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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by Khriztarl(f): 12:42pm On Aug 08

At last. Let's move on now
Yes, please.
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by Odoogu(m): 10:47am On Aug 09
it can't just get better than this! cheesy
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2hrs? Every human is expected to sleep at least 8hrs. Anyway, its your choice.

My dear it has nothing to do with choice.
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Thanks to the mods for doing something or the spambot for not singling you out this time.

Thanks for the update.
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by frankline461: 3:14pm On Aug 10

The girl in black took a few step towards us, her gaze still flustered and fixed on Nikita. Nikita ran her hands over her face again and did not flinch, she only kept her gaze on me, her look frightening.

"It's been quite a journey, following you two around from the hospital, to your house and it's good to see that your family are doing alright and are beginning to adjust to life without your dad."

I got to my feet as I squeezed my palm in anger at how she touched such sensitive topic without caring, I was alarmed that she had all these information and had been keeping tabs of my movement from the beginning, I wondered how she was able to know all these without drawing suspicions; the CCTV camera. She even knew about my family and where they were, I grew more alarmed.

"Don't worry, nothing will happen to them." She continued, probably sensing my alertness. "At least if you're cooperative." She added, raising my guard again.

She stood up and walked towards a shelf on the right part of her large living room. "You know, it's not fair to have a conversation with somebody and not get to at least get to see them."

She picked up another shade and clicked on it. It beeped and a red interface appeared across its lenses. My eyes fell wide open as I hoped it was not what I was thinking. Nikita turned to look around the room and stopped when she got to the direction of the girl in black, how did she get it so fast?

"There you are." She said. "It's really a blessing, getting to witness something as magnificent as this and I'm telling you this as a nano technologist and as an historian." She took some slow steps towards the girl in black and wave her hands through her. "Wow, phenomenal. It's nothing like I have ever seen before." She repeated the motion again. "The way your molecules quickly dissociate at the presence of something denser than it is a case study every scientist will want to get their hands on." She smiled and walked away, moving back to her sit. "It's a pity that they would have to wait to read my publications after I am done."

I scoffed, turning to the girl in black who stared at Nikita, rage and curiosity lingering on her expression. I turned back to Nikita who had picked up her glass again and was about to take another sip out of it.

"What do you mean by publications?" I asked my mind failing to comprehend the statement.

She smiled and dropped her cup. "Your friend, Shelby wasn't an easy one you know, she really held out through the endless torture and beatings but once we got our hands on her grandfather and showed her proof, she melted like ice cream under intense heat." She chuckled.

The girl in black clicked on to her bracelet and charged at her angrily. Nikita raised her head and did not flinch even for a second. There was a loud sound and an alarm beeped, out of the blue, a red light appeared and pierced through the girl in black, she screamed,l and fell to the ground, clutching on her abdomen. I hurried to her and helped her turn over, she was bleeding heavily in lower abdomen and I applied pressure on it to prevent any further bleeding.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" I screamed, doing a poor job of controlling my rage.

Nikita chuckled again and picked up her glass. "You know, your new friend had a lot of important information on the invisible girl, including nasty ways to harm her too. So immediately I acquired that information, I used my connections as a professor and as the daughter of the chief of staff to prepare a gift for her. She waved her hand to a CCTV camera and almost immediately, some soldiers hurried in holding rod-like materials, they also had the same uniforms as the soldiers that had ambushed us back in the cabin.

She rose up and took some steps towards one of the soldiers, receiving the rod from him. She walked towards us and bent beside the girl in black.

"Do you know what this is?" She asked, smirking.
The girl in blacked winced in pain as she tried to get up but couldn't.

Nikita clicked her tongue. "If I were you, I wouldn't try to get up anytime soon. This is the first of its kind, you know, humans considered infrared lasers obsolete because the wavelength was just too small to cause any reasonable harm to humans and could not be used as a weapon of mass destruction, who would have knew that a technology we considered useless would suddenly move up the pecking orders? Well, life they say, is all about change."

I growled in frustration, the girl in black had lost so much blood and really needed to be treated if she was going to survive, but I didn't know how that was going to be possible because there was no way anyone could see her, talkless of touch her and Nikita wouldn't back down of her revolution talk even with a life at stake.

"What the hell do you want?" I asked in frustration.

She stood and walked back to the soldier, handing over the rod back to him. "Simply put, everything."

I sighed, shutting my eyes as my frustration grew, how was it so hard for her to speak in plane terms even when she knew it was the right thing to do for everybody in order to waste less time.

"What do you mean by everything."

"I can save you friend here, my men have made lot of modifications on the bracelet your amateur tech expert made and..." She walked towards the wall and unlocked a safe, bringing out another bracelet. "..this can save her. It not only makes her hand visible like the one she has on, but it impacts all the molecules in her body, bringing them together and making her whole and susceptible to our touch."

I stood up to receive the bracelet but she pulled her hands back. "Not so fast. First, I will need to get am important information from our dear invisible girl."

"Amy." I said angrily. "She has a name, and her name is Amy." I said again.

Nikita gade an uncanny look. "Not a bad name." She said. "Shelby didn't seem to know where it is, and trust me, if she knew, she would have given it to me." She turned to the girl in black who gave a death stare. "The Vynet you recovered in China, where is it?"

Woah, I wondered what was happening and how she even knew about the Vynet existence. The girl in black was quiet, as she clung onto her abdomen tightly, I knew that resolve and I knew that she preferred to die, than to spill its location, I wasn't prepared to let that happen.

"What do you want with it?" I asked.

Nikita sighed and walked towards us again, and my eyes was fixed on the bracelet, the girl in black's only lifeline to surviving this scare.

"I know you have been told a lot about it, and how it was dangerous to all mankind and could end humanity and life in other galaxies blah blah blah, but what your friend here didn't tell you, was how it was also the key to saving humanity."

"You're crazy." The girl in black muttered in pain.
I turned to her, my gaze questioning. "What does she mean?" I asked.

Nikita chuckled. "She told you stories about how earth and humans were the least developed amongst all of the galaxies and how we were far too behind on technology, but she never mentioned that the Vynet was more than just a tool to destroy all of mankind, the Vynet is also a storage device that contains every detail of the location, progress and every single detail on technologies used in every other planets in the galaxies, a data that can only be assessed when we get our hands on all the Vynet and use them as one. Imagine what it would mean for us if we had all that information for ourselves and are able to conquer every other planet in the galaxy, colonizing them and declaring ourselves as the one and only superior specie."

"You must be out of your mind." The girl in black countered. "You will only make it easier for the fallen to get their hands on it if you put it together. You would have done most of the work for them, and all they would need would be just to activate it at the equator."

Nikita gave a wide smile and placed the bracelet on the center table.. "You think I am going to let outcasts from your planet to stop me? I am going to destroy every single person that tries to stop me from achieving my aim and the fallen are included. You know, after watching a clip of your little tussle in China, I have come up with more effective ways of destroying every single fallen and it is a simple technique that is more effective than using swords.

The girl in black groaned. "Only the sword can banish them, preventing them from taking over another vessel." She spoke almost in whispers as she struggled to get the words out.

Nikita smiled. "And what about an higher fallen?" She asked.

The girl in black expression suddenly changed and she stared at Nikita in shock and I knew something was wrong.

"What's an higher fallen?" I asked, staring at both ladies in confusion.

The girl in black shook her head. "That's not possible, the last one was banished long before I was born and there is no report of him not making it to Orca." She spoke and it was almost as if she was trying to convince herself.

"What's going on here?" I asked again, my question falling on deaf ears. "What's an higher fallen?" I asked again.

"Well what if I told you that he didn't and he has also bought into my vision of conquering the whole universe if I could help him get back home and make him the ruler of your planet." Nikita spoke, ignoring once again.

"He lies, there is no way an higher fallen could escape transport to Orca without raising a code five alarm among the guardians." The girl in black remained adamant.

"Well, I don't know how he did it, but I've seen him banish a lot of fallen and locked their souls behind the Vynet he is harnessing. I only need to get the remaining Vynet and we would have all we need to move our quest to the next phase and I don't plan on letting anything stop me. So I will ask again, where is the Vynet you recovered in China?"

