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Travel / Re: DON'T LISTEN TO Anyone Who Discourages You From Travelling Abroad by Ugoerico(m): 8:42pm On Apr 18
In all honesty, the best decision so far I have taken in my life is leaving Nigeria for Msc in Germany.
Any one that has such opportunity shouldn't think twice before taking it.

I refuse to be among those abroad that discourages others from coming.
They tell you some scary stories to keep your ass in Nigeria while they stay abroad and keep pumping investing and building mansions in Nigeria.

I was in Nigeria for more than 20 years before leaving, I have only been here for less than two years and I can clearly see the difference.
Start applying for scholarships too.

Happy Sunday guys.
I consider it another form of witchcraft when anybody abroad tries discourage people at home form traveling....it is just devilish especially after experiencing the value and quality of life abroad then u turn back to people in Nigeria whose government doesn't give a damn whether they die or they live, and start telling them to remain.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: China Used Microwave Weapon To ‘Cook’ Indian Troops In Himalayan Border Battle by Ugoerico(m): 5:26am On Nov 19, 2020
China please can you lend us this particular equipment instead of lending us money? Because we have so many corrupt rice and beans in Aso villa that we want to cook!
Travel / Re: Nigerian In Russia-my Experience So Far by Ugoerico(m): 6:10pm On Oct 10, 2020

You also find it difficult to do na. You are included.. Lols grin grin
winkI no marry whity naa, I marry for Naija. grin
Travel / Re: Nigerian In Russia-my Experience So Far by Ugoerico(m): 6:36am On Sep 30, 2020
Me and My Iyawo
you just did something that most Nairaland guys abroad find very dificult to do cool, posting thier girlfriends or wives...
You are a distinguished guy! Your wife is beautiful bro...Enjoy!!

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Travel / Re: Nigeria & Green Card ..do Nigeria Have Green Card? by Ugoerico(m): 10:30am On Sep 10, 2020
Just move in from anywhere and live in Naija as long as you want, whether u came from air, sea or through any of the thousands of unsecured boundary forests...

Source: Hausa/Fulani shoemakers/Almajiris 2015.
Nigeria is not a country, it's a region or just a place temporarily containing two prospective countries and one additional real country which are Arewa Republic, Oduduwa Republic and Biafra.

Have you seen Nigeria Poolis controlling for reseident permits before?
Travel / Re: Nigerian In Russia-my Experience So Far by Ugoerico(m): 8:53am On Aug 26, 2020
Austeen nice one!
In the past I had never had any interest in Russia and Russians unless reading about thier major roles in international politics.

But fortunately or unfortunately one of my closest friends here in recent times happens to be a Russian. A young former Russian solider. He is married to a Russian too and they both relocated to Germany with thier baby.

The evolution of our friendship is quite funny, but till now I never regretted our both families becoming good friends. He tells me alot about Russia and Russians and I will share just a few funny ones I learnt about him and from him, starting from how we met and why I earlier termed it funny.

We met in an activity where we were definitely seeing ourselves closely almost everyday for a long period of time. The commonest greetings here is "Hallo" so it's very common to bid and receive a Hallo to/from someone.

Very strangely from this guy, most times when I bid him a Hallo, he looks at me and ignores me! Haba I wondered! Is this a lookdown or a racist attitude? I asked myself softly. Well as my people say back home "Onye kelee Sunny, Sunny ekelee ya"... I declared him undeserving of my Hallo, I then passed him by eachtime without recognizing if he existed. To my surprise again this dude would see me coming and say to me Halloo! Ah ah I ask my self again is this man ok? Ona añu ihe? Anyway I saw it not as an issue, for anytime he greets me I respond, but not gonna be greeting him first till I see we are somehow regular exchangers of Hallo. After some time we started exchanging casual pleasantries and started shaking hands. Yet still strangely, he responds to me today, and tomorow he looks at me and pass or ignore my Hallo... One day I met a common frend to both of us who is my close padi padi (a Romanian) and softly chipped in to him that I don't too understand the countenance and carriage of this Russian guy, he laughed and laughed and told me "hey nobody understands an average Russian!" That they are brought up like that...He asked me does any world leader understand Putin who is thier president? Saying Putin is the only world leader whose ethnicity in Russia remains unknown till today. Saying further that most times you can't read the mood of an average Russian, hian! I be no get interest on them shaa so I no know.

