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Romance / Why Do People Bother Me With Creepy Stares When I’m Looking Basic? by Prettydevil: 7:09pm On Sep 23
For years people stare at me in the most creepy way, they don’t say anything they just stare and if I talk about it or complain they immediately stop staring and act like I’m saying bullshiit. But two years ago I discovered these latest herbal glowing creams people use these days and because things where going great for me financially I started buying these creams. At first I noticed on the very first day of usage that everyone immediately stopped staring at me. It was like a joke at first but almost a month using these creams my skin was literally like milk and everyone told me I was looking so fresh but the irony was ALL THE CREEPY STARES STOPPED!!! I didn’t understand what was happening because I expected the stares to get worse now that I looked so fresh but everybody started treating me like just a normal person, I mean people would stare at me before till I literally say things like “why u dey look me, do I know you” it was that bad but now everything was gone I would go out and everyone was minding their business. Months into using the creams I ran out of them since they got finished and I was too lazy to keep rubbing cream and my skin became dull again and the FUCKINGGG stares came back with full force! I think it’s a curse or something...I am so scared to be broke because then I cannot afford things that would make me look fresh and people will stare at me till I start acting insane. Why do I have to look fresh to have a normal humanly experience? Wtf is this? Now I have quickly gone to buy the glowing products again and everyone has started behaving normal without staring at me creepily because my skin at the moment looks so damm fresh. This is absurd, who else can relate to this weird experience?
Romance / I Think Nigerian Girls Love Dark Skin Guys Cuz Of The Dark Preeeek by Prettydevil: 9:49pm On Jun 18
I am not a girl so I don’t know how they feel about preeeks but I have a feeling the reason almost all females worldwide are so attracted to dark skin men is not necessarily their face but the thoughts of how dark and long their preeks will be and I think that thought alone makes females wet, while the thought of yellow preek may just remind them of little babies preeeks and not really sexy to them. Am I wrong or absolutely right? Lol

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Romance / Has Nigerian Government Banned Blockchain Too? by Prettydevil: 7:14pm On Jun 05
I haven’t been able to access blockchain.com for hours now just like Twitter. Has blockchain being banned in Nigeria too?
Romance / Where Can I Find A Girl That Would Pamper Me Financially? by Prettydevil: 10:32pm On Jun 03
These days I don’t really see women as “queens” anymore or whatever, they have so cheapened themselves that I know pussssssy is worth 500 naira now. So I have tried to give myself reasons why I should chase any girl I have have none. If you are with me, you will see fine face every day, I’m extremely funny, and very jovial. And yes I have my own money, but why should I spend it on you? What are you bringing to the table? Abeg I’m very serious, you guys with sugar mummies where did you find them? I’m deadass serious right now
Romance / I’m Broken Emotionally, I Need To Be Fixed by Prettydevil: 1:48pm On May 22
I walk out of my house, wear expensive clothes..hold and expensive phone with a bearded baby face and smell like wealth. I turn I see the feminine gender staring with lust, 20s-60s it doesn’t matter, they stare and I know they are thinking who is this fine ass man looking like wealth? But alas I am BROKEN! Being single since 2017, had sexxx just twice with a normal girl that wasn’t paid for twice since then, FACT! I literally have no crushes, I never admire any female outside sexual fantasies and I just pay for it if I am so pressed about konji. I don’t see girls like girls anymore, they just look like cheap stalkers in my eyes who want to rob me or scam me. It gets worse with each year, I just cannot admire any woman anymore, no desire or lust or feelings. I just ignore the whole lot of them who notice me and just get irritated to even be wanted. What the Bleep has happened to me

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Investment / Why Is Elon Musk Trying To Destroy Crypto? by Prettydevil: 7:50am On May 17
Just when I started benefiting from crypto Elon musk just decided to ruin my little gains. Why is this man destroying the one good thing that humans are profiting from? Do these billionaires/government people have to control and ruin everything? Since this man realized the influence he has over the digital space he has been using it to his advantage, just why would one man have so much power over my hard earned sweat? Who else is frustrated by this latest dip in the crypto world caused by Elon musk?


