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A by Growing(m): 12:39pm On Jun 07, 2023
Re: A by Growing(m): 10:29am On Jun 15, 2023
You want the best for yourself or at least you want your life to be better. Morality comes into play here. You want to act right today so that it is good for you today. You want to act right today so that which you do today ends up being good for you today and tomorrow. But we are just getting started. The good you do over time compounds. So let me put it this way: You want to act right today so that what you do today is good for you today, tomorrow, next week, next year, five years from now…and at the same time be good for you, your family, your group, your community, your country, and the world at large. A morally upright life is good and beautiful precisely because it helps you choose actions such that what you do is good for you today and tomorrow and good for those around you and the world. It is therefore not crazy to say that morally upright actions can make your life and the world get better. You may not see the link between your actions and their consequences but your actions are for good or for ill.
Re: A by Growing(m): 1:11pm On Jun 19, 2023
The ten commandments in the Bible are very helpful when it comes choosing a morally upright life. The seventh commandment says: You shall not steal. For the purpose of clarity let me employ fiction. God offers Godwin and Chigozie two options saying, “I command that you work and make a decent living and avoid stealing. But I will not force you to obey me.” Godwin from the start decides he is wiser and knows better than God (sin of pride) and chooses to disobey God. He refuses to do noble work and decides that stealing is his chosen profession. He is a programmer and because he lacks morality, he uses his programming skill to hack into people’s accounts to steal their money. He steals one hundred thousand naira from his first victim. From his second victim he steals five hundred thousand. From the third, one million. By the mere act of stealing Godwin has unknowingly configured himself as the sort of person who finds noble work difficult and stealing attractive. This configuration messes up his psyche such that he justifies what is wrong. If Godwin is able to steal ten million naira with the click of a mouse repeatedly, you may go ahead and offer Godwin a chance to repent with five million naira for free to stop stealing and do honest work but Godwin will reject your offer. Something in Godwin has shifted. He has conformed himself to be a thief. He is his own first victim. To stop is now difficult. His life is worse just that he doesn’t know that yet. His family finds out what he does for a living and they are in pain. Godwin is not having so much of a good life and now his family is in pain. Everyone whom Godwin has stolen from is having a hard time as well their families because Godwin emptied their life savings. Some of them decide that the world is unfair and decide to revenge by stealing from some other people. Godwin gets caught and after it was discovered he has stolen a total of five hundred billion naira from people he is sentenced to life imprisonment. His action of stealing has made his life bad for today and tomorrow and at the same time bad for his family and his victims and his victims’ victims. By stealing and shunning a morally upright life, Godwin made the world a worse place.
Re: A by Growing(m): 2:35pm On Jun 21, 2023

Entry into the under-listed Diploma programs in Canada for January 2024 is open. Note that this offer is valid till June 30th, 2023. Please read carefully to understand eligibility requirements.

Diploma Programs run for a maximum of 2 years and are suitable for mature students, above 23 years. Diploma program is also suitable for those who want to apply for Canada Residence based on skilled Trades (Technical skills or Engineering). Note that O level result must not be more than 20 years Old. Candidates with Masters or Postgraduate Diploma qualifications are not eligible for this option.

Eligibility Conditions for Diploma programs is as follows:
1) WAEC or NECO result is accepted. Combined results also accepted to show minimum of 6 credits including Mathematics and English
2) There is no age limit for Diploma programs as long as a strong case can be made for the relevance of the program to career or profession, however, the O level result must not be more than 20 years Old.
3) Candidates who already have a Bachelors Degree can only go for a Diploma program that is relevant to their profession in a different field. For instance if you have a Bachelors Degree and background in Engineering but you are currently a Baker, you can go for a Diploma in Baking and Pastry.
4) Tuition average is 16,000 Canadian Dollars per year payable in 3 installments. First installment minimum of 1,500 Canadian Dollars, maximum of 50% of the yearly Tuition.
5) You can apply for Student Dependents or family members when your study permit is approved.

IELTS and other test of English not required for Admission, but you must have C6 minimum in English.
Students are eligible for study work permit and post study work permits. Students can now work more than 20 hours per week in Canada.
If you meet the requirement for this offer, call/WhatsApp 0 9 1 3 6 5 7 9 3 5 8. Ensure you are ready with copies of the required WAEC/NECO result and your resume for assessment. Also have in mind the courses you are interested in. Note that assessment window will close on the 26th June 2023, documents received after 26th June will not be assessed.