Fastforward to when we finally became friends(some fortunate incidents later made us very close frends).
He and his family visit my own family regularly and we dine and wine together, honouring thier own regular invitations too with very nice Russian and German meals from them.

He shows/tells me so many things.

Culture and Traditions: Russia has very beautiful cultures and traditions. And some of them are also akin to the difrent regions of the country. One funny one was during his wedding video clip, I watched a tradition in which a set of guests during the Reception were lined up to have a bite of a very very large sized bread, whoever bites the largest chunk, becomes the new couple's God's parent(s) hahahha very funny... thier wedding arrangement is same with what we do in naija (No wonder we call it white wedding)..

They also have so many superstitious beliefs like Nigerians lols...I suprise too oh because I thought it's only Africans that have superstitions.

Languages: there are also many Russian dialects, many parts don't understand many other parts too.

Development: Russia is a developed country but, from what I learnt from him and my personal research on them. Russian's development is not all-inclusive like for example the western Europe where you can never and ever see any city no matter how remote or small that lacks any amenity/infrastructure Or that has a lower standard of living or quality of life than the bigger cities, all na same. But Russia is not like that. He told me that there are parts of Russia where u can't find all the drugs you need in the pharmacy shop, and some if you find them thier very high price indifference will scare you.

Back to positive, I learnt too that Russia has the world's longest and most sophisticated underground train station at Saint Petersburg! And he has suggested we visit, but I declined.

Their Knowledge about Blacks: The wife told my wife and I that since her life this is the first time she's having the opportunity of talking to a black person or even coming close to one and that it's her pleasure. I was suprise shaa. I asked the hubby what about him, and he said as an active soldier he was often seeing some black military officers coming to Russia for courses and training and most times they are from the Nigerian Military. I shock oo cos we node see the impacts of the training for Naija security matter...

He gave me a quite impressive encounter with a Naija soldier. He said he got a shock a day he conversed at length with a Naija soldier in Moscow in Russian language, that the naija soldier spoke Russian with 100% accuracy, and that more shoking is that he spoke without accent, that no Russian can listen to him and without seeing him and belive that the voice and speech is coming from a foreigner how much more a black. He said he can't forget that encounter.

Finally Russia as a country (i dont mean Russians oh) in my conclusion and findings is a very very very DENJALOS country. Giving U.S and EUROPE a fly in thier scrotum,you beat it and wound yourself, leave it and still wound yourself.

I'm typing with phone joor I don tire


Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by Ugoerico(m): 7:41pm On Aug 22, 2020

Check again ma’am
"Please check again ma'am" could go a long way for you either here or in your other communications.


Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by Ugoerico(m): 9:44am On Aug 17, 2020
Bro are you 4 real?? Why the mention...nothing persin nogo see for Nairaland...

It’s funny how Ugoerico logs out and you log in. Considering he was the one the op told to “take ur ass off this thread”. I believe you are the same person as Ugoerico with a fake profile. Makes sense

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Travel / Re: Living In France by Ugoerico(m): 11:23am On Jul 21, 2020
Hallo house I need some tips please.
I have concluded arrangement to visit Paris for a three day summer tour (with my wife).
I Will be flying in from Germany where I live.

I need tips on the following:

1. Tourist attractions. My major two interests are Eiffel tower and Arc de Triomphe. Since my childhood I have only been watching them on films.. grin
Any other reccommendation for a beautiful site ? (only in Paris).

2. Language. I hope I can have my ways with English? E.g. buying stufs, train station/bus etc

3. Transport. I read online that there is a "Paris Pass" for easy and more affordable transportation for tourist, can someone tell me more about this because the source is unknown.

4. Is it better to book ahead of time for the entrance/climbing of the tower? Or it's same as on-the-spot payment.

5. Any other tips

I don't mind hanging out together with any Nigerian who stays within.
Travel / Re: Living In France / Life As A French Résident by Ugoerico(m): 11:22am On Jul 21, 2020
Hallo house I need some tips please.
I have concluded arrangement to visit Paris for a three day summer tour (with my wife).
I Will be flying in from Germany where I live.

