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Religion / Re: Why Do Christians Worship On Sundays? by uthlaw(m): 4:24pm
Because they were instructed to do so on Fridays in their holy book.
But can Christians point out a single quote in the whole of the Bible where they are asked to go to church on Sundays?
you don finish talk!
Sports / Re: Lionel Messi Deserves To Win The Ballon D’or by OJEEMAH(m): 4:15pm

U are such a mad fool ....people like u live in one room apartment with ur smelly family....look at this sub human that can't enter places I enter , because of there are cheap phones and free data, u think u hv arrived.... with ur gateman papa and iya basira mama....u must be a fool
Your incessant bragging on this platform is beginning to make you sound too childish and immature

Baba nobody know you and your family here and as long as you don't feed nor pay their bills, nobody send if you dey do better than them.

Any small football argument, you don begin talk down on people as if you know them in person........Some of them might be doing far better than you in life but it changes nothing

You can actually raise your point to dispute his claim without trying to act like you know him and even his family.
Stones and bricks for both your interior and exterior building decorations.
0806 287 3386
Properties / Re: BRICKS,BRICK,BRICK TILES,BURNT BRICKS,RED BRICKS,FOR SALE IN NIGERIA. ✯✯✯✯✯ ☸☸ by brunofarad(m): 4:05pm
Stones and bricks for both your interior and exterior building decorations.
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Business / Re: Akara And Pap Business by Sirjendon(m): 4:05pm
I Intend starting this business soon but I need co-Investor. I have free accommodation. Chat me up If you are In Lagos or coming from other states.

Na my work be dat let's talk on it am going to show u, my pics then u see it for tru
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Dawn Of A New Era, AFCON 2022 And Qatar 2022 by andrewbaba44: 4:04pm
I hope Okoye's injury is not that serious.. Cannot imagine him and Osimehn missing the AFCON.. Very important players

We will miss osimhen but we will not miss Okoye

Na so una talk say we go miss uzoho then

Not that the Okoye is making Any important saves for us

Take this to the bank
Technology Market / I Need To Borrow Some Cash While The Person Hold My Laptop by iamjack0812(m): 4:00pm
please nairalanders am in a serious debt that warrants an urgent need of cash i swear as country dey hard like this no one can help out
so am using my macbook pro of 8ram and 500hdd core i5 version with mac OS Sierra as a collateral for the money for a month and half and i will collect my laptop back
i know interest can be added but pls it must be reasonable hence why am dropping my laptop with the helper
150k is my need pls anyone willing to help out can reach me on 07026567887 for more talk
Location is lagos only please.

NB: no one should suggest all this loan apps shark coz i dont wish my enemy any of those apps in anyway.
Technology Market / Re: Old Instagram Account Needed by Systrom(m): 3:56pm
I never said it had heavy engagements, I was pointing out that if I had a page that had heavy engagement and all that you requested , it wouldn’t even be going for the price the OP asked.

All my followers aren’t bots, half are real , and yes half are bots which I bought around 2017ish, before finally leaving instagram. It isn’t a force thing though , I no dey even sell instagram page , only saw OP specifically requested for an old instagram account with followers , I dropped mine , OP come dey talk make him pay half and SAPA talk, I run . It’s a mutual understanding.
Okay I get you now
Romance / Re: What Does She Mean By This by posty56(m): 3:51pm
I summoned the courage to talk to a lady She said she will 'pray about it' It's 5 days after now I haven't gotten any reply from her.
move on
Romance / What Does She Mean By This by Thisisa: 3:50pm
I summoned the courage to talk to a lady
She said she will 'pray about it'
It's 5 days after now I haven't gotten any reply from her.
Technology Market / Re: Old Instagram Account Needed by Poopypants: 3:49pm
All your followers are Arabs. Probably bought followers

I have a site that sells 50k followers for $50

But the followers are fake. And I don’t need that, so I can’t buy. I need real followers

Also, you said the page has engagement, how can I confirm that ? When there are no posts on the page. Everything is deleted.

