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Religion / Re: Oyedepo Paid Graduate Pastors ₦38,000 Monthly — Sahara Reporters by Patrioticman007(m): 11:37am On Jul 25

I have travelled and studied enough to know that religion is bullshiit. And by the way it is best you focus less on the messenger and more on the message. Do your research and educate yourself, stop being brainwashed.

I seriously sympathize with you for the challenges that made you deny religion. Its a fact that some pastors & imams can be a pain in the arse. I will advice you to research more on ture Islam & see if you can practice it, as Muhammad pbuh preached not as some bad Muslims are doing.
I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
Politics / Re: "Seek Out-Of-Court Settlement With Nnamdi Kanu" - Ohanaeze To Buhari by Patrioticman007(m): 11:07am On Jul 25
Bastard Ohaneze!

Thunder fire all of una one by one.

Where was your voice when your terrorist son was threatening to kill Nigerian security personnels?

Where were you old bitches when the hunch-back fugitive was using ESN to cause mayhem in the South East?

E no go better for all of una one by one.

Shameless old fools!

These hypocrites are agens of doom, is like giving shekau of BH amnesty, who does that if not hypocrites okoros.
For in spirits mazi kanu is speaking their language, just like the Trinity below in name of the mother, the son & girl friend.

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Politics / Re: APC Sweeps Lagos Council Polls As Results Trickle In by Patrioticman007(m): 9:27pm On Jul 24
Next Level Straight!
Like for APC:
Share for PDP:

Majority had it way (indigenes), while the minorities had their say (developers).


Crime / Re: Cult Clash: Man Beheaded In Ilaro, Ogun (Graphic Pictures) by Patrioticman007(m): 8:58pm On Jul 24
Una de see importance of SARS

If no be say SARS turn yahoo

When them dey around nobody de hear about cultism for abk

The Nigerians of today hate truth, as such let them end each others progeny, in the name of Jew man & Jew girl.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo To Launch Africa's First Court Recording System by Patrioticman007(m): 6:59pm On Jul 24

1. The Senate President, Honourable Speaker, distinguished honourable members, SANs, the NBA, Human Right activists, NGOs, the International Community, members of the fourth estate of the realm and the undeterred citizens of my great Country Nigeria. I plea you all to continue to share and let the injustices perpetrated by the Nigerian Police be made open to every Nigerian. It is sad how because of pecuniary gains the Nigerian Police will cover up a crime against the State (Murder) and the system will ignore, terribly unfortunate. Please allow me to be more explicit that it is not in any way meant to slight or bring disrepute to the Nigerian Police but a quest for justice. Over the years I have worked with the Nigerian Police and I will like to state that the Nigerian Police if not the best is amongst the best Police Force in Africa. However, when a Police Unit is been compromised, the situation is a different ball game. In this regards you will even prefer an organized vigilante group to the Police. This is a shout out to all Nigerians and all paraphernalia of justice in the Country to please ensure justice prevails in the disappearance of my sister from the Palace of Igwe Ugbemo of Okpai, Ndokwa East LGA of Delta State Nigeria. The wicked ones are working day and night to sweep the case under the rug.

2. On 24th December, 2020 my sister; Mrs Mary Stephen Okoi was lured by her husband Mr Collins Ugbemo (Grandson to Igwe Ugbemo) to his village Okpai in Ndokwa East LGA of Delta State in the pretext of going to spend Christmas holiday. Ostensibly, all plans have been put in place in conjunction with her pastor to do away with her as she opposed the idea of her husband marrying a second wife. On getting to the Palace the plan was carried out in servitude of a deity they worshiped and the next day they called that my sister was missing. Initially, I never suspected any fowl play as I asked them to report to the Police Station at Ashaka. The relative nonchalance from her husband for somebody whose wife was missing began to raise suspicion as my private investigator revealed no entry was made at Ashaka Police Station after one week of the incidence. When I questioned the fact that no entry was made at Ashaka Police Station, the Station was later burnt down by them to cover up the fact that no entry of any missing person was made because I centered my premise for suspicion on that. This was meant to frustrate the authenticity of my claim.

