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Forum Games / Re: NGN30,000 (30k) to be tansferred for the Correct Answer: by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 4:04pm On Oct 21, 2022
White and a faint green
Romance / Re: Was It A Mistake To Allow Women Get Educated? Graphic picture by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 10:49pm On Apr 24, 2022

I agree though, times have changed.

But where I seem to agree with the op is that the changing times have not helped us.

Our parents had longer lasting marriages, and better behaved children.

These days , we see things like the chrisland school video , which shows a horrible failure of parenting.

I really don't think the changed times helped us at least as regards marriage.

That's just my view.

Op seems to tie it to female education....well, I tie it to women over empowerment....

I happen to.believe women have power, and any extra empowermentis an overempowerment grin
They had this so called longer lasting marriages at the expense of those women. Those women mostly do not have a life outside the marriage, they keep enduring whatever they encounter in the marriage and they hardly complain
Romance / Re: 95% Of Men Don't Know How To Make A Woman Cum. by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 8:52pm On Apr 04, 2022

Sex is two bodies exploring and doing things to each other...not one person lying down and expecting the other person to deliver the orgasm for you both...
.if the guy jam one pòrn star outside now giving him ròbòròbò Bj and reverse cowgirl mixed with winding ...”u will cry men are scum, I ddnt everything for you”
It’s a lie...U ddnt do everything..u just lay down there..
grin grin grin
Oya if me as a babe con jam one guy wey go dey turn am like steering, someone that'll chill with me enough to ensure I cum(no be every guy go dey tell you to single handedly hustle for your cum)and I con stretch my leg outside, getting serviced from him.....is it not you so called men that'll be saying all Naija girls are useless

Btw, I'm not an advocate for cheating or anything, I just believe lovemaking is a mutual thing.... we're both not supposed to be selfish about it. A man and a woman should work together and contribute to achieve maximum pleasure
Romance / Re: 95% Of Men Don't Know How To Make A Woman Cum. by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 9:05am On Apr 04, 2022

U have hands....hustle for your orgasm...
lesbians have sex without díck..and they orgasm...U are lying down there...expecting the d!ck to do everything for you...the dick might not last long to do it, it might not be far enough to fill the hole and excite the muscles extending to the clitorís

Beside...you don’t have have To lie download all the time...If a lady knows how to ride she can orgasm in less than 2minites...but riding is a problem for most women...u always want the man to do the pounding....well done...
It's the "download" for me grin grin grin
But broda how far naa..... I'm not a lesbian, if I don't want the D to thrill me, you know make me and the D and the D owner go on adventures.... I'd kukuma have opted for a cucumber naa
Romance / Re: 95% Of Men Don't Know How To Make A Woman Cum. by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 8:32am On Apr 04, 2022

See this one...it’s inside your body...so your body automatically made him come?? U see how selfish you women are too...is his own body not inside your body..why ddnt you come too..

Putting penís inside your vagina doesn’t mean u made him come...just as the penís inside your vagina doesn’t automatically make you women come....

U are accusing men...Many of you women too don’t know how to make men enjoy sex..

That’s why I said the man is hustling for his orgasm...u should do the same and not lie down there expecting him to do everything..that’s what makes both enjoy it..

many of you can’t even ride dićk for 10secs.. some of you have even sampled too many dícks in one life time...u know want to blame men for your lack of orgasm..well done
It's funny how you guys think it's difficult for ladies to reach orgasm because she has sampled too many D's
This thing is just simple.... I've explained earlier. It's about stimulation bruhh

The D might be in a lady's body....but it only takes a man who knows how to use it well to make the woman experience pleasure....there are cases of women who even experience pain during intercourse....eskiss me is the D not in her body
It's not so easy for ladies to reach orgasm during penetrative sex....how do you expect her to hustle for her own orgasm
What you're just trying to imply is that the lady should touch herself during or after the sex(abi how else do you think she can)so what is now the koko of all your pounding and gbanshing grin
Romance / Re: 95% Of Men Don't Know How To Make A Woman Cum. by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 7:58am On Apr 04, 2022