"The higher fallen, what is his name?" The girl in black asked, ignoring her question.

"Why would you want to know that? Anyways, he is a very private man, and we never really got to the level of exchanging personal information, all we do is strictly business and nothing more, although I think I saw an ancient chain the last time I visited with an inscription of Zion."

The girl in black gasped and shook her head, her eyes wide opened.

"Who is Zion?" I asked again and it fell on deaf ears once again. I figured that something was wrong and she was keeping something back, I also knew that she was not going to let go of the Vynet's position without trying to put her life on the line and I had to act fast. I slowly dragged my phone out and dialed Justin's number, I quickly pocketted it as soon as he picked.

"I know where it is." I announced, getting Nikita's attention. "But I will only promise to take you to where it is if I can get an assurance that Amy will be treated."

My gaze caught the girl in black's and the death stare she gave me was enough to scare away a vulture from an animal's carcass. Nikita looked at me for a while, she then nodded and walked to the girl in black, she placed the bracelet over her hand and almost immediately the soldiers took a few steps back, some pointing their guns in her direction. It was obvious that they could now see her and that was definitely going to help her get treatment.

Nikita turned to me. "Now, it is your turn to make your move. I would transfer her to one of the best hospitals while two of my soldiers will go with you to retrieve the Vynet, any wrong move will jeopardize hers and Shelby's life and their bloods would be on your hands. You would get her back in one shape as soon as my men confirm that they are in possession of the Vynet." She spoke, motioning to zlsome of her soldiers to come forwards and pick the girl in black.

Two stepped forward and pulled her up from the ground, taking her outside. Nikita turned to her wrist. "You have till midnight to get it to me, if not, you will never see your friends again." She stated sternly. She stared at me for a while before walking out with some of her guards. Two remained behind and led me to the car that they were going to convey me in.


I opened the door of our cabin in the woods and turned on my flash light, the cabin that looked so beautiful and fit to hold human lives now looked like a scene from a war movie, every single thing had been turned upside down, including the wooden floor. I checked my phone and found out that the call had been disconnected and I prayed that Justin had gotten the message and turned up while I stalled the soldiers.

"Move." One of the soldiers spoke and I walked into the cabin, trying not to step on some broken glasses on the floor.

I led them into what had been my room and I couldn't recognize it as it was in the same state as the living room. I prayed earnestly as I thought of what to do. There was a loud bang from the living room and the soldiers turned back to face the living room, this was my opportunity. I raced to the closest soldier just in time to redirect his fired shot away from me to the window, the bullet shattered what was left of it. We struggled with the gun for a while and there was gunshot coming from the living room, probably from the other soldier. The soldier pushed me onto an inclined wood and it broke into pieces under my weight, he groaned in anger and pointed his gun at me and for a moment, I thought that it was the end for me. The was a loud bang and something fell to the ground, the soldier stared at me for a moment before falling to the ground in a loud thud. There stood Justin, painting as he held the handle of the frying pan he had just used to smash the soldiers head, he stared at the motionless shoulder in shock, his gaze slowly rising to meet me.

"What the hell happened?" He finally spoke.

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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by Lakesc(m): 4:37pm On Aug 10
This is getting more interesting. Thanks for the update

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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by Odoogu(m): 4:43pm On Aug 10
this is becoming a mission impossible...
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by enirock(m): 9:30pm On Aug 10
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by Khriztarl(f): 10:03pm On Aug 10
Whoa.. Interesting piece.
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by Ismaxx: 7:45am On Aug 11
I love dis...kip it rolling bro
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by frankline461: 3:29pm On Aug 11
I love dis...kip it rolling bro

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Whoa.. Interesting piece.

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this is becoming a mission impossible...
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This is getting more interesting. Thanks for the update

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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by frankline461: 4:44pm On Aug 12

I got to my feet groaning, I could feel some pain in my back, probably from bruises I acquired smashing through the inclined plane, the persisting back pain was back again, and this time much more severe than it usually was. I groaned loudly and almost fell back to the floor, my hand quickly grabbing what had been the bed frame to keep me from hitting the floor. Justin hurried to me, placing his flashlight on a bent wood.

"Are you okay?" He inquired.

I could not give him a response as I tried to contain the stuffing pain coming from my back, I could not contain it anymore and I gave a loud shout.

"It hurts." I screamed, my hands slipping off the bed frame as I fell to the floor.

"What's wrong, are you hurt?" Justin sounded concerned.

"My back." I managed to say.

He pulled his torch closer and ripped off my clothes, pointing his torch at my back. "Oh my God." He muttered as the pain began to subside.

"What's wrong?" I questioned trying to catch my breath.

"Something is wrong with your spine, they are protruding out of your skin and from the look of things, this isn't something new, your skin has healed around them, giving them space to protrude in and out."

I groaned and pulled what was left of my torn cloth over my back, the pain had finally subsided and I felt relieved. I had also noticed it on the night of the concert but I really didn't think much of it. There was no article of similar symptoms on the web no matter how I phrased the keywords and since it was something new, I had decided to watch and see how it advanced; a feat I thought would be successful if not for the ever growing pain. Anyways, I was not the problem we had at that moment, the girl in the black and Shelby needed help and they needed it fast and we could not sit around discussing protruding spine.

"Judging from your reaction, this is not the first time this would happen, am I right?" Justin was at it again, ever inquisitive.

I ignored him and tried to locate my cellphome in the mass of broken woods. I turned over the screen and found out that it was broken, I sighed as I turned the screen on and tried to scroll through but received no response from the screen.

"Do they know?"

I turned to Justin, my gaze indicating that he should back off but Justin wasn't one for that, he always wanted to see what he could do.

"Does Amy and Shelby know about this?" He asked again.

"No they don't, and I plan on keeping it that way until I figure out what it is. Now, we must focus on how to rescue the girl in black and Shelby as they need our help. It's only a matter of time before Nikita discovers that her men are not with the Vynet and have been compromised, and we need to have gotten both of them back by then."

I walked towards the kitchen and picked up a piece of wood, I hit the floor in a straight line, listening attentively until a piece of wood popped and pulled out of the rest. I tried to reach into it and was met with an empty space.

"Looking for this?" Justin spoke and my gaze went to his right hand.

"How did you know where it was?" I asked as I walked back to him to retrieve the Vynet.

"Well, Amy gave it to me earlier when we were ambushed and made me promise on my mother's grave to protect it with my life."

I was shocked by Justin's statement, I didn't know he had lost his mother and at that moment, I realised that I didn't know anything about him. "I'm sorry, I didn't know about your mother." I said, walking back to my room with some ropes.

Justin followed me from behind. "There's nothing to be sorry about, she died a long time ago, I was two and I barely remember her face." He said.

I bent beside the soldier and put the rope beneath his legs, tying them tightly, I tried to drag his hands, but my back hurt everytime I tried to exert it. "Can you help me here." I called out to Justin.

We rolled both soldiers to the corner of the room and I made sure that the rope was secured around them. I reached for their pockets and pulled out their guns, lasers and walkie talkies.

"Were you able to track them after they left the apartment?" I turned to Justin.

"Actually..." He spoke, leading me to the sitting room "...yes. I was able to gain remote access to the car tracker and they went to Rovelette Hospital." He dragged his backpack and pulled out his laptop from it. Its screen lit up and a google map appeared. "It's around seven minutes ride from here if we take the shortcut around Dolgoda."

"And Shelby?" I asked. "Any sign of her?"

Justin sighed and I knew that it could only mean bad news. "About Shelby." He clicked into his PC and pulled out a clip of an hanger. "She's no longer in the country." He turned the screen to me.

I could some soldiers drag Shelby out of a black vehicle and drag her into a private jet as she struggled to get free. Her face was covered with a black piece of clothing but she was wearing the same clothes she wore when they had abducted her earlier, although, I could see some stains of blood on them. I tightened my fist in anger.