3. A petition was sent to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) on the matter with the Reference IHN/MA/IGP/LTCO/01/21 dated Monday, January 11, 2021 by our Lawyers I.H NGADA & CO to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Mary. After my personal request to Delta State Police Command for investigation with the Reference (held) dated 29th December, 2020. On 3rd February, 2021 a follow up trip was made to Delta State Police Command to verify the extent they have gone in the investigation of the disappearance of my sister from the Igwe Ugbemo’s Palace at Okpai. At the Delta State Police Command I got the shocker of my life. A case as open and clear cut as this, the Delta State Police Command Anti-Kidnapping Squad has turned my sister to be the villain in the matter. To the chagrin of my family and law abiding Nigerians the Police in Delta State displayed a pretext ineptitude all in a bid to stall the case and eventually kill the momentum of the case so that it may yield to nothing. The attitude of the Delta State Police Command was a complete and final demonstration of a compromised Police Unit. The display was indeed shameful to say the least, unprofessional and tainted with malicious ignominy. It’s okay that Igwe Ugbemo has money to throw around but we shout and rant about corruption while it is propagated amongst us. When an institution of government is allowed to carry on like the Delta State Police Command, to redefine justice for its own aggrandizement there will be a time not so far away when Nigeria will experience Institutional apoptosis that will permeate all other institutions of government. It’s been 8 months now and the Nigerian Police is still dilly dalling with the matter to facilitate a cover up.

4. When I saw the obvious compromise that has permeated the Delta State Police Command I sent a petition to the IGP through our lawyers registering my complaint of the lack of professionalism of the Anti-Kidnapping Squad of the Delta State Police Command saddled with the investigation with Reference IHN/MA/IGP/04/21 dated Monday, April 11, 2021 requesting the IGP to direct the Police Intelligence Response Team (PIRT) to carry on with the matter. A petition was also sent to the Senate with the Reference IHN/MA/SO/03/21 dated Monday, March 29, 2021 and another to the Speaker House of Representatives with the Reference IHN/MA/AE/03/21 dated Monday, March 29, 2021. Again a petition was also sent to the Wife of the Delta State Governor with the Reference IHN/MA/DS/01/21 dated Thursday, January 28, 2021 and to the Department of State Service (DSS) with the Reference (held), which I sincerely commend for their effort so far in the matter. The House of Representative went into action and our petition was referred to the House of Representatives’ Committee on Public Petition with Petition No: 344 of 2021 against the IGP and a first hearing was set for 8th June, 2021 with the Police absent and adjourned to 23rd June, 2021 with the Police still so absent. One of my Bosses would say “the man weh eat onions if he talk him mouth go smell”. Thirdly, another hearing was fixed for 7th July, 2021 and the Police never showed up. The Police Headquarters alleged that the case is against the Delta State Police Command that Delta Police to come in to answer. We have been in the system for too long, where is your letter to Delta State Police Command directing it to report for the hearing. Nigerians have since outgrown those rigmaroles. It is so sad and debilitating that from the IGP down to Ashaka Police Station everybody is feigning a pretext ineptitude pretending they don’t know what to do. I laugh because Karma will locate you all in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and Amen!!!

5. Sahara Reporters was not left out in this show of shame. They were also paid off to remove their publication of my sister’s disappearance from the Palace of Igwe Ugbemo of Okpai from their page. Outwardly, Sahara Reporters pretends to be a mouth piece of the people but behind the scene they are just hustlers. Thank God they were exposed so tomorrow somebody will not come from there to play holy that he wants to be president with a behind the scene character filled with blemish. I may not have the powers or means to move them to be diligent in their job and stop this pretext ineptitude but I know Nigerians collectively have the power. The murderers of my sister are walking the streets like normal human beings. If they are allowed to continue to roam the streets freely it will not end with my sister before long they will need another female to appease their deity and another innocent woman will die. The faith of my sister’s 2 daughters hangs in the balance. I fear they may one day use the innocent little girls again for their Palace rituals. Let us rise up to ensure justice is served. I am a law abiding citizen of this country and as such I have sought to seek Justice through all paraphernalia of justice available in the Country as can be seen in all my references to no avail. My only option now is the people. As Mao Tse Tung rightly said that “of all resources humans are the greatest”. I seek justice in the hands of the greatest resources in the entire world, the Nigerian people and citizens all over the World, please speak out against injustice as this nonsense has got to stop. Do not stop at only specking out, do something Nigerians to assist me in my quest for justice. The Nigerian Police Force and Igwe Ugbemo of Okpai are not in any way greater than the People.

