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Health / Unlock Your Fitness Potential: Top Workouts Recommended By Health Kiosk by sambawa123: 9:07am On Apr 05
Everyone is busy in today's world. Even people do not have time to workout and keep their body healthy. Here, the role of the health kiosk comes. Health kiosks suggest some best workouts to people that help them to keep their body in good state and manage their health. Unleash your health capacity with those top 5 workout routines encouraged through Health Kiosk, designed to raise your bodily electricity, patience, and standard well-being.

What are Health Kiosks?

Clinics on cloud Health Kiosk are well-designed machines with all the simple era-driven facilities like touchscreens, sensors and digital systems aimed at simplifying the healthcare procedure to facilitate patients to perform responsibilities like checking critical parameters, updating medical information or maybe scheduling doctor appointments.

Top 5 physical exercises suggested by health kiosk

Health kiosks are an evolution in the medical era, as they allow anyone to get access to healthcare. These present day digital devices assist the public get access to health screenings hastily and effectively.

Not only can a health kiosk alert patients in case they've any health needs, but it also provides signs of well-known health status. While hospitals and doctors use these machines as simple test-in systems, others appear more innovative.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT exercises contain quick bursts of high-intensity exercising accompanied by relaxation periods. This approach maximizes calorie burn, improves cardiovascular health, and boosts metabolism, making it perfect for busy schedules.

Strength Training

Incorporating resistance physical activities the use of weights, resistance bands, or body weight enables build lean muscle groups, will increase bone density, and complements standard power. Regular power education additionally aids in fat loss and improves functional health for daily activities.


Embrace the mind-body connection through yoga, which mixes physical postures, respiratory strategies, and meditation. Health kiosk Supplier in India suggest doing Yoga because it enhances flexibility, promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and improves posture and balance, fostering holistic well-being.

Circuit Training

Circuit exercises involve acting a chain of physical activities targeting one-of-a-kind muscle companies with minimum rest in among. This dynamic approach enhances cardiovascular health, increases muscular patience, and hastens calorie expenditure, offering complete full-body exercise.

Outdoor Activities

Engage in out of doors sports such as trekking, biking, or swimming to rejuvenate your health routine at the same time as connecting with nature. These activities provide numerous demanding situations, stimulate creativity, and provide mental refreshment, complementing established workouts for a properly rounded approach to health.

Applications of Health Kiosks

Health kiosks have a wide range of applications in diverse settings. These encompass:

Healthcare Facilities

Health kiosks can be found in clinics, hospitals, and different healthcare facilities, matching the services healthcare experts offer. Offering self-service alternatives to patients, they screen their health earlier than or after appointments, reduce wait times, and enhance assets.

Retail Pharmacies

You can frequently locate health kiosks at retail pharmacies for customers, allowing them to test their crucial symptoms and get hold of widespread data about their health. These health kiosks can provide invaluable insights to people looking for steerage on their health issues or searching out over-the-counter medicines.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Numerous groups integrate health kiosks with their company wellness programs. These kiosks allow employees to sing their health quite simply for the duration of work hours, sell a healthy lifestyle and encourage protecting healthcare practices within the organization.


Healthcare Kiosks have been verified to be a complete sport changer as a long way as extraordinary healthcare services in India are worried. With a blend of era, those services have contributed seamlessly to promote overall patients satisfaction.

Business / Exploring The Evolution Of Public Relations In India: From Traditional To Modern by sambawa123: 9:27am On Feb 08
Over the years, the public relations industry in India has undergone a remarkable transformation, marked by advancing trends and technological innovations. From traditional PR tools, involving TV, radio and print to modern-day instruments including social media and influencer marketing, amongst others, PR has come a long way. This robust journey of PR in India demonstrates adaptation, innovation and a thorough awareness of changing societal factors. Over this period, various renowned PR leaders have come into being and one prominent organization that has made a distinguishing image for itself in the public relations landscape is Media Mantra Group. The group has emerged as an industry leader thanks to its unparalleled tools and innovative strategies.

Traditional PR: A look at the past

Traditional PR firms in India relied mainly on conventional media channels such as newspapers, radio, and television. The main instruments for establishing and maintaining an organization's public image included press releases, press coverage, and events. In addition, TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines and books served as crucial elements to reach an audience.

Often touted as traditional PR, these tools continue to hold relevance in the modern-day as well since people still watch TV, radio, newspapers, and billboards—all of which are ageless forms of advertising. These media are still being consumed by the general public, including younger and older generations. While these tools might have taken a backseat after the advent of digital PR mediums, they continue to hold relevance and are utilized by many public relations firms in India.

Modern-day PR: Revolutionizing public relations practices

The emergence of technological breakthroughs marked a significant turning point for PR firms in India. Digital media platforms challenged conventional ways by introducing new routes for communication. Online press releases, blogs, and social media became a crucial part of the organization's PR plans.

A digital-first strategy was integrated into modern PR to establish a connection. To create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their target audience, public relations firms in India today employ cutting-edge marketing technologies and engagement strategies. A prime example of adopting cutting-edge trends and technology advancements is Media Mantra Group, one of the best PR firms in India. The group aims to deliver clients creative approaches to achieving enhanced reach and engagement by leveraging the potential of digital discoveries.

