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Education / Borno Student Who Fled Boko Haram To IDP Wins Scholarship To Pursue PHD In USA by Youngscholars: 10:57pm On Jun 05


Amos Ishaku, the Borno Student Who Fled Boko Haram Insurgency to Edo State IDP Camp, Wins Scholarship to Pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering in the United States

A golden fish, as they say, can never hide in water for too long without being discovered. The story of Amos Ishaku’s resilience and triumph is well-known. However, a new chapter about this promising young man has emerged. From being a refugee in Uhorgua Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp to becoming Edo State University’s Valedictorian for the class of 2023, Amos Ishaku has now received offers from universities around the world to pursue graduate studies. Amos received offers from the University of Illinois Chicago, Carnegie Mellon University, Purdue University, Iowa State University, and the University of Edinburgh.

Following his outstanding academic achievement at Edo State University and having overcome great adversities in life, Amos was approached by the BAUM Tenpers Institute and offered a full scholarship to join the institute’s mentorship program. This program includes online courses in mathematics taught by Professor Fadipe-Joseph of the University of Ilorin and Professor Okeke of the Federal University of Technology Owerri, with tutoring support from Dr. Opaleye from Ladoke Akintola University and Dr. Francis from Federal University of Technology Umudike. Despite not being an engineering school, the BAUM Tenpers Institute was moved by Amos’s life story and wanted to make a difference in his life. He was offered a full scholarship worth $10,000, covering online classes in the institute’s mathematics certificate program, as well as the costs of preparing and applying to graduate schools, among others.

Amos has chosen to attend the University of Illinois Chicago to pursue doctoral studies in Chemical Engineering, a field in which he excelled at the undergraduate level at Edo State University. “We would like to congratulate Amos Ishaku and his mentors and well-wishers, especially Pastor Solomon Folorunsho, coordinator of the IDP facility, whose steadfast faith in Amos and other students at the facility, even in times of great uncertainty, has paid off big time,” said Dr. Kevwe, Senior Research Fellow of BAUM Tenpers Institute based in the US.

The BAUM Tenpers Institute will now partner with Uhorgua Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp and the Home For The Needy Foundation in Benin Edo State to identify and support other outstanding students who are heavily disadvantaged. The medium- and long-term goal will be for the IDP camp alumni who receive this generous support to excel in whatever endeavor they choose to pursue in life, impact Nigeria’s advancement, and give back mandatorily to support the IDP camp: To whom much is given, much is expected.

The BAUM Tenpers Institute, an academic not-for-profit with centers in virginia, United States, and Lagos, Nigeria, has a reputation for rigorously supporting the students it has committed to. It has supported over 30 documented students to gain acceptance with generous funding into some of the world’s most prestigious universities. It does this by providing full scholarships to attend the online certificate courses it organizes for bright students with shaky prior education and a second round of full scholarships to support applicants applying to graduate school, targeted specifically at students who show the most promise.

The Lagos center of the institute is led by Mr. Anifowose, a veteran in scholarship matters, who personally mentored Amos through the short window of the application process and has been mentoring him since then, while the global Director of Admissions and Senior Program Registrar is Dr. Adaeze, based in the US. According to Dr. Adaeze, “we are impressed by the willingness shown by Amos’s professors at Edo State University in the ways they supported his applications with letters of recommendation, and they did so within the short application window that we had to work with given that we only discovered Amos toward November while many universities had application deadlines of December 5, but I am pleased it all worked out well, with several good offers.”

Successful students in the current cohort of the program will begin applying to graduate school in August this year. “Our institute will continue to support the students we commit to; there is no hidden agenda. Our mission is to elevate people through the liberating power of education, and we will pursue this mission with passion using all the advantages life has given us. We expect, without question, that anyone who has benefitted from our generosity must demonstrate the same passion in advancing humanity through education by supporting our mission,” said Mr. Anifowose.

Education / Top Android App Developers Of 2024 In USA by jackhenry2703: 8:59am On May 17
As the demand for mobile applications continues to surge, the role of skilled Android app developers becomes increasingly vital. In 2024, the landscape of Android app development in the USA is marked by innovation, creativity, and technical prowess.
Whether you're a startup seeking to make a mark or an established enterprise aiming to enhance your digital presence, finding the right Android app development partner is crucial. This article delves into the top Android app developers in the USA for 2024, highlighting their strengths and unique contributions to the industry.
Why Android App Development Matters in 2024
Android remains the dominant mobile operating system globally, with a substantial market share in the USA. The platform's open-source nature and vast user base offer immense opportunities for businesses to reach a wide audience. In 2024, Android app development is not just about creating functional apps but also about delivering seamless user experiences, integrating cutting-edge technologies, and maintaining robust security standards.
Top Android App Developers in the USA
1. WillowTree
WillowTree is a renowned app development agency with a strong reputation for delivering high-quality mobile solutions. Based in Charlottesville, virginia, WillowTree has an impressive portfolio that includes collaborations with major brands like PepsiCo, HBO, and National Geographic.
User-Centric Design: WillowTree excels in creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces.
Innovative Solutions: The company leverages emerging technologies such as AI and AR to enhance app functionality.
Comprehensive Services: Offering end-to-end services from strategy to post-launch support.
2. Savvy Apps
Savvy Apps, located in Washington D.C., is known for crafting apps that are both beautiful and functional. Their expertise lies in transforming complex ideas into simple, user-friendly apps.
Design Excellence: Award-winning design team that focuses on user experience.
Collaborative Approach: Works closely with clients to ensure the final product aligns with their vision.
Strong Track Record: Proven success with apps featured in the App Store and Google Play.
3. Fueled
Fueled is a prominent New York-based app development firm renowned for its innovative and strategic approach to mobile app creation. Their client list includes top-tier companies like Verizon, HBO, and Crunchbase.
Strategic Planning: Deep focus on creating apps that align with business goals.
Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilizes the latest tech trends to keep apps relevant and competitive.
Comprehensive Analytics: Provides detailed insights and analytics post-launch to track app performance.
4. Intellectsoft
Intellectsoft, based in Palo Alto, California, offers a broad range of services in mobile app development, with a particular focus on enterprise solutions. Their clientele includes large corporations such as Nestlé and Jaguar.
Enterprise Solutions: Specializes in developing robust apps for large-scale enterprises.
Custom Development: Tailors apps to meet specific business needs and challenges.
Technical Proficiency: Strong expertise in advanced technologies like blockchain and IoT.
How to Choose the Right Android App Developer
Selecting the right Android app developer is a critical decision that can impact the success of your app. Here are some factors to consider:
Portfolio and Experience
Review the developer's previous work to assess their expertise and the quality of their apps. Look for experience in your industry to ensure they understand your specific needs.
Client Testimonials and Reviews
Feedback from past clients can provide insights into the developer's reliability, communication, and overall performance.
Technical Expertise
Ensure the developer is proficient in the latest technologies and trends relevant to your project. Their technical skills should align with your app's requirements.
Development Process
A transparent and well-structured development process is essential. Understand their methodology, timelines, and how they handle changes and iterations.
Post-Launch Support
Support doesn't end at launch. Choose a developer who offers ongoing maintenance and updates to keep your app running smoothly and securely.
The landscape of Android app development in the USA is thriving with talented developers pushing the boundaries of innovation. Whether you're looking for cutting-edge technology integration or user-centric design, the top developers highlighted in this article have proven track records in delivering exceptional mobile solutions. By choosing the right partner, you can ensure your app not only meets but exceeds user expectations, setting the stage for success in 2024 and beyond.
Education / Re: FG Sets 18 Years As Minimum Entry Age Into Tertiary Institutions by essentialone(m): 10:06pm On Apr 22
Akshay Venkatesh – Age 20
Venkatesh is an Australian born mathematician who graduated from secondary school at the age of 13. At the age of 11, he won a bronze medal in the International Physics Olympiad in virginia. After gaining this achievement, he decided to switch his focus to math and won two more Olympiad metals in the field of Mathematics. He immediately matriculated at the University of Western Australia as the youngest student ever to enter the university. He is the youngest student every to gain first class honors in pure mathematics in 1997.