Engagement means comments, likes, shares, views etc

A page with 32k followers, when a post is made, it should have up to at least 10k likes, to confirm the followers are real.
I never said it had heavy engagements, I was pointing out that if I had a page that had heavy engagement and all that you requested , it wouldn’t even be going for the price the OP asked.

All my followers aren’t bots, half are real , and yes half are bots which I bought around 2017ish, before finally leaving instagram. It isn’t a force thing though , I no dey even sell instagram page , only saw OP specifically requested for an old instagram account with followers , I dropped mine , OP come dey talk make him pay half and SAPA talk, I run . It’s a mutual understanding.

Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Celebrates 15 Years Of Blogging (Photos) by Indigbo: 3:43pm

If you observe well from her 1st write up u see the challenges of an average Nigerian entrepreneur without connection, you see that not all your business ideas cum business will make it till the end, you see that as an entrepreneur ideas doesnt come fully formed...lol I learnt this from Mark Zuckerberg and you can see the importance of a mentor from either someone you know or you look up to following their way of doing things by observing what they talk about. You see in itself that money is actually useless that the most important thing is looking for ways to create, identify, innate/ perceived value.. you might not believe this but if Elon musk donated all his wealth to charity he will still be among the world's richest men in 1 to 5 yrs cos he has developed the appetite of solving problems people shy away from..
And you have got to evolve overtime continue to do what works and discard what doesnt. And consistency is glaring from the above write up almost 2 decades wow..

Technology Market / Re: Old Instagram Account Needed by Systrom(m): 3:41pm
the talk for this thread don plenty pass .. anyone truly interested should call me .. wait you originally wanted to get an instagram page of 2013, with 32k extremely active followers and heavy engagement for 30k? shocked ..
All your followers are Arabs. Probably bought followers

I have a site that sells 50k followers for $50

But the followers are fake. And I don’t need that, so I can’t buy. I need real followers

Also, you said the page has engagement, how can I confirm that ? When there are no posts on the page. Everything is deleted.

Engagement means comments, likes, shares, views etc

A page with 32k followers, when a post is made, it should have up to at least 10k likes, to confirm the followers are real.
Romance / Re: Men: What Are The Sexual Acts You Think Ladies Should Stop During Sex? by Sanmel(f): 3:37pm
Funniest thing is people with small prick will still talk.
It could be small and better utilized than some long ones..

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Romance / Re: Apart From Sex What Else Do You Do With Your Partner? by ReneeNuttall(f): 3:33pm
Watch movies,play ,tease the hell outta each other.Quarrel and not talk to each other for like two days then settle again(after forming Sharon stone) and nack. wink
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 20 by Jay316: 3:33pm
I can’t even wait to connect. I no wan talk about the boredom here mk them no attack me say why I come grin grin.
hahahahaha.no worry we will form big happy family.
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Threatens To Arrest Zfancy After Pranking Him & Posting Unedited Video by Disclaimer12: 3:32pm
Oga professor know all, I don't glorify kids like u with a response !

Oga talk about wetyn u know, wetyn carry Michael Jackson enter here. Michael Jackson had a skin disorder not bleaching. Your ignorance self
Jokes Etc / Re: The X-Family°° IAAPMOO's chat room. by Magnoliaa(f): 3:31pm

I'm alright. I hope you are as well?

The young lady magnol*** has been mentioning me relentlessly on some other threads because I called her out here cause. And I chose to provide her my responses here.

Since she called me out for my post here effect, let her come over here and state her case.

I hope you understand now? Kindly stay yourself out of my mentions.


Of course, you'll always go back to swallowing your own vomits. You seee? Talking to yourself and dragging in the name of someone who has nothing to do with anything. That is how you ended up making a fool of yourself.

WHERE on this THREAD, did I call you out? This is about the THIRD post I am making on this thread. Is it a crime to write in my own diary? And did I lie? You'll make comments and then go back to modify them after you realize your fukups.

Oga, just know you CANNOT make me seem anyhow without my consent. The only image I have of myself and that I can control is by me.

