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Crime / Re: Body Of Hanifa Abubakar Found After 46 Days Of Searching! (graphic Photos) by Akathriel(m): 9:19pm On Jan 21
Shiit! OP - Come here! Why did you not write “Warning! Super Graphical Images, Do not Enter”?

I should have skipped this thread. Now, I won’t be able to eat tonight.


Politics / Re: Where Is Lagos Sunburn $8B ($364m) Yacht Bought In 1999? by Akathriel(m): 9:22am On Jan 20
I swear these people are all out to sink & bury Tinubu at all cost, and it’s the right thing to do because one man’s insatiable greed has been responsible for the suffering & misfortune of millions of people.

Not everybody know that this Sunburn Yacht project was one of the reasons Diamond Bank bankrupted.

The white elephant project was disguised as a public–private partnership (ppp) between the Lagos State Government and Diamond Bank.

Meanwhile, the Sunborn Yacht hotel does not have an engine of its own and had to be towed using a submersible vessel and powerful tug boats from the Docklands near London to the Marina water fronts by the Chagoury’s HITECH Construction Company for a whopping sum of $5million. grin

Walai, dem suppose bury Tinubu and his entire family members including all his cronies & corrupt kings inside a boiling volcanic lava. grin

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Health / Re: Having A Heart Problem At The Age Of 28.. I Need Help And Advice by Akathriel(m): 10:14pm On Jan 13
Only God can heal you permanently without you spending a dime. Seek him diligently, give your life to Christ wholely, stay with the word of God, study it and he will heal you.

I once had an ailment but God healed me when I decided to follow him.

Shut up your stupid mouth! Why can’t your God heal the dilapidated vagiina of Leah Sharibu that was vandalized by Boko Haram brigade commanders since she was kidnapped at Dapchi, Yobe State on February 19, 2018?

Look! Don’t let us fight oooo. grin

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Politics / Re: Who Do You See Becoming The Next President Of Nigeria? What Are You Reasons? by Akathriel(m): 4:07am On Jan 06
Orji Uzor Kalu.

Sorry, no Igbo Man will rule this Country. You know the reason, I know the reason, everybody know the reason, so talking or arguing about it is a complete waste of time.

If not that this Benson & Hedges-smoking bastard played to the gallery during the End SARS protests by behaving like a lunatic who picked a video camera (obviously planted) at the crime scene just to impress his masters in Abuja; Babatunde Raji Fashola is the only worthy Presidential candidate from the Southwest.

Now, listen to me. If the following corrupt, hypocritical, selfish & brainless kleptomaniacs like Tinubu, Fayemi, Osinbajo, Amosun are the only candidates the Southwest is pushing forward for the Presidency; then by all means - Nigeria should simply be balkanized or obliterated by what I call “Comet Dibiasky”.

If anybody is still clamoring for an Osinbajo Presidency, then you have not suffered enough. That hypocritical, motivational-speaking, shortman-devil of a pastor has nothing to offer.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Is Leadership Newspaper Politician Of The Year 2021 (Photo) by Akathriel(m): 11:10am On Jan 04
In Nigeria, we all know that 95% of all awards are bought with BROWN ENVELOPES.

Now, aside from foisting on us, this calamity of a government that took us 500years backward in every indices; ask yourselves if this ugly, drug-dealing, blood-drinking, heroine-snorting character described in the article below is worth your vote.

Two many accusations from so many people about you CAN NEVER BE FALSE.

And we equally know that YINKA ODUMAKIN was a member of your inner caucus until 2006, and therefore couldn’t have fabricated all these.

Here’s a bonus video.


PART 4: March 19, 2019

I am Yinka Odumakin and nobody can say he had known me under any identity in my life. I have led a straight life unlike you that people know under different identities depending on where they met you in your about 80 years on earth .Yes,80!

Those of us who are knowledgeable about you can’t buy your 66 claim for so many reasons.

The current governor of Osun is the son of your immediate senior sister from Iragbiji and he is 63 while you are claiming 66. Your first wife died in Lagos recently unannounced at 74.

When the son he had for you died many months earlier his age had to be doctored to fit into the lie that you live.

And there is a photograph of yours at the palace of Soun Ogbomoso in 1974 when the current monarch was installed with a bottle of beer and packet of cigarette in your front. You mean you were 20 when you were drinking and smoking in a palace?

The old boys of Government College Ibadan were planning a reception for you when someone asked which set you belonged to .There has been no answer to that till date and the reception was cancelled. The tales by moonlight on Chigago State University and University of Chiicago are all over the place.

My parents are alive in Osun and by God’s grace I will give them a befitting burial. I will not have to send emissaries to bury them since I have not abandoned “moomi” (that’s how we Oyo people in Osun call mummy) to be calling another woman “maami” in Lagos to fit a life of lie and greed. No Mama HID Awolowo would have told me that she knew all the children of “maami ” and that I was not one of them.

The political buffoons around you would hold you out as an anti-third term person today but you know what happened between us on May 2, 2006. We had a meeting at Airport Hotel in Lagos where you were dictating the communique against third term unknown to participants you were at a meeting till wee hours of that morning to work third term in another way.

I was reading the communique to the press when you called me. I gave the phone to the late Rev Tunji Adebiyi but you told him you wanted to speak with me. We didn’t get to talk till late in the night. I had with me in the car as you spoke with me from VGC to Ikeja then President of Egbe Omo Yoruba in North America, Mr Odusanya.

