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Politics / Re: Tinubu Govt Tackling Economic Crisis, FG Replies New York Times by totosucker(m): 9:29am On Jun 17
Someone needs to tell this man that he is a fool
Politics / Re: Dear NLC Trends As Nigerians Compare Salary Of Workers & Senators & Rep Members by totosucker(m): 8:44pm On Jun 03
Left to me is to get this present crop of leaders and shoot them dead. Bastards
Properties / Re: Inside Late Mai Deribe's Gold Marble House In Maiduguri, Borno state Nigeria. by totosucker(m): 8:56am On May 06
I have heard of this man and his money and my days in the north.
Crime / Re: Again, Court Jails Six For Internet Fraud In Ilorin by totosucker(m): 10:45pm On Mar 20
When will they jail our thieving politicians? Hypocrites.
Politics / Re: Oborevwori Meets Tinubu Over Attack On Military Personnel by totosucker(m): 10:12pm On Mar 19
It baffles me what successive governors of Delta state do with the huge monthly allocation they get from the fed govt. U can hardly hear of the governor of Delta state commissioning mega project. U can only here of the govt during the occurrence or after the occurrence of bad things or better still during betrayal or sabotage. Delta is stagnant as always.
Where is okowa since after the elections? He can only eat pension from his God son. He buried his political career because of greed.
May God deliver the state like he delivered Abia
Okowa commissioned mega projects. Stop showing your ignorance in public. But this man here will be worst than Uduaghan


TV/Movies / Re: Soma Evicted From The Big Brother All Stars House by totosucker(m): 7:48pm On Sep 24, 2023
That's how that 'First Class' graduate who forfeited proceeds from his cocaine business that says releasing his certificate to the public will cause him irreparable damage will be evicted from Aso Villa soon
Amen. Make God run am for us
Business / For Moniepoint POS Machine Contact Me by totosucker(m): 6:09pm On Sep 11, 2023
Your moniepoint POS machine is available for those around Asaba, Onitsha, Benin, Awka, Warri and Ughelli for just #23,000 plus ATM card and insurance. Without ATM card is #21500. Thank you.
Romance / Re: *Types Of Spirits That Delay Your Marriages* by totosucker(m): 10:52am On Jun 26, 2023
Na so
Romance / Re: Girlfriend Just Broke Up With Me Says I'm Wasting Her Time by totosucker(m): 7:24pm On May 19, 2023

Relationship Love is not MAKING MONEY
Relationship Love is not GREAT CAREER
Relationship Love is not PEACE & HAPPINESS
Relationship Love is not UNCONDITIONAL
Relationship Love is not WHAT DEFINES YOU
Relationship Love is DESPENSABLE
Relationship Love is not SKILL

Bruh, make your life great, get a high paying skill and make money. That's what you need, not some DUMB NAIJA GIRL that is steadily fvcking behind you.
What kind of high Skil Job can i learn in 6 months?
Politics / Re: Enugu PDP Guber Candidate, Peter Mbah, Booed By Obidients In Church (Video) by totosucker(m): 8:29am On Mar 06, 2023
I see Peter Obi's mandate being restored, I see LP winning 16 states in the gubernatorial election.

This I have seen.
Politics / Re: Pictures As Kwankwaso Campaigns In Funtua, Katsina State by totosucker(m): 7:49am On Feb 21, 2023
Northern Agenda but we're voting for Asiwaju.

Here are reasons we must not miss BAT.

Political Experience: Tinubu has vast political experience, having served as a senator, governor, and a leading figure in the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Economic Experience: Tinubu has a background in finance and has been credited with leading the transformation of Lagos State into an economic powerhouse during his tenure as governor.

Strategic Leadership: Tinubu is known for his strategic thinking and ability to build strong political alliances, which could be useful in navigating the complex political landscape of Nigeria.

Anti-corruption stance: Tinubu has been vocal about his stance against corruption, and his reputation as a clean politician could help to restore public trust in government.

Infrastructure Development: Tinubu has been credited with transforming Lagos into a modern city with new roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, and his leadership could help to extend these developments across the country.

Job creation: Tinubu's economic policies could help to create jobs and boost economic growth in Nigeria, which would help to address issues such as poverty and youth unemployment.

Education: Tinubu is a strong proponent of education and has been involved in initiatives to improve access to education and enhance the quality of teaching.

