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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 1:50pm On Jun 16, 2017
Hello good day all!
Please what documents are required for port of Entry via JFK airport New York.
I keep hearing things like Yellow card and Immunization card, how do I get all these cards ?
Is it compulsory to have some dollars, and if necessary, like how much is okay for a student?

God bless you all
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 12:36am On Jun 16, 2017

Emirates and Egypt Air don't have flights to Florida

Emirates operates flights from dubai to Fort Lauderdale, Miami area.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 12:29am On Jun 16, 2017

Bro how long did your WAEC verification process take? Did you have to go to WAEC office to speed it up? What exactly did you do?

Approximately 2 months. You have to be in contact with them to speed it up
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 9:52pm On May 15, 2017
For a friend...

Today USA student visa was approved at Lagos consulate!
If anyone says God doesn't answer prayer, that person is a dead person and a big fool.. In fact, it's God that giveth not by anybody's might and power at all. My own grace and favour are very different today ooo! This my God is really Amazing I swear, He does things beyond imagination at times ooO..
It started this way: I got to the us embassy around exactly 5:00am, I was the first person to got there before I knew it people were plenty before 5:30am.. We waited outside and rain was dropping a bit and we had no choice, we need to stay there because of these police that carried gun like say they wan go fight Biafra war lol! I just summoned courage to go meet one police man there but to my surprise God's favour just caught up with the guy and he fell in love with me, we started talking and discussing. in fact he was even giving me a words of encouragement oo, the guy finally took me out from everyone inside the rain and said I should come to stay with him,where he was standing.. People were jealous but me I no send ooo, I just bone as per say my baba God don start the work..
We were called to lined up exactly 6am and I am the first person this police guy took to be at the front ooo.. We went for the rigorous screening like say we be Boko haram, we wan bomb the whole embassy.. Anyway, I got in to the main Hall, I was the first person as a non immigrant to do the biometric, fingerprint and the rest.. I was the first to queued for the main interview, only one window 7 just opened with an handsome fine dude in his early 30s..
This is how our conversation went oo:
Me.. Good morning
Vo.. Good morning
Me.. How was your night and your weekend sir..
Vo.. It was very fine my man thanks, and you?
Me.. It was very good sir, thanks for asking.
Vo... Pls sir, pass me your passport and I-20
Me.. I Complied sharp sharp
VO.. Went through my I20 and said“ You are going to University of Rhode Island?
Me.. I said Yes, exactly sir..
VO.. He said, you are going there for what?
Me.. For my masters programme in communication studies..
VO.. Why did u choose the school?
Me.. I choose the school because it holds NGO status with the UN at the department of public information and it's also part of UN academic impact initiative and I am inspired by the ongoing research at the department on the title the use of Social Medial as a means of dissemination on Nation Security system, using Africa as a case study which is anchored by professor Raphl Faro... I really wanna be in this research work because this research work will help me to the fight again insurgency in Nigeria when I return back from my program..
VO: He said Hmm Good.. How many schools did u apply for?
Me: I applied for 3schools sir..
VO: Name them please..
Me: Southern illinios university, University of Roche Island and Rochester Institute of Technology..
VO: Good.. Why this school, as in Why did u choose this particular school among them??
Me: I said, the school was introduced to me through a senior colleague of mine who finished there 2years ago and doing well in his field and with the help of google search I took a look at the school website and I contacted a professor there professor Raphl Faro concerning the ongoing research work at the department. VO cut in
VO: Did u write GRE??
Me: I have prepared to write GRE but the school said it's not a requirement that my admission will be based on my academic merit and statement of purpose..
VO: What's are u doing at punch newspaper right now??
Me: I said, I am a reporter and I am attached as part of the crew that reports Oyo state governor's daily activities..
VO: Nodding his head and said ok.. How do u want to fund this programme because I can see it's very expensive?
Me: Before he landed, I quickly said my uncle will surely do that, he has been the one paying for my education right for my high school days, throughout the university and he's also responsible for this.. Before I finish Before I finish talking I just see the guy dragged my passport to one side and bring out white paper and said the golden word, enjoy your stay in the US my man.. Everybody focused on my interview and they were like Wow! Congratulations ooo bro! God please do my own too oooo lol! I just dey bounce out comot to the exit like the boss wey don carry God's grace enter oooO!!
Na so everything went ooo.. It can only be God oooo!! Although, I was so so confident ooo, I didn't fear anything at all all.. It just be like I have been there so many times ni but na lie ooo this is my first time to the US Embassy ooo.. God is good gaan ni oo.. Although, I have UAE 2years Employment residency visa on my passport and also Kenya visa too.. I was not asked any financial document nor what my sponsor does for living.. Seek for God and the King of Kings will surely answer u ooo.. Fast, pray and have the strong believe and the positive vibes, that's what really worked for me oo.. Wish the up going applicant the best on their own interview too oooO! God will make it successful for u guys..

