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Romance / Re: You Will Be Paid 120k Per Month For Sperm Donation Here!!! by Yampotatocarrot(m): 11:36am
That's not how its done.

Its pay as u go.
The 120k is way too low.

Abi pay as you cum... Lol
Family / Re: Well, She Called Off Our Wedding. by Yampotatocarrot(m): 11:14am
Never seen someone use 'did' like you 'did' throughout the write-up

Loooool, you're so not serious... Looool
Agriculture / Re: EGUSI (melon) Buying/selling & Storage Busines In Nigeria by Yampotatocarrot(m): 11:05am

Ok ma, please call me 08068479653

Your number isn't going through... You haven't explained how the storage stuff works, Sir

You only said buying commences next week. Can we store with you as is done in some markets in the North? What are the modalities to follow?


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Travel / Re: Help Me, Nairalanders!!! I Need Directions by Yampotatocarrot(m): 5:13pm On Jul 22

Your No ??

Drop yours, please
Travel / Re: Help Me, Nairalanders!!! I Need Directions by Yampotatocarrot(m): 3:00pm On Jul 22

Yes I was asked.. I replied nope I won't leave @ Yampotatocarrot can we chat on WhatsApp ?? Wanna ask you some questions!! Thanks.

Yes, we can, Sir
Travel / Re: Help Me, Nairalanders!!! I Need Directions by Yampotatocarrot(m): 6:18pm On Jul 21

TFN has given us Offer letter, but we are yet to go for the training.. do u think what happened to the other set who were not later posted would happen to us ??

I don't know, just HOPE FOR THE BEST, Sir. The training is supposed to come before offer letter... Ask them during your zoom meeting, they should have a reply for you
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Yampotatocarrot(m): 8:28pm On Jul 14

that's a lie. Even for island flood takes over, dirty still d gutter and potholes still d road

Lol, I wondered the Island he was referring to when I saw the comment. Even the gutters in some of the areas there na die
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Yampotatocarrot(m): 8:25pm On Jul 14

For what you say in the second paragraph to kick off fully, Owerri needs DIRECT access to the outside world! Sam Mbakwe airport needs to serve a few international routes!

Sam Mbakwe needs a good road to even service it first of all... Not the badly damaged Owerri-Umuahia road

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Yampotatocarrot(m): 8:20pm On Jul 14

Fully reconstructed now

Mehn, that's a big kudos to Hope. The before and after picture of that road alone will definitely win sympathisers
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Yampotatocarrot(m): 9:20pm On Jul 13

Craneburg construction, is the only reputable company handling contracts in imo state now .
Inability of government to engage JB is due to paucity of funds.

Then, they should engage Arab contractors na...instead of cheap roads that'll need to be reconstructed in two years time and ends up being more expensive

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Yampotatocarrot(m): 9:18pm On Jul 13

I support you 100%, trees would have made the road look exotic, same issue with chukwuma Nwoaha road.

Chukwuma Nwaoha road... Have a pretty long history with that road (there's a coded hotel around that road). One of the worst halfroads I've ever seen, the road practically led into a deep algae filled pond/ditch...

Haven't gone home since I heard it has been constructed, look forward to going back there.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Yampotatocarrot(m): 9:13pm On Jul 13

the military have this habit of land snatching and restricting certain developments around there major bases. Their base also becomes a collation point for northern cattle missioneries plus a lot of other reasons

Your second reason is very apt... We'll be hypocrites to act as if we don't know that

Thanks for saying it out loud

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Travel / Re: Construction Linking Bonny Island By Road (Photos) by Yampotatocarrot(m): 4:33pm On Jul 13
Finally, the federal government have been allowed to do this road... It's God that'll judge those high chiefs that refused this link to be done for years due to the revenue they get from their speed boats


Sports / Re: Pictures From Desire Oparanozie's Healthcare For Girls Event Yesterday by Yampotatocarrot(m): 12:34pm On Jul 11
I think I have to point out that many women are selfish, including those who are educated and enlightened.

When men do empowerment or healthcare programmes, we target everyone. But when women do the same, they target only girls. Another example is Linda Ikeji who only empowers ladies. That doesn't make sense.

PS: I won't reply any senseless mentions.