In 1998, Venkatesh began his PhD at Princeton University. His supervisor was Peter Sarnak and he completed the degree in 2002 at the age of 20. Venkatesh’s research interests are in counting, equidistribution problems in automorphic forms and number theory. Following his PhD, Venkatesh held a post-doctoral position at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Venkatesh went to one of the top universities in the United States for his PhD. Princeton University is ranked #1 among national universities by U.S. News and World Reports and #11 internationally by QS Top Universities. Undergraduate tuition and fees is $43,450 per year. Although an undergraduate degree at Princeton is pricey, it was one of the first institutions in the U.S. to offer a “no loan” policy to needy students, offering grants to them instead. The department of mathematics is ranked #1 in the nation, tied with Massachusetts Institution of Technology, by U.S. News and World Report. Further, U.S. News ranks Princeton’s work in number Theory at #2, which is one of Venkatesh’s specialties. The student body is made up of 66% undergraduates and 34% graduate students with 65% of the post graduates and 35% of the undergrads being international students.

At the ripe age of 20 in 2002, Venkatesh already had a storied academic career. Since 2008, Venkatesh has been a professor of mathematics at Stanford University.
Education / Re: It's Only In Madonna University That Girls Graduate As Virgins - Founder, Edeh by Banbanna(m): 12:07pm On Mar 21
Virgin, virginia, Virgo? Lol. What's the big deal about the V thing sef?
I'd rather wife a non-virgin, way of the world experienced, well-mannered & humble woman than some spoilt brat, bad-mannered, toxic virginia.
Education / Re: It's Only In Madonna University That Girls Graduate As Virgins - Founder, Edeh by cucumbar: 9:40am On Mar 21
Education / Calling On The Fgn To Rethink The Downgrading Of The Nigerian Army University Bi by Hunter2009: 3:09pm On Feb 27

"._The Nigerian Army University Biu, (NAUB) in Borno State was established as a means to explore a non-kenetic approach in the service operations against insurgency"...Lagbaja, Lt-Gen._

The philosophy that guided the establishment of the NAUB was aptly captured by the above statement made by the Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Ge T. Lagbaja during the maiden graduation of about 417 students of the University in 2023. The assertion by the COAS underscores the difference between a formal military academy like the NDA and a conventional University with a military bend.

It recognises the fact that a "military" exists in a larger society that calls for a "strategic" relationship as a bulwark towards sustainable peace and stability. Thus, while the Academy produces combatants along with requisite hardware, the associate University deals with critical non-kenetic matters of "interdisciplinary academic field, centered on the study of peace and conflict strategies and often devoting special attention to the relationship between military history, international politics, geostrategy, international diplomacy, international economics and military power", among others. That's why in the USA all the major arms of military have both specialised academies and Universities in tow.

The famous ones being the US Military Academy at West Point and The US Army University (online), West virginia. China has more than half a dozen of them under a "policy of leveraging the civilian sector to maximise Military power (known as 'Military-civilian fusion')". India established one in Haryana in 2013. Pakistan and indeed many nations concerned with sustainable national security, operate the two systems concurrently. It's therefore strange the the current Administration would consider diminishing this global best practice.
The strategic location of NAUB, provides government the ample opportunities to even undertake studies as regards the often prenial frosty relationship between Nigeria as an English speaking country with its three French speaking neighbours of Cameroon, Chad and Niger Republics.

The trio share boarders with Borno State, the host state of NAUB. Cross border crimes and illicit weapons have largely fuelled the insurgency in the North East, compounded by dearth of empirical and/or actionable intelligence information from communities in the region.

An Army University could play a decisive role in such cases. The swash of land from Biu, Southern Borno to Cameroon via Garkida, Gombi and Mubi to the East and also through Askira/Uba, Chibok, Gwoza into far north Cameroon enroute Chad had no specialised security-biased tertiary institution like the NAUB. Furthermore, at the time the institution was established, it filled a geopolitical void in Borno State.

Despite the existence of many tertiary institutions in the state such as the Unimaid, the Teaching Hospital, a Polytechnic, College of Agriculture, College of Health Technology, for political reasons the state government didn't deem it fit to site the Borno State University in the South, where citizens have been yearning for more educational opportunities.
The people's frustration with this inequitable development was addressed by the arrival of the NAUB. The University has thus, since been seen as a balancing act. The NAUB which is now underway threat has a fundamental role to play in terms of stability in the state, the region and even internationally as a Central Africa security study center.

While calling on Government to consider the NAUB strategic context and save the institution on its own merit, the Borno State Governor Zulum, his Deputy Kadafur, Senator Ndume, Hon. Betara, Haske, Jaha, Balami should impress upon the Federal Government to let NAUB be. They should deem it Honourable to lay the bare facts once more before the government.

