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Music/Radio / SFX Valley- One Stop To Get Free Music & SFX For Your Projects by youthmirror: 4:56pm On Jan 10, 2018

Good news for YouTubers and that is SFX Valley. SFX Valley is a YouTube channel that provides free royalty music for everyone. Now, the music of almost every genre will be available just one click away. SFX valley has come out to dominate music and SFX industry for your projects. It doesn’t matter if you run a YouTube channel or not, you can get royalty free music from SFX Valley.

Many YouTube channels got busted recently just because they were not using legal music on their YouTube channel. There was no solution that provides music for YouTube videos. But, the wait is over. SFX Valley will be your one-stop destination when it comes to royalty free music, music for YouTube videos or free legal music.
You can use this music in the beginning or in the whole video. You can find and use almost every type of music for commercials, movies or YouTube videos. SFX Valley is giving away everything for free. You don’t need to pay for anything. However, let’s discuss the additional benefits of using SFX Valley.

 No Complicated Contracts
 No Licensing Agreements
 No bullshit such as Signups
 Direct Access to Music Library
 Free Royalty Music

Note: You can use the royalty free music but don’t forget to let your audience know that you took the music from SFX Valley.

Why is SFX Valley Unique?
There are many YouTube channels that provide free royalty music but SFX Valley has its own identity. No YouTube channel covers wide genres of world music, cinematic music, hip-hop, sound effects, background music, commercial music and corporate music. Yes, you read that right. It’s all available under one roof.

Royalty free music is a win-win situation for everyone in the music industry. An issue that many people keep running into when they first begin to discover music for media ventures is copyright. It's devastating to discover the Michael Jackson tune that you altered your video with isn't accessible to permit (in any event not at a sensible cost at-least!).

When you pay for the music, you are likewise paying for the privilege to utilize it in recordings, films, or other media composes. But for this, you have to buy the music. Right? What if I tell you that you can download that paid music for free from SFX Valley? Isn’t that Great?
If you want to impress your audience with your great music and videos then SFX Valley is the best destination to get music to your YouTube videos.

You just need to go to the SFXV official YouTube channel and find the music that you want to use in your video. Download that music from the channel and use it without the fear of copyright. SFXV is the one that provides the different kind of unique music that anyone can use in any case.
In the end, please give a favor by letting your audience know that from where you got this music.

Official YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/sfxvalley

Company name
SFX Valley
FB group
Business / How Bannerbit Changed The Game For Online Ad Flippers? by youthmirror: 7:20pm On Dec 27, 2017
BannerBit is a revolutionary new advertising marketplace that makes it possible for thousands of people around the world to buy and sell digital banner ads between one another. The service is changing the game of online advertising by making the purchase and sale of digital ads simple, secure and instantaneous.
The BannerBit Difference
Traditionally, online advertising has been slow and inefficient. Companies like Google and Facebook have dominated, making it very hard for individuals to participate in – and earn from – the buying and selling of digital banner ads.
BannerBit is changing online advertising in a big way through its cloud-powered digital advertising marketplace. Every day, thousands of BannerBit members can now come together to buy and sell digital banner ads. The BannerBit interface gives members direct access to ads involving the biggest premium advertisers in the world, including brands like Nike, Toyota and McDonald’s.
How People Use It
Different members use BannerBit in different ways depending on their objectives. Some members use it and pursue a ‘buy and rent’ strategy. This involves purchasing ads and generating income from those ads on a ‘cost-per-click’ basis. With cost-per-click, each time an ad that a member owns gets clicked on by a web user, the member will instantly earn funds that are paid directly into his or her BannerBit account. The real estate equivalent of this strategy is to buy properties then rent them out, pocketing the rental payments as income.
Other BannerBit members pursue what is known as a ‘flipping’ strategy. Much like real estate flipping, with BannerBit members can buy ads from the marketplace then sell them later to other members for a higher price. The different between the purchase price and the sale price represents the ad flipper’s profit. The period between the purchase and the sale will depend a lot on the member’s risk appetite as well as the demand for the ad being flipped, but members who successfully identity a ‘hot property’ can generate substantial results from the sale within a short period of time – sometimes even less than 24 hours, it all depends on demand.
Getting Started
Getting started with BannerBit is far simpler than getting started with traditional online advertising systems. All you need to do is fill out the simple form below to become a BannerBit member. In a matter of minutes you can be ready to start instantly exchanging ads in real-time with other BannerBit members.
BannerBit currently has a few membership slots available – but these are filling up fast. In order to experience the thrill of exchanging digital ads on BannerBit, fill out the below form with your real information. If you complete the form before the slots are filled, a BannerBit representative will be in touch with you shortly to help you finalize the registration process. www.bannerbit.com
Technology Market / 4 Reasons Why Ad Flipping With Bannerbitis Becoming So Popular by youthmirror: 4:43pm On Dec 27, 2017
The online ad flipping market has become extremely popular this year as tens of thousands of people have discovered how they too can start buying and selling ads with BannerBit. Here are 10 reasons why more and more people are choosing BannerBit as their preferred marketplace for flipping online ads.