If I call you out, shebi you don use your own mouth talk am now say NA YOU CALL ME OUT FIRST?? Why? Why?? Shey I will be on my own, jejely, you'll feel as if the next fun thing for you will be to be teasing and taunting me? I gave you series of call-outs in response now, you're crying that you don't want to engage me again.


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Technology Market / Re: Old Instagram Account Needed by Poopypants: 3:29pm
I wanted to call you now, but I just said make I check the list of followers, and a lot of followers are not real. Mostly Bots / Arabs / Asians

This would cause the page not to have engagement

What I can pay is 20k brother. If you are game, we deal now with Wese90
the talk for this thread don plenty pass .. anyone truly interested should call me .. wait you originally wanted to get an instagram page of 2013, with 32k extremely active followers and heavy engagement for 30k? shocked ..
Business / Re: Business Might Not Be For Everyone. My Bitter Experiences by PeaceJoyLove: 3:25pm
Most Nigerians are of the opinion that Business is the answer to the ever raising number of unemployed youths. What most doesnt know is that business too has its own challenges and not for the faint hearted. I would be sharing some of my experiences trying to do business.

**First Experience**
Growing up I've always been a lover of business, I remember after my secondary education I was given two options of university education or business. I choose business without batting an eyelid. I think it was during the early days of Goodluck's tenure when ports were closed so most importations where from Cotonou Port and the goods smuggled into Nigeria.

I gathered small capital with the help of relatives and would go to Cotonou to get male jeans and resale in wholesale to my customers in Nigeria, I went on a trip at least once a week which gives me an average of 30k to 40k profit per week because my capital wasn't much. I started with 200k and within a little over a year I was counting in millions before my legendary village people gave me a call.

My logistics agent put my goods in a vehicle transporting second hand tyres, which was intercepted at Benin and everything got impounded. After spending so much for the release of the goods it was released several months later only for us to meet goods not up to 10% of what was originally seized. It was devastating and I came crashing down to square one. All attempts to gather another capital proved abortive.

“Never Say I Failed 99 Times, Say I Discovered 99 Ways Which Causes Failure!” - Thomas A. Edison

Return to the drawing and write out all the mistakes you made in all the businesses you have failed. Then, sit down and draw out a plan how you would do it better. Try to find solution.

Note that, most businesses fail not because they aren't making profit, but they lack good cash flow. In Nigeria, many people embark on businesses with low budget thinking they can hustle it through. No, when you under fund a business, only goodluck can scale you through. It's called gambling. Not until you enter a casino you gamble. Even sports and poker betters who are good talk calculated risk which you cannot call gambling. When you understand the power of maths, statistics and probability, then you know when to go into something, when to pull out, when to not go into something, and when to stop to minimize debt. But in Nigeria, sapa dont allow people think straight. They continue hustling without any winning strategy.

Also, when you are inexperienced in a field, try to research it well. You keep depending on new people without record track to pave way for you in business. And I think you haven't learned your lesson. If another person comes tomorrow, you will believe him and jumo into the business just like you did in all your crashed businesses.

** Fifth Experience**
At home I took the remaining goods to the woman I bought it from and sold it to her at over 60% loss and gave my dad the balance, though he complained but I carest not.
Do not make people lose confidence in you. Your father will not grant you any loan or assist you again with the way you fumbled.

** Fifth Experience**
Even though I'm beginning to feel that business is not for me. I still want to try more.
I'm still broke and I've got more ideas though no capital but something keeps telling me I will get a breakthrough I business one day. I will still come back to testify here.
You need to know why you failed in those businesses and restrategize before you can return to testify. As I see it, you have not learned anything.