The nation stands to gain more in the long run more than the short term resources they want to save. There is no bad education but there could be bad decisions. Let the latter be avoided.
*By A. G. Abubakar,*

Education / Re: Apply To These USA Universities For Free & get 100% funded scholarship - Pt 1 by Usainterviews: 4:44pm On Feb 10
Application fee waiver!
Northeastern University, University of virginia, Purdue University and University of Florida.

-Watch video on how to apply.

Education / Re: Study In USA For Free with over $50,000 worth of scholarships - A Thread by Usainterviews: 4:40pm On Feb 10
Application fee waiver for engineering programs:
Northeastern University, University of virginia, Purdue University and University of Florida.

-Watch video on how to apply.

Education / Re: Advice Needed: Is Going To The University Worth It Anymore? by cori908: 4:27pm On Dec 04, 2023
I have never regretted about my degree smiley I think the value of going to university is a topic of ongoing debate. Just as eastern virginia medical school customer service caters to specific educational needs, choosing higher education should align with your career goals and personal growth. University can offer unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning, and skill development. However, it's also important to weigh the financial implications and consider alternative learning paths that might be more suited to your aspirations.
Education / Study Quantum Engineering At University by Litmus: 11:30pm On Nov 14, 2023
The future is quantum: universities look to train engineers for an emerging industry

With quantum technologies heading for the mainstream, undergraduate courses are preparing the workforce of the future.
IBM physicist Olivia Lanes says quantum tech needs workers from various educational levels.Credit: IBM
The first year of university is always an opportunity to explore, but William Papantoniou really took the plunge. From the start of his studies in 2021 at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia, he signed up for the university’s latest offering: an undergraduate degree in quantum engineering.

Now a third-year student, Papantoniou chose the programme because he wanted to learn more about quantum computers and the physics that makes them run. He first heard of the devices in a programming class during secondary school. “It was presented as the future of computing,” he says. “They described how quantum computing makes complex problems simpler.”

The programme prepares students to enter the emerging quantum-technology industry, which has begun to develop devices that use individual atoms, electrons, photons and other components exhibiting quantum properties. These distinctive properties allow quantum computers to execute types of algorithm that are not easily accessed by conventional computers.

Quantum technology includes magnetic sensors and atomic clocks, as well as quantum computers, the development of which some specialists project will take at least a decade to be commercially useful. Proponents tout these devices as a technological paradigm shift, in which quantum mechanics enables extremely precise measurements and a fresh way for computers to crunch numbers.

William Papantoniou explores quantum devices in a practical class as part of his degree.Credit: William Papantoniou/The UNSW Quantum Engineering Society
Many industries are betting that they will benefit from the anticipated quantum-computing revolution. Pharmaceutical companies and electric-vehicle manufacturers have begun to explore the use of quantum computers in chemistry simulations for drug discovery or battery development. Compared with state-of-the-art supercomputers, quantum computers are thought to more efficiently and accurately simulate molecules, which are inherently quantum mechanical in nature.
From software developers to biologists and chemists, users are now investigating whether quantum technology can bolster their fields. But there is still lively debate about how the technology will pan out, says physicist Olivia Lanes, a researcher at IBM in Yorktown Heights, New York. “A lot of people don’t want to enter the industry until they see the technology is robust, but can we make it robust without them?”
Pipeline-building programmes
The UNSW’s undergraduate degree begins to fill a void in quantum education outside PhD programmes. The study of quantum mechanics has fallen largely under basic research since its discovery in the early twentieth century, falling in the purview of graduate studies. When quantum technologies began to be commercialized in the 2010s, the industry predominantly hired researchers with physics PhDs.
But in the past decade, governments including those in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and the European Union have collectively pledged billions of dollars to develop the quantum-technology industry. That’s aside from the commercial investment by technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM and smaller start-ups. As the industry grows, experts have already started to bemoan a lack of qualified job candidates, and the shortfall looks likely to expand.

Andrea Morello instructs students in the quantum-engineering teaching laboratory at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.Credit: UNSW Sydney
For example, one estimate suggests that Australia’s quantum-technology industry could provide 19,400 jobs by 2045 (see go.nature.com/3ubxvac), yet a 2016 survey tallied only about 5,000 PhD physicists in the entire country (see go.nature.com/46rgpuu). With a physics graduate degree often taking five years or longer, “we simply cannot produce PhDs fast enough to satisfy the needs of this booming industry”, says physicist Andrea Morello, who helped to start the UNSW’s undergraduate programme in quantum engineering. Instead, the industry will predominantly need engineers with undergraduate training in relevant quantum topics, such as how the hardware components work and how to write relevant software. The evolution of the quantum industry parallels that of the computer-science industry over the past 50 years. Jobs in computing in the United States grew by more than tenfold between 1970 and 2014, according to the US Census Bureau. In the early 1970s, many universities established and expanded their computer-science undergraduate programmes in anticipation.
The quantum-tech industry will need workers with various educational backgrounds to benefit society. “A technology can’t succeed if the only people who know how to use it are PhDs,” says Lanes.
In response to this demand, some universities are starting quantum-training programmes at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels. In 2019, Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany, introduced an undergraduate quantum-engineering degree similar to the UNSW’s and launched a master’s programme a year later. Bachelor’s students at virginia Tech in Blacksburg can opt for quantum and information science as a secondary specialization, which was introduced in 2022. “Pretty much every week, I’ll learn about a new programme somewhere,” says quantum experimentalist Abraham Asfaw, who leads education and outreach efforts for Google’s quantum team in Santa Barbara, California.