How did you make him cum..
What did you do?? Most of the time u women just lie down there, to ride seff, you can’t ...
He hustled for his orgasm
Hustle for your own..
Shebi na inside e mouth e dey put the penis abi......no be my body
Romance / Re: 95% Of Men Don't Know How To Make A Woman Cum. by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 12:52am On Apr 04, 2022
Men and stronghead shaaaaa grin
But seriously..... the reason we women do not cum easily is just so simple..... men's most erogenous organ which is the cap gets stimulated during sex while that of the woman which is the clitoris doesn't.
It's not our fault it's being placed where it is.
If as a man you can't make me cum after I've made you cum....oga na to go rest remain ooo(I saw someone saying we women are not the one making you come....you fit go out una penis inside pipe naa boya you go cum)
It only takes a man who's interested to know.......most men afi stronghead and nonchalant attitude yii sha
Romance / Re: How Could She Do This? I'm Confused. Maybe It's Time To Break Up With Her. by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 2:32pm On Apr 09, 2021
Maybe you ain't up to her game sex wise,lorokan boya you don't make her cum........
Romance / Re: How Can I Politely Tell My Girlfriend That Are Pussy Stinks During Doggy. by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 12:12pm On Mar 14, 2021
The kafura part off me sha grin grin grin
Romance / Re: I Exchange My Manhood For Money Because Of Her, Man Cries As Girlfriend Rejects by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 4:24pm On Mar 12, 2021
The fact that she's part of the reasons the guy used his manhood for money doesn't mean she's the only reason, he's taking care of her, she's not the one in charge of the money so which one is he did it for her?

Make baba talk true,na she be the reason abi poverty don tire you
I see a lot of hypocrites insulting the girls but onkus,if girl tell you say she use her womb do money ritual for you abeg,you go marry her??
Let's all do away with the hypocrisy please.
Religion / Re: Is It Bad To Sing Christian Songs In Secular Way? by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 10:37am On Jan 31, 2021
Yes. It is wrong...and many other things are terribly wrong with the Church of today.

Christians themselves have played a massive role in the watering down of the gospel. Always introducing secular things into the House Of God..
..have you seen any other religions do this?? .. take Muslims for example, these guys protect the honour of their belief with their life!! this why you can never disrespect Muslims and get away with it.

But Christians, we cast our net far and wide, thus introducing rubbish into the faith.. now we have all sorts of evil in the church, to the point that there are now openly homosexual pastors and ministers all under the our 'hyper grace', 'hyper love' practices.

What's next? We'll be having twerking competitions, buss it/ and sillouette challenge in church lipsrsealed

Omooooo e be like say you never hear some muslims who adopt both worldly beats and even tunes the like of Aye,Bobo ,Dorobucci and so on to produce their own songs?
Education / Re: Student's Pots Eaten By Rats (Photos) by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 7:57am On Jan 28, 2021
I don't believe rats can do this.....even if they did then I think there's more than meets the eyes
Celebrities / Re: Venita Akpofure: I Lost A Deal After Turning Down Sexual Advances by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 12:02pm On Jan 27, 2021
This life truly no balance.....

She no gree the man....you dey complain,if to say she gree una still go troll her...
In this life you've just gotta make your decisions and stand by it so that later when people start trolling you(which I'm sure they will) if you're really proud of it,you'll owe yourself responsible for your actions and keep your head up
Don't try to please no motherfucker
Sports / Re: 'Once a Red, always a Red': Odion Ighalo tweets emotional goodbye by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 11:38am On Jan 27, 2021
Good luck man!
Travel / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Kidnap Bus Passengers Along Benin-Ore Road by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 11:30am On Jan 25, 2021
Well.....I'm not sure Fulanis are responsible for this

If they really are.....I just see a lot of us coming here to show our grievances,where are the youths that stood up to protest #endsars ....why are we in addition with our parents not protesting again for this(since this concerns us all?).saying all this on Nairaland is really not going to change things I tell you.more drastic actions needs to be taken

I say all this but I've forgotten this is Nigeria.......we learnt our lessons from endsars protest.,shit ain't gon change

It is well
Celebrities / Re: Teebillz: Real Men Don’t Shave Their Armpit – Tiwa Savage's Ex-Husband (Pix) by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 10:19am On Jan 21, 2021
Ampit turn armbush grin
Damn!!!!!! grin

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Sports / Re: Klopp Criticises Manchester United For Defending "Deep In The Box" by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 11:12am On Jan 18, 2021
Who asked this man for tales my grandmother told me naa grin

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Religion / Re: Charlie Charlie, The ‘Demonic’ Teen Game Overtaking The Internet by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 8:19am On Jan 07, 2021
Very Yeye game. Anybody that is over 18 and plays this game and expects to see a pencil move should sit down in the bathroom, On the Shower, make water beat your head well whether if e revive your sense.
Once a person calls the charlie charlie trash, he or she blows the pencil silently or someone else off camera.
If na you be charlie charlie, you go craze come Naija?
Charlie charlie kor, Opeyemi Opeyemi ni
Oga why you no use another name naa grin grin


