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Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: Swan Beauty 1-week Free Makeup Training! by SwanBeauty: 4:09pm On Mar 14, 2013
Morning family! Bringing to you the plan on how the training would go! Like we said it's a full training not a workshop! So get ready to go back to school (if you are done with school) Heheheheh!
Classes commence on Monday the 18th of March 2013 by 10am prompt with a welcoming speech by the CEO Swan Beauty. Training starts (Theory with the given handouts) by 10:10am - 12pm and break for 10mins, theory classes with little demonstrations continues till 2pm.
Tuesday 10am tests on the theoretical aspects learnt the previous day by 10am - 10:30am, Practical classes begin by 10:30am with the teachers taking the lead, showing the students the 'how tos' of the different looks and giving them reasons and then students take over (under strong supervision by the teachers) till 12pm then break time for 10mins. Training continues by 12:10pm with the motivational talk by one of Nigeria's best, speaking on 'how to start and grow a young business' *keep your fingers crossed* . Makeup practicals continue from 12:40pm till 2pm. Wednesday and Thursday are practical classes continues with break time in between. Then Friday is the examination day when all the looks taught in class will be tested under strict timing.
N.B: Training materials will be provided for all to be used in class.
There is a good surprise for the best student the theory and in the practical examination.
There will be full photography coverage of all students' work. Have you registered? If not, call 08072240648 or add 25d30005 for details now! Limited spaces available!
Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: Swan Beauty 1-week Free Makeup Training! by SwanBeauty: 1:31pm On Feb 27, 2013
Swan Beauty is a registered and professional beauty company in Nigeria. We are set to empower young people who are interested in Makeup artistry through our 1 -Week FREE MAKEUP TRAINING. It takes place in the very heart of Lagos - Surulere between 18th and 22nd of March 2013 wink.
Learn how to carve the perfect brows, about facial structure and facial features, colours and combinations, different looks for different occasion, most interestingly learn how to tie the head gear (gele) with the advanced double gele style. You will be wowed by how well our business development managers will give you tips on how well to start up and manage your business shocked! Also get products that will help you either start up or continue well in the field at 50% discount! This is a great opportunity friends, maximize, it, tell a friend, a sister, a brother, a cousin, a neighbour and everyone who you know needs this grin.
Registration is N10,000. To allow for proper planning, kindly call 08072240648 for details or add 25d30005 for more details and for any questions.

Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: Swan Beauty 1-week Free Makeup Training! by SwanBeauty: 1:06pm On Feb 25, 2013
Hi there! I am Omosewa, I run Swan Beauty Enterprises. Has anyone ever told you that the business of makeup is expensive to start up? Guess what? They are right! But I am here to tell you that you can start from where you are! Don't wait till you have it all. I have been there and will tell you the story of how I started! Attend our 1-Week FREE makeup training, which takes place on the 18th - 22nd of March 2013 and let us teach you how to firstly professionally do makeup for anyone who comes your way and secondly how to make it through in this business! It's our own little way of empowering anyone who is interested in Makeup Artistry. Registration is 10k and that is to afford the opportunity of a conducive venue, training materials, refreshments, as well as discount on products that will help you start out on your journey! Pay to Swan Beauty Enterprises -0123632284- Gtbank and send your teller number and name to 08072240648, you'd immediately get the venue and your registration number. For more information, Call 08072240648 now!!! N:B : We uphold integrity in business and we assure you that you will get more from this than you imagine!
Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: Swan Beauty 1-week Free Makeup Training! by SwanBeauty: 12:21am On Feb 24, 2013
It is free friends! The Swan Beauty 1-Week Makeup training is free! The registration is to enable everyone have a condusive environment for learning, training materials, refreshments,and most of all about 50% discount on quality products that can get you started on the journey! It is a one whole week training, not a workshop! You have so much to learn! More to gain and absolutely nothing to lose! Hurry! Call 08072240648 now!
Fashion/Clothing Market / Swan Beauty 1-week Free Makeup Training! by SwanBeauty: 1:37pm On Feb 22, 2013
Are you an intending or a professional Makeup Artist and you want to learn and understand the 'Nitty Gritty' of makeup artistry and know about the latest trends and techniques in the industry? Here's your opportunity to take part in our 1-Week FREE training which takes place on the 18th - 22nd of March 2013. N.B: Extra gele classes and emphasis on double gele. Register now with N10,000 and get an instant 50% discount on all our various makeup products. Pay into GTBank-0123632284-Swan Beauty Enterprises. Send your payment slip number and your name to 08072240648 for seat number and reservation, so that we make adequate plans. Also come in with your payment slip on the first day of the training. Hurry! Limited spaces available! Visit http://swanbeautyplace..com Or call 08072240648 for more information now!