Very apt observation... Maybe men should start doing empowerment for o my men also, then you'll see them screaming discrimination

Same way in many homes, young girls are taught to live right, how to be home makers, e.t.c, but no one teaches the young men how to be responsible young men... Unfortunately the "responsible" young ladies end up marrying those guys that weren't given proper upbringing... It's a mad world last last


Crime / Re: Enugu: Young Girls Offer Their Bodies For Plate Of Indomie, Bottle Of Coke - CBO by Yampotatocarrot(m): 9:11am On Jul 09
Not only in Enugu State.... Nigeria as a whole the poverty level is really increasing cus of bad and corrupt government.

People hardly eat 3 square meal talk less of balanced diet.
Nigeria as a country is really blessed but we've had and we still have Disasters and Calamities in place of Politicians running the affairs of this country.

Amadioha/Ogun will never forget our Politicians and there lineage. death to them all.

For guys that uses Food to lure girls for sex just because dey(girls) are hungry, pls stop it . It does make sense at all.
Na person weh dey alive dey *LAMBA* .

I don't know what to talk about this APShit and Mannequin Government.

This quota system General regime take Poverty from change to next level .

The attached pix is very touching... Thanks for reminding us about the realities of life
Celebrities / Re: Ini Edo Celebrates 20th Anniversary As An Actress (Photos) by Yampotatocarrot(m): 10:21pm On Jul 08
I don't even understand which one is her picture 20years ago and which one is her current picture
Career / Re: Can I Resign In The Bank And Concentrate With The POS Business by Yampotatocarrot(m): 5:07pm On Jul 07
Supported my business wit the POS services too . Weekly I realised 7k . The business is bearly 2months old

Same here. Major problem is to find a trusted person.

When my cousin was handling the POS, I made around 62k per month, but since she left and I started employing outsiders, e dey hard to even see 20k
Education / Re: He Speaks English Well But Can Not Read And Write by Yampotatocarrot(m): 7:25pm On Jul 04
Do you know phonics? If you don't, try to read up on phonics and study the 42 sounds and use that to teach him how to read. Queen premier won't help him at all. All you need is a good instructor or yourself that can explain how sounds works. From there, he will be able to pick words by listening to the sounds

Person no fit read and write, you wan teach am phonics.

Even those of us wey fit read and write and even speak well never know phonics... If na joke abeg stop am

Well sha, every Mallam with him own kettle

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Education / Re: He Speaks English Well But Can Not Read And Write by Yampotatocarrot(m): 7:22pm On Jul 04

@OP, please read up on dyslexia a little that might be his problem.

I doubt it's dyslexia. He just doesn't know it... People pick up speaking English from their environment, but once it comes to reading and writing, they are lost, because they didn't even learn when they were young and now believe they're too old to go back to learn.

Note: You don't need to know how to read and write before you can speak English
Education / Re: He Speaks English Well But Can Not Read And Write by Yampotatocarrot(m): 7:20pm On Jul 04

yes, I agree with you.

The same and more questions I have also asked him and he said something about not knowing how he passed WAEC but as for JAMB, he did the computer base JAMB, picked any options he feels is right. then scored 145.

As for the admission, his family friend helped in working out the admission into the polytechnic.

You said he submits blank sheet for exams because he can't even read and wrire... Then, He doesnt even know how he passed WAEC...

Loool, two of you should be deceiving yourselves... He does not know how he passed WAEC... lol
Travel / Re: Check Out Ibomair New Airbuses Interior, So Appealing To The Eyes .. Photos by Yampotatocarrot(m): 1:34pm On Jul 04

They wouldn't.. Ibomair is already a registered company on a PPP scale

No, politicians should be allowed close and even church leaders if they'll be booking the whole plane for they and their entourage... Don't forget election is coming
Travel / Re: Help Me, Nairalanders!!! I Need Directions by Yampotatocarrot(m): 8:32pm On Jul 02

I am sorry for asking too many questions. Did they give u guys stipend during the training that should cater for feeding, more especially transport?

Our training was online (virtual), so they supplied data. But those before us who did physical were only paid at the end of the training... They'll feed and accommodate you throughout the training period, but you'll only receive something at the end of the training
Travel / Re: Help Me, Nairalanders!!! I Need Directions by Yampotatocarrot(m): 10:02pm On Jul 01

Tell me more about TFN. After being posted to school, what next?

