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Romance / Re: My Soon To Be Wife by Patozorinzo: 1:55pm On Jul 16, 2022
On the aspects of school fees, I don't really blame her but you see those loan apps, those guys are demonic.

I can relate we the statements, that she owe over 350k and can't tell what she used the money for.

What brought her to this point is ignorance and fear of defamation. Believe me if she hasn't learnt her lesson, that amount will keep increasing without her still knowing what she used the money for.

If you really want to help her out, don't be too quick to bail her out, else within the nearest future, she will find herself in the same m*ss.

Let her list all the app and the amount she owes them down on a shot of paper and delete the apps from her phone. Also, she shouldn't be scared of defamation cause if she doesn't stop "using one loan app to pay another" she will find it very difficult to come out of it. (Las las, the defamation go still reach her).

Let her look for any job and start offsetting the loans by herself. (That way she will appreciate the value of any Kobo she gets) If you are impressed with her efforts so far, then you can help clear one or two loan for her. (Depending on your pocket ooo, Don't go overboard for her; that should be her responsibility)

I'd advise she also join a community on telegram "zero debt network". So far, it has really been helpful.

P.s: no matter the temptation, she shouldn't collect any other loan from not just loan app, both individuals. If the effort she's putting isn't encouraging, abeg run. That mean she never ready to dey responsible.
Politics / Re: Governor Hope Uzodinma Commends Security Agencies For Arresting ‘Cannibals' by Patozorinzo: 11:34am On Dec 14, 2021
Hope only crime in Imo state is his political party of which he has the right to chose.

If Ihedioha was loved by ndi imo truly, why wasn't he elected in his previously contested election?

Rochas should know that he wont win this fight, it all started with the release of hardened criminals during the prison break and since then peave have left once peaceful Imo state.

The booming hospitality Industry is now in comatose because of selfish political interest.


May God bless you for this.
Sports / Re: Super Eagles Sing Praises To God After Winning 2-0 Against Liberia: Pics & Video by Patozorinzo: 7:36pm On Sep 04, 2021
Bloggers una no go make heaven. This was before the match. The same day that Ekong guy celebrated his birthday.
Politics / Re: Buhari Signing Of PIB: Petrol May Sell For N300, FG To Decide On Subsidy Today by Patozorinzo: 9:16am On Aug 17, 2021

The average Nigerian doesn’t own a car, so we have been subsidising the rich at the expense of the poor who are denied well needed investment in things like education, healthcare and infrastructure.

It will be hard in the short term but the populace would start to see the many benefits in the medium to long term. We are wasting too much scare resources for on this subsidy and there is too much corruption involved with smuggling of our PMS to neighbouring countries where PMS is sold at higher prices.

Oga no dey yarn dust abeg. Nothing positive will come out of it. Oya tell me the positive wey come out from the last one wey dem increase. Rather we became the poverty capital of the world.

The only thing I can agree is that with time, we'll adapt.

Talking about the average Nigerian. E go affect us die. You see that fuel subsidy ehn, na the only thing wey we dey benefit from the government. At least our gen go dey on since them no give us light and transport to our place of hustle has been moderate, and now they are planning on taking all that away.

The government should just pity the masses and create policies that will be of great benefit to the average Nigerian instead of making things this bad.

Well I no blame them sha, na PDP I blame for being the worst opposition in ever in the history of politics.

Things must begin to work properly if the government want to remove subsidy not planning to add to the existing hardship.

So you know, expect the prices of everything to go up.

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Family / Re: I'm Going Through A Terrible Breakup. Please Advise. by Patozorinzo: 7:56pm On Jun 27, 2021

I'm going to take your post serious for a few minutes because honestly, I think you're just catching cruise.

Regarding the bold text, that's the MO of a guy who is dating/sleeping with another chic.

I shouldn't be exposing this format on a public forum and spoiling work for my brothers-in-arms grin but do your investigation... Your bobo is already involved with someone else and the excitement of that new fling is making him confused.

If you're lucky, he'll get over the excitement quickly and remember you...might even come back begging.
But if you're unlucky, you will see his wedding invitation on FB within the next 6months.

Baba don move on. She should do likewise

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Family / Re: I'm Going Through A Terrible Breakup. Please Advise. by Patozorinzo: 7:38pm On Jun 27, 2021
This trend just dey make me laugh. I know of two girls currently in this your shoe and the truth is, if i were either of the guys, i would do the same thing. (This has nothing to do with redpill or simp).

Some people here are quick to blame the guy or call him names but the truth is he has his reasons which we must all respect. (no guy would love to be in a toxic relationship)

Thank Goodness, you comfirmed him as a good guy. (btw i knew that even before you said it)

My two cent: work on yourself especially your flaw, and quit chasing him. Try and improve in the areas of your life that needs improvement.
Wish you well in your next relationship (because this one don go)
You might find someone better than him but i'm 100% sure he has already found someone better than you.


