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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Go For This 100k Job Or 180k Job? by Urgent1Million: 3:26pm On Jul 19
I need your advice, which job should I go for between these two jobs

One is a government job of 100k
The second one is a private job of 180k

Your advice will be useful

Both are in proximity to my residence.
Who government job help!
Go for the #180k job oo.


Nairaland / General / See This Picture With A Very Powerful Message (photo) by Urgent1Million: 2:43pm On Jul 19
Both of them need to stay alive.
To stay alive, one must eat the other.
For the other to stay alive, it must make sure it's not eaten by the first.
What message can you see here?


Freiburger, r231

This is a great lesson of life that people need to see.

Politics / Re: Kaduna State Government Orders Investigation Into Flogging Of Balki Commander by Urgent1Million: 7:00am On Jul 19
Something doesn't just add up.


Politics / Re: "This Is Not A Nightclub", Akpabio Cautions Natasha Akpoti by Urgent1Million: 6:58am On Jul 19
What a lame analogy.
Someone should tell Akpabio that people don't go to nightclubs to "speak".
They go there to dance, drink and go home to cuddle with a happy ending.


Politics / Re: Service Of Songs Of Bukola Saraki's Mother Ongoing by Urgent1Million: 8:15pm On Jul 18
I'll wait for Rhino Omo kirikiri to say something.
Then Peter will ignore him as usual.
Romance / Re: Is There Karma When I Chop And Clean Mouth by Urgent1Million: 8:11pm On Jul 18
No such thing as karma.
Politics / Re: Dangote Refinery Products Inferior; Nigeria Can't Rely On Them Alone - NMDPRA by Urgent1Million: 8:06pm On Jul 18
You think the people who benefit from the importation of PMS will watch you take away food from their mouth?

It's like someone who does phone charging business for a living, they will never support any initiative that will bring stable electricity supply.

The billions they make importing oil is more important to them than a cheap fuel produced here.

Naija!! It is finished!!

Tinubu has been part of the syndicate all along.
Let me tell you why.
1. He announced the removal of subsidy to make the price of petrol really high.
2. He kept paying subsidy to NNPC secretly so they can keep selling below the landing cost.
3. Other marketers could not afford to stay in business 'cos no one would buy from them for the realistic price.
4. The NNPC buys over other petrol stations. Right now, there is a near monopoly in the ownership of fuel stations in Nigeria. Thanks to the NNPC.
5. NNPC refused to complete the payment for their initially agreed stake in the Dangote refinery, claiming it no longer aligns with their corporate goals.
6. With little over 80% of fuel stations owned by NNPC which would not buy products form Dangote refinery due to "low quality", Dangote's business would suffer.
7. Since Nigeria needs petroleum products, the importation continues with secret subsidy payments aka looting.

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Politics / Re: Dangote Refinery Products Inferior; Nigeria Can't Rely On Them Alone - NMDPRA by Urgent1Million: 7:51pm On Jul 18
So technically what NNPC is saying is that even if dangote refinery start refining fuel, they'll still be importing it. Thus leading to a constant increase in the price.
I'm surprised that some people are surprised that the NNPC and the syndicate would do everything possible to frustrate Dangote and his refinery.
Why do you think they removed public subsidy and keep subsidizing the supply from NNPC?
Other fuel station owners could not keep up since NNPC was selling below the landing cost of petrol. They had to sell their stations to NNPC. With over 80% of fuel stations now owned by NNPC, who do you think will buy refined petroleum products from Dangote refinery?
Did you hear that the NNPC refused to pay their outstanding money for the stakes they acquired in the Dangote refinery?
It's a ground plot to keep the prices up.
By the time they complete the take over of all the fuel stations on Nigeria, they'll take the price of petrol to #1500 and we'll be left with no choice than to buy from them.
The only thing that Dangote can do now is to build fuel stations massively across Nigeria and sell his own products.


Politics / Re: Between Umahi And Lalong, Who Made The Right Choice? by Urgent1Million: 9:29pm On Jul 17

But the failure coming with this govt is also robbing him and damaging his reputation.
His ambition of becoming a president now hangs on the success of this administration and so far, it has been catastrophic.
Meanwhile Lalong still has his reputation intact.
Nigerian politicians don't care about reputation.
They are just after the money.
Umahi will be given the APC senatorial ticket for his constituency in 2027.
If he wins and Tinubu is reelected, he'll resign again and become a minister.
If Tinubu loses, he'll continue as a senator.


Politics / Re: President Tinubu Appoints Didi Esther Walson-Jack As New Head Of Civil Service. by Urgent1Million: 8:22pm On Jul 17
She's hot!!