1. Anyone Can Do It
The traditional online advertising market is complex. It is made up of many layers that can overwhelm people who aren’t familiar with the advertising terminology. Online ad flipping with BannerBitdoes away with the complexity, and makes it incredibly easy to get started, even for people whodon’t have any previous knowledge or experience in the online advertising domain. To become a BannerBit member, no prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

2. Online Advertising is a Huge Market
The online advertising market is one of the biggest in the world. These days it is dominated by the likes of Google and Facebook, but they don’t have much influence over online ad flipping – yet. Online ad flipping with BannerBit is benefiting from the major growth in the wider online advertising ecosystems and provides a simple, transparent and cost-effective entry point for everyday people. Moreover, BannerBit provides its members with a direct pathwayfor buying and selling premium advertising inventory involving brands like Nike, McDonald’s and Toyota.

3. Potential Gains are Incredible
In the ‘real world’, flipping real estate can be an incredibly lucrative undertaking. In fact, real estate flipping is one of the top ways the members of the Forbes’ list earned their billions. But in the virtual world, flipping online ads with BannerBitcan also generate outstanding results, without all of the expense and complexity of dealing in real world transactions. Online ad flipping with BannerBit looks set to be this generation’s equivalent of flipping real estate.

4. Huge Upside
Many people want to know exactly how much money can be made when flipping online ads with BannerBit. The truth is that it’s not possible to define an exact figure. When flipping online ads with BannerBit, the amount that a member can sell an ad for is determined by the demand for that ad. By purchasing the right ad at the right time, members can later sell it for 5, 10 or even 20 times the amount that they paid for it initially. It all comes down to the member’s ability to get in and out of the right ad at the right time. Ads that are in high demand can generally be sold for more than they are purchased for initially.
Open Your FREE BannerBit Account: www.bannerbit.com
Education / Stella Ralfini, Sensual Sorceress, Rants About Ethics Of Press by youthmirror: 1:23pm On Dec 21, 2017
Stella Ralfini,70, considered one of the most knowledgeable women in the beauty world today, admits naivety is what keeps getting her in trouble with the press. ‘You’d think once was enough and I’d have learned my lesson three years ago, but when a different media company approached me earlier this year I fell headlong in the same trap.’
Told the story would have an inspirational slant, and believing it was about her recovery from skin cancer, her passion for Argentinian Tango, her search for a soulmate, why her homemade beauty products were proving so popular, beauty/health recommendations and why her skin was so flawless for her age, another shock awaited.
When the article appeared in the Daily Mail, Stella laughed with rage to read that ‘She rubbed urine on her face daily to keep it young.’ In chats she shared with Chrissie Wood from Mercury Press beforehand, Stella mentioned urine therapy, a practice known in Ayuvedic and Chinese medicine as being used for curing acne, wounds and skin complaints. (the info was also sent in writing). Furious her words had been twisted, Stella terminated their agreement on the spot and vowed never to go near another media company.
As Stella says ‘Everyone who knows me, including my followers on Facebook and other social media platforms, knew the article in the Mail was a mish-mash of sensationalized untruths and stood stoically by my side. However, the world at large thinks I’m a hilarious, nutty, sex therapist grandmother – when I don’t even have grandchildren. Why can’t the press write an article about me without throwing me to the wolves for once? Why don’t they take time to read the loving, thank you messages I receive every day from grateful women who admire me, my beauty tips, advice and honesty?’
Stella, blessed with good looks, often likened to Elizabeth Taylor, and physically in great shape, is now working on an illustrated beauty calendar, which goes on sale September 2018. Called ‘Sensual Sorcery’, it brings together what she considers the very best of her homemade beauty products and health tips. ‘All the nonsense in the past has made me pretty fierce,’ she says, ‘So if anyone decides to mock me in the future, I will use my sorceress powers and turn them into cockroaches.’
Stella Ralfini is a professional life coach, beauty advisor and award winning author.

Health / A Facebook Group Set Up For Conversations About How The UK Manages Cancer Is Gat by youthmirror: 3:44am On Dec 15, 2017
Banned Aid: Weed the World was set up by Dr Carol Coombes OBE, a leading strengths based leadership consultant in the UK, after she'd researched how other countries around the World are tackling Cancer treatment most successfully.

Carol recently came out about her own cancer, diagnosed in February 2017, after finding that unless she accepted Chemotherapy and radiation therapy to her throat, there was no treatment available for her.
Diagnosed with a ‘rare and aggressive’ tonsillar cancer, Carol immediately embarked on a series of lifestyle changes, aiming to rebuild her immune system.
Her hope then was that she could do this, and with regular monitoring and assessment from the NHS, be able to check on progress.
Carol was stunned to learn that the NHS, the main public healthcare provider in the UK, cannot discuss any treatments outside oncology, due to The Cancer act 1939, and therefore couldn't scan or assess her unless she'd go ahead with the treatment laid out.

Further conversations made it clear that there can't be any conversations about other approaches. No treatment can be given without having gone through full clinical trials. No clinical trials can be considered without enough compelling evidence to force one.
And no evidence is being collected to force one.
Stories claiming treatment or cures are classed as purely anecdotal, and considered subject to change under scrutiny, meaning they can’t even be considered in gathering useful intelligence.