I need tips on the following:

1. Tourist attractions. My major two interests are Eiffel tower and Arc de Triomphe. Since my childhood I have only been watching them on films.. grin
Any other reccommendation for a beautiful site ? (only in Paris).

2. Language. I hope I can have my ways with English? E.g. buying stufs, train station/bus etc

3. Transport. I read online that there is a "Paris Pass" for easy and more affordable transportation for tourist, can someone tell me more about this because the source is unknown.

4. Is it better to book ahead of time for the entrance/climbing of the tower? Or it's same as on-the-spot payment.

5. Any other tips

I don't mind hanging out together with any Nigerian who stays within.
Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by Ugoerico(m): 10:15pm On May 14, 2020

Chai.. Two things I learnt from this write-up are: “always be determined" and “find your own survival formular"

Thanks for this piece Erico.. E com be like say the German don dey affect your English grin grin Lolll
Thanks bro for finding something learnworthy from me.
Two or three people here were abusing me and my personality over the same post that you lernt somthing from, the post that has the HIGHEST number of LIKES on this thread.(From page 1 to the end so far)

I read all thier insults on my personality, but fortunately enough, NOT all Nairalanders/Nigerians are foolish, I didn't and will never come down low to the level of exchanging abuse or insults with anyone on Nairaland.

For the person that asked if Nairaland has actually helped some people (either to travel or otherwise) the answer is Capital Yes! I registered on Nairaland in 2011, I am more of a reader. I bought my last car when I was in Nigeria from Nairaland Autos section. Thanks alot to Nairaland because I bought the very clean Lexus RX330 far more affordable than car stands and till today I am very close to the seller (he might be reading this too from India where he now bases).

Although Nairaland didn't actually play any huge role in my traveling proces, but I got a very good information here that helped me handle an issue of settlingdown here.
In that regard I want to use this opportunity to offer a help to any Nairalander that just landed and is currently in dire need of where to stay in Germany in a SHORT time inorder to finish with the PROCESS of GETTING his/her OWN Student or private apartment(The bolded are the conditions, and will be proved first).

Secondly if there is any Nairalander that lives in Köln, we can have some drinks(on my head). I will be traveling to Köln by coming Monday 18th May for a serious Interview on Tuesday 19th (man must always be upgrading in career). So we can meet on Tuesday afternoon at my Hotel which is located close to Köln Central Train Station.

Lest I forget, as for your question about my English...sorry if I wrote with mistakes or not to your expected standard...lols and Yes it can have an unsolicited effect oh. One can unknowingly be mixing up a few words of Deutsch into English or even into his/her local Naija dialects..It sounds funny and could be embarrassing but it's so true.
There is a fluent English-speaking German lady i have as frend here (she studied English as a course in the University). So many times has she been seriously stucked during a discussion struggling to remember a common Deutsch word. When she finally remembers it or you end up remembering it for her, she would say with a slight shame "Oh Gott, English!!" Unfortunately it happens to her often, so take it vice versa.

Mit herzlichen Grüßen


Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by Ugoerico(m): 5:57pm On May 04, 2020
Bro reduce your speed a little and understand the suggestion/question i asked first. You said earlier that the solution is for one to clear his debts and have a clean sheet again. I now suggested if you could try and clear yours and get your clean Schufer back. You started telling me it doesn't work like that in Germany. To pay ones dept is no longer allowed? Or u no plan pay am ni? Did I ask you to launder money or do any other illegal stuff here other than the debt which according to you, were not meant to be defaulted? Thought you mentioned here that income was checked and amount to pay monthly was calculated and agreed on, so how is settling same debt tantamount to money laundering or cheating the system? .

Things don’t work like that in Germany. Even if you can afford it, you have to explain where the money came from, your other sources of income and if you’re cheating the system in anyway. This is not Nigeria where you do some runs and be throwing money into your First Bank account and nobody will ask you questions.

That’s why you have to state your income and agree with the company on a certain amount you can pay every month. The percentage of the interest is also calculated that way. If you pay more than the agreed monthly amount, it means your income has improved, so will the percentage.
I can have a business in Nigeria where I make enough money to pay off the debt but I can’t pay it cos it would be considered money laundering. So I have to do so from my salary, bit by bit.
Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by Ugoerico(m): 5:12pm On May 04, 2020
I try not to reply people or engage anybody in a discussion of Racism in Germany. Because I found out that ignorance, irrationality and biasness play alot of roles during such arguments or discussion..