Food / Re: Asian Man Critically Analyses Egusi Soup by Urgent1Million: 7:18pm On Jul 17
Egusi to the world!
Egg for inside my beloved egusi soup?
Na Ghana things be dat.
If this man dey hype this kind egusi soup like this, I swear him go change him nationality if him taste Nwanyi Awka egusi soup whe get okporoko with goat meat.

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Romance / Re: Young Man Left Embarrassed After Girlfriend Rejected His Proposal On Campus by Urgent1Million: 10:23am On Jul 15
If you a man dating a single girl, especially those under 26, just know that you are one of her boyfriends and have peace of mind.
Never, I repeat, never try this nonsense or you'll always be disgraced.
He's even lucky the lady didn't land him a slap to prove to the other guys she's fucccking that he means nothing to her.
As long as you aren't married, they are sex objects and you are an ATM.
If you can't live with that, avoid dating.

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Religion / Re: How I Started Praying/speaking In Tongues. (my Experience) by Urgent1Million: 11:50am On Jul 14

In the bible, speaking in tongues started on the day of pentecost, when the disciples of Jesus or the apostles were baptized with the Holy Ghost. They were speaking in the other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. You can find it in Acts chapter 2. Read it yourself.
The apostles praised God in different languages that the people present at the time understood.
How many people understand what you say when you speak in tongues?
And you use three to four hours to talk to God?
Is it the same God I know or another one that has hearing problems?
Romance / Re: Should A Man Allow His Wife To Have A Trainer? (photo) by Urgent1Million: 5:00pm On Jul 13
Please zoom that picture before you answer.
Properties / Re: Two-Storey Building Collapses In Kubwa, Abuja (Photos) by Urgent1Million: 12:01pm On Jul 13
Another one?
Na wah oo.
Hunger, bandits, terrorists, herdsmen, insurgents, UGM and now buildings?
Is this a curse or what?

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Food / Re: "Look at What a Woman Can Cook with 15k": Man Bursts Out at His Girlfriend by Urgent1Million: 12:00pm On Jul 13
An average man/woman in Nigeria is broke.
Dear men, do yourself a favour.
If you are married, stay married.
If you aren't married, go and marry if you have the means. Otherwise, stay without a girlfriend.
Health / Re: Nigerian Man Sells Blood To Hospital, Flaunts Payment Online by Urgent1Million: 11:54am On Jul 13
That's blood money.
Blood money isn't bad after all.
As long as it's not obtained through rituals.
Food / Re: See How I Used #1,800 To Eat Five Times by Urgent1Million: 11:16am On Jul 13
$1.2 five times. Even if I eat garri sugar n groundnut, that amount can go two or three times at most.
Garri, sugar and groundnut seem to be a luxury combination now.
It's such a terrific situation.
I just hope things get better in this country.

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Food / See How I Used #1,800 To Eat Five Times by Urgent1Million: 8:40am On Jul 13
Dear Nairalanders,
I thought it necessary to create this post because someone might find it useful in the face of the current economic situation.
I stay at a place that's closer to my place of work and my family stays somewhere else. I only go to see them on most weekends and during public holidays.
I'm not a cooking enthusiast so I eat out all the time while away from my family.
On most days, I spend between #4,000 to #6000 on food in a day, excluding drinks and associates.
My budget for feeding yesterday was #5,000.
However, I decided to try something different.
There's a woman selling Bambara nut pudding popularly called "okpa" on the roadside leading to my work place. On way to work yesterday, I stopped by the place and bought #500 worth of okpa. I got three portions.
I also bought Yale bread for #400 (normal price is #350).
On getting to the office, I ate two portions of the okpa and I was filled.
Around 10:30 am, I ate the remaining one portion.
Around 12:30 pm, I poured one sachet of Milo (#200, as a roll of ten is #2,000) in hot water and used it to eat the bread. I didn't even finish the bread.
On my way home from work, I bought two cobs of boiled maize for #500 and #200 worth of boiled groundnut.
That's dinner!
I ate one and a half cobs of maize and half of the groundnut for dinner.
This morning, I warmed the remaining half cob of maize and ate it with the groundnuts as breakfast.
This is the first time in my life that I'll eat maize and groundnut that have stayed overnight.
What Nigeria's economy can not do does not exist, right?
But hey, I realized that I can actually spend very little on some days and still be alright.
Now I have a balance of #3,200 from yesterday's feeding budget and I plan to eat lean today and tomorrow.
I'll gather the balance and go out tomorrow evening to give the money to those in need by the roadside.
I've always been big on giving and this is another way to increase how much I give.
If you are privileged, I encourage you to try something like this out to help those in need.
You can never imagine the satisfaction until you begin to help people.