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Technology Market / Re: This Thread Is Only For Aliexpress Shopper by genius43(m): 3:20pm
this talk funny die.. singapore fast abi.

i have 8 more like dis

Like the other person that said a dispatched to overseas will take at most 2 weeks to arrive Nigeria.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by Swerveking14: 3:20pm
Babalawo pikin sef collect visa…wetin we come Dey talk. Even person wey never step foot inside church or mosque sef collect am.
I have always wondered if atheists get visas, out of curiosity though cool cool

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Health / Re: Mkpuru Mmiri: Drug Chaos In Igboland Escalates! by Ficient: 3:12pm
Igbo man na him talk say anything marketable na market
Business / Re: Football (+/Other Sports) Betting Season 15 by Miracood2(m): 3:10pm

30/11/2021 20:10pm is the day your bonus expires.

If you can roll over 3 odds 3 times today, no problem.

Not a must you do it in 3 days. And not a must you stake the whole money on 1 ticket.....you can spread your stake!!!

You talk too much just like symbool
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Looking For A Serious Relationship by goryorhal(m): 3:09pm

Hi what's up ? Can we talk
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread - Joe Biden’s Presidency by Ibime(m): 3:06pm

in other words he they pain you?

yeah, she has gone to Malta so is my dog.

again, as I said before, even if what you said is true, I am poor and everyone I know is poor, it does not me from having a good time. same time you are saying I cannot afford this or that, I am chilling enjoying myself.

if you are pained, you can take panadol. You go Malta, I don't ever see myself going there. so? But I can still come online and brag how my dog went there with no evidence.

So, you can brag all you like and talk from now till tomorrow but at the end of the day, you don't know me.

your daughter 5, traveled all those places just as my dog 2, traveled the same places. We are on nairaland and our fingers can make any claim our brain can come up with.

But I do know you. You are the type so beaten by poverty that when you travel to Lagos and eat a £20 plate of eba, you will be quick to make noise to try to show you are not an impoverished coōn, thereby proving the point inadvertently. If you are eating comfortably, you will not need to query another guy just being himself. Nobody queried your travel to VI, which you kept making noise about. A guy tell you to stop making noise with such paltry travels, you will say your dog also travelled because your mind can't fathom such a lifestyle. Many times I'm on Nairaland over the years, I'm posting from abroad and won't mention it, unless I run into a footballer or someone of interest along that line.

I'm pretty sure dogs can't travel easily, but just know any child of mine will always have a better life than you ever will, even as a toddler. You remain wretched to the point that demotion to your level will make some of us consider waving goodbye to this life. My daughter has been enjoying the benefits of having a father with means since the days she was born, and you are making noise about £20 plate of Eba and Lagos hotel.

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Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 6 by Afmaag123: 3:06pm
U don't need to respond to him dear.
I always look forward to your input cos its invaluable.
Keep up the good work.


Ok Sir, I will stay woke. I am trying to fully comprehend what you typed but it isn't really coherent. But whatever the case ,the main point is not to talk down on peoples questions. If you dont have an answer for them, just move along. Replying is not mandated and its not compulsory.


Family / Re: Her Mother Making Passes At Her Husband by Ficient: 3:04pm
Casually form a story about a man who was having an affair with the mother in law behind the wife's back, spice up the story portraying it's consequences to your friend and ask your friend how she feels about your story and from there, ask her if she can trust her husband with her mother.

Last last person like you go talk wetin you see.
Politics / Re: Ijaw Republic Flag Raised In Yenagoa by ThickSharon123(f): 2:59pm





Read till the end of this write up, and you see why Ijaws are for Ijaw Republic or nothing else. And it has fully started and we will start to fully stop all pipelines leaving Ijaw Republic territories any day after today.
And at the end of this write up, we raise the Ijaw Republic flag in all Ijaw Republic territories.