Social media and data-driven decision making

Rising digitalization contributed to the emergence of social media platforms, unlocking a new segment of PR practices in India. Consequently, organizations can now interact directly and in real-time with their audience, leading to a more transparent and participatory relationship. As a matter of fact, social media platforms have developed into effective instruments for information dissemination, crisis management, and brand loyalty.

In addition to social media platforms, the advent of new-age technologies such as data analytics has allowed public relations specialists to evaluate the success of campaigns, monitor audience opinion and make informed choices to improve their outreach. The adoption of analytics has improved the accuracy and efficacy of public relations campaigns, enabling companies to more skillfully craft their messaging.

Future ahead: What's in it for PR

The PR industry is changing rapidly, moving away from antiquated approaches and towards tech-driven, contemporary methods. With the way the world is changing, developing a successful communication strategy requires a strong mix of social media, digital platforms, and data analytics. To stay relevant and influential in a constantly shifting landscape, it is crucial for PR firms in India to successfully navigate this shift.

Business / Crafting A Compelling Brand Story: The Key To Successful PR by sambawa123: 1:48pm On Jan 05
Storytelling has always been a sacred tradition that has passed down from generation to generation. Even in today's fast-paced era, the art of storytelling is as relevant and powerful as ever. Whether it's a gripping tale shared around a campfire or a compelling brand story told in a boardroom, storytelling surfaced as a powerful tool to captivate audience attention and connect with them, enhancing their reputation, and building customer loyalty. The brand story is a narrative that describes the company’s mission, values, and purpose.

Today, a compelling brand story arises as the backbone that helps the brand connect with the audience on a deeper level, making it a crucial element of business. This is where, in this age of advancement and competition, a PR agency surfaced as a master storyteller. They understand the complexity of the brand and weave them into a narrative that captures people's hearts and minds. They are experts at navigating the ever-changing media landscape, ensuring that the brand story reaches the right audience at the right time.

With strategic communication skills, a leading PR agency enhances the brand's visibility and makes it a recognizable force in the market. That's why a proficient PR agency is so valuable - they can transform the brand's journey into a compelling story that captivates and engages, leaving a lasting impression on all.

Why compelling stories matter today

In today's fast-paced world where we are constantly flooded with an overwhelming amount of information, it can be challenging to capture the attention of the target audience. Thus, to stand out from the noise, it's essential to have a compelling brand story that sets you apart from your competitors. Furthermore, it is important to understand that consumers don't just buy products or services; they invest in stories and experiences. A well-crafted brand story can help build lasting relationships with the audience by forging emotional connections. By focusing on the power of storytelling, a PR agency can help differentiate brands and create a lasting impact. With their help, brands can craft a brand story that not only engages their audience but also inspires them to take action and become loyal customers.

Build trust and credibility: Since ancient times, trust has been regarded as a fundamental aspect of a successful brand. This is where, a well-crafted brand story, communicated effectively through a range of PR channels, creates trust by showcasing authenticity and transparency. Today's consumers seek more than just products; they want brands with values and stories that resonate with their own aspirations. When a brand story is told with sincerity, it becomes a powerful tool for building credibility and turning customers into loyal advocates.

Navigating the digital landscape: In today's digital age, where attention spans are fleeting, it's essential to create a brand story that cuts through the digital clutter. A leading PR agency employs a strategic approach, leveraging various platforms to amplify the brand narrative and capture the audience's attention where they are most active. From social media to press releases and other channels, the story unfolds cohesively, ensuring that the brand narrative is heard loud and clear.


Crafting a compelling brand story is not just about showcasing products; it's about creating an emotional connection with the audience. Thus, a leading PR agency understands this art, using its expertise to amplify the narrative and elevate the brand above the noise. From the oral traditions of the past to the digital storytelling of today, the essence remains the same – a well-told story leaves an indelible mark, and in the world of business, that mark translates into success.

Business / Media Mantra, The Best PR Company In India - Move The Reputation Needle by sambawa123: 1:22pm On Dec 01, 2023
In the modern-day business world where brands are constantly vying for consumer attention, it is the creative intent behind a message and the manner of its delivery that sets an organization apart. Whether your company is a big-box establishment or a small startup, creative and impactful communication is crucial to building a positive image, underscoring the importance of a PR campaign as a robust communication tool. Creativity, distinction, and value constitute the tenets of an effective PR campaign, leaving a lasting impact on the audience and serving as a game-changer for businesses.

With robust PR tools and applications at their disposal ensuring impactful campaign delivery, Media Mantra, a top PR company in India, demonstrates excellence and resiliency in delivering outcomes that exceed expectations. Recognizing the importance of an effective campaign to break through the fierce competition, Media Mantra employs effective strategies combined with impactful PR tools to devise a campaign ideal to elicit a favourable response from the public, putting brands on the path of surefire success.

Impactful PR campaigns: Unveiling Media Mantra's unique approach

Define campaign objectives: Setting the foundation right by defining the campaign goals and objectives is what determines the success of a PR campaign. Known for their unparalleled PR services, Media Mantra builds a campaign base by identifying the campaign goals and what it seeks to achieve as its final outcome. The more specific and precise the goals are, the more impactful the campaign will be. This meticulous approach serves as their motto in crafting unmatched campaigns, guaranteed to yield fruitful results.