"Do you know where the plane departed to?" I asked Justin, turning the screen back to him, I had seen enough.

"I tried to track every flight registry and there was no record of this particular jet being in the hanger. My thoughts are that they didn't file in for departure and if there is no record for it, they might as well be anywhere in the world now."

I became even more furious hearing this, Nikita had proven to be a step ahead of us every time and it was really frustrating playing second fiddle to her, it was time we levelled the play ground.

"From the conversation I heard over the phone, I assume the Chief of staff's daughter is responsible for all these and has gotten her hands on my files." Justin spike and I could sense a glint of guilt in his voice.

I sighed again, trying to collect my thought and figure out a way we could get out of the mess we had put ourselves in. One of the soldiers groaned and I pointed my torch to him.

"Not all psychopaths are born into distorted family." I spoke, walking to the soldier.

He groaned again as I bent beside him, hitting his face rapidly with my right palm as I tried to speed up his regain of consciousness.

"Hey." I muttered.

He stiffened and tried to make a swift move away but discovered that he was tied and restricted, he stopped struggling and stared at me like a furious mouse caught in a trap.

"You want to live right?" I asked. "Well, all you need to do is to tell me where you took my friend, the girl that was abducted from this cabin."
He stared at me for a while and burst into a loud chuckle. "You think I would just hand over that piece of information to you?" He chuckled again and spat to the floor.

I shut my eyes, I had expected it to come to this and like Nikita, I was ready to do anything to achieve my aim, especially when the lives of the ones I loved were at stake. I walked back to the table and picked up a gun, I walked towards the soldier, pointed the gun at his leg and pulled the trigger. He screamed and cursed as he placed his head against the wooden floor in an attempt to numb the pain.

"Now, we can do this all day or you can save your life by giving me the little piece of information I want." I spoke again.

He groaned loudly in pain and I could hear his laboured breath but I wasn't triggered by any of it, I had grown immune to emotions at that point, it felt as if my humanity had been turned off and nothing felt better.

He stared at me with rage in his eyes as he bit his lower lip. "Bleep you, I will make sure I gut your intestine and make you watch as I roast them and feed them to my dogs."

"Wrong answer." I pulled the trigger again, catching his second leg and he screamed again.
Justin walked towards me and whispered into my ears. "Isn't that getting too much?"

I ignored him and walked towards the soldier, pointing the gun to his head. "You can give me the information I want or I kill you and wait for your friend to regain consciousness. I am sure he would not be as adamant as you were when he sees what became of you after holding out."

He groaned again in pain and cried out, I pressed the gun against his head, apply more pressure.

"Okay, okay." He finally spoke and I could hear Justin give a sigh of relief. "She confessed that the next place you were going was Australia and that the next holder of the Vynet was there, so she was taken there to identify who it was."

I scoffed. "And were you all stupid enough to think she would actually identify who it was, handing the Vynet to you, just like that?"

He groaned again and tried to catch his breath. "Not when we have her grandfather and can end his life anytime." He turned to me again, his eyes burning. "I also wonder what would be of your family once Nikita discovers what you have done. She is not a woman that forgives and she loves to do extreme things to show you that she's in charge." He chuckled again and I was tempted to blow his skull out. I decided against it and smashed the back of the the gun against his head, leaving him unconscious.

I turned to Justin. "We have to get out of here now."

He quickly packed his backpack and hurried out of the house, we walked towards his parked car and pulled in. Before he started his engine, he turned to me.

"Back in there, you weren't going to kill him were you?" He asked.

I didn't turn to look at him, I kept my gaze ahead as I tried to think of the next step. "Not if he gave me what I wanted." I replied.

As we pulled on to the road, my mind went to my family and I wondered how they were. I vowed that if anything happened to them, I was not going to be letting the person responsible for it get off the hook easily, even if it involved killing them.


Two weeks ago

My mom sat across the room from me, silent. It had been over a minute and she had not even said a word to me. Shelby had excused us and I knew it was hard for her, since she had specially picked out the Chicken and drink for that occasion, her big mouth ruined the moment though.

"Did you ever plan on telling me though?" My mom asked sounding disappointed. "Or were you just going to walk out of our lives because you feel like you're no longer answerable to us because we are not your biological family?"

I sighed, that definitely had nothing to do with me not telling her about my plan to follow Shelby to Russia and if anything, I really wanted to tell her and seek her advise but my bruised ego and distorted thinking prevented me, furthermore, I could not endanger her further by telling her what was happening, ignorance in her case was far better.

"You know, I've always known this day would come, a day where you find out the truth and decided that you no longer wanted us to be part of your life and no matter how hard I prayed that it turned out differently, I always knew that it was always going to be like this."

I could tell that she was hurt and only somebody you loved could feel that way towards you and it became very much harder to handle. I wanted to breakdown and tell her everything from the girl in black to the fallen but the implications were far too great and I could not handle the guilt if something happened to them because of what they knew.

She stood up and sighed. "I'm not going to stop you from leaving, take your time. Whenever you are ready to come back, we will be here, waiting for you with open arms." She walked towards me and almost gave me a hug, but stopped in her tracks. She shut her eyes and tears rolled down from it. "This is not goodbye, I've known you since you were born and I know you would come back to us." She wiped off the tears and walked out of the room, shutting the the door behind her.


Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by Khriztarl(f): 11:08pm On Aug 12
Hmm. I am speechless. Thanks op.
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by frankline461: 2:39pm On Aug 15

Justin pulled the car by the side of the road and we remained in it while he ran a check through his PC. I had decided that we had to figure out a way to leave Russia that night and go to Australia undetected and he had suggested that the best way to do that was to go through a cargo ship. He successfully pulled up the log of the closest port and was running through the departure list for the night.

"There is a ship leaving for Australia by 11:50pm."

I turned to look at his stereo, it was already 10:38pm.

"It means we technically have an hour and twenty two minutes to get in, get Amy and drive to the port without drawing attention to ourselves."

One of the walkie talkie came on and there was a voice speaking through it in Russian. I knew what that meant and turned to Justin, hoping he had finished configuring the earplugs and had secure the signal, we had to move quickly now if we didn't want Nikita to find out the state of things.

"I've gotten into the security cams and looped the output, they would be watching clips from minutes before." He handed me the earplug. "Put this in, I would be giving you directions from here. From the look of things, she looks to be in the last ward on the west wing due to the concentration of security there, there is no security cam there, so I can't see what is going in there." He looked away from his laptop for the first time in a while and turned to me. "Be careful."

I pulled out of the car, checking the gun clip, I still had about six shots left if it came to that, I was determine to do all I could to make sure we successfully recovered the girl in black and afterward Shleby after which we had to analyse the situation and figure out a way forward. I adjusted my shirt over my shoulder and walked across the street towards the gate of the hospital, two security guards were having a conversation at the little security post when I walked by and they seemed very uninterested in whatever was going on around them.. As I approached the entrance of the hospital, my gaze caught a security guard standing on the outside of the building. I tapped on the earplug.

"Is there any other entrance into the building, the front entrance is compromised." There was a static and Justin's voice came through.

"To your left, down the building, there is a garage in there."

I turned to my left and walked down to the garage, it was a very large space that led underneath the hospital. There were various cars parked in there, including ambulances and there were also some unsuspecting family sitting in their cars and having sad talks.

"To your right, you should be walking straight to an elevator."

I walked to my right and came directly to the elevator, I clicked on the button and waited for a while as it indicated that it was occupied. As I waited, I turned to look around in order to make sure that I was not seen and did not raise any kind of alarm.

"Don't worry, I'm your eyes in there. Before anybody comes within five miles of you, you would already know." Justin's voice came again reassuring me.

I turned and found a camera just above me. The elevator pinged and finally opened and I stepped in, just as it was about to close, a lady rushed in, from her expression, I knew she was there to see somebody and it wasn't any good news. I sighed as she clicked on the fourth floor, that was just two floors below the floor I was heading to and we remaned in the elevator quietly as it moved up. There was another beep and the door opened, she rushed out almost immediately and ran down the corridor as the door shut again.