'There are a number of shrewd private investors in the UK who've begun to invest in and look into cannabinoid technologies, as the biggest growth opportunity of our time. Given the investment required in the UK, to re-humanise our welfare state, and in the NHS to manage even the the A&E requirements well, it makes good sense to look at this opportunity holistically. If we look at the Colorado experience, amongst others, we can see the potential for it to be a huge asset.
My preference, personally, would be to have the herb declassified, so everyone can use it without cost. I cant ever imagine such a common sense approach, so if that's not to happen, the industry should be nationalised.
That's the only other obvious and transparent way I can see to avoid a two tier system based on cost, without crippling the NHS who'd have to buy it from these private companies. It's brave and big, and also exactly what's required here she knows that even with a collective political will, which the UK doesn't currently have, methods proving to work in other countries can't even be discussed and assessed in the UK.

Carol believes there must be others, and that they're not on record because the NHS can't treat them, so doesn't gather and use the evidence. She says that gathering evidence while the opportunity exists is too good to miss, especially as it shouldn't cost the NHS any more than standard assessment should. Her own approach, supported by herbalists and Naturopaths, is to rebuild her immune system, ensuring her lymph system is clearing her body, and that she's creating the healthiest environment internally.

She’s spoken with several leading researchers who said, quite simply, they’re prohibited from discussing anything outside of conventional treatment within current legislation. Others in the NHS have said there is a real excitement about new approaches, and the biggest challenge is with knowing how to apply them, rather than of understanding them. The aim of the facebook group is to have a simple way to bring together people who are interested in finding out more, and who want to contribute to the conversations. It's a new group, filling with members happy to disagree and argue the biggest points respectfully, to see how it can be of most help

As a parent and grandparent, and an original 1976 Punk rocker, Carol has spent much of her life changing the systems to meet the needs of the people, rather than the other way round. She's known to have always been concerned more with morality than legality, and has led a number of successful campaigns on precisely that basis.
Cannabis Oil is expected to be made legal in the UK in a few years time at most, as it is in other countries. She says if information is being gathered now, ready for that time, it gives an obvious advantage. ‘Some of the great brains behind the work and research leading us to this point (including Mechoulam, Devane, Hanus, Melamede, Gordon, Russo, Guzman, Sanchez et al) are around at the moment to help nuance our understanding of what we find. How amazing would it be for our brilliant NHS staff to learn lessons while we can still ask The Pathfinders? ‘

She insists 'Look at what's happened with Cannabis in other countries. This could help to underpin other vital services, not just the NHS. There are proven and major ways of this helping the economy, not just health. We're idiots if we miss this, and much more morally bereft than idiots if we let this treatment, that could also avoid much of the trauma and havoc wreaked on people's bodies, go to the private sector alone.

Carol's experience of making big changes to society lets her believe there's much more that can easily and cheaply be done.
She'd like to see preventative work carried out in schools to understand healthy eating, and she’s been speaking with senior leaders in her hometown of Birmingham UK to model it as a Well City.

We need to look at everything that’s showing results, as current treatment is so life changing. What an amazing, privileged opportunity to make a difference during what could for some of us, be the last stages of our lives?’

Join the conversation here https://www./1371468459639799/ or via twitter @crackingleaders

Education / Love In Life Expresses A Human Virtue – A Report by youthmirror: 1:31pm On Oct 20, 2017
Love is all about romance, intimacy, happiness, passion, forgiveness, and everything we can think about. Love is the most powerful emotion a human being can experience and just feel that, but the thing is- nobody knows what love is.
Why is it so difficult to find love? How can we get love? How exactly it is best for any relationship and there are various other questions we have in our mind which are unanswered. Love is complex to understand as there are various terms associated with the same. People are different and their approaches differ from each other, however, their belief of love is also very different, thus it is unexplained. But, now we can easily get the meaning of the same as Vijay S. Sharma, who is the author of the book called- What is Love? has explained everything.
About the author
Mr. Vijay S. Sharma is the best author lives in Gurugram, India with his family. He is a CA and MBA (ISB) and has worked in the corporate world at senior most positions. He has an intense passion for researching, analyzing, and writing for love and has written something the best which is in the market. Love in Life is very important, but today we have forgotten everything due to our work and other affairs, also we just don’t know the meaning of the same.
In order to write this very beautiful and sensible book, the author has searched for the meaning, causes, and process of love over the years. He has discovered 3 elements to explain every kind of love from parents-children, owner and pet, family love, friends’ love and various others and has spent countless days and nights just to frame a single and simple mathematical formula that can help a person knows more about love or hate for any person, including- pet, causes or objects. Yes, he has developed very innovative love-hate calculator which is the best ever formula can be applied for any period or transaction.
If you are interested to know about how to develop more love and care in any relationship, you better read the whole book and everything will clear to you. Also, the book discloses various things from- how to maintain a loving relationship to the best way to live life with all whom we love, the TAB theory and its features, along with the conclusion. It is good to read the revolutionary book that everyone is talking about these days and that is- What is Love? by Vijay S Sharma.
Also, don’t forget checking out www.whatis-love.com, which will help people to know more about LOVE and how we can easily generate more love from others and just get more love and care all the time for longer relationships.
Also, you can easily calculate your love and hate relationship using the simple formula suggested by Mr. Sharma.
NOTE- It will be good to use Mobile App What is Love? to calculate your love for others or the love you perceive from others. Also, you can easily exchange score with people in your life, so you better try it out and wish to have a better relationship with all we have around.
For more information must visit-
Website: www.Whatis-love.com
Author website: www.vijayuk.com
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/BookWhatIsLove/
Check for mobile Apps: What is Love? By VijayS Sharma