6. I believe in Nigeria so much that I refuse to accept that Nigeria has reached a state of debauchery and bacchanalia where someone can just kill a human being and walk away with no law to contend with. No law abiding Nigerian should allow this happen. What is wrong is wrong no matter how subversive elements try to paint it. Walking away with murder in a clear cut case like this one is an insult on the Nigeria State and thus making a mockery of our collective values as Nigerians. I therefore plea the Senate President, Honourable Speaker and the IGP to use all the paraphernalia of government available before them to ensure an unblemished Police Unit from Force Headquarter is sent to Okpai, Delta State in order to bring a conclusive end to the case of disappearance of my sister from the Palace of Igwe Ugbemo of Okpai with a time frame specified and the perpetrators (Her husband and cohorts) and accomplices brought to book.

7. Please Nigerians and the International Community accept the assurances of my highest regards. Thank you all.

Brother to
Mrs Mary Stephen Okoi

May justice & truth come out of your case, an observation, kindly add pictures & images in other to enlighten the public more.
Politics / Re: Bandits Attack Kaduna Police Station, Kill Officer In Attempt To Free Detainees by Patrioticman007(m): 6:44pm On Jul 24
You're very stupid for always creating conspiracy theories and descending religious jingoism in reasoning. Zamfaraa, Katsina and Niger states people who are mostly Muslims died more in this banditry, about 3m people deserted their homes to IDPs in NE who are mostly Muslims also thousands of people who are mostly Muslims died but u're here giving the travail ethno-religious colouration.
Pls, wake up to reality and have humanity by condemning evil instead of giving it religious sense.
Your comment showed u have a gabbage bin in ur chest not a heart!

I only browse nairaland forum for fun, by laughing at conspiracy theories that are been propagated by dotards claiming to be gurus,
The rates at which crimes are committed in IMO state, you will be wondering are they Nigerian ?..

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Crime / Re: 300 Nigerians Languishing In Italian Jail For Mafia-Related Offences by Patrioticman007(m): 5:34pm On Jul 24
We know the fact that, the okoro's constitute 98% of those incarcerated in the Italian prison. To them its either you get rich or die trying, why should we waste our common resources on cases the Zoo republic can't win, because of glaring evidences.

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Crime / Re: Man Chops Off 3 Persons' Heads In Imo (Graphic Pictures) by Patrioticman007(m): 5:27pm On Jul 24
Na fulani

Why are you still mentioning a different tribe name., when evidence abound that, its a case of Okoro man doing head harvesting for the church miracles.


Crime / Re: Orlu: 3 Suspected Armed Robbers Caught & Burnt Alive (Graphic Photos) by Patrioticman007(m): 5:20pm On Jul 24
Another imo undecided

Its a case of dog kills dog.
The biafran republic will be worse than apocalypto movie by Mel Gibson.
Truly IMO is a Christian state.
Crime / Re: Mother Puts Her Son's Legs In Boiled Water In Etche Rivers (Graphic Photo) by Patrioticman007(m): 5:16pm On Jul 24
Here to read comments

Since na southerners, abi ?.
Come to think it was a gwari woman that did this, the whole Northern Nigeria would have been insulted & Islamic religion crucified.
Crime / Re: Police Arrest 5 Gay Men For Gang-Raping A Boy In Kano (Photo) by Patrioticman007(m): 10:59am On Jul 24
Effects of foreign culture, influence on local men. The most ironical issue here is that, they can apply for asylum in Europe or USA, that their gay right is been trampled upon by this evil government of PMB, easily it will granted for them.

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Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju Appeals To Nnamdi Kanu's Supporters To Flood High Court On Monday by Patrioticman007(m): 10:33am On Jul 24
Copy cat, because 5 supporters of Sunday Igboho STORMED the court in Benin, He is instructing Ipobians pigs to Flood the court in Abuja. Well its raining season, hope we won't hear noise, once FG STRIKE them tunder.
When will the Mossad, CIA, ESN,UGM do a prison break for their usein bolt aka mazi kanu ?.

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Sports / Re: Athletes Representing Nigeria At Tokyo 2020 (Full List) by Patrioticman007(m): 9:58pm On Jul 23

Now that it is favorable it is merit otherwise is isn't. Don't worry you dominate the list here and no northerner is complaining so don't complain when northerners dominate the list they are most qualified. After all nobody has monopoly of knowledge.

These unscrupulous elements, are the most envious things on earth, they are always sad when others are happy & too greedy.
Let them enjoy their Tokyo, while we keep enjoying our quota system, hajia.

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Crime / Re: Felix Onu: Obituary Of Trader Shot Dead In Ladipo Market (Photos) by Patrioticman007(m): 9:39pm On Jul 23
So much innocent blood shed in this country is crying for vengeance, I see judgement coming upon Nigeria, I see the wicked dying mysteriously I see Nigeria dividing into north and south, I see Southern Nigeria becoming very great.