We didn't get to that stage. After the one month training, they said they're sorry, that they couldn't make arrangements for posting... Even those that filled Ogun and Kaduna were disappointed... I applied last year and we finished our training by October/November, although I opted out when I got something better (was still following in the WhatsApp group though)

Only very few people were finally posted... They asked others to keep hoping to be posted. I'm actually surprised they started a fresh recruitment when about 89% of those that finished the program last year had not been posted, and were put on "pending".

You'll enjoy the one month training, it was really great... The "mentors" you'll be given during the training are also looking for the same job as you, so don't worship any of them, even when they try to flex muscles... You'll learn a lot during the training, a whole lot... BUT, DON'T QUIT YOUR JOB DURING THIS PERIOD, UNTIL YOU'VE GOTTEN YOUR LETTER OF APPOINTMENT
Travel / Re: Help Me, Nairalanders!!! I Need Directions by Yampotatocarrot(m): 9:36pm On Jul 01

It is teaching as well. I already did virtual assessment, where I did sample teaching through zooming.

Ooo, okay. Good luck Sir
Travel / Re: Help Me, Nairalanders!!! I Need Directions by Yampotatocarrot(m): 9:19pm On Jul 01

More than 2 months ago. Nope I havent

Okay... Seems you applied for something else. During our time, we applied for teaching, and it was online as people were in different locations all over the country. Only the one month training brings you down to Lagos.

I wish you success in your interview
Travel / Re: Help Me, Nairalanders!!! I Need Directions by Yampotatocarrot(m): 10:15pm On Jun 30

How were you given your PPA? Didn't you meet any of the TFN staff in person?

When did your application start? Have you undergone the one month training?
Travel / Re: Help Me, Nairalanders!!! I Need Directions by Yampotatocarrot(m): 8:09pm On Jun 30

I did the virtual assessment last week via zoom. We were told that there would be in-person interview which the date, time, and venue would be communicated to us. In fact, before the virtual assessment, the stages we would pass through had been told to us through email, in which in-person interview is the final stage.

Okay... We didn't do during ours

Good luck, bro... Just pick Uber if you can't get the place
Travel / Re: Help Me, Nairalanders!!! I Need Directions by Yampotatocarrot(m): 7:24pm On Jun 30
I got an email from TFN (Teach For Nigeria), a non-governmental organization, that I should come for in-person interview in the below address:

Venue: Workforce Group (The Zone) Plot, 9 Gbagada, Expressway, Lagos, Beside UPS.

I need directions from Ikorodu to the venue. Please fellow nairalanders, help me.

I stand to be corrected, but TFN does not do in-person interview for their current ongoing recruitment.

Note: I stand to be corrected

I just hope that Gbagada isn't where I think it is... (If you know, you know)
Religion / Re: Prophet Evidence Chikason Divorces His Wife, Marries Choir Mistress In Delta by Yampotatocarrot(m): 6:19pm On Jun 30
Hahahahaha. This is so funny, especially the part he opened a new church branch for his new wife. Like say na POS business. Hahahahaha!

... Branch... POS business

Lol, I love the correlation... Quite funny
Agriculture / Re: Grains Business And Profit Analysis by Yampotatocarrot(m): 10:24pm On Jun 28
3. Deal in buying and supply without storage

This is a method where you buy the grains in northern state and supply to market in southern state. You don't need any contact or storage, just go to any market in southern market e.g bodija market in Ibadan and talk to any hausa man there that you can supply him beans, they will ask you to bring it and pay on agreed price.

For example;
I met one guy in Niger state in January this year, the guy was an undergraduate student in lagos, this guy would buy 20 to 30 bags of beans and supply to one alhaji man in bodija market, that alhaji will help him sell the beans and send him the money.
so if he supply alhaji 30 bags of beans, he makes 3k profit on a bag of beans,
so 3k * 30 = 90k profit per week

Very nice concept... The ones (delalis) in Lagos ain't so trustworthy o
Sports / Re: Erling Haaland Splashes N250m In 6 hrs, N16m On Tips At Mykonos Restaurant (Pix) by Yampotatocarrot(m): 8:03am On Jun 27

He's going to deny it obviously, not to be seen as an extravagant spender.

More than 5 media houses reported it, so it's probably true.

I've chilled with a few Nigerian & Ghanaian ballers, i know they can do the unthinkable.

Except he's being sarcastic, that doesn't sound like a denial... Rather it sounds like the figure spent should be more than the stated


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