You focused so much on God factor. Make sure you don't turn your back on him when you get to the United States. He is Great indeed.
Welcome On board!!!


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 9:30pm On May 14, 2017

Hey! I wanna ask a few questions. You ain't responding to me
I replied your pm. I guess
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 11:07pm On May 13, 2017

And air maroc is like 17hours to JFK with stopover. Its shorter than it other Golf competitors and cheaper..
It depends on your chosen itinerary and flight. They are cheaper yea. But for time, it depends on your chosen itinerary and flight.
The shortest time you can wait at Dubai through Emirates is 3hrs45mins before connecting to JFK, because their first flight to JFK everyday leaves by 8:30am, while the normal scheduled landing at Dubai from Lagos is always 4:45 am (all in local time of the city)
All New York flights are made with the A380 super jumbo. It's gona be a nice experience flying in a double decker plane!
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 10:24pm On May 13, 2017
For those looking for very cheap flights. Royal Air Maroc is always the cheapest flight to US from nija. Their fare barely cross 250k, or within that range, but I am sure it's not up to 300k. But be prepared for a stopover at Morocco. You will normally take a small boeing 737 to casablanca and then transfer to a boeing 787(dreamliner) or 777 to US. I can't really tell about their services, haven't flown with them before, but am sure they are putting in their best.

I still love Emirates grin
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 10:17pm On May 13, 2017

Oh i never knew there aint no airline flyin to US presently. Yea i came with Delta airline early this year and its expensive like you said buh i loved the experience. I wish you a safe flight down here. God bless and keep you till then smiley
God bless
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 9:34pm On May 13, 2017
You just gotta keep searching for a cheaper one. All Naija airlines are bleeped up. I got my ticket to this place early this year around 790k for a one way ticket... Although its a nice airline sha..... Other ones i got that were cheap were around 500k and those ones would have stopover and i hate stopover so i decided to go for the expensive one
No Nigerian airline currently flies to United States. I don't think Arik has resumed its US flights. For a direct flight to the United states without any stopover, you must take any of the US based airlines- Delta, American, or United. And these US airlines are damn expensive. Other airlines to the US from Nigeria must have a stopover at their hub, before connecting to the United States. The Gulf carriers are very affordable and offer world class services. Gulf carriers include Emirates, Qatar, Etihad. Emirates still remains the best Airline in the world. I will be flying Emirates to the US by July. I got my ticket for #386,252. Lagos to JFK, with a stopover at Dubai.
Safe journey in advance to my fellow US bound students for Fall session!!!


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 9:23pm On May 12, 2017

Great.. You wan go flex small. Lol
Is it possible I could get your contact(WhatsApp)?

Shot me a pm bro
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 7:01am On May 12, 2017

Yeah. August. How come yours is July?
School begins August though; but I will be in US by July ending, not more than 30days to resumption date

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 1:33am On May 12, 2017
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 11:50pm On May 11, 2017

please Saniwa, I guess u are coming to Mississippi, can you help me out wit sometin..cos am in Mississippi and I need to get somfin from home...

