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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Centre Online Aptitude Test by YourBestWriter: 12:51pm On Apr 12
please i lost my phone. please did they also sent an email?
Phones / Do You Need An Android Phone Urgently? by YourBestWriter: 11:20am On Apr 09
A year old "itel a32f" Android phone is up for sale

Price: 12,000 naira

How did I acquired the phone? I bought the phone for 22,000 naira (August 2019), and I've been using the phone throughout my masters degree program. Just in need to sale to raise capital for my thesis.

Any fault in the phone? NO

Battery life span? it's poor. Although you can change battery. However, if you desist from 3g internet browsing, the battery will last longer.

Last price? I can get it down to 11k depending on your location. However, negotiation is transient.

Contact me (phone call only / no WhatsApp): At 09020103539 or send me a mail at ebakadile@gmail.com.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgently Needed by YourBestWriter: 10:50am On Apr 09
Experienced presser
Car washer(s)
Laundry man, urgently needed in ikorodu Lagos.
Free accommodation available

Indicate Interest by quoting this message

am interested. car washer. ebakadile@gmail.com
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: A Male Supervisor Needed Urgently by YourBestWriter: 1:07pm On Apr 08
Goodevening all,please I need a male supervisor in an hospitality firm Hotel precisely he should be a graduate and have experience with Supervisor position. ,resides at egbeda .Salary 50k.call this number 07068450692..For further enquires.

am a graduate but without supervisor experience. Can I apply?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Centre Online Aptitude Test by YourBestWriter: 1:02am On Apr 06
Could this be a regret mail?
Business / Re: Nyif Loan Discussion Thread by YourBestWriter: 10:36pm On Apr 02

I am not sure this does not really concern covid 19 and NYIF, specifically Anchor Borrower was mentioned. Let's wait and see how it goes

Is NYIF not an anchor borrower? Since the specific anchor borrower wasn't mentioned, I hope it's not NYIF.
Business / Re: Nyif Loan Discussion Thread by YourBestWriter: 7:30pm On Apr 02

CBN suspends all loans to NIRSAL as corruption scandal rocks Anchor Borrowers, CEO Abdulhameed

The Central Bank of Nigeria has halted all further disbursements to the Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL), Peoples Gazette can report, amidst widespread allegations of corruption.

The agency’s flagship Anchor Borrowers’ Programme and its chief executive Aliyu Abdulhameed have been rocked by charges of endemic graft in recent months, with multiple officials plugged-in about the crisis telling The Gazette that Mr Abdulhameed has all but run down the flagship commercial agriculture scheme.

The CBN’s suspension of further loans to NIRSAL under Mr Abdulhameed was contained in a March 10 correspondence that referenced a February 24 meeting in which the decision was taken for an immediate pause on all loans. The memo said the decision would only be rescinded after all outstanding loans out of NIRSAL have been resolved.

NIRSAL was also asked to submit monthly reports on its activities to CBN, a decision that indicated a retraction of CBN’s confidence long enjoyed by the credit risk managers.

Officials said the action was a major blow to Mr Abdulhameed, although it would also leave some farmers stranded since NIRSAL would no longer have any loan to disburse or plunder.

“We know it is bad for the Anchor Borrowers’ Programme, but at least we know that there will be no money to steal further,” an official said under anonymity because of his current appointment under the Buhari administration. “The CBN’s action is a welcomed development because NIRSAL has been exposed to a lot of bad debts due to its focus on corruption rather than productivity and development of the agric value chain.”
Jobs/Vacancies / . by YourBestWriter: 2:28pm On Apr 02

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Computers / Re: Sold by YourBestWriter: 8:40am On Mar 31
I'm interested st Iyana Ipaja.your number is not here.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Centre Online Aptitude Test by YourBestWriter: 2:03pm On Mar 30
my brother you are a liar nothing if such brother your final score is there already is over 50 ok

Okay oo. I wish us the best.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Centre Online Aptitude Test by YourBestWriter: 1:52pm On Mar 30


Final score pending.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Centre Online Aptitude Test by YourBestWriter: 12:53pm On Mar 30
I just noticed that the total points is not the final score. Fingers crossed.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Centre Online Aptitude Test by YourBestWriter: 11:07am On Mar 30
Was is it in your mail or it was displayed? coz I ddin't see anything, just time up

When I submitted, a pop-up said "check your score."