"Stop at the fifth floor." Justin's voice came through the earplug

I quickly reached for the button and clicked on the fifth floor. The door opened and I stepped out of the elevator, the sign above read Orthopaedic centre and there were patients with crutches and wheelchairs all over the floor.

"Use the staircase on your right and wait for my signal before you walk into the floor, it's crawling with more soldiers now, I think they might have figured out that something is wrong."

I sighed and pulled the door open, bursting into the staircase, I shut the door behind me and climbed up to the sixth floor, standing behind the door and waiting for Justin to give me the signal.


I pushed the door and walked straight to the right casually to avoid any form of attention from the people there, there were more nurses and doctors on the floor compared to the previous floor.

"Where is the changing room?" I asked.

"Two doors ahead and to your left." Justin replied.

I pulled the door open and walked into the room. As quickly as I could, I picked up a white coat and a face mask and put it on, dragging one of the hospital machine with me as I stepped out of the room and wheeled it towards the said room. I had taken about four step when I had a call in my direction and a nurse stood there, glaring at me.

"Kuda ty idesh' s etim? (Where are you going with that?)" She asked in anger and got the attention of most people in the room.


She walked towards me and glared at me again. "Ty zdes' noven'kiy? Na birke chetko ukazano, chto eto neispravno (Are you new here? The tag clearly states that this is faulty.)" She continued, pointing at a red tag and something written in Russian. Amy had helped us understand and speak Russian, but she never thought us how to read it.

"Izvini, ya ne obratil vnimaniya. (Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.)" I replied, trying to do some damage control.

She stared at me again. "YA predpolagayu, chto vy odin iz novykh stazherov, v kakom otdele vy nakhodites'?"

"Obshchaya meditsina (General medicine.)" I quickly responded.

"Otlichno, ya polagayu, vy znayete, kak zalatyvat' i ochishchat' rany, vrachu v palate 44B nuzhen kto-to, chtoby pomoch' yey zalatat' patsiyenta. (Great, I assume you know how to patch and clean up wounds, the doctor in room 44B needs someone to assist her in patching up the patient.)"

"That's Amy's room." Justin spoke immediately, I nodded as I tried to smile beneath my mask, no harm done.

I followed her down the hall, lowering my head as I walked past some of the unsuspecting soldiers. She pulled the door to the room open and I could see a doctor sitting beside an hospital bed, holding a skin stapler. I quickly turned to the patient and recognized Amy immediately, I finally gave a sigh of relief. There was no one else in the room and I wondered where Nikita had gone to, the doctor did not raise her head to look at us, she concentrated on what she was doing until she was able to get the last angle for skin stapling. My gaze caught Amy's and she stared at me curiously, I nodded my head and I could see the relief on her face.

"Finish up here." The doctor spoke, pulling off her gloves and handing over the tray of equipment to the nurse. "Make sure you don't allow those soldiers in and if they try to forcefully get in, send for me." She continued. She turned to Amy. "You need to rest, luckily, whatever it was didn't harm any vital organ and you would only have a little scar on tour abdomen, apart from that, you would be fine." With that she walked out of the room with the nurse, leaving me with her.

I pulled my mask down immediately and the girl in black quickly sat up.

"How did you get in here, and why are you dressed like a doctor?" She asked.

"There is no time to explain, we have to get out of here now." I replied, clicking on the earplug. "I got her, we need a way out."

"Just a moment." Justin replied, piling up on my anxiety. "Shit." He spoke and I felt my heart miss two beats. "A car just pulled up in the garage and Nikita is back, I must say she doesn't look too pleased."

I walked over to the girl in black. "Can you stand?" She nodded and I helped her to her feet. "You have to remove that." I pointed to the bracelet that Nikita had earlier given her. "You come with me immediately I walk out of the room. It would be easier if I'm the only one they can see, they think I'm a doctor and would not be alarmed. Make sure you stick to me."

She pulled it off and handed it over to me. "We are not dropping the bracelet, I think Justin can take a look at it and develop something similar to it that can definitely help me blend into the human world." She spoke

I collected the bracelet and placed it into my pocket. "Here we go."

I placed the nose mask over my face and walked out of the room, Shelby following me closely behind, we walked past the soldiers and down the hall, the elevator beeped just ahead and Nikita stepped out of it along with some soldier, and like Justin had said, she looked unhappy and furious. She walked past me and our gaze met as she did, I tried to maintain a straight face as I walked past her. I quickly slipped into the the elevator before it closed, the girl in black reciprocating my actions. I sighed as soon as the elevator closed and pulled off the mask and white coat. The elevator slowly descended and the time it took felt like eternity.

"Guys, there is a problem." Justin voice came through. "She just walked out of the room in a ger and her soldiers are running through the corridor, I think they figured out that she's gone already.

Of course they did, I thought. "Is the entrance still safe?" I asked as the elevator beeped and we were back in the garage.

"Unfortunately no, the soldiers have moved to the gate and are checking every car a d person that is leaving the hospital."

I sighed and ran my hands through my head, this was something I had expected, but not when I was very close to walking out with being noticed. I thought for a while and an idea struck me.

"You still have the original clips of me being in the garage right?" I asked.

"Yes, why?"

"I'm sure they would be looking into the cameras and trying to figure out where we are. Upload that and let them know that we are in the garage."

There was a short pause and Justin's voice came in again. "But that would lead them straight to you."

"Yes, that is exactly what I want." I smiled turning to look at Amy's confused face.

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They need a plan seeing Nikita is always one step ahead and by virtue of the mission, all his loved ones are in danger. He needs to knock Nikita ofe her bubble nd try to know that fallen helping her.
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it's really frustrating and I would try to make comments on other things before posting an update if I can and hope these continuous suspensions would stop
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Three days later

Shelby stood in front of the mirror and kept her gaze on her reflection for a while, earlier, she had gotten one of her premonitions and had no one to tell it to. It was on that looked very dangerous and involved Zeke's family. She knew she had to find him fast and warn him, but she didn't even know if he was alive after they had been ambushed in Russia. There was a knock on her room's door and one of the female guards stepped in.

"The car is ready." She announced.

Shelby did not turn to look at her, she had been told earlier over the phone by the woman responsible for this, that she was going to be meeting an important person in her mission to recover the Vynet, 'The mastermind' as she had called it. Picking up her ribbon, she fit in the last piece of clothing and turned to follow the guard. They stepped out of the room and there stood two other guards that quickly followed her as soon as she walked past them, they had been putting a tight leach on her and her plans to escape had been curbed by the fact that they threatened her with her grandfather.

They sent her his pictures from time to time, he was doing well, although in isolation, but that was all that mattered to her. At the end of everything, she hoped to pay back whoever was responsible for it in as many folds as she could. She walked out of the large hotel in Sydney and stepped into the car that was parked just at its entrance, as one of the the guards held the door open for her. As the car moved into the main road, she prayed that Amy and Zeke were fine wherever they were and that they find her grandfather before they came for her, as that was the only way she could get out of this.



"Justin has gotten us a route out of Russi to Australia." I announced to the girl in black, but her confused expression still remained plastered to her face.

"And how does that justify you bringing the whole host of guards to us in the garage?" She asked.

"They took Shelby over there to help identify who the next holder of the Vynet is and they are threatening her with her grandfather." I could see the unbelief and anger in Amy's face. "But Australia is a very big country and they could be anywhere as we couldn't track their flight path. We need to get that piece of information before we leave tonight and the only person that would know where they've taken her and her grandfather to is Nikita."

The girl in black stared at me as she tried to make sense of my statement. "So how do you plan on getting that piece of information from her while her guards stand by?"

I remained silent as I left it up to her to figure it out, her face lit as soon as she realised what I was going to do. She smiled and shook her head.

"No we're not."

I nodded. "Yes we are." I turned to look around the garage, frying to find a vehicle that would fit perfectly with the plan I had in mind. "Voila". I muttered as my gaze stopped on one of the Ambulance in the garage. I turned to the girl in black and smiled, she reciprocated.

I clicked on earpod. "I need Nikita's position."