Am heading to Baltimore.
Morgan State university
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 3:55pm On May 11, 2017
Hello! Anyone heading to Morgan State University? Undergraduate. Fall 2017

Yea, heading to MSU by July. Also going there?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 9:15pm On Apr 22, 2017
Evening people!
Please, got a little question to ask, especially to those who have been to the embassy. Does the color of the DS-160 confirmation page printout matter? My DS-160 confirmation page is printed in normal black and white. I don't have access to a colored printer at the moment. My test results are also printed in black and white. Hope there won't be any issues at the Embassy?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 8:58am On Apr 20, 2017

Thanks Bro, report my arrival to DSO ,pls enlighten me on hw to do dat.

Send a mail to your DSO reporting your intended arrival date and time if possible; Your arrival airport, and you can even state the airline you are flying. Have his mobile number at hand incase of any issue at POE. Once in the USA, write again to your DSO reporting your arrival, he/she will tell you any necessary info. As a student, your DSO should be your point of contact upon arrival in the usa.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 8:18am On Apr 20, 2017
i am qoin to cleveland state uni in ohio nxtweek,buh i av an uncle at chicago who wants me to come over first,so he wil take me to skul nd help wit evry necessary fundinq nd settlement issues. pls is it advisable 4 me to qo to chicaqo straiqht 4rm laqos? hope it wont attract problem 4 me sha?

This shouldn't be a problem at all. Chicago is a point of entry, you can fly straight to chicago. When asked how you intend locating your school, you can tell the CBP officer that a relative is already waiting for you at the airport to drop you off at school. Once you pass the immigration check point, you are free to visit anywhere in the USA before your program start date. But before that, try and report your arrival to your DSO. As simple as that.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 8:10am On Apr 20, 2017

When fillig your ds 160, when asked "do you have immediate relative in the usa" did you tick yes? If u tick no and u enter POE claiming to see one uncle, it can be a problem.

I guess chicago is closer to OH, then u can fly to chicago and connect to OH from there

Based on the DS-160, Uncle is not an immediate relative; but Other relative. Immediate relatives are parents, spouse, fiancee, children and siblings.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 7:40pm On Apr 16, 2017

Use 5 years. You can always refer anyone to your I-20 to clarify.
OK thanks. I thought as much, but I was concerned about what the VO may think since it's a 4 year degree program; irrespective of what's written on the I-20. Don't wanna create a preconceived intent of over-staying in the VO's mind.
Thanks again.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 7:57am On Apr 16, 2017
Good morning all. I wish you all the Joy of this season. May you be filled with joy and peace. Happy Easter!
Please I got a little question to ask.
I am going for a 4 years undergraduate degree. But the time period between my program start/End Date is 5 years. August 2017 - May 2022; as written on the I-20.

Please what should I fill in the Intended Length of Stay in US on the DS-160? 4 years or 5 years ?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 10:18pm On Apr 13, 2017
Please I have a question to ask
Is it compulsory to submit the National Identification Number on the DS 160?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 10:53pm On Apr 12, 2017
pls,anyone in alcorn state uni,Mississippi uni for woman or just get admission to the school.... need to ask some info

Knows someone in Mississippi uni for women.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 11:23am On Mar 29, 2017

You're welcome.

I think I understand you now. First I don't think you can appear before the consulate anytime before 3 months to your start date. Second, the interview date isn't randomly assigned. Rather you choose from a list of available dates. Don't worry about not getting an interview date. Except you book an appointment in late July or August you won't have to worry about that.

@Bolded. That is a very wrong assumption or info. US embassy encourages students to apply as early as possible for a visa. But the visa can't be issued more than 120 days (4 months) to the program start date. In the case where you applied early enough and your visa is approved, the passport won't be returned to you earlier than 120 days to the program start date.
I got this info from a VO during an online students' visa question and answer live chat program.
Apply as early as you can.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 7:34am On Mar 23, 2017

College Park campus.

OK. The school is a nice one. But funding is not easy there grin
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 7:29am On Mar 23, 2017

University of Maryland (my school), one of the top 25 Engineering schools here in the US, offers MS in Cybersecurity (related to computer network security that you are interested in). http://advancedengineering.umd.edu/programs/cybersecurity . Tuition is about $8k per semester.

UMD also offers MS in Telecommunications. http://www.telecom.umd.edu/requirements-and-deadlines Tuition for this program is more expensive, about $10k per semester. GPA requirements for both courses is 3.0/4.0, which also translates to 3.0/5.0 on our scale. TOEFL is waived for Nigerian students.

