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Foreign Affairs / Re: *canada Refuses To Remove Pork From School Canteen Menu by Turaki4Presiden: 8:25am On May 29, 2017

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Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom State Under Governor Udom Emmanuel - Projects And Pix by Turaki4Presiden: 7:59am On May 29, 2017
Wash wash nothing dey happen for akwa Ibom state.high unemployment rate and poverty has taken over the state in the past 2 years.
Show me a state in Nigeria that has not been overtaken with poverty in the last 2 years


Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom State Under Governor Udom Emmanuel - Projects And Pix by Turaki4Presiden: 5:12am On May 29, 2017
Akwa Ibom the richest state in Nigeria with just 5 million people still can not show anything serious beyond roads and mediocre projects.

For almost 8 years under Akpabio, he passed larger budgets than Lagos state, but completed less than 4 projects after a few roads and flyover.

Still a mismanaged state with vision less leaders.

What a waste.

Trash! Get all federal infrastructures out of Lagos and let us see what remains; and why can't the so called Lagos success story be implemented in other States in Nigeria

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Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom State Under Governor Udom Emmanuel - Projects And Pix by Turaki4Presiden: 5:08am On May 29, 2017

Are you from Akwa Ibom? I guess you're in support of the Atiku Project..

I am of course from AkwaIbom and my support for Atiku is strictly personal and not stereotyped, I will support any successful business person with enough political clout like him.

So Atiku for me symbolises successful men and women,employer of Nigerians with enough political clout.

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Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom State Under Governor Udom Emmanuel - Projects And Pix by Turaki4Presiden: 12:42pm On May 28, 2017
What pricks me is that we have the funds to do roads better than this; say an 8 lane road but our leaders give us thrash and we celebrate. The funds are there so also is the manpower but they offer us little or nothing. Why can't our leaders encourage people with creative ideas to bring their ideas to them and they help to transform such an idea into reality. Yesterday, a thread about iron benders on Aba was on the front page. That can be a billion naira industry if duly exploited thereby creating jobs for the people of Aba. Instead they'll send one useless task force to harass these folks who are trying to make an honest living and collect the little they make

Funds are not meant for road construction alone, you build what can bring investors in by not neglecting other things. Then investors start to move in which will in place increase the state revenue through taxation...then comes your 8 lanes. Even developed world keep rebuilding their roads

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Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom State Under Governor Udom Emmanuel - Projects And Pix by Turaki4Presiden: 12:31pm On May 28, 2017

My thoughts exactly! Don't be deceived by these pictures... All residents in Akwa ibom know that Udom has vastly under performed compared to his predecessor Akpabio who made Akwa Ibom so great that everyone in Nigeria knew something great was happening in the state. Udom has not even been able to maintain the street lighting contracts on all the major roads in Uyo as often times now street lights work only when there is light and if peradventure the bubls are still functional from Pre udom era. Even common tropicana and ikot ekpene road shamefully still remain uncompleted projects with all the allocation the state is receiving! Till today he has not even completed the portion of the road to Aba from Ikot Ekpene yet he is playing to the gallery claiming this and that. Two years down the road, no factory has started working in Akwa Ibom etc etc

I am not saying Udom has not done some projects but truth be told under his administration, Akwa Ibom has retrogressed from one of the fastest developing states in the country to one of the mediocre oil producing states just like Delta state with all the allocation to it

Akpabio after 2 years in office was not seen working or doing anything, he was only recognized at the end of his first term in office...we will take major stock by May, 2019

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Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom State Under Governor Udom Emmanuel - Projects And Pix by Turaki4Presiden: 12:25pm On May 28, 2017
This Particular governor is a disappointment to me, because as a former ED of a bank, I had expected 'miracles' from day one. Now these roads look sub-standard compared to what Akpabio built in that State. AKS receives the highest Allocation from FG and yet, I had expected to see magic. But the governor is just confused at the moment. I am interested in getting assets there, the last time I visited, I went to buy a house at Shelter Afrique, and I realized that Lekki Houses are cheaper and more beautiful. The cost of of assets there are just nonsensically exhorbitant because the local politicians there just steal money and buy assets at unrealistic prices. The only business they know is fuel station dotting every angle. A house I would have bought for 80 million in Lekki cost up to 120m at Shelter Afrique, that was an absolute turn off.

