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Health / Re: Should I Euthanize My Dad? by TWLifestyle: 9:00pm On Oct 05, 2021
So, it hasn't occurred to you that the reason this man still lives is because the Most High allows it? undecided
religion has truly damaged mamy of you people s thinking faculties . Thete is no gayher who would wamt his child yo sacrifice his life - with no end in sight just so he can continue life in the state the op described! Even the father is suffering- so whatd the point ?

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Celebrities / Re: Singer Tems Shares Sultry Photos. by TWLifestyle: 2:35pm On Oct 02, 2021
All female celebrities look the same: poor dress code, walls of Jericho, in zero zero seconds they can go nude without recourse to...

Look at Mercy of that porn show. Before you say jack, hanty is naked. In fact, all of them wey dey bear Mercy programs porn like it's Python.

Look at Tiwa...her son will live going through the internet and seeing what sb ten years younger was using her to do. What a savage! I hope he doesn't catch a fever after then.

What is the other one name Laycon was after? Just name one who doesn't have to be the naked to trend! They will now come online to say a fan bought this and that for them! It's fanblade that will chop that politician’s ntanta spending our taxes on frivolities.

Back to the male matter...

And very many male artistes dress in a way you'll scream wetin dey sup na. If it's not Rema wearing all the whole okrika bags in Ikotun and singing with naked weapons, it's Adekunle surviving on chains, or Naira Marley wearing canopy.

Before, normal normal, to see a lady's bra na the highest you can go...you mah go know you don sin...let alone, the new Jerusalem.

But what do we see today?

They have more bras than clothes! You'll see a lady coming out in only bras; bras struggling to hold up babylon. This stupid sense is to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends.

The ones wey the thing shack for head go naked carry cotton wear dey walk upandan without bras...even those wey carry pimple.

After meeting with Drake and Rihanna...everything changed. The umbrella of knowledge to dress in feminine modesty left her...after she'll say it's God's Plan!

I hail my main man, Jidenna...and every other artiste out there! I hail Chike, nnam. I hail Johnny Drille. I hail Essence who sang for WAP tv...since she is the very essence and on her golden voice terms was why Tems sang Essence.

Hanty I was even praising she dresses well. They have succeeded in initiating her. Ugwu will grow in Desmond Elliot's armpit.

pls what is ur business ?is it your breast they are displaying ? Abi why is it paining you ? Paining you enough to write this book you wrote On the issue .


Family / Re: Anyone Who Keeps Virginity Until Marriage Deserves To Brag – Reno by TWLifestyle: 2:32pm On Oct 02, 2021
Those feminists that have been disvirgined since age 12 won't like this news...
see this busybody woman wrapper ? Will you people die of you don't chook your dirty mouth in women's issues ?


Politics / Re: "Discover Nigeria": Buhari Unveils World’s Largest Pictorial Book by TWLifestyle: 9:59am On Oct 01, 2021
You can see the major traditional monarchs there acting as though Nigeria is the paradise, but my issue for now is with the southern ones.

I don’t know why these monarchs can’t position themselves as checks for the political class, and balances for the economic tendencies of the nation which is often gained and exploited by an undeserving region than theirs.

of coz, it’s because they are unpopular with the common folks, the people. When you take a look at the the Alaafin, he is far popular for his extravaganza and marrying of young beautiful women. The Ooni is popular for attending parties than attending meetings to discuss his people’s plight or progress.

There is no report of either trying to build his influence in the economic or political circle. They are satisfied with appearances and photo ops and disrespectful and meaningless invitations to Aso-Rock.

I think the council of king or the Oyomesi should require these traditional monarchs use our money they spend on extravaganza and Royce to take strategic and leadership courses abroad , which can help them project themselves even better.

Be an Alaafin, that any individual who desires a political seat would fail his ambition without your endorsement, be an Alaafin that captains of industries fear; such that if you say

‘’Dangote don’t have the interest of the Yoruba’s at heart, his trucks destroys our roads, he has 90% northerners on his payroll yet he uses our resources, our god given resources as his raw materials, he pays little to no tax that directly translates on the people, we the Yoruba’s must now self create whatever Dangote supplies us and boycott his goods and services until he has met our demands, and even so, must ensure he cannot hold so much power over us by consolidating his monopoly of essential goods… we shall therefore put the resources at our disposal to empower an industry that is in our people’s interest…”

and statements similar, that the southwest politicians know that if they fail to facilitate his desire, they will lose their seat and wealth. Be an Ooni that is mad about bringing affordable healthcare to his people, that is mad about bringing employment to the youths, that is mad at the representative that has not provided potable water, or decent infrastructure as schools, that is mad about the murder of any Yoruba anywhere, an Alaafin or Ooni, that if you sneeze, other ethnic groups significant people shiver.