Romance / Re: This Life Is Very Funny Tho, Don’t Look Down On Anyone by Prettydevil: 10:02am On May 11

There are 2 type of people in this world those who

1. Have independent mindset, they like doing things on their own and they hardly beg except otherwise

2. Those who are Entitled to other people

Any one who belong to group 1 above is likely to be rich, but anyone who belong to group 2 is likely to be poor

Poor people have an entitled mindset

If your friend decide to help u then good and fine but if he did not that does not mean I should come on Nairaland to make him look like a bad person

I know u wanted to prove a point to him or probably revenge and this make u to go and do yahoo plus but trust me EFCC will soon catch u and u will go back to square one #nonsense

70 years old man, you be Mumu grin
Romance / Re: This Life Is Very Funny Tho, Don’t Look Down On Anyone by Prettydevil: 9:59am On May 11
help our career na .. abeg sad reason us better business... We have the money just a realistic idea

Have you considered investing in cryptocurrency?
Romance / Re: This Life Is Very Funny Tho, Don’t Look Down On Anyone by Prettydevil: 3:21pm On May 10
When your friend relocated... did you know what he was going through abroad? Did you ever for a moment consider he was in the same shoes that you were?... giving the impression that he was doing fine but was struggling and broke?.... the reason he pretty much suddenly distant himself from you?... because he was not in a position to help you? Many people abroad are in reality struggling to survive but give the impression to those back home that life is good with them. You don't know your friend's circumstances. The speed in which you reached the top... the same speed you can return to bottom. No doubt.... there are selfish people who can afford to but help nobody. Expect nothing from anybody.... you'll be disappointed by nobody.

I saw over 10 million In his account just before he boarded his flight g
Romance / Re: This Life Is Very Funny Tho, Don’t Look Down On Anyone by Prettydevil: 3:20pm On May 10
Youve given me hope bro, I feel strong now. Every day I think I’m the only person left behind but no it’s a process and one day for sure I’ll be there, I’ll always try to stop thinking like the world’s gone and I haven’t gotten my share. Thanks boss

You’re welcome brother. Never give up trust me.
Romance / This Life Is Very Funny Tho, Don’t Look Down On Anyone by Prettydevil: 8:46am On May 09
I had a very good Friend who I have known for over 15 years, and we have remained very close since then. This guy was doing very well in life and succeeded at everything. Me on the other hand I struggled with everything, but the funny thing is I always told this my friend I was struggling but he never believed because I looked like my life was amazing even tho I barely could afford food. This my friend was a millionaire at 20 already and assumed I was the same even tho I always said I didn’t have money. This guy relocated abroad and we kept talking, and one day all the shitt hit the fan as I lost everything I owned which wasn’t much in the first place, I was about to get kicked out of my house and I literally wanted to end my life. I called my best friend and told him everything I was going through and I could tell for the first time he actually believed me because I was my most vulnerable self and then Baba told me he would see what he would do. This neega don’t owe me a dime so don’t think I’m entitled because I’m not I’m just laughing at the irony I think. Baba stop responding to me and talked to me in a way like I was bothering him and I respected myself and didn’t bother anyone again. I left it all to the king of kings, the alpha and omega Jehova. Six months later I have become exactly how that my friend always thought I was, I now have all he always assumed I have and now I have since left him alone. This life is just turn by turn forget. Never look down on anybody.

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Romance / Re: My Gender Men, Please Stop Killing Girls by Prettydevil: 5:18pm On May 02

Shut ur filthy mouth bitch!

Come near my sister or any female I know, I go cut your head use am do soccer post online. Little worm

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Romance / Re: My Gender Men, Please Stop Killing Girls by Prettydevil: 1:24pm On May 02
So you're okay with Men killing Men?

Stop being a wimp.

Focus on the topic you beast of no nation. Is this about men now or about women? Would u say this if inny was your younger sister? Dull beast

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Romance / My Gender Men, Please Stop Killing Girls by Prettydevil: 9:51am On May 02
I know most of you men are not killers, but one thing most men have in common is an uncontrollable sexual urge. Please sexxx is not everything in life, even if you have to you can pay for it with 500 naira these days or just watch pornhub and soapy and you’re normal again. Please do not lure girls to your house and rape them and when you realize that she may report the case you kill her. All because of literally five minutes of pleasure? My gender the male specie please stop killing our women. Yes I know women can be annoying but really? Killing them feels okay to you? They killed a young girl called inni all because she wanted a job, after raping her and then buried her like nothing happened. The story is trending on Twitter, and I feel so ashamed of being a man. It could be my sister, or daughter or friend. Girls please be careful out there, not every opportunity you see online is real, these men are so desperate and would offer you anything just to sleep with you and potentially kill you. Men please do better, stop killing our young women. Rip hinny, I’m so broken.

