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Religion / Re: Is Break Dance And Rapping In Church Sinful? by ugwum007(m): 1:42pm On Aug 23
Have you asked the type of dance steps David was displaying that made his wife make mockery of him.
How you decide to praise and worship God is nobody's business.

When Noah got drunk and stripped himself naked. His son Ham got cursed instead for violating his privacy and making mockery of it.

So if you decide to start thinking otherwise when a sister is twerking and worshipping God in church. You have yourself to blame.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Chelsea : FA Cup Final (2 - 1) On 1st August 2020 by ugwum007(m): 6:04pm On Aug 01
Cesar Don use style run away

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Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Denies Ordering NBC To Suspend BBNaija by ugwum007(m): 7:29am On Jul 26
I intentionally refused to recharge my DStv so that nobody in my crib will watch that shit called bbn. I almost broke my TV last year cos of it.
I have already started avoiding one colleague of mine cos that is the only thing she discusses.

God help us.


Business / Re: Access Bank To Refund Stamp Duty Deductions by ugwum007(m): 8:26pm On Jun 28
I am owing access bank 40k so they can take the balance in my account, do some plus and minus with the money they have been stealing from me.
I am off

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is A Programmer's Job Unstable? by ugwum007(m): 10:50am On Jun 28
Someone said Indian has 1billion coders yet many of them won't let me rest. I have resorted to blocking most of them.

Programming really pays but you have to work for it. It won't come easy.

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Family / Re: My Worst Fear Finally Happened, Please Help by ugwum007(m): 1:01pm On Jun 24
Nna, buy a bottle of beer and relax with it. All these dust will settle. When she is through, she will come back. She is following the footsteps of her mum.
Business / Re: Wazobia Investment Has Crashed PHOTOS by ugwum007(m): 6:19pm On Jun 20
It seems that wazobia is about to crash. I was supposed to withdraw one week ago. I have been waiting to be paired since then. Same thing with two of my friends.

Na even my tfare to work I used.
Phones / Re: Tecno, Infinix And Itel Are Not Used In China Where They Are Produced by ugwum007(m): 7:41pm On Jun 10
I have been a user of infinix phones for years now. My first infinix lasted for 4years before one fool stole it.
The second one is now going to 2years but it will be the last infinix phone I will use.

I bought Gionee m11 for a friend last month. The phone was too smooth compared to those infinix phones.
Business / Re: Why I Broke My WEMA Alat ATM Card And Stopped Going Cashless by ugwum007(m): 7:45pm On Jun 05
I remember that year. I bought N200 airtime via my access bank account. I didn't see the airtime, I didn't see any refund.

After 3 days, I went to the bank and complained. The customer service lady there started speaking English that I couldn't understand.

Long story cut short, they have to hide her in one of closed offices there and refunded N200 in cash.

I am yet to see that bank in Nigeria that will deduct or miss my N1 without due better reason and explanation.
TV/Movies / Re: The Best TV Series Right Now.... by ugwum007(m): 7:24pm On Jun 03
Just finished watching Stitchers. The last season which is 3 ended with a cliffhanger. Quite interesting though.

I am about to check out Siren
Education / Re: See Beautiful Pictures Of University Of Abuja by ugwum007(m): 11:02am On Jun 03
You didn't get the shots of Fulani cows patrolling everywhere like there are the students?
Crime / Re: George Floyd: Mercedes Cars Damaged As Rioters Vandalise Showroom (video) by ugwum007(m): 8:23pm On Jun 01
I use to love Trump till I read how he betrayed Gen. Mazloum kobani Abdi.
Programming / Re: Which Of Them Is Better To Learn (flutter Or Java) by ugwum007(m): 1:54pm On May 24

Flutter is not a programming language, it is an 'sdk' short for 'software development kit'. The programming language used in flutter development is Dart, created by Google.

Nobody should tell you what to learn and neither of them is better than the other, but let me give you a heads up. To create mobile apps with Flutter, you will need to install Android Studio and Android Emulator.

After successfully installing them, my 8GB memory laptop started lagging BADLY taking the fun away from the development process. I checked stackoverflow and I saw it was a universal issue. My point is, for smooth Flutter Development, you need at least 16GB of memory on your system.

Official hardware requirement is "3GB minimum and 8GB recommended memory", but I assure you it's a setup for frustration. If your machine has less than 8GB of RAM, forget Flutter.

Dart VM is using up your memory especially when you are debugging.
Programming / Re: Which Of Them Is Better To Learn (flutter Or Java) by ugwum007(m): 1:53pm On May 24
I have been developing apps using flutter SDK for quite sometime now and it have been quite smooth using my 6GB ram laptop.

I had to stay awake from Android studio and vs code is still the best for laptop of these specs.