Health / Cheap And Affordable Hair Transplant In Pakistan by youthmirror: 12:21pm On Sep 25, 2017
Can you imagine life without hair? Well, we can’t stay without hair at all as it is not all about our looks, but our confidence level also related with the same. There are various people who are suffering from hair loss a lot, which easily makes their heads bald. This situation is really intolerable and they find out various ways to hide their baldness.
If you are the one suffering from the same and feeling that your all hair will go away, it is a high time to find out a relevant solution as soon as possible before they’re gone forever. It is highly necessary to find out proven and safe solution to get great hair back so that they can stay over there for a longer time. What about Fue hair transplant services in Pakistan? Well, follicular unit extraction is the best ever and very popular treatment program will surely offer great hair to anyone. It doesn’t matter how badly you are suffering from baldness or how complex your case is, it will be good to go with the FUE treatment program which is a minimally invasive method best for harvesting and transplanting hair. The treatment starts when professional removes individual follicular units directly from the patient's donor site and then they use for replanted into the scalp. Anyone can go with the effective treatment program, whether one is suffering from full-blown balding or one is noticing that hair is getting thinning and falling a lot.
A lot of people go up with various hair gain alternatives, like- Shampoos, creams, pills and various homemade remedies, but everything fails as there is nothing better than Hair transplant solution. A very small and safe surgery is the only option to restore your hairline and soon one can get great hair will be very natural, black and strong. It is important to note that FUE hair transplant is very safe and considered very successful by many people. It is better to consider a FUE hair transplant, but don’t forget asking various things from the professionals for making a perfect decision. Yes, expertise doctors will easily help you by answering to the most frequently asked one in terms with the cost, method, post and pre precautions and other lots of things.
Before we go to any Hair loss treatment, we shouldn’t forget discussing the case studies for a better idea. Professionals are always well-versed with various cases as they already dealt with various clients suffered from the same issues, however, better check everything, including- pre and post treatment photographs and videos. Pro won’t hesitate in showing the same as they very well know that results are the best and you can also get the same without any fail.
Everybody who is suffering from hair loss, they should definitely plan to go with the best source for Hair restoration and there is nothing better than- http://hairtransplantt.com/. Better visit the site and check how professionals of Lahore can help people all around the world gaining healthy and natural hair in NO TIME.
Fashion / Body Wax & Threading- Painless Waxing In A Very Comfortable Ambiance by youthmirror: 9:37am On Aug 25, 2017
Beauty and fashion is something not only related to WOW look, but it also plays an important role to build up confidence level. We can boldly hit to any party, give a presentation in an office, roaming here and there and do any possible thing once we feel we look great.
What exactly you do to make your body attractive? Well, at home, we can’t care the same at all – when it comes to eliminating unwanted hair from our body. It is always good to visit the best, reliable and the most experienced salon, which makes us sure to offer a complete range of services with a gentle touch. It is highly necessary to step into a place where beauty isn’t a poster on the wall, but we can easily live the same.
It is actually very important to find right Body Wax & Threading salon to be delighted by getting the experience of luxurious and comfortable surroundings. As we are investing money, it is very important that we get a friendly and professional team for a first-class experience. Of course, a high-class salon will help us in getting an extremely high level of customer care, which ultimately means that NO client leaves the salon unsatisfied. For removing unwanted hair from all over the body, including forehead and upper lips, hitting right therapists can offer core treatments. There are lots of things we can expect to have from an ultimate beauty center, which includes hair removal, eyebrow and eyelash care, total skin care and massage.
Body Wax & Threading professionals always believe in using proven Brazilian wax method, which minimises discomfort along with maximising efficiency. Just because of their safe and proven products and ultimate touch, outstanding results can be expected that won’t put you in any doubt in regards to your future beauty health concerns. Living in Smyrna GA and finding affordable and genuine salon over here? Why don’t you check out the suggested source for never seen before results? Well, the recommended salon is trusted by various women in Smyrna and specialized in Eyebrow shaping with threading, facials, waxing and other various body treatments for women. If you are very much serious for your beauty along with the budget, better escape from your busy schedule to relax and enjoy the latest skin, body and beauty solutions only at Body Wax & Threading Salon.
Apart from high class and tested solutions, we can expect the salon at a very convenient and peaceful location. It is the right center works hard to make their clients as comfortable as possible and for the same they’ve made all the arrangements in advance. If you are looking for safe hands where you can always retreat and pleased, don’t forget to visit http://bodywaxandthreading.com/ and have the best body treatments you’ve ever had before.