Let me quote you verbatim:

”I hope you have not released that communique? We need to manage this third term carefully.

Obasanjo is a blind cat. If he causes problem now and they kill one Yoruba graduate in Kano and we kill 200 people selling onions in mile 12, it is not equal.

I am therefore proposing that we have a win-win situation. Instead of outright third term we can have the confab recommendation of one six-year tenure starting with the incumbent having 2 extra years and so with we the governors.

We can use the two years to empower people like you and handover to one of you. I have asked General Alani Akinrinade to come and I am going to meet Prof Soyinka to discuss it. I want you to think about it”

I told you as a matter of fact that the proposition was unreasonable and there was nothing for me to think about as I would prefer outright third term where we would have elections to automatic two years extension.

But my eyes were opened to how unreliable you are that night. Here was a man dictating communique against third term in the morning having this conversation with me at night.

I made up my mind on you that night. The conversation I had with you minutes after Funso Williams was killed and the way you handled your your succession made me to severe political links with you within six months. ~ Yinka Odumakin

The Fulani Bastards killed Pa Fasoranti’s daughter, Tinubu came to the scene and asked: “Where are their cows”? Because he wanted to become President, he absolved the Fulani Bastards of their crime against our people.

Do the Fulani go with their cows whenever they embark on their kidnapping & killing rampage? That shows Tinubu’s defective, analogue brain is even worse than that of Buhari.

Buhari tripled the price of gas, Tinubu kept quiet because he didn’t want to jeopardize his chances of becoming the next President.

Buhari increased the price of Electricity twice & Pre-paid meter; Tinubu kept quiet because he didn’t want to offend Buhari.

This same stupid government is plotting to removing the (non existent) petroleum subsidy by June next year, which will catapult the current price of PMS from 162Naira per liter to over 400Naira per litre - thereby further plunging Nigerians into the abyss.

But that is none of Tinubu’s concern as long as his Presidential Ambition is untainted.

Now, you want us to support you in becoming the President after the illiterate bastard you foisted on us ruined our collective lives by taking us 500years backward to the Stone Age with his archaic trial & error policies, not to even talk of his nepotism & terrorist-backing.

His inglorious witch of a wife: 3-term Senator.

His daughter: Iyaloja of Lagos State.

His son-in-law: Federal Rep Member.

His brother: Oando CEO (Wale Tinubu).

His bastard son: Largest stakeholder in LCC and the impending Governor of Lagos State.

His Cronies: Thieves, Assassins, Hired Killers, Corrupt Kings, Touts & retired Political Prostitutes like that old, foolish bastard called Bisi Akande.

His insatiable greed has ruined & killed enough lives already, therefore Nigeria will rather go the way of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia & Syria and then burn to ashes than to have you cursed, unremorseful, heroine-snorting bastard at the helm.

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Politics / Re: Three Controversies That Will Haunt Tinubu's Presidential Ambition by Akathriel(m): 7:22am On Dec 20, 2021
As long as the Sun rises from the East and sets in the West, Tinubu will never become President in Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Who Remembers This 2015 Clip? by Akathriel(m): 6:17am On Dec 16, 2021
Buhari was lucky to contest with Gej, if I was Gej he wouldn't live to tell the story of that election.

What happened in 2015 was a divine orchestrated mistake sanctioned by the cosmic order in order to teach incorrigible & stiff-necked Nigerians the bitter lessons of their miserable lives.

When you talk about actions, you also talk about consequences.

This is why the Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion should (and must) be beaten into the empty skulls of every Nigerian at birth while feeding them hot pap & akara to alleviate the pain.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

If that stupid naive Ebele Jonathan had not lost his senses and forgotten how he rode to become the President with his “no shoes” dumb stories, and later resorting to drinking ogogoro to stupor every morning inside Aso Rock; giving Diezani and Arunma Oteh doggy style on the Aso Rock round table while his uncouth charlatan of a wife was busy cursing everybody; these uncircumcised Fulani bastards wouldn’t have smelt Aso Rock.

Nobody ever replaces a winning horse!

In the video, Look at Rotimi Amaechi standing beside Buhari and shining his eyes like thief-man halogen fluorescent, looking like somebody whose anus is being fingered with a toilet brush. That bastard has sold us & our entire children to China.

Imagine the bastard building a maritime University in a desert at Daura, Katsina? We thank Sango because the useless University will eventually be used as training ground by the Bandits.

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Politics / Re: Did Tinubu Call Buhari “Agent Of Destabilization”? Yes! - Farooq Kperogi by Akathriel(m): 1:09pm On Dec 04, 2021
Tinubu will never become President in Nigeria and I’ll tell you why.

PART 1: October 2018

Louis XIV was King of France for 72 years and 110 days  and became the most powerful French monarch who consolidated a system of absolute monarchical rule that endured until the French Revolution. At the peak of his maniac, he said: “L’Etat c’est  moi” (I am the state).

I am not aware Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is given to so much reading to have come across Louis’ declaration but I once heard him making the same declaration as he got up from his seat and said “Eko fe lo sun”(Lagos wants to sleep). The embodiment of the current pathetic Lagos by the man who rode to power in 1999 largely on account of his association with NADECO abroad is an interesting study for some of us who are eyewitnesses to recent history.