Healthcare: Tinubu's administration in Lagos State initiated healthcare reforms that led to the construction of new hospitals and health centers, as well as the training of healthcare workers.

Security: Tinubu has spoken about the need for effective security measures in Nigeria, and his leadership could help to improve the country's security situation.

National Unity: Tinubu has been credited with fostering national unity in Nigeria through his inclusive leadership style and ability to build alliances across different ethnic and religious groups.

Experience in negotiations: Tinubu's experience as a mediator and negotiator could be valuable in resolving conflicts between different regions and communities in Nigeria.

Grassroots connections: Tinubu is known for his grassroots connections, and his ability to connect with ordinary people could help to boost his popularity among voters.

Visionary leadership: Tinubu is known for his vision and ability to articulate a clear plan for the future, which could be useful in setting a course for Nigeria's development.

Communication skills: Tinubu is a skilled communicator who is able to convey his ideas and policies effectively to a wide range of audiences.

Strong political network: Tinubu has a strong political network that could help him to build support for his candidacy and gain endorsements from other political leaders.

Patriotism: Tinubu is widely regarded as a patriotic Nigerian who is committed to the country's development and welfare.

International Relations: Tinubu has a good relationship with leaders of other countries and international organizations, which could help to boost Nigeria's standing in the global community.

Youth Empowerment: Tinubu has spoken about the need to empower young people in Nigeria, and his policies could help to create opportunities for youth to contribute to the country's development.

Women Empowerment: Tinubu has also spoken about the need to empower women in Nigeria, and his policies could help to address issues such as gender inequality and violence against women.

Electoral Success: Tinubu has a track record of electoral success and has played a key role in the APC's rise to power in Nigeria, which could make him a strong candidate in future presidential elections.
You forgot to add that he is a bullion van thief
Foreign Affairs / Re: 7.5 Earthquake Hits Mexico’s Pacific Coast On Anniversary Of Previous Quakes(Pix by totosucker(m): 12:10am On Sep 21, 2022
The only earthquake we have in Nigeria is bad government
Romance / Re: Men Stop Taking Random Girls To Your House by totosucker(m): 1:59pm On Sep 20, 2022
God forbid BAT thing


Family / Re: My Mother Wants Us To Stop Bearing Our Father's Name by totosucker(m): 1:50pm On Sep 20, 2022
Like someone pointed up there. Be diplomatic about it. It will bring confusion for you in the future especially you the female child.

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Politics / Re: Projects By Governor Ugwuanyi's Administration In Enugu (Pictures) by totosucker(m): 6:24am On Sep 20, 2022
Thank you for speaking my mind people. So, after 8 years, this is the rubbish you are calling achievement? I keep saying it, like people, like leaders.


Romance / Re: How Do I Unfriend This Babe. by totosucker(m): 10:12pm On Sep 18, 2022
She don turn you to ATM machine. She is a parasite. What value is she adding to your life other than billing? Nothing. Next time you see her, keep a straight face. If she tries to smile at you, frown at her. Bone your face like say you be bone thugs and harmony. She go advice herself. If she come ask you wetin do you, just tell am say you want to be left alone. Simple. Case closed. This is not rocket science na

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Romance / Re: How Do I Unfriend This Babe. by totosucker(m): 10:11pm On Sep 18, 2022
She don turn you to ATM machine. She is a parasite. What value is she adding to your life other than billing? Nothing. Next time you see her, keep a straight face. If she tries to smile at you, frown at her. Bone your face like say you be bone thugs and harmony. She go advice herself. If she come ask you wetin do you, just tell am say you want to left alone. Simple. Case closed. This is not rocket science na

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Family / Re: My Parents Destroyed My Life In Guise Of Love, I'm Now Depressed Daily by totosucker(m): 10:30pm On Sep 13, 2022
If you will hear me, hear me. You are not useless. There is a purpose to your life. God has a plan for your life. God didn't create you just to make up the number of the world's population. You are unique. You are different. You are special. You have a bright future. You can achieve greatness.
Suicide is not an option. Get it out of your mind quickly. Better days are ahead of you believe me. Being an only son, military is out of it. And don't tell me there is nothing you can do with your life. It's not true. There is something you can do with your life and succeed in it, trust me on this. But you need to find it. Get a job, even if it's a teaching job, to start with. Thank God you saved some money which is brilliant of you, you can look for a side business you can start with plus your job.
Lastly, stop blaming your parents. They did the right thing but in a wrong way. I can imagine what they went through while looking for a male child which is what pushed them to do what they did. As long as you keep blaming your parents, you will not make progress. See what is happening now as a monster that you must conquer. Call your mom and apologize to her.