Google quantum experimentalist Abraham Asfaw works on a dilution refrigerator in his laboratory in Santa Barbara, California.Credit: Erik Lucero, Google Quantum AI
Undergraduate degree programmes aim to train engineers who work directly with quantum devices and require a relatively deep understanding of quantum mechanics. The industry also needs engineers to work with conventional technology, such as the cryogenics systems that keep quantum computers cold enough to operate, or the optical fibres that link multiple quantum devices. These engineers could perhaps learn the necessary quantum mechanics in an undergraduate course or two that are incorporated into a conventional engineering degree or vocational programme, says Asfaw.
Morello and his colleagues built the UNSW’s quantum-engineering programme on the framework of a conventional electrical-engineering degree. Students take largely the same course as do non-quantum engineers, but with extra, quantum-specific classes. Morello says they designed the programme so that its graduates could still choose to work as conventional electrical engineers. “It’s really important to choose a degree that gives you a solid basis while providing you options,” says Morello.
New spin on curricula
UNSW’s quantum courses originate from master’s classes that Morello and his colleagues deliver. These have required academics to rethink how they teach quantum mechanics. The conventional approach comes from a theoretical physics perspective, which centres on understanding the behaviour of idealized quantum objects, such as a single confined particle. “In traditional quantum mechanics courses, you [might] spend a day talking about applications, but it’s not the focus of the course,” says physicist Lex Kemper, who is developing an undergraduate quantum engineering course at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

How to get started in quantum computing
For example, undergraduate physics students typically learn about quantized energy levels, in which quantum objects can lose or gain energy only in discrete amounts, or ‘quanta’, through physicist Niels Bohr’s quantum model of hydrogen, the simplest atom. Bohr’s model depicts hydrogen as a positively charged nucleus with orbiting negatively charged electrons, and the atom can lose or gain a quantum of energy by emitting or absorbing a photon, a particle of light. Instead, Morello uses a real-world example in his teaching — a material called a quantum dot, which is used in some LEDs and in some television screens. “I can now teach quantum mechanics in a way that is far more engaging than the way I was taught quantum mechanics when I was an undergrad in the 1990s,” he says.
Morello also teaches the mathematics behind quantum mechanics in a more computer-friendly way. His students learn to solve problems using matrices that they can represent using code written for the Python programming language, rather than conventional differential equations on paper.
His colleagues at the UNSW are also developing laboratory courses to give students hands-on experience with the hardware in quantum technologies. For example, they designed a teaching lab to convey the fundamental concept of quantum spin, a property of electrons and some other quantum particles, using commercially available synthetic diamonds known as nitrogen vacancy centres (V. K. Sewani et al. Preprint at https://arxiv.org/abs/2004.02643; 2020). Students can use magnets and a laser to observe and measure effects resulting from the diamond’s quantum spin.

Quantum computers: what are they good for?
During his second trimester, Papantoniou started the Quantum Engineering Student Society. “It’s a difficult degree. There’s a lot of physics, a lot of maths and a lot of engineering, all of it combined together,” he says. “I realized straight away that there would be a need for study groups and social events to bring us together.” The group invites people working at quantum-technology companies to give talks, and organizes tours of academic labs.
Asfaw thinks of these academic programmes as “experiments”. The quantum-technology community still needs to work out how to evaluate their success, and how various programmes can share their experiences, says Asfaw, who has helped to organize the quantum-education community. In 2020, he worked with a group of academics to identify the key concepts needed to prepare students for entering the quantum industry. These include the idea of a quantum bit, or qubit, which is the fundamental unit of information; and of a quantum state, which is a mathematical representation of a quantum object. In 2021, Asfaw worked with academics and quantum-industry specialists to publish an undergraduate curriculum in quantum engineering (A. Asfaw et al. Preprint at https://arxiv.org/abs/2108.01311; 2021).
Quantum-computing companies are helping to develop quantum education directly. The industry’s overall objectives are to build quantum computers and work out how to use them, says Asfaw. It will require a large and diverse workforce to achieve those objectives, so it is in the companies’ interests to help to train that workforce.

IBM quantum researcher Abby Mitchell.Credit: IBM
Companies are offering teaching resources for undergraduate educators. Kemper has logged into IBM’s small prototype quantum computers through the cloud to teach his undergraduates the basics. Both IBM’s Qiskit and Google’s Cirq are open-source software packages that anyone can use and build on. For those who have left university, contributing to this software offers a path into a quantum-computing-related job, if they’re willing to put in the time. Abby Mitchell, who works for IBM’s quantum team in Yorktown Heights and who studied arts and sciences as an undergraduate, learnt quantum computing on the job by writing and debugging code for Qiskit. “I managed to transfer from my old job at IBM doing web development into a full-time member of the Qiskit community team,” she says.
It’s still unclear how quantum technology will bring commercial value. In many ways, it is a solution looking for a problem. Quantum communications, such as creating and delivering encryption keys encoded in single photons, is theoretically more secure than current cryptography techniques. But these technologies have delivered mixed results in practice, and require buy-in from institutions such as banks and governments. Existing quantum computers still make too many errors to be able to execute commercially valuable algorithms, and researchers have not worked out whether they can do anything useful with these adolescent machines. “It’s a chicken-and-egg problem” in some ways, says Lanes.
But Papantoniou sees the uncertain future of quantum technologies as an opportunity. Even if quantum computing doesn’t become commercially successful in the next few years, he says he can use the skills in short-term technologies, such as quantum sensing.
He has two more years before he graduates with two bachelor’s degrees, in quantum engineering and computer science. He plans to enter the quantum-technology industry after graduation, and is particularly interested in the development of algorithms for quantum computers. “I have to do a lot of explaining to my parents [about] what I study,” says Papantoniou. “At this point, nobody really knows what a quantum engineer is. But in ten years’ time, they will.”
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by CptCharlesVane: 5:27am On Oct 25, 2023
Wow! This was me mixing my excitement over my offer with my disappointment from Buhari’s re-election. It’s crazy how things have degenerated in Nigeria.

So many significant life events and milestones years later, it’s almost incredible looking back but I dreamed about this! and life is much better over here.

I want to encourage anyone left on this thread to keep at it, don’t get discouraged, and keep dreaming and believing.
Hey Guys!

I applied to 6 unis in total for PhDs. All apps sent in and completed before Christmas '18.
Chemistry (Accepted; Science scholar $30k (stipend + GA) no tuition )
UMinnesota - Medicinal Chemistry (Rejected)
UIowa - Medicinal and Natural Product Chemistry (awaiting)
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center - Pharmaceutical Science (Accepted)
virginia Commonwealth Uni - Pharmaceutical Science/Med Chem (awaiting)
Washington State Uni - Chemistry (Rejected)

Acceptance mail came on Friday but somehow I missed it. Stumbled on it yesterday, and Voila! a pleasant surprise, especially after seeing the demoralizing result updates of the elections and realisation of the trajectory of the future of Nigeria, on the way to electing a senile, insensitive, barely literate cattle herder with a dubious WAEC qualification that has no regard for the law or court orders. I want a better Nigeria, and that's not being selfish, and this election was an opportunity for the people to have made a statement but what do we have?

Anyway, I'm almost certain I'll be in the US this fall, haven't really decided yet, as I hope to get at least another offer, but doing Chemistry in the heart of the big apple is a fascinating prospect that I fancy, pretty much why I applied.