Talking of the love Papa Adesanya had for Tinubu, I would just give one instance. Months into Tinubu’s  tenure, a scandal broke out around him that he did not attend any of the schools he listed in his resume: from St John’s Primary School, Aroloya in Lagos through Government College, Ibadan and University of Chicago.

The scandal broke out shortly after then Speaker of House of Representatives, Salisu Buhari had perjured by submitting a fake certificate from University of Toronto in Canada and was forced to step down. The media was celebrating the scandal and just a sentence from Afenifere against Tinubu then would have done him in.

I recall vividly being in the office of Senator Adesanya with the late Rev. Tunji Adebiyi when an old man with all grey hair and beards dressed in immaculate white dress with white shoes walked into his office and we had to excuse them.

When he left, we went back to meet the Leader and he was in a pensive mood. He told us what the old man told him:

”Abraham, you have to disown this boy (Tinubu) now”

And that he said to the oldie that: “a person who builds a wall does not pull it down.”

He said the man got up to leave and said:

”You will regret not doing so”.

The scene played in my mind in the last inactive days of Senator Adesanya as the last major outing he had before he went down was over Tinubu ~ Yinka Odumakin.

Nigerians, listen to me, I am a confirmed full-blooded Yoruba man from Ijebu-Ode. Some bastards said it is better to have Tinubu as President than for the Southwest to lose the Presidency. I said Sango & Ogun will obliterate all of them including their bastard children.

What have I ever benefited from Tinubu’s government?

Obasanjo became President for eight years, what did I benefit from him as a Yoruba man?

In 2015, Tinubu exhumed the decaying copse of Buhari, packaged him as the Messiah and sold him to us at 50-50kobo. And we bought it without questioning the logic behind it.

When Buhari and Osinbajo were drinking their 40Naira-sachet Milo at Eko Hotel, we never knew that it was our collective destinies that were being devoured by satanic powers & principalities.

These same bastards whose hundreds of billions of Naira palliatives disbursement during their COVID-19 cash-out scam never got to me are now compelling me to go take their booster-shot vaccines. It is non other than Sango that will obliterate & annihilate all your family members one after the other.

Now, they’re plotting to remove the (non existent) subsidies on Petroleum Products by June next year.

Look, let me paint you a picture of what will happen in case you don’t know.

The 200Naira transport fare that takes you from Ojodu-Berger to Ikeja will become 500Naira.

The bag of Pure Water that sells averagely at 180Naira will become 400Naira.

The carton of Indomie Noodles (Hungry Man) that sells for 4,500Naira will become 9,000Naira.

You have not even seen the preview of what is coming yet.

You’re still complaining of armed robbery, banditry, kidnapping, cultism. All these are child’s play in comparison to what will engulf & kill all of you should these brainless bastards in government tamper with the subsidy.

Six fvcking years, you couldn’t build any refinery. They still have the audacity to allocate $1.5Billion for the turnaround maintenance of a moribund refinery in Portharcourt.

Look, the only thing can solve Nigeria’s problem is if three planet-sized asteroids collide with the planet Earth simultaneously so that everybody can go to blazes.

These bastards say they will pay 5,000Naira to 40Million poor Nigerians to cushion the effects.

What will 5,000Naira do compared to this calamity that is coming?

How did they even arrive at that figure that 40Million Nigerians are poor? Well, that figure could be correct during the Ebele Jonathan’s administration, but I tell you now without mincing words, no less than 160Millions Nigerians have been plunged into the valley of poverty - courtesy of Buhari’s trial & error economic policies.

If you’re one of the dunderheads still clamoring for Tinubu or APC, remember that none of their useless campaign promises of 2015 have been delivered.

Also remember that It is Tinubu, Buhari & Sanwo-Olu that sanctioned the bloody massacre at the Lekki Toll Gate.

Lastly, if you’re one of the assholes clamoring for Yemi Osinbajo to become the next President, then you need to hit your coconut head against the wall if you think that satanic, hypocritical, short man-devil will do any better than his master - Buhari.

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Romance / Re: I’ve Dated All Kinds Of Men, Including A Bus Driver – DJ Cuppy by Akathriel(m): 8:22pm On Nov 10, 2021
Oloshi oloriburuku adoju tini omo iranu.

If this is the type of child Sango will give me, may I never give birth to female children.

Shegiyar mai durin jaki (Omo ale olobo kętę-kętę).

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Family / Re: I Just Discovered My Wife's Past, How She Lived Her Life While On Campus by Akathriel(m): 2:51pm On Oct 27, 2021
Una just dey open mouth talk. The wife that lived those kind of hook up lifestyle,might still even be cheating .. Women no dey ever talk secret out.. Na men like op dey Bleep up shall. Too much talk. Do wetin dey ur mind and leave talk. Present and formal hoes deserve no respect. My opinion

This is the only sensible comment on this thread.

You know, it is disheartening that 90% of Nairalanders follow the herd mentality.

Open any thread on Nairaland, especially those on the front page. You would notice that the first person’s comment is ALWAYS echoed by the other comments that follow that comment.

If the first comment on any thread abuses the subject or OP of that thread, the rest of the assholes too would follow suit.

