it was developed for. How is that a vaccine? Has China vaccinated its citizens? No. Is China ever mentioned in the news again? No. Why? Pay attention.

Family / Re: Help! An Unwanted Pregnancy Is Ruining My Life. by Originalsly: 6:42am On Jul 25
The pregnancy is not yours. They want you to marry her before giving birth ..... they want money to buy stuff for the baby before giving birth ... but if you don't marry her they want nothing to do with you period. Reading between the lines .... they know who is responsible ... it is not you ... and they know most likely the baby will not look anything like you. Maybe she got pregnant by a Chinese ... or Arab ... or Indian ... or someone who has a different colour ..... or..... some random guy. If you think I am off the chart ... tell them you'll like to have a DNA test to confirm the baby is yours ... I can guarantee you all hell will break loose.
Politics / Re: Igboho: Produce 12 Yoruba Nation Agitators On July 29, Court Orders DSS by Originalsly: 12:45pm On Jul 23
They would be released before the date without charge.
Crime / Re: Man Who Took Pregnant 12-Year-Old Girlfriend To Hospital Charged With Rape by Originalsly: 12:35pm On Jul 23

My question if it was a boy that is the minor a matter like this do you think the woman would be charge for defiling the boy.

What do you think?

The guy is Mexican ... that's normal in his culture. They should've known they were not in Mexico. It's sad that no one warned them.

Crime / Re: 13-Year-Old Girl Hangs herself Over Poor Results, Leaves Behind Emotional Note by Originalsly: 7:16am On Jul 22
This is sad. The same mistake her parents made ... are the same mistakes many of us are making here... we learn nothing. The girl was 13 years old . When I was thirteen I went thru wayyy worse than this but I did not kill myself ... the fool will be saying. Everybody does not handle stress the same ... especially kids ... and she is a kid. If her parents were paying attention ... they would've seen signs of distress....sat her down ... and learn what they are now learning from a suicide note. The girl was the mocking stock of the family ... beaten down... and the chief tormentor being Madam Jesca. I want to believe she was slaving at Madam Jesca since she had savings there. She was also "tired of him" ... this one I'm still trying to figure out. Is he Jesca's husband? ... let me not say what I'm thinking. This Jesca is really the one that pushed her over the edge. The girl wrote pretty well ... much better than many of our graduates here on NL. I do hope parents will learn something from this. Siblings too ... you should be each other's keeper. Madam Jesca will be haunted ... that I know... blood on her hands.

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Car Talk / Re: What Toks Car Can Someone Get With 1.8million by Originalsly: 4:22am On Jul 22

1.8m will never get you a toks Pontiac vibe. Except a problematic one. Check jiji or car stands to get more details

Hmmm.... he may just be lucky ! Pontiac Vibe... a Toyota in disguise. This is really a good choice ..... and AWD?

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Car Talk / Re: Man Cries Out As Cow Destroys His New Car While The Fulani Herdsmen Look On. by Originalsly: 3:34am On Jul 22

Some have eyes but cannot see, some have brains but refuse to utilize reasoning.

Watch the video well before you type rubbish; or is it that you've never driven or owned a car before?
If he hit the cow the damage on the car will be way different than what is shown...headlights must break, the bumper will be damaged with blood stains etc.

It's very clear from the video that the cow just jumped on the car, and you can see the hoof prints on the bonnet.

It is very clear from the video (0:35 - 0:32) .... he said the car hit the cow. Why would you speculate when you heard it from the horse's mouth?
I don't even know why he made this video. We need to look at each situation individually and not be comparing and condemning the country at every opportunity. FYI .... in saner climes ... his statement on this video will be self incriminating ... he hit the cow... his fault period ... and can be held liable . The amount of money he can be made to pay.... medical bill's for the rehabilitation of the cow alone can be jaw dropping.

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Family / Re: Married Men In The House Please Advice Me by Originalsly: 11:23pm On Jul 21

It's a lie bro....if I add how much I have spent on the brothers you will pity me...the second son as I talk to you is oweing me 250k nd has refused to pay me...keep giving me excuses....she knows about it...
As a man, you can't endure all this, I have seek advice from different individual.. everyone conderms such act.... By the brothers..... anyways you won't know... match I spent 45k to make sure the last BRO was realized after involving in rubbish act...
Anyways..thank you for your advice.

Bro.... take this from me... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The girl is no different from her brothers ... they are all the same... clones of their parents. The writing is already on the wall and you not even married. The parents will give you consent... but the day you marry... you will see their true colors come out. Good luck to marrying into the ehmmm .... Leech family.
Health / Re: COVID-19 Update For July 20 2021 In Nigeria by Originalsly: 3:05pm On Jul 21

Well,the cases of death is more if not entirely all on unvaccinated persons though still doesn't remove adverse effects from the said vaccines and seeing that the use of the vaccine doesn't prevent other strains from affecting you.

How many people died of COVID-19? Ask yourself how they know these people died of COVID-19 when no autopsy was performed? [b]COVID-19 killed off those with underlying health problems ./b] Bro... to spike the numbers they will now count most deaths as COVID related. The unvaccinated will now be blamed for spreading the virus..... you are drinking the cool aid and don't even know.
Politics / Re: Igboho Wept Like A Child, His Wife Was Crying Too - Lawyer by Originalsly: 9:31am On Jul 21
This lead counsel and his leaky mouth .... somebody need to shove a tampon down his throat. Now I strongly believe his mouth lead to Sunday's location and arrest.

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