Thus, i have been once asked by people in Nigeria, "Erico how do you walk and work in Germany with the kind of racism we do hear about"?
Another once asked me, "as a black man are you allowed to enter everywhere you want in Germany or enter everywhere that a German can enter?" My reply I guess is not important here.

Firstly, I say Racism exists everywhere in the world in diferent forms not just in Germany. The contemporary racism in SOUTHAFRICA where fellow Africans get kicked out, brutalized and even killed is even worst..

Not only Charity but everything begins at home. One that exists in Nigeria amongst tribes is called what? I have seen where hundreds of House Officers(Doctors) and Internship applicants during a recruitment at a federal hospital in Bayelsa were openly mocked for wasting thier time to apply when they knew they didn't come from Bayelsa state.

I remember after my NYSC in 2010 in Abuja, I once went with my Kogi frends to see the then Minister of Justice Mallam Adoke who was thier brother to submit our CV, but on getting there they spoke only thier language Okene language or so and ended up submitting only thier CVs without mine, I was not even allowed to follow them to enter his office cos I'm not thier tribe!

The Palliatives and other National benefits they are currently distributing in Nigeria, is it evenly distributed across tribes and Races?

That stuff you are calling Racism is what i call "Preferenciallism" in its actual sense which is part of the world structure unfortunately, and we are all guilty in one way or the other, directly or indirectly. It is so because if you have once in your life preferred someone against another over an equitable affair, then believe me, it's same thing.

While some Blacks or Brown or whatever colour you call it are complaining of Racism in Germany, many Germans are also complaining bitterly too of being discriminated against by the German govt by "preferring" or spending hugely on immigrants more than them the citizens?? You now see that atimes it's a relative and conceptual thing.

The only glaring and abnormal form of racism is when it is supported or perpetrated by any Govt such like it was in 1940s in Germany and the outcome of it remains story and history. I think the tales of such sour history still tend to give some people the stereotypical impression of everyday racism in Germany, even when Germany currently has one the strictest laws against racism and discrimination.

In summary, when you feel descriminiated against anywhere, brave up to yourself and resist it, you can also seek redress by exploring the existing laws against such act since such acts are outlawed in most countries.

My worst experience of "racism" here that I can remember was when I first started working with Germans in a firm where I was not only the black man in that work, but also the only non German who could not freely and eloquently express himself in Deutsh( it's a part of Germany where English is not spoken one bit). They were then utilizing my speaking and understanding deficiency to shift ALL errors and blames which arise from the work to me. Sometimes before I could put together my verbs and tenses to talk, they issue is already over.. So I was accepting virtually all guilts and blames of others, I was really burning inside me and started gradually having depressive moods.

But what happened thereafter? How did I tackle it? O mehn I used the last drop of my blood and started learning the language as if my life was hinged on it, took my Language course extremely serios, went further and bought many books and materials, at home nothing else appeared on my TV other than YouTube channels of almost all Deutsch teachers, bought a new ear piece for listening every godamn time I'm outside(good a thing I didn't develop ear problem due to constant sound in the ear ), i made German frends (especially ladies) that I chat with, speak with and vist. After many months of intense training, I saw that I have improved so heavily I took my B1 exam and got almost 100% in all segments, registered for the integration course exam (the score is required whenever u want to apply for citizenship) and made 100% (33/33). I was very happy yet I entered again another B2 school for 6 months intensive after which I started speaking sound quality Deutsch( a couple of govt offices I entered also told me so). I use even idioms, a couple of times I have used big vocabularies that one or two Germans had to check thier meanings in the dictionary and admitted they weren't used to those terminologies.

Now in my work place i work VERY CONFIDENTLY, the way I tackle anybody in my work place trying to be stupid around me eh, all those acts I receive stoped Instantly.

Finally survival is like mathematics, everyman must find his own formular or live by copying from others!

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Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by Ugoerico(m): 3:29pm On May 04, 2020
Sorry about that bro, coudnt you just set off the debt and be free? Can't imagine seeing mysef in such position. Those rights and privileges are very important to ones growth and confort here. Anyway you are a Bachelor shaa so u can always wangle. More grace bro!