If the first comment on any thread praises the subject or the OP, the rest of the Dundees too will follow suit.

You know why? Secondary School Children & brain-dead nonentities have hijacked Nairaland.

This is the reason I have drastically reduced my engagements on Nairaland, because I can’t be wasting my time & energy arguing with nonentities that are not even up to 23years of age.

Now, back to the topic.

Several assholes said via “re-echoing” (because one asshole already mentioned it) that there’s nothing to gain in what the OP wants to do. grin

If there’s nothing to gain in it, why then are the vast majority of Nigerians indulging in it? grin

Or isn’t our society no longer a reflection of we the people?

I am angry because 99% of these bastards telling the OP otherwise are doing way worse behind closed doors.

I am not blaming the OP’s wife for her wayward lifestyle in school but the OP too deserves some fun. In fact, he should explore.

Using God to cage or scare anybody doesn’t work anymore in this useless Country.

After all, we all agree that “Life No Balance”

I hate cheating in my life. And if you must scold me or accuse me of anything in my life, then just make sure your own yansh too no get shit.

I will not judge you and I will never scold you but make sure you come with your clean yansh - if you must do it to me.

I am more pained because I know that the OP’s wife can never EVER change.

Once an Olosho, always an Olosho - especially all these useless Nigeria Oloshos.

If you have fvcked any one of them before, you would know how damaged and irredeemable these greedy & covetous ladies are.

One was telling me the other day, that the last guy who fvcked her based on hook up smoked SK or Colorado (I can’t remember) and the guy fvcked her “roughly” for over an hour without ejaculating . She said she was crying & begging the guy that she was tired and could no longer take it.

The guy did not listen, and was just pounding away until he ejaculated.

She said when she was going home in the morning after collecting her 10k for the hookup, she started crying. And this girl does hookup like 4 times a week.

She equally told me that one day, she got a hookup on another day and after they already agreed on price, when she got to the guy’s house (a one-room apartment with rug smelling & oozing due to water that poured on the rug).

The guy has tattoos all over his body and lives with his friend and then told her both of them would fvck her for 5k. She got up angrily and left and it was already late around 11pm in Ijebu-ode.

The Vigilantes were already out and parading for security. They held her and wanted to rape her. One of the security guards from a nearby house came to her rescue and lied to the Vigilantes that he was her boyfriend and that she came looking for him.

That was how that girl followed the security guard into his shed and the guy slept with her all through and never paid her a kobo.

She said she had to allow the guy to sleep with her because it was better than being raped by over 15 Vigilante men.

This is just two out of about 5 events she told me. If not that I was high on alcohol that night, I nearly wept for her - seriously.

Please, just imagine how all these useless & uncultured Yahoo Boys must have damaged her.

I really felt for her.

Now, I want you to imagine the unfortunate guy that will now settle down & marry this kinda Olosho.

Please tell me, why won’t the OP feel cheated?

Omo, if I no see the woman I am craving for to marry, I swear, I go just dey born throway dey go - because for Naija now, 96% of all the women na Olosho dem be (including the married ones).

You can take my word to the bank.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING!!! Chief Arthur Eze Is Alive, Not Dead (photos) by Akathriel(m): 10:20pm On Sep 26, 2021
Billionaire wey look like unclean spirit

I wonder if they even enjoy the billions

Only in Nigeria billionaires be looking like a pauper, Tinubu for example ..

That is one of the disadvantages of cooking & eating human flesh & also drinking human blood.

They never end well. Before they die, they will shrink like a smoked tilapia fish and looking burnt like charcoal.

An herbalist (a member of ROF) told me this in Ijebu.

A lot of Yahoo Boys are also currently jumping on the bandwagon in their greedy & selfish bid to command fast wealth (not growing wealth), but their end thereof - are the ways of calamitous & hot death.

About 10years ago, there was a famous asèje (ritual cooking) that involves the cooking & eating of the “palms of gorillas (Owo inoki).

It was not limited to Yahoo Boys alone, some business men, politicians and even artisans also partook of the asèje but we later heard about 3years ago that it no longer brings the potent desired results, so now they’re making use of human palms.

Whenever you see or read about people getting killed, with their wrists cut off, that is what they’re meant for.

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Politics / Re: Amaechi: One Day, The Young Boys We Deprived Will Chase Us Out Of Abuja by Akathriel(m): 3:41pm On Aug 29, 2021
Trust me, that day is just around the corner.

With the devaluation of Naira, increments in electricity bill, LPG, Groceries e.t.c while the minimum wage of 30,000Naira is yet to be implemented in most States. That is just $59 @ 515Naira to a Dollar.

You only need to add the increment of Petroleum Products especially from 165Naira to 300Naira ( or whatever you & the useless Labour leaders are proposing) and we shall start hunting, roasting & eating all you Politicians and your family members like guinea fowls - since common sense is far from all of you.

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Politics / Re: Petrol Landing Cost Now ₦232, Subsidy Rises To ₦5.58 Billion Daily by Akathriel(m): 4:09pm On Jun 28, 2021

The truth is that it has to go. It's stupid to continue paying it. Let's suffer once and for all. All these hardship in stages is baseless.

Better Buhari does it now so the next government after him has no excuses.

It is you and your family and entire generation that will suffer oloriburuku.

There won't be any next Government. After this calamity called Buhari, It is balkanization & disintegration.