Fashion / All You Need To Understand About The 'eyebrows' by SwanBeauty: 6:37pm On Aug 28, 2012
The eyebrows are the curvy hair above the eyes, right on top of the brow bone. For some people; their eyebrows are thick and aligned or unruly while others have it sparsely. The main function of the eyebrows is to prevent dirt, sweat, and moisture from falling into the eyes and also to protect the eyes from sunlight. They also function in communication and facial expression like, amazement, sadness, and anger.

Eyebrows are a major feature in a woman’s face especially for makeup and several methods have been adopted to alter them like waxing, threading, and tweezing so as to enhance or accentuate the face. The most common of the methods is the tweezing where tweezers are used to remove or thin out the brows. Waxing makes use of the wax heated, spread on the part of the brow that wants to be taken out and the use of strip to pull out the hair from the root. Threading is where a cotton thread is twisted over the hair to take out the part that is not needed. Tiny scissors or razor blades are used alone or with any of the other methods to make neat the hair that has been pulled out. The process of plucking could be painful especially for first timers but after a while, the individual gets used to it. Some women totally shave off their eyebrows and leave them bare then they line them with a pencil or tattoo them, but this doesn’t look natural at all because that arched hairy part above the eyes are the natural enhancer of the entire look. The darker color of hair women have over the brow area, the more prominent their look becomes. Sometimes women have to strike with pencil or use an eyebrow shadow to fill up the brows to make it prominent if they don’t have it naturally or full enough. Eyebrows act as a vital part of the face. And can make a great difference between a beautiful woman and a beautiful ape, so it shouldn’t be totally taken out.

Everyone has different shape of brows that is unique to them. The most common types of eyebrows are:

Arched: This kind of eyebrow looks very thick and broad. It is a combination of the angled and curved shapes to create a softer feature than the angular eyebrows.

Angled: This eyebrow is the most outstanding of all the eyebrow shape. It has an obvious angular feature.

Curved or round: This is round shape of eyebrow. It has a slightly prominent arc. But the arch can be accentuated artificially by shaping or grooming the eyebrows

Flat or straight: These eyebrows look straight like they have no arch at all.

Sloping: This is a rare feature, a number of people have it, and the eyebrows are downward sloping towards the outer corner of the eyes. They have no obvious arc.

The shape of the face mostly determine the shape of the eyebrow and in grooming eyebrows, one should understand that there are different type of eyebrows that suits different facial structures. For instance; A round face will go better with an arched brow to create an illusion on a longer face, and a round or curvy eyebrow will suit someone with a long or oblong face. But it is found out that some of the time, round faces have the round features while long faces have arched features. The apple shaped faces or oval shaped faces can have any form of eyebrows because it suits

In application of eye makeup products, to the eye area, it is essential to know that for the Sloping and Straight eyebrow features, they have more narrow eyelids, so less is required for them, because depositing too much colors or different shades of colors will make the eyelid look too busy, thereby not attractive. While for Arched, Angled and Curvy, one could deposit or play around with colors (as much as blending is done) since the eyelid is wide enough.

Tip: For all the shape of the eyebrows, one can enhance the arc artificially when grooming the brows, because the arc gives the face a ‘lifted’ outlook.

Tip: In grooming the eyebrows, one should be careful not to make them too thin in the process of trying to get them to look exactly the same. In as much as they should look the same, the will never look exactly the same; they are only sisters not twins.

Fact: The eyebrows can have dandruff and as with scalp dandruff, flaking of the skin under the eyebrows can have many causes, from fungal involvement to psoriasis. Using shampoos as on the scalp could help, or a skin treatment prescription

The eyebrows must also be well taken care of especially because they help to give the face definition, recognition and a unique identity.
Article and Make up by:
Okubanjo Funmilayo Omosewa
For Swan Beauty

Fashion / Botanical Beauty - Tomato Benefits by SwanBeauty: 11:14am On Aug 14, 2012
Recently I have been wondering why tomato is such a super tasty recipe in making delicious meals, this prompted me to dig deeper into knowing the benefits of this fruit/vegetable.
It is not surprising to know that tomato is not only healthy for our bodies (good health), but also for our skin and hair because of its rich red colour and the softness in its pulp. Tomato is a very good source of vitamin C and Vitamin A, it helps to get rid of acne and promotes great healthy skin.
The acid in tomato helps to balance the skin tone, reduces excess oil, and fights against dull skin and acne breakouts.