Diploma programs list:
Journalism, Creative Advertising, Law Clerk, Office Administration-Executive, Office Administration-Health Services, Interactive Media Design, Business-Marketing, Business-Human Resources, Business-International Business, Business-Supply Chain and Operations, Business-Insurance, Broadcasting-Television, Interior Decorating, Social Service Worker, Interior Decorating, Makeup for Media and Creative Arts, Community and Justice Systems, Tourism, Fitness and Health Promotion, Accounting, Hospitality-Hotel and Restaurant Services, Cosmetic Techniques and Management, Culinary Management, Food and Beverage Management, Payroll and Bookkeeping, Educational Assistant and Adult Support, Animation 3D, Architectural Technician, Baking and Pastry Art, Biotechnology-Fast track, Computer System Technician -Networking, Event Planning, Financial Services, Heating refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Office Administration-Legal, Paralegal-Court and Tribunal Agent, Software Engineering Technician, Electrical Engineering Technician, Mechanical Technician, Chemical Laboratory Technician, Welding and Fabrication Technician, Electromechanical Engineering Technician, plumbing Technician, Electronics Engineering Technician, Computer Engineering Technician, Environmental Technician, Building System Engineering Technician, Motive Power Technician, Protection security and Investigation, Packaging Engineering Technician, Horticultural Technician, Renewable Energy Technician, Landscape Technician.
Re: A by Growing(m): 11:03am On Jun 28, 2023

Entry into Diploma programs in Canada for January 2024 is open. Note that this offer is valid till June 30th, 2023.
Re: A by Growing(m): 1:34pm On Jun 30, 2023
Do you want to have a life in which you have less to regret and are less ashamed of your actions? Choose to do what is right. There are occasions when some people seem to make a life of immorality attractive. We may see them sometimes on social media or around us. Don’t fall for it. They are telling a lie with their life. All things considered, your life is better and at peace when you choose God and his commands. That is not a promise. That is a guarantee.
Re: A by Growing(m): 7:57am On Jul 03, 2023
Problems. They just don’t seem to end as much as you try to solve them. In one way or another, they are there or around the corner. Even when you solve a problem, the solution itself can create a situation for another problem to arise. He gives his best to his tertiary education and finally graduates. One year later he is through with his National Youth Service Corps programme. What a thing of joy! But what problem does he have when he wakes up the next day? Unemployment. And even when he gets a job, his very place of work and the people he works with will eventually present their own set of peculiar problems. Problems!
Re: A by Growing(m): 10:01am On Jul 07, 2023
No matter how hard we try to get our lives together, things seem to get complicated. Problems emerge in our work, our health, our finances, our families, and so on. It is just as if nature herself wants us to have problems. This seems to be captured in The Second Law of Thermodynamics which basically says that entropy (a measure of disorder) in the universe is steadily increasing. In layman’s terms: when things are left to their own devices, disorder or chaos increases.
Re: A by Growing(m): 10:58am On Jul 12, 2023
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Re: A by Growing(m): 12:16pm On Jul 14, 2023
This issue of chaos presents us with a challenge in life: The challenge of building yourself into the sort of person that can confront and potentially solve problems. Problems that are yours to face. Come to think of it, that is why your parents raised you to become responsible; that is why you go to school; that is why you have that job. You can’t take on every problem. No. You are not omniscient or omnipotent. But you can’t run away from every problem especially if they are yours to solve. All this got me thinking about what exactly one can do to build one’s self into being able to handle problems. I can think of four. And let me emphasize that these are not what you do in one day or one week. These are what you do over time which will definitely span years.
Re: A by Growing(m): 11:34am On Jul 21, 2023
This issue of chaos presents us with a challenge in life: The challenge of building yourself into the sort of person that can confront and potentially solve problems. Problems that are yours to face. Come to think of it, that is why your parents raised you to become responsible; that is why you go to school; that is why you have that job. You can’t take on every problem. No. You are not omniscient or omnipotent. But you can’t run away from every problem especially if they are yours to solve.
Re: A by Growing(m): 10:45am On Jul 24, 2023
If that thing interests you or bugs you, you may want to seek more knowledge about it. In the process, you may acquire some skills. More skills in your skill set or less ignorance about it makes you better able to confront chaos.
Re: A by Growing(m): 5:14pm On Jul 31, 2023
Grow a network. You don’t want to go about this one in a manipulative way. There are people who only remember you exist when they want something from you. And even when they tell you what they want from you, they embellish their story with lies. If this is not manipulation, I don’t know what is. Use things, don’t use people. So, when I say, “Grow a network,” I mean, “Build meaningful and reciprocal relationships with sensible people.” I don’t see a relationship that is of mutual benefit as something bad. Now, I mean that in a good sense, not in a morally bankrupt sense.
Re: A by Growing(m): 3:30pm On Aug 04, 2023
Acquire resources. This one, to a large extent, depends on one’s peculiar situation and opportunities in life. All hands are not equal and all hands may never be equal. Notwithstanding, acquire the resources you can: money, business, property, and so on. I do not mean to say that you should become so materialistic that you worship your resources or become too attached to them. No. I mean, acquire them and be detached from them enough to take a risk with them and put them to productive use. As with risks, you may lose or gain, and so, the result may not tally with your effort. Having said that, acquiring resources and putting them to productive use can by itself solve problems.
Re: A by Growing(m): 3:54pm On Aug 12, 2023
Attempt to solve problems. A few months after birth, a mother begins “training” her child on sitting. The baby, with her yet-to-be-fully-developed body, really doesn’t know how to sit but the mother gets her in a sitting position and surrounds her with pillows so that if as a result of her position, gravity pulls her head, her head lands on a pillow. But what happens over time? The baby is able to sit. Somehow, the baby learns to sit by attempting to sit. So does she learn to stand - by attempting to stand (and falling repeatedly). So with walking. We get better at solving problems by attempting to solve problems. The capacity of the person who solves problems grows. You can even attempt to solve a problem, fail, and still grow. Say you want to solve problem A. You try all you can but you failed to solve it. What you may not have realized is that in your attempt to solve it you learnt a couple of things. So you didn’t solve problem A but sometime later, problem B shows up and just because of what you learnt from attempting to solve problem A, you avoided mistakes while confronting problem B and eventually solved it.
Re: A by Growing(m): 5:41pm On Sep 01, 2023
Travel Now 24/7