Yes, flutter still have some teething issues but you can't take away it's performance.

Recently, I got a 16gb ram laptop and running Android studio with emulator is now very easy and smooth. So smooth that I can even play my pes 2018 on it.

If you have more than 8gb ram and your system is still lagging. Please check what dart VM is doing to your system.
There is a bug with dart VM where it almost eats up system memory.
The work around for now is to run flutter clean when this happens.
Romance / Re: I Never Wanted To Have Sex With Her On The First Visit by ugwum007(m): 8:02pm On May 18
[quote author=goodman41 post=88162638]I met her when she came for her IT at my place of work. One day I collected her number but I didn't call her till she finished her IT and went back to school.

One day I called to inform her that I will like us to go into a relationship which she accepted. I told her that l'm not looking for a girlfriend but a wife. I asked her if she has a boyfriend but she said yes but she will never marry the guy because there are some things she will consider in terms of marriage.

I called her to visit me but she was doing promise and fail. I told her that I'm not inviting her for sex that sex is nothing for me. She said okay, that I should send transport money, I tried using my phone to transfer 2k for her but it was not going, so I told her that it was not going she said I should go and use ATM but I told her that I don't have that time that she should borrow from her roommate and come or she should forget about coming until when I will be able to use my phone to do the transfer. So that evening she called that she will come the next day being Sunday that she borrowed money from her roommate.

When she came on Sunday I put movie for her and kept my self busy with my laptop, she started feeling sleepy which I told her to go and sleep on the bed which she went, after I was through with my laptop I asked her if I can join her she said yes, I now joined her in the bed before we knew it we started kissing and romancing each other and we had sex.

After the sex she said that but you told me you don't like sex I told her I like sex but I don't take it serious. She said okay I understand. I now took her out spent like 3k, the following morning I gave her 4k for her transport and she was happy.

After one week she called that I should send her airtime I told her that am not sending she said okay without being angry, when she visited for the second time she asked why did I refuse to send her card I told her that I don't like sending card to people she said okay. So am seeing her as people, i told her don't worry any time I feel like I will send to her, but she said if i send it that she will send it back to me.

I asked her about her boyfriend she said that she has ended the friendship but my mind is telling she is lying, she cleaned my house and cooked for me before going back to school that she doesn't want me to be eating outside, she asked me to give her money to do hair which I gave her 3k for both her transport and the hair, she said the money is small but she Will add her own so she collected it without any issue.

Am not the type that use to call every day but she asked me to be calling her every day to make our relationship grow stronger, she was telling me the other day that she will visit me one day without telling me to see if I have another girl.

Please is this girl really serious with this relationship or she just wants to use me?[/quotet] see you stingy person like you is asking if the girl is using you. A girl you intend to marry asked for money to make her hair, you gave her 3k and still have mouth to say it. What will that do for her?
Abi is it the 3k you spent on things you both ate, which one is even what she want to use you for.
Oga abeg go and sit down. You have nothing to be used for. Na people like go dey use Sense use Brain join, Las Las una go meet people wey go chop una use una find there way.
Health / Re: 176 New COVID-19 Cases, 152 Discharged, 5 Deaths And 1028 Tested On May 16 by ugwum007(m): 8:22am On May 17
BBN won't be airing this year. It will be replaced with the drama happening in the isolation centers where people are partying, giving birth, dancing, smoking weed, etc.

Which other version of BBN will be more interesting than that.
Food / Re: Nigerians Spent ₦4.6 Trillion Eating Out In 2019 by ugwum007(m): 9:04am On May 10
Fake fake fake....
So last Nigerians eat almost half of the country's budget?
What of mama uju down here that sells and stuffs the money inside her wrapper. How did NBS get to know about that one.

As far as there is no database in this country, any statistics in this country is fake.
Health / Re: COVID-19: 239 New Cases Reported, 11 Deaths And 66 Discharged On May 9 by ugwum007(m): 5:58am On May 10
Good save us. But this is not making sense. There's no logical pattern. Are we winning or losing? The chart can't be used to make decision.

I think we are losing on this. The recoveries are not countering the active cases much. The graph for active cases is still flying up without any bend.
Celebrities / Re: Kodak: Police Question Clarence Peters Over Dancer’s Death by ugwum007(m): 11:47pm On May 03
Was she electrocuted from the phone charger or from the phone?
Or did the phone explode on her?

If the phone did explode, at least it can explain her dead but the chances of phone battery explosion causing death is barely minimal.

The last time I checked, output from phone chargers can't even kill a lizard. The story is not joining well.

Let us go through these well:
Assuming it is a faulty socket, wiring or power surge. The charger will fry first thereby cutting the output.
Assuming the charger fries and unfortunately power still passes to the output, the charger cable can't handle such power. It will likely burn off.
Assuming the cable didn't burn off on time and it gets to the phone, that phone will likely fry. I believe that phone is not made from a conductor.

