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Business / Re: Buy Quality Reviews & 5 Star Rating To Your Fiverr Account Today ! by taiwofawole: 3:10pm On Jul 06, 2023
Introducing Our Premium Fiverr Reviews: Elevate Your Business with Authenticity and Excellence!

Education / Re: Oauhistory – How The Famous “motion Ground” In OAU Got Its Name by taiwofawole: 2:46pm On Apr 10, 2023
Seun nlfpmod rocktation OAM4J Disguy justwise farano lalastical

frontpage worthy ! Great ife i rep
Webmasters / Re: Everything you need to know about Blogging/website + Google adsense In Nigeria by taiwofawole: 11:06am On Jan 30, 2023
Good morning world
Business / Re: This Thread is meant for Client Reviews & Testimonials About Kennietech by taiwofawole: 10:19am On Oct 18, 2022
He is very good at what he does. I have tried their services and got the best result.

Thank you for you patronage
Pets / Re: Please What Breed Of Dog Is This ? by taiwofawole: 5:46pm On Oct 06, 2022
The breeder said it’s Lhasa but one of the grand parents is Eskimo. Someone said it’s Ekuke that bred it

lol , I got a similar dog like that to before


Career / Re: Please I Urgently Need Advice by taiwofawole: 5:01pm On Oct 04, 2022
Blogging isn’t bad , considering dollar rate .

Good day , so my thread with the same topic created in 2017 with over 30k views and 500 comment was deleted due to some reason best know to NL and their mods , so I’m creating a new one here . Basically I would be highlighting the cost of creating a website/blog in Nigeria .

[Existing bloggers/website owners should drop their website for review , I will giving you tips on how to improve your traffic , how to get google adsense and how to earn more , also sharing some useful premium plugins with you , Before you drop your url , take out time to read this piece]

The world is revolving , everything is getting digitalized , having a website for your business can not be over emphasized ,
The today’s cost of creating a website ranging from E-commerce , Blog , real estate , VTU portal , Coperate , courier, multivendor , portals and many others in Nigeria is within the range of [30,000 - 500,000] .. Kindly contact us at Kennie tech today (www.kennietech.com.ng)

Before I proceed , do you need a business website , VTU , E-commerce , Real estate .. We can help you design whichever type of website you want to create , Just reach me via the number below my signature or +2347083946059

Blogging in Nigeria

Unlike every other business , Blogging is one of the most profitable business that the economy recession does not affect , NCC recorded over 105 million active Nigerian users on the internet , which means recession does not affect blogging , regardless of how broke Nigerians are , we will still visit the internet .
Just like every business once you lack proper understanding and strategy, you end up going the wrong way .. Before i continue I'm a Web consult | Business Strategist | Business consultant | Web developer | Web manager | CEO of Kennie Tech , get in touch with us via kennietech.com.ng

Okay , Let’s continue , You will Agree with me that we have many bloggers , over millions , but only few succeed , why ?? because they understand every necessary thing needed , Mind you , Blogging is just like any other offline Business, If you are not ready to spend & investment then I'm sorry to say "You might be one of the , I want to sell my blog" Type of bloggers.

I can not guarantee how much you will be earning per day, But I can assure you , you will recover back your initial capital within a short period of time depending on your plans ..

Analysis of how to monetize your blog

After creating a blog , make sure your design is perfect , create all the necessary pages like (about us , privacy policy , contact us , e.t.c) , Opt in for the following in monetization of your Blog

1) Google adsense
2) Affiliate marketing (Depending on your niche)
3) Member subscriptions

Now , you need to blog for money , that is why you must think in a way others are not . Think like it’s a business .

According to AdSense , Nigeria is one of the country with the lowest CPC , Nigerians are not really favoured when it comes to Adsense ..for every click on your adsense account from a Nigeria User you might end up earning ($$0.01 - 0.07) But talking of countries like USA , UK , south Africa , Canada .. You get as low as ($1 - $10) depending on your niche , keyword ,search visibility , i know you are getting confused , You can call me for better explanation +2347083946059

Now here is a strategy from me , oh before i forget "I'm Business Strategist | Business Consult , i can raise your dead business all you need to do is get ready to spend"

Be prepared to Spend on Ads , trust me with a Good strategist like me , you will always get high return in your earning from Ads , Many people just don't really understand how it should done that is why you end not getting the advert impression you wanted , I can help you in running Ads for desired countries, interest e.t.c and be rest assured to get double folds .. So , i can not disclose my strategy here , But a wise person should already get the concept of how you can earn over $50 from AdSense in a day ..

