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Travel / Re: Onitsha Fire: Photo Of The Woman That Died With Her Baby by TheWrita(m): 10:32pm On Oct 17
Sometimes I smh for you Anambrarians. You have a sitting Governor for almost 5 years and yet no functional fire service in the state, and you come here spitting rubbish. You guys have a very long way to go.
Does your own state have?Don't worry your own turn is coming again.
Travel / Re: Onitsha Fire: Photo Of The Woman That Died With Her Baby by TheWrita(m): 10:31pm On Oct 17
Instead of them to hold their governors accountable they won't they prefer shouting Afonja, yoruba Muslim and Tinubu
Name as if all is well with them shame .in the whole of Anambra no fire fighter very shameful of a thing. R.I.P madam angry
Oga shut up!This is a Nigerian problem and the turn of your area is coming.Its a Nigerian problem don't be a slowpoke to trivialise it.
Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed: Many Nigerians Can't Sing National Anthem by TheWrita(m): 10:29pm On Oct 17
Can Lai Mohammed sing it?Can the president sing it too?
Business / Re: 50 Naira Stamp Duty For Transactions Above 1000 Naira by TheWrita(m): 9:17pm On Oct 16
Nigerians will have sense by force!
Travel / Re: Mother And Child Burnt In Onitsha Fire Incident In Anambra (Graphic Pix) by TheWrita(m): 8:20pm On Oct 16
Nigeria is a sum of all the things that can kill you.
A trailer that shouldn't be moving around in a densely populated area,driven by a certifiable lunatic who has never had a driving test.Lets not even talk about the state of the vehicle itself.
Then people sell their wares right there on a major road,some of them in buildings with no safety features because such things don't happen to 'favoured' people.
Add a government where fire service is not even considered important.
Isn't it a miracle how we all survive?
And no body should break it down to the state level because this shit happens in EVERY state in Nigeria.Dont even go there.Wasnt it a few months ago that buildings were collapsing in Lagos?This is a nationwide failure.Our leaders have failed us.We need to wake up
Nairaland / General / Re: Conductor Used As BONNET HOLDER On A Moving Bus In Lagos State. VIDEO by TheWrita(m): 6:39pm On Oct 15
The new ones wearing white and black

They never see these guys.
Crime / Re: Petrol Tanker Leaks In Mile 2, Lagos, Many Fight & Scoop Fuel by TheWrita(m): 6:37pm On Oct 15
Death lurks around the corner
It's only death to those who are alive.
Many are Living dead.
Family / Re: He Is Asking For Financial Help Barely A Week After by TheWrita(m): 6:30am On Oct 14
Don't women ask for money within HOURS?
The last chick I met started giving hints on our first date.I even thought she had something doing.
You guys cant pick and choose when to be equal to men.
If he is asking for money,you either give or you don't.
After all,you want to 'shift his pant' don't you?
Yesterday was nobraday ..and he wasn't wearing any,was he?That's an invitation!
But you need to pay up

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Declares State Of Emergency On Roads, Massive Rehabilitation Starts by TheWrita(m): 6:21am On Oct 14
Watch how fast Mr T will dump this one.hahaha.
Rehabilate fire.Is it to pour black stuff on the potholes?
He cried out there was no money last week.Then let's wait for the rains to stop.Now state of emergency because the peasants have finally started the murmuring.

See eh,the state of the roads is a just another symptom of a serious disease that sanwoolu(and any other person this present political system will bring eg mc oluomo)can and will never tackle.There is something in the water.

He should go ahead and plaster the roads,probably give people more traffic in the process.

A week later,its scattered again.

Na today?
Celebrities / Re: Mike Edwards And His Wife Meet MC Oluomo (Photos) by TheWrita(m): 6:45pm On Oct 13
In coming Lagos state governor
Politics / Re: NLC Tells Workers To Prepare For Indefinite Strike, by TheWrita(m): 5:57pm On Oct 13
NLC has lost the plot.
They should go and SIT DOWN
Politics / Re: NLC Tells Workers To Prepare For Indefinite Strike, by TheWrita(m): 5:55pm On Oct 13
NLC has lost the plot.
Celebrities / Re: Emmanuel Ikubese And Anita Brows Adetoye Wedding Introduction Pictures by TheWrita(m): 1:49pm On Oct 13

Marriage between Igbos and Yorubas stands the test of time. They seldom fail. It will survive if you stick to these basic principles I have taught young couples for many years.

* Never speak your language with family, relatives, or friends in her presence or within his/her hearing space. And if you must do, speak interchangeably with a language he or she understands. This will enable her understand the pattern of conversation thereby removing the idea she is being talked over.