It is Oduduwa Nation or nothing!

Your quota-system people are all over Abuja stealing Billions of Money and marrying new wives every month.

Your rubber-stamp Senate President just dashed his new Amariya 100Million Naira while the bastard keeps complaining to his fellow bastard Senators that Nigeria is broke.

Tamper with the current price of Petrol and Nigeria will burn to ashes. Even you yourself will flee to Cameroon or Togo.

Awon Oloriburuku Omo Ale!

We have had enough!

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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Discrete Meet Up For Sex by Akathriel(m): 10:37pm On Apr 14, 2021
I’m a very mature guy, loving and understanding I need a (sex buddy) mature lady for discreet fun in Abuja. royal cool guy 2021 @ gmail. com
Let’s chat before we meet up

Na wa ooo! grin
Politics / Re: Top 10 Nigerian Politicians Who Want To Be President In 2023 by Akathriel(m): 5:20am On Mar 04, 2021
1.) Atiku: No way. There's nothing more dangerous than a desperate man who has nothing to lose. I know some sycophants around him must have been deceiving him with the story of Abraham Lincoln who endured a steady stream of failure & defeat before becoming the President of the "United States of Taliban" but unfortunately, this is Nigeria and not Amerika; besides - his records as the chairman of the National Council on Privatization during the Obasanjo administration has already given us a glimpse of what to expect from his Presidency.

2.) Tinubu: A bad product way worse than Atiku. A Drug dealing, blood drinking, heroine snorting traitor who won't hesitate to sell the entire Country for a measly pot of porridge. This Iragbiji bastard who exhumed, dusted, packaged & foisted the current "mistake" on us has never been remorseful for taking Nigeria 500years backward, but now aspires to be the President.

His inglorious witch of a wife: 3-term Senator.
His daughter: Iyaloja of Lagos State.
His son-in-law: Federal Rep Member.
His brother: Oando CEO (fronting for Tinubu).
His Cronies: Thieves, Corrupt Kings & Touts.
His son: Largest stakeholder in LCC and the impending Governor of Lagos State.

Is the Tinubu family the only family in Yorubaland? Even if he & his family members think they carry 20heads on their necks, we shall decapitate all of them.

Nigeria will go the way of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia & Syria and then burn to ashes than to have Tinubu at the helm.

For those who may not have the indepth knowledge about the ugly & stinking personality of this rotten-teeth monster, I recommend Yinka Odumakin's article:

Portrait of the Tiger Ambode Rode.

A very long but interesting read.


3.) Bagudu: A close associate of Gen. Sani Abacha and the kingpin of Abacha's money-laundry schemes. In other words, Bagudu was the gasoline that ran Abacha's money-laundry engines. His fingerprints are everywhere that Abacha laundered money; and to think that this same Fulani Bastard is now the elected Governor of Kebbi State is beyond disbelief.

4.) Fayemi: A Fulani stooge and a traitor to the Yoruba people. This bastard was somewhere in the UK lecturing before he was called upon to come & contest as Governor in Ekiti State.

When he was made the Minister of Mines and Steel Development, charged with the duty of resuscitating the Ajaokuta Steel Industry, he was busy giving fake press conference on monthly basis about its concession and therefore ended as a failure.

The is the same bastard who, during his first tenure as Ekiti Governor, bought 50Million Naira mattresses for he & his stupid wife at the Government House.

5.) El-Rufai: The Terrorist-in-Chief.

You think Buhari is a tribalistic, nepotistic religious fanatic? Wait till you see El-Rufai in action. El-Rufai is Buhari raised to power hundred.

Remember Dr. Obadiah Mailafia's statement that "Repentant Terrorists Named One Northern Governor As Boko Haram Commander" ? Yes! You guessed right.


To get a clear picture of El-Rufai's callousness; in 2018, he organized a peace meeting with the King of Adara Kingdom in Southern Kaduna, and on his way back home, the King, his wife and driver were abducted by El-Rufai's mercenaries known as Bandits.

The driver was allowed to go. The Bandits raped his wife in his presence before letting her go, and after collecting a ransom of 10Million Naira - Th King was brutally murdered.

That wasn't enough.

On hearing about the killing of their King, the elders and people of Adara Kingdom staged a huge protest.

And El-Rufai had them all arrested & imprisoned for a year without facing trials.

6.) Bakare: I don't need to say much about Tunde Bakare. His "double-tongued" reputation precedes him.

He was recently subtly campaigning for Tinubu after he had condemned & shaded him in the past.

In 2006, Bakare gave a prophesy that did not come to pass by prophesying (wrongly) that “Let me tell you the truth by the spirit of God, neither OBJ, Atiku, IBB and this tall one, Buhari are part of the new. They are part of the old that is decaying. That old one is passing away. The new is emerging and these ones are not part of that new.”

And after claiming that God’s Holy Spirit told him Muhammadu Buhari was part of Nigeria’s decaying past, this same Pastor Bakare went ahead to accept to be the running mate of the Muhammadu Buhari who was "not part of the new" in 2011.

7.) Amosun: There's just little difference between Amosun & Tinubu and that's the reason they do not get along. This Bastard and his predecessor (Gbenga Daniel) turned Ijebu-Ode into the den of Cultists.