Not in my mail.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Centre Online Aptitude Test by YourBestWriter: 10:44am On Mar 30
Did you receive your score after the test?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Centre Online Aptitude Test by YourBestWriter: 10:21am On Mar 30
omo, that HR wey set that question, you no be God ooo

question wey astronauts dey use for interview to space,
na im u nak us for credit officer role,

there is God oooo

Hahahahahah, guy, no be small thing at all.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Centre Online Aptitude Test by YourBestWriter: 9:56am On Mar 30
How is Grooming test questions like pls?

Lots of quantitative reasoning questions; just verbal and quantitative reasoning. To summarize it, the questions were HARD REASONING QUESTIONS.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Centre Online Aptitude Test by YourBestWriter: 9:53am On Mar 30
My score was poor despite all the late night studies and stress. I hope for better opportunities in the future.
Computers / Sold by YourBestWriter: 9:20am On Mar 28
Jobs/Vacancies / Job Seekers, Is This A Red Flag? Kidnappers Alert! by YourBestWriter: 6:30pm On Mar 25
So I applied for a job online, and then after a few days I received a mail that I have been scheduled for a phone conversation. Soon after that, I received a phone call from a private number. The guy spoke fluent English like he's from the U.K. Although, the conversation went well. However, he said he was going to get back to me.

Weeks passed and I received a phone call from a private number. It was the guy telling me he was going to send me an email invitation for an interview. I saw the email, and I pasted the content below. Please analyse this email very well. I think these guys are ritualists. All these while, I don't even know the name of the company. The entire conversation has been hidden with a private number. what are they hiding?


Dear xxxxxx

We loved interacting with you and as per our phone call this afternoon am happy to inform you that I’ve scheduled an interview for you for Friday the 26th of March 2021 at 4:30pm. It would be in the lounge of Airport Hotel, Obafemi Awoliwo Way, Ikeja. When you get there please give Nxx a call on 0xxxxxxxxx. He will be interviewing you on the day. Feel free to ask Nxx for a drink any time during this interview but note we won’t be offering you alcohol. 

If you have any questions regarding the interview or any other update regarding this interview please don’t hesitate to email me back. I wish you the best of luck!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Center by YourBestWriter: 7:39pm On Mar 24

I was once with the organization.. 75k for a start and 104k gross after probabation as a confirmed staff. Likely Questions include general maths especially simple interest, compound interest, verbal reason question and current affairs.. Note.. Know the full meaning of Lapo, UNICEF, then current CBN gov etc..They may change the questions this time around but trust me you should able to answer them all.

thank you so much Sir for the help. God bless you.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Just Got This Message From NYIF by YourBestWriter: 9:59am On Mar 24
Good morning everyone, please how do I move from here. ..

See below picture

My business is non registered.

As for me, I used my head to figure out some figures. No time to waste on top website wey get Corona.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Grooming Center by YourBestWriter: 5:38am On Mar 24

Same here this morning, looking for what to study also

a friend in another forum said maths, English, and general study. Am not sure how accurate he is though.
Events / Re: Birthday Wishes by YourBestWriter: 7:07pm On Mar 23
Wishing my self a happy belated birthday,long life and prosperity..

No weapon fashion against me shall ever prosper...
I will be people first choice and never a second choice.
Wisdom, knowledge and understanding shall be my portion..

Happy birthday to me.

fine girl.

happy birthday. please follow back, let's talk.
Jobs/Vacancies / Grooming Center by YourBestWriter: 6:40pm On Mar 23
hello guys, I've got a test invite; what can I study now to be successful?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Pls I Need A Job That Comes With Accommodation by YourBestWriter: 9:51pm On Mar 22
Can you do farm work?
if it is poultry farm work, am available.
Health / Re: 'I Will Return As A Man' - Woman Who Attempted Suicide On Her Birthday (Photo) by YourBestWriter: 7:46pm On Mar 21
what a beautiful soul.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I’m Unemployed And Depressed by YourBestWriter: 3:11pm On Mar 21
Don't be depressed bro, hold on.
I finished my service in November 2015. Till date, no tangible job, got a masters degree between that time and now. I have prayed and prayed just like heaven is shut against me. I believe everything will be alright soonest.

ah! I thought am the only batch C 2014 that is still remaining in this cursed labor market. You should thank God you've got your msc.