*Encourage learning eachother's language and ethics like greetings and courtesy.

*In the situation of extending help to family and relatives, with the exclusion of friends, offer to give on behalf of the family to her people and vice versa. This will strengthen her confidence before your people and yours with hers.

*Finally, withstand and shutdown quickly any show of disrespect to your partner by family and relatives. Because your partner is not from your tribe, he or she may associate any form of hostility no matter how minute on the notion of not being among. You must protect him/her physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

He is not Igbo.
Crime / Re: Bodies Of Teenage Boys Pursued By FSARS Into Lagoon Recovered (Graphic Photos) by TheWrita(m): 1:48pm On Oct 13
People are treated like rats in their own country..and yall expect other countries to have the slightest regard for you?
Until the so called youths face their future and realise they are an endangered species,they will keep dying like gutter rats.
Youths of Nigeria wake up!I'm not saying you should be violent.No.Not yet.Not even necessary
Start by being aware of who your immediate leaders are.Not only Buhari.
Realise that you have the number.
Realise that THEY are your SERVANTS.
Start by calling them to account
Don't fear these people.
Let's stop dying like rats in our own country.
Enough is enough.


Crime / Re: Bodies Of Teenage Boys Pursued By FSARS Into Lagoon Recovered (Graphic Photos) by TheWrita(m): 1:41pm On Oct 13
Same way those sars officials families shall all be wiped off by drowning.

Time stamp on the last image says 2012 shocked
Time stamp of his picture while alive,not the one of his corpse.Look very well before you type
Religion / Re: Things That God's Kingdom Will End In This World by TheWrita(m): 8:40am On Oct 13
There is so much ignorance in Nigeria.Who will save us from ourselves bikonu?One buffon types out his worthless opinion,slams 'Jesus said' on it and parades it as facts,while chastising those who don't believe as lost souls.
So much ignorance.We cant survive if our minds remain closed.


Travel / Re: Anambra Student On Excursion Drowns In Ebonyi River (Photos) by TheWrita(m): 7:06pm On Oct 12
Very unnecessary death.

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Crime / Re: Flood Sweeps 11-year-old Boy, Rescuer To Death In Lagos by TheWrita(m): 7:03pm On Oct 12
Global warming/Rising sea levels meet Total Government incompetence.Lagos sits right by the sea.I pity the people in the island.
Next year will be worse.Make my words.
My fear is that the Lagos state government is not even making an plans for evacuation and rescue should the flood get worse than this.No plan.No care in the world
The people like it like that!
Travel / Re: Man Swims From His House To Friends Place In Jakande Estate, Lekki (Video) by TheWrita(m): 5:39pm On Oct 12
Why would he do some stupid thing like this?That water is probably crawling with all sorts of micro organisms and waste products.
Politics / Re: Sowore And Olawale Bakare Fail To Meet Bail Conditions by TheWrita(m): 8:32am On Oct 12
Nigerians are not ready for protest.
Not yet anyway.
The thing that will spark our protest starts with H but it's not a human being.
Can you guys guess what it is?
Politics / Re: Sowore And Olawale Bakare Fail To Meet Bail Conditions by TheWrita(m): 8:30am On Oct 12
Otedola help your brother.
Health / Re: Hot Water Bath Or Cold Water Bath? Which One Is Better? by TheWrita(m): 8:09am On Oct 12
Cold water invigorates and I read somewhere that it makes one younger/live longer

Hot water is for relaxation.After a long day,have a hot bath and you will sleep better.

So,in a nut shell cold water in the morning to get you going and hot water at night to get you sleeping.


Celebrities / Re: 2Face And Faze Reunite, Perform Live On Stage In Abuja (Photo) by TheWrita(m): 8:07am On Oct 12
Faze has a wider vocal range than tuface.

Too bad he didnt blow up more,although he was a threat at some point.


Politics / Re: How Lagos Is Dying by TheWrita(m): 8:05am On Oct 12

Lagos is Lagos, port or no port. London doesn't have port and yet it is a triving City .

Lagos has the alluring energy, vibrancy, economic dynamics and that is why it is the melting point of people from different cultures and states.

Abuja is the seat of power with better roads with relatively planned layouts but it can never be compared to Lagos...no where in Nigeria can. It either you have it or you dont.