There was another static and Justin's voice came through. "She is in the elevator with two guards, the other guards are coming down through the stairs. She would be with you in less than thirty seconds while the other guards are about a minute out."

I turned to the girl in black. "We have only thirty seconds."

"That's more than enough time." She replied walking quickly to the ambulance. She unlocked the back of the ambulance and entered into the driver's seat as she tried to hot wire it.

I clicked on the earpod again. "I want you to shut down the electric supply to the whole hospital as soon as the elevator opens up."

"What is your plan?" Justin asked, cutting me.

"Let's just say that we are going to be needing an extra seat on the cargo ship out of Russia and a high profile candidate is going to be joining us on our voyage out."

"You're crazy." Justin replied and I couldn't blame him because it was true.

What I was about to do was something that could turn the whole country upside down, but it was something I needed to do if I we were going to make up for lost time and get this to end fast.

"I need you to also hack into the traffic systems and clear the route to the port, it's about to be a thrilling ride out of Russia."


Three days later

The car pulled up in front of a large cathedral and one of guard stopped out to hold the door open for Shelby. She stepped out of the car and was led towards the entrance by another guard. She could also see some other guards stationed strategically around the cathedral as she walked in and her curiosity grew. She walked into the cathedral and the large door was shut behind her. Up ahead, a man stood, staring at the large painting of the last supper that stood just at the front of the building. She took some slow steps towards him, her every stride making a whole lot of noise in the very silent building. She soon stood beside him and followed his gaze as she wondered what it was that made him place on his attention on it.

"You know, when this was first painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, it had two women standing by the side of the human messiah.' He spoke, referring to the painting. "But over the years, as time transcended, a question was raised on the integrity of the religion he stood for if the truth about the picture was made known to his followers and the backlash that it would receive from a lot of philosophers and unbelievers around the continent, so what did the ancient roman priests do?" He snapped his hand and its echoe reverberated all around the building. "They rewrote history by taking out the women in the picture." He turned to Shelby for the first time and she could see his face clearly. "Do you want to know who the women were?"

Shelby used that opportunity to analyse him. He looked like he was in his early fifties or late forties, although there was something about him that was ancient, his dress was very neat and screamed wealth as he neatly buttoned his blue blazers over his tux. Her gaze scrolled to his hand and she saw the symbol on the staff he was holding. She had seen that symbol before and she racked her head to remember where she had seen it, but the tension of moment prevented her from thinking clearly. She returned her gaze to his face and thinks time, the corner of his mouth had folded into a smirk.

He looked away from her and back to the painting. "They were the women that knew who he really was, the women that he confided in whenever he felt overwhelmed by the vision he was pushing, the women that gave him advice in the middle of the night when he was troubled and also gave him a bossom to lay on while he slept peacefully, but when history needed their story to be told, they were wiped clean off the slate of earth, like they never existed because they just didn't fit the agenda." He turned to look at Shelby again. "Who would want to be in the same shoes as those women, they partook in such an historical situation but their names were never mentioned even after all their sacrifice." He shook his head. "Such a pity."

He turned and walked away from the painting, towards the priest's seat. "You must be Shelby." He said, taking his seat. "You know, I've watched several generations of your kind come and go without really knowing who they truly were because we lived in a time of peace. It was such a pity watching friends and family desert them, they considered them possessed because they could tell what was going to happen and what had already happened due to their gift. I know you have already started having some visions of your own and it's good that you found friends that could understand you and love you for who you are, something your mother was not able to do."

Shelby became automatically uncomfortable as she stared at the man. How the hell did he know about her mother and that she was not in her life? He probably ran a background check on her, that was the only explanation.

"Don't look all surprised. I know a whole lot about you and your family, I was there the day you were born and I have watched you grow into this young vicious woman that you are even though you had it rough. After you Dad's death, I thought you'd snap, but again you proved me wrong and kept on going."

Shelby immediately wanted answers. "Who are you?" She asked

Almost immediately the large door to the building opened and a man walked in, from his dress, she could tell that he was a priest, he walked past her and walked to the man, bending beside him and whispering something into his ears. The priest stood straight and looked at Shelby and she saw it, his eyes. She took a few steps backward as the priest walked past her again and walked out of the cathedral. Her heart beat had tripled and she could feel the hair on her skin rise.

"Who the hell are you?" She asked again

"Relax. If I wanted to harm you, I would have done it already." The man spoke and his voice was as gentle and cold as ever.

"I'm sure you've met my daughter already, such lovely girl she has become, passionately fighting for the planet that threw her father away like he was trash.' He chuckled for a while. "Talk about misplaced priorities."

Shelby was left at a loss as she wondered who it was that he was speaking about. She was not concerned about it, all she wanted was for a grandfather to walk free and for all these to ened quickly.

"You know, your gifts are broader than you think. You think you can only see things that have not yet happened, but no, that's just the tip of the iceberg. With the right training, you will be able to look into the future and the past of anybody you come in contact with, you will be able to find anybody you want to by just holding something that belongs to them and that is why I need you, because you hold the key to winning this war. You're like the bishop in a chess game and with the right moves, we all know how dangerous it is to own one when your opponent doesn't."
Shelby stared at the man in despair, how pathetic he was thinking that she could do all he had mentioned when he had just met her that day. She quickly saw it as an opportunity to strike a deal.

"If you want me to help you, you have to let my grandfather go. He has nothing to do with this."

The man stood up and walked towards her. "I'm not one that does things in the mediocre human ways, my human partner insisted on using him to get to you, it's amazing how human emotions work, how indebted they fell to one another. I can let him of the hook, but you have to swear allegiance to me. You should know that once sworn, you can never go back on it. It will over ride your will power and you would do whatever I tell you even if you don't want to. I just got information that more guardians are coming to your planet in order to stop the destruction of the universe, but I plan to be ready and well positioned when they arrive and I need to have all the Vynet when they do arrive."

Shelby grew reluctant, she didn't know what she was getting herself into but if it was going to get her grandfather off the hook, she was willing to pursue it, till Amy and Zeke were able to find her.

"Before I do that." She spoke. "I need to know who you are."

The man smiled and looked away from her, back to the painting. He remained silent for a while, and when he turned back to look at her, the scene sent horror down her spine as she stepped away from him. His eyeballs were different from the others, they were not dark and soulless, it was a contrast of what she had been seeing. It was as if he had lost all the dark part of his eyeballs and it was all white.

"I am Zion, the last of the galaxies founding fathers, and the messiah of the galaxies."


The elevator beeped and immediately the lights went off. The guards reflect took steps towards Nikita as they tried to shield her from the unknown. I walked towards them and smashed both their heads with the rod I was holding. Nikita gasped and tried to make it out of the garage but the girl in black was on cue, hitting her in the back of her head and knocking her unconscious before she could make it out. We dragged her into the back of the ambulance and drove out of the garage as the backup generator kicked in and the lights came back on. I drove past the soldiers that were running to wards the garage, they were too focused to check an unsuspecting ambulance and as fast as I could, I drove into the main road, tapping on the earpod.

"Meet us at the port, it's time to get out of here."
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So Nikita is Zions daughter This just keeps getting interesting by the day. I hope Shelby does not swear allegiance she can't break from.
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I smell trouble. Shelby, would want to save her grand dad now and in the process become and ally of zion. Hmmm, zion might yet end up killing her grand father. Lets be reading sha..
i doubt if nikita and zion are working hand in hand, just doesn't seem right to me.
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Woah..... Op you're a genius. Nice story there. More knowledge to you following..................
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Thanks for the comments!
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Five days Later.

I helped Justin lift Nikita up from the room we had placed her, we dragged her across the room and placed her on top of a chair that stood just in front of the fireplace, as she fought back but had restricted movements with her hands and legs tied. She mumbled something in anger and glared at us, but we couldn't hear her because of the gag in her mouth.

"Did she say something?" Justin teased, his face inquisitive. He turned to me. "Did you hear something? Because I think he heard her call out for daddy." He chuckled and walked away to the dining table that had been his hub of operation since we moved into the house. Nikita mumbled something again in anger and I walked towards her to remove the gag from her mouth.