Understand the target audience: In the end, it is the audience that drives the market. The days of one-size-fits-all campaigns enough to derive an ideal response from a campaign are long gone. Media Mantra, as a renowned PR company in India, recognizes the unique needs of the target audience, customizing all the aspects of a campaign to deliver the message in a more compelling manner. Having developed a clear understanding of the target audience and their wants and expectations, the group becomes better armed to make informed decisions regarding media channels, campaign content, and timing of delivery.

Exploring creative aspects: Unveiling the campaign in a creative manner is the key to defining its victory. Simply sending out a press release won't do; rather creating an impressive personalized pitch is imperative to leave a lasting impression on the media channels while propelling them to cover your story. Creativity is at the heart of Media Mantra. The group feeds on creative instincts with a motive to deliver exceptional outcomes. Extending their creative and innovative approach beyond the campaign planning and preparation, the group strives for creative execution in an effort to strike a pleasant response from the media and further the public.

Unlocking a new age of PR campaigns!

Going beyond the basics of a traditional campaign, modern-day PR campaigns prioritize creativity and innovations at their core. Having garnered a reputation for top-notch PR services, Media Mantra excels in their ability to devise impactful PR campaigns, derived from creativity, strategic planning, and effective implementation. As the PR industry continues to advance, Media Mantra will remain a remarkable name in the PR landscape, with their high-end PR services making a lasting impact in the realm of public relations.

Health / What Is The Health Atm's Commitment? by sambawa123: 2:17pm On Nov 23, 2023
Access to healthcare is essential, yet many people worldwide struggle to acquire clinical interest due to a wide range of limitations. Issues inclusive of cost, distance, and a scarcity of healthcare specialists could make it almost not impossible for a few people to are trying to find out and acquire the care they need. However, a solution gaining momentum in current years and displaying first-rate promise inside the healthcare industry is the implementation of Health ATM. These revolutionary machines can help damage obstacles to healthcare access and provide powerful and lower-priced care to everyone who wants it.

Understanding Health ATM

Health ATMs, called telemedicine or e-health kiosks, are self-contained healthcare centres that provide simple medical services. These machines are geared up with superior diagnostic gear and might join patients with healthcare experts, even in faraway areas wherein access to hospital treatment is scarce. Health ATMs are part of a broader movement closer to telemedicine, which utilises the era to offer clinical offerings outside conventional healthcare facilities, including hospitals or clinics.

How do Health ATMs Work?

Health ATMs are self-contained gadgets typically positioned in public areas, including shopping centres, faculties, and workplace homes, for clean entry to the general public. The machines are connected to the internet and equipped with cameras and microphones, allowing sufferers to communicate with healthcare experts. Patients can use the device's touch display to receive guidelines, carry out health checkups, and get the right to enter vital scientific facts.

Improved healthcare Access

Health ATMs are designed to offer hospital treatment in regions where entry to healthcare is confined. By placing Health ATMs in strategic places along with far-flung villages and concrete slums, individuals can obtain clinical interest without visiting lengthy distances. This is beneficial for people living in areas where healthcare services are scarce or non-existent. Health ATMs can offer basic clinical offerings, which include blood strain and glucose degree checks, as well as consultations with medical professionals, making admission to healthcare more equitable.

Reduced Waiting Times

Long wait instances and overcrowding at healthcare facilities are not unusual, particularly in underserved areas. Health ATM manufacturers can alleviate this hassle by imparting primary clinical offerings and consultations remotely, lowering the number of patients needing in-man or woman visits. This can improve the fine of care provided to sufferers and decrease the load on healthcare experts.

Moreover, health ATMs can help lessen the spread of infectious illnesses by proscribing the range of patients travelling to healthcare facilities. This is crucial throughout pandemics, including COVID-19, in which social distancing is vital.


Health ATMs are a promising solution to the numerous healthcare access issues facing individuals and families throughout the globe. With their superior diagnostic tools, telemedicine competencies, and price-effective healthcare solutions, health ATMs can revolutionise how we obtain medical care. By setting those machines in regions where healthcare admission is restricted, we can start to break down the barriers to hospital treatment that have plagued the enterprise for goodbye.

Health / How Does Health ATM Give On-demand Healthcare Solutions? by sambawa123: 10:56am On Nov 03, 2023
What gives the on-demand healthcare services in today's world? Health ATM is a one-stop answer that is designed with incorporated scientific gadgets. It opens the door for inexpensive healthcare. It diagnoses all chronic diseases and provides the number-one care facility for humans.
It is designed with a current diagnostic tool that diagnoses simple vitals, neurology, and cardiology and works like a lifestyle-saving device. In the quick term, the health ATM is a touch display screen atm kiosk software that manages the patient health-related data correctly. Keep studying the post to gain complete information about Health ATM, which is essential for the current medical area.

What are the health atm measures?

According to the health ATM manufacturer, the Health ATM is capable of carrying out the testing for over 30 illnesses. This is the purpose why clinical specialists are there for the general public to assist in the way to use the health ATM. This is the quality way to take exact initiative towards health. It is due to the fact the health atm producer wants to improve the healthcare services for the public, whether or not they are from urban, rural, or far-off regions.

Why is the health atm used widely?

Health ATMs are the first-rate instance of the usage of the contemporary generation in the right manner. It is a nice solution for the circle of relative's welfare and public health. It promotes the top-notch use of technology and makes scientific centres available effortlessly to humans.
During the usage, while installing the health ATM, the health group of workers turns into extra skilled and educated and offers a fantastic range of blessings to people.