Business / Lady Chairman Of Company Moves To International Trades And Commodities by youthmirror: 8:01am On Apr 16, 2017
Dinah Lilia Mansour
For Immediate release
Lady chairman of company moves to international trades and commodities
Dinah Lilia Mansour is a Canadian business woman and is chairman of AL M'ADINA FINANCIAL GROUP since 2011, the holding company of her international trading and current investment focus.
Her mother is from Dubai, and her father is from Cairo, giving Mansour a keen eye for the Middle East and its international trading.
“We do a great deal in commodities, and recently we added crude oil, sugar and coffee to our growing list of international traded commodities,” said Mansour, “currently we focus on Canada, the Middle East including Qatar and Egypt and European markets. We do have some foray into the U.S. markets.”
Since graduation from university and taking her Ph.D. in political science, Mansour has been in the business world starting as a real estate agent with her father in Cairo, Egypt. She later immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 2008 and established herself as a solid member of Toronto’s booming construction projects, revitalizing much of the city with millions in real estate.
Building herself to such a solid investor in real estate in Toronto as well as in Cairo and her native Qatar, Mansour saw the opportunities available in global trading and made her move in 2014 into the field. She has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the international trade industry, buying stocks in several American and global stocks and hedge funds. Currently, she has over $5,000,000.00 in stocks and shares from American companies alone.
Still, she keeps her focus keenly on the markets, particularly with oil.
“I am from Qatar, so I am very careful to follow the oil market and its constant flucuations. When I see the time is good to invest, I do so but carefully. There is very little that I actually take a non-calculated risk when I am looking for investment,” said Mansour.
Oil’s stability in the market means Mansour has had time to delve into personal projects, including multi-million dollar real estate investments in Cairo as well as continuing her hard work in Toronto.
“Sometimes market stability is a good thing. In my case, it has allowed me to return to some of my older passions like real estate but also look into different areas of international trades.
Additional information, including information about the company, its holdings and investments is available at the website.

Travel / Everything You Should Know About Slicks Backpack by youthmirror: 7:40am On Apr 14, 2017
Slicks backpack is a great travel companion and perfects for carrying a suit around comfortably. It is launched and making waves on Kickstarter. The good thing is that there is a new, more functional edition on Kickstarter.
The backpack has been classified as top rated and has an upgraded capacity of 30 litres. This size makes it easy to fit a change of shoes, clothes, and various other items such as a laptop. It is a multipurpose bag and right size for a weekend trip or a journey that will last up to 5 days. It features many compartments for various uses while on a journey including a shoulder strap that unclips and can be tucked away.
Slicks on bike
It has many pockets and compartments painstakingly designed to provide a lasting solution to critical travel needs. At the back, accessed from its zip, it accommodates separate laptop sleeve which fits a large 15″ PC laptop. This makes it safer and easier to take it in and out at the airport. It also contains straps to hold clothes down, similar to that of a suitcase. These work separately in making it ideal for travel and carrying clothes into work.
Strictly at the sides, there are a couple of slip pockets, one designed for keeping the phone and the other large enough for carrying shoes. On the rear, there is a large zip; behind it is a stuff compartment.
The Upgrades to Slicks
Slicks are now a complete system, with various attachments that fit into the bag –a mobile wardrobe with a shirt folder, a suit bag, laundry bag and a toilet bag. Any of these two things clip into the main compartment of the backpack, and they are really and safe to use.
The suit bag is same as before – pretty slimline and brief and doesn’t take up more space than necessary. It has a hanger that folds and unfolds and can be folded into four so as to fit into the backpack. With this feature, you can fit a t-shirt, some underwears, and a laptop into the bag.
The mobile wardrobe is Whoa! It has a smart shirt folder with a collar protector. Also visible, is a compartment for the toilet bag and dirty laundry which is very convenient to use. It requires a lot of zipping and unzipping to get into it.
The Slicks Travel Backpack is remarkably organized. It is a multipurpose traveling bag. If you are a person who needs a place for everything and a pocket, particularly while traveling, then this bag is for you.
Without the extra compartment, the bag can accommodate a lot of things, and the back panel is pretty comfortable. It is a highly flexible travel bag, excellent, especially since you can pick the style that fits your regular use. It is rectangular in shape; this makes it a reasonably good briefcase, but quite a large one.
The bag has reflective hits on the front and sides, which enhance night visibility when cycling. It also has a rain cover for protection from rain, for a shorter trip it would not be required as the fabrics are pretty water repellant.
The bag is bulky, and it weighs 3kg when empty. This makes it not so comfortable to move it from place to place. The pockets and zips take up space without it being usable.
The sticks backpack has a previous version and the updated version, but both have a just little difference, and both are available in the market. It is a good development that you can select the version that suits your uses. For more details better visit to- http://www.travelpacks.net/
Nairaland / General / Everything You Should Know About Puzzle Rides by youthmirror: 10:31am On Dec 05, 2016
December 05, 2016- Great, seeking a mystery or novel about a caregiver, to read these holidays before the New Year. Do set in your alarm reminders, phone, and pocket gadgets for Puzzle Rides on December 24, Christmas Eve, Saturday at midnight in front of reading log.
This book is written 95% Fiction, 5% Truth by S. Richardson. The author writes the reading narrated by an unusual character. The book can give a snippet commixture feel of notorious authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Octavia Butler, Zora Neal Hurston, Langston Hughes, Walter Mosley, James Baldwin and Tennessee Williams. The unusual character narrates on a single caregiver of an intellectually unique child coming into the world to school years.
When encountering should be smooth for the social of the child, they are not steady. When you are light or forgotten on matters, Oh, how they can repeat! This book will canopy on dating as a single caregiver, also. Parenting groups, health, disabled, special needs, gifted, transportation advocates & book clubs would prize in reading this in their collection. Do have to warn that this composition may not be your traditional norms to language formality! But, if there are those that not read or lack of unusual due too much formality, this book is a great draw.
Engage on (symbols of Pinterest, Twitter & Youtube on the hashtags #mysterytransport #puzzleridesbook
Use those hashtags if do a review on this book. Send a note of interest for Chance at 2 Complimentary Books that will be given away. For more details better visit now at- http://mysterytransport.strikingly.com
Science/Technology / X2 Capacitor Widely Used In Meter Products - CSD Capacitor by youthmirror: 2:59pm On Sep 28, 2016
X2 capacitors are required to achieve a stable performance during operational life while meeting safety requirements. The metalized film dielectric is a key factor with regards to the safety aspect. For example, the polypropylene dielectric provides excellent self-healing characteristics. However, improvements were necessary to maintain stability in high temperature and high humidity environments. CSD engineer recognized these challenges and researched materials that would produce more robust parts for extreme applications. As a result, improvements to all of the major capacitor components have been implemented, including the metallization layer, the film used as the dielectric, the resin which fills the package, and the box . X2 capacitors are used not only for EMI suppression. Thanks to their robustness and resistance to humidity and high temperatures, they are also suitable for voltage dividers in capacitive power supplies – for example, those of smart meter.( www.csdcapacitor.com ) . On Nov 1st, CSD Electronic Co., Ltd will attend The 33rd International Seminar & Exhibition on Electromagnetic Measurement Technology, Standard and Product 2016 in Dongguan Regal Palace Hotel. In this exhibition, we will show various film capacitors including the X2 safety capacitor for the meter . The professional staff is at your service to help with enquiries and offer recommendations. You are welcome to visit our booth C67.
Address: Building 8,HengTaiYu Industrial Park,Hong’Ao ,Guangming New District ,Shenzhen.
Phone: 86-755-29948886
Contact Person: CSD
Company:CSD Electronic Co., Ltd