I live in a shared apartment and the contract is in someone else’s name. Service providers cannot give me contracts. I can only buy with cash. For example, if I wanted to buy the latest iPhone which cost €700 and my Schufa was good, I could get a contract and pay €30 per month until I complete the money. But with a bad score, I can only pay the entire €700. No contracts.


Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by Ugoerico(m): 10:41am On May 04, 2020

I'm not experienced in this but from what I know.

It won't go into Schufa immediately, firstly you receive warnings and when you fail to pay after the warnings, it will be reflected on your Schufa.
ok, tnx. I just hope so.
Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by Ugoerico(m): 10:23am On May 04, 2020
I want to ask u 2 questions bro, first, did your debt problem you just described enter Inkasso? 2ndly, when i get Mahnungsbrief from my O2 contract do they also reflect it to Schufa? Cos i do get it often for often paying for 2months(1 month in arrears) instead of monthly. My understanding be say na only when it enters Inkasso that you will be banned from contracts for some years, so i make sure i don't violate the last Mahnung. I must confess i lack financial disciplin,leading me to having always to pay arrears of especially my O2 and atimes Strom. Same happens to my rent cos I fall under the 15th day Lohn and my rent is due latest 5th, so I went and spoke with my Vermieter about that, but who knows what goes into my Schufa in that regards. Any way I think this your Post will make me more conscious.
In Germany there’s something called “Schufa”. It is a fact sheet that checks your credit worthiness. As soon as you’re registered in Germany and open a bank account, a Schufa account is created automatically in your name. Every contract, loan, debt and financial services you partake in, goes into your Schufa record.

If you want to get a contract of any kind, a loan, or rent an apartment, they first check your Schufa to see if you have a good credit record. If you fail to pay your bills in time, are in debt, or have a financial issue of any kind, it affects your score and you will be rejected with a bad Schufa score.

For example, I had a dispute with my previous mobile company and it affected my score. I also had a debt in 2014 which I’m paying back, now my score is bad. I cannot get any kind of contract and I cannot rent a flat of my own because Landlords require a Schufa before renting to you. Yes, it is that bad. This is not a white or black thing, it affects EVERYONE.

Crazy thing is, Schufa is a private company but they have SO much power to ruin your life. Your score will improve as you pay your bills in time and settle your debts. Even after you pay, it remains in your record for up to 4 - 6 years. Many Germans are ruined because of their bad Schufa score, even the rich ones.

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Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by Ugoerico(m): 9:28am On May 04, 2020
Hahahahaha my guy u deserve an award u just read these Germans like love letter. I was once invited by a German lady to her house, I went but she didn't agree to open door, she bluntly told me go back cos i am 10 mins late...i was shocked, never see or hear such before..
Let’s talk dating and relationship. It is hard to date a German. They are very unstable. Dating them is like walking on broken bottles. They are very emotional, both men and women. They are also very insecure. A little complaint can make them stay away from you.

You can be dating a German and you’re so in love, the day they cook for you and you complain about the salt in the food, the relationship is over. They don’t want to be told that something they did is faulty. They try so hard to be perfect and can’t take criticism. Both men and women. I’ve always said that Germans are made for Germans. Even the other foreigners would tell you.

They are also love struck. When they love you, they can do anything for you. They don’t care about what anybody says about you. They will shut the world out of their ears to be with you. Once they say it is over, NOTHING will change their mind. Don’t even bother apologizing.

Their women are so tough and independent. They don’t expect you to take care of them. They are also very hardworking and smart. They love to learn about your culture but don’t ever tell them they’re not doing something right. It will ruin everything. Both men and women are naturally hot tempered. In Germany we call it “Schnauze”.

Dating them or having them as friends can be helpful because they’re very well informed about the law and can help you with all the paperwork and German bureaucracy. They are also very shy people. It’s not that they’re unfriendly, they just don’t know what to say. So they rather stay on their own. Once you see one German, you’ve seen them all. They have very similar attitudes.

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Travel / Re: Being Black In Berlin/germany by Ugoerico(m): 10:04pm On May 03, 2020

Frankfurt is the second international city, next to Berlin. It is a finance city with lots of bankers and finance workers. People there work A LOT. The main train station is very ugly and ghetto. That whole area is full of immigrants hustling, especially Arabs. You’ll see a black person every 5 minutes. There’s a red light district close to the station with lots of hookers and rough looking guys. I feel unsafe walking there.