I was enrolled in a top Nigerian University for msc. I paid school fees for the two years program, successfully navigated the theory aspect of first and second semester of both years, and then I lost everything in the hands of a sadist research supervisor who swore I will never graduate.

So I quitted and moved to Lag. so far, I've attended over 50 interviews unsuccessfully from 2016 January till date.

Just keep pushing bro.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Please Who Knows This Company? by YourBestWriter: 8:03pm On Mar 20
my advice... They are many in Lagos if u like urself just stay put at home.... I attended one of their interviews where I dressed like person wey no dey shit... Put on suit, tie, shoe.. Dey think na one better job.. Not until I saw people in palm slippers, three cutters coming inside same hall for the interview.. Na then I know say I don enter one chance on top say I need a job..

lol. job seekers have suffered.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Please Who Knows This Company? by YourBestWriter: 7:55pm On Mar 20
If u don't like something.... I don't see u doing well in it.... For you to be successful at something, u must be passionate about it... Thats life. If u no like am don't go for the job.

please do you Know the company? I have done deep research on the company, and discovered they are into health care stuffs. Just want to know if they are into neo life things.

again, I don't have anything against neo life. just wanted to be sure am not getting into gnld stuff.
Jobs/Vacancies / Please Who Knows This Company? by YourBestWriter: 7:09pm On Mar 20
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Elyte Entrepreneurship Training Consult - BEWARE!!!!!!! by YourBestWriter: 6:00pm On Mar 20
To those of you who find it really hard to comprehend things... let me make it extra clear to you on what Elyte consult is all about. 10 things you need to know!

1) First they don't care if you brought your cv with you or not and they do not ask for your certificate or NYSC.

2) The people who will interview you lack charisma and look like simpletons.

3)Their Orientation session starts as early as 9am and ends by 8pm.

4) There is no break and they do not feed you.

5) There is nothing new in what they say or teach, they concoct stories of how they left their high paying jobs, some even go as far as telling you they are first class graduates who turned down Shell offer to work with Elyte and most times forget himself, if he tells first set Chevron, second set would be Shell, very confused HOp.

6) Their brain washing is of the highest order and if you are not strong, you will fall hook, line and Sink. They talk to you straight for 11hrs and play motivational videos of Dangote, Oyedepo, Alakija, for you to get Excited.

7) They ask you to pay 5k for training materials after telling you good news of you getting a job with them and sweeten it with you being the DMD P.A. The training materials are 1 motivational book that you can get under bridge at Ikeja for 500naira and a photocopy of some business administrative pamphlet and a substandard certificate stating you learnt IT and HR courses in a day.

cool They will get 2 passport from you and a letter saying you accept their job offer before they give you employment letter, which will take them two weeks. Then you would be asked to pay 50k for a website where you will sell fertilizer, sanitizer, and some medicines courtesy of Neo Life International.

9) There is no basic salary as you are paid by the number of people you are able to recruit. The catch is only if those people succumb to paying 50k, that is when you are paid. For each person you bring and they pay 50k plus the training fee of 5k you are being paid 5k. So you would have to bring 16people per month to take home 80k.

10) Now, if you can part with 55k and recruit 16 persons every month or more depending on the target of the month, then Elyte is the place to be.

Note: They don't go to work everyday of the week.

My 2 cents.

hahahahahah guy God bless you so much for this thread. This thread deserve front page. I got their invite today.

But you are so funny eh. I laughed out loud until my chest begin pain me.

thank you for opening my eyes.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Content Creators Needed by YourBestWriter: 11:22am On Mar 19
Am not seo experienced, but I can write good articles with well organized logical flow. Am currently working on an ebook, and working hard to publish it soon. My whatsapp number is 09020103539.

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