Nairaland / General / X2 Capacitor Widely Used In Meter Products – CSD Capacitor by youthmirror: 1:42pm On Sep 26, 2016
X2 capacitors are required to achieve a stable performance during operational life while meeting safety requirements. The metalized film dielectric is a key factor with regards to the safety aspect. For example, the polypropylene dielectric provides excellent self-healing characteristics. However, improvements were necessary to maintain stability in high temperature and high humidity environments. CSD engineer recognized these challenges and researched materials that would produce more robust parts for extreme applications. As a result, improvements to all of the major capacitor components have been implemented, including the metallization layer, the film used as the dielectric, the resin which fills the package, and the box. X2 capacitors are used not only for EMI suppression. Thanks to their robustness and resistance to humidity and high temperatures, they are also suitable for voltage dividers in capacitive power supplies – for example, those of smart meter - (www.csdcapacitor.com ) . On Nov 1st, CSD Electronic Co., Ltd will attend The 33rd International Seminar & Exhibition on Electromagnetic Measurement Technology, Standard and Product 2016 in Dongguan Regal Palace Hotel. In this exhibition, we will show various film capacitors including the X2 safety capacitor for the meter. The professional staff is at your service to help with enquiries and offer recommendations. You are welcome to visit our booth C67.
Website: www.csdcapacitor.com
Building 8, HengTaiYu Industrial Park,Hong’Ao ,
Guangming New District ,Shenzhen.
Phone: 86-755-29948886
Contact Person: CSD
Company:CSD Electronic Co., Ltd
Nairaland / General / Canadian Green Nano Technology Company Expends To Turkey by youthmirror: 11:22am On Sep 26, 2016
Contact: Miroslaw Chrzaniecki
For Immediate Release