The city is generally okay and safe but I don’t consider it beautiful. Only the city center is beautiful. Lots of tall buildings. You can easily get a job there as a student. It has good connections to Damstadt, Hanau, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart and Cologne. There’s also a Hessen ticket that allows you to travel around cities in Hessen at a cheap price. You’ll also find lots of airport workers and black people working in hospitals as nurses.

For some reason, there are lots of young international tourists. I don’t know why they come there. You’ll find them in hostels. I personally find the black people living in Frankfurt to be very corny and untrustworthy.
You are very corect! Frankfurt has alot of bankers and financial workers because the European Central Bank is located in Frankfurt, i think the building is the tallest building in Frankfurt...
Although sincerely speaking I haven't yet visited Frankfurt but we learnt alot about Frankfurt in my B2 Kurs, infact it was a topic on its own...offcours you know there are two Frankfurts in Germany, but the one the world knows about and we are talking about is called Frankfurt am Main( derived from a River called River Main) while the other is called Frankfurt Oder (also derived from the River Oder).
Frankfurt and Munich are listed in a prominent study: The 10 cities in the world with the highest Quality of Life ( 6 European cities took 6 positions, including Vienna)..
The Frankfurt Airport is also the 2nd Largest in the whole of Europe( very sophisticated airport).. My wife landed there last year as she joined me here, her eyes were totally wowed...

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by Ugoerico(m): 9:47pm On Apr 24, 2020
My dear... I only boldly called you out over what I observed. I know you owe nobody anything here but trust me Ma'am, your thread is far from helping/putting anybody through the process of migration to Vietnam, and your response and evasion of some questions proves it all, that's why I called you out.

For the fact that you could even say someone is angry over their life, says a lot about you already. Because, just in the space of howmany months you migrated, you're already using your own comfort to throw jabs at other people you knew nothing about their past nor present.

Ma'am like I said earlier "Life is very funny", and you're there today doesn't mean people won't get there too... Please be humble.!!

Enjoy your new life... May the best come your way.
For @Cryomancer
1. You had a good point there!! but you made it in an unfriendly way! U could have selected your words better, cos u ain't paying her for the info, plz learn not to feel entitled...

2.@WhyNaa I commend you for enlightening them on the prospects of Vietnam, however you erred seriously by:
a.) Learn never to use one's life predicament to mock him. Lets just assume the guy is truely angry over his life, so u feel u are entitled to use it to mock him? That's morally poor.
b) The thread can only be wonderfull when it can serve the intending travelers...I belive you created this thread inorder to help those who would want to toe the direction of Vietnam. Such intention should have been open enough to make a stepwise guide on how to immigrate, AT LEAST THE PROCESSES YOU TOOK that landed you sucesfully.

To all travel hopefuls,Never relent! Explore all means and you will achieve it...Think, research and read other threads here on Nairaland. Join the Social & Professional fora of your target countries.


Travel / Re: How Did You Obtain Your Permanent Residency In Your Current Country? by Ugoerico(m): 7:12pm On Apr 19, 2020
If 7000 left to study in Canada 2019 then Nigeria is a rich country with plenty money for all. It means there’s no reason to even leave since we are ballers . No be only 7000 even 70,000
I love people like you who argue against facts and figures without bringing forward any superior facts. Even after presenting you with the original source of the statistics, you are still blindly and childishly arguing that it's impossible for 7,000 Nigerians to have obtained Canada study visa in a year. I wonder how someone like you can can convince a visa officer that you qualify for a visa, because some questions that come during visa interviews are ones that an intelligent applicant could have already sourced from the same internet that you swore never to inform yourself with.


