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Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju Appeals To Nnamdi Kanu's Supporters To Flood High Court On Monday by WesternOligarch: 3:32pm On Jul 24
typical mischievous two faced yoruba coward

When did he call for the heads of yorooba leaders? Show evidence you hateful cretin

It's typical for you to deny, stupid baboon
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju Appeals To Nnamdi Kanu's Supporters To Flood High Court On Monday by WesternOligarch: 11:02am On Jul 24
They are just two useless men deceiving ignorant youths, rubbish Oduduwa, Biafra crap for the oblivious mumus to feed on.

You may be right. But who is your father?
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju Appeals To Nnamdi Kanu's Supporters To Flood High Court On Monday by WesternOligarch: 10:58am On Jul 24
mosty people saying nonsense about MNK are the cursed abobaku pigs

See how Igbos are neutral and even supporting igboho but these treacherous sophisticated mo...ron's will never fail to attack and insult IPOB and MNK at the slightest opportunity

That's because Igboho didn't attack or call for attack on igbo leaders like Cownu was calling for the heads of Yoruba leaders. Cownu deserves maximum shishi.

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Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju Appeals To Nnamdi Kanu's Supporters To Flood High Court On Monday by WesternOligarch: 10:52am On Jul 24
Lol, laughter wan kill me... ; D grin
Family / Re: Family Insists She Must Abort Pregnancy Because Her Lover Is Yoruba - SR by WesternOligarch: 5:31pm On Jul 23
Lmao, akwa ebumbum girls and their big asses. She should abort the kid, nobody gives a fvck.
Sports / Re: Giannis Antetokounmpo And The Milwaukee Bucks Are 2020/2021 NBA Champions by WesternOligarch: 5:29pm On Jul 23

The main question you ought to ask yourself is why are they all bearing only igbo middle name instead of that of the yoruba or even yoruba and igbo native name altogether, or you wanna tell us that a yoruba man will allow an igbo woman to give his children only igbo native name. Also the one left in Nigeria answers Ofili instead of the correct spelt Adetonkumbo. Giannis only connection to yoruba is that Greek name you guys claimed to be a mispelt yoruba name. I seriously doubt if the dude is yoruba self, I watched one of his interviews where he said he understands igbo but speaks small.

Why did davido allow choima to name his first son ifeanyi.....your analysis lacks substance.
Sports / Re: Giannis Antetokounmpo And The Milwaukee Bucks Are 2020/2021 NBA Champions by WesternOligarch: 12:16am On Jul 23

Call victor oladipo on the fone and tell him his mama is just a breeding tool, your buffoonery no get part 2 ! As for Adetokunboh guy know it that his father is also from onitsha...............

So why why is the man posing with a Yoruba surname....real sad.
Sports / Re: Giannis Antetokounmpo And The Milwaukee Bucks Are 2020/2021 NBA Champions by WesternOligarch: 11:18pm On Jul 22

that makes him half igbo...........even Victor oladipo of Indiana pacers mum is also Igbo, so dump your tribalism into the trashcan!

A person inherits the father's name and identity. Throw your half Igbo catshit into the bin, your Igbo sister is only breeding tool.
Politics / Re: Gunmen Kill 3-Month-Old Baby, 12 Others In Benue by WesternOligarch: 4:55pm On Jul 21
The only good fulani man is a dead fulani man..... people learn this the hard way.
Politics / Re: Supreme Court Fixes July 28 To Hear Ondo Guber Appeal by WesternOligarch: 4:47pm On Jul 21
Fulani thinks they can install their puppets in the south west.... it's better buhari burns the whole Nigeria down because that's what will happen if akeredolu's mandate is stolen.
Politics / Re: Ogun Residents Mount Roadblock, Vow To Stop Killer Herdsmen by WesternOligarch: 4:32pm On Jul 21
It starts from somewhere.....I commend the youths.

But the solution to fulani's is killing them and burying their bodies in an unmarked grave or simply burning the bodies. It should be a covert action not an overt one.
Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation Agitators To Protest Against Igboho’s Detention In Cotonou by WesternOligarch: 11:44am On Jul 21
So he decided to demand for his own Illusionist country within the sovereignty of another Country? He will suffer for been naive & stupid.