You cannot claim to be the head of the Yoruba’s, when all you care about is cosmetics, Cheques from those exploiting your people and photo ops of an Obasanjo bowing to you in public or Buhari seating at your feet and all El-Rufai needs to get your endorsement is kneeling before you, but has no respect whatsoever for your utterances, which you do not have. You should only promise such endorsement, when that individual has shown commitment to your course and not just by visiting you during elections. Be an alaafin that can demand that a senator resign from the senate and he does, for if he doesn’t, he loses it in the end, together with all that he has gained. Be an Ooni that tells everyone abroad about the beauty of our gods, selling to them the Odu Ifá, just as they sold a Jesus and a Mohammed to us and not an Ooni that disrespects his role as a custodian for popularity gimmicks.

The Alaafin or the Ooni has to position self above the political and economic class and be able to pronounce consequential vote of (or no) confidence on these people.

I think the very intelligent Emir Sanusi wanted to do this, but those that feared and felt threatened by the emergence of such a charismatic and courageous leader, took him out. Don’t think Dangote wanted a Sanusi as the Emir, for Dangote didn’t want to stress his intelligence with Sanusi, and that is why all of these people are making sure they impose an Ooni that likes parties and skit making and luxuries to representing his people, that is why the politicians impose an Alaafin whose only known legacy is how many young beautiful women he has courted and married, an Alaafin who is concerned about the colour of his skin. King Solomon married more, but he did strategically, and he sought to increase the wealth of his people and of coz the times are different, but you cannot continue to be intimidated and governed by a local government official who can impeach you and call yourself the head of the Yoruba’s. You first have to use whatever influence you have to increase your constitutional power as to who can dress you down.

Maybe, one day, we the people can pronounce over existing territories an overhaul of these traditional offices; and can get people in, that would represent our interest and values. It is not democracy, it is Machiavelli, the Prince, but the Prince of the people.
jave you skd your govrnornor local government chairman or house.of reps member for these things ? I hope.you know a governor can depose any oba he so wishes .
Politics / Re: Chris Azubogu Kidnapped, Driver Killed Gunmen Raze Anambra Police State by TWLifestyle: 8:45am On Oct 01, 2021
looooool . Change it to ESN stop killing our people .
Once you arm thugs and never do wells rhis is what happens . They 'fight' for the cause and in their spare time they rob maim and kill with the arms sponsors
bought for them. People warned that the same thing that happened with boko haram would happen in the east but nobody listened .
Politics / Re: Chris Azubogu Kidnapped, Driver Killed Gunmen Raze Anambra Police State by TWLifestyle: 7:49am On Oct 01, 2021
When insurgency last more than 24hrs, govt is involved - Sani Abacha.
No secret is hidden. It's visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that buhari's fulani terrorist regime is behind the killings in Anambra state. This regime's hate for Igbos is well documented. Their devilish agenda against South East (create an insurgency type situation like terrorist ridden North West and North East) is well known. It's no secret.
Members of this bloody regime shall pay for every soul slaughtered by sponsored terrorists murderers.

No matter the lies and propaganda continually cooked up against IPOB by agents and sympathizers of terrorists murderers, I, a Middle Belter and many others will continue to SUPPORT IPOB.

when nnamdi kanu was broadcasting all sorts of hatred and telling ipob to kill people and raising money to buy arms - you people thought it was nollywood movie he was acting? Now you are acting like we didn't all hear nnamdi s direct orders on radiobiafra telling his goons to be killing "enemies" in the south east . Lol
Crime / Re: Court Denies Woman Who Tortured Her Househelp In Abia Bail by TWLifestyle: 4:51pm On Sep 30, 2021

- come in here and abuse women o ! Food is ready for you guys

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Crime / Re: Court Denies Woman Who Tortured Her Househelp In Abia Bail by TWLifestyle: 4:49pm On Sep 30, 2021
I support the judge.