Assuming the phone fries, the first instinct of anybody with a smoking phone is too dumb/drop the phone first. From that her hands might not receive severe burns.

So how did she die?

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Politics / Re: Guidelines On Easing Of Lockdown In The FCT by ugwum007(m): 7:21pm On May 02
What of people residing in Mararaba and working inside Abuja?
Health / Re: Children Of Dead COVID-19 Patient & Pastor Test Positive In Rivers State by ugwum007(m): 7:13pm On May 01
I will still maintain that 80% of transmitted Covid19 was aided by Nigeria police.

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Crime / Re: Man, Pregnant Wife, 3 Children Found Dead In Their Home In Enugu (Graphic Photo) by ugwum007(m): 4:17pm On May 01
i think not...if it were food poisoning they would have called for help or at least raise some form of alarm.. These ppl most likely died in their sleeps.. I suspect monoxide from fumes.. The crawling position of the man was probably an unconscious act

Died in their sleep?
The wife seems to be holding unto that boy before she gave up. The husband must have checked the other children and tried to reach the wife before giving up.

Whatever killed them was fast and swift, it didn't give them time and opportunity to even reach out for help.

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Crime / Re: Man, Pregnant Wife, 3 Children Found Dead In Their Home In Enugu (Graphic Photo) by ugwum007(m): 4:02pm On May 01
Looks like food poisoning. From the man's position, it seems he was struggling to get to the wife.

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Health / Re: 204 New COVID-19 Cases Reported. Total 1932. 319 discharged. 58 deaths by ugwum007(m): 9:20am On May 01
Nigeria police should be held responsible for the interstate spread of this virus.

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Religion / Re: Pastor Caught With Charms In Wardrobe: I Am A Spiritual Man, Not A Native Doctor by ugwum007(m): 8:45am On Apr 29

The man is an impostor...so there is a crime in it..

Please explain this imposter you mentioned. Did Nigeria constitution stipulate how to worship God?.
Religion / Re: Pastor Caught With Charms In Wardrobe: I Am A Spiritual Man, Not A Native Doctor by ugwum007(m): 8:43am On Apr 29

It is not a crime if he's not a pastor but it is a crime as he is an acclaimed pastor but he is deceiving congregants.....

What a wicked world!

Deceiving them of what? I don't know if Nigeria constitution stipulates a way that pastors should appear, clothes to wear and things to be found in their possession.

If that is the case, anybody wearing a red cloth should be arrested.

The man should get a lawyer and sue NPF.
Health / Re: 195 New Cases Of COVID-19 Reported, Total 1532, 225 Discharged, 44 Deaths by ugwum007(m): 8:34am On Apr 29
I will advise that the lockdown in FCT should be extended to two more weeks. The officials there are really doing great work but the police is really sabotaging all the efforts there especially those ones at abuja-nasarawa border (checking point junction).

Last night, they almost let the whole of mararaba back into abuja all in the name of bribe.
Health / Re: 64 New Cases Of COVID-19 Reported, Total 1337, 255 Discharged, 40 Deaths by ugwum007(m): 7:35am On Apr 28
Reduced number of cases means that the rate of testing have drastically reduced. Ncdc is losing pace and politics is now encroaching into the whole process.

You can tell me that nasarawa state that shares border with Abuja is yet to report a case. I know that not even a chicken have been tested in nasarawa state.

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Politics / Re: COVID-19 Lockdown: President Buhari Addresses The Nation (Live Updates) by ugwum007(m): 8:14pm On Apr 27
a. Selected businesses and offices can open from 9am to 6pm;

Where is the list?
Politics / Re: LAWMA Successfully Test Runs Mobile App That Allows Residents Receive Incentives by ugwum007(m): 7:14pm On Apr 26
I was once working on an idea like this with an NGO in Abuja. I can't remember what happened to the whole thing.
We are cooperating AI to it so as to make sure only plastic bottles are collected for recycling and a rewarding system for users.

Is a nice one..
Health / Re: Lady Calls NCDC To Arrest Her Mum For Attending A Wedding Ceremony In Maraba by ugwum007(m): 10:45am On Apr 26

Hope you didn't succeed in sneaking into Abuja abi

No. So many blockades and questions to answer. Keeping my skull away from those soldiers' sticks was more paramount.
Health / Re: Lady Calls NCDC To Arrest Her Mum For Attending A Wedding Ceremony In Maraba by ugwum007(m): 6:52pm On Apr 25
The folks here in mararaba are behaving like Covid19 is still away in North Pole. Nobody is observing anything at all even me. I tried to sneak into Abuja this morning.

Mararaba is sharing border with Abuja.


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