I didn't contact any faculty member by the way, I however corresponded with the program officer/coordinator especially since my GRE quants was below the required 50th percentile and he advised I should still apply. My GRE Chemistry was also abysmal percentile-wise, although I got a little over 50% of the questions correct.

I would say praise god or whatever if I believed in any of that. But it can't be only god and prayers that produce desirable results, however, I would still say I was quite fortunate this time. Being my third application cycle, first two were focused mainly at European universities. Serendipity, providence or whatever the nomenclature caused me to stumble upon this thread and blessed be the day that I read experiences of people here with funded offers, thus rekindling my aspiration for a PhD scholarship and directing my energy where the money is, the US.

Good fortunes to the fall '17 and '18 set who left their experiences here that are still of tremendous benefit to all and sundry, High Star for una!

Thanks to everyone who responded to my posts and inquiries and also those who aspire for an education by taking the GRE. You never know who you may inspire to dream again and go for opportunities for a better life.

Keep contributing!

Blessed be the ones that have contributed and still do here. Y'all should be President of Nigeria.

TL;DR Got a funded admission offer, the first after 2 rejections.

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Education / Best Russell Group Universities For Law by ahzassociates: 1:17pm On Oct 11, 2023
If you were a young person who occasionally clashed with your parents or other adults, you might have received advice at least once to consider becoming a lawyer. Some individuals choose to dismiss this suggestion, while others actively explore alternative career paths. Although the study of law is a compelling academic pursuit, the quality of your legal education significantly depends on the university you choose. If you're contemplating a career in law and have been diligently researching the best Russell Group universities for law programs, you've come to the right place. Here, we'll highlight a selection of law schools within the Russell Group.

Top Russell Group Universities for Law in the UK Below, we present some of the leading Russell Group universities renowned for their law programs:

University of Oxford The University of Oxford, a distinguished member of the Russell Group, offers well-structured legal curricula. The university's law faculty, one of its oldest, boasts a rich history dating back to the 13th century. Oxford provides a wide range of academic programs in law, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees such as the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) and the Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Law. The three-year undergraduate program equips students with excellent preparation for a successful legal career.

For those interested in specializing in specific areas of law, the graduate program offers various options. Additionally, the University of Oxford offers interdisciplinary programs like the BCL/MSc in Law and Finance and the MSc in Financial Economics.
Many renowned legal experts have graduated from the prestigious University of Oxford, which enjoys an excellent reputation. The extensive resources available to Oxford students, including access to the Bodleian Law Library, one of the largest legal study libraries globally, make it an attractive choice. Oxford law graduates often find themselves in high demand and excel in law firms, government positions, and academia.
Tuition fees at the University of Oxford for Law: Approximately £38,550.

University of Cambridge No list of the best Russell Group universities for law is complete without the University of Cambridge. Cambridge offers law degrees such as the Bachelor in Laws (LLB) and the Master of Law (LLM) at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The university also provides dual degree programs like the LLB/BA and LLM/MPhil in Criminology, among others.
Cambridge's extensive research resources identify students with the potential to excel in the field. Law students at Cambridge have access to a multitude of research opportunities and resources, including the university library. Graduating from Cambridge virtually ensures a bright future in the legal field.

Cambridge's law program combines a less theoretical, skills-based approach with traditional legal studies. The university's collegiate structure fosters a more personalized experience, allowing students to form close-knit communities and providing ample networking and mentorship opportunities.

Tuition fees at the University of Cambridge for Law: Approximately £24,507 to £63,990.
The University of Manchester As a prestigious member of the Russell Group, the University of Manchester offers rigorous and competitive legal programs. Pursuing a Master of Laws (LLM) degree at Manchester is an excellent option for those looking to specialize in specific areas of law, with programs available in criminology, international law, and human rights law.

Manchester stands out due to its faculty members' extensive expertise and robust connections within the legal profession, attracting a diverse student body from various geographic regions. Students benefit from networking opportunities with prominent figures in the field and gain insights from their experiences.

Tuition fees for Law at the University of Manchester: Approximately £23,500.
Heriot-Watt University Heriot-Watt University, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, is among the top Russell Group universities in the UK, offering a highly regarded law curriculum. The university offers Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Master of Laws (LLM) degrees, along with other undergraduate and graduate legal programs.

The three-year LLB program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of significant legal issues. Students can choose elective modules that align with their interests and career goals. Those interested in commercial and business law can explore Heriot-Watt University Law School during the one-year, full-time LLM program.

Tuition fee at Heriot-Watt University: Approximately £9,250 per year.
University of Glasgow Starting our ranking of the top law universities in the UK, we have the University of Glasgow. This university holds the distinction of being the fourth-oldest institution of higher education in the English-speaking world and maintains its membership within the esteemed Russell Group, a consortium of leading research-intensive universities in the UK.

The LLB undergraduate curriculum at the University of Glasgow offers a comprehensive education in fundamental Scots law concepts. Students also have opportunities for practical work experience in respected institutions such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, dedicated to protecting human rights, law centers, or even the Scottish Parliament.

For this task, you will need the following items or resources:
Software Quality Assurance (SQA): The user achieved the highest possible grades (AAAAA) in their Highers.
A-level qualifications with grades AAA

Tuition fees for Law at the University of Glasgow:
Approximately £25,290 per year.
King's College London (KCL) King's College London is a globally recognized university that attracts numerous ambitious law students. Situated in central London, this esteemed institution has earned a longstanding reputation as one of the world's preeminent universities. King's College London boasts a strong standing among employers, with its law graduates in high demand. Notable alumni include virginia Woolf, Desmond Tutu, and Peter Higgs, a Nobel Prize laureate.
The employability rate for KCL law graduates stands at 87%, indicating a significant proportion of students secure employment in positions requiring a graduate-level education. The university employs a comprehensive quality assurance process, including annual student surveys to assess satisfaction with the quality of instruction and available resources.
Tuition fees for Law at King's College London (KCL): Approximately £27,540.
When it comes to pursuing a legal education, there's a consensus that the best Russell Group universities for law offer the most favorable opportunities. These esteemed institutions boast a rich legacy of nurturing exceptional legal minds on a global scale. They uphold commendable teaching standards, and their graduates demonstrate notable employability, enhancing prospects for legal careers.
For those seeking a high-quality education and a promising path in the field of law, enrolling at a Russell Group-affiliated university is a wise choice. The universities mentioned represent a selection of esteemed institutions, and this list is not exhaustive. However, if you aim for the highest quality, consider these universities.
Is an LLB in the UK worth it?
Obtaining a law degree in the United Kingdom is a significant achievement and highly regarded. The program typically lasts three to four years, imparting a fundamental understanding of legal principles and skills, opening numerous job prospects.