8.) Umahi: No Igbo man will rule Nigeria simply because the only Geo-Political zone that will vote for an Igbo candidate is the South East. The handwriting is on the wall.

9.) Bello: I don't have to waste my precious time & energy on this bastard. Just read the article below.

Yahaya Bello: Five Years In Office, Five Years Of Humanitarian Disaster And Waste In Kogi State By Usman Okai Austin


10.) Nwajuiba: Same as Umahi.

SOLUTION: Rather than taking 10 steps forward and 2000 steps backward and running in endless circles every four years; the dissolution & balkanization of this entity called Nigeria will be the best decision made by the citizens.

But I'm afraid it will never be achieved through speeches and peaceful resolutions but ONLY by Iron & Blood.

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Celebrities / Re: Sosoliso Survivor, Kechi Okwuchi Shows Off Her Beautiful Scars In New Photos by Akathriel(m): 11:36pm On Feb 02, 2021
Look, enough of this bullshiit. If none of you assholes are willing to say the truth because of tribalism, then I will.

Yes, she survived a plane crash that has transformed her into "Chucky" in Child's Play.

Why tha fvck is she disturbing us with her horrible pictures every two weeks?

You keep giving praises to your imaginary God who couldn't prevent the tragedy from happening in the first place and your hypocritical & delusional tribesmen from the East of the Niger keep calling you a "Fighter" like the braindead asshole that commented first on this useless thread.

We have enough issues to deal with already as Nigerians; so, Pls, shut the fvck up and let us be.

She's a fighter, she is strong - All of una dey craze for head.

Pray to your to useless white-bearded sky-daddy & roasted-meat loving Hannibal lecter of the Holy of the Holies, who is seated on a 24karat solid gold throne & surrounded by 24 jobless elders - shouting Hosanna, Hosanna from morning till night like deranged imbeciles - to transform all your family members into an horror like this insecured monster - and then, we just might take you seriously.

Unfortunately, here in my ancestral village of Nimrod (Lamurudu), we call a spade a spade no matter whose Ox is Gored.

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Politics / Re: Adamu Garba: Cows Shouldn’t Be Roaming About In 21st Century by Akathriel(m): 5:45pm On Jan 24, 2021
Allah owns every land. If we are to pay, we use the money as alms to help our people and the almajirai.

People should stop claiming ownership of lands. It's a natural Allah given resource to be used by all.

Now, listen to me you cow-urine-drinking&sexing dumb fvck; Allah used to own every land until Obatala & Esu Laalu Ogirioko overthrew the terrorist bastard & took over all his possessions - No jokes.

This is 21st century, and since you feel you're entitled to commandeer my ancestral land in the name of an imaginary bomb-strapping, 72-virgin-fvcking terrorist up in the sky; then we're going to put a hunt on you and your fellow animals prowling around our lands so bad - y'all gonna wish your whoring mothers had closed their legs.

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Car Talk / Re: BMW Owners' Forum by Akathriel(m): 9:10am On Aug 21, 2020
Hello guys , I just recently bought a Nigerian used x6 35i about 2 days ago ,that's on Friday , the car is neat and all and it's a wow , it speeds up very fast .. but while my mechanic was test running the car , the sellers told him not to press the car accelerator on park , please does this appeals to all BMW , because the dealers were shouting "they don't accelerate BMW cars on park" ,that they only do that when it's running , we didn't raise the car , my local mechanic just looked at the engine saw that it was extremely clean , and then test drove it 3 times for a very short distance .. then he told me.the car is fine .. so I paid for it..

fast forward to when I was going home not more than an hour or 2 , on Maryland/ojota link bridge , the car stopped moving and moved into neutral , we tried putting it back to gear , but the car wouldn't move to gear , it wrote on the screen that "breaking/chassis stabilization malfunction , a danfo car brushed me in the back because of how the car stopped .. we had to call people to help us push it.to nearby place where we can park it . We parked it .. my mechanic checked the car for all possible fault but couldn't say which is wrong with it.., we waited for almost an hour before we started the car again and the car picked., But it continued showing that warning on the screen, during the hour of waiting I called the dealers that the car has stopped in traffic and it's not moving , they said they would send the bmw mechanic that usually repairs the car to come and check it .

My mechanic managed to drive it home , but while driving it after it stopped , he noticed some sound in the engine that was sounding like something was clicking , he told me the sound isn't a good sound , he said it sounds like when a engine is forcing itself to work.. I overlooked that ..

The next day the dealers mechanic arrived to check the car , one of my very good friend also came to help celebrate the new car , the bmw mechanic did several scanning , I asked him if this has ever happened to the car before , he said never , he was did all he could , then decided that it will be one of three things that's wrong with the .. he mentioned 3 , but I couldn't grab what he was saying , he said he'll order it at ladipo , and he'll come to fix it on Tuesday .. when he was about to leave , my friend jumped into the car and pressed the accelerator while it was on park twice.. he immediately called me and the bmw mechanic , that he's also hearing sounds in the engine , that the last time he heard the sound was when his corrolla engine was about to knock , that the sound he's hearing isn't a good one , the engine isn't good .. the bmw mechanic scolded me that I shouldn't let anybody accelerate the car while it's on park . He then started saying one Venus or venom makes that sound in the engine also if you accelerate it on park , because he also accelerated it also on park . He didn't denie the sound ..
Now the dealer is telling me the owner said he won't collect the car from me anymore , that I tested it with my mechanic before I took it away, that I can involve the police .