• Health ATM offers clinical consultation.

According to Health ATM news, it plays the primary health, trying out more than 30 parameters. It can even give instantaneous scientific reviews to patients via WhatsApp, e-mail, SMS, or even in published shape.
Doctors allow trying out verbal exchanges on telehealth at the same time and save time for sufferers. The remedy facility and take a look at in manner facility also are available beneath the equal roof due to the health ATM. You do not need to worry if you can not reach a doctor for medicinal drugs. The health ATM facilitates you and offers you medical consultations through telehealth.

• Video consultation between doctors and patients

As in step with the health ATM manufacturer in India, video consultations are made without problems between doctors and their customers. Health ATM places loads of effort into making top interactions among health practitioner and their sufferers from faraway places.
Health ATM is chargeable for running healthcare operations effectively. The approach of teleconsultation services through health ATM and doctor availability are all feasible in one area.


Health ATMs are helpful in a myriad of approaches. It reduces the time taken for basic health exams. Patients can effortlessly screen their basic health vitals and get instantaneous reviews right away.

Health / The Integration Of AI And Health Kiosks: Paving The Way For Smarter Healthcare by sambawa123: 9:57am On Oct 25, 2023
The healthcare enterprise wishes to keep up with technological advancements for better analysis and remedy of patients. From 3-D printing to robots, healthcare professionals are leveraging technology and innovation to provide satisfactory treatment, and interactive kiosk is one of them. Health kiosks in healthcare are gaining momentum because of the benefits and protection they supply.

Given the ability of healthcare kiosks to perform properly in high foot visitors regions, many hospitals are deploying them to offer higher care and treatment to patients. Hospitals and patients take advantage of healthcare kiosks in special approaches, which includes digital patient registration & identity, fast test-ins, stable price, and merchandising of schooling and public attention.

What is a health kiosk?

A =health kiosk shows enticing content and lets visitors engage with an employer at the same time as receiving records and offerings. There are several benefits to health kiosks, which revolutionize the global healthcare machine. We have compiled a listing of health kiosk benefits and use instances that elevate healthcare services to new heights.

Advantages of health kiosks

• No lengthy queues

Hospitals experience high foot visitors, making it hard for workforce individuals to serve efficaciously to visitors. Health kiosks enable sufferers to perform diverse tasks speedily, reducing long wait instances.

• Avoid Confusion and Error

Traditionally, a sanatorium group of workers fills out paperwork and different facts manually, vulnerable to human blunders. However, with the advent of Health Kiosks, the possibilities of errors and mistakes are reduced because sufferers fill out their paperwork, that are more likely to be correct.

• Cost-Effective

Various operations, which include affected person registration, necessitate using paper and human assets. Health kiosks put off the need for all these sources, lowering the cost of operations. It also permits personnel to recognize more important duties instead of getting busy with paperwork.

• Reduces infections

The Health Kiosks perform tasks without any human intervention, making them appropriate to apply during the COVID-19 pandemic as it reduces the risks of coronavirus transmission. When sufferers interact with the health kiosk, the health facility workforce does not risk exposure to viruses or germs from sick individuals. It is likewise clean to disinfect kiosks as compared to the reception or different access points.

Use cases of health kiosks.

• Check-in

Patient test-in is one of the maximum time-ingesting duties, resulting in treatment delays. The introduction of healthcare kiosks in hospitals aids patients in feeding their statistics into the database quickly.

• Easy Payment

Patients and their circle of relatives contributors can also use health kiosks to settle their bills and bills. It also permits them to pay medical bills and make payments through the use of a credit or debit card.

• Scheduling an Appointment

Health kiosks can assist an affected person in scheduling appointments with the preferred medical doctor at their convenience.

• Wayfinding

Patients regularly have difficulty finding the departments they want to go to, resulting in accelerated wait times. A kiosk can carry out the project of directing patients in the right direction. The digital map can be published on the kiosk or downloaded to the patient's cellphone, making it easier to meet doctors on time.


Self-service kiosks are emerging as a strong device for hospitals in coping with vital operations. Hospitals are deploying to alleviate groups of workers and offer better providers to patients.

Health / What Is The Role Of Medhoc Health Atm In Diverse Settings? by sambawa123: 9:21am On Aug 18, 2023
How does the health atm play a vital role? Health atm machines play an important role in the healthcare sector and make the settings more diverse. It contributes to better healthcare services, ensures convenient services to patients, and improves their health. Health kiosk manufacturers design the health kiosk to meet the unique needs of patients. In short, Medhoc Health ATM refers to valuable assets for both patients and doctors to use.

High-traffic areas and urban centers

In high-traffic areas and urban areas, health atm become accessible to people, because of the high accessibility. It gives patients quick health assessments, reports, vital signs monitoring information, and convenient healthcare solutions. It solves the problem of people who want healthcare services but do not have enough time to visit the hospital instantly.

Rural areas

Not only in urban and high-traffic regions, the health atm machines also make healthcare services accessible to people in rural areas. It bridges the gap between healthcare areas and rural areas. As we know that rural areas lack access to medical services, using a kiosk is the best option for diagnostics, remote monitoring, and consultations online. It inspires people to get to healthcare facilities on time without traveling too long.