What field of law is most in demand in the UK?
In-house counsel, commercial litigation attorneys, employment solicitors, property lawyers, and banking lawyers are among the most in-demand areas of law in the UK.

Do employers favor Russell Group universities?
Russell Group universities often collaborate with prominent legal employers, recruiters, and organizations, providing students with practical experience and networking opportunities. Consequently, certain businesses may prefer graduates from these universities when hiring.
Education / Re: Crisis Looms In Varsities Over Mass Exodus Of Lecturers by IbeOkehie: 12:25pm On Oct 06, 2023
Like I said earlier, you have valid points but the term "world class" is subjective. I graduated from Unilag and I presently live in an area that has 3 universites. Namely, ODU, NSU and EVMS in virginia. These universites are considered top notch but add all these universites together in term of structure, they are below Unilag. Our educational institutions need urgent financial interventions but still not the worse and our best will compare and compete with the so called world class universites in US and UK.
I used to live few miles down the road from Chicago state university. CSU is not bigger, not finer, does not have a better structures than Unilag. That is a fact

Unilag is NOT better quality than any of the universities you've cited. Unilag where female students have sex with university officials to get admission? Only the children of the RICH and POWERFUL can get into any desirable course like Medicine, Law, Engineering in Unilag.

As for quality of Nigerian students in general who perform well abroad...those students perform well DESPITE the horrible conditions at Unilag because they're innately intelligent and also for cultural reasons. In any case they don't actually EXCEL in the final output measured by innovation, intellectual property, wealth and jobs created by companies they've founded in the USA or anywhere else.

Have a good day.

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Education / Re: Crisis Looms In Varsities Over Mass Exodus Of Lecturers by Ayodeji2k14: 10:26pm On Oct 05, 2023
Like I said earlier, you have valid points but the term "world class" is subjective. I graduated from Unilag and I presently live in an area that has 3 universites. Namely, ODU, NSU and EVMS in virginia. These universites are considered top notch but add all these universites together in term of structure, they are below Unilag. Our educational institutions need urgent financial interventions but still not the worse and our best will compare and compete with the so called world class universites in US and UK.
I used to live few miles down the road from Chicago state university. CSU is not bigger, not finer, does not have a better structures than Unilag. That is a fact

But they have better facilities. Check that out

Education / Re: Crisis Looms In Varsities Over Mass Exodus Of Lecturers by nairalanda1(m): 3:23pm On Oct 05, 2023
Our universites are underfunded and that needs to change ASAP. The government needs to increase funding and the students need to bear greater burden too. Our universites needs to focus resources for optimal usage. Some discipline need to be phase out.
Our lecturers leaving Nigeria universites has nothing to do with structures. It has everything to do with better life. Nigeria is a hard place to survive and people will their chances the first time asking.
Teaching jobs rank among the lowest paid job even in America. An average salary of a teacher with masters degree in Virgina is $45k while a diesel mechanic without high school diploma makes $55k easy. I teach in community College in virginia and I had to leave cos the pay socks.
The truth we need to tell ourselves is government need to do more, students/parents need to do more and our universites administrators need to do more by judicious spending resources and cut out waste cos government does not have limitless resources.

Want better funding? Fees.
Want better funding? Fees.

Even for Nigeria to be better, tax to gdp ratio rising is one of the many solutions.
Education / Re: Crisis Looms In Varsities Over Mass Exodus Of Lecturers by xandy84: 3:14pm On Oct 05, 2023
Our universites are underfunded and that needs to change ASAP. The government needs to increase funding and the students need to bear greater burden too. Our universites needs to focus resources for optimal usage. Some discipline need to be phase out.
Our lecturers leaving Nigeria universites has nothing to do with structures. It has everything to do with better life. Nigeria is a hard place to survive and people will their chances the first time asking.
Teaching jobs rank among the lowest paid job even in America. An average salary of a teacher with masters degree in Virgina is $45k while a diesel mechanic without high school diploma makes $55k easy. I teach in community College in virginia and I had to leave cos the pay socks.
The truth we need to tell ourselves is government need to do more, students/parents need to do more and our universites administrators need to do more by judicious spending resources and cut out waste cos government does not have limitless resources.


Even then, our universities are underfunded, and lecturers are leaving our unis to the same universites that may not be 'up to Unilag status' because the pay is better, and crucially they have access to better research facilities and connections.

We got to tell our selves some hard truths.

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Education / Re: Crisis Looms In Varsities Over Mass Exodus Of Lecturers by nairalanda1(m): 2:56pm On Oct 05, 2023
Like I said earlier, you have valid points but the term "world class" is subjective. I graduated from Unilag and I presently live in an area that has 3 universites. Namely, ODU, NSU and EVMS in virginia. These universites are considered top notch but add all these universites together in term of structure, they are below Unilag. Our educational institutions need urgent financial interventions but still not the worse and our best will compare and compete with the so called world class universites in US and UK.
I used to live few miles down the road from Chicago state university. CSU is not bigger, not finer, does not have a better structures than Unilag. That is a fact

Even then, our universities are underfunded, and lecturers are leaving our unis to the same universites that may not be 'up to Unilag status' because the pay is better, and crucially they have access to better research facilities and connections.

We got to tell our selves some hard truths.


Education / Re: Crisis Looms In Varsities Over Mass Exodus Of Lecturers by xandy84: 2:52pm On Oct 05, 2023
Like I said earlier, you have valid points but the term "world class" is subjective. I graduated from Unilag and I presently live in an area that has 3 universites. Namely, ODU, NSU and EVMS in virginia. These universites are considered top notch but add all these universites together in term of structure, they are below Unilag. Our educational institutions need urgent financial interventions but still not the worse and our best will compare and compete with the so called world class universites in US and UK.
I used to live few miles down the road from Chicago state university. CSU is not bigger, not finer, does not have a better structures than Unilag. That is a fact


Even then, I still stand by my points.

Many Nigerians come and moan about how bad their universites are, and then when told of the financial and other implications to bring them up to scratch, they start shouting poverty.

It is either we want world class, or we accept our bad universities as they are and stop complaining.

