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Agriculture / Re: 50,000 Chickens Die In South African Farm Due To Prolonged Powercut (Pictures) by Rgade: 8:13pm On Jan 21
Programming / Re: Work For Programmers..... by Rgade: 12:10pm On Dec 22, 2022

Rings theory, a second year CS maths? can you develop this? business pls
I cannot. But a good number of points there are undergraduate maths.
Programming / Re: Work For Programmers..... by Rgade: 9:46pm On Dec 20, 2022
I think op just jam 2nd year CS maths grin
Programming / Re: What Programming Languages Do You Know? by Rgade: 2:14pm On Dec 15, 2022
What do those numbers even represent?
I would love to know which methodology you used to capture your proficiency in programming languages using arbitrary numbers.

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Crime / Re: Armed Herdsmen Intercepted In Enugu. Burnt To Ashes (Pics,Video) by Rgade: 11:31am On Dec 08, 2022
Herdsmen should stay away from that Eha-Amufu. With their recent killings there , they should know the community will be battle ready. If not because of the military intervention, the number of casualties would have been much higher.

God save Nigeria from all these killings
So the military promptly intervened as the angry youth wanted to obtain their pound of flesh. But when herdsmen attack they would be nowhere to be found?

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Sports / Re: Samuel Eto'o Fils Physically Attacks Algerian Youtuber In Qatar (video) by Rgade: 1:07pm On Dec 06, 2022

Bro, when did North African, Arabs at best, become Europeans? I understand your writing but person wey no understand English go think say you dey dash dem "Europeans".
I meant that they claim to have European standards of football.
Sports / Re: Samuel Eto'o Fils Physically Attacks Algerian Youtuber In Qatar (video) by Rgade: 10:39am On Dec 06, 2022
Some of these football fans can be very annoying especially North Africans who don’t seem to believe that a sub-saharan country can beat them in football as apparently they are Europeans. I’m sure the guy must have accused Eto of influencing Camerons qualification ahead of algeria, and to even make matters worse while pointing an annoying camera at Etos face.
But still senior man should not have lost his sh!t like that. You’re a football icon.

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Programming / Re: My Phone Keeps Changing Locations by Rgade: 9:55pm On Dec 02, 2022
Maybe someone is logged into your google account somewhere. Try changing your google password.
Sports / Re: Google Doodle Celebrates FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Kick Off by Rgade: 12:08pm On Nov 20, 2022
This is going to be the most underwhelming world cup ever.

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Programming / Re: Why Does My Solution Keep Failing The Second Test? (C++) by Rgade: 7:43am On Nov 19, 2022
Omho you don enter codeforces. This boy you arent playing at all o shocked shocked shocked. Codeforces is leetcode and hackkerank ^ 4
Seriously? I thought leetcode was the apex algo tester. Anyway, all this algo talk is suddenly giving me an adrenaline rush. The way I’m gonna dive into leetcode in the coming weeks ehh grin
My Christmas is gon be for algos angry
Nairaland / General / Re: 10 Anambra People Who Have Inspired The Nation This Year by Rgade: 11:19am On Nov 15, 2022
Can’t see Soludo. That’s probably because this is not the list of top 10 nuisances that came out of Anambra this year.
That list would have Solodu and the dwarf labour minister fighting for 1st place.


Programming / Re: With The Recent Layoffs In Tech Worldwide, As A Beginner I'm Currently Depressed by Rgade: 10:41am On Nov 05, 2022

Brazen impudence,
Utmost confidence in your skillset and yourself,
And an unshakable faith in your process or whatever you believe in.

You'll need those to survive in the tech space. Develop them if you don't have it.

I immediately leave some tech twitter spaces, avoid conversations, close LinkedIn tabs or video calls when they start wailing about layoffs, newbies glutting the job market etc. You start to reason those stuffs and they eventually become your reality.

People are still getting jobs, newbies are still getting internships, some are getting sponsored visas but you want to let toxic twitter get to you.

Hold your end goals in mind and studiously ignore anything else that won't help you achieve it.
Apt my guy, apt.