Workplace and corporate settings

In the workplace and corporate settings, the Medhoc Health ATM contributes to wellness programs for employees. It allows people to check their vital signs, get health suggestions and prescriptions from professional doctors, participate in healthcare activities, and keep updated with their health. It contributes to the well-being of people. Health kiosks promote health culture and inspire people to take preventive care actions.

Educational sector

Health atm machines are also installed at educational institutes. It provides a convenient way to get healthcare services to both doctors and patients. It gives health information to patients so they can take preventive measures and stay aware of their health.
Senior care facilities

In senior care facilities, the health atm system supports the well-being of people. It means it contributes to our health through awareness programs. It permits people to measure their health parameters, get telemedicine consultations, promote care, and reduce visits needed to hospitals. The responsibility of Medhoc Health ATM is that it allows people from urban, rural, or remote areas to use this machine, access medical services and keep their health good.

Retail store

Health atm systems are placed at many centers. Along with hospitals, some health atm are also installed at retail centers, so people who come here to shop scan their body, get doctor prescriptions if needed, and essentials at the same time. It provides health-related services and products to people and enhances their experience.


The role of Medhoc Health ATM systems expands in diverse settings and makes healthcare services more convenient and accessible for people. Whether in remote areas, urban areas, or rural areas, you can easily avail of the services from health atm.

Career / Benefits To Enroll In The Best CDS Coaching In Jaipur by sambawa123: 8:53am On Aug 17, 2023
Nowadays, a number of students want to achieve success in competitive exams. Suppose you have been admitted to an educational program that led you to a diploma and want that you serve your country by joining the Indian armed forces. In this case, you need to submit an application for the combined defense services examination. If you want to become eligible for the CDS exam, you should enroll in CDS coaching and CAT coaching in Jaipur. There are a number of CDS coaching institutes in Jaipur, but candidates need to enroll in the best one. Here are the various benefits of the enroll in Best BDS coaching in Jaipur

1. Methodical approach to preparation

Candidates who join the training program get the opportunity to learn the format of the CDS exam and prepare for the frequently asked questions in the exam. They are also well-informed about every topic they need to prepare for exams. The formal feedback and regular evaluation sessions are held at CDS coaching centers.

2. Details on the CDS exam

By admitting to CDS coaching in Jaipur, you can improve your learning chances about the CDS selection process. Candidates need to go through the phases, including written examinations, physical exams, and interviews with SSB, to become eligible for the CDS program for the armed forces. If you face difficulty in preparing yourself for the written exam, then you need to get coaching assistance.

3. Regular evaluation

The trusted CDS coaching institute in Jaipur is unable to concentrate on the weakest areas of students and bring success to clear the tests, thanks to the system evaluation process.

4. Excellent staff

At the best CDS coaching, the instructions are given by faculty members who have huge experience in the discipline. Students can get the education they need to improve their learning capacity, academic performance, and physical fitness. The complete syllabus here is covered with the recent curriculum and rules of CDS.

The best thing is that the CDS coaching center's professional staff gives students personal attention. Every student gets the personal attention here that they require and deserve most. Due to this, every student who enrolls at CDS coaching can grade high in their performance and determine their weak and strong points. They train the students in such a way that they participate in interviews and group discussions and learn new things at the same time.

5. The accessibility to practice tests and academic resources

Candidates who enroll in a coaching program can take practice tests and study materials tailored to the examination they will be taking. This is one of the benefits of enrolling in such a program. Only via mock exams will you be able to evaluate the facts about how effectively you prepared the curriculum that you prepared.


I hope you know why you need to enroll at the best CDS coaching in Jaipur to better prepare for the CDS exam and ensure a bright and successful career.

Career / The Power Of Media Relations In Public Relations by sambawa123: 9:26am On Aug 16, 2023
In what initially began as a simple exercise of sending news releases, monitoring media, and placing stories, public relations (PR) has shaped into an industry that influences almost every business aspect, reinventing brand communication as we know it. Today, PR, evolving with the ongoing advances in society and technology, has transformed into a strategic communication process that enables modern-day firms to build and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships with their respective audiences.

However, in a country like India that boasts countless news channels and publications, the ability of brands to reach out, engage, and efficiently communicate with the media is often tested. This is where the strong media relations and unrivaled expertise of a PR Agency can come in handy for enterprise businesses. Harnessing the power of media relations, companies can garner positive and noteworthy media appearances, which can, therefore, help position themselves as thought leaders in the industry, strengthen their market positioning, and increase brand awareness.

In today's fast-paced digital era, effective communication has become the cornerstone of successful public relations strategies. While social media and digital marketing have undoubtedly transformed the landscape, the power of media relations remains paramount. Let's understand the significance of media relations in public relations, exploring its impact in different areas of the industry.
Building Credibility and Trust

Media relations serve as a vital tool for building credibility and trust. When an organization or individual receives positive coverage from reputable media outlets, it enhances its reputation and fosters trust among its target audience. According to a recent survey by Edelman, a leading global communications firm, 59% of consumers trust traditional media, and 53% trust online media. This demonstrates the enduring influence of the media in shaping public opinion.

Maximizing Reach and Visibility

One of the key advantages of media relations is its ability to maximize reach and visibility. Through strategic media outreach, businesses and individuals can access a wider audience than their existing networks. A study conducted by Nielsen claims that 92% of consumers trust earned media, such as recommendations from journalists, over other forms of advertising across the globe. This statistic highlights the immense potential of media relations for amplifying a brand's message and attracting new customers.