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Romance / Do Girls Hate Men Touching Them Randomly ? (men They Know Obviously) by Prettydevil: 10:09pm On Apr 09
I am a big toucher. I cannot be around a female without touching you casually somehow because I just love to. I honestly don't read any meaning to it and may not even in anyway find you sexually attractive but still I may casually hold your shoulders or your hand or waist or something..its almost impossible for me to be around a female and not touch you except I don't in anyway have any relationship with you. now my last relationship , my girlfriend hated it because she felt I never allowed her be by herself for any second but for me I was just enjoying my property in my head and honestly it was one of the reasons I got tired of the relationship because I want you to enjoy me touching you and I'm not even talking about sexxxx in any way just touching her body. so I'm a bit confused, I thought girls enjoyed being touched ? why do they always act like they hate it?
Romance / What Do You Hate About Being Attractive ? by Prettydevil: 7:13pm On Apr 04
For me it's the fact that every single day people assume you're feeling yourself and they just give you drama and forget that you may have real issues you're struggling through. you may be broke, depressed, suicidal, homeless, sick, or worse and just because you're a pretty girl with a sexyyy body or a tall man with a handsome face everyone assumes your life is perfect and they just try to make you feel bad for feeling yourself when in reality you're suicidal.

Beauty is truly a gift and a curse, you feel blessed in the morning and feel cursed in the evening.

what do you hate most about looking attractive ?


Romance / Re: Imagine Being Suicidal And Girls Think You're Forming Fineboy by Prettydevil: 7:06pm On Mar 20

Please get help. There are professionals to help if you're feeling this way.

give me a link
Romance / Imagine Being Suicidal And Girls Think You're Forming Fineboy by Prettydevil: 6:27pm On Mar 20
imagine almost committing suicide everyday and girls everywhere u go play the fineboy/fineboy game with u when all you want to do is die. sometimes you even fantasize about killing these girls and you think maybe it will bring u peace.
Romance / Since I Cant Kill Myself, I Always Ruin Myself by Prettydevil: 8:50pm On Mar 15
I get naked in public often just so girls will spit on me because I am a loser with a worthless life. they say commiting suicide is a sin so I send naked pictures of myself to random girls on Facebook so they can insult me. I dont know how to give myself a scar? I want a nasty scar on my face so everyone will spit on me, and hopefully someone will be irritated enough to kill me. I hate me, God made me miserable. nothing I do works, 30 years old waste of space. I pray I die, I'm broke and useless. tomorrow I'm going out naked again, will rub mud on my useless body because I'm a waste. my parents don't even love me, they dont give a fuckkkk if I died today. I will ruin my life so much till someone will take me out.
Science/Technology / Re: Is There A Logical Reason Why It Rains Every 6pm In My Area? by Prettydevil: 6:01pm On Mar 08
Are you in Benin