Atleast even if he will suffer it won't be as bad as the poverty currently bedeviling your life.


Sports / Re: Giannis Antetokounmpo And The Milwaukee Bucks Are 2020/2021 NBA Champions by WesternOligarch: 11:43am On Jul 21

grin They're actually Igbos. His name is Ugo, they changed their names so as to be accepted by the Greeks.

Lol flatin0 Jew feeling funky.... it's only his mother who is Igbo.

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation Agitators To Protest Against Igboho’s Detention In Cotonou by WesternOligarch: 11:30am On Jul 21
I will be an hypocrite to support Igboho when I clearly didn't support Nnamdi Kanu and El-zackzaky.

The security forces should therefore do the needful if this people goes beyond the boundary they ought not to

Igboho didn't call for the heads of Igbo leaders neither did he try to divide people along religious lines......all he was against is the fulani atrocities in Yorubaland.


Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: ‘juju Has Failed’ – Joe Igbokwe Mocks Agitator by WesternOligarch: 11:27am On Jul 21
Why are some Yoruba's turning hypocrites over Sunday Igboho's arrest?

Any difference between Nnamdi Cownu and Sunday Igbudu?

Is it a case of , I love my own criminal?

Sunday Igboho never called for the heads of Igbo leaders. I support Igboho but kanu should rot in the gulag.
Sports / Re: Why Nigeria Should Celebrate Giannis Adetokunbo’s Championship At The NBA by WesternOligarch: 11:22am On Jul 21
He's not a Nigerian but a Greek Yoruba man. Nigeria has nothing to celebrate.


Car Talk / Re: Man Cries Out As Cow Destroys His New Car While The Fulani Herdsmen Look On. by WesternOligarch: 10:22am On Jul 21
Lol...I hope he's a card carrying APC member. Nice car, lol.
Politics / Re: Ooni Asks Panel To Assess South-west Devt, Igboho’s Arrest. by WesternOligarch: 10:04am On Jul 21
Imagine calling Sunday Igboho an illiterate thug but a thug has become a topic of concern for the Ooni. Meanwhile you that went to school and has a BSc is largely inconsequential in his own family and have resorted to being a tool in the government's propaganda machine.


Politics / Re: Original Map of Nigeria - Guess who is landlocked and guess who is missing ? by WesternOligarch: 5:20am On Jun 21
See watin buhari cause......these people have been weeping for over a week.

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Politics / Lagos Overtakes Nairobi As Africa Top Startup City, Ibadan ranked 2nd in Nigeria by WesternOligarch: 2:42am On Jun 21
by Janet John

Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria has overtaken Nairobi, Kenya to become Africa’s top startup ecosystem. This is according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2021 which was released by StartupBlink. The report ranks Lagos 122nd globally, overtaking Nairobi, Kenya, which now ranks 136th globally.

The StartupBlink

StartupBlink is the world’s most comprehensive startup ecosystem map and research centre, working to uncover the momentum of startup ecosystems globally and to accelerate their growth.

Once a year, StartupBlink releases the Global Startup Ecosystem Report, ranking the Startup Ecosystems of 1,000 cities and 100 countries to provide free quality information for startup founders so they can make intelligent decisions about relocation and the right place to build their startup. The report is built using hundreds of thousands of data points processed by an algorithm that takes into account several dozens of parameters including the number of startups, the size of the domestic market, the ease of doing business amongst others.


The top 5 countries which include United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Canada and Germany have all maintained their rank from last year despite the global pandemic that affected these economies adversely. Notably, Israel, which had taken 3rd spot from Canada has maintained its momentum at #3 and Germany, which took a giant leap from 9th position to 5th position in 2020, has also maintained its position at #5. Outside of the top 5, a notable change is China taking the 7th spot, jumping from the 14th spot. In 2019, China was not a part of the top 20 and it is astonishing how the country rose into the top 10 in just 2 years. Brazil dropped from the top 20 spots to now rank 24th in the world. The UAE is now ranked 25th globally and had one of the most impressive rank increases this year, coming from the 43rd spot in 2020. Taiwan is now ranked 26th globally coming from the 30th spot.
San Francisco and New York remained the top two startup ecosystem cities in the world compared with the report of last year. San Francisco, being referred to as the “supernova” of startup ecosystems, scored 328.96, while New York scored 110.77. Notably, Beijing came from the 6th spot to take the 3rd spot in 2021. The report stated that the sheer market size of China and its unique political and civil structures allowed it to build successful and isolated ecosystems, with advantages in data gathering, AI, and other sectors that are all responsible for its growth. London, ranked 5th, is facing a challenging environment. Since 2017, it stood its ground as the 3rd ranked ecosystem globally.