Here are different ways you can incorporate tomatoes into your daily beauty routine for younger-looking and healthier skin:

Mash a fresh tomato and apply the pulp liberally to your face.
Leave on skin for about 30 minutes then rinse and moisturize.
Do this every day for several days and your acne will disappear.
For a quick pimple vanish, dab a bit of tomato paste on the spot.
This will draw out excess oil and lessen redness.

Cut a tomato in half and rub it on your face. Press into blackheads. Rinse and moisturize.
Yes that's all you have to do, so simple! Isn't it .Pay special attention to the areas, where you are prone to blackheads.
This is certainly the simplest of all the tomato secrets for you to try.
In particular, with their high Vitamin A and C contents, tomatoes have been shown to combat oily skin without drying it out.Also, to combat oily skin, mix tomato paste with cucumber juice and apply to skin as a face mask.
Let on for about 15 minutes before washing off.
Tomatoes is a good astringent, has cooling properties which helps to brighten the dull skin in a jiffy
and gives your skin a natural glow in an instant. While cucumbers contain potassium and vitamin E
which serves as a natural cleanser.
Tomato-and-avocado mask is great for combination skin (oily, normal, and dry) it combines the astringent,
blackhead and oil-reducing benefits of tomatoes with the antiseptic and moisturizing properties of avocados.
This super-rich mask also contains vitamin A, C and E, all of which are essential for healthy skin.
To make this soothing mask, mash tomato and avocado together in a bowl.Mix well and smooth on your face.
Rinse after 20 to 30 minutes with lukewarm water.

Make a mix of fresh tomato pulp with few drops of lemon. Apply this mix to your face and emphasize mainly on your nose, chin and forehead as these are the areas where pores are mainly at their largest. Let it dry for 10 minutes and then wash your face with water to shrink pores, and moisturize.

Mix honey and tomato juice and apply to your face and neck. Let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Your skin will be smooth and glowing!

If you want to lose weight, the important tip is to eat fresh raw tomato early morning everyday or
ten to twenty minutes before you eat, as this reduces your appetite. It really works!
And it stops the fermentation process through which sugar and alcohol is produced leading to more weight. Tomato helps to stop the process, and the result you lose weight!

Applying tomato juice or tomato paste to your hair enhances the natural PH of the hair and helps
in getting back its natural colour. Tomato acts as a conditioner and brings shine to luster less hair.
Squeeze 1 Orange and blend with 2 whole tomatoes, use it to steam your hair for 20 minutes, then rinse off.
To get rid of dandruff apply tomato pulp to your scalp and leave it for half an hour and then shampoo your hair.
This is a very effective way and time tested remedy to get rid of dandruff by using natural treatment.

Apply tomato paste on the sunburn affected area. Also the skin can be easily prevented from sunburn if you include tomato paste to your diet and eat it regularly.
It is believed that the nutrient lycopene in tomato helps to a great deal in protecting the skin against the harmful ultra
violet rays. Mix a tomato with some natural yoghurt for a great soothing and cooling mask. Use this mix not only on your face but all over your body to prevent yourself from sunburn.

So now that you know the infallible usage for tomatoes, I'm sure you'll do a quick fix on your skin in your kitchen while preparing that super delicious meal with tomatoes.

Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: Congratulations To The 2nd Half Of The Year 2012 Brides by SwanBeauty: 4:04pm On Aug 04, 2012
grin. Thanks. I am so grateful.
Fashion / Re: ~The Fashion Section Rules ~Guidelines & Queries ~ by SwanBeauty: 12:50am On Aug 03, 2012
Hello Admin,
I have a question please.I posted a topic sometime back titled 'Congratulations to our 2nd quarter brides' and it was immediately hidden. I read the rules and regulations, but I guess I skipped the part that you said a link should not be posted more than once. I figure that is why my post was hidden cos I had used the link with the previous post. So my question is, can I modify the post without the link and re-post? Or should I removed the link from the previous post and re-post this one with the link?
Kindly reply.
Fashion / Know Your Makeup Foundations by SwanBeauty: 1:48pm On Jul 26, 2012
The Foundation market today is saturated with many types and brands of choices ranging from
liquid foundation, cream foundation, stick foundation, cream-to-powder foundation etc.
To make it easier for you to determine the type that is best for you, we have placed foundations
into two(2) major categories;

Liquid Foundations: This usually offer a sheer coverage and provides a natural look. It is easy to apply
and fits like a second skin, They are available in Water-based (e.g Mary Kay) and Oil based formulas (e.g Black Up).
The oil free or water-based are best for those with oily skin and combination skin.

