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Travel / Re: Global Liveability Index 2024: Lagos Ranked 170 Out Of 173 by TheBillyonaire: 2:20pm
The mistake you black people make is assuming that a whiteman will tell the world that black nations are liveable. To even give gas to the metrics is a template for classified ignoramus.
Romance / Re: Help! "I Am In Love With My Late Brother's Wife" by TheBillyonaire: 10:57am On Jul 17
You should have married another lady and still keep her for yourself as a legitimate lover. You are missing out on an extra pussy. grin

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Agriculture / Re: Agro Business! Can You Buy This Cow 6Billion Naira? (pix) by TheBillyonaire: 2:33pm On Jul 15
Biologics Equity?

I hope it doesn't die before a major trade proposal. One would be cleaned out.

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Religion / Re: How I Started Praying/speaking In Tongues. (my Experience) by TheBillyonaire: 4:59pm On Jul 14
The physics of your activation is straight-forward, you sang in prime resonance frequency of happiness, usually gamma wave spectrum, then you tuned to theta in your worship tunes and that usually weakens the physical body and keeps the mind hyperative. In essence you create a portal environment and channel information from a source outside of known human spectrum.

The utterances you call 'tongues' could also be audible spectrum chant that tunnels activations of vibrations of either good or bad.

It is not God, it is the machine programming of God's Universe. You are channelling ignorantly.

If it is not giving you money, it is useless in this realm. We are all great outside of here sp why fret about the journey when you can fucck things up here and be entertaining.

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Crime / Re: Court Sentences Six For Internet Fraud In Calabar by TheBillyonaire: 2:23pm On Jul 13
If there are no yahoo boys anymore, what will the EFCC be doing?

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Religion / Re: Your Husband Is Not Your Friend, He Is Your Owner - Pastor by TheBillyonaire: 9:26am On Jul 04
Bride Price = Cost of Bride (usually a symbolic amount), some places take 'Labor Fee' in addition to the bride price money, so it actually is a transaction.

Then the woman's takes the man's name, this is change of name. In transactions, your item is sold to your name, Naming it after you means it officially yours. Woman moves over to man's house, in transactions you take your property.

I had no idea that I owned my wife. I will love her the more, but I wont tell her that I own her, even though I now know. It just makes her truly mine.

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Properties / Re: ‘many Structures Will Go Down’, Lagos Blows Hot Over Flood by TheBillyonaire: 8:48pm On Jul 03
The challenges faced by Lagos State are exacerbated by its leaders attempting to address ecological disadvantages from a limited perspective. As a coastal state with a significant horizontal expanse along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline, Lagos requires thoughtful, proactive solutions rather than reactive measures.
It is crucial to consider the vertical connection between the city's landmass and the ocean. Developing extensive flood channels that link these verticals would facilitate floodwater dispersal into the ocean, significantly mitigating the risk of floods. This strategic approach should guide any necessary demolitions and urban planning initiatives.
Rather than resorting to threats and aggressive rhetoric, the State Government should engage in a collaborative dialogue with citizens. This dialogue should involve acknowledging past planning missteps, outlining a clear vision for the future, and demonstrating a commitment to prioritizing the well-being of residents and visitors alike.
In light of these concerns, it is our recommendation that the current Commissioner be replaced with someone who possesses the emotional intelligence and strategic foresight needed to guide Lagos State towards a more sustainable, collaborative, and prosperous future.

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Travel / Re: Air Europa: Passenger Trapped In Overhead Bin In Flight Turbulence; Many Injured by TheBillyonaire: 3:48pm On Jul 02
Boeing latest flight Software program makes their plane to noise dive. If you care about your life, do not fly in boeing planes. Boeing has been hijacked by bad entities.
Family / Re: Marriage Covenant: Relevance & Impact On Marital Success - SureHome June 2024 by TheBillyonaire: 4:22pm On Jun 30
Seun you promised to modify and update this your forum still nothing come out

You just dey behave like Tinubu promise and fail

He has been paid for the Ads, so he needs to post it and earn his income before logging out and heading straight to X to infect that side with his 'amazing' ideologies.
Romance / Re: Cia's Astonishing Takedown Of Nigeria's Political And Economic Landscape! by TheBillyonaire: 4:03pm On Jun 28
CIA aka Zionic Jews
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 117 Suspected Internet Fraudsters In Lagos by TheBillyonaire: 10:46am On Jun 28
I do know why someone will prefer to be a yahoo boy instead of a bandit herdsman. One is legit and protected the other is not.
Business / Re: Karu Market Abuja On Fire by TheBillyonaire: 9:53pm On Jun 27
When will Aso burn?