South Africa moved to take the 48th spot to become the first African country in the global top 50. In Africa, there is positive momentum, with countries such as Kenya (61), Nigeria (63), Jordan (64), and Bahrain (66) moving further up in the rankings, while we see the national ecosystems of Namibia (99), Ethiopia (100), and Mauritius (73) feature in the rankings for the first time.
South Africa’s growth is attributed to its private-sector startup ecosystem and the availability of early-stage investments, thanks to forward-thinking public initiatives, while Kenya rose one spot to rank 61st globally and 2nd in Africa as made possible by its innovative tech hub, especially for mobile payment solutions. The presence of global tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Samsung in its capital city also helped its growth.
Other African countries in the top 100 include Egypt which climbed 11 spots to rank 70th, Namibia ranked 99th followed by the vibrant seed ecosystem of Ethiopia in 100th globally.

Nigeria is ranked 3rd in Africa and saw a notable increase from 68th spot to now rank 63rd globally. This was made possible because of its massive consumer market with more than 500 active startups which is one of the largest in Africa. In total, Nigeria has 7 cities in the global top 1000 and continues to have the highest number of ranked cities of any African nation.
Lagos has surpassed Nairobi and is now the highest-ranking city in Africa from ranking 127th to 122nd. Lagos has also ranked in the global top 50 cities for E-commerce & Retail Technology and in the global top 100 for both Transportation Technology and Education Technology.
Ibadan saw a massive increase in ranking, to rank 353rd globally and 2nd in Nigeria after beating Abuja. Abuja is ranked 3rd nationally and 466th globally, while Port Harcourt decreased to rank 906th. The newest Nigerian city in the rankings is Enugu which ranks 978th globally and 5th nationally. Benin City has increased to now rank 979th, while Kano is ranked 981st.
Notable Startups and Ecosystem that helped the growth of Nigeria in this ranking include Flutterwave, VerifyMe and Mono.

Although Nigeria rose in the ranking, according to the index, the country faces some major challenges, such as a lack of financing options, unpredictable regulatory decision making and a lack of broadband internet infrastructure. Government entrepreneurship programs are present but need to be developed, as does legislation and public sector support.


Politics / Re: Eastern Nigeria Development Commission (ENDC)projects by WesternOligarch: 2:16am On Jun 21
Eastern Nigeria Development Commission thread ended up being a Yoruba bashing thread......this is what happens when you have absolutely nothing to offer.
Politics / Re: Division And Disloyalty In Yoruba nation by WesternOligarch: 1:57am On Jun 21
A half wit flatin0 ape masquerading as a Yoruba opens a thread to display his foolishness and stupidity while his flatin0 brothers also join in the show of shame....
Romance / Re: Bobrisky Advices Women To Be Classy To Attract Quality Men by WesternOligarch: 9:20pm On Jun 20
I still can't understand why this guy hasn't been arrested.

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Subgroups And Where They Are by WesternOligarch: 8:20pm On Jun 20


Politics / Re: My Tribalistic Encounter With Buhari In 1981 - Ex Man O' War Leader Adewumi by WesternOligarch: 8:12pm On Jun 20

True words, brother. Not only Yorubas but Igbos as well. I'm from both tribes and I can tell you that they'd rather help others than their own brothers.
When I was still job hunting I met both Yoruba and Igbo managers or those in positions to assist; and when I tried to rap with them in dialect they replied in English. The average Hausa or Fulani person would offer to assist their brothers and sisters first before others.
It's tribalism, yes, but it's not a bad thing.

Is your dad Igbo or yoruba?
Politics / Re: My Tribalistic Encounter With Buhari In 1981 - Ex Man O' War Leader Adewumi by WesternOligarch: 7:45pm On Jun 20

You are condemning the tribal bigotry of Buhari at the same time spewing bigotry against Igbos that are not the subject of discussion and have not said anything on this thread. It will take Nigerians a long time to develop some sense.