My question is , BMW owners , did you guys accelerate yours cars on park or not ?.

And please what do you think is the next step I can take ?.

Mehn, this is bad

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Romance / Re: Check-out These Fulani Women Pics. by Akathriel(m): 11:26pm On Aug 14, 2020
None of them are beautiful but I can manage that one whose left breast is facing Iyana Oworo and the right breast facing Iyana Ipaja.

Wait! That other one whose breast is facing Ojota and Ojodu-Berger simultaneously too is manageable - provided I am high on Eagle Aromatic Schnapps mixed with Black Bullet.

I go just dey fire dey go like say I be Femi Kuti. grin

Crime / Re: Two Blood Brothers Killed Their Brother In Imo State (Graphic Photos) by Akathriel(m): 5:29pm On Aug 02, 2020
These people, (you know who) they're just too aggressive, wayward, backward & lousy with their criminal tendencies ingrained in their DNA.

I would say it's simply because of the water they drink & bath with in their region, but when I look at the ones who migrated to the Southwest, Ghana, Amerikastan, Malaysia, Dubai, China, Turkey & India for greener pastors; they still do the crime and then come around to justify it by calling Nigeria a Zoo and also putting the blames on Buhari. grin

They have never put the blames on any of their Politician (like Azikiwe, Ironsi, Ojukwu, Kalu e.t.c) from 1960 till date. Just Buhari & Awolowo. grin

I would say we should let them go by giving them their utopian Country but then, how can we make them pay for soiling the image & reputation of this Country home & abroad through their cocaine-trafficking business? grin

If you sow thorns & thistles, you will never reap Pineapple & Mango. You don't curse ethnicities who hold the key to your freedom and then come around to blackmail them with Marginalization & Ogbunigwe Nuclear Bomb. grin grin

Again, I contemplated - why don't we just give them the Presidency so that everybody can rest? A spirit from the Orion Constellation immediately answered me:

If your wife is always threatening you with divorce, will you ever buy a house or property in her name?

I got the message loud & clear! grin
Family / Re: 'ugly Baby'- His Father Has Finally Gone For DNA Test. by Akathriel(m): 5:39am On Feb 14, 2020
Kai! Sango forbid bad thing.
Crime / Re: Man Kills And Buries His Best Friend In Ebonyi Because Of N3m Million (Photos) by Akathriel(m): 4:34am On Jan 25, 2020
The heart of man a Nigerian Jew is desperately wicked


I want to know the Channel of Igbere TV so that I can report it to NCC to revoke its Broadcasting License.

Is this English or Kuvuki?

"Meanwhile, the two best friends won a contract they have been working so hard for. But who it eventually clicked, one wanted it all for himself and had to kill his friend, to take the money."

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Crime / Re: Lady Arrested For Brutalizing Her House Help (Graphic Photo) by Akathriel(m): 6:03am On Jan 24, 2020
Why are most Igbo women so wicked and heartlessly devilish?

Trust me, I meditated & pondered about it and discovered that it is from the water they drink & bath with in their region.

Assemble 100 women who maltreat their house-helps, and 97 of them will be Igbos.

Their men too are not left out. I have never seen an honest IGBO business man. Let him be vomiting the anointing of Elijah & the holy ghost fire, the moment you have a business dealings with him that involves money, (even if it is 50Naira), that is when you will know that even Satan is more compassionate & kind. I am talking from experience.

I have never been a Tribalist, but as a sociologist, I take keen observations of things & people around me, and then take precautionary measures to preventing avoidable mistakes.

I am not saying all of them are bad, but how else can we rate or categorize them when only 0.5% are manageable out of 100%?

You do the math!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Breaking - Trump Hires Jeffery Epsteins Lawyers In Impeachment Defense by Akathriel(m): 10:21pm On Jan 17, 2020
this is is not america

Ofcourse! It is Burundi. grin
Crime / Re: Christmas Tragedy: Police Misses Shot At Cow, Shoots Man Dead (Photo) by Akathriel(m): 11:38am On Dec 26, 2019
These people ehnn, their blood is just too hot for my liking. That is why everywhere they go, it's always gra-gra & gri-gri.

Cow rope cut and the only thing their sense tell them na to shoot the cow?

And nobody in that gathering had their brains in their skull to stop the bastard policeman from shooting the Cow?

Is that suppose to be the first time a Cow snapped its rope and tried to escape?

How many times have we witnessed this same scenario at Abattoirs & even at party venues?

Were the Cows usually brought down & subdued through gunshots?

Come on, I just tire for these backward & primitive people.

Go & learn from the same Hausas/Fulanis (who you are always cursing day & night for your woes) - how a raging Cow whose rope snapped is usually brought down.

Look at how they just wasted the life of this young man with their pus-filled brains.

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Travel / Re: Christmas In Aba: No Roads To Drive (Pictures) by Akathriel(m): 2:54pm On Dec 25, 2019
No wonder they're all running to the West-Side to come explore the land of Milk & Honey.

And in spite of our hospitality & accommodating gestures, they look for every opportunity to calling us Brown-Roof Republic. grin

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Reacts To TY Danjuma’s Alarm On State Of Nigeria by Akathriel(m): 7:43pm On Dec 22, 2019
1.) “If you want details, I will give it to you privately.”