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Romance / Re: This Married Man Has Been Disturbing Her To Get Down With Her, But She's Afr.... by TheBillyonaire: 9:49pm On Jun 27
Ask the man for 4m, he will run.


Crime / Re: EFCC Officials Invade Hotel In Lagos, Slap Manager (Video) by TheBillyonaire: 7:32pm On Jun 27
Until an EFCC official is killed, this will continue. I have hot temper.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenyan Police Officers Arrive In Haiti by TheBillyonaire: 7:01pm On Jun 26
So in essence white people have contracted blacks to kill fellow blacks for them to mine Haiti resources

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Celebrities / Re: “I Denied Davido Access To My Body, Not Our Daughter Imade” – Sophia Momodu by TheBillyonaire: 10:11am On Jun 26
It;s okay to fucck her once in a while for the level of expense he is making for 'Imade'. Cos the only occupation that Sophia has is called Imade,


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Imagine This Happening To You At Your Workplace, What Would You Do? by TheBillyonaire: 9:54am On Jun 26
You should expect a query, for using company computer to access your private mails. The company has right to access their computer and the work you are paid to do remotely. The company does not need your approval to access their computer. You are a resource, if you do not work, another human resource will work and get paid.
Agriculture / Re: How Palm Oil Is Produced In South Eastern Nigeria (video/pictures) by TheBillyonaire: 12:07pm On Jun 25

See fool. U didn't know all this one when u voted for a cursed person all in the name of awa lo kan? U are a real nonentity. As the thing now turn to poison for ur belle u want to blame white man that will simply use ur stupidity to benefit his own people. U must be madd

Politicians are not your problem. You are simply from a failed home. I do not vote and I am comfortable with the performance of all politicians, cos my State is amazing. We are comfortable. So take your stupidity out of here. I am just calling stupid, stupid when I see it.
Agriculture / Re: How Palm Oil Is Produced In South Eastern Nigeria (video/pictures) by TheBillyonaire: 11:59am On Jun 25

Who will u blame if an enemy can use u against urselves. Abeg jare. We are to blame.

White man is not good but the dream of every Nigerian now is to japa.

The westerners are not your enemy. You economic migrants are simply stupid. And ignorance leads to defeat. A wise man knows the value of mind protection as well as physical survival in a multiplayer reality construct. You chose to be slaves to a system carefully designed to entice you out of your wealth leaving a vacuum for outsiders who can see the gold you are too blind to see, cos you think you are suffering. Yet they suffer more, that is why they came. While you travel for easy life, they come in for what you call tough life.

Who is your enemy now ? You.
Agriculture / Re: How Palm Oil Is Produced In South Eastern Nigeria (video/pictures) by TheBillyonaire: 10:35am On Jun 25
Hope fulani terrorists that Tinubu has agreed with will not burn down the farms. They want Nigerians to starve to death. They are using hunger as a weapon

The Fulanis are just field marshalls, the entire farm destruction strategy is a western template. The immune system of the Africans are understood to be very potent and our food is the major defence against bioweapons that is designed to depopulate the continent. So it was agreed that our food supply be destroyed and GMO products introduced to lower our immunity system so that the bioweapons can take us out.

The reason that Africans are to die is because the continent is the raw materials reserve of the planet and Africans are gamed against knowing how to process their own resources and are programmed to not access all his territories but encouraged to migrate out so westerners can have a field day.

And any young African being wealthy must be investigated so he wouldnt channel his resources to discovering the wealth in mining and manufacturing.

If Africans know what they have, they will build factories in their villages and defend their lands, crops and minerals.

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Agriculture / Re: How Palm Oil Is Produced In South Eastern Nigeria (video/pictures) by TheBillyonaire: 10:29am On Jun 25
This is domestic production mostly for subsistent usages. Most of the mills have separators and extractors and hydraulic press.