Cream Foundations: Their first ingredient is usually oil, then they have water as their second or third ingredient.
They are available in compact (e.g Sleek, Iman, Mary Kay, Fashion Fair, Black Up etc )or stick form (e.g Black Radiance, Black Opal etc).
They are very easy to apply and provide a creamy and flawless finish
and they are good for dry, ashy skin or aging and wrinkled skin.

So ladies, when you go to the market, do not be confused as to what type foundations to get for your skin.
Once you know your skin type, you'd be able to determine the best type. You might have brand preferences,
but your preferred brand will always have a range that caters for your skin type.

Still having issues or any question whatsoever about makeup, please talk to us on this platform or
give us a call or send an sms on:
+2348139291715 or +2348051317354 smiley
Fashion / Re: Foundation-which Is Better On Oily Skin? by SwanBeauty: 12:42pm On May 31, 2012
Hi there, I am a makeup artist, and I have been into it for years. I'd like to just use this medium to talk a little bit about the different types of foundation we have and how they are used. We have different types of foundations in the market, but I'd like to classify them into 2 which are; liquid foundations and cream foundations. Most liquid foundations are water-based and a few are oil-based, most of them are in bottles and tubes; examples of water-based foundation are Mary Kay, MAC, Black up etc, they all have their liquid foundations, while most cream foundations are oil based for example, MAC, Iman, Mary Kay, Black up, Black Opal etc. they are usually in compact or stick form and are usually referred to as 'cream to powder'. This invariably means that liquid foundations are best for those with oily skin while cream foundations are best for those with dry skins.
As for Mary Kay, they are have been in market for long, though the product has been adulterated, you can get original ones from approved distributors and I have been using them for years.
My reasons for picking Mary Kay are because it is non-comedogenic i.e it doesn't clog pores, It also gives a sheer finishing, i.e a light finishing, not too heavy nor cakey. It also keeps the face oil-free for about 4 hours.
Need to also point out that I have worked for clients who tell me that they react to Mary Kay, so as a make up artist, i have different products that suit different people.

Tip: Try a Mary Kay foundation and an Iman powder, the combination is Wow!
Also, if you want to buy Mary Kay foundation, I don't know what your complexion shade is, but I'm sure you are a Nigerian, so make sure it is the "Bronze" you buy, not the "Beige", because the bronze is the one made for black people it has a warm undertone.

Thank you.


Fashion/Clothing Market / Congratulations To The 2nd Half Of The Year 2012 Brides by SwanBeauty: 10:26am On May 31, 2012
Swan Beauty is giving a 20% discount off our service charges for the next 6months!

Isn't that awesome?

But you haven't heard it all - The bonuses we usually give still remains during
the discount so you have that much for your traditional and white wedding at reasonable amounts.

Don't know about our bonuses? Oh here they are:

Free pre-makeup consultation
Free eyelash fixing for the bride (optional)
Free head gear(gele) tieing and makeup for the bride's mother on the wedding day only
Free makeup for the Chief Bride's maid alone on the wedding day only

So why not give us a call on 08051317354 or 08139291715

Want to know more about us or want to see the pictures of some of the works we've done, please visit:

Looking forward to hearing from you. smiley

Fashion / How To Wear All Pink Outfit by SwanBeauty: 4:04pm On May 30, 2012
Okay these days, we find out that wedding colors are tending towards mono-chromes like blue on blue, silver on silver, gold on gold etc.... We want to show you how you can wear pink on pink and then combine it with a matching make up.
Imagine wearing an all pink outfit and having pink eyeshadow or lipsticks?

Why don't you take a clue from what we have on our model... We gave her a blue base shadow, with light touch of silver and then finished it up with a pale pink lip gloss. Instead of a pink base blush, we played around more with a bronzed blush to accentuate her lovely cheek bones. smiley
Just take a look @
Fashion/Clothing Market / Swan Beauty by SwanBeauty: 7:49am On May 24, 2012
For some lovely beauty tips, pictures and make up techniques; you can log on to


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