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Education / List Of 15+ States With Best Public Schools Within The US by IKMULTI: 9:04pm On Sep 01, 2023

Education / Modernism In Literature | Characteristics, Movement & Examples 2023 by briansmith4631: 9:43am On Jul 10, 2023
Modernism in literature was a transformative movement that emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It marked a rebellion against traditional norms and embraced innovative approaches to storytelling. In this blog, we will delve into the characteristics of Modernism in literature and explore notable examples that exemplify this movement.

Rebellion against Traditional Norms:
Modernist writers defied conventional literary forms and challenged established norms. They sought to break free from rigid structures and experimented with new narrative techniques. Fragmented storytelling and nonlinear narratives became prominent features, reflecting the fragmented nature of society during that time.

Experimentation with Form and Style:
Modernist literature witnessed a bold exploration of form and style. Writers pushed boundaries by incorporating unconventional narrative techniques, such as stream of consciousness, multiple perspectives, and nonlinear timelines. This experimentation aimed to capture the complexity and subjectivity of human experience.
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Subjectivity and Consciousness:
Modernist writers delved into the inner workings of the human mind, focusing on subjective experiences and the stream of consciousness. They portrayed characters' thoughts, emotions, and perceptions in intricate detail, providing readers with a deeper understanding of their inner worlds.

Cultural References and Multiple Perspectives:
Modernist literature embraced a multicultural perspective, incorporating diverse cultural references and viewpoints. It reflected the increasing interconnectedness of the world and explored themes of globalization, identity, and the clash of cultures.

Examples of Modernist Literature:
a. "The Waste Land" by T.S. Eliot: This epic poem embodies the fragmented nature of modern life and explores themes of disillusionment and the loss of traditional values.

b. "Mrs. Dalloway" by virginia Woolf: Through the stream-of-consciousness technique, Woolf delves into the inner thoughts and experiences of the characters, revealing the complexities of their lives.

c. "Ulysses" by James Joyce: This groundbreaking novel follows the experiences of several characters in Dublin, using a variety of narrative styles and incorporating rich literary allusions.

d. "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald: Fitzgerald's masterpiece portrays the decadence and disillusionment of the Jazz Age, exploring themes of wealth, love, and the elusive American Dream.

e. "The Sound and the Fury" by William Faulkner: Through multiple perspectives and nonlinear storytelling, Faulkner explores the decline of a Southern family and its disintegration over time. Read More: wuthering heights summary

Modernism in literature revolutionized the way stories were told and challenged traditional literary conventions. Its characteristics, including rebellion against norms, experimentation with form, and exploration of subjective experiences, paved the way for groundbreaking works that continue to inspire and influence writers to this day. By examining examples of Modernist literature, we gain insight into the complexities and innovative spirit of this transformative literary movement..Looking for a reliable essay-writing service? AllEssayWriter offers custom essays, research papers, and more. Get professional help with your academic writing needs and achieve academic success.
Education / Re: I'm The First Male Virgin Graduate In The History Of Taraba State University by treatise: 5:56pm On Jul 07, 2023
A final year student has claimed to be the first male virgin to graduate from the Taraba State University.

He made the claim in a Facebook post on Thursday, July 6, 2023, after writing his final exams.

"The First Male Virgin Graduate in the History of Taraba State University. I come, I saw and I finish Intact. Na God Do wam. Congratulations to my humble self," he wrote.

If I see a virginia I dey know, but you no way
Education / Modernism In Literature: Characteristics & Examples by briansmith4631: 1:48pm On Jun 06, 2023

Modernism, an influential literary movement that emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, brought about a significant shift in the way writers approached and portrayed the world. This blog post delves into the characteristics of modernism in literature and provides examples of notable works that embody this movement. From experimental narrative techniques to the exploration of subjective experiences, modernist literature broke traditional conventions and challenged readers to perceive reality in new and innovative ways.

Characteristics of Modernism in Literature:

Experimentation and Innovation:
Modernist writers sought to break free from conventional storytelling techniques and experimented with form, structure, and language. They embraced fragmentation, nonlinear narratives, stream-of-consciousness, and other unconventional approaches to reflect the complexity and uncertainty of the modern world.
Read also about ap lang synthesis essay to become even more experienced.

Rejection of Traditional Realism:
Modernist literature often rejected the traditional representation of reality found in earlier works. Instead, it focused on subjective experiences, interior thoughts, and emotions. This emphasis on individual perspectives allowed writers to explore the fragmented nature of consciousness and the multiplicity of truths.

Fragmentation and Collage:
Fragmentation became a prominent feature of modernist literature, reflecting the fragmented nature of society and human experience. Writers employed disjointed narratives, multiple perspectives, and fragmented imagery to convey the fragmented and disjointed nature of modern life. Read also about pride and prejudice summary to become even more experienced.

Disillusionment and Loss of Faith:
Many modernist writers expressed a sense of disillusionment and loss of faith in traditional values, institutions, and ideologies. They depicted a world that was uncertain, chaotic, and devoid of meaning, questioning established norms and challenging readers to reconsider their beliefs.

Symbolism and Allusion:
Symbolism and allusion played a crucial role in modernist literature. Writers used symbols, metaphors, and allusions to explore deeper meanings and evoke emotions. They often drew upon mythological, biblical, and historical references to convey complex ideas and convey a sense of intertextuality.

Examples of Modernist Literature:

"Ulysses" by James Joyce:
Considered one of the greatest modernist novels, "Ulysses" employs stream-of-consciousness narration, non-linear structure, and a wide range of stylistic devices to explore the thoughts, experiences, and lives of its characters. Joyce's groundbreaking novel revolutionized the possibilities of narrative form.

"The Waste Land" by T.S. Eliot:
A seminal poem in modernist literature, "The Waste Land" reflects the disillusionment and fragmentation of post-World War I society. It employs a fragmented structure, multiple voices, and allusions to various myths, religions, and literary works to explore themes of decay, despair, and spiritual crisis.

"To the Lighthouse" by virginia Woolf:
Woolf's novel defies traditional narrative conventions and delves into the subjective experiences and thoughts of the characters. Through the use of interior monologues and shifts in perspectives, Woolf captures the complexities of human consciousness and explores themes of time, perception, and gender roles.

"The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka:
Kafka's novella portrays the existential anguish of Gregor Samsa, who wakes up one morning transformed into a giant insect. It delves into themes of alienation, absurdity, and the human condition, using a surreal narrative to explore the disintegration of identity and the breakdown of communication.