The Ijaw people have always lived all over the coast of West Africa. The Ijaw is no doubt the oldest tribe in Nigeria and one of the oldest tribes in Africa.
The name of the tribe was at first Izon, and due to the fishing nature of the Ijaw people, they were moving out and spreading out for greener pastures as their population increased.
And as they spread out, different sounds and words got into their different dialects of Ijaw, and made each to be little different from the next in the various subgroups and clans of the Ijaw Nation.
When the Ijaw National Congress INC was to be formed, different groups came and said that their first sets of ancestors where from the Izon.
These Subgroups that came were Ibani,Wakirike, Kalabari, Obolo, Engenni,Nembe, Ogbia, Abua etc.
The ones that didn't came, but their first ancestors were from the Izon are the Urhobo, Isoko, Efik, Ibibio, Ogoni, etc.
This is why today, the Urhobo and Isoko could understand each other fully, and they say they are different tribes.
The Efik and Ibibio say they are different tribes, but could understand each other fully too.
The Ogoni, was created from the Wakirike and Ibani Ijaw subgroups.
The Urhobo was created from the Mein clan, Arogbo clan,Ogboin clan, Tarakiri clan, etc.
When the whites came, the name of the tribe which was Izon was changed to Ijaw due to pronunciation problems by them.
Today, the name Izon which was the name of the whole tribe before have now been stereotyped to many parts of the Ijaw Nation, and not all, and these areas are the Ijaws of Ondo,Edo,Delta,and many parts of Bayelsa, and they are now known as the Izon dialect speakers.
Ijaw is now the name of the whole tribe.


The so called useless 3 percent they say they gave oil producing areas, it includes everywhere oil pipelines pass through, and everywhere that have refinery.

That means nearly all Nigeria areas will share it with us, and as far as Kaduna and Lagos will share that 3 percent with us.
Lagos state have crude oil, but are keeping it save, and they've used Ijaw oil money and built up Lagos, Kano and Abuja and are now taking the Ijaw God given wealths to go and build Niger Republic while fully neglecting the Ijaw Nation.


The Lovers of Ijaw Nation of which it's founder and first President is Owouwari Woyengitariebi David (General Ditari)
Is created to see to it that Ijaw Nation. Is united, organized, and balanced in all aspects and at all times, of which have different reps in each Ijaw clan in the organization, and is arranging to be under Ijaw National Congress INC, the INC are for elders alone, the IYC are for youths alone, the Lovers of Ijaw Nation Organization LINO, is for elders and youths, and from 18 to 70 can hold office in the LINO. The Constitution of the LINO will be created, by taking some part of INC Constitution and some part of IYC Constitution and also add other things to it.
It will be there in Ijaw Republic so as to see to it that Ijaw Nation is always organized.
Since the aim of the Lovers of Ijaw Nation Organization (LINO) is to see to it that the Ijaw Nation is always okay, the group noticed all the great errors, marginalization and unfair treatments being metted out on the Ijaws,
And the Organization came to conclusion that the best solution for Ijaws is Ijaw Republic.
And the Ijaw Republic Liberation Movement Militant Forces was arranged.
The group gave the Ijaw Republic documents to the INC President, and ask him to support the in all ways possible.
He told the group that he will, and later on, he brought the British leaders in Nigeria and gave them the Ijaw Republic documents saying that Ijaws are going for Ijaw Republic or nothing else,so that they know of it, and the British leaders have taken the Ijaw Republic documents back to Britain.


The Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC which is supposed to be for all producing areas alone, they are now politicalizing it, and adding different areas which are not oil producing areas.
Enough of this slavery pattern on the Ijaw Nation.
They try to bribe different Ijaws with the Ijaw own money, but where in the world can people be bribed with their own money, talk worse of little out of their own money?
Where in the world is it done?
Ijaw Republic or nothing else.
Enough of this nonesense.

Ijaw faces the hazards of crude oil alone, eg, the Nembe Oil spill still ongoing as we speak.
Or the oil spill at the Obolo-Ijaw area the other time, as we as many other Ijaw areas.
But others take the benefits the oil brings.


If you look at the oil producing areas in the world then you look back at Ijaw areas.
You will notice that the Nigerian system fully hate Ijaw.


Rwanda, the 51 smallest country in the world is 26,000 km² Bayelsa alone is 10,773 km² without adding the Ijaw areas in Nigerias, Ondo, Edo, Delta, Rivers and Akwa-Ibom States.
The 10 richest people in Nigeria, 7 of them have crude oil as part of their main source of income, and not even one Ijaw person is there.
When Ijaw alone produces over 90 percent of all Nigeria crude oil
So many crude oil wells belong to none Ijaw people, and they give different Ijaw people little out of their own money and they okay.
Enough of that nonesense we cannot be bribed with our own money no more.