These programs are non-thesis with a mini research paper to write at the end and the departments do not offer GAs but there are many administrative GAs on campus (UMD is a big one) and GA jobs are posted here regularly: http://ejobs.umd.edu

UMD is located in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) metropolis area and is a bubbling hub of IT jobs, companies and activities. You have so many chances of job employment upon graduation. Cybersecurity and Telecommunications are IT courses. Also, Maryland is located in an area of US that has fairly stable weather conditions. It might be somewhat expensive, however the payoff is in the end. Good luck.

Which of the Universities of Maryland.

College park, Baltimore, University college, Baltimore county, Eastern shore?
Travel / Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by saninwa: 9:34pm On Mar 22, 2017
Hello abujaniv,

Please I have two questions to ask.

1. Must a student wait till 120 days to the resumption date printed on the form I-20 before applying for a visa? For instance, my I-20 states August 20 as the program start date, should I wait till April 20 (120 days) before booking an interview appointment?

2. In a situation where someone realized he made some mistakes in the DS-160 after it has been submitted and interview appointment already confirmed; please how can a new DS-160 be updated without affecting the already scheduled appointment date?

I look forward to hearing from you. Remain Blessed.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 7:59pm On Mar 21, 2017

This is questionable. Probably you're mistaking high school record (transcript) for high school equivalent (waec) but was successful with your admission. Adcomm asks for evaluation from professionals from undergrad-transfer and graduate to simplify the job and get accurate cgpa. The evaluator has to deal with large amount of data (course by course) and take the burden from adcomm. High school applicants (freshman) don't have any substantial cgpa. SAT score and high school equivalent (waec) is enough to get the admission and to obtain scholarship, except where record (transcript) is required. If I was asked the same question, I would evaluate from JSS 1 to SSS 3 and submit my waec result as is.
I understand you sir, but International credential Evaluators like WES evaluate only WASSCE from Nigeria and other waec countries. They just regard wassce as our high school transcript, because it's standardized and can easily be verified by the waec. They don't accept internal results(high school transcripts) because such can greatly be manipulated by the school, trust Nigeria na grin the worst is that most rural public schools in our villages don't even know what is transcript or how to prepare such document. At least I have experienced one before while trying to get transcripts for a friend. I had to explain to the principal what transcript are, since they can't get the guy's results from ss1, they just manufactured scores for him cheesy they hardly keep records which is so bad. That's the reason Evaluators like WES regard wassce as our transcript and can't accept any other thing.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 1:04pm On Mar 21, 2017

The hustle is very real grin ....... and yes great experience

Sent you a pm. Pls I wanna get a little info from you. Thanks
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 11:55am On Mar 21, 2017

Yes she got full ride 100% tuition/fees for 3 out of 5 and 2 gave part scholarship .... and So far has had two great internship opportunities

Woow that's nice, she must be an interesting fellow.
I also secured a full ride. It's really a great experience

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 11:52am On Mar 21, 2017
are we talking about the need for evaluations or the means? In as much as your grades are not from US or Canada, you sure need an evaluation. But most schools do evaluate themselves with no fee attached. Well, it's clear when you can equate the level of education with the response.

You are still a high school graduate, so I'm not surprised at your response. You will understand better when you land here, that is if Trumps VO are meeciful enough to act right
What if am already done with my undergrad? What if am already in the US?
Never make unnecessary assumptions cool

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 11:43am On Mar 21, 2017
It is not a new development. It has been there for a long time, even request for high school transcript. If evaluating your transcript would give you scholarship chance, then it's not a bad idea.

Yea, it's not new. But some schools just adopted the policy very recently, and many are yet to.
So you know abt this and have been attacking me since. smiley

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by saninwa: 11:37am On Mar 21, 2017

This again i found to be true for a lot of the tops schools ........... They Evaluate International High school result by one body to put everyone on a level playing field for funding evaluation

Yes someone can argue that there are many other schools that might not need WES , but it really depends on you and what your target or focus is ........... All schools are not equal so you plan according to what you want to get out of it .
Exactly what I have been saying

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