"Mrs. Dalloway" by virginia Woolf:
Another significant work of modernist literature, "Mrs. Dalloway" takes place within a single day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway. Through the use of stream-of-consciousness, Woolf presents the interior thoughts and experiences of the characters, while also exploring themes of time
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Education / Top 20 MBA Programs In USA 2023 by sajan840(m): 1:58pm On May 24, 2023
Are you looking for the best business schools for the MBA degree in the USA for the year 2023?

Here, I have made a list of 20 top business schools for an MBA in the United States which have been ranked by different university-ranking institutions such as
#1Universities Rankings – ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) 2022
#2 University Ranking- THE (Times Higher Education) 2023
#1 Global Universities- US News & World Report 2023
#5 World University Ranking- QS 2023
#3 National University Ranking- US News & World Report 2023

Now Let's look at the 20 MBA business schools.

1. Harvard Business School, Harvard University
2. Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
3. Booth School of Business, The University of Chicago
4. Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
5. Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
6. Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
7. Columbia Business School, Columbia University
8. Haas School of Business Berkeley Campus, University of California
9. Michigan Ross School of Business, University of Michigan (U-M)
10. Stern School of Business, New York University
11. Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
12. Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
13. Yale School of Management, Yale University
14. Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College
15. Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University
16. SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University
17. Kenan-Flagler Business School, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
18. McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin
19. Kelley Business School, Indiana University
20. Darden School of Business, University of virginia

Hope you find the right business school for your MBA degree. Visit here to learn more about these colleges in detail.
Education / Re: Paper Writing Service by Mason9: 5:07pm On May 22, 2023
Whether you are moving to a new city or state, buying or selling a car, or simply need to transport your vehicle for any other reason, knowing the car transport rates in Norfolk County will help you make an informed decision and get the best deal possible. Auto Shipping Rates Mecklenburg County, virginia
Education / Victory Yinka-Banjo Gets 19 Scholarship Offers Worth $5m From US And Canada by Hannaleeyah(f): 9:24am On Feb 11, 2023
One Nigerian teenager must feel like she has the world at her feet after receiving 19 full-ride scholarship offers from universities across the United States and Canada.

Victory Yinka-Banjo, a 17-year-old high school graduate, was offered more than $5 million dollars' worth of scholarship money for an undergraduate program of study, according to admission documents and estimates of financial aid awards.

"It still feels pretty unbelievable. I applied to so many schools because I didn't even think any school would accept me," Victory told CNN, relishing her academic prowess.

Born to Nigerian parents, Chika Yinka-Banjo, a senior lecturer at the University of Lagos, and Adeyinka Banjo, a private sector procurement and supply chain executive, Victory was given potential full scholarships from the Ivy League schools, Yale College, Princeton University, Harvard College, and Brown University.

Other US scholarship offers included those from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of virginia.

In Canada, Victory was offered the Lester B. Pearson scholarship from the University of Toronto and the Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow (KMILOT) scholarship from the University of British Columbia.

Their admissions processes are extremely selective," Victory added. "They only accept the best of the best. So, you can imagine how, on a daily basis, I have to remind myself that I actually got into these schools. It is surreal!"

Academic strides
A senior prefect during her time in high school, Victory rose to national prominence in late 2020 after she scored straight As in her West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Months earlier, the Nigerian teen had been rated as the "Top in the World" in English as a second language (speaking endorsement) by the University of Cambridge International Examination (CIE). Victory aced the Cambridge IGCSE exam -- acquiring A* in all six subjects she sat for.

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Education / Best Virginia Lottery Scholarships (you Have Not Heard Of) by Danielokeke40(m): 9:22pm On Jan 08, 2023
One of the first questions that might come to your mind is, are virginia lottery scholarships legit? If they are, how does it work?

First of all, we must tell you that lottery scholarships exist, and you don’t need to register with any money for you to be considered, you don’t even need to have the best grades, neither do you need to have any financial need to enter.

Click the Link Below to Take Advantage of these Opportunities


Education / Re: Teacher Shot By 6-year-Old With Gun In US Classroom by Benrosaria(m): 10:57pm On Jan 07, 2023
Straight up kid is joining the intelligent unit of the us army. Since virginia has a law that six year old are not tried as adults
Education / Teacher Shot By 6-year-Old With Gun In US Classroom by Antiochus(m): 7:57am On Jan 07, 2023
Police said the shooting was not an accident; investigators are working to determine where the child got the weapon.

A six-year-old student shot and wounded a teacher in virginia during an altercation inside a first-grade classroom, police and school officials in the city of Newport News said.

No students were injured in the shooting on Friday at Richneck Elementary School, police said. The teacher – a woman in her 30s – suffered life-threatening injuries.

Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew told reporters her condition had improved somewhat by late afternoon.

Police said the child had a handgun in the classroom and that they took that student into custody.

“We did not have a situation where someone was going around the school shooting,” Drew told reporters. “We have a situation in one particular location where a gunshot was fired.”

The shooting was not an accident, he said.

Investigators were trying to figure out where the child obtained the gun.

The police chief did not specifically address questions about whether authorities were in touch with the boy’s parents but said members of the police department were handling that investigation.

We have been in contact with our commonwealth’s attorney [local prosecutor] and some other entities to help us best get services to this young man,” Drew said.

The police chief did not provide further details about the shooting, the altercation or what happened inside the school.

Parents and students were reunited at a gymnasium door, Newport News Public Schools said on Facebook.

Newport News is a city of about 185,000 people in southeastern virginia known for its shipyard, which builds the nation’s aircraft carriers and other US Navy vessels.

Richneck has about 550 students who are in kindergarten through to fifth grade (10-11 years old), according to the virginia Department of Education’s website.

virginia law does not allow six-year-olds to be tried as adults. In addition, a six-year-old is too young to be committed to the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice if found guilty.

A juvenile judge would have the authority, though, to revoke a parent’s custody and place a child under the purview of the Department of Social Services.

A school shooting involving a six-year-old is extremely rare, said James Alan Fox, a criminologist at Boston’s Northeastern University.

Fox, who analysed school shooting data sets going back to 1970 from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security, said the data listed school shootings involving children ages seven, eight, nine and older, but not six-year-olds.

Another factor that stands out about the virginia shooting is that it occurred in a classroom, Fox said. Many occur outside a school building where students are unsupervised.

In 2000, a six-year-old boy fired a bullet from a .32-calibre gun inside Buell Elementary near Flint, Michigan, striking another six-year-old, Kayla Rolland, in the neck, according to an AP article from the time. She died a half-hour later.


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