King Jaja of Opobo was given a document from the Queen of England, saying that they are not coming to take over the Ijaw territories, but just want to pass through it for business purposes.
But they lied.


The so called 1914 Amalgamation by the British
The ones who signed that document not even one Ijaw person was there.
Ijaw never ever signed to be in Nigeria.

In the book written by Lord Lugard, titled " THE DUAL MANDATE OF BRITISH TROPICAL AFRICA he signed that the marriage of different areas together to form Nigeria is to last only for 100 years. 1914 to 2014. It has elapsed.
This is the same way they signed level of years for the control of Hong Kong and after the years elapsed, they left and freed Hong Kong from that their control.


The Ijaws are greatly populated
Only Egbema clan have over 350 villages and settlements under it and Ijaw have over 70 clans.


Among these Niger Delta groups call us the Fulani of the Niger Delta all because of the Balkanization of the Ijaw tribe.
When all Ijaw share perfect boundaries with each other, and are fully together.
Ijaw should be the second largest tribe in Nigeria and not fourth.
Ijaw is the second largest tribe in Nigeria after Yoruba.
The Igbo people, are not as populated as the Ijaws, it's because of their Central dialect they have and made them speak everywhere that made some think they are more than Ijaws, which is not so. Kogi state, is 508 km² bigger than the 5 South East States put together,and despite the small size of ibo land, Anambra state have Igala people in it.

Enugu state have Idoma people in it.
Abia have Aminadokiari (Ndoki) Ijaws that share close border with other Ijaws in Rivers State with it.
Imo have acculturated Egbema Ijaw people that are from Egbema that were balkanized into Edo and Delta states.
Ebonyi have different Cross River languages in it.
Bayelsa state is 673km² bigger than the Imo and Anambra state put together.
The people that they send to come and calculate Bayelsa, many of them were not Ijaws and we're afraid to cross waters to the different Ijaw towns.
So they calculated it by proxy.
If all Ijaws are in one place like the way Ibo are, and are their towns are not seperated by waters like the way all ibos are in one place, you will know that Ijaws are larger than Ibo.
Ijaw spread straight into more than six very big Nigeria states, without other tribes entering Ijaw centre while having different LGA in each of these states, and you don't hear of uninhabited lands in the so called Niger Delta like the way it is in the North.
Each of these Niger Delta states, while standing alone will compete in size with Kogi state that is 508 km² bigger than the 5 southeast states put together.
Ijaw have been overly marginalized.
They gave Bayelsa the only state Ijaw got among the so many Ijaw ask.
When it comes to population figure Nigerian States rig it because of political reasons.
The people who were supposed to count Bayelsans were afraid to cross Rivers, and they use 8 LGA eye and look Bayelsa.
Bayelsa is 673 km² bigger than Imo and Anambra state put together.
Bayelsa have 8 LGA these two have 48 LGA.
Bayelsa have 105 councillors these two have 632 councillors Bayelsa have 5 reps.
These two have 20 reps.
Bayelsa have 3 Senators these two of six Senators.
And it's Ijaw oik money they use in paying their politicians.
Population figures are being rigged in LGA headquarters.
If Bayelsa rig their population figure in 8 LGA headquarters these two will rig theirs in 48 LGA headquarters.
Ijaws are more than Ibo in population.
For the Hausa.
The Central dialect of the whole North is Hausa, including the middle belt, and the Middle Belt and the North East, are where the so called 350 tribes are mainly based.
All speak Hausa as Central dialect.
The down north have Mali people, Niger people, Chad people and Northern Cameroon people all claiming Hausa of Nigeria.
So Ijaws are more than them too.
If not for the acculturated Ijaws in Lagos. The Yorubas are not even more than Ijaws in population.