Romance / Re: Young Nigerians Are Not Sleeping by TheBillyonaire: 2:51pm On Jun 24
"I can't remember the last time I slept off for 4 hours in the night..." That was the statement I have heard over and over.
And it's true, I can't remember when last I had a 6 Hours sleep over night.

Yes, it will be very hard to sleep when you think about survival, surviving Nigerian and getting the opportunity to run away.

Young Nigerians Are not Sleeping and we do not bother about the health implications. Maybe we chose to chase economic comfort at the expense of health implications

Noise is the reason. Everyone should migrate to solar systems.
Crime / Re: Robbers Invade Estate In Nigerian Capital, Abuja, Kill Army Brigadier-general by TheBillyonaire: 11:10pm On Jun 22
If he retired back to his village, who knows if would be alive now.
Food / Re: Farmer Revenge! Poisoned Hundreds Of Fulani's Cattle by TheBillyonaire: 4:41pm On Jun 22
What type of poison is that, please someone should tell me the name. I want to try something.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Saudi Stops Stoning Ritual For Five Hours Over Heatwave by TheBillyonaire: 11:22am On Jun 21
Sounds like a great Comedy starring Allalu and his slaves.


Celebrities / Re: Davido Sues Sophia Momodu For Imade’s Custody by TheBillyonaire: 10:22am On Jun 20
As soon as you win that case, take your vehicles and do not offer her any accomodation. She is silly.


Religion / Re: I Finally Hacked The Matrix (part 1) by TheBillyonaire: 10:02am On Jun 20

Did you ever believe you were going to be rich? Because right now, I'm deep in poverty and can't seem to find a way out.

Take away the lenses of judgement and do what ever you can do, that can bring most money per deal. Do not call yourself a criminal or a saint. Just do what you have to do, but not murder. Do not take a life. Life is a ..............


Religion / Re: The Light That Existed Before The Sun Was Created by TheBillyonaire: 2:42pm On Jun 19

That's why I need evidence (cos AI didn't have)

Just do your research, and you will realize the fact. Energy expresses itself via vibration and the various vibrational frequencies expresses itself in various forms of energy. So by default, vibration of energy produces sound, and if you double the vibratory frequency of sound, you have light and the different colors shows the wavelength on the spectrum. This is the basic of all creation in any created universe by any Creator God.

This is the highest level secret in consciousness sciences.
Religion / Re: The Light That Existed Before The Sun Was Created by TheBillyonaire: 8:26am On Jun 19

See madness! Sound is light.

Lightning comes thunder yet uncle here is mixing it up.

Man, you hallucinate too much.

Sound and light is same thing at different prime resonance frequencies. Study Magneto-electricity and wave conjugation stop being an illiterate like your ancestors.


Religion / Re: The Light That Existed Before The Sun Was Created by TheBillyonaire: 8:10am On Jun 19

I'd have really been happy to see evidence for this talk...
Meanwhile an AI dropped this for you.

The Nature of Light and Sound

[*] Light: Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, consisting of oscillating electric and magnetic fields that travel through space. Light is a transverse wave, and it doesn't need a medium to travel. The speed of light in a vacuum is about 299,792,458 meters per second (m/s).

[*] Sound: Sound is a mechanical wave, meaning it needs a medium (like air, water, or solids) to travel. Sound waves are created by vibrations that cause compressions and rarefactions (areas of high and low pressure) in the medium. Sound is a longitudinal wave. The speed of sound depends on the medium, but in air at room temperature, it's about 343 m/s.

The Origin of Light and Sound

[*] Sunlight: The sun's light and heat come from nuclear fusion reactions in its core. These reactions convert hydrogen into helium, releasing a huge amount of energy as electromagnetic radiation, including visible light.

[*] Lightning: Lightning is an electrical discharge caused by the buildup of static electricity in a thunderstorm cloud. The rapid heating and expansion of air along the lightning bolt's path create the shockwave we hear as thunder.

The Misconception of Wave Conjugation

[*] Wave conjugation is a real phenomenon, but it refers to the interaction of waves within a specific medium. It doesn't mean light can be created from sound. The write-up misuses the term "wave conjugation."


[*] The write-up's claims are based on misunderstandings of light, sound, and wave conjugation. It's crucial to rely on established scientific principles and research to understand these phenomena correctly.

AI hallucinates a lot, it hallucinayes collective wisdom and idiocy of the collectives. The information I provide are beyond the realms of AI.

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