I wanted to reply you but then I thought:Leave him.He will learn someday.
Celebrities / Re: MI Unfollowing Fans Who Praise Vector's Diss Song "Judas The Rat" by TheWrita(m): 7:48am On Oct 12
But why would you be a 'fan' and expect him to be happy that you are praising his enemy..right there on his timeline?Don't you guys know the meaning of loyalty?If you cant be loyal in little things is it the big things you will be?Have you encountered beyonce fans?Anyway most Nigerians are too hungry to be real fans.
He is doing what he should do.Not being petty.
I think his major mistake was replying that guy in the first place.Yes dissing is a main part of rap culture but its something you weigh before doing.Not everyone deserves a direct reply.He should have used the little talk to drop a commercial song and maybe dash that guy a line or two in it.Put him where his mates are kept.
Now online nonentities will goad him into having a back and forth with a stillborn.You get?Total waste of time.And who even buys records in Nigeria?He made a smart move by announcing a tour.Now flesh it out with new songs and extend the tour.Make money while others make memes.*I can be a good manager sha*
Besides the rap culture is dead everywhere and buried in Nigeria.This is not 1995


Music/Radio / Re: Which Of These Nigerian Music Groups Do You Miss? by TheWrita(m): 7:34am On Oct 12
That girl had a sweet voice like Simi of today, they sing like birds. However that guy was a spoiler in the group.
Oh...That CD was the one of the first naija CD I went out and BOUGHT with my own money.
Holy ghost fire
Lee Lee

That same 2004 was a good year in naija music.
That was also the year don jazzy came out with his protege,D banj

The year tuface released his first album.

2004 was a good year in naija music

Please any info on resonance?Where are they?I think that guy was the brain behind the music while the girl was the star.

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Music/Radio / Re: Which Of These Nigerian Music Groups Do You Miss? by TheWrita(m): 7:31am On Oct 12
What's the name of that group that sang 'let's stay together' sometime in 2004?It was a guy and three ladies.That one song used to make me feel optimistic and sad at the same time.I used to hear it every morning on that TV programme ...Am Express or something.
Then I stumbled on their video on YouTube the other day.
I think that group had potential.There was something,an x factor I felt in that group.Talented.
Ty bello was a member...and then the other girl,cant remember her name but she went solo too.
Please who knows that group name?I could Google it but its not that serious biko

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram: Buhari Turns To Russia For Military Support by TheWrita(m): 7:24am On Oct 12
What about the ninja disappearing warriors?
What about the prayer committee?
What about technically defeated?
I said it before and I will say it again.
If Nigeria survives this government in one piece,then we can survive anything.
Celebrities / Re: Tacha Hugs Mercy As They Meet After BBNaija (Video) by TheWrita(m): 7:21am On Oct 12

Vector needs to be more strategic on this shii, he needs a good & tactical team around him that will map out how to win this battle. He has what it takes to murk M.I but he seems to be filling ATM... He posseses something M obviously lacks which is appreciated worldwide in the hip-hop community, he should use it to his advantage.
Who is vector?MI I know and heard his music WORLDWIDE.
Celebrities / Re: Tacha Hugs Mercy As They Meet After BBNaija (Video) by TheWrita(m): 7:18am On Oct 12
See that video the other day,where 3 OAPs were abusing a female artiste that just left their studio?That's women for you.All the hugs and tears and 'baby,I love you' and even kisses....are all FAKE.I bet they all hugged and showered the artiste with so much love just before she left.They low key hate themselves already or are preparing to.Compettion is fierce.Someone said somewhere that women treat their friendship like an egg and it still ends up bursting wide open in days while men savage their friends and it lasts for decades...
Tacha hates Mercy.
Celebrities / Re: Vector Leaks MI Abaga’s Chat With Him (screenshots) by TheWrita(m): 7:10am On Oct 12
You know what irritates me?The fact that some news literally throws itself on your face.You cant avoid it because everywhere you turn you see the 'news'.Like this so called beef between two hasbeens,although one of them appears to be a 'never been' At least I remember the MI guy but I don't know this other guy.
My own take is...why is he posting DMs like a scorned teenage girl?That is so childish.Keep it in the studio sir.I have not listened to the trash songs both of them released and I won't.It just irritates me when MEN act this way.However I have come to realise that the days of men being men are well and truly behind us.Must be all that plastic in our system these days..You know plastic contains BPA that mimics the female hormone,oestrogen.We are all being feminized at an alarming level,hence the rise in cancer cases because oestrogen feeds certain cancer cells.By the way,there is nothing wrong with being a woman BUT the body human body is not politically correct lol.I just wrote that to pacify some people here.
Bottom line is...certain behaviours are not for men and you lose cool points when you do that.This vic guy has lost this so called battle with that desperate cringe worthy move.A man should release DMs only when it's absolutely necessary,like neymar had to do sometime ago.

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