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Education / Re: Salaries: UNIJOS ASUU Issues Stay-At-Home Order To Members by Rgade: 7:28am On Nov 05, 2022
That short devil called Ngige is the one behind this crisis. He has taken the issue personally and is now on a mission to hurt ASUU however way he can. This same midget was the one that approved a splinter group that will become nothing but trouble in the no distant future.
The old slowpoke doesn’t even want an end to the crisis, he just wants to keep fighting and enjoying the crisis till his useless self is done in power.
Politics / Re: 2023: Ben Ayade Presents N330 Billion "budget of Quantum Infinitum" by Rgade: 5:07pm On Oct 27, 2022
At least the sum is reasonable this time around. Thought it was going to be approaching N15trillion.
Programming / Re: Is Css That Hard? by Rgade: 10:38pm On Oct 26, 2022
I applied for a job on LinkedIn and after applying, LinkedIn suggested I take a css test to earn a css badge that will be on my profile. After I took the test, I got congratulatory message that I passed and that I was among the top 5% of about 1.7m people who took the test. Nawa , top 5% ! 1.7 m people! I am not understanding. And the test did not appear to be hard. Or is LinkedIn trying to play with me.

Even with the react badge I also have, I still never get job.
Those LinkedIn badges only test a scanty amount of theoretical knowledge. Scoring in the top 5% shows that you’ve basically understood how css works. But it takes a lot more than understanding a language or framework to get a job or be a productive developer.
Like I always say… coding is easy; providing solutions with code? Not so much.

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Programming / Re: Laptop Issue by Rgade: 12:09am On Oct 22, 2022
Remove the battery, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Then put the battery back and hope for the best.
Programming / Re: Web Developers and Software Engineers, I Need Your Advice. by Rgade: 2:42pm On Oct 21, 2022

The reason Typescript is down my list is because I wanted to be proficient at Javascript languages and libraries, before learning an alternative to JavaScript like Typescript.
The thing is that typescript is not exactly an alternative to JavaScript but rather an improvement. JavaScript devs are encouraged to pick up Typescript and the industry is rapidly shifting towards it. And if you put off typescript for a long while you might be less compelled to pick it up in the future after getting comfy with JavaScript. This is just my opinion of course, there’s nothing wrong with your approach at all.
Keep hacking.
These days I prefer reading other peoples coding journeys than actually coding myself.
Programming / Re: Web Developers and Software Engineers, I Need Your Advice. by Rgade: 10:02pm On Oct 20, 2022
For now think less about the destination and enjoy the journey. You’re on the right track bro.
And the amount of knowledge you’ve gathered over a short period shows you’re a fast learner.
But I think typescript is too far down your list, if you’re doing react then you should already know typescript cause it’s gradually replacing JavaScript in production react codes.

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Education / Re: Strike: ABU Zaria Reopens October 24, Resumes Lectures In January by Rgade: 1:15pm On Oct 20, 2022

So the other schools that are beginning exams immediately following revision were paid abi?

Maybe you don't know ABU is the heart of ASUU strikes
Those schools hurrying their students and lecturers back to school are insensitive busybodies and should not be used as a metric for good judgement.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Tackles El-rufai, Says He Never Ordered Arrest Of Kaduna Gov by Rgade: 5:53pm On Oct 18, 2022

He lies and forgets. He is a liar with a terrible memory. The slowpoke initially admitted that he was the one who ordered the arrest of El-rufai.

Meanwhile, Peter Obi achievement or zero achievements as Governor of Anambra cannot be compared to El rufai's doings as Minister of FCT.

Obi is a Mediocre leader with sweet mouth.

Don't be hoodwinked into believing him.

He never admitted to arresting him. He said he agreed with the arrest. Why was he moving about on election day with no responsibility saddled on him. Even the sitting governor had his movement restricted.
I’m sure PO would even have had the midget arrested if he knew of his presence. Should be grateful he was put in a hotel room not a cold cell.
APC urchins and lies.

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Programming / Re: What I've Noticed About Young Nigerian Tiktok Tech Stars by Rgade: 11:09pm On Oct 14, 2022
Had no idea there were even Nigerian coders on TikTok.
Programming / Re: Wrote My First JS Code On VS Code.... Lol (pics) by Rgade: 5:13pm On Oct 14, 2022
Download prettier extension and format your code. Unformatted hurts my eyes.