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Manchester City (0 - 2) - Live by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 7:59pm On Jan 06, 2021
The way some people wee just open their mouth waaaa
Romance / Re: How Can I Reverse The Curses Placed On My Head From Multiple Relationship? by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 12:58pm On Dec 31, 2020
I see some of y'all saying it's not the curses,guys who bed more girls are doing well.
Now,of course it might not be the curses,there are a whole lotta other reasons that could be affecting him,it might be generational,it might just be the situation in the country......I'm not here to highlight your problem bro
Have you guys ever heard of the word "GRACE"?,Grace wey Dem Wizkid and others dey carry.....baba fit no get am.why do you think people tell us not to compare ourselves to others that Ori ti Raye gbé wa si aye yato si ti kehinde.
The fact that Grace is helping a particular set of people does not mean what others are saying doesn't make sense.

My advice to OP is to move closer to GOD .whichever reason there might be,it's still GOD that will solve it,not just move closer to GOD but repent also, we're all sinning I know but guyyy you have to and also apologise to those you can out of the 500 girls (OP you sef try)if not for your restitution at least so as to get a clear mind.even if they're not the cause of your predicament,their forgiveness might open new doors for you.
My 2cent

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Celebrities / Re: I Will Continue To Deliver Hits — Davido Makes U-turn On Quitting Music by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 3:40pm On Dec 29, 2020
I can't fathom why we're all taking Panadol on top other people's headache.they had a fight.... definitely they'll settle it and if they deem it not fit to all the best for them.
If it starts affecting their money(which I don't think it will) they'll sort it.

For people trolling Wizkid for not interfering.......shey baba go allow make them spoil e body ni.even if na me nko?
Seriously let's be factual.....they are all rivals in this music industry and there's this part of we human being that gets relieved when your competitors ain't doing too good.i don't blame him
In fact all of them should Bleep off jare

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Romance / Re: Bodybuilder Who Married Sex Doll Tragically Broke Her Days Before Xmas (Photos) by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 11:16pm On Dec 26, 2020
Many are mad.....few are roaming
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Leicester City Vs Manchester United (2 - 2) On 26th Dec 2020 by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 3:06pm On Dec 26, 2020

Go download live football tv app, hope you using 4G sim and 4G phone
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Manchester United: Carabao Cup (0 - 2) On 23 December 2020 by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 3:05pm On Dec 26, 2020

Popo money. Longest time
Sorry,I don't know who you are
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Leicester City Vs Manchester United (2 - 2) On 26th Dec 2020 by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 2:49pm On Dec 26, 2020
Can I get a link to live stream it pls

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Everton Vs Manchester United: Carabao Cup (0 - 2) On 23 December 2020 by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 7:41pm On Dec 23, 2020
Romance / Re: 9 Foolish Things Nigerian Ladies Do Everyday In The Name Of Love by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 7:16pm On Dec 21, 2020
Nigerian Girls Are Useless....All Of Them
Guess that thing you call your brain is also useless
Politics / Re: The Banner I Saw At Sango Under Bridge; Are Nigerians Tired? (Photo) by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 7:13pm On Dec 21, 2020
You south westerners should be careful not to annoy us in the north. You cannot be insulting a northern president.
Baba go sleep jare
Celebrities / Re: Iyabo Ojo's daughter, Priscilla, Buys Herself A Mercedes Benz (Pix) by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 1:00pm On Dec 12, 2020

None, quite happy with my bicycle, it does d Job grin
I don't blame you grin
Celebrities / Re: Iyabo Ojo's daughter, Priscilla, Buys Herself A Mercedes Benz (Pix) by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 11:11pm On Dec 11, 2020

Shallow. A car isn't an achievement.

It's a means of transportation grin

How many do you have before I say anything
Celebrities / Re: Iyabo Ojo's daughter, Priscilla, Buys Herself A Mercedes Benz (Pix) by popoolaopeyemi6(f): 12:41pm On Dec 11, 2020
I see various hypocrites typing all sorts of nonsense here.she bleeped her way through to that or not,abeg how is that your business angry
At least she has something to show for (not like y'all are saints or something)you wey no get anything from all your jumping from one guy to another except good morning texts,lies and owo motor nko?
Biko shift make I pass

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