We are your excellent companion when it comes to VISA application, flight booking, hotel reservation, and other travel-related service.

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Re: A by Growing(m): 6:10pm On Sep 12, 2023
Be responsible to yourself. Be of help to your family. Be of service at your workplace. Use your leadership position in that group you belong to do good. In short, develop yourself into being the sort of person capable of confronting chaos.

Those are the sort of people God uses to create heaven on earth.
Re: A by Growing(m): 7:20pm On Sep 14, 2023
You think to yourself, “Look at that guy. He’s got a good job, a fine car, a beautiful wife, a stable life… Everything is working out for him… But look at me, everything is wrong about me.” And so, you feel terrible. And maybe you should feel terrible for that kind of comparison. The comparison is simply unfair to yourself.
Re: A by Growing(m): 5:17pm On Sep 19, 2023
When you are 13, there is much about you that is similar to other children who are 13 years of age. Social comparison may be appropriate at that age. But as you get older and clock say 30, you become quite unique and your life becomes quite idiosyncratic. There are multiple dimensions to your life as well as to everyone: family, friends, work, health, intimate relationships, and so on. All of these dimensions place you in a unique place in life such that your life is unlike any other’s life. And so, you see someone else and think he is doing better than you. Really? You are probably seeing and comparing only one dimension of his life to your entire life. You take what you consider the best of him and compare that to the worst you think you have. Both the comparison and the very manner in which you make the comparison is unfair to yourself. That is not reasonable. You don’t have the whole picture. The bitterness and resentment you get as a result of the unfair comparison are emotions that signal to you that there is nothing good about that.
Re: A by Growing(m): 5:54pm On Sep 21, 2023
Before you say to yourself, “I will definitely trade places with him if I can without thinking twice,” consider this: Everybody is carrying a cross and you don’t know the cross that person is carrying. Look at celebrities, with all their fame and money why have a number of them given in to drugs and even suicide? You don’t have the insight into the tragedy of another person’s life. You may think he is rich and successful but you may not know that his relationship with his wife or children is terrible. You may not know he is having a serious health challenge. His son may not even be communicating with him.
Re: A by Growing(m): 4:49pm On Sep 22, 2023
Visit our Instagram handle (link below) to have a feel of our service.
Re: A by Growing(m): 2:39pm On Sep 26, 2023
Now, are you who you should be? Are you the best version of yourself? Are you all you could be? Probably not. If that is true then there is something you have or need to do. You have to improve yourself. So, you may say to yourself, “Here is my position and situation in time and space right now. Here are my virtues and my faults. There is probably something I can do today that can either strengthen my virtues or at least limit my faults. If I can do that little thing today, perhaps my life can be a little bit better tomorrow.” What you have just done is to compare who are you are today to who you could be tomorrow. If you must compare yourself, that is a good comparison you can make.
Re: A by Growing(m): 4:11pm On Oct 03, 2023
What is that “little” thing you could do today that can help make your life a bit better? You could tell less lies, be more sincere, work more diligently, be more faithful, stop the manipulation… The point is, you yourself know what you can do to improve yourself. If you are honest to yourself, you know. If only you could do those “little” things every day, the positive effects on your life compounds over time. Doing this for three years may transform your life in ways you presently don’t see. Aim for the highest good and attend to the day.
Re: A by Growing(m): 4:35pm On Oct 13, 2023
Reach out to us for your visa application.
Re: A by Growing(m): 5:32pm On Oct 17, 2023
Why do you think?

You think so that your thoughts can die instead of you.
Re: A by Growing(m): 6:59pm On Oct 18, 2023
Since the body affects the soul for good or for evil, it is better to do violence to the body than to violate the purity of the soul.

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