Make them make sure she spend half of
her lifee behind bar.

That will teach others lesson.

Women are the devil, except my Mom.
you really are mad . Men that rape small girls up and down - if we talk you fools will be saying - say it is only "Some" men .
Your mama sef na demon if women are devil's nah . Or is she a man ?


Politics / Re: IPOB Killed Chike, Akunyili's Husband — Uche Mefor by TWLifestyle: 4:42pm On Sep 30, 2021









loooooooooooooooooooooo - you should be in Hollywood. So all the arms that nnamdi was collecting money to buy , the training they gave the biafra militia called esn and all his broadcasts to be killing people was for what ? A Nollywood production ? or he was buying it for DSS ? Lol .
Politics / Re: IPOB Killed Chike, Akunyili's Husband — Uche Mefor by TWLifestyle: 4:34pm On Sep 30, 2021
I think ipob has lost control over their ESN and UGM foot soldiers. That much became obvious the moment those guys flouted the orders to suspend the sit-at-home. Those guys are out of control, they have been infiltrated by saboteurs.

Right now, ESN/UGM are a law unto themselves and committing crimes against Ndiigbo in igboland, and ipob is taking the fall and blame for it, even though they didn't know anything about their actions. That is what I have discovered is happening.
it will be hard to separate IPOB and nnamdi kanu from the violence happening right now . They were armed by iPOB trained by IPOB and we all heard nnamdi kanus inciting radio broadcasts ordering them to kill people , kill saboteurs etc


Politics / Re: IPOB Killed Chike, Akunyili's Husband — Uche Mefor by TWLifestyle: 4:11pm On Sep 30, 2021
So why would ipob kill Dora Akinyili's husband? This low life thinks we are stupid
he was not targeted - he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time . They seen to target people with law enforcement attached to them .
Politics / Re: IPOB Killed Chike, Akunyili's Husband — Uche Mefor by TWLifestyle: 4:02pm On Sep 30, 2021
Uche Mefor wasn't expected to say anything different. I totally condem this killing but jumping to conclusions against IPOB without investigation would be biasedly viewed
is this not how people have been jumping to conclusions in the case of fulani herdsmen?


Crime / Re: Chekwume Malvin Arrested For Drug Peddling In India (Photos) by TWLifestyle: 3:52pm On Sep 30, 2021

Omo eh, una dey burst my head with all this shit you guys do here.
Why involve tribe in everything.
Isn't that a dumb thing to do?
Or people from your tribe have never committed a crime before
pls what should fulani people now do o ? This one is small compared to the dragging people drag them nah !


Phones / Re: Here Is How I Got Scammed Of 320k Yesterday At Computer Village by TWLifestyle: 3:42pm On Sep 30, 2021

Why did you bring his tribe?

You are a tribalist, secondly why did you title this a scan when he replaced the phone for you?

How does your brother know it's a used phone ?

There is something wrong with both of you or how are we sure you are not trying to scam the store ?
when people are dragging Fulani herdmen like tiger generator nobody complains o .
Celebrities / Re: Rotimi Salami: DNA Test Not Important, Unless Someone Drags Your Child With You by TWLifestyle: 3:29pm On Sep 30, 2021
Pls let this people start doing this dna free of charge of charge sef.
we need marriages to scatter please .
Phones / Re: I Hate Making Calls: Am I The Only Human Who Hate This? by TWLifestyle: 3:27pm On Sep 30, 2021
Chronic Introvert alert !
Politics / Re: Obiano: We Will Never Succumb To Invaders, Leave Our State by TWLifestyle: 10:43am On Sep 30, 2021
The days of Fulani Herdsmen are numbered in South East. They can take this to the bank
loooooool - its fulani herdsmen that did this ?
Politics / Re: How My Father Was Murdered - Obumneme, Chike Akunyili’s Son by TWLifestyle: 10:18am On Sep 30, 2021
All this just to make people hate Ipob yet it's not working.God will punish evil nigerians.

They first killed hundreds of eastern youths,it didn't stop ipob.Now is to kill prominent igbos for Igbos to hate Ipob.

who knows maybe this is how they framed poor fulani herdsmen- deliberateoy killing people to frame them so people can hate fulanis..
Education / Re: Sanusi Mamman, Yar’Adua University VC To Girlfriend: You Won't Graduate If... by TWLifestyle: 11:29am On Sep 29, 2021
So many wrongs are being committed in higher institutions.
From the Lecturers down to the student.