Science/Technology / Re: Is There A Logical Reason Why It Rains Every 6pm In My Area? by Prettydevil: 6:01pm On Mar 08
the time is 6pm and I swear on my life the rain just started. wow..
Science/Technology / Is There A Logical Reason Why It Rains Every 6pm In My Area? by Prettydevil: 5:53pm On Mar 08
Today is the 6th day and once its 6pm at the dot it starts to rain. I'm really starting to believe that the universe is very conscious and intentional. my idea of coincidence is starting to feel like ignorance.
Throughout last year it was like this exactly and I remember going for three months without light because they were supposed to bring my light at same 6pm but because of that exact timing by the rain I stayed in darkness for three months till the raining season was over. please someone with intellect help me understand this because this beats the concept of coincidence and I'm struggling to understand what this is.
Now I think the whole thing about being born in seasons and how it affects your personality is true. the earth is conscious and everything around you may just be more alive than you think.
Romance / Why Do Nigeria Girls Lie That They Don't Care About Money ? by Prettydevil: 8:31pm On Mar 07
There is nothing in this world that annoys me more than seeing a thread where a bunch of lying arse Nigerian female negros say they don't care about money. LIKE WTF? who are you trying to deceive ? there is no female in Nigeria today that would date a guy with less than 5k in his account and is struggling to survive..NO FEMALE IN NIGERIA AND I CAN BET MY LIFE ON THAT. Why the lie? you all are materialistic, extremely shallow and vain and only care about the fancy things of life which I really don't have a problem with but why come online to act a descent girl when u literally will spit on a shoemaker if he dares ask for your phone number ? Nigerian females deny this, if a carpenter, shoemaker, vulkinizer or a wheel Barrow pusher says "hi dear you look good, can I get to know you better " swear on your mama here that you wont spit on his face? is that not why boys go to all lengths these days to make money? without money in Nigeria you will never get puxxy except you take it by force and that will land you in prison. stop the lies its irritating.

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Romance / Re: Why Am I Obsessed With The Female Body? by Prettydevil: 9:45pm On Mar 02

I take it you are a virgin or have not had much sex. It will die down as you get older and explore more..


I dont enjoy sexxx, I feel literally nothing.
Romance / Why Am I Obsessed With The Female Body? by Prettydevil: 5:38pm On Mar 02
I always wonder how I'm not a rapist because my mind is so dirty. anytime I see any female that's not related to me or old or below 18 all I see literally is sexual pleasure. All I want to do is lick her breast, lick her armpit, lick her ass and the flower puseeee. I cannot get past this line of thinking and it's a real problem. I so obsess over girls body I have 20,000 pictures of random girls on my phone and no I'm not even joking. what's wrong with me?
Romance / The World's Biggest Scam Is SEXXXXXX by Prettydevil: 9:34pm On Feb 27
Sexxx is a scam! sexxx is the reason so many men will never reach ten percent of their true potential. Almost every man out there live their entire life in hopes of having sexxx with premium women at any cost. You will literally spend millions and risk so many hard earned achievements and even destroy years of meaningful relationships all because of a five minute act that you will immediately start regretting once its done? I say brothers, MASTURBATE! Dont let nobody tell you it's a sin blah blah blah or that it's for losers, it's just a social constructive way of making you fall for the traps that our eve sisters keep setting for the Male gender. Masturbation is perfectly normal and healthy and will literally save you from a host of regrettable decisions that the fraud called sexxx will lead you to. I think that shi is overrated, yes I love it too but I swear it's not worth all the bullshit that it attracts. many men today are in prison because of a five minute urge that lead them to rape and now their life is completely ruined, something masturbation would have cured. SEXXXX IS A SCAM AND A TRAP THAT EVE (THE FEMALE GENDER) IS USING TO DESTROY WE THE MEN BECAUSE WE ARE THE WEAKER GENDER SEXUALLY. BE WISE.


Romance / bye by Prettydevil: 9:45pm On Feb 26
thread closed.
Romance / Must Every Goodlooking Person Be Successful ? by Prettydevil: 7:21pm On Feb 25
Why does society equate a handsome face with wealth? God forbid you're very handsome but broke your life would be living hell! people will be given you stares like you're sick, they will be accessing you like how do you look good and dont have cars and money...they don't have to say a word their countenances alone is enough to make u feel like a failure. I dont understand this subtle bullying that society does everytime, u have to constantly glow and look your best every single time or else you will pay the price of people giving you look like you're a fool for being fine and broke. why do people bully others with every opportunity ?
Romance / Re: Why Do I Keep Attracting Over 40 Years Old Women? by Prettydevil: 4:17pm On Feb 18

1. Either u were raped by elderly sisters during your teenage age or
2. U started sexing elderly before younger ones

both literally happened to me. are u a shrink? I mean psychologist?
Romance / Re: Why Do I Keep Attracting Over 40 Years Old Women? by Prettydevil: 8:58pm On Feb 17
How old are you?

A wise man once said...that any man that successfully brings his sexual urge under control early in life will do exploits and go far in life.

I would advise you to focus more on your future and leave women alone.

they love me, its practically impossible to ignore them. they literally get angry when I do

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