This I have seen.

The very first bullet that murdered Sir Ahmahdu Bello is the stray bullet that has been killing people in the country. The person that fired that very bullet died a useless death & his crime became the genesis of the curse, badluck, suffering, slavery & crisis upon his progeny & tribe.

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Religion / Re: Man Burns Church Over Failed Prophecies In Lagos by Patrioticman007(m): 9:20pm On Jul 23
But how can a house of god be burnt by a mere mortal

The religion of loveth is at it again, the adulterated faith is now been sold for money like your selling goat.

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Sports / Re: Athletes Representing Nigeria At Tokyo 2020 (Full List) by Patrioticman007(m): 7:12pm On Jul 23
Why are they almost all Igbos in all the sports we consider "real" sports?

They won't wail, if they are marginalizing others, this list is too tribalistic pls, why not spread the athletes geographically for its a fact that these okoros won't bring us bronze talkless of gold.

Imagine pigs representing the zoo.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Merits Of Memorizing The Qur'an by Patrioticman007(m): 10:18am On Jul 23
jihad kill you there, oloriburuku masanfani oloshi somebody

These hypocrites & infidels claiming Islam, are only interested in string the clam waters.
Agent of shytani abound on this forum, so be prayerful.


Foreign Affairs / Re: UK Sanctions Teodoro Obiang, Equatorial Guinea's VP, 4 Others Over Corruption by Patrioticman007(m): 8:37pm On Jul 22
Africa is cursed with human resources but blessed with natural resources

Africa is blessed with both human & natural resources, that our few bad eggs are having their field days because the majority who happened to be men & women with good characters, choose to keep quite when, these evil men, oppress others. Just like the way transatlantic slavery started.

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Politics / Re: Anambra Election: PDP Mobilises Nigerians Over Seized Case Files by Patrioticman007(m): 7:54pm On Jul 22
Igbos and pdp are like 5 and 6.
So when pdp crash by 2023 expect d same to land of the swines grin

It seems PDP hypnotized them with jazz or the okija shrine gods have placed a curse on their thinking faculties.

Crime / Re: Armed Robber Who Terrorizes POS Operators Shot Dead In Imo (Photos) by Patrioticman007(m): 7:48pm On Jul 22
Na dem, online billionaires. I bet they are gathering money for the prison break of mazi kanu from the hands of zoo jackals.

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Crime / Re: Delta: Dead Child Tied On A Girl's Back For "Feeding Him With Poisonous Leaf" by Patrioticman007(m): 7:20pm On Jul 22
Na dem, see the background & mansions behind her, these online people can raise the dead with their lies.

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Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho's Supporters Storm The Court In Cotonou (Photos) by Patrioticman007(m): 4:08pm On Jul 22
Sunday must be given the Nnamdi kanu Treatment. They are both enermies of the state. They've commited treason against the Nigerian state and must be brought to justice.

Its these mushrooms media houses that give the unscrupulous elements status in the society. Imagine the headline read " storm " how can 5 people storm a place. Hmmmm
We dey laugh oooooo.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Arrives Court In Benin Republic Ahead Of Trial by Patrioticman007(m): 3:35pm On Jul 22
Sunday Igboho has been arrested in Cotonou while trying to run to Germany where he has permanent residence.

These are the people that incite innocent Nigerians who have nowhere to go if anything happens here.

Nnamdi Kanu, Sowore, and Ighobo all have permanent residence in the West; UK, US and Germany respectively. They have somewhere they can run to when Nigeria is on fire, then return after the fire to lead the Nation.

My main concern are the willfully stupid people who follow these guys. Even when they run abroad and start broadcasting from abroad and even start calling those still in Nigeria cowards for not confronting the same soldiers they ran away from, they still have followers.

The level to which people are gullible is alarming. I mean I actually fear for my life living with stupid people like those who support any of these.

How anyone still supports them is a cause for concern. It is very dangerous to live among people that are that manipulatable.
It is way too risky to live with foolish people. Especially when they add insincerity to their foolishness so that they can join their father's enemy to pull down their father's house just because they dislike one of the tenants

The truth is bitter, tell them


Politics / Re: Senator Kalu Writes Abia APC, Reveals Candidates To Support Ahead Of Congress by Patrioticman007(m): 2:48pm On Jul 22
Presido of Nigeria by 2027, for in Orji Kalu you see a typical Nigerian politician.
1. He was in prison just like ex president Obj & PMB.
2. He is a nationalistic politician that grew up in Northern Nigeria like Nnamdi Azikiwe & understands Hausa language
3. He understands the dangers of allowing illiterates touts masquerading as elites to take over the mantle of leadership.
4. He understands that politics is a game of numbers, you must build bridges not break them to win elections.