Crisis Management and Damage Control

Media relations play a crucial role in crisis management and damage control. In times of crisis or negative publicity, an organization’s response can make or break its reputation. By establishing strong relationships with the media beforehand, companies can proactively manage crises and effectively communicate their side of the story. A study by Deloitte revealed that 76% of global organizations believe that being prepared for a crisis through media relations is the most important element of crisis management.


In the ever-evolving landscape of public relations, media relations remains an indispensable tool for establishing credibility, expanding reach, managing crises, and adapting to the digital age. The enduring power of media, both traditional and digital, in shaping public opinion and influencing consumer behavior is evident. By investing in strong media relationships, brands, and thought leaders can secure valuable coverage, build trust, and cultivate a positive reputation. Thus, in our interconnected world, the power of media relations, as an essential component of any comprehensive PR strategy, cannot be underestimated.


Nairaland / General / The Topmost Benefits Of Using Ganesha Mandala Artwork by sambawa123: 10:59am On May 27, 2023
In modern times, more and more people get inclined towards mandala art. If you are the same person, then the topmost recommendation for you is Ganesha mandala artwork. This is the type of artwork that could bring numerous benefits, both spiritual and personal. The intricate design and symbolism of the mandala are all together combined with the divine presence of Lord Ganesha. Hence, it creates a powerful and transformative experience.

Here are some key advantages of having a Ganesha mandala:

1. Spiritual Connection:

First of all, Lord Ganesha is known to be a highly revered deity in Hinduism, known as the remover of obstacles and also the one who provides wisdom and knowledge. By having a Ganesha mandala, you can have a good spiritual connection with Ganesha, inviting his divine energy and blessings into your life. This connection can deepen your spiritual practice and foster a sense of devotion and gratitude. So, this is a reason to have Ganesha mandala artwork.

2. Obstacle Removal:

As mentioned above, the Ganesh mandala artwork is mostly known for its ability of its for removing obstacles and pave the way for success and prosperity. If you are having this type of artwork at your home and you meditate and focus on it, then definitely it can help you seek Ganesha's assistance in overcoming challenges and hurdles in various aspects of life.

Are you interested to purchase the best Ganesha mandala artwork? If yes, then the best store that you can try purchasing from is Ambiyaa. This is the online artwork store that could let you have a variety of products as per your choices and needs. Check and order yours now, if interested.

3. Wisdom and Knowledge:

If you are a devotee of Lord Ganesha then you might be knowing that he is known for intelligence, wisdom, and learning. Having a Ganesha mandala at home can inspire you to seek knowledge, broaden your understanding, and stimulate intellectual growth. It encourages a mindset of continuous learning and personal development, helping you acquire new skills and expand your horizons.

4. Focus and Concentration:

Mandalas, including the Ganesha mandala, are intricate geometric patterns that aid in concentration and meditation. By gazing at the details and following the patterns of the mandala, you can train your mind to focus and cultivate a state of deep concentration. This practice enhances mindfulness, calms the mind, and promotes inner peace and clarity.

For having the best Ganesha mandala artwork and to attract wisdom you need to purchase the spiritual artwork from Ambiyaa. Try their services now, if interested.

5. Symbolic Representation:

The Ganesha mandala incorporates various symbolic elements that represent different aspects of Lord Ganesha's qualities. These symbols, such as the elephant head, the broken tusk, and the modak (sweet), serve as reminders of Ganesha's attributes, such as wisdom, strength, and auspiciousness. By contemplating the mandala's symbolism, you are reminded to embody these qualities in your own life, fostering personal growth and positive transformation.

In conclusion, having a Ganesha mandala in your life offers a multitude of benefits, including spiritual connection, obstacle removal, wisdom, focus, symbolism, positive energy, and artistic beauty. So, decide and have your spiritual artwork today only from Ambiyaa.

Health / How The Health Kiosk Revolutionized Medicare? by sambawa123: 1:45pm On Feb 23, 2023
Why is the health kiosk important? As new technologies are rapidly coming into the healthcare industry, health kiosks are no strangers to the medical industry. Health kiosks increase staff efficiencies and reduce manual work.

Earlier, the health kiosk was limited to appointment bookings, but today it is used to improve patient experiences. Healthcare patient workflow is made easy by installing kiosk technology in the ecosystem.

Automated appointment

As the healthcare departments are busy and crowded all the time in hospitals, patients can easily make appointments online, reschedule, or cancel them on the basis of time slot availability.

It may appear like a minute contribution to the hospital ecosystem. However, imagine the number of paperless imaginations and how these tasks affect productivity.

Contactless interaction

It has been estimated that most health workers are at risk of death. Many health workers are dying from the pandemic. Every day, many patients come under the medical facilities and fall under the interaction.

So, installing smart health clinics' health kiosks helps to reduce the risk of exposure to germs and diseases and secure healthcare professionals and patients.

Kiosk with e-billing features

The online platform of the atm kiosk makes payments, a win-win feature for both healthcare professionals and patients. In addition, it is easy to verify the payment history on a single platform and give benefits to the healthcare industry to ensure the claims.


Health kiosks work as an alternative to follow up with patients and do traditional registration. It helps to reduce the amount of manual work and helps the medical industry workers to meet the responsibility of attending to patients that require immediate treatment.