Travel / Re: Nigerians Abroad, How Do You Cope With The Coronavirus Issue? by Ugoerico(m): 9:21pm On Mar 23, 2020
My family and i are indoors here in Germany, although not same in all parts of Germany, some workers are still going to work, but with measures put in place to maintain social distance for example I needed to visit my Steuerberaterin to submit a doc,but when i called her on phone she told me she's still working but can't have any phisical consultancy unless I scan and send to her...lol . Secondly after I called my friends working in other cities in Germany to know the level of compliance, I noticed it is very difficult to shut down 100% Europe's biggest economy Germany as many people are still working.
However, supermarkets are still well stocked up so men dey house just dey do chop and shop..Lol..
As for the salaries of workers at home, we are yet to know how the sharing formula go be shaa, cos Deutschland must share like PDP.. or maybe na our Versicherungskasse go share shaa. Anyway we trust the government ALWAYS!!!


Travel / Re: Nigerians Speaking Diffrent European Languages.. by Ugoerico(m): 9:16am On Mar 07, 2020
I can direct a number of persons to you who are currently in need of it in order to join there families here.
But if you permit me to ask, how much does each of the different stages cost?
And what are the qualification of your teacher(s) for the different stages?
Travel / Re: Life In Various Foreign Countries: Share Your Experience by Ugoerico(m): 1:04pm On Dec 30, 2019

I won't classify the percentage as high- less than 35% of Nigerians got asylum based on statistics released. The ones that got rejected will keep appealing until the exhaust the number of appeals or choose to stay illegally and find work here and there.
The I am 'gay' facing religious and political persecution and fleeing from genital mutilation is not working anymore.
"less than 35%" is greater than less than 11% of Germany's approval for Nigerians, greater than the less than 5% of Asian countries' approval for Nigerians...
So I put it to you that the "35%" in Canada is relatively HIGH!!!!!!!!
Travel / Re: Life In Various Foreign Countries: Share Your Experience by Ugoerico(m): 12:48pm On Dec 30, 2019
Your interest and emphasis seem to be only on the negative situations, development and changes: I quote you "It's over a decade now, lot of polices changed, border tightened, asylum rejected, deportation increased, xenophobic riot in jo'burg, modern slavery in Dubai ( travel documents siezed) ,USA rarely grants visa this days blah blah blah...

I put it to you that within same decade, alot of great and favourable immigration changes and policies came on board example is the U.K recent residence allowance for foreign students after graduation, Canada's more enhanced skilled migration, Canada's high percentage approval of asylum seekers, Germany's recent open hands in skill migration Etc!!!

So you should be expecting only the people in those negative circles you mentioned to reply to you.
Travel / Re: Which Is The Best Country To Travel To For Greener Pastures In 2020 by Ugoerico(m): 8:28pm On Dec 29, 2019
Dear friends, I really need your advice of the best country to travel to in 2020 to go and hustle.
I am really tired of this country and the way jobs this days are not stable.

I need a country I can go and work and make some money to take care of my family.

My budget is between 500k to 1.5M.

Your advice is important to me.

Thank you.
Why not use the 1.5 to process study visa in relatively cheaper countries like Ukraine, Romania etc?
OR if you prefer first class countries Germany and other western Europe then use part of the money you have and pay someone living there to get sponsorship letter for your study visa..

If the above coudnt work then the third option is to do three months UAE visa enter there, get and pay a reliable UAE job agent for any readily available 2year contract job for u: salary of about 3500 AED(350k naira always comes with accommodation). Do the work for two years and save money, come back to naija and start Germany process whose success rate remains very high once you block an account of 10,200 Euro for your living expenses.

Don't plan migrating with visit visa cos u may end up regretting...

Wish you good luck.
(I am not an Agent and i don't recommend any)

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Travel / Re: Nigerians Speaking Diffrent European Languages.. by Ugoerico(m): 10:21am On Nov 22, 2019
Living Abroad is full of experiences, what one has experienced he narrates and analyses..!
Travel / Re: Nigerians Speaking Diffrent European Languages.. by Ugoerico(m): 2:31pm On Nov 14, 2019

You're telling him to stay away from his people but you keep hanging around us especially here on Nairaland. Why don't you fully practice what you preach by avoiding Nigerians totally. Asians help each other abroad but here people will be asking others to avoid their kind

my dear "avoid" here is not in the context you took it to be ok, I think he meant that learners should always mix up more with the natives, spend more time with them in interactions inorder to learn fast and better.