Culture / Re: Emir Aminu Bayero's Daughter, Rukayyah Weds Emir Umar Usman's Son (Picture) by totosucker(m): 8:47am On Sep 12, 2022
The guy go still marry 3 wives join her. Thus, sharing his dick among them
Romance / Re: Recommend A Nice Place For Vacation In Asaba by totosucker(m): 4:41pm On Sep 06, 2022
you can come and spend the weekend in my house, i stay at Asaba.
Check your mail
Family / Re: How I Spend My 63k Monthly Salary Yet I Am Tagged A Bad Boyfriend by totosucker(m): 9:24pm On Aug 26, 2022
Pack her things carry go there house so that they will know how serious you are. Then, go and report her to either police or human Rights commission then she will be forced to bring back the child. There is no case here. I was once in your shoes. But time is a healer.
Romance / Re: Recommend A Nice Place For Vacation In Asaba by totosucker(m): 10:08pm On Aug 24, 2022
totosucker check your email
Yes. I just replied you
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Advice: Should She Risk It Or Leave It by totosucker(m): 4:38pm On Aug 23, 2022
Let her give it a try. 8500 is a big money now but it's worth the risk.
Romance / Re: Have U Borrow Money From Loan App ...tell Us Ur Experience by totosucker(m): 12:27pm On Jul 28, 2022
I'm owing 2 loan apps now, one is expiring tomorrow, I'm think about borrowing from another loan app to get an extension from the one expiring tomorrow and to see small thing to hold on too for survival so I can figure a way to clear all my debts...
Please don't borrow from another loan app to pay another one. Before you know it the money go dey increase. Don't enslave yourself. Work at paying the one you are owing.


Politics / Re: Dangerous Precedence Of Same Faith Presidential Ticket by totosucker(m): 7:11am On Jul 17, 2022
Some useless christians will still vote for tinubu for there own selfish interest.
Politics / Re: We Can No Longer Campaign For Tinubu - Northern APC Christians by totosucker(m): 8:07pm On Jul 12, 2022
grin Christians learn from the South East.

Please Christians support Tinubu, if Tinubu wins without Christians vote, that'll be the worst thing to happen to Christians in Nigeria.

One year into his administration Christians will be called wailers, Miscreants etc.
Then Christians will be called terrorists, and even Christianity proscribed sef.

Don't say you weren't advised..

The point of my comment is not to threaten, I'm neither a Muslim or a Christian.
Stop thinking From your anus and start thinking straight.

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Politics / Re: Shettima: Any Christian Who Votes APC Has Denied The Church – Bishop Irabor by totosucker(m): 5:58pm On Jul 12, 2022
But any Christian that vote PDP Atiku helped the Church?

What I don't understand is that you guys would still never vote Tinubu even if he picks the pope as his vice. Why then are you bitter about all these things and evoking religious sentiment to hide your innate animosity towards him.

---Tinubu was the first governor to hand over missionary schools back to the christians even when fellow muslims revolted against him.

---Tinubu donated 75million to catholic injured and victime families in Owo during the unfortunate incident by terrorists.

This is now where the hypocrisy is very evident:
--In 1979, Awolowo ran a christian-christian ticket and the Yoruba Muslims & Christians ALL voted him by 90%

--In same 1979, Zik ran a Christian-Christian ticket, the Igbos all voted him by at least 75% of the votes.

If they support that kind of ticket then, what authority do you have to dictate some kind of moral superiority this time?

It is very simple, any Christian that feels what Tinubu did is wrong, they should just vote Obi or Atiku. But all these cries and blackmail will be counterproductive in the end.
Oga, you can't compare Nigeria of then and now. Then religious discrimination has not eaten deep into our national life like it did now. Nigerians were more United then than now.
Politics / Re: Breaking- Wike Is Atiku's Running Mate by totosucker(m): 8:03pm On Jun 14, 2022
Dem go fight for Aso rock tire be that. Wike go give am to am wotowoto. But who go dey seperate this kind fight?
One thing is sure, If Wike bleep up, Atiku will cut him down to size. Just like Obasanjo fought him then
Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Bids Farewell To Marcelo by totosucker(m): 4:54pm On Jun 14, 2022
Take me back to the days of Zinedine Zidane as a player

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