We've left the Ijaws in Lagos which are the Iganmu the Ijo-rah, the Oluwa, and the rests.
Till today the word Apapa does not have any meaning in the Yoruba language.
During the time that crude oil was not discovered, it was Groundnut from Kano that they export through they export then.
And the Ijaw people at the Apapa area named the place Apapa Port, meaning Groundnut port.
The name Eko was actually Uko.
It was an Arogbo-Ijaw village that was there which name was Ukoruama and Uko for short
They later currupted it to Eko.
Download the Picture of King Kosoko of Lagos and King Koko of Nembe-Ijaw and look the two dressings and you will see that it's same.
Even same stick in hand and same cap .
You cannot talk of true Epe history without mentioning Ijaw.
All our different Ijaw dialects have been acculturated West Africa wide, and till today, the Kru people of Liberia, Ivory Coast etc, are Ijaw close relations they agree.
Idumuogbo that means the land of the Idumu Ijaw people they corrupted it to Idumuagbo.
Same with Idumuota
Kirikiri which means land in Ijaw is not for Ijaws again.
Ijaws are truly one of the oldest tribes in Africa, and fully the oldest tribe in Nigeria.
We've fully left the Ijaws of Lagos for the Yorubas.
And let it be so.
But we need to remind them this as we leave for Ijaw Republic without them.
Like the way Isreal left acculturated Isreali in different Arab countries e.g Iraq and Lebanon.
And went to Republic of Isreal without them.

We've already given the Ijaw Republic documents to British leaders. Ijaw Republic is our home.
We've being cheated too much.
Southern Ijaw LGA in Nigeria's Bayelsa state, of 2680km² is bigger than half of Imo state of 5,300 km² and Anambra 4,800 km²
Just two of Southern Ijaw LGA cannot enter either Imo state or Anambra state.
Ekeremor and Southern Ijaw LGA put together is far bigger than Anambra state.
Southern Ijaw LGA have 176 towns, Koluama District 103 Oporoma District 73 making 176.
Southern Ijaw LGA of 2,680km² is 67 times bigger than isu LGA of imo state.
And it's Ijaw oil money they use in paying their.politicians. Imo produces 1 percent of Nigeria oil after Edo state number.
Ijaw Republic our home.
Southern Ijaw have 1 LGA, one reps and 17 wards.
Imo that is not as big as two of Southern Ijaw have 27 LGA 305 Wards and 10 reps.
Very bad.
And they use Ijaw oil money and pay them.
Ijaw Republic our home.


The Ijaw Republic we will see to it that agric is done in great quantity in all LGA, all states,all Constituency down to each ward level etc.
Be it fish farming, poultry farming or crop farming.
And the money will get to the real farmers.
And task force will be created to see to it that the farming are done and employments will be everywhere and crude oil will just be an added benefit.
Because country that don't have oil they use agric to survive and even export it
We will not export it but food will be everywhere in the Ijaw Republic and employments and unity everywhere that the Central Ijaw dialect formation will bring through the movie industry music industry and language teaching sector.
Ijaw Republic will be better than USA. Everything that made USA get there we will do it in the Ijaw Republic because great leaders that truly have the Ijaw Nation at heart are the ones that will rule, because Affliction will not rise a second time.
We promise the Ijaw Nation this.
The Lovers of Ijaw Nation Organization, will see to it that only good leaders rule d Ijaw Nation.
The Central dialect will make our Ijaw actors gain worldwide fame through the movie industry which will be watched worldwide through subtitles.
We need financial support from all Ijaws and supports in all ways to see to it that the Ijaw Republic is fully settled 100 percent.
Join the struggle and stand for your rights.
The September 1st Ijaw Republic declaration stands, and from Ijaw house after the 4th of December summit, we will give all people in the house the country flag and banner to hoist and paste in each clan of the Ijaw Nation and in all the Ijaw Republic territorial borders.