If things improve there, count me in, I will step and get a few hectars. You must make your land cheap for investors to come in. Ogun State and Ondo State lands are cheaper. Nature is not creating new land, we need to put our names on the sands of time, where ever the citizens make it business friendly.

I totally agree with you on the land stuff, it is unreasonably expensive, that I found out early this year. However, I think most of the road Udom is embarking on are smaller roads to the hinterland and he is using 50% local contractors reason such roads should not be compared to the major roads in and around Uyo that connect the other local government constructed by Julius Berger and the Chinese construction company

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Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom State Under Governor Udom Emmanuel - Projects And Pix by Turaki4Presiden: 12:14pm On May 28, 2017

There are lots of good roads in Akwa ibom state already, thanks to the last administration.

Akwa ibom state needs investors, have seen other state government going abroad to woo investors, what has he done to such possible in Akwa ibom state?

To me, this administration is not working.

Okay bro I respect your view, but you must also realized that the last administration of Akpabio [Although I respect him a lot for opening up the state with massive road construction] did not touch places like the Oron axis and most riverine areas. This Udom is doing, I for example am interested in going into commercial fishing in Oron...but need the infrastructures put in place to enable me move in.

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Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom State Under Governor Udom Emmanuel - Projects And Pix by Turaki4Presiden: 9:06am On May 28, 2017
Akwa ibom state needs investors, factories, this governor is not innovative.

Akwa ibom state to me is lacking behind after collecting the biggest allocation.
The state shouldn't boast about only Roads, udom be innovative.

No investors or factory will move into any state without adequate infrastructures, especially roads to enable them evacuate and move their products,materials and personnel with ease.

Although, Udom can start attracting investors to the area with already good infrastructures , the Ibom tropicana comes to mind...he should ensure that place is finished without delay and modelled into places like Disney world in Florida, Sea and movie world here in Australia. That alone can generate huge income for the state with multiplier effect on hotels etc

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Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom State Under Governor Udom Emmanuel - Projects And Pix by Turaki4Presiden: 9:03am On May 28, 2017
Thank you very much for this thread @rozayx5. I am particularly excited and interested in what is happening in that area of the country.
I was there between December and February and saw the level of work going on in the Oron/Okobo/Mbo area.
I will be in Nigeria again in June and hope to stay 4 weeks in AkwaIbom and take pictures and videos to add to this thread.

God bless AkwaIbom state.


Health / Re: Marijuana Good For Epilepsy by Turaki4Presiden: 1:50am On May 26, 2017

Everything Made By God Has Its Positives.

However, Men Will Always Pervert & Bring Out The Evil.

I agree with you 100%...the problem is human and not the herbs. Water used excessively too can hurt human,which is a fact

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Health / Marijuana Good For Epilepsy by Turaki4Presiden: 4:54pm On May 25, 2017
Marijuana good for treatment of severe epilepsy – Study
— 25th May 2017
An Australian study has found the first evidence that medicinal cannabis can reduce seizures in children with severe epilepsy.

The study, published by The University of Melbourne, on Thursday, found that cannabidiol, a medical component of cannabis, can reduce seizures in more than 40 per cent of children with a severe form of epilepsy.

The trial took place over 14 weeks with 120 children with Dravets Syndrome, a severe potentially lethal form of epilepsy, participating, 60 of whom were given a placebo and the other 60 given cannabidiol.

Ingrid Scheffer, the lead author of the study, said it was a major milestone in using cannabis products to treat epilepsy.

“This is the first high-level evidence that shows that cannabidiol works for epilepsy,” Scheffer said on Thursday.

“It’s as good as some of our other drugs, it doesn’t look like it’s better than our other drugs because it’s not going to cure.