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Religion / Re: Why We Sacked Winners Pastors - Oyedepo Breaks Silence by Patrioticman007(m): 2:28pm On Jul 22
The sacked pastor in this case was explicitly told about income. He was told the church should be able to generate money to run itself, and shouldn't be running at loss.
They made a mistake in giving him the explanation, thinking he won't go public because of the fear of the wrath of God, but nigga is a Tiv man, dem no dey fear like that, he spilt everything.
Imagine if the church was in bonny island, and they couldn't grow in numbers, but have a fat income, would they sack the pastor?
Besides, when they talk about winning souls, do they mean leading people to Christ, or bringing members to their church? Because I don't see why you will be dragging someone who is attending a church already to come to your church, claiming to be winning souls.
Furthermore, I don't know if I have ever seen a living faith member who is living a Christlike life. Church is just gymnastic for most of them. The only thing they take seriously is paying of tithe, which is the emphasis of their messages by the way

If truly the churches are winning souls for Christ, why is that the crimes rates are getting higher ?.
Why is human sacrifice & ritualism high ?.
Why are baby factories springing up more than ever ?.
Why is drug peddling increasing ?, or are these souls immune from committing good but evil on earth ?. Please we need answers, for paying of tithes alone is not enough to bribe god.


Business / Re: I Have Fired Hadiza Bala Usman – President Buhari by Patrioticman007(m): 1:08pm On Jul 22
but you are in support of boko haram and open grazing.you also have sympathy for bandits.will those pastimes of yours move Nigeria forward?

Its a fact that no Muslim, Northerner, Hausa/Fulani supports Bokoharam & Banditry for they are anti Islamic principles, for hell is the house of evil doers.
The west used media to give Muslims bad names, which Nigerian media houses are doing to day. In Islam its better for you to demolish the holiest house in Islam, the house in mecca than for you to kill one innocent soul. Kindly Google about the world greatest man, then shall you know true Islam.
Politics / Re: Nigeria No Longer At Ease, Catholic Bishops Lament by Patrioticman007(m): 12:55pm On Jul 22

The constitution says that we are a secular society that does not allow religion influence the government. Section 101 of the Nigerian Constitution provides: “The Government of the Federation or of a State shall not adopt any religion as State Religion.”

This is supported by Section 10 of The 1999 Constitution: “It may be argued in the light of this provision that religious symbols (indigenous or received) have no place on public lands, national edifices, currency, flag, coat of arms, anthem, pledge and other national symbols. By this section, Nigeria is declared to be a secular state and therefore cannot join any organization that has a religious connotation’’.

The churches should stop interfering in state affairs

When Gej the clueless was feeding Cankerous of CAN billions of naira as bribe for spiritual prayers, the church was happy now that pmb , is paying them, then wahala dey.
Politics / Re: FDI: FG’s Move Against Multichoice May Discourage Investors by Patrioticman007(m): 12:42pm On Jul 22
Na every move de discourage investors?
Abeg make buhari continue de deal with Dem.
BTW I heard kanu have started shitting water water due to undone beans. shocked

The majority of Nigerian youths are reasonable & objective like you, only that they keep silent, when the insidious rebels are making noise.
We have only one country to call ours & we have what it takes to make it great again, had the Europeans ran away from Europe due to bad economy, they wouldn't be this great.
United we stand
Divided we fall.


Business / Re: I Have Fired Hadiza Bala Usman – President Buhari by Patrioticman007(m): 11:49am On Jul 22
Hmm her enemies will be jubilating, PMB's enemies will be wailing that he sacked her, not because she failed her duties, but because she is hausa/Fulani. for us we welcome anything that will move Nigeria forward.

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Politics / Re: How Fake News Hurts Editorial Relationships In Newsrooms by Patrioticman007(m): 10:54am On Jul 22
I didn't even bother to read the story,is too long for me to read,can anyone summarize it for me pls



Politics / Re: Igboho Supporters Protest In Benin Republic; Storm Supreme Court In Cotonou by Patrioticman007(m): 8:37pm On Jul 21
Three protesters, Yorubas have chickened out once again.

You also counted them ?.

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