As a man if you don't have self control over your d**k and temper it will lead you to so many problems

Remember the Society favours the gender when it comes to sex related issues

Read about R-Kelly, Adam Johnson and Johny Depp.

Whose careers were destroyed cuz of complaints from women either sexual or physical
how does society favour women pls ? Do.you know how many thousands of men get away with sexual assault and harrassment in offices , schools , churches etc before very rarely one case comes to light and even then many men will still be supporting the perpetrator ! R Kelly was sexually abusing minors for years- mamy.people knew and were covering for him . Pls die that nonsense about society favouring women when it comes to sexual abuse . The amount of rapes that happen in nigeria - how many people have been held accountable in the justice system ?


Politics / Re: Chike Akunyili Is Dead! Dora Akunyili's Husband Killed By Unknown Gunmen by TWLifestyle: 11:11am On Sep 29, 2021

But this same Ipob as a group have been fingered in so many killings and destruction of properties in SE. The sit at home is a testimony of their murderous activities.

For how long would some of you people continue to be living in denial? Or are you more Igbo than the Udele guy?

The guy Udele is against the chaos and confusion that Igbos have brought to the region, shouldn't some of you people also reason in that line?

Do you know how many Easterners that have relocated their business, family permanently from SE states due to Ipob activities? How would the region grow when Ipob, good for nothing group have been scaring indigenous, local and foreign investors from SE?

Are Igbos indeed punishing Buhari with their activities or inflicting self pain to the same people they claimed of fighting for?
leave them o - ipob is fighting for them - until their eyes clear .
Politics / Re: Chike Akunyili Is Dead! Dora Akunyili's Husband Killed By Unknown Gunmen by TWLifestyle: 11:05am On Sep 29, 2021
May God console the family.

Shame on you for concluding that's it's IPOB that killed him even without any investigation from any security agency
if they said it was fulani herdsmen you will not ask for any investigation before agreeing .
Family / Re: Opinion: Any Married Woman Who Pays Her Own Bills Is Single. by TWLifestyle: 6:17pm On Sep 28, 2021
Another avenue for men to cry like puppies.


Family / Re: Am About To End My 15yrs Marriage by TWLifestyle: 2:06pm On Sep 28, 2021
So, you want to ruin your 15-year old marriage for the sake of your ego? undecided
■ You go to market
■ Cook
■ clean the house
■ wash the children uniform
So you do these things in your own home and you expect what, a medal? The person that used to do them before, I am guessing your wife, she no be human being like you? undecided

So your wife is interested in her career, and you are what? Against your "friend" doing well in her career or what? And let me guess, communication has degraded between you two and probably between your egos are butting heads at this point and rather than working on that, you are instead thinking of ways to end your relationship? undecided

Look, no two marriages are created the same and no two individuals in a marriage are exact copies of themselves. You and your wife are meant to design your own marriage in a way that works for you, not go around comparing yourselves to others out there. undecided
Die to your ego if you must and learn to grow rather than destroy your marriage over petty things such as what you listed here. undecided
this is what women do for MEN all the time- without complaining .

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Family / Re: Am About To End My 15yrs Marriage by TWLifestyle: 2:02pm On Sep 28, 2021
when I told my father that I want to marry,he laughed and sat me down and asked me if I have seen him and my mother fight,I said no,he asked again if I have ever seen people come to settle dispute for them,I said no,he told me so long I have decided to get married I will be responsible for whatever happens,that I will never call him if we have problems obviously he will not come ,that it is me that will settle the dispute, asking strangers on nnairaland what you will do in your marriage is wrong,take the bull by the horns,talk to your wife,allow her to vent her anger so you might understand what went wrong,she is a woman,you can easily control her if you know how.
looool ! you can easily control her becos she no get brain , abi ?


Family / Re: Am About To End My 15yrs Marriage by TWLifestyle: 2:00pm On Sep 28, 2021
Na wa oh......May thunder never forget to fire anybody wey say marriage institution no hard pass normal higher institution shocked

Op,calm down first....In fact take a chili pill cool. It's definitely gonna be alright.......