Family / Re: Help!!! My Environment Is Draining Me Psychologically. by Patozorinzo: 9:17am On May 13, 2021
Op, I don't think you have much problem. While searching for a better location, I think the best thing you need to do now is look for a good studio and spend much of your time there. Be friends with the producer. From there you'll meet people (artists) with the same ambition as you (not neccessary the same i.q but same passion for music)


Sports / Re: As Things Stand, CR7 Will Likely Be Playing Europa League Football Next Season by Patozorinzo: 12:10pm On May 10, 2021
This is the simple truth but they want to exonerate Ronaldo as if he's not a member of the Juventus team.

No mind them, always looking for excuss for their GOAT. I just don't want to imagine the disaster it would be if he was in Messi's shoe at barca.

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Sports / Re: As Things Stand, CR7 Will Likely Be Playing Europa League Football Next Season by Patozorinzo: 11:54am On May 10, 2021
CR7 is the highest goal scorer in seria A this season...meaning he gave the team his best but the coach failed to utilize it for juvy's favour. very early to the start of the season, the stupid coach neglected CR7 and benched him in some matches which juvy later drew or lost but would have possibly won if CR7 was in the team. The coach is not a serious coach. His mistakes brought down the morals of juvy players, towards the end of the season.

The coach isn't the only problem. The whole team is. They have been simply poor and below the standard they set for themselves. Remember Ronaldo wasn't the top seria a scorer for the past season but they still won the league. He simply need to up his game especially against the big team. Juventus as a whole need to go back to the drawing board and set things right ahead of next season.
Politics / Re: Moghalu & 2023: Northern Keke Napep, Okada Riders Declare Support by Patozorinzo: 7:36pm On May 09, 2021
He can't have up to 3500 votes

Bitter truth


Religion / Re: Satan Lied When He Claimed The Kingdoms Of The World Were His by Patozorinzo: 4:18pm On May 09, 2021
But Man is also Satan. If you know you know.
BTW who was called the Prince of this world in the new testament?

Take your time to go through verses like 1 john 2 : 15-17
John 17 : 14-15
John 15 : 18-19
James 4 : 4 (let me stop here) then you would why he was refer as the prince of the world.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Pwc Graduate Recruitment 2021 by Patozorinzo: 7:41pm On May 05, 2021
I also didn't get an invite. Best of luck to y'all who did. cool
Phones / Re: Huawei Y6 Pro 3gb 32gb Brand New (little Open Up By The) 27k Side by Patozorinzo: 10:47pm On Mar 17, 2021
Religion / Re: What Is The Role Of Santa Claus In Christianity And Christmas? by Patozorinzo: 11:13pm On Dec 20, 2020

Who is no on? So many people believe this to be true. So many people have written songs stating it is true. There's even this popular Christmas carol that says as much.

And children, adults sing it with reckless abandon. So who is no on again? Children are being told this is day Jesus was born in schools and classes everywhere. Many people believe it to be so.

Know the difference between reality and ideology

"... this is day..." you should know that was a typo error. I don't have the time to waste arguing with you.
BTW what I meant was "no one"
Religion / Re: What Is The Role Of Santa Claus In Christianity And Christmas? by Patozorinzo: 10:47am On Dec 20, 2020

Lol who cares if your telling the truth or not. Interesting way of looking at things. The bible clearly says worship God in spirit and in truth. If something is not true. You don't sweep it under the rug by saying who cares.

And who says the pagan date limits God? The lie is the problem. And the fact you can't see lieing is wrong and a sin tells alot.

And don't tell me what to say. I don't tell you what to say so let's keep it like that. Thank you.

Again if you want to celebrate Jesus I clearly said celebrate. But lieing about when he was born is a sin. You can't excuse it just because you want to celebrate? That's ridiculous. You can't say you're celebrating Jesus and at the same time lieing he was born on a date he clearly wasn't? How do you equate sinning and celebrating? I guess you don't because you don't care.

Who cares is your defense really? I expected more. You serve a God that values truth. And your saying who cares if something is a lie. Wow! So revealing. And the worse part is you spread this lie and make others sin. Even children too.

But nooooooo as long as we all decide it isn't a lie. Who cares what the Bible says or what the truth is right? Very nice!
no on said Jesus was born on dec 25. it's just a date set aside to celebrate the birth of Christ. Know the difference


Religion / Re: What Is The Role Of Santa Claus In Christianity And Christmas? by Patozorinzo: 10:27am On Dec 20, 2020
Of course, Jesus’ birth has nothing to do with Christmas. Meanwhile, what is the role of Father Christmas or Santa in Christianity?

Jesus birth has everything to do with Christmas though it has nothing to do with December 25
Phones / Re: Please Help I'm Finish. 9000 I Mistaken Recharge My Line by Patozorinzo: 7:54am On Oct 08, 2020

maybe the guy was high while trying to recharge.