“It’s not a panacea, but it’s going to be very valuable for these children with severe life-threatening epilepsy.”

Of the 60 children who were given cannabidiol, 43 per cent had their frequency of seizures at least halved from an average of 12.4 convulsions per month to an average of 5.9 per month.

Overall, a vast majority of the group exhibited a reduction in the number of seizures while three children did not have any seizures after taking the drug.

Comparatively, the average number of seizures in the placebo group went from 14.9 per month to 14.1.

“These responder rates of 43 per cent, and five per cent seizure free, are what you see across many epileptic drug trials and we always try them in patients with uncontrolled epilepsy because they’re the ones who need to try something new the most,’’ Scheffer said.

“If it makes you seizure-free, as it did for three children in the clinical, it is life-changing.’’

Cannabidiol was recently reclassified by the Victorian government to a schedule four substance, making it a legal prescription drug.

Scheffer said that a number of studies were underway across Australia testing cannabidiol as a treatment for other forms of
Politics / Re: We Will Resist Any Coup- Tinubu by Turaki4Presiden: 3:08pm On May 22, 2017
grin grin grin grin What are all these corrupt political elements scared of?

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Politics / Re: Anxiety As Supreme Court Hears PDP Appeal On Monday by Turaki4Presiden: 1:37am On May 22, 2017

What are you saying? Are you saying that courts don't have d power to settle disputes within an organisation or a union? That aside, the Markafi camp don't have the locus to approach the Supreme court with the authority of d PDP, as they were stripped of that authority by the appeal court. They can approach the court on their individual capacities. That is what the Sheriff team are saying. Common sense should tell you they are right.

How did the Sheriff faction approach the court of appeal even when the High court already declared the Makarfi led faction as the authentic PDP?


Politics / Re: Stop Deceiving Nigerians – Adeyemi Attacks Tinubu by Turaki4Presiden: 12:08pm On May 15, 2017
He is a 2 face Devil...85% of the sai Buhari merchants here on nairaland are actually Sai Tinubu and Osibanjo in disguise. The game plan is not to be seen antagonizing Buhari but secretly praying for him to die for their lord to take over,alas the Northerners know this game and fully waiting prepared

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Politics / Re: Nigeria's External Reserve Hits $4b Gain, Highest In 12 Months by Turaki4Presiden: 11:22am On May 15, 2017
In the absence of no achievement and poverty ravaging the country,I am not surprise to see poltical jobbers singing the praise of a man who has remain the most incompetent among those that has ever been in charge of Nigerian. Imagine an Australian singing the praises of Malcolm Thumble for a marginal increase in external reserves.
Let us check the breakdown of funds going into this reserve and you will realize it is fund from same sources Buhari met on ground. I want to know the new source created by this propaganda laden government,that is funding the external reserve
Politics / Re: FG Bars Chibok Girls From Sharing Experiences With Parents by Turaki4Presiden: 8:58am On May 13, 2017
Biggest scam ever

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Politics / Re: Sule Lamido Granted Bail, Crowd Celebrate In Jigawa by Turaki4Presiden: 1:00pm On May 04, 2017


Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom To Import 2000 Cows From Mexico by Turaki4Presiden: 12:41pm On May 04, 2017
A very good decision this is
Health / Re: TiME FOR HEMP TO BE LEGALIZE IN NIGERIA by Turaki4Presiden: 1:00pm On Apr 30, 2017
I agree it makes great animals feed. Lol I made post about this in general topic it got moved to Health section.

My bro the problem with Nigeria is we are so focused with the crude oil dollars to the detriment of other areas,thus killing innovation and creativity.

If the government of Nigeria fail to act,we shall in years to come start importing foods etc that has same hemp laden in them. We need to move with the world so as not to be left behind

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Health / Re: TiME FOR HEMP TO BE LEGALIZE IN NIGERIA by Turaki4Presiden: 12:55pm On Apr 30, 2017
Nigeria must not be left behind , the economy and health sector will gain tremendously if this is approved. The world is moving with the speed of light and we need to look at bringing all stakeholders to discuss this important plant and take a decision that conform with the modern day
Health / Re: TiME FOR HEMP TO BE LEGALIZE IN NIGERIA by Turaki4Presiden: 12:52pm On Apr 30, 2017
UPDATED 4.50pm: AFTER 15 years’ backing from food regulators, government has finally legalised the sale and consumption of hemp food in Australia and New Zealand – opening a new path for farmers to tap the billion-dollar global industry.