Imagine you have 5,000 Page view daily,
2500 from Nigeria , 2500 from Top country with High CPC from Adsense as a result of our Facebook ads and some other means lipsrsealed not disclosing
Imagine You have 100 clicks from Nigeria (Ctr 1% , CPC= 0.10)
Your total earning should be in the range of ($10 - $20)
Now having 50 clicks from Top country with high CPC (Ctr 1% CPC =$1- $2) that is ($50 -$100 ) Depending on your facebook ads Budget ... I hope somebody is smiling cheesy .. In a day you tend to earn over $60 - $70 provided , ($1800 - $2100) in a month , Now remove your adverts budget , web space fee , other payments , You should be left with at least $1000 as personal Gain ... Mind you , adsense is not the only way of monetizing your blog , But it is the major way ... Other forms of monetization include affiliate marketing , Offline adverts e.t.c , Get prepared to earn over $3000 in all ..

Here is a breakdown of how much you should be spend in setting up your standard Blog

1) Domain - Depending on your extension and country of purchase .. Either you opt in for a Nigerian Registrar or Foreign Domain Registrar , (Just like you know , Anything Nigeria is not always the Best Idea , but preferably they could be managed for a start) So , depending on your financially capability and how well you believe in this business, You can either choose between a Nigerian Registrar and Foreign Domain registrar ..
Talking of Foreign Registrar .Com ($10 - $15) depending on the registrar, I recommend www.Godaddy.com. you can check out their pricing list
Talking of Nigeria Registrar .Com (3500 - 4500) depending on the registrar as well , for Nigeria , i recommend www.whogohost.com
Now , after buying your domain , Congratulations , you are now a CEO grin,

2) Get a WordPress Hosting Plan , like stated above , you have to choose between a foreign Hosting registrar and Nigeria as well (For a Nigeria Hosting plan be prepared to experience downtime , your website might go off for couple of hours without any tangible reason) For a foreign Registrar I recommend www.bluehost.com ($2.5 -$7 per month) depending on your website purpose , I have over 10 websites with them and perfectly fine , for Nigeria , I recommended the same www.whogohost.com (400 -2500)

Incase you need a foreign host , I have a blue-host business pro shared hosting , I can help you host your website for 10,000 - 15,000 per year depending on what your website is about
I can also help you make payment for foreign transactions

3) Development & Design - After getting this two, approach any Good WordPress Develope like me grin , Trust me a professional wordpress designer (SEO optimized ,easy AdSense approval , Mobile friendly ) will charge you nothing less than (#30,000 - #250,000) Depending on what you want, But you can contact me for further details +2347083946059.. .

4) Get AdSense - Google Adsense is no doubt the most reliable and used monetization program , you can be rest assured that you are definitely getting paid for everything you earn . Getting google adsense might be tough which is why you need a very good developer that understand the concept like me

5) Extra ways to get income. -Register for some affiliate marketing programs , Employ Good Content writers and watch as your investment grows !! .. I hope i was able to inspire someone , Drop a review about Me here if this post was helpful


I’m Web designer| social media strategist | Business strategist | Business Consultant ...Drop ur blog URL , I would give an overview of blog( pros and cons ) , would also give you some free advice to increase ur traffic and rank higher in searches . You can reach me via the number below my signature or +2347083946059

Visit my website to read some useful tips www.kennietech.com.ng


Business / Re: This Thread is meant for Client Reviews & Testimonials About Kennietech by taiwofawole: 9:04am On Oct 03, 2022
A beautiful Monday morning to you all !

Business / Re: Do You Need To Pay In Dollars($) , Let’s Kennietech Help You Out by taiwofawole: 9:02am On Oct 03, 2022
Good morning beautiful people ! Before you contact us kindly Check our review . We are one of the most trusted IT brand on this forum

Webmasters / Re: Help, In Dire Need!!! Wordpress Affiliate plugin that supports Nigerian Banks by taiwofawole: 8:19am On Oct 03, 2022
I need help. I have a Woocommerce website, but I also want to incorporate Affiliate plugging that allows Nigerians get commission for selling my products.

Are there plugins that support Nigerian Affiliates and Banks.