Canadian Green Nano Technology Company Expends to Turkey

LOCATION/DATE – Green Earth Nano Science, Inc., (GENS), based in Toronto, Canada, one of the first global companies specializing in investment, commercialization, manufacturing, and distribution of new sustainable green environmental technologies, is expanding their marketplace to Turkey and Georgia through an exclusive license agreement with TENAY Ltd.
The exclusive license distribution agreement will help bring GENS NANO, SolarStucco and AgriHit-branded products to millions of new customers in Turkey and Georgia. These innovative products include self-cleaning, anti-bacterial coatings; organic disinfectants and sanitizers; natural bio degradable cleaners; natural foliar fertilizers; and plant growth and health enhancers. TENAY Ltd. Company is a growing Turkey corporation with an existing sales networks with customers in key Turkey industrial segments including hospitals and government. Company has strong capabilities to develop Turkey national sales distribution and application networks with new added-value services and distribution. Company has relationships with many markets including retail stores distribution chains, health care & hospitality, food factories, greenhouses, farmers, facilities, and building maintenance companies.
“We are energized with our partnership with Green Earth Nano Science and happy to expand our current operation to offer green infection control solutions,” said Mr. Fatih Oztas, owner of TENAY Ltd. “We will help our clients reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAI), combat various plant diseases, and reduce need for exterior building cleaning with the introduction of these environmentally friendly, natural products.”
Miroslaw Chrzaniecki, VP from Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. stated:“Turkey has the 17th largest economy in the world and we are excited to serve customers across 81 provinces,” said Miroslaw Chrzaniecki, VP from Green Earth Nano Science, Inc. “Turkey farmers and growers will greatly benefit from our green technologies, as well as those in the pharmaceutical, hotel, food manufacturing, and government industries.”
TENAY Ltd. is a growing Turkish corporation with an established sales network. They also have strong capabilities to develop national sales distribution and application networks across Turkey and Georgia with new added-value services and distribution. The company has relationships with customers in many markets including health care and hospitality facilities, government agencies, retail stores, food factories, greenhouses, farmers, and building maintenance companies.
For more information about GENS or TENAY, visit their web pages at www.gensnano.com or www.tenay.com.tr/medikal.
Art, Graphics & Video / Overstockart.com Unveils Updated Interactive Catalog For Fall by youthmirror: 10:51am On Sep 21, 2016
For Immediate Release:

OverstockArt.com, the popular online retailer of handmade art and museum quality frames, has released the latest version of their catalog for 2016’s fall season. The online catalog features curated picks from their expansive selection of handmade fine art oil painting reproductions. In addition to keeping up with the latest trends in art and décor, this new edition streamlines the shopping experience for home and professional decorators through simple and versatile technologies.

The foundation of overstockArt.com’s 2016 Fall Catalog is the intuitive and full-featured digital platform it’s built on. Browsing the digital flip-book engages users by giving them the power to closely examine individual artworks and frames as well as selectively share their favorites. It’s connected to a real-time feed of descriptions, background, pricing, and options for every piece. Vibrant high-definition photographs seem to pop off the screen, whether viewed on a computer or mobile device. Any time a user finds a product that resonates with their style, a click or a tap can transport them directly to the full product page for more information and a seamless checkout process.

The world’s best known and most beloved artworks have been gathered by overstockArt.com’s staff of art lovers from its selection of over 10,000 handmade reproductions. Curated into Art Collections, hundreds of artworks are immediately available whether shopping by style, subject, and more. Those with an adventurous eye should check out trending styles from today’s finest contemporary artists in the 'Artist Become' collection. Also on display is a portion of the retailer’s wide variety of custom frame options, all of which are built by hand right here in the USA.

Of particular note is overstockArt.com’s exclusive Luxury Line, with its unique interpretations of classic masterpieces. This line of expertly made artwork features gold, silver, and bronze metallic leafing, creating a shimmering appearance that has quickly become a customer favorite. Precisely applied by the artist, it adds a glittering new dimension to your favorite art. Whether you’re interested in making your Monet shine or elevating a Klimt to its authentically palatial status, the Luxury Line adds an elegant accent to their lovingly crafted masterworks.

The overstockArt.com 2016 Summer Art Catalog can be viewed online or offline:

1. Access the overstockArt.com 2016 Summer Art Catalog on your connected device at http://www.overstockart.com/get-catalog.

2. Download the PDF version for browsing anytime, anywhere: https://view.publitas.com/15933/197955/pdfs/d00e9acb43ba5277f264db94973558ababc1b237.pdf

“Our mission at overstockArt.com is to make shopping for art into a rich and fun experience, we achieve this by removing all the doubts from the buying process and enriching shoppers with a great shopping experience and ultimately a magnificent piece of art for their space," said David Sasson, CEO of overstockArt.com. “The new catalog is organized via subjects and collections. It holds many of our newest arrivals along with exclusive collections and even our ‘Turn Photos into Hand Painted Art’ service.”

overstockArt.com had previously released a print catalog once annually, though the online retailer now updates their catalog four times throughout each year. “Using a digital catalog gives us an opportunity to create more seasonal versions of our catalog without the expense and waste of creating print catalogs,” stated Sasson. “It also allows our catalogs to be more current and up-to-date with our selection, which allows our customers to see the new products as soon as we start carrying them.”

Additionally, overstockArt.com has invested heavily in mobile apps to aid customers in decorating on-the-go and visualizing the art on their wall prior to purchase. overstockArt.com's apps allow art lovers to easily browse hundreds of oil paintings in the palm of their hand and view each selection in their own space. The app is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.


About overstockArt.com:
Founded in 2002, overstockArt.com is one the web’s leading distributors of high-quality wall art. With more than 100,000 wall décor combinations to choose from in stock at all times, the online retailer has one goal: to make it easy and affordable for people to transform their space with hand painted art. Recognized as a premiere shopping destination for hand painted fine art reproductions, overstockArt.com has expanded its offerings to include hand painted and hand carved decorative ceramic tiles and high-quality original canvas art prints. The company also owns and operates Artist Become (ArtistBe.com), the online community for contemporary artists around the world. overstockArt.com provides decorating assistance, custom framing, commercial decorating services, augmented reality tools to help people visualize the art in their space, and an interactive mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android. Headquartered in Wichita, Kan., the retailer was named to Inc. Magazine’s 2010, 2011 and 2012 Inc. 5000 lists, Internet Retailer magazine’s 2012 Hot 100 list and 2011, 2012 and 2014 Second 500 Guides, and was recognized with the STELLAService Seal for Elite customer service. For more information, visit http://www.overstockArt.com.