"I promise you, you will all pay for this, including your families and your little girlfriend." She screamed. I scoffed and put gag back on walking away from her.

"We will see about that."

The girl in black walked into the room holding a bottle and a syringe, she walked towards Nikita and I saw her eyes light up as she sighted the syringe. She wriggled on her sit and groaned again. The girl in black wasn't bothered by her actions as she inserted the needle of the syringe into the bottle and dragged out about 6ml. She raised the needle up and dispersed the air in it, she turned to Nikita who had suddenly frozen and stared at the needle in horror.

"Don't worry, we are not going to kill you, we will just ask you some questions and hope that you answer truthfully, although you won't have any other option." She pulled the cloth on Nikita's arm up and inserted the needle into it, emptying the entire syringe.

Nikita groaned in pained and her breathing started becoming heavier, the girl in black walked towards the dining and dragged a chair, placing it and sitting in front of Nikita, she cleared her throat and began.

"What's your name?" She asked and Nikita glared at her again, fighting the urge to speak. The girl in black checked her wristwatch, counting with her lips until she looked up again. "I will ask again, what's your name?"

"Nikita, Nikita molotov." She answered, sighing as soon as she had completed her statement.

The girl in black gave a wicked smile and she paused for a while, watching Nikita get angry at her for taking away her freewill.

"Nikita Molotov, who are you?" She asked.

"I'm the daughter of the Russian Chief of staff, I'm just thirty-five, but I am a certified professor in the field of nanotechnology and I also take history as a side hobby."

The girl in black raised her hand and Nikita suddenly stopped talking. I turned to Justin would had a wide smile plastered to his face as he watched the mini drama, he rolled his head towards me and winked.

"You claimed you were working with a Higher fallen, is this true?" The girl in black asked.

Nikita was silent as she tried to fight whatever it was that was flowing true her vein. "Yes." She failed. "Yes, I am. During my study about the historical war that took part in the sixteenth century, I came across the picture of a soldier that I had seen somewhere before, so I looked into it and I found photos of him in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but his footprints suddenly went off grid after then and even after continuing to look into him and having to travel to different countries, i couldn't find anything on him anymore. I was about to give up, when on one fateful afternoon, he was standing in front of my office. What I felt at that moment could not be described by words, he really did exist and he came to me after he realised that I had spent years looking for him. He told me everything, and I mean every single thing. He had been here on earth for a very long time after the first cleansing had failed and had to remain here, because the cleansing was only possible every five thousand years. During that period, he had recovered the the Vynet from the guardians that stayed behind and killed everyone of them, he also made sure that none of their offsprings remained. He kept a low profile for over five thousand years and also built an army of fallen all over the world as they waited for the time when all the planets in the galaxies aligned and he could finally carry out the final cleansing."

I turned again to Justin and this time, the smile that had been plastered on his face was no longer there as realization hit him. I wondered why he had decided to come our now, after maintaining a low profile for thousands of years, it could only mean one thing, the time was near and we were walking in to disrupt the plans he had been nursing for thousands of years and I wasnot sure he would be pleased by that, I wouldn't.

"How do you know he wasn't just bluffing and was only a regular fallen?" The girl in black sounded more curious than she had been and she had always done that when it came to this higher fallen. I wondered why she was so persistent that he wasn't what he claimed he was.

"His eyes for one. When they turned white, other fallen tremble."


"What do you mean white?" I asked, interrupting her.

She smiled and turned to me. "You don't know what you are walking into." She gave a wicked chuckle. "He expels fallen that disobey him by just touching them, the melt under his arms and become ashes. I've seen him do this countless times and I'm sure the same fate will befall you and your circus soon."

The girl in black stood up and paced away from Nikita in thoughts.

"Do you know who he is?" I asked but the girl in black remained silent.

Justin resumed clicking into his keyboard. "I will have to get the exact time frame of their meetings if we are going to confirm her story." He spoke, raising his head.

"There's no need for that. We are supposed to meet tomorrow at a subway. If you want to confirm my story, come with me."

Justin scoffed. "Nice try, but there's no way we are trusting a psychopath like you, and from the story you just told us, whoever this person is, he also sounds like a psychopath too. One psychopath on the loose can still be handled, but two? That's a risk anyone shouldn't take."

"If Shelby is with him, I think it's worth the shot." I imputed, turning to the girl in black. "This could be our only chance to get her back."

The girl in black stared at me for a while, and then at Justin. "I have a plan."


I walked through the streets of the most populous city in Australia, Sydney. It was not an understatement when people said that the state was the most populous in Australia, containing over 40% of their total population and being the hub of most its economy. Walking past people in the street, or 'Sydneysiders' as they loved to call themselves, it felt refreshing taking in the air filled with different scents of perfume, food items and most importantly, peace of mind, as that was something that had been hard to come by in recent days. I paced around for a while and finally took my sit in one of the market's open restaurants. Even after being there for over two days, I still found it quite amusing and unusual, watching people from different backgrounds and cultural upbringing find a common ground and share so many moments together in joy, without any discrimination. I hoped the peace that we had met ever since we came into the city was maintained through our stay and after we left, because we were not one that maintained stability wherever we went.

I picked up the newspaper placed on the table of my seat and glanced through the headlines, keeping up with the news had not been my strong point ever since we had started our mission of saving the world, not that it was before we did. There were a lot of interesting headlines about things happening in the country and I was amazed by some of the headlines, I didn't see any reason they should have been placed in a newspaper.

'Woman scams her husband of over 150 million Australian dollars, claims it's payment for all the hardship he puts her through as they await their divorce proceedings'

Guessed one thing was common among all countries, and that was the media. I scanned through the front page again and a headline caught my attention just on the right corner.

'China president has declared a state of emergency as violence in the country grows and more people die, amidst more claims of flying humans'

I sighed as I realized what that meant, the fallen were increasing in number and it was only a matter of time before they took over the country. I shifted on my seat, but my actions were too sudden and my back hurt again, the pain I got from it had subsided considerably over the days and it looked like whatever it was, it had finally decide to heal as my vertebrae had receded into my body. I wondered what all of it meant, if it had anything to do with the gift mom said I had but could not use because it had been suppressed. I wondered..

"Anything look unusual?" The girl in black's voice came through the earpod, cutting through my thoughts.

I turned to look around again but all I saw were the peaceful faces of innocent people going about their day.

"It's just another peaceful day in Sydney." I replied.

I heard Justin grunt before he finally spoke. "I told you we could not trust her, she is only leading us to our doom and I bet she already has one sinister plan cooked up."

"And like I have said countless times, no human can lie under the influence of the truth serum, the truth flows out effortlessly without even trying."

"Adjust the camera on your button and make sure you stay amidst people. I don't think he would be able to do anything to you in front of so many people." Justin spoke again.

I adjusted my button. "Can you see now?"

"Yes." He affirmed.

I looked around again. "How do I know it's him when I see him?"

"Well, according to Nikita, he always wears a black hat."

I scoffed. "Do you know how many people wear black hats?" I asked sarcastically.

I turned to look around again, towards the entrance to the subway and I saw something interesting, from the back view it looked like Shelby, and she was going into the subway. I stood up and walked slowly towards the entrance.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked.

I ignored him as I hurried towards the entrance of the subway.

"What, did you see something?" The girl in black asked.

"Shelby, I thinking just saw her walk in the subway." I spoke, waiting for the traffic signal to come up before walking across the street.

"Well I can't see anything in the video reviews. Are you sure it's her?" Justin asked again.

"I am." I crossed the road and walked into the subway.


"Now that you're in his head, you can bring him to us." Zion spoke, patching Shelby on her head as she breathed heavily, trying to maintain focus.

"How do you know this is working?" She asked. "I don't think it is."

Zion smiled. "You underestimate yourself, little girl. You have the power to manipulate minds and I will teach you how to do it, just like you found out that my partner was tied up in that little house, you can do much more than that if you let me teach you. I can make you the greatest feeler to ever exist among your lineage. But first, you have to draw him into the subway."