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Programming / Re: Help With Fontsize Issue by Rgade: 11:34pm On Oct 11, 2022
Make sure your browser window size is at 100% in local dev mode. That’s the most likely cause. I encountered a similar problem not long ago.


Programming / Re: I Have Issues With Starting React by Rgade: 6:50pm On Oct 07, 2022
Use vite.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2022 Live Updates Thread by Rgade: 8:21pm On Oct 02, 2022
So this thread didn’t even hit 5k pages? Wow sad
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2022 Live Updates Thread by Rgade: 7:20pm On Oct 02, 2022
Big brother is making the HMs emotional
That final address is always so moving.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2022 Live Updates Thread by Rgade: 7:19pm On Oct 02, 2022
Biggy told Daniella not to be afraid to make mistakes. My man was watching all along.
Programming / Re: What Laptop Is Best For Learning Programming? by Rgade: 12:46am On Sep 25, 2022
please check this laptop for me ...is corei3, 6th gen 4gb ram okay for web development ??
Yeah. It should serve just fine.
Business / Re: Naira Likely To Weaken Further - Zainab Ahmed (Finance Minister) by Rgade: 9:38am On Sep 10, 2022
Someone get me off this sinking boat please.
Even it’s to go and be doing male ashewo in the Europe or Dubai, I’m fully in.
How is the average Nigerian now supposed to survive. God save us if Peter Obi doesn’t win.
But even then, is he a magician? The damage to this country seems irreparable as it is.
Vote Peter Obi is all I can say.

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Politics / Re: Tunde Bank-Anthony: Tinubu Can’t Claim Glory For Fashola, Ambode’s Achievements by Rgade: 7:28am On Sep 08, 2022
Lol. Another news for yeebos miscreant to masturbate on.

Looks like these days some old man can just wake up one day and start claiming APC chieftain. Or i sense it's the work of the children of hate just tagging everybody either Apc chieftain or Bigwigs to sooth or buttress their hate.

If you notice , almost every ants and chickens these days are claiming or been tagged as APC cheiftain.

People that are Non-influential and as insignificant as "p" in psychology, in a political space.

Why is it hard to see a pro tinubu comment that is not laced with ethnic bigotry. Why is it that one man’s campaign appears to be built on tribalism and is desperately banking on that to win. Shame sad

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Programming / Re: To The Front End Dev Tech Gurus by Rgade: 7:18am On Sep 08, 2022

Alright. But that's not what I really wanted. Yeah, the standard is 1rem = 16px. Ok here's what I meant.

Is there a fixed or standard font size for let's say my nav items, section headings, paragraphs etc. Like for instance, I've seen lots of Website and tutorials were folks use 5rem as their <h1> 4rem as <h2> and 1rem for the body. So I was kinda thinking, are these figures really the standard value?

And if so, is it ok to go with the bandwagon, because any time I seem to deviate from those figures, it really affects the aesthetics of my site.
There’s no strict aesthetic standards for the web at all. If you visit 3 different sites you’ll notice that none of them uses the same font size or font-family, but everything would still come together to make the site good.
I always recommend working with templates.
Don’t build websites off the top of your head especially if your design skills aren’t impressive. It’s good to look at a similar design of something you want to build and them make your own customizations on the fly.
So there’s no absolute values that you should be using, just ensure that they all complement each other and your site looks good.
That’s why you have dev tools on every browser.
I always use iPhone X for my mobile testing cause it sits right in the middle of the mobile screen size distribution.
Programming / Re: To The Front End Dev Tech Gurus by Rgade: 7:50pm On Sep 07, 2022

Men my friend who's 27 and had a 2 2 got a well paying graduate trainee role at gt bank all because he knew basic python. He hasn't even created or built anything with it. It's crazy. I hope people take advantage of these opportunities now cause they won't be there forever.
Na why this ASUU strike dey kill me as student wey I still be. I see these local openings for trainee/entry level roles from time to time but they are always seeking graduates.
And these local jobs are waaay easier to secure than shooting for remote jobs with no experience.

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