It's quite easy to make such mistake while using ussd code if you aren't careful. once you mistakenly dial *894*amount# without imputing any account number or phone number, it automatically recharge the said amount as airtime.

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Phones / Re: Reason Why You Shouldn't Buy A Xiaomi Phone by Patozorinzo: 12:03pm On Sep 02, 2020

Stop saying rubbish, because i want to repair my xiaomi screen, i will have to travel from Jos to Alaba. How does that make sense to you undecided

We no dey fight. I'm just saying where I know one can get it


Phones / Re: Reason Why You Shouldn't Buy A Xiaomi Phone by Patozorinzo: 11:55am On Sep 02, 2020
Don't know about the redmi 9 series,but the screen of the note 8 and 7 series are available at alaba. The price ranges between 10-15k


Phones / Re: Redmi Note 8 Broken Screen. by Patozorinzo: 12:42am On Sep 02, 2020
If you are in Lagos, go to Alaba international market. The screen is available there
NYSC / Re: No Ppa After Relocation, Please Help by Patozorinzo: 8:00pm On Jan 30, 2020

I keep going to the NYSC state office, after about 3 weeks, one guy there told me my file can't be found and that I need to redo the registration all over again. I did it that day and within 2 days, I was posted.

I took me about a month to be posted
were you paid for the first month since you missed the clearance
NYSC / Re: What are the effects of missing NYSC Clearance For A Month? by Patozorinzo: 7:48pm On Jan 30, 2020
What faith awaits those that redeployed after camp, will they get paid for the next month?
Even when we have been asked to report for documentation on the 14th, when clearance closes on the 10th.
I'm having same issue
NYSC / Re: NYSC Batch A 2020: Online Application For Mobilization Is In Progress - Official by Patozorinzo: 10:06pm On Jan 08, 2020
am batch C last year set
pls i just applied for relocation to oyo or ogun, i dont want to travel for clearance too either, pls what are the likely issues if i miss clearance before my relocation worked through??

Please someone should reply to this because this is also my case
Politics / Re: INEC Extends Pvcs Collection Deadline by Patozorinzo: 9:25pm On Feb 08, 2019
It changes nothing. I was at INEC's office today only to be told to come back after the election for my pvc. Guess they are working with a political party to rigged the elections cause they couldn't provide any reason for the pvc.
Politics / Re: PVC: PDP Cautions INEC Field Officers. by Patozorinzo: 8:43pm On Feb 08, 2019
Election that has been rigged already. Went to get my pvc today only to be told to come back after the election.
TV/Movies / Re: What Is The Best Movie You Watched In 2018? by Patozorinzo: 4:29pm On Dec 30, 2018
Avengers: Infinity War
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
The hate u give
Deadpool 2
Bohemian Rhapsody
Ant-Man and the Wasp
ocean 8
Black panther
PS: upgrade and venom are similar but I feel upgrade is doper
well said dear. They are quite similar BTW love your taste of movie

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Investment / Re: What's Your Biggest Investment In 2018 And How Much Did You Make? by Patozorinzo: 10:34am On Dec 29, 2018
Binary. Stream of multiple incomes. Oluwa o see. Will add crypto trading income join. That only biz I do with manual input. Forex n binary are auto money. Its not show, is proof
Bro, can you please help a brother. Am interested but don't know how to go about it.
Romance / Re: When Will Nigerian Men Start Looking Like This? by Patozorinzo: 5:56pm On Mar 21, 2016
see wetin dis 1 dey talk ooo, who among the top 1000 richest man look like that. BTW when will all this small girls begin to think like a real woman
Romance / Re: 5 Reasons Why You May End-up In A Bad Marriage. by Patozorinzo: 11:32am On Feb 17, 2016
Go for what is pleasant to you be it character or beauty. Everybody with their own choice. Enough of this info telling people not to go into marriage becos of beauty cause it fades (one of the reason both men and women cheat when the see a hot babe or a well built guy respectively). Though with age wrikkle are inevitable but the with proper maintainance the beauty still remains e.g omotola, bianca even our current 1st lady etc. To look at it from another angle, change is constant that does not exempt character. Some people change after marriage due to either bad influence or them just pretending all through the period of courtship. Just pray to God to help you find that special someone for you.


Politics / Re: Ben Murray-Bruce Mocks Nigerian Youths by Patozorinzo: 12:21am On Feb 15, 2016
he makes common sense only...................

to intelligent minds..............unfortunately such minds are very rare in youths of today

exactly what he's saying.......patronize made in nigeria products, if you patronize ONLY nigerian movies, they'l be forced to show ONLY nigeria movies.....he is a businessman so he must give people what they want for him to sell.........he cant be showing nigerian movies/matches when you "nigerians" are not interested in them.....abi u want make him company fold ?

if he shows only nigerian movies will you come and watch ?
thiis is business, you give the people what they want
and european leagues are giving us what we want. Afterall they also have fans across asia and the countries over there have not for once say european football is their cause of bad economy

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