Shelby tried to stop herself from doing it, but she couldn't, it felt like she was compelled to do whatever he asked her to, like a slave answering its master. She felt something trip from her nose and when she touched it, she felt a liquid substance, raising her hands to her face she could see a stain of blood.

"Just a little more now, I can feel him already." Zion spoke.


I received a sharp headache as soon as I stepped into the subway, my back pain was back again, and this time more sever than it had ever been. I groaned and fell through the staircase, rolling off it and landing on my back as people watched me, frightened.

"What's happened?" The girl in black's voice came through the earpod.

I could not answer her as my back felt like it was going to rip apart and my head almost exploded in the process.

"I think his back pain is back." I heard Justin say.

"What back pain?" The girl in black shot back.


Zion felt time stop as soon as he saw the boy standing across the subway. He could feel it completely now and it was not like anything he had ever felt. How could that be possible, he made sure he killed off all their offspring and this? A fallen and a guardian's offspring, that was something he had never expected to happen. A great anomaly to the world and one that could become dangerous if he did not do anything about it. He took a step forward, walking past Shelby who had stopped what she was doing because she could no longer hold it.


The girl in black walked slowly towards the screen that showed output from the camera placed in Zeke's bottom. "Zoom in on him." She spoke to Justin, pointing at the man with the heart walking towards Zeke.

Justin zoomed in and adjusted the image to get a clearer view of him. The girl in black gasped.

"This is not possible."

"What, you know him?" Justin asked.

The girl in black quickly tapped on her earpod. "Get out of there now!" She screamed.

Justin looked at her, alarmed. "Who is he?" He questioned.

"The last of the higher fallen that was supposedly transferred to Orca, my father."
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This story keeps getting more interesting. Thanks for d update
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Thanks for the update bro nice story
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E don set. How pikin wan take fight papa. Nice twist Op. We await more updates as we dey play different plots for our head.
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E don set. How pikin wan take fight papa. Nice twist Op. We await more updates as we dey play different plots for our head.
Thanks for the update bro
nice story
This story keeps getting more interesting. Thanks for d update

Thanks for the comments, really appreciate it
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Talent in another dimension, different from the normal Amaka love Obi, and Sidat now lost his memory and Mara now married Khriston and Lee Mi Hoo now met jim goo bae and bula bula bula...
Franklin461 forget anti/uncle spam bot. You'll direct movies. Thanks for this update.
i think the pain in zeke's spine indicates danger.
Is amy really gonna fight her dad? Frank from the look of things her dad has been in existance thousands of years before now. Could same be said concerning amy, has she been in existance for that long?

op, if you don't mind let us in on what's happening in amy's world? Including what happened years back.
Amy just called her dad orca so who's zion?
Amy's dad is a fallen how is it, Amy's not a fallen? Who are the guardians?
Shelby, how did she get her gift?
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Well done OP
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The girl in black walked slowly towards the screen that showed output from the camera placed in Zeke's bottom. "Zoom in on him." She spoke to Justin, pointing at the man with the hat that was walking towards Zeke.

Justin zoomed in and adjusted the image to get a clearer view of him. The girl in black gasped.
"This is not possible."

"What, you know him?" Justin asked.
The girl in black quickly tapped on her earpod. "Get out of there now!" She screamed.

Justin looked at her, alarmed. "Who is he?" He questioned.

"The last of the higher fallen that was supposedly transferred to Orca. My father."


As I tried to remain on my feet and maintain my stamina, I wondered if I had heard right, her father? I wondered. I took another look at the man standing just a few metres into the subway as my head suddenly felt less heavy and the pain had suddenly stopped, he was wearing a hat like Nikita had said, and it was a black hat that hid most of his face. There was something off about him, something I could feel but couldn't put into words, it felt like I knew him even though I was seeing him to the first time, the connection was there and it felt so immense. My gaze slowly went from him to Shelby who was standing beside him and staring at me dumbfounded, and I suddenly became alarmed again. She turned to look down immediately our eyes met, something felt different about her and something also felt different in me, It was like something had flipped in me and I suddenly became bolder, power intoxicated, I felt like I was on some drug but i knew that was impossible. I had instantly became more aware about everything, from the creaks of the railway miles away to the sound of the clock ticking in the office of the receptionist on my right, to the little whispers of people walking up the staircase and staring at me and the mouse that was crossing the railway to find harbour in its home as the ground vibrated under my feet.

"Just walk away slowly." The girl in black's voice came again through the earpod. "He can not do anything to you with that much people around." She continued.

I pulled the earpod off my ears, sighed and took some steps forward, and even though I didn't have it in my ears, I could hear the girl in black protest at my action. I walked towards the man and Shelby, he was now standing in front of her, like her protector, her knight in shining armour, and it further enraged me. I stopped as soon as I was arm's length from him and we stared at each other for a while. If everything Nikita had told us was true, then he had not even aged a bit over the decades he had spent here and instead of dreading what he could do to at that point, my curiosity grew. He had a subtle smirk at the corner of his left lips and I wasn't fazed one bit.

"I think you have something that does not belong to you." I said turning to look at Shelby who still had her gaze to the floor. He remained silent for a while and I could see the contempt in his gaze, he was burning with anger but could not do anything at that moment. Tragedy.

Finally, he scoffed and turned to Shelby, he stared at her for a while before turning back to look at me.

"I think you're the one that's not welcomed here." He spoke and his voice sounded much more colder than I had expected.

I turned to Shelby and wondered why she wouldn't look at me.

"What are you doing?" I asked, directing my question at Shelby. "I'm here to get you out of here." I continued, but got no response from her.

The man walked in between us, turning to face Shelby and running his hands through her head leaving me breathless. "Why don't we let her make her own decisions." He said, his hands still caressing her hair.

He placed his hands firmly under her Jaw and lifted her head up, I reflexly held his hands and pulled them off her. He turned to look at me with his bloodshot eyes, his expression remaining blank as a small crowd was beginning to form behind us to watch the mini drama. Up ahead, I could see two police officers watching us with keen interest as they walked towards our direction slowly.

The man walked towards me and stopped when we stood ear to ear. "Today, you're lucky because you have the cover of people, but I can't promise you that you'd live to tell the tale the next time we meet and trust me, you'd pay dearly for this."

I turned to look around, and I could see some fallen among the crowd that was gathering behind us, men, women, and even children. I wondered how far he had gone in building his army and making them blend in so perfectly among normal people. The police officers were finally with us and they stared at both of us.

"Any problem here?" One of them asked.

The man turned to face them, and suddenly his expression changed and he was all lively, as he looked at them, all smiles.

"Nothing officers." He turned to me. "There just happened to be a case of a mistaken identity and we've sorted that out." He turned to me. "I think. Now if you will let us, I and my friend here have somewhere to be." He turned to Shelby and she walked slowly behind him.

I grabbed her hands as soon as she made to walk past me and the man also stopped in his track.

"We found your grandfather, he is safe and back in the country." I spoke, hoping that was the icebreaker she needed but she remained silent, not sparing me a stare.

The man walked towards us, as the police officers stared at us suspiciously.

"Do you know him?" He asked her.

She finally raised her head and looked at me. I still couldn't put my hands around what changed but she was felt very distant. "I have never met him in my life." She finally spoke, leaving me dumbfounded.

One of the police officers cleared his throat and walked towards us. "Would you let her go now, you could be charged with assault and sexual molestation if you keep this up."

Shelby looked away and pulled her hands away from mine, walking out of the subway with the man, as I watched and stood rooted to the spot.
I placed the earpod back into my ears and Justin's voice immediately came through.

"What the hell just happened?" He asked no one in particular.

I could hear the girl in black give a deep sigh before she finally spoke. "She has sworn allegiance to him, this is not good."

"What do you mean allegiance?" Justin shot back, but received no response from the girl in black.

I tapped on the earpod, also confused at her statement. "I coming back in, you have a lot of explanations to do and we have to figure out a way to get Shelby back."