Seems you lack comprehension......
Politics / Re: My Tribalistic Encounter With Buhari In 1981 - Ex Man O' War Leader Adewumi by WesternOligarch: 2:35pm On Jun 20

Who will ever believe that this will ever happen in yoruba land!!!!!

Should we start posting pics of how you guys are getting assfvcked
Politics / Re: Iseyin In Oyo Where Dairy Biz Generates Cash & Peace Among Fulani/Yoruba Farmers by WesternOligarch: 1:51pm On Jun 20

Shut up you can't do shiiii....afonja tried shiiii in old Ilorin and small Fulani boys have him real shiiiii and he disappeared with the speed of light and abandoned his village and people who now now down to emir till today. grin grin grin

I blame the Igbos. grin grin

3 million dead and counting.....5%er dot opinions don't matter.

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Politics / Re: Are Fulani Herdsmen Really The 4th Deadliest Terrorist Group Or Number One??? by WesternOligarch: 1:37pm On Jun 20

Shame!! See how calm and humble he's sounding simply cos he's addressing his master,chai!!!!
I'm sure he's even dobale flat on the floor baaaaahahahahahahhaahaaaaa!!!!! grin grin

Has anyone told you that you're full of shit....
Politics / Re: Western Nigeria Development And News Thread by WesternOligarch: 1:33pm On Jun 20

The Amotekun Corps has not been integrated into the security architecture in Lagos State because the state lacks a formal operational base for the corps to function, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu said yesterday.

The governor spoke yesterday on Arise Television while answering questions on how his administration has fared in the last two years.

According to him, the concept of Amotekun was for members of the corps to focus on border patrol by going into the forest, gather information and relay same to security operatives for further action.

He said: “I was in the committee on Amotekun and I supported it fully. The concept of Amotekun is for the corps to go into the forests and focus on border patrol. But what borders does Lagos have? Is it Berger bus stop where we don’t even know where Lagos ends or begin? We all need to think out of the box and proffer local solutions peculiar to each state.

“Each state has its own challenges; ours in Lagos is not having forests where kidnappers hide, but our challenges revolve around cultism, traffic robbery and others, which we need to deal with. I need to think global but act locally to solve these peculiar problems.

“It’s not just about the fanciful name of Amotekun, but in the quality of what we are seeking to achieve. It’s all about intelligence gathering; going into the communities to gather information for the real security operatives to deal with. So, my colleagues agreed that Lagos should strengthen the 6,500 men in its Neighbourhood Watch Corps for this purpose.

“We even gave 1,250 men of our Neighborhood Watch to the police to support their community policing while Lagos still pays their salaries. So, we need to go back and recruit this number back to strengthen the corps.

“We have also approached the traditional rulers and local government chairmen to give us men who know and understand the community well for this purpose.”

The governor also said insecurity still thrives in the country because there is no consensus as to establishing state police.

He added: “Insecurity is thriving because we have not agreed, as a nation, that we should have state police. Amotekun and Neighbourhood Watch are reflections of state police, and if members of these groups are properly trained, they will become stronger, and challenges around kidnapping and others will be nipped.

“Whether Amotekun or Neighbourhood Watch, these are all pointers to the necessity of states to have police to make them stronger. All the kidnapping and killings we have been witnessing can be nipped in the bud. The Inspector-General of Police (IG) will be in Lagos in two days and these are conversations we would have and take steps on.

“Two days ago, I received report of abandoned buildings across the state from Neighbourhood Watch. The list is about 250 pages with addresses and pictures of the buildings. These are some of the places where criminals and miscreants hide to launch their activities. We are passing this list to the security for immediate response and actions.

“Government will also take over such buildings following consensus reached at a consultative security meeting where participants urged government to take over abandoned buildings and vehicles so they don’t become security threats to the people.”

Sanwo-Olu also said he would not receive pension after leaving office. “I have no intention to receive any pension after I leave office. That’s why we have sponsored an executive bill to repeal the existing Pension Law for ex-governors in the state. The bill is before the House of Assembly for consideration into law,” he added.

Lagos doesn't need Amotekun.

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