Reminder and alerts

smart health clinics Health kiosks are designed with well-integrated devices that support email reminders and SMS reminders and restrict the chances of followers by increasing productivity.

It is one of the best features of cloud clinic technology that reminds the patients of their structure and appointment planning of hospital workforce on a given day. The best thing is that it also updates the patient data and demographics.

Reduce staff costs

It is easy to manage most of the data entry information on the health kiosk. It keeps the health information of patients digitally in its database. It also gives room for hospitals to structure the resource needs again and save operational costs.
So, implementing the health kiosks helps to reduce staff costs and make healthcare operations efficient, cost-effective, and fast.


Usually, people lose their way when they do not know the right direction. So, the wayfinding atm kiosk is used for this purpose to give the right directions to patients. It welcomes the people when they enter the premises of hospitals and ensures that they do not lose their way.


Health kiosks are the best way to improve healthcare facilities and make them more feasible for people. It is considered a good investment made today for a better future.

Health / 5 Scrumptious Dishes To Make With Corns by sambawa123: 3:00pm On Feb 18, 2023
Bring the real energy with taste to your dining table. Yes, corns are rich source of phosphorous, pantothenic acid, dietary fibre, niacin, vitamin B6 and manganese. Crispy corn recipes bring the real energy to body and taste to the tongues. Apart from the common crispy corn kernels, why can’t you serve some special recipes made with corns on game nights, kitty parties and pot lucks? Here are some colourful crispy combinations in cones.

Crispy Corn kernels

This can be said as an American dish. But at present, it crossed the international borders and is common on most of the tables. This excellent combination of corn kernels, capsicum, rice flour, onion and a mélange of spices rally makes it a mouth-watering recipe. Add taste to the evening tea time with this simple and easy delicacy. It is good to serve crispy corn kernels with lime wedges to share and serve the love. So, why can’t you get crispy corn recipe in Hindi to make this evening tea time so special.

Cheese corn pizza paratha

It is a fantastic lunch box idea especially or the kids. Make the kids stay away from unhealthy pizzas at the fast food centres. This pizza paratha stuffed with sweet corn kernels, bailed baby corns, grated mozzarella cheese, grated processed cheese, mayonnaise and some Italian seasoning really makes a good healthy and tasty option for the lunch box. It is a good idea to make use of black pepper to give something special to the taste. There is no doubt the kids will fall in love with the dish.

Cheese corn Momos

With its origination in Nepal and Tiber, Momos at present have become a popular snack recipe in India and enjoys popularity all over the world. Corn Momos can be made with chicken, veg and even paneer. Excellent combination of the prime ingredient with pepper, cheese and salt merges with the creamy and coarse corn to serve Momos on the plate as a delicious dish. The choice is yours.

Cheese potato corn roll

Breathtakingly delicious! Yes, this is what cheese potato corn roll is, the very easy snack and a starter. Excellent mix of soft potato with thick paste of boiled corn, cheese and the black pepper makes it a really a tasty dish preferred by the kids with crayons to seniors with walking sticks. Serve it with the sauce of the choice.

Corn rasagulla ice cream

It is really interesting and inspiring to take rasagulla with ice cream. There is no doubt it is one of the favourite Indian sweets. Even though it is not an exact rasagulla, it really looks like rasagulla with its white round shape and the bread dipped with milk. Perfect and beautiful stuffing of fruit mixture and corn gives an excellent taste to the dish. Pour blended ice cream on the top of rasagulla to make it a magical combination called corn rasagulla ice cream. It is rich with taste and sweet.

Now why can’t you make use of crispy corn kernels recipe to make some magical dishes in your kitchen and serve it with a smile?

Source: wellhealthorganic.com

Education / Importance Of Knowledge In Respect Of CBSE Curriculum by sambawa123: 2:29pm On Jan 13, 2023
Since the beginning of the world it has been very important for the human beings to make the best use of the knowledge so that they achieve great heights in every way of their life. To grow in any field, gaining as much knowledge as possible is very essential. It also helps in shaping our personality, perfecting our behavior and dealing people with patience and care. Knowledge helps to understand ourselves – the strengths and the weaknesses. Thus, knowledge helps us to navigate our lives and makes it better and fun and therefore it requires serious attempts to gather the best ones irrespective of what a person's age is.

Acquiring the knowledge

Studies are important as it provides necessary knowledge-based tools to become good and contributing member in family as well as in the society. It enriches the human life not only with the knowledge but also with the skills that helps them to make the best use of it to make a better career in future. It can be assumed that the study can be of either any subject based or through own life. Subject based study helps to acquire knowledge of any specific subject whereas the life-based study continues till the last breath of humans as they continue to learn new things as they move into their every life stage. Thus, the main purpose of the subject based study is to make every student aware of what they will be dealing in future to be responsible and successful. Also Read about https://ureadthis.com - Jankari00.com : how Submit Resume on Jankari00 .com online

Concept of CBSE Curriculum

As the present scenario of India deals with different types of curriculums. It is upon the student and the parents to choose the best one that suits the student’s ability. The CBSE education structure is having such kind of curriculums that not only allows the student to study rigorously but it helps them to develop skills at the same time. All the subjects and their contents are very much accustomed with the needs of a student to grow the knowledge base especially CBSE mathematics class 10. This subject with its choosy structures makes the students well aware of their problem solving and analytical skills efficiently.