Sometimes when I come across stories like this,I begin to wonder what really compels people to change after getting so close to each other...... People who are supposed to be the better halves of each other now becoming a bone in one partner's throat....No be so e suppose be na angry

Op,be a gentle man....Call her and sit her down.....Na you be the chairman of that family undecided. No dey mumu around simply because say your Banny get better hustling ground pass you undecided. Ginger up,be a man here bro undecided. Clear her all her fvck up and if she try jump jump ,make sure say you treat her fvck up accordingly undecided
lol , you people always think the sun revolves around you ! Does this woman sound like someone who you can " treat her fvck up " - becos women generally allow you to display your ego , you think a man should be able to run over a woman as he likes ? Lol . Experience will teach you better.
Women nowadays will clear your eyes for you .


Celebrities / Re: R Kelly Found Guilty Of Sex Trafficking And Racketeering by TWLifestyle: 1:50pm On Sep 28, 2021

They eventually ruined his life
SO sad
classic case of lack of accountability- . Who ruined his life ? He used his hand to ruin his own life and ur here saying " thry ruined his life " .
U ppl must always find a way to remove blame from men sha.


Celebrities / Re: R Kelly Found Guilty Of Sex Trafficking And Racketeering by TWLifestyle: 1:46pm On Sep 28, 2021
Sometimes judges behave like junkies, especially on female related cases. As much as women has sworn your downfall, judges will definitely dig their pit in between their legs.
A lot of innocent men have been penalized over consented affairs, but for the fact that he is an alpha, pussy judges will sway just to hit the simp way.

Na that hammer go kill dem nonetheless I don't support rape or any sort of abuse
of course you support rape and sexual abuse- everyrhing you said supports rape and sexual abuse
So pls claim it with your chest .


Romance / Re: What A Lady I Helped Did To Me by TWLifestyle: 1:41pm On Sep 28, 2021
You people really need to get over yourselves . I gave a guy a whole bike , gave him a job , bought him a phone , employed his daughter yet he still bleeped up. Abegi . Women help men everyday you don't see us coming to cry about nonsense . You people have big mouths and love to moan and bytch about everything. Just so tiring ..
Family / Re: My Brother-In-Law Caught His Wife Cheating! by TWLifestyle: 5:10pm On Sep 27, 2021

A woman can accept an illegitimate bastard
A man will never accept an illegitimate bastard

Men and women are different, we can never be held to the same standards
don't worry , just wait small. Lol

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Family / Re: My Brother-In-Law Caught His Wife Cheating! by TWLifestyle: 5:09pm On Sep 27, 2021

I know more than the man that gave birth to you, you ladies ways of life is at my palm

I've encountered wayward olosho like you before and I've met a pretender before, so what anything are you blabbing that I don't know

I'm sure you're in your late 20s yet I don't know anything, maybe you should come to my house and teach me what I need to know

I pity any man that will marry you with your Atlantic ocean. you think I'm in the class of guys that fúck anyhow lady like you

loooooooooooooooooooool .


Family / Re: My Brother-In-Law Caught His Wife Cheating! by TWLifestyle: 5:05pm On Sep 27, 2021

Sex is different for both gender.
In many relationship especially in Nigeria, what most of you bring to the table is SEX and we cherish it like that. When you started sharing what you offer someone that makes them cherish with other people, YOU NO LONGER HAVE ANY VALUES AND IMPORTANCE.

it's funny how the first thing most man do when they meet women is try to stick their preek in you ! And here you are saying the only thing women bring to the table is sex ?im curious was that the only thing your mother brought to the table ,? Cos my mom was a co- breadwinner and all the women I know - got an education , work and can fend for themselves . So many women trade , learn skills and work and earn with those skills .
Most Nigerian homes are two- income homes and some are even solely funded by the woman ( who in many cases is forced to pretend the husband is the breadwinner so as not to hurt his fragile ego )
. This ridiculous narrative that you men peddle about being sole breadwinners becos you have the loudest voices is extremely dishonest .
If your experience had been that women only bro g sex to the table or means you need to broaen your circles- maybe its the women you know who are like that .

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Family / Re: My Brother-In-Law Caught His Wife Cheating! by TWLifestyle: 4:49pm On Sep 27, 2021

LMAO gringringrin

Who are you?

You've had me LOL with your come backs and energy in engaging some people on this thread.

There's one post I was laughing at so hard, my colleague had to ask what's going on.
loool. These men NEED jamb lessons , love .


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