The girl in black stood up from her sit and walked away from me towards the window, she stood in front of it and stared into the city that stood below our feet. She had not give a response yet to the question I asked, so I decided to ask again.

"You said he is your father, how is that possible, and if he was transported to Orca, how is he here?" I asked again as Justin walked into the sitting room.

"She is asleep now." He announced, referring to Nikita. He walked to the dining table and took his sit on one of the chairs, turning to pay rapt attention at us.

The girl in black turned back to look at us, her gaze still as flustered as it had been when she found out that Zion was here.

"I don't think you all understand what this means, because you are not asking the right questions. The presence of an higher fallen changes everything and it being my father makes it worse." She said in one breath.

"Then help us understand. How and why did your father get here and why is he trying to destroy the galaxies if he is one of the first few people that helped formed and keep it." I asserted.

"How he got here, I don't know. The last thing I heard after the raid on my home light years ago was that he and some other fallen had been found guilty of treason against the higher power that ruled over my galaxy, they had planned to overtake power and rule the entire galaxies because they considered us far too superior to remain silent while others thought we didn't exist, and they went against the standing order that individual galaxies should be solely responsible for its own welfare. It was a bloodbath for years as his followers slowly grew in number and it took many years before their pursuit could be curbed and another few years before he and his followers could be arraigned. Treason is a punishable offense by death and from the last I heard, he was transported Orca along with all his followers to face his penalties. Being the daughter of a fallen, as with the custom, I was quickly picked up and forced to join the guardians, a task force that keeps the balance in the universe and made sure that everyone that leaves the planet safely arrived at Orca where judgement is passed on them. It was not until around two light years ago that we heard of the attacks on the Milky way galaxies and was it implied for every other galaxies. It was chaos when it was finally revealed that some of the fallen had escaped transport and had not been recovered and that they might have ban responsible for it, but no one said anything about my father being among the fallen that had escaped."

"If all this happened light years ago, how old are you?" Justin asked as soon as she stopped talking.

The girl in black sighed. "Time is a very different factor in my planet and it spans differently across all galaxies and planets. Being the first, and the closest galaxy to the centre of the universe, the time it takes to go round the center is the shortest. We complete one revolution (one year) in about fourteen minutes here."

"So for every fourteen minutes you spend here, it means a year on your planet." Justin seemed unusually intrigued.


"Now, there is the factor of switching between galaxies. Because of the little effect that your atmosphere can have on us, aging on your planet is zero to nothing. As higher beings, our molecules can not age based on the factors here. Our wear and tear level is zero and this is the reason your galaxy is the most favorable place for every fallen that escapes to run to. If the vessel they posses ages, they automatically switch vessels, except for an higher fallen who can decide to remain in a single vessel and automatically preserve them."

"Woah. You know, when they told us in school that our planet was the only one in the galaxy to support life because the composition of the atmosphere in other planets were either too toxic or just below the level to support living things, I wondered what could have gone wrong and why we had the perfect air composition and water to support life. Images from places like Mars and Jupiter showed the presence of creeks and large hollows which could only mean that there was once a time that sea and oceans had existed in those planets which automatically translates to life, and now it all makes sense." Justin spoke

"But why would they want to destroy the last hope of life in the universe?" I asked curiously. "If they proceed with this plan, they would also be affected, because they would also have nowhere to go." I turned to the girl in black.

"Yeah, I've thought about that too and I've already summoned the calvary of guardians. They are on thier way here and would be here soon to eject the fallen and transport them to orca where their tru le intentions would be made known. But for now we have to do all we can to prevent them from getting their hands on all the Vynets, that would spell game over."

I sighed and stood up from the cushion I had been sitting on, that was all I could take for one day and I really needed to rest. I was about to walk out of the living room into the corridor when I saw them, the perfect image of my family. My mom was sitting on the couch while Michael ran after Shalom as he tried to retrieve the remote control of the television. I wondered what was happening, and I saw my mom turn in my direction and gave a suspicious look before turning away. I turned to look around, but I was no longer in Australia, I was back in my house and both Justin and the girl in black were nowhere to be found. The moment felt perfect, until I saw my dad walk out of the room towards them and gave my mom a kiss on her forehead. My senses immediately came back and i knew that something was wrong.

"Get our of my head." I murmured and I almost broke free, returning back to the apartment in sydney momentarily. "I said get the hell out of my head." I screamed and I immediately pulled out of it. For a brief moment as I pulled out of it, I saw Shelby staring at me, her nose bleeding.

I gave a loud sigh as soon as I got out of it and when I turned to look around, I saw the girl in black and justin standing motionless too. I walked toward the girl in black and ran my hands across her face but she was not there, she was far away. I wondered what was happening and as I tried to make it for the corridor, there was a loud sonic sound came from nowhere. It pierced through my ear drums and also that of Justin and the girl in black. I could see them fall to the ground holding their heads, screaming as their ears bled. It was different for me and even though I could also hear it, its effect was not as devastating as it was for them. My mind quickly scanned through where I had witnessed something like this before. At the subway. I was quickly alarmed.

"It's him." I could hear the girl in black scream as she wiggled and tried to get on her feet. "He is here. Get Nikita and the Vynet quickly." She fell back to the ground.

I walked out of the living room and hurried through the corridor towards the room we had placed her. The door was slightly opened when I got there and I proceeded with caution, pulling the gun from my waist a d holding it tightly with both hands as I pushed the door in. I turned on the light and I was met with a ruffled bedsheet, there was no one in the room. I hurried out and walked into the living room again and walked straight to the safe, I pulled it open but the Vynet was also gone.

"Damn." I exclaimed and instantly the sonic sound muted.

Justin and the girl in black got to their feet, struggling to maintain balance.

"They are both gone." I announced. "Nikita and the Vynet."

The girl in black groaned and got to her feet, Justin also groaned as he stood up.

"I just had the weirdest premonition." He announced. "My mom and my dad were standing right in front of me."

"It's not real." The girl in black announced. "I had suspected that she was a feeler, but I did not know the extent of her powers and he is exploiting her."

"Who?" Justin asked.


I scoffed. "Why would Shelby allow him to exploit her?"

"Because she has sworn allegiance to him, and it's not something she can easily break free from." She replied, sighing.
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by frankline461: 8:44am On Aug 28
Sorry for the late update, no, I wasn't banned this time. I've been really busy lately, running around to make some money smiley smiley It's not been as easy as I thought it would be, saving up for a laptop and i really need to get a laptop as typing with my phone is very very stressful, autocorrect been doing its worse lately.

Please bear with me.

Your comments as always are appreciated
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by frankline461: 8:45am On Aug 28
Well done OP
Thanks for following

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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin by frankline461: 8:53am On Aug 28
Talent in another dimension, different from the normal Amaka love Obi, and Sidat now lost his memory and Mara now married Khriston and Lee Mi Hoo now met jim goo bae and bula bula bula...
Franklin461 forget anti/uncle spam bot. You'll direct movies. Thanks for this update.
i think the pain in zeke's spine indicates danger.
Is amy really gonna fight her dad? Frank from the look of things her dad has been in existance thousands of years before now. Could same be said concerning amy, has she been in existance for that long?

op, if you don't mind let us in on what's happening in amy's world? Including what happened years back.
Amy just called her dad orca so who's zion?
Amy's dad is a fallen how is it, Amy's not a fallen? Who are the guardians?
Shelby, how did she get her gift?

Thanks for following.

For your questions, most of it would be answered in the course of the story.

Yes, it's a factor of time, you might want to pick up interest in quantum physics, time is a factor that travels differently across planets and galaxies and even within our galaxy, time as we know it here on earth is quite different from that in Jupiter or Saturn, it travels at a different pace.

Maybe we might get full insight to Amy's world in another story, like a sequel, but I hope you would make do with the little relevant info provided in this story to make your calculations and assumptions.

Orca is a myth, in ancient Rome, it is a place where dead souls are sent to before transported into oblivion. It is not a person. Zion is Amy's father and his role and intentions in all of this will be revealed as we go on.

Thanks again for your lengthy comment and for the compliments, I really do appreciate you taking the time to read through

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