CBSE mathematics in class 10

Mathematics is a vast subject and especially when the student is in Class X from where he/she will be moving into the diverse world of future where the path is full of the need for analytical and problem-solving skills, CBSE is one of the bests for making the students well capable for dealing those. CBSE provides best contents in subjects like Mathematics and also offers Olympiads and scholarships schemes for the deserving students to enhance their knowledge base. Every single unit of mathematics provides detailed study materials and lessons throughout the year with unique weightage and question paper design for the board examinations.


The CBSE has the international level of syllabus that are useful for the student to connect with the world with latest technologies and thus CBSE maths model for class 10 is a well-structured content to mark the presence of a student in that future.

Health / How Health Atms Revolutionize The Health Industry by sambawa123: 2:52pm On Jan 02, 2023
What do you know about the health ATM? Health ATMs are clinics on cloud kiosk software that ensures preventive and primary health care.
It is one of the best and most innovative technologies adopted in the healthcare sector. Health ATMs is well integrated clinics on cloud kiosk software in which medical devices are properly equipped to perform health related diagnoses and functions.

Today, it is important for every healthcare center to provide quick and convenient health screening, which is only possible by the health ATM.

How the health ATM benefits

Health ATM is one of the best developed technology by clinics on the cloud. It is well equipped with integrated medical devices and AI capabilities. The health ATM provides quick and quality primary care.

Here are the pointers that help you to understand how the health ATM makes a hassle free experience for people and benefits the healthcare sector.

1. Virtual calls with health specialists

The top best feature of using the health ATM has come from telemedicine. Telemedicine ensures video conferencing between doctors and patients to talk about health virtually.

2. Monitor the vital health parameters

Another best thing about the health ATM is that it is used to monitor the vital health parameters of humans, like height, weight, BMI, etc. So, people can easily make their hassle free experiences by using the health ATM to measure their basic vital parameters without visiting the laboratory or clinics.

3. Assist the ATM

There are many private health centers and government centers where the staff work at health ATMs in order to assist new users in using them. Usually, there is no need to work with anyone as staff to assist the users in using the health ATM due to its easy to use the feature.

4. Health report, summary, and prescription

Another best key fact about the health ATM is that it offers accurate and instant health based reports to users after their check up is done. They can also send their health reports via Whatsapp or email.
Through the health reports, they can easily determine if any problem arises. In this way, the health ATM helps people to stay aware of the future serious concerns of health.

5. Web and mobile access

Health ATMs have the in-built capabilities to send digital health reports through WhatsApp or email. The best thing is that the digital health reports are compatible with all devices. You can easily access and see your health reports from any location at any time.

6. Affordable healthcare

As we know, people residing in remote and rural areas face difficulty accessing reputed doctors, diagnostics processes, and prescribed medicines.

So, for today's healthcare industry, it is important to make access to such types of people, which is only possible by health ATMs. It provides quality healthcare facilities at affordable rates.


It is easy for people to use the health ATM for a quick check up and get medicine, prescription, and health reports within a few minutes.

Health / How Does The Health Kiosk Make The Patient More Comfortable by sambawa123: 2:35pm On Jan 02, 2023
The opportunities from the health kiosk make it a long and successful way to implement reliable healthcare services for people. With the invention of technology, many more flexible options are available to streamline the healthcare process.

[url]Clinics on cloud[/url]https://clinicsoncloud.com/ Health kiosks is one stop solution to provide primary patient care. In this article, we are going to tell you all the affordable possibilities made with the implementation of health kiosks.

Typical features of the health kiosk

There are many kiosks installed today at various healthcare centers. It assists the medical and health field effectively. The in built features of kiosks make the patient experience faster and more convenient.

Health kiosk has an easy interface that makes it easy for people to check in, check their health records, and manage the health process. These clinics on cloud software are equipped with touch screens to ensure ease of use for people. The best thing is that the kiosk is a standalone unit or is also mounted on one side of the wall to make the best space use.

Increase the functionality

The healthcare functionality is affordable by implementing the health kiosk. It speeds up the process, from registration online to check in.

Here are the ways in which the kiosk are beneficial

• Set the appointment for a future date
• Ability to complete the health related forms without doing paperwork. Health kiosk made the best way to save paperwork costs and reduce errors.
• It has the ability to check the patient's insurance and ensure it to update
• It conducts patient surveys and collects patient information to improve their experiences.
• The simple interface of the kiosk has conducted payment transactions easily by users.
• Health kiosk also offers space for patients to pay their outstanding bills.

Reduce the waiting time and costs

Today, the healthcare sector completely removes the paperwork with the kiosk inbuilt functions.

• Health kiosk transforms the medical sector into a digitalized way where all the documentary are organized in a digital way.
• Reducing the paperwork makes the healthcare staff more productive and allows patients to process their health data quickly.
• This way, the health kiosk saves time and costs and reduces waiting times.
Promotes patient engagement in healthcare
Using a health kiosk system helps the patient become more involved in the healthcare process.
• Kiosks not only involve the patient in their health related process but also allows them to access their health information beyond clinical hours.
• The health kiosks increase the accessibility to patients with health conditions, so they are aware of their health and take preventive steps to get quality healthcare.
• This way, the kiosk is well designed to develop trust between the patients and doctors.


Kiosks collect all information related to the health of patients in their database and keep it secure. A health kiosk is an innovative technology that provides the best ways to make flexible and fast healthcare services.

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