Key NSW growers say they expect to see local hemp production quadruple, as well as hemp seeds, protein oil and flour integrated by Australian restaurants and many manufacturers into their recipes.

This afternoon’s decision from the Forum of Food Regulation in Adelaide frees up farmers to get full value from planting and harvesting hemp as a crop – having previously only been allowed to sell hemp fibre, not seeds.

The change should come into effect in about six months.

Last month Food Standards Australia and New Zealand backed government to approve the sale of low-and-no-THC hemp seed products as a food – the fourth time it had given the green light since 2002.

But concerns from police and public health – centered on the public image of the plant and the potential impact on drug testing devices – had held approval back.

Ministers today noted the key finding of the Consumption Report is that it is highly unlikely that consumption of food products containing the levels of THC tested would result in any positive tests on oral fluid, blood or urine.

”In light of these findings Ministers supported the draft standard that will allow low-THC hemp seeds to be sold as a food.

“The standard will take effect six months after it has been gazetted and Ministers acknowledged that there is still a range of New Zealand and State and Territory legislation that currently prohibits the sale of low-THC hemp seeds as a food which will need to be amended.”

Ministers also supported the establishment of an Implementation and Monitoring working group.

Not easy being green
Not to be confused with THC-laden marijuana – hemp fibre crops were legalised in NSW in 2008, and have been lauded for versatility, water efficiency, and potential to be used in rotation.

The seed of the hemp plant - now legal - contains vitamin E, phosphorus, thiamine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. It can be made into flour, protein powders, oil or an alternative to soy milk, and be used like poppy seeds in baking or stir-fries.

The plant grows to maturity in under 120 days and its aggressive rooting capacity improves soil condition.

Hemp Foods Australia founder Paul Benhaim said he had long prepared for today’s approval, with new production lines already commissioned that will quadruple his production, and new silos planned to boost on-farm storage at Bangalow.
Hemp Foods Australia founder Paul Benhaim said he had long prepared for today’s approval, with new production lines already commissioned that will quadruple his production, and new silos planned to boost on-farm storage at Bangalow.

North-Coast-based Hemp Foods Australia chief executive, Paul Benhaim, said today’s decision would prove the catalyst needed for farmers to take the crop on.

“We believe a lot of farmers are waiting for this legislation to make it worth their while,” he said.

“We look forward to welcoming them.”

Nearly 20 years after founding Hemp Foods Australia at Bangalow, Mr Behaim has grown it into the largest hemp food wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer and exporter in the Southern Hemisphere, accounting for about 80 per cent of the Australian market.

The business currently operates a 1200 square-metre processing facility across three sites.

Mr Benhaim said he had long prepared for today’s approval, with new production lines already commissioned that will quadruple production, and new silos planned to boost on-farm storage.

Mr Benhaim is also set to hire several more production employees and said he was bracing for manufactures and distributors to place immediate orders for food product.

“There are a number of other smaller (processors) too, as well as us. We certainly hope that they will grow, and the industry will strengthen.”

Mr Benhaim can’t say exactly how many farmers Hemp Foods Australia works with, or where they are based, only that the industry would be crying out for more growers in the coming year.

“One of the biggest changes in our business is how we will be able to work with farmers. Undoubtedly,” Mr Benhaim said.

“Currently we only offer a one-year (growing) contract, but we’ll be in a position to offer three year, multi-year contracts - anything from 30 hectares to 1000 hectares - which will allow growers to get
Health / TiME FOR HEMP TO BE LEGALIZE IN NIGERIA by Turaki4Presiden: 12:46pm On Apr 30, 2017

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