Contact Details:

Amitai Sasson
(316) 633-4408
Nairaland / General / New Rideshare App Promises Difference by youthmirror: 11:12am On Sep 07, 2016
James Whitaker, owner

For Immediate Release

New rideshare app promises difference

Detroit, Mich. - The huge rise of car rideshare apps has changed the way many use transportation, and it has helped others make a bit of additional income by providing a needed service.

CueRide, headquartered in Detroit, Mich., is one such application and has already set itself out from the other, larger services like Uber and Lyft.

Founder James Whitaker has done considerable research on other rideshare applications. He has looked at what does and does not work in addition to driver and customer complaints from other rideshare companies. This way, he was able to design an app with new features that meets virtually all of the best of the worlds of current apps for drivers and customers while having none of the drawbacks.

“It was a long time in development sifting through the complaints, making notes and adjusting the coding for what I and my team was after. We are focused on being different by staying on the cutting edge of innovation,” said Whitaker, “we are also charging a smaller fee than the competition, something that is sure to be attractive for our drivers.”

Whitaker is also pleased to note another, major difference between the other companies and CueRide. All drivers will be able to purchase stock options into the company before its IPO.

“We want to have 30 percent of our company belonging to the people who make it great – our drivers. This is why we want our drivers to truly be a part of the company and what it stands for,” said Whitaker.

Whitaker has his own thoughts on his role within the company, “It is my job to give customers as well as drivers equal and outstanding quality and create a healthy and profitable business for our customers and our drivers who will be owners of CueRide as well.”

Those who would like to drive for CueRide will be able to sign up September 10th with customers able to sign up a few days later. Customers will be able to use a special promo code, “LETS RIDE,” for up to $20.00 off of their first ride.

CueRide is fully approved for launch in both Michigan and Georgia. The company is awaiting approval for the city of Austin, Texas, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Plans are to have full approval in these areas by November, the official launch date.

“This will be a national app, so we are looking for drivers across the U.S. Anyone with a car can participate and start making money the first day. This is a unique opportunity for anyone, and the addition of stock purchases can only mean more income in the long run,” said Whitaker.

Those who are interested in learning more before the site is live can contact Whitaker or the CueRide team at media, info or drivers. They can also follow the website construction here.

Nairaland / General / Towers Of London Films Returns To Making Movies by youthmirror: 8:05am On Jun 29, 2016
Following the death of Harry AlanTowers, the founder of the 40 year old film production company, his widow, Maria Rohm-Towers has decided to pick up the reigns and revive the company that has been on a forced hiatus since the death of Mr. Towers in 2009. Towers was an icon in the industry producing more than 100 films over the course of his lifetime.
He achieved international acclaim within the film industry for breaking ground with coproduction treaties, a favorite of Towers for financing his feature length films, often negotiating new treaties between countries where none had been in place before and paving the way for every filmmaker afterward to benefit from his art of deal making.
The newly revived company will maintain the original name and follow closely in the footsteps of the iconic producer’s past with 3 feature films scheduled over the next 5 years. “The Mangler Never Dies” capitalizes on the company’s relationship with legendary horror writer Stephen King, and infamous horror director Tobe Hooper, a brilliant follow-up to the original Mangler movie that Towers produced in 1995. Continuing in the horror genre is “Fright Train” an original screenplay written by Towers just prior to his death.
The final movie penned for the next 5 years is a sequel in the Fu Manchu series currently in development, in conjunction with Distant Horizons and Anant Singh - both long time production partners. Towers has produced 5 previous Fu Manchu films to date.
Canadian actress Hunter Phoenix who has previously worked with Tobe Hooper cements her lengthy relationship with Towers of London Films and is currently signed to star in 2 of the 3 films. Favorited as the leading man in the same two films is British born action hero Gary Daniels who shares a long history with Towers as well. Daniels who has more than 70 films to his credit, is most recently noted for his role alongside Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis in The Expendables.
For more information please contact: reception@towersoflondonfilms.com or visit to- http://towersoflondonfilms.com
1226 Larrabee St.Suite 5,
Los Angeles,
CA 90069
Nairaland / General / Everything You Should Know About Eric Schames by youthmirror: 10:48am On Jun 22, 2016
Eric Schames is no stranger to taking on risks in the face of adversity, he is an L.A. native and business entrepreneur, with a wealth of experience in consulting and business management.
Recently Eric set up StartupLoft, an advisory firm to early-stage tech start ups. Through it’s dynamic array of strategic consultants and developers/programmers, Startup loft assists early stage companies with the council and tools they need to bring products to market as quickly as possible.
Eric says “StartupLoft assists later stage start ups with strategic council and asset matchmaking aimed at bringing these companies to the next level.” Schames graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA and received his law degree from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis. For more details visit http://startuploft.com/ or http://ericschames.com/!

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