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Crime / Re: Mother Of Three Dies During Romp With Ex-Lover In Hotel by Urgent1Million: 5:56am On Jul 13
I'm just imagining how the people who were invited for the wedding felt on hearing this news.
Even those planning to gate crashing would not have been happy.
Free jollof rice, chicken and pepsi cancelled because of some useless ex-lover feelings!
E no go better for this man!!

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Politics / Re: Supreme Court Grants LGs Financial Autonomy by Urgent1Million: 12:50pm On Jul 11
i never had enough
No one ever has enough, otherwise Dangote and co would have stopped working.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Creates New "Federal Ministry Of Livestock Development" by Urgent1Million: 5:54pm On Jul 09
What's the salary of a minister again?
Politics / Re: Gwoza Suicide Bombers Given As Low As N20 –retired Captain by Urgent1Million: 6:04pm On Jul 02
I don't believe such analysis #20 can't even buy pure water or where they brainwashed?
They probably tell them that the #20 is their gate pass to paradise where they'll turn to virgins and be fucccckkked by big black deecks.
Nairaland / General / Re: Do We Have Special Forces In Nigeria: see pictures by Urgent1Million: 5:24pm On Jul 02
In some countries the Air force, army and navy have their own special forces

I know the NN has SBS.
I don't about the NA & NAF.
The NPF also has a SWAT team.
I don't know if that counts though.
Foreign Affairs / Re: 85-Year-Old Moses Ali (Ugandan Deputy Prime Minister) Shows Dance Moves (Video) by Urgent1Million: 1:29pm On Jun 29
See cap on suit!!
Even with tie to match.
Damn!! This baba also has a good sense of humour.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Approves ₦‎50,000 Grant, ₦‎155 Billion Food Package For Households by Urgent1Million: 5:57am On Jun 28
They manipulated it, snatched it and ran away with it.
Now they are being rewarded with the perfect looting platform.
Congratulations to the programme coordinators.
Their own don soft.


Travel / Re: 17 Things You Must Not Do If You Want To Survive In Lagos by Urgent1Million: 2:16pm On Jun 27
It is an abomination not to get into traffic in Lagos.
Those living on the island, especially those who commuted from lekki towards chisco; how did your Tuesday evening go?


Crime / Re: POS Lady In Trouble For Receiving Money To Her Personal Account (pic/video) by Urgent1Million: 1:05pm On Jun 27

What if someone sent u data , so u can cool down and watch, grin i see data as your problem my dear grin
I still won't watch, unfortunately.
I'll use the data for something else.
Even though data isn't my problem, I'll accept any offer to send me data.
More data won't hurt. The more the better.
I am not asking for data though.

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Romance / Re: I Like A Lady, But She Is Always Asking Money From Me. What Should I Do? by Urgent1Million: 12:41pm On Jun 27
I like a lady, but she is always asking money from me. What should I do?

Give her money.
Crime / Re: POS Lady In Trouble For Receiving Money To Her Personal Account (pic/video) by Urgent1Million: 11:29am On Jun 27

Here is a combined summary in the lady's own words:

I think I'm in trouble because I, a business lady, received money from a stranger into my account. I used to run a POS system, and a customer came to me saying someone wanted to send them money, and asked for my account number. I gave them my account number, but they said they didn't want to use Microfinance Bank, they wanted to use a USD code to send the money. So I gave them my Uni Bank account instead.

Not knowing they were fraudsters, they sent money to that person - I think around 50,000 the first time, and then a few more times over the next month. The last time was about 2 weeks ago. The person who received the money then came to me and I gave them the money, taking a 700 naira fee.

Then the bank called me and said someone had complained about the money being sent to my account. They said my account was frozen and I had to come in to explain why someone was sending money to my account without my knowledge.

I tried to call the customer who received the money, but I don't even know them. I'm really worried now that I might get arrested over this. Please be very careful about who you give your account details to. If someone wants to send you money, don't use your personal account, use your business account. You never know who is really sending the money.
Thank you for transcribing.
I'll tell Chioma to bring something for you when she's coming back from her honeymoon.


Crime / Re: POS Lady In Trouble For Receiving Money To Her Personal Account (pic/video) by Urgent1Million: 11:26am On Jun 27

hustle o so that you go fit buy data.
Na wah oo.
Ordinary secret, you no fit keep.
No wonder Davido no invite you for him wedding.
Crime / Re: POS Lady In Trouble For Receiving Money To Her Personal Account (pic/video) by Urgent1Million: 10:58am On Jun 27
I'm better at reading text than watching videos.
Somebody should transcribe please.


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