2.) Reacting, Nnamdi Kanu urged Nigerians and Igbos to immediately make decisions on the division of the country before it’s too late.

3.) He alleged that the ‘Fulanis’ will continue to rule Nigeria because they own the military, INEC and judiciary.

4.) The IPOB leader said this in a live broadcast on Saturday, adding that Danjuma’s statement has confirmed his claims on Buhari’s death.

5.) “Danjuma was prominent in the running of the zoo. They are all under a satanic oath but thought it will be rosy for them and never realized that Abba Kyari has other plans for them.

6.) “They know the truth that Buhari is dead and what we have is Jubril of Sudan but didn’t want to say the truth because they don’t want to prove IPOB is correct to the world.

7.) “If we don’t do anything and do it quickly, it will be too late for us. Didn’t you hear what Danjuma said?

8.) “I said it that two things will give us Biafra; the involvement of our women and the rising of our people in the United States.

9.) “Do you know why Fulanis will rule the zoo for 100 years? It’s because they own the military, INEC and the judiciary.

Let me answer you Mazi Nnamdi Cownu.

1.) No, we do not want the details shared privately. Publish it on your facebook, Twitter & Nairaland account, so that we can laugh our heads off as usual. grin

2.) No, do not urge we the Nigerians - whom you have always addressed as Zoogerians. Urge only your Biafrans. grin

3.) No, Fulani will continue to rule Nigeria - NOT BECAUSE they own the military, INEC and judiciary BUT because your stiff-necked, incorrigible & gra-gra people orchestrated the first bloody coup in Nigeria in 1966 - wherein you killed the Hausa/Fulani Leaders & the Yoruba Leaders while leaking the info to your own Leader ahead of the coup, thereby allowing him to flee to safety.

Mazi Nnamdi Cownu, trust me - even if Nigeria will be balkanized, it won't be at the discretion & appeal of the backstabbing iPobians - the shots will be called by the Yorubas, Niger-Deltans and the Middle-Beltans. grin

4.) Danjuma's statement has confirmed nothing. Danjuma is suffering from Schizophrenia. Last time I checked, He was a mad rogue running the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's cabal. And he is one of the kleptomaniac bastard who supervised the looting of Nigeria's Treasury to zero.

5.) News Flash: Things are still rosy for T.Y Danjuma & his yellow peperenpe - Daisy Danjuma. grin

Go to No. 1 Adeola Odeku Street at Victoria Island, Lagos where Danjuma's Cash-Cow Headquarter (SAPETRO = South Atlantic Petroleum) is located, and you'll believe me when I say Danjuma is still balling hard. If Danjuma is serious, let him give-up his SAPETRO back to the Niger-Deltans. Afterall, he got it (Oil Bloc) from General Sani Abacha as a compensatory gift.

6.) Hmmmm Hmmmm! Jubril of Sudan kooorrr, Jelili of Congo niiiii - Eleribu! grin

7.) Do something like what exactly? Bring in your Biafran mercenaries from Turkey, Israel & the EU to drop the new Biafran Ogbunigwe Nuclear Bomb on Aso Rock?

Hahahahaaaa! Come on, don't make me spill my beer. grin grin grin

8.) Your women? The ones that are busy running all the Ashewo Brothels in the South West & North? grin

The rising of your people in the United States? grin

Haven't you been reading & watching the news? 79 of your die-hard people were just nabbed & indicted for fraud in the United States. grin

And Trump - The Orange Baboon who would have fought for & given you your wetdreams called Biafra (since your people's votes for Trump in the South East was what got him elected.) was just impeached a few days ago. grin

9.) My friend, read my 3rd response again. There's no time to check the time. grin

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Business / Re: Lagos Begins Process To Relocate Computer Village From Ikeja by Akathriel(m): 2:03pm On Dec 22, 2019
They want developers to start developing another part of Lagos for the "owner" of Lagos.

You "Developers" won't be developing another part of Lagos for the "REAL" owners naaa. grin

Habaaa! Shebi una talk say Lagos na "No Mans Land" ? grin

Since una no wan get sense, we will show you that sense originated from Yorubaland. grin

When you're tired of being relocated from place to the other, you will go & create your Computer Village in Anambra, Enugu & Imo. grin

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Romance / Re: 1sharon by Akathriel(m): 11:38pm On Dec 20, 2019
Lesbian Alert: Gentle ladies & wild tigers - whenever the spirit nudges you to meet & get down to the LESBO business, please remember to include me in the film either as a camera man or an umpire. grin

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Properties / Re: Our Tenant Refuses To Vacate Our Apartment After About 10 Months Quit Notice! by Akathriel(m): 7:36pm On Dec 20, 2019

You are a very wicked person.

By now, you shouldn't be surprised at all about how these iPOB people reason. Maybe it's the water they drink & bath with in their region.

She is even talking about compassion when we all know that in the entire world, nobody maltreats housemaids the way their women do.

And every Sunday, go to any Church - You'll see them with their dark hearts, raising their filthy hands while singing "Jehovah You Too Love Me Ohhh".

Check the number of threads where Paedophiles are reportedly defiling their underage househelps in the last one week on Nairaland - and tell me the region they're from.

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