I should be able to help you if you explain this clearly
Business / Re: Dollar Virtual Card by taiwofawole: 4:45pm On Oct 01, 2022
Where can I get a virtual dollar card at the rate of 600 a dollar am in urgent need of it

Virtual card dollar rate are always equal or high than Black market rate
Business / Do You Need To Pay In Dollars($) , Let’s Kennietech Help You Out by taiwofawole: 8:08am On Sep 30, 2022
It’s no news that most Nigerian cards can’t pay more than $10. Do you want to buy or pay for a service online, and you can’t do it with your naira master card? Kennietech is here for you. We can help you pay for any given transaction online, ranging from $5 - $10,000. We are reputable and trusted by top-notch members on this forum; our testimony speaks volumes of us https://www.nairaland.com/6775085/thread-meant-client-reviews-testimonials

Contact us today for any international payment via PS - via call/whatsApp +234708394605nine or info@kennietech.com.ng]
Business / Re: This Thread is meant for Client Reviews & Testimonials About Kennietech by taiwofawole: 1:15pm On Aug 29, 2022
Kennie Tech thank you very much for redesigning my website to the level I so much like now.

Kennie Tech is cool and patient with customers. I like working with them.

you are welcome sir
Career / Re: Intent On Going Back To My Previous Job by taiwofawole: 9:04pm On Jul 12, 2022
Career / Re: Intent On Going Back To My Previous Job by taiwofawole: 9:04pm On Jul 12, 2022
Business / Re: What Business Can One Start With #10m? by taiwofawole: 2:15pm On Jul 12, 2022
Business / Re: This Thread is meant for Client Reviews & Testimonials About Kennietech by taiwofawole: 9:47am On Jul 10, 2022
Good morning world !
Pets / Re: My Beautiful Male Eskimo is Available For Stud (mating) . by taiwofawole: 9:46am On Jul 10, 2022
Another beautiful morning
Education / Re: How Do I Teach Little Children Coding? by taiwofawole: 5:53pm On Jul 06, 2022
Business / Re: This Thread is meant for Client Reviews & Testimonials About Kennietech by taiwofawole: 10:15am On Jul 06, 2022
He's advised and mentorship was the driving force that set my career today

Thank you sir for the review
Pets / Re: My Beautiful Male Eskimo is Available For Stud (mating) . by taiwofawole: 10:15am On Jul 06, 2022
Good morning world
Pets / Re: My Beautiful Male Eskimo is Available For Stud (mating) . by taiwofawole: 10:12am On Jul 05, 2022
Good morning
Business / Re: List Any Business Idea For (stay At Home) Lady by taiwofawole: 10:08am On Jul 05, 2022
Please tell me any low budget business idea for ladies that you know.

I know selling online, but which other one do you know apart from that?

If she enjoys writing , blogging isn’t bad

1 Like

Business / Re: What Bank's Debit Card Is Currently Working On Google Play Store. by taiwofawole: 3:46am On Jul 04, 2022
I've tried several Bank cards MasterCard and visa none is working I can't even register it.

I can help you pay for it
Business / Re: This Thread is meant for Client Reviews & Testimonials About Kennietech by taiwofawole: 3:48pm On Jul 01, 2022
Great guy! Had to urgently fix some things on my site, came in and got the job done seamlessly.

Definitely doing more business with him and I can boldly recommend him to anyone.

Thank you sir , Looking forward to working with you boss
Webmasters / Re: Please Adsense Is Making My Forum Site To Loose Mobile Shape by taiwofawole: 8:18am On Jun 30, 2022
Hello please, webmasters in the building , I just got approved in Google adsense recently. Before ads start appearing on my forum my forum was good in mobile view but ever since ads started showing up, my site mobile view started being wide than screen shape . Please what should I do

You need to turn off auto ads and customly place the ads
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Gotten A Good Job From Nairaland? by taiwofawole: 1:20pm On Jun 28, 2022
Webmasters / Re: Please How So I Get Adsense Approval? by taiwofawole: 12:38am On Jun 26, 2022

Do they make it difficult for Nigerians to get accepted like they do before?

Then, you will apply a thousand times as a Nigerian, but you won't be accepted. But once you apply for uk or us, instant approval.

Hope you get my point

Yes , honestly they do . Getting a UK adsense is one of the easiest thing to do …
Webmasters / Re: Please How So I Get Adsense Approval? by taiwofawole: 7:48am On Jun 25, 2022

what are the methods for getting adsense approved?

I have an old blog,

will using it increase my chances for adsense approval?
80% if genuine and quality content . Then the remaining 20% are basic things like the compulsory pages (about us , contact us , disclaimer , privacy Policy E.t.c) then some little trick here and there

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