Travel / Re: Nigerians Speaking Diffrent European Languages.. by Ugoerico(m): 1:21pm On Nov 14, 2019

yes.. i have traveled extensively, so learning new languages is part of my life.... for example, living in Denmark, i didnt need to learn to speak/write Danish because my Norwegian was "somehow" good enough to understand written Danish, although i never tried to learn to speak Danish (too different from Norwegian/Swedish)... but sadly, not all languages are easy to keep. i did also live in China (2yrs) and Japan (2yrs), and although i started to learn to speak their language, these are by far the hardest languages i have ever encountered.
Chinese: they have so many different dialect and the language you speak depends on where you live in China. Beijing they speak proper Mandarin, while in Shanghai they speak a variant of Mandarin that they call Shanghainese (same language but with a different dialect and some few different words). so after a year in Beijing, i moved to Shanghai and had to learn the whole language all over again. if i had moved to the city of Guangzhou etc, i would have had to learn Cantonese, which is 3 times harder to learn than Mandarin.
Japanese: if anybody think they are good at languages, let them move to japan and try learning to read Japanese... this is simply madness upon madness. Japanese has 3 different alphabets altogether, and one of them is so difficult to learn, the majority of Japanese people dont know it fully.
to give you an idea: the English alphabet has 26 letters/characters, while Japanese kanji has 2000 basic characters that you need to learn before you are able to read and write basic kanji. to be an expert in Kanji, you need to know the whole 4000 characters.
much respect bro! You have really toured and learnt languages..
I never knew Japanese language was that complex! That is serious oh!! 2000 characters for Japanese Kanji hahhahhaha...even thier citizens will not border learning all...sounds funny shaa..
Honestly I can't imagine myself learning another foreign language in this life, hey! They definately gonna be clashing in my mouth.. grin
Even the German I speak tends to mistakenly come out of my mouth while speaking or writing English, even while speaking my Nigerian native language I do mistakenly discharge some german words
So I will prefer to build my German Language abilities and vocabularies to the extreem level than to ever venture into any other foreign language...
Travel / Re: Nigerians Speaking Diffrent European Languages.. by Ugoerico(m): 1:03pm On Nov 13, 2019
my two cent...

- just immerse yourself in a country fully... and within about 2/3 years (depending on where you come from and your ability to learn), you will be fluent in the local language
- make friends with the locals... the less they speak English the better.
- stay away from Nigerians (or English speaking people) as often as you can.
- go to a language class/course.... as much as you can easily speak the language, unless you know how to write it as well, its in vain.
- get a local gf/bf... if you live with them, its even better for your learning process.
- have fun!

i speak French (native), Spanish, Portuguese and Norwegian
your submissions are quite true bro.
Wow!! You speak these four! What a good Polyglot you are! Have you lived in all the host countries before?
Travel / Nigerians Speaking Diffrent European Languages.. by Ugoerico(m): 11:14pm On Nov 12, 2019
Europe is majorly a non-English speaking region, as almost all the official languages for the EU member states are difrent from one another. Thus, the region developed a common framework for language assessment called "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" this is for the generality of immigration.

The uniform certificate for all these European Languages range from A1 to A2 certificates, upwards is B1 to B2 certificates, to the topmost of C-class: C1 to C2.

It is a common knowledge that there are Millions of Nigerians spread across European countries.
This has led us to learning these languages to various degrees of competence, proficiency and levels of certificates.

This thread is therefore created to form a common ground for Nigerians residing and Speaking, writting any of these languages such as Deutsch, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Maltese, French, Polish, Danish, Finish, Romanian, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, and so many others, so that we can share among other things, our experiences with the learning, motivations, cost, difficulties, experiences in the countries during the time of not beign able to speak, advantages, advice, prospects and importantly offer some form of advice and guides to other Nigerians who are either learning any of the languages or planning to commence learning (no cost attached!)

Learning a foreign language at adulthood can be difficult and fraustrating but fortunately some Nigerians have proved to be very good learners and resilient in learning this languages to expert speaking and writting levels!!

For me I speak relatively good German, currently with B2 TELC German certificate.

Started from A1 here in Germany to B2 consecutively for 1 year 2 months with daily German classes.

Share your experience!
Travel / Re: The Adventures Of A Village Scholar In Germany by Ugoerico(m): 7:57am On Jul 25, 2019
Ja....I am trying to connect with you . I dm you....Please kindly reply your message

are you sure it's neccesary?
Well, I will reply

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