We have prepared it fully and now know how many pipelines are in each clan of the Ijaw Republic.
The Ijaw Republic Liberation Movement Militant Forces will be stopping all the pipelines in the different clans very soon.
We have our war camps in each clan of the Ijaw Nation and each compound, in each town, and each town in each clan will be donating food to the soldiers in their clans, forests, and same thing applies in each of the camps in each Ijaw clan, and all the weapons that were kept after the amnesty was created his fully brought out.
And even more and more are being manufactured in each clan of the Ijaw Nation for the clan soldiers in each clan forests to use.
We are stopping all pipelines that's all we know.

Ijaw Republic our home.
Forward it worldwide.

General Ditari Speaks.

This if funny grin
Politics / Re: 5 Things The Police Cannot Do To You As A Nigerian Citizen. by HedwigesMaduro(m): 2:57pm
Ironically, these are all what the Nigerian police are doing.

The Nigerian Police will arrest you because you look like you will have money in three years time.

The Nigerian police will arrest you because your papers are complete. “You wan show us you know the law baa? Take him to station. By the time we get there, you'll explain how you knew the law when you aren't a lawyer.”

The NPF will arrest you because a big man tipped them and told them he would like your girlfriend to be his. They will arrest you and charge you with illegal possessions of girlfriends.

The NPF will arrest you for being silent and neutral as to why you allowed a robber to rob your nextdoor neighbour without killing one. “You have the right to remain silent because anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law” is their favourite singsong even when you didn't say anything.

The NPF will arrest you for wearing singlet and strolling to buy bread at night. “You are under arrest for improper dressing. You dey find person daughter to rape baa?”

The NPF will arrest you for trying to save an accident victim about dying. “You are under arrest for killing this man unless you want to explain why everybody run commot here and na only you remain.”

The NPF will arrest you when you are doing your jogging exercise in the morning. They will say it is only the wicked that runs when nothing is pursuing them.

The NPF will arrest you for buying a car as a young man like me.
P: what do you do for a living?
Me: I'm a content writer.
P: na dem. Yahoo contents baa?
Me: no, sir. I write contents and get paid.
P: that's what I am saying na. You can write contents on Yahoo right?
Me: On Yahoo mails,yes, but not on fraud nor do I defraud.
P: it's the same thing.
P2: let me see your phone.
Me: why sir?
P: (slap gbas gbos) why abi? Na so una go dey theive upandan. Who get this car?
Me: (mid-tears) Sir...sir, that's my car.
P2: wetin dey this boy phone so? Wetin bi Upwork? Wetin bi Office? Oh na HK office una don dey use abi?
Me: Oga, that's Microsoft Word. This thing you guys are doing is wrong. I am a hardworking citizen. I am not a con artist. Perhaps, the police is supposed to be our friend.
P: my friend, shut up, I am not your friend, my friend. Ok, you are not a writer again na artist now? Constable arrest him.

...and when I try to resist arrest for my right, I receive slaps from the left and uppercuts. When I don't give in, my dear killer pulls a trigger from yonder. In the morning, you'll hear my headline: “It was a sad day for one Constable Abdul Adekunle Emeka, posted to the joint TF, Lagos, when a cultist, who is also a yahoo boy drove past the base and tried killing the policeman. Unfortunately, our brave inspector saw him in time and neutralised him...”

Commissioner of police will now give en talk ontop matter. Buhari will now talk..abi read Garba’s speech on the matter and encourage the NPF for fighting corruption and tell the EFCC to keep on with the investigation of the car I left behind. Two weeks later, EFCC will find two new AK-49 with live ammunition in it. The car will be confiscated. Next tomorrow, one oga son will repaint my black car to white and be using it to visit brothels and trade coco peacefully. When he passes check-points, he receive hailing and “show us love” from the loutish policemen not searching his car.

The NPF is not your friend.

Know this and have peace.

cc: lalasticlala, mynd44, Dominque, Seun

The NPF goes out of its way to employ the dumbest and most idiotic candidates into their ranks. The officer cadre is made up 80% of bums and tapdancers